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photos to know who’s been hanging out together and where. And we even send friend requests to people we only know by name just so we can get a dose of their everyday thoughts and conversations by reading their wall religiously. We try to figure people out by the posts we see. We try to put the pieces together, like diagnosing through symptoms – only better.

Sitting on a comfortable chair, munching some popcorn from Kettle Korn or nachos from Tater’s, sipping red iced tea, wearing fancy goggles, talking to a friend every now and then, “Why is she crying?”, “That’s really weird, why would he do that?”, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” To everybody else, that’s movie time. But to a typical Pinoy, that’s life. Watching the news, daily whereabouts of celebrities are tackled – because people care. If newspaper articles were youtube uploads, entertainment news would get a million hits in 24 hours. You come across a long lost friend and you end up talking more about people you barely know than on how you both have been in the attempt to catch up on the years you’ve spent apart. Somehow, in a way I could not fathom, gossip has managed to equate the definition of a healthy conversation. It then leads

me to asking, is the life of a Filipino boring enough to run out of things to talk about? When college starts, reality sets in – an overused dictum in a high school graduation speech. Simply put, it’s a wrong notion. Even amidst a long road towards a bachelor’s degree, we remain surrounded by people who are so obsessed with who’s dating who, who’s getting laid, who just got dumped, who’s in the club, who’s into drugs, and who just lost “it”. From the front gate through the hallway to the classroom, unending thematic blabbering goes on. After school, there’s always so little time, so much to do. So we decide to set our priorities straight and log on to facebook – just to set the mood, like an appetizer in a restaurant menu. News feed is flooded, unsurprisingly. And that’s where the clicking starts – one link after another. We check the relationship status of someone who doesn’t even bother changing it. We look at

It doesn’t end there. There’s twitter as well. We follow people to know where they’re at – not that we bother following them. In truth, we just need something to talk about the next day. There are blog sites. When somebody’s day entailed an emotion strong enough to write about, we read their words – not that we care. But then again, just to have something to talk about the next day. It’s a trend. A lot of people are doing it. Thus, it’s supposed to matter, and you’re expected to cope with the norms and share the hobby with the vast majority. Living, these days, seems too easy. We can do it with only our eyes open. We watch people date when we could be taking baby steps into a lasting relationship. We watch people mess up when we could be cleaning up ours. We watch people succeed. We watch people fail. And we laugh or cry over it. Maybe we’ve misunderstood the concept ‘life is like a movie’. Indeed, it is. In your life, however, you have to be the actor, not the spectator that you always are in the theater. People edit their profile, update their wall, tweet, and blog every now and then. But that’s just a visible proof that they’re living their life, for real. The question is, are you? At the end of the day, everyone’s got his own story to tell, what would yours be?



Look at Cebu Normal University now. Better yet, gaze at the College of Nursing. It is surprisingly different from what it was years ago. An alumna would drop his jaw in awe upon visit. A current student would ask what the school has in store for us with all these promising new facilities under construction. What’s happening and what’s yet to come? Let us find out with an interview with Cebu Normal University College of Nursing (CNU-CN) Officer-In-Charge, Dr. Daisy Palompon. CAROLINE: What can you say about the renovations of the College of Nursing building? What are the plans for these renovations? DR. PALOMPON: CNU is trying to have a state of the art advanced education in order to offer higher learning services to students. The changes in the Nursing building are in line with the mission to promote quality education. The ground floor, which is the Tandang Sora Hall, is used for conferences, seminars and other activities requiring a big audience. However, we still need to improve the place by putting permanent theater chairs. The second floor is utilized for classrooms that can accommodate enough students. The old Nursing Arts Laboratory is going to be an open area for students and an access to the ASAB and ACAD building. The space is allotted for students. Benches will be placed just like in the hallway outside the Tandang Sora Hall. The third floor is where the amphitheater, virtual laboratory, viewing room, mini-hospital and central supply will be located. You can find in this floor the mock emergency room, delivery room, operating room and intensive care unit. The students are able to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes through simulations and problem-based learnings. All of these plans are made possible through the nursing development fund. The launching of advanced learning is just in time for the CNU Centennial Celebration to be held in June 2011. All of these happen because we strive for excellence. CAROLINE: I am excited for these changes, Ma’am. I can’t wait to try the virtual laboratory. It is sad that the senior nursing students won’t be able to thoroughly use the new facilities because they will be graduating this March. Speaking of gra-



duates, you must be very proud of the recent graduates of SY 2009-2010 for having a 100% passing rate on the Nurse’s Licensure Examination and even have five topnotchers. How do you think they do it? What is your advice for the incoming graduates? DR. PALOMPON: First of all, the seniors can still use the advanced educational facilities. They will be our first priority. We hope that the constructions will be finished on the right time. At least, before they graduate they can have a virtual laboratory experience. They must have this kind of experience. We’ll never know. They might get jealous of the other levels and cry. (Laughs!) CAROLINE: (Laughs!) I agree with you, Ma’am. DR. PALOMPON: Student nurses from CNU are the cream of the crop. The reviewers claim that they are an amazement. One reviewer says, ”Ngayon lang kami nakatagpo ng mga estudyanteng ganito.” They have high ratings and they ask very intellectual questions to the reviewers. Several factors affect the exemplary performance of the students. First, the curriculum of the College of Nursing has provided a high level of learning to the students. Second, the faculty members or the clinical instructors are assets, enriched with trainings and acquired masteral degrees, although some are still working on their masters. Lastly, the students themselves are the major driving force for their success. This is why I instill to them the power of positive expectations in order to motivate them to be confident in the licensure examination. I say, “When you think you can do it, you can really do it. It all depends on you.”

