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Be loved There will always be someone who loves you.


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photography by Samantha Jane Images



I am inspired by beauty. There is truth in beauty. Truth speaks to your heart and changes it, leaving it with a lasting memory. As the world around us seems to deteriorate and even celebrate the unseemly, I find it essential to search out beauty; to search out truth. I want to have an amazing life, and the way to do that is to let only the amazing into my life.

Be loved is a thoughtfully curated collection of beautiful images and personal affections. The weddings and bridal sessions our team has chosen to feature provide a glimpse into the hearts of real people in an honest moment of beauty...of their lives.

I hope that you feel truth and find beauty here, in the pages of ol


Be loved.


When I see a wedding gallery or photo session that reaches out and pulls me in to where what I am looking at becomes part of me, I have found pure beauty. It’s the same beauty I find in my babies when I catch myself studying them; unable to look away. The same truth I hear in my husband’s music from my favorite dimmly lit seat in the back of the room. It’s this beauty that I look for in my life.









Real Weddings


Caroline + Stewart:: by Oakstream Photography


Christian + micall :: by Alixann Loosle Photography

100 rebecca + montana :: by Casey McFarland Photography 162 claire + nate :: by Kate Osborne Photography

photography by Samantha Jane Images

In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.

4 | BE loved

Be loved cover feature

8 kaite + trevor :: by Blush Photography

in this issue 22

harvest love :: by Samantha Jane Images


designer invites


winter whites :: styled by Sego


Interview:: Kaiulani Cake Artistry


walk in the desert :: couples feature


whisper your love :: couples feature


run away together :: couples feature


Shoestring weddings


copper harvest :: styled by Utah Events by Design

Issue No. 1 | 5


A huge thank you goes out to our photographers. This simply would not be possible without them. We a

Samantha Jane Images


"I am a lover of all things poetic. I live for emotion and thrive on making people "feel" something. Perhaps that is the hopeless romantic in me."

"I thrive true lov will cry My love unbreak day with dies."

Kate Osborne photography

Sami J

"At a wedding I draw inspiration from the couple, their energy, emotion, and personality. I also get inspired by all of the details of the day, the colors, textures, and decor is so important in telling a story."

"I am in passion love pe photogr

Gideon Photography


"I look past the outward appearance for the love and emotion that drives couples; the personalities that are distinct to each one.

"I'm insp quirky, r colorfull My fami portant give me


asked each one to share with us where they draw their inspiration from, and here is what they said:


Casey McFarland Photography

e off of documenting ve, and without fail, I during the first dance. e affair with dusk is kable, and I can't go a hout my favorite melo-

"I pull inspiration out of the most random things. It is unpredictable where it will come from next. I find it happens the best when I have a limitation of some sort and I have to make do with what I have in front of me. I love limitations!"

JO Photography

Alixann Loosle photography

nspired by love, n, and emotion. I ople and I love to raph them."

"My entire life I've had a passion for beauty. I love beautiful music, paintings, movies, and ideas."

tream Photography

Tonya Peterson Photography

pired by all things romantic, vintage, ly bright and FUN! ily is the most imthing to me and e lots of inspiration.

note: Tonya was on maternity leave with her precious new baby when we went to press. Her new little girl is a precious gift from heaven, and we didn't want to intrude.

Cover Wedding Feature

r o v e r T Kaite & G

8 | BE loved

photography by Blush Photography Issue No. 1 | 9

10 | BE loved

me d a e l s a ife h l y m n i ets. r g g e n r i h y t y m ever ks, a e e r k b i t l r a l e e e I f past my h , y s e m c i , o r e h My c togeth e . r ' u e o w y ne n o e to h e n w o d d An had . g I n i f h i t y e s u. o u Ever y a c e t e B m have h it. t r r e o v w e n s seem ight m I , y l erent f f i d g thin

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Issue No. 1 | 17

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Issue No. 1 | 19

table numbers + signs 20 | BE loved

we love hand drawn letters and pretty tables

objects of affection

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Issue No. 1 | 21

T hat which is ripe for harvest in the fall of ones life is the fruit of seeds sewn in days gone by.