CAROLINE: That is very inspiring, Ma’am. I think the students will be motivated by what you have said especially on the power of positive expectations. I’ve heard of two huge events that will be held in CNU this year, the Level IV Accreditation and the International Research Congress. Tell us about these events. DR. PALOMPON: Yes. CNU will be undergoing Level IV Accreditation and also will be hosting an International Research Congress. Because it is a rare chance to join international conferences abroad, we opted to initiate one. This will be a first time in Cebu and CNU has started it all. We have gathered three to four international personalities and participants from Thailand, Egypt, United States of America and Australia. This is to tell the world, “Hey, Cebu Normal University has a College of Nursing.” CAROLINE: Wow! That is really a great honor. You must be very busy with all those two big events coming close. DR. PALOMPON: Very busy, indeed. However, this is a great opportunity for the school. This is something that we can be proud of. This is a great sign that CNU is taking leaps. Dr. Marcelo Lopez once said, “Do not take steps, but take leaps.” CNU-CN is moving towards and beyond excellence in order to produce globally competitive nurses. Therefore, we should inspire ourselves from another quote from our dear university president, “Excellence is not a virtue, but a habit.” CAROLINE: What is it like being the Dean of the College of Nursing? DR. PALOMPON: It’s not easy. We don’t have time to work on everything we have to work on. My biggest relief is having very supportive faculty members. It amazes me that I only do supervision because they do every task extraordinarily. Being the dean is like a return of the favor. I think of it as service to my alma mater. CAROLINE: Thank you so much, Ma’am for your precious time for this interview. I have one last question to ask. Can you give us, nursing students of CNU, some words of wisdom regarding the pursuit of our dreams? DR. PALOMPON: If you would like to attain something, do not only use your intellect but also your passion. Being a nurse is not easy for a well-off person. Nursing is always service. Service is the utmost call. So, you must do the best in everything and have no regrets. When you aspire, put your heart into it. CAROLINE: Once again, I am very grateful for this chance to have a talk with you, Ma’am. DR. PALOMPON: You’re welcome.

Have I sufficed the questions that have been boggling your mind? Being a part of the CNU-CN is batting a thousand. And, we have the administration to thank for it. They have provided us with the utmost quality education. We must also play the role of the nursing students who do not settle for anything mediocre but transcend to the real meaning of excellence.


raduating with a Bachelor’s degree can pose as an eye-opener for a lot of students. At a certain point in their brief rest from finally satisfying the demands of undergraduate school, they may realize that life has become a bit uncertain. Realizing that there are no longer instructors that tell them what to do or a school that no longer demands requirements, a certain separation anxiety may develop. The sudden loss of a routine that has continued for 16 years, since we started schooling at Kindergarten, may be hard for some to cope with. Finding life laid out in front of them with multiple roads to choose from can be a bit troublesome. These roads may either lead them to their lifelong dreams, to a financially-sufficient but unsatisfying job, to a satisfying but financially-deficient work, or to plainly bum around the house and live off a parental scholarship in life. These will be four of the many choices you can come by as you are trying to untangle the mess that uncertainties cast upon us as great shadows that impede our future. However, with whatever choice you are sifting through, it is always a great idea to further your chances in your career through the continuation of education. Imagine visiting a pet shop to choose a puppy you’d want as your pet. Naturally, you would be more inclined to pick the cute, healthy, well-groomed, and well-bred Shih Tzu wagging his tail at you amongst all the others. A professional who finishes graduate school is much of the same. You can become favoured above all others if you have a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree. Furthermore, there is no better place to finish graduate school than within the walls of Cebu Normal University.

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he momentous day finally arrived to the College of Nursing with a blast. On November 2223, 2010, the National Health Research Skills Workshop with the theme: “Clinical and basic research as a basis for the care of individuals across the lifespan.” was held at the Tandang Sora Hall. This was initiated as part of the year-long University Centennial Celebration of The Cebu Normal University.




The registration started at 8 am in front of the hall, where the CN’s faculty in black blazers and formal attires welcomed the guests and ushered them inside. Representatives from more than 30 nursing schools around the country were present during the two-day workshop. Speakers from various institutions also gathered around to present issues and ideas. Dr. Daisy Palompon hosted the said event. Dr. Marcelo Lopez, who was present throughout the workshop, gave the words of welcome.

CNU Clinical Instructors pose as they warmly welcome delegates in the National Research Congress.

Dr. Maria Cindy Leigh, a senior lecturer at the Australian Catholic University, tackled on the research Mission challenges and opportunities. Dr. Leigh gave emphasis on the national and local issues that demand solutions. “Diminishing resources, increase demand for care and post-operative care, and decreased staffing are some of the problems that exist in our field these days.” She said. “But we can solve these issues by seizing opportunities thrown to us. By systematically and accurately dealing with the problems at hand, we can resolve such issues in time.” The first plenary session “The Current Health Scenario in the Philippines” was discussed by Dr. Susana Madarieta, who is the Regional Director Department of Health of Region 7. Dr. Danilo Largo,

Delegates start viewing the researches displayed in the Kalambuan Hall.

Representatives from the different schools look into various research done by some of the Cebu Normal University TOP STORIES • NURSE’S VIEWPOINT • S.Y. 2010 - 2011


Doctor of Research of University of San Carlos, talked about Research Directions and Opportunities in Health. He stressed the importance of improving and nursing care. In the afternoon of the first day, the guests were invited to judge the poster exhibits in the CNU’s convention hall. Thereafter, the second plenary session “Creating a Culture and Workforce for Research” was commenced by Dr. Leigh. The first workshop: “Designing an Effective Literature Search Strategy” was initiated by Dr. Ma. Fidelis E. Quiza, Head of Epidemiological Unit of Cebu Institute of Medicine. Dr. Angelita Salarda talked about the biostatistics and the ACU graduate students’ consultation was done after, with Mr. Julius Daño as the master of ceremony. On the second day, prominent speakers like Mrs. Imke Fischer from North Sidney Campus talked about “Ethical Perspectives in a ResearchIntensive Environment.” Dr. Zosima A. Pañares discussed “Writing and Publishing a Research Article. “ She included workshops for the Instructors present like the Technical Report Workshop and Cogency Exercise wherein the group described one member and the problems of dengue Fever in two paragraphs of no more than three hundred words. Dr.Elisa A. Saavedra took on the Models on Evaluation.



In the afternoon, one of the clinical instructors in the College of Nursing – Mr. Jomy Alforque – presented his research on “Hoku Cryokinetics for the Reduction of Pain on Active Phase of Labor.” It was welcomed with a round of applause from the audience, and was given good remarks from the discussants and the panel of judges. The two-day National Nursing Research workshop ended with enormous success. The First Cebu International Nursing Conference with the theme: “Nurses: Creating a Positive Environment for Learning and Practice.” will be held next year on April 2627, 2011 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casinos.

The Congress continues through the second day at the Tandang Sora Nursing Hall.

I praise your institution for holding… of our people. — PRESIDENT BENIGNO AQUINO III



ebu Normal University stands firm to its commitment to provide quality education as the culture of excellence is perpetually reflected through the achievements garnered by its globally competitive graduates. Known for its scholastic reputation, Cebu Normal University alumni develop the gift to earn awards and bring honor to their Alma Mater; this is all made possible with the efforts of ever-dedicated educators and the supportive administration of Cebu Normal University. One cannot argue otherwise as CNU constantly gives rise not only to intellectually capable products but compassionate professionals as well. This fact is well established as the institution is recognized nationwide for its comprehensive undergraduate courses in the colleges of Teacher Education, Arts and Sciences and Nursing. As it turns out, the University is also recognized for its graduate school. Focusing on the last mentioned department, the postgraduate courses it offers are upheld with great esteem as enrollment numbers per semester are regularly rising. Stretching beyond borders, a nurse can seek solace within the walls of CNU if he desires to pursue betterment in terms of professional growth. The College of Nursing offers postgraduate programs that encompass major scopes in the Nursing profession. The college makes available two masteral degrees – Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Masters in Nursing (MN). Additionally, doctoral programs are also offered.

To earn a masteral degree, one must earn a total of thirtysix units. A BSN graduate needs to gain twelve units for foundation courses, eighteen units for the major courses and six units for cognate courses. There are six major courses to choose from. These are Gerontology Nursing, Leadership Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing and finally, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. A postgraduate student can take up to 12 units per semester (if his work schedule allows such) but it is advisable to take 9 units per term. Classes are scheduled from 6 pm to 9 pm during weekdays and from 8 am to 9 pm during Saturdays. There are even special schedules that can be arranged for those students who cannot attend regularly scheduled classes due to their work or other personal matters. Of course, the student has all the freedom to choose his class schedule provided that there are still slots available in a particular class. The University invites professors who are experts in their own fields to maintain the quality of education the students can enjoy. Be it locally or across the nation, Cebu Normal University guarantees to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives to create nursing graduates who are capable of caring using knowledge and compassion.

(From page 5) spite not within their obligated reporting time. Cebu Normal University caters to different programs for the graduate school. A variety of different choices is available for you should you wish to continue with education. These options can satisfy your craving when trying to gain mastery in a certain field of our profession: Nursing. Whether it be Masters in the Science of Medical-Surgical, Psychiatric, Leadership, Community Health, Geriatric or Maternal and Child Nursing. The culture of excellence is upheld not only in the undergraduate school but within the graduate school as well. Highly-skilled and renowned professors are recruited from all over and invited to teach professionals wishing to enhance their level of education. They provide priceless insight and instruction that would cause graduate school students from distant provinces of the Philippines to visit Cebu and attend classes every week. Furthermore, the professors do not only focus on the class as a whole, but make sure to cater each and every student’s progress through individual consultations and guidance de-

Excellence does not thrive amongst the educators alone. With the level of assistance the university offers, the students are made as the center of attention for quality service together with providing a rich environment of learning. Various facilities are available to aid graduate school students with research and education such as the recent upgrade of the university library, the availability of various Wi-Fi hotspots for easy access to the internet, different venues for seminars and lectures, the availability of LCD and overhead projectors, the continuing improvement of school infrastructure, the support of the Graduate Studies Student Organization (GRASSO) and the availability of computer access. These are just some of the many reasons why finishing graduate school is best done in Cebu Normal University. Whatever degree you wish to take on, studying it in CNU can guarantee not only a diploma or certification, but quality education that can last a lifetime.