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styled by Be loved magazine florals by Flower Afternoon photography by Samantha Jane Images cake by Kaiulani Cake Artistry linens by Red Poppy Linens on location in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Issue No. 1 | 23

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Issue No. 1 | 25

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Issue No. 1 | 27

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Issue No. 1 | 29

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Issue No. 1 | 31

Meet the photographer

samantha jane

Be loved

: What makes you excited to get up in the morning? Samantha Jane: Truth be told, not much gets me excited to get out of bed. I am fairly certain it is an unwritten law that you must be a night owl to be a photographer, so mornings tend to come far too early. I have been known to escape my morning slumber for a yummy brunch, beautiful morning light photo shoots and skiing.

Be loved

: Where did your interest in photography begin? Samantha Jane: I have been a photographer for 3 years. Although I have had a love affair with capturing moments and memories for as long as I can remember. I never intended on it becoming a profession and still feel it is more of a passion than a job, I intend to always keep it as such.

Be loved Be loved

: Describe yourself in 3 words. Samantha Jane: I am: passionate, loyal & complicated. : Describe your photography style. Samantha Jane: My photography style is always in transition, I am always growing, learning, experiencing – but if I had to put it into words I would say, comfortable, clean, candid. It is the moment that generally goes un-noticed that make me swoon. The look while no one is watching. A simple touch.

Be loved

: Do you have a favorite thing to photograph? Samantha Jane: Emotion. I realize this sounds diverse, and it is. One of my favorite things is sitting around late at night with friends, and capturing the small moments that are happening around me. A laugh. Smile. Touch. Our memories.

Be loved

: What are 2 of your guilty pleasures? Samantha Jane: Chocolate & McDonalds Coke

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Issue No. 1 | 33

34 | BE loved peter loves jane

photography + text by

ruffled ink

Be loved


pink piggy design

peter loves jane

Call me old fashioned, but a handwritten note brings an instant smile to my face and causes me to tear into the envleope with an eagerness only equal to that of a child on Christmas morning. Which is probably why I find myself oogling over fonts, paper and envelope closures. Getting something pretty or clever, or both, hand delivered to my house is downright delightful. Not to mention the importance of invitations; that invitations brand a wedding. Something seemingly simple, like the heaviness of a fine paper, demands a guest take note; that this is to be a wedding unlike any other. An invitation can be the heartbeat of a celebration; the only element that is carried through from beginning to end and even sprinkled throughout the middle.

Issue No. 1 | 35

I asked a few designers to mail some of their favorite wedding invitation designs to us so that we could share their talent with you. (What I really wanted was to have something pretty and clever delivered to my doorstep. I suppose that makes me a little clever.) I also asked them to share some of their best tips for brides: your wedding style before you start looking for wedding stationery. Your invitation is the introduction to your wedding, it sets the mood, style and suggests formality of your special day. You should have an idea of what kind of event you are throwing (elegant, classic, contemporary, etc.) before you decide on your invitations.


peter loves jane

Details matter. Don't forget about the little paper goods that go with your wedding day: favors, name cards for the food table, escort cards, table numbers, menus, programs, signs, thank you cards, etc. Don't forget about the envelope!

You just spent all of this time coming up with the perfect invitation design so don't neglect your envelope. Opt for a matching colored envelope, custom stamp design and custom return address printing to complete the package. pink piggy design

36 | BE loved

ruffled ink

As excited you will be to finally put your invitations in the mail, make sure you weigh a sample invitation (enclosures and all) at the post office before you send them all off. You don't want to have to deal with the hassle of invitations being returned because of insufficient postage.

Do a weigh-in.