The presence of NSC is the living proof that cange should NOT be feared. Lead by an irregular student, NSC overcame all the troubles and issues, and served the best interest of students. If we have our Clinical Instructors to teach us pressure, we have our NSC Officers to keep us smiling through it all.


ebruary 2010 marked the onset of new version of a leadership genre that will either fall prey to the shadows of their predecessor or perpetuate the center of excellence the College of Nursing is known for. SHIT HAPPENS. That’s a statement the council lives with. To some, it sounds offensive. But it’s always true. The NSC knows and accepts the fact that things just get out of hand sometimes.



So, rather than freaking out when the inevitable happens, the officers deal with it – which is the smartest thing to do. INTERVIEW WITH THE PRESIDENT An optimistic glance and a confident smile. This is how Candy Krista Abrera Pilapil answers her critics after being dubbed as the ‘first irregular student president’. But she is more than that. Let’s dig deeper of what she’s got.






1 3



POWER GUILD. 1) ROBIN JOSEPH T. MARCELO, Internal Vice-President; 2) ROBERTO JOSE M. AVILA, External Vice-President; 3) BERNADETTE KEI M. AWIT, Executive Secretary; 4) EDWARD ARLU V. DINOY, Assistant Secretary; 5) DAYLE RJ C. MARQUEZ, Treasurer; 6) VANESSA LALAINE S. FUENTES, Assistant Treasurer; 7) AIKO D. SARMIENTO, Auditor; 8) DOMINIC L. TAPICAN, P.R.O.; 9) RICHARD MICHAEL NIÑO B. SARSABA, Business Manager; 10) CHRISTOPHER KYLE A. CIMAFRANCA, Business Manager

NVP: You said that you don’t have any experience in leadership, what made you run for a high position?

5 8

NVP: Considering that, you are probably compared to your successors. How is this leadership different from the previous one?



STUDENT COUNCIL S.Y. 2010 - 2011


At first, my friends keep on teasing me to run for I have many friends every nook and corner, but what made me do it is the urge to see change and be part of it. I may be inexperienced when it comes to leadership, but my five years being a follower in the pillars of various set of officers made me more confident to lead.


When I won, everyone expected me to be a puppy to the administration. So it really took me all time management to give the students the fun they deserve aside from

the rigorous studying.”Ingun ang uban nga ang mga nursing (students) boring, sige lang toun” which is very true. I want to implement programs or projects that everyone will attend not for the sake of attending but enjoying it as well. I want the whole NSC to be remembered not just me.



NVP: How does the student Candy before differ from the President Candy now? Can you tell us some of your experiences? Well I am still me, but while in service ‘daghan na gyud kong naaway’ which was very unfamiliar to me before. I cried many times but I realized a lousy president can drag the whole organization down so I made a leap from despair. The Award’s Night brought us an ‘okay’ start even though there were mishaps that we didn’t perceive to occur. Immediately after that, planning for the Acquaintance Party came in next. We got sources easily but the backdrop became a problem. Fortunately it was straightened out in the end. There were also misunderstandings within the group but I considered it rather normal. The submission of audio for the dance presentation also caused a fuss. But the total impact of the event melted all these. The Intramural shirts were also debated but due to lack of funds only one varsity uniform was given to each player even though he has two or three sports. And of course the public apology that we made against the complaint of CTE was a huge trial that we faced.






GOVERNORS & VICE-GOVS. 1) Level 4 Governor ADRIAN A. HERNANDEZ 2) Level 4 ViceGovernor MATT KRISTOFFER C. TIPGOS 3) Level 3 Governor RIO CORNELL D. GOLO 4) Level 3 ViceGovernor JERILEE A. CAMINGUE 5) Level 2 Governor ROSELLE MARGARET G. DANGIN 6) Level 2 ViceGovernor CHEDYN NICHO 7) Level 1 Governor CHEYNEE J. SISON 8) Level 1 ViceGovernor KARA G. BELARMINO


NVP: What can we expect from the NSC in the future? We got a Caroling Program as suggested by the parent’s association president. The group will be composed of students per



year level and will visit families to raise funds for the organization. This will happen a week before Christmas break. Another one is the plebiscite on December 11 wherein we will seek the students’ approval to reimpose the membership fee of NSC to make more projects and programs that our students will also benefit through your signatures. This is in response to the Board Resolution mandating all organizations aside from SSG not to collect any amount from its members compulsorily. Aside from that, this referendum will also address the unification of elections as suggested by the SSG which will be in conflict with our schedule. After this, we will send a letter to the University President and Board of Regents regarding our concern.

The NSC Officers pose with enjoyment during the CN 2010 Acquaintance Party at Cebu Grand Convention Center

To validate their effectiveness, we interviewed some students which confirmed the elegance of the events manned by the NSC. But there were some concerns that seek their attention. Some said that the toilets must be supplied with enough water and liquid soaps. The cage in the student’s lounge must also be regularly cleaned for its foul odor and there must be some control to the ILS students from defiling the said area. Some suggested that they must have a better system on checking attendance especially during Intramurals. And others asked why attendance is a compulsory thing during events.




Indeed, the NSC now is invigorating and changing. Can they sustain it until the end of their term? We’ll have to wait for what’s to come. While we do, however, let’s not forget we’re not scorers here. We can criticize the council if we wish, but not without a personal contribution made to realize the ideals they’ve set. It is but right for us to lend a hand. Besides, everything the council does comes right down to us.






When you hear the word sex, what immediately comes

satisfaction of talking about sex that makes it a wake-up call for

into your mind? People talk about sex as often as they eat rice.

drowsy students in class. Clinical instructors have learned to

Almost everyone, if not all, is talking about sex. So, what is

insert sexy jokes or sex bloopers in their discussions because

sex? A notorious playboy defines sex as one hot night with a

this has been a proven panacea that takes students away from

sexy chick. A hopeless romantic says that sex should only be

being hypnotized to inhabiting dreamland.

done with the one you love. Medical practitioners describe sex

Curiosity can kill a cat and so can ignorance. There is

as the genital activity engaged by two persons of the opposite

nothing wrong about knowing more.

sex for the purpose of reproduction. Nevertheless, a better and

knowledge when you associate with other people.

holistic definition of sex , as quoted from Fr. Euselito Tulipas'

communicate. Sex may not be often heard in the house or

masteral thesis on Human Sexuality states, “Sexual intercourse

home but circles of friends spill the beans about it. Some share



experiences. Some say their frustrations. Others are being

communication, the act conveys to each of the partners, in a

cynical while others are being expressive. Do you think you

language that transcends any spoken words, something of an

can get insights from these people, more so if they are your

intrinsic meaning of its own. The act itself can and does say

close friends? How about those insights that they can learn

much more, express much more, mean much more, and

from you? Curiosity predisposes knowledge and knowledge

deliberately intend much more than reproduction.”

predisposes wisdom.





Sex or sexual intercourse is an extra hot issue

However, you acquire You

Sex is not merely a way of increasing the population

especially among young ones who have the raging hormones

but it is also a gift. Furthermore, once you are given a gift, the

of puberty. Maybe, this explains why nursing students are so

initial reaction is enjoyment. Henry Louis Mecken says, “Life

inclined to the sex topic that it becomes a celebrated issue.

without sex might be safer but it would be unbearably dull. It is

Nevertheless, observations speak that the hormones do not

the sex instinct which makes women seem beautiful, which

have all the blame.

they are once in a blue moon, and men seem wise and brave,


It is the curiosity, enjoyment and


“Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions,” — Woody Allen which they never are at all. Throttle it, denaturalize it, take it away, and human existence would be reduced to the prosaic, laborious, boresome, imbecile level of life in an anthill.” Sex clearly brings enjoyment. That is why people enjoy sex and they are entertained to talk about it. Each person has a different story to tell whether it can be their own or the experience of others they know. It can be momentous and passionate or short and shallow. It can be funny, sad or painful. Though whatever these past memories portray, talking about it adds a spicy meaning to what people are discussing about in a ten-minute break between classes.

Sex can

always be someone’s cup of tea somewhere and sometime. Have you satisfied your curiosity about the things you want to know about sex? Do you think your knowledge is enough? Do you feel gratified because of the fun you are having, with peers unraveling your deepest dark secrets and desires concerning this much feasted issue? If you have and if you are, then you are normal. It is alright to be open about sex talk. It is interesting. No one should be deprived to know and learn about it. Through learning, they can be ready for the circumstances of their actions and they can make a mature decision regarding the matter at hand. Every person has the right to be open about sex and that person should not to be judged in any way. This does not mean that you should indulge in it. Talking with someone you can trust about your concerns is a good idea and a great help. Yet to know the deeper meaning of sex – that it involves communication which conveys to each of the partners something of an intrinsic meaning of its own – before feasting it on the table of liberalism is a necessity in its own respect. Many people may crack jokes around sexual intercourse. But it is more than that. One’s own encounter with it matters to that certain person. So, be ready and decide what to talk about and what not to. In addition, be careful of the things you say because they might become actions or worse, you may wish you have not said them at all.



The Catholic Church is a huge part of a Filipino's everyday life. In a country that prides itself in being democratic, we are perversely bound by a religion that holds us in scrutiny. Your actions must hold up to the measure of being a good Catholic, their measuring stick with cracks here and there, adjustable with the right amount, the right gift, and the right motivation. Look at us now, trying to move forward in the modern century by updating ourselves through proposed bills that must first face the Catholic Church's inquisition before they can be passed, they must first be held as “Morally Good” by the standards of those whose morality are tainted with acts of immorality. The Church has made no secret of its position on the Reproductive health Bill. They say it's not morally sound, they say it's promoting abortion. I say the Catholic Church must be blind to the growing numbers of Filipinas who are suffering because of poor Sex Education. They must be deaf to the screams of poor women raped, of young girls who suffer through labor pains, women who deserve the right to be sexually educated at an early age, and the willing girls who learned about sex before knowing about it. They learnt about the act before knowing vital information about it.

I was forced to sit in a church pew before and listen to the gospel, thinking that "I could recite this stuff in my sleep, replace this priest and make a better job of it". That was the turning point of my growing animosity for my country's primary religion. This is further augmented by the priests' interjection of their opinions on stuff that they should just have left alone. The problem with religion in this country is that they plant these seeds into the minds of their faithful participants. These seeds are poison. They pollute. They serve to diminish the freedom to think for themselves, to see the world in their own point of view. Because they want the people to think like they do. This is a violation of freedom. This is against human rights. And then they dare accuse a man of a crime called "offending religious feelings". Yes, I do think they are villains. There are good guys, sure. There are those who are truly selfless in their ways of seeking spirituality, those priests who make religion seem right. But, they are a scarcity.


I find the ways of the Church highly questionable. They have just announced the threat of excommunication to the supporters of the RH Bill. So, this is the new level of low they deemed to enter. Though not a Catholic, I am deeply embarrassed by the way they are acting. The proclaimed saviors of your souls will excommunicate because of supporting something what people think is good for the country. They have good intentions, but the means they perform to get to their goal is like the way a petulant child behaves. Our country has been demanding the need for more bills like the Reproductive Health Bill for so long. We are overpopulated, we are desperate to end our troubles, and we need change fast, before we get to the point of no return. We need bills like the RH Bill because they pave the way through the country's salvation. There are too many people suffering, and the most heartbreaking thing is that they are now resigned to their lives. These sufferers are the ones that take up a huge percent of the population, they are the poor. They put too much faith in a religion that tells them to leave the rest to God, thereby the notoriously infamous quote “Bahala na ang Diyos”. But when they are the poor, uneducated class, "the rest" means most of everything. It eventually leads to nothing. More people need to stand up and fight for the bill. We are the educated few; we are the ones who have learned about this stuff, we live in better circumstances than they do. We are the privileged few. This is not to make us sexually promiscuous, because who are we kidding?! We are the country made famous by mail order brides and internet sex-cams, we have long been aware of sex. We are not ignorant about sex, but we are ignorant of safe sex practices.


Dear you, the woman I adore, the lady that haunts my dreams, the patron that lingers in my thoughts.

You. Yes, you.

I will always find lucky he, who will hold your hand in that altar, who will take your first kiss, who gets to stare at your face as much as he want without hold or hiding. And though many times that the words "what if" would forever haunt me, I will always regret that I am not that man. For I am a coward - spineless and meager. I have nothing to offer you that what he already has and would give you. I would probably sit, look from one of those distant aisles, arriving that day to be introduced only as your friend... ONLY as a friend.

You got a little time? ‘Coz I have something right here for you to read... No, this won’t take long. It’s just a letter... maybe, just maybe, one of those that have never been sent yet speaks louder than any other. Well, I just thought you might wanna read this... because maybe, just maybe, with the smallest bit of hope and faith, it might change things... whatever really for that matter, so, here it is...

Dear _____,

Hearts would often weep, and I would always scorn the days that I had waited for the perfect moment to arrive, to tell you what I truly feel, only to find out it had passed me long by.

I saw you today. You were standing right there, so calm, cool, collected. I lose my breath, my heart started pounding and I was painfully aware that I am not over you and you are over me.

Alas, I write a letter, years before this would happen, years before my days of regrets and my lonely nights of longing, and wondering, and beckoning for my mind to stop fantasizing about what could have been, would arrive.

Just the other day, they asked me about you and a million different thoughts, beautiful and painful memories, broken dreams flashed through my mind.

For these days I am still young, and so are you, and so are the times that slowly pass us by. And that man has yet to arrive in your life, as you eagerly search for that man. And I still have the chance to change what would be, what would happen. And with crossed hopes that you would wish, I could be that man. So petty words of a fool are conceived, written, spoken. Like melody being made, it is woven by a thread of songs to reach that one precious heart, one person, YOU, that I have written this to. And as I go back to bed, back to thinking, back to endless thoughts before cold night's slumber, I think of you once again - in my dreams, when I awake, and when I go back to sleep the next day. And on that single moment, the feeling of courage peeks, until faded once more when sun's beak shows its rays.

Looking back, I always wonder what it was that went wrong. Where did we make that critical mistake? Was I not good enough? Was I not caring enough? Not loving enough? I never asked for much, at least I think so… Tell me, where did I go wrong? I just wanted to be the person you keep thinking about, the only one you could not live without, to be the one who makes your heart beat crazy. And I know I was. So when did it happen that I stopped being that person? When is that moment that changed everything for you? For us? The moment when you realized you had stopped loving me? Do you remember that moment? Can you take my hand and point with it to the date when everything changed? Can you? Will you? Do you want to?



(continued) And for how long after that day, that moment, we still have tried to hold on to it so tight, so desperate. Maybe because we both still had this fear that something so beautiful like we had won’t happen twice. And maybe it won’t. But for the sake of both of us, I still do hope it will. You know, one of the saddest things in life is to love someone who used to love you. And now I do not really know what actually hurts more: thinking that I should hate you or knowing that I don’t. But what really hurts more than losing you is knowing that you just walked away without ever looking back. No word, no smile, no explanations. You just erased me. You erased us, as if we had never existed. I had never known before how hard it is to let go of someone. Or rather to let go of something which once was not a part of your life, but which actually was your life. Because if you let go of life, what does remain there? And can you let go of something completely? Have you? Could you? Do you still have memories? Do you still go to places where we were together? Do you meet with friends who know both of us? Do they ask you about me like they ask me about you? What do you tell them? If anything? Do you remember things like they used to be? Or did you manage to forget everything? If you did, teach me how to do this, because maybe… but just maybe… I would want to forget them too. Because maybe I don’t want to cry anymore at night. And maybe I don’t want to think about you anymore. And I don’t want to remember… don’t want to feel… don’t want to wonder… I just don’t want. But I can’t help it. Can you? Did you? Will you please just let me know how? Probably more than how, I want to know why… Remember one day, when you told me that we shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ when we don’t mean it? Now I say I love you but don’t even bother to reply, else what will you say when you mean it? I would have given you the world if you had given me the chance. See once in a while, people will surprise you, and once in a while, people may even take your breath away. But then, once in a while, some perfect things in this world are just not meant to be. I learned that from you and I thank you for that. Not yours anymore, _________



by Jodi Picoult Review by Rio Cornell Golo

An overwhelming story where holding back tears is not an option. This is a story about a sick girl and the sister born for the sole purpose of her redemption. For that, the other sister didn’t get a chance to live fully. In the end, we learn that there are many ways for a person to die, besides illness. Portraying a different yet equally tragic ending as the movie tie-in, it is a very well-written book that will move your emotions in ways too unimaginable.

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Review by Rio Cornell Golo

It's short, easy to read, and has pictures, yet filled with important lessons one must learn in life. It looks more of a fairytale, but the message it conveys is comparable to those of classics. Sometimes, as we grow up, we forget the things that really matter. A little boy takes us on a wonderful journey, and helps us to once again speak his language. In the words of a child, there is something for an adult to learn, or rather re-learn.


You’re adventurous and right at this moment, no one can beat your energy! So you better get on your feet now and buy Habagat bag to suit your personality and start packing up your paraphernalia for a mountain climbing. Who knows, you might meet your love of your life way up there and be able to say, “I can climb up high mountains just to prove to you that adrenalin rush do work, in the rush to express my love for you!”


You always imagine yourself as the leader of the crowd. People started opening their umbrellas while you talk. You look around but noticed that there’s no rain at all. It’s just you, yourself creating the rain for them dear! You forgot not to roar!


careful not to overuse your heart, it might complain that he’s not responsible for what you’re feeling. ”I only pump blood goodness gracious!” he might say. Anyway, always put on that glossy lipstick, someone might need to see that curve on your lips to straighten his day!


Drink plenty of water to revitalise yourself. Do not allow yourself to dry up. Also, don’t forget to share water to someone. That someone will serve as a new fish in your aquarium so you’ll not end up singing, “bluer than blue...sadder than’re the only life this empty bowl has ever had...” Move on friend!


Don’t get confused that you are seeing yourself in another person nor that person is exactly doing the same ways as you do. That’s too much of dreaming already. Remember that you are to wake up already and be at school by 7am!


Always weigh your whole self before indulging to any high impact activity. You might find half of your body difficult to bring along!


Don’t spoil your whole day if you’ve incidentally eaten spoiled food during breakfast. Don’t cry over spilt milk, better drink what’s left in the container before it might spill again!



Don’t get yourself affected with simple jokes. You may not stop yourself laughing and grow 10 inches taller than you are right now and headlined on newspapers tomorrow, “THE CRYING CORN PERSON WHO GREW 10” JUST BY LAUGHING AT A CORNY JOKE” .


If you’re looking for love, go meet an Aquarius. You’re the perfect two, “...the fish of my fishbowl...”

wearing red clothes or even being with people who wear red clothes. Too much red will agitate you. The planet Mars is burning hot above you. You might end up hurting yourself and attacking other people.


Pursue a career in swimming or any sports involving water. However brisk walking may also do as long as you find it interesting.


Never ever turn get yourself bitten by a dog. You might get rabies and be out of your mind and forget that you still need to manicure your nails.




NURSE’S VIEWPOINT • S.Y. 2010 - 2011


NURSE’S VIEWPOINT • S.Y. 2010 - 2011



would like to think that our lives are defined by moments, small details that could change everything. Like the time I said yes to my mother in taking up this course with little reflection on what it would really mean to me in the future. Nursing in my life has blown up to a whole new experience rather than that simple point of decision that I took four years ago. Fourth year. What is it all about? It is like standing in a brink of uncertainty where past, present and future somehow makes a stronger drift in one’s life. A point where everything meets, terminates and unfolds. By this time, I have known the ropes of how things likely go; our clinical instructors’ different temperaments, each ward’s unique smell, and the brand of pen that feels right in my hand, and all those little things that helped me survive in these four years. Everything in CNU CN is a challenge. And we have survived. First Year. You have to learn how to sort out friends you can depend on; adjust from high school to college life. You have this naïve feeling of starting fresh, to study with a new book. Freshmen year is the most blissful of all. Second year, you learn who the clinical instructors you can share a joke with and those who don’t bend and are unreasonable. Here we started to be exposed at hospitals and felt the first genuine excitement to wear the duty uniform. Third year is hell. Fourth year. Here we have perfected the art of laughing. We laugh through ordeals and mistakes. The mayas have finally come out of their closets. We learn how to move on from a low mark in some test and look forward for the next one with hopes up. If it would be compared to Kubler- Ross’s stages of grieving, Fourth Year is Acceptance. We have accepted who we are and what have we become in our strengths and limitations. It is acceptance that made us sane. In the uncertainty of the future as a nursing student, as one eventually becomes a nurse, I have learned to tell myself that everything will be okay. I think that CNU has toughened me to face anything. This is something I have learned. I am not a dean’s lister neither am I the brightest bulb in the class. And there are times when I hope to have done things better but here I am about to graduate and years wiser than I have been before. Nursing has made me the person I have not expected I would be when I made that decision four years ago. What can I really say as a fourth year student? I have become grounded. I would like to think that I am a fairly decent nurse when it comes to that. All the details have added up to the person who I am. And here I am. Here we are, fourth year students standing in the end with eye bags bigger and probably strung out but still hanging in there. I guess, we are just getting started.







After a year without topnotchers, the Cebu Normal University – College of Nursing comes back with a vengeance with no less than five of its graduates claiming their respective places in the top ten for the 2010 Nursing Licensure Examinations. These students are no other than Merjorie Adolfo who reached the seventh place garnering an average score of 85.20%, Joe Mari Flores on the eighth place, gaining 85%, Ivy Susvilla, ninth place with 84.80%, Razel Mae Libot, and Kristine Macasero, both clutching the tenth place, with average scores of 84.60%.

The five topnotchers told Ang Suga Publication that they are planning to apply for jobs within the country. Razel, Jomari and Kristine have also disclosed in the same interview about their plans of working abroad. As for Ivy Susvilla, after a few years of working as a nurse, she may proceed to take up Law, drawing inspiration from her grandfather, who was also once an aspiring barrister. CNU – CN achieved the sixth place among the top performing nursing schools in the Philippines because of its passing rate during the 2010 Nursing Licensure Examinations. By: KARA BELARMINO

Cebu Normal University’s College of Nursing is no step behind the technological trend that is dominating many schools in the country. A new endeavour aimed to further strengthen the College’s educational system is the prospect of an online examination for students. This project was launched last December 3, 2010 at the CEFTEX room within the campus. This first ever online examination for the University was taken by the second year nursing students for their Pharmacology subject by logging onto the site ‘’.



The advent of an online exam would aid in enriching the technological familiarity and adeptness of the college’s students. Also, with this endeavour, there would be a time conserving benefit as well as a higher possibility of more accurate grading, as the examination scores would be readily computed online with no more need for manual aid. The success of this prospect could also lead to more chances for technologically savvy advancements within the college’s academic system, further contributing to its rapid onward growth.

CN-Women’s Basketball Team Speaks


(On What It Takes To Be A Champion) By: Hannah Gore

fter bagging gold in the CNU Intramurals, the Women’s Basketball team has been the college’s pride for bringing home the beacon for the fourth time. Led by their coach Mrs. Aida Inabangan, the team fought hard against tough competition but remained strong throughout the game. The champions include Stacy Muncado as the team captain, Jayza Nacua and Faith Fuentes from the freshmen, Sharlyn Claire Maderazo, Justyne Alessandra Alunan, Carmel Lavador, Merry Cris Entrolizo, and April Kyle Inabangan from the sophomores, Febrah Brunidor for the juniors, and Nicole Balagtas, Aiko Sarmiento, and Kathleen Tan representing the seniors. The team proved once again that nursing students are more than just visions in white as they had set the bar even higher for future players. With the success that this team had gained throughout the years, it’s hard to imagine that all of it came from humble beginnings. Nursing students have been the true underdogs when it came to sports and the Women’s Basketball team was no different. Mrs. Inabangan explains how she started coaching the nursing team, saying, “I used to coach both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and we would practice at a sports complex with pan de sal and tetra packs as snacks,” she added with a laugh. “I’ve experienced having tomboys, nerds, and even beauty queens playing for the team. Anyone can join as long as they have the drive.” So what was the secret to their four-time win? Sharlyn Maderazo shares, “Teamwork and faith helped us win all our games.” Febrah Brunidor added,”Hardwork was also important because it took us a long time to complete the line-up. That and a little bit of luck!” But all of the players agreed that it wasn’t easy getting to the top. “It was very difficult in the beginning,” explained Stacy Muncado. “There were a lot of times when the team wasn’t in complete attendance because of duty and that affected the way we played as a team. But it trained us to be patient and it all paid off eventually.” Motivation has always been an important factor for athletes. Keeping the flame alive despite obstacles makes the experience truly worthwhile. Justyne Alunan says, “My fellow nursing students kept me motivated with their supportive cheers and it never failed to keep our spirits up.” Her answer made me think of all the students who cheered relentlessly despite the blistering heat and raised brows of students from other colleges, including their players. But the team held no grudges towards them and saw the experience as a time for making new friends. “The game became dirty at times even if we did

our best to play clean,” admits Sharlyn,”but we made a ton of friends and held no hard feelings.” I couldn’t help but remember times when a student would say a rude remark about the nursing team within my hearing range. I have to admit that it wasn’t easy holding back my tongue and giving them dirty looks whenever they would pass by. But when the team said that it was a norm whenever it was Intrams week, I felt bad for the times I’d let out a comment subconsciously yet feeling rather happy as well for the times I had zipped my mouth and focused on supporting the nursing team. After their championship game, a lot of people approached me and told me that they were so eager to join the women’s basketball team and I felt motivated as well to do the same. Their advice? “It isn’t really necessary to be a good player although it’s a plus, but what we’re really looking for is the dedication, especially during practice. If you’re a brave soul and you want to add a fifth championship and bring victory to the College of Nursing, you should try out,” says Febrah. Mrs. Inabangan adds, “You have to open yourself up and take a chance because talent is useless without the drive and effort you give.” There is no denying that the CN Women’s Basketball players not only have the talent, but also the passion and teamwork which carried them straight to the top. Their insights were so inspirational that a fifth championship win is present in the horizon. With that said, they all deserve the college’s pride as their coach has yet to guide them to that remarkable feat which is now very much within their grasp.







Nurses' Viewpoint Volume 1, Issue 1  

Nurses' Viewpoint is back! :)