While you're at the post office, ask about hand-canceling your invites. This involves a stamp that requests your mail be processed, instead of run through the processing machine like regular mail, which could bend or even ruin them. While hand-canceling is free, check with your local post office first to make sure that it has the stamp.

Issue No. 1 | 37

ruffled ink

pink piggy designs

38 | BE loved

peter loves jane

ruffled ink

peter loves jane

pink piggy designs

Issue No. 1 | 39

40 | BE loved pink piggy designs

ruffled ink


Pink Piggy


Peter Loves Jane

My name is Megan. I began my love and appreciation for all things artistic when I was just a little girl. Everything I did revolved around ballet classes and painting sessions with my older brother.

I'm Nikkol, and I am inspired by design in all its forms. I am quite fond of hand lettering; always have been. I am thoroughly enjoying the current hand-painted signage trend and hope it sticks around for a while.

I love to create custom stationery with a stylish and personalized approach that is distinct to each client. Each design concept is carefully considered and created with professional and artistic attention to detail.

Rainy days are my favorite days. When I wake up to grey skies and drops of water on my windows, I know it's going to be a good day.

I’m always looking at and reading about the newest trends, colors and patterns in the fashion and interior design world, and try to incorporate those elements into my designs. I especially love to look at other forms of art and design that relate to weddings such as floral design, cake design and photography.

My husband and I both have a love affair with good food. The pleasure found in devouring a delicous meal in the company of interesting people is quite fabulous. My blog is constantly getting makeovers. I always have ideas and can't seem to let it be. The newest addition coming to my blog is 'wedding branding.' It's something I've been working on for a while, and I'm pretty excited about it.

pink piggy designs


Ruffled Ink

My name is Laura Rush and I love design. I am a 23 year old interior designer/graphic designer, blogger, wanna-be photographer and lover of creative people. I love paper, the way it feels, its weight and texture. I am a typography enthusiast, and I am an absolute believer in putting an extra special touch on everything I do. From homemade tags on gift-wrap, custom stamps on an envelope, stickers made especially for each client, and twine and lace on nearly everything. History intrigues me, as well as, its architecture. I love living fifteen minutes away from the beach and exploring the east coast. I prefer eating off of plastic cutlery than metal, so we have a mixture of both in our silverware drawer. Chai tea is always by my side when I design.

Currently I’m loving the combination of feminine florals mixed with bold patterns and stripes. I also love the combination of different paper types like metallics and cotton textured stocks, and the use of unique fonts and informal wording.

One of my favorite aspects of being a designer is that I can constantly evolve. Although my work will always have me woven into it, I am never confined. I'm only limited by what I can imagine.

My favorite part of the design process with my clients is discovering their style through the inspiration they send me. But the best part of the design process is seeing the final product packaged up pretty and ready to ship!

Real Wedding


42 | BE loved

e n i ol r a C ďż˝ S tewart

Issue No. 1 | 43

44 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 45

46 | BE loved

Falling in love with Stewart was so easy, yet I remember there being key moments that felt like

a dream. I remember noticing how gorgeous he was and how I had never seen anyone that attractive in my life before...but then it became more. I realized how thoughtful he was and what a great outlook he had on life. He made me remember what life was all about. Issue No. 1 | 47

You don't

love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. Oscar Wilde

Issue No. 1 | 49

On our wedding day, I mostly noticed how beautiful Caroline was the whole time, and how

happy I was. When I went back and looked at the photos I was shocked, I didn't even recognize my own wedding; it looked like it came out of a story book.

54 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 55

Even a

the sun never

Lo ok what happens wit

It ligh

after all this time,

says to the earth, “You owe me.�

th a love like that.

hts the whole sky.

58 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 59

60 | BE loved

Contributing Vendors: Photography by Oakstream Phot Rentals by Ella Bella | Cake by The Graceful Baker | S mond Rental | Sheer Draperies and Gazebo Rental from Poppy Linens | Willow Arch by White Ginger Events | Hair Artistry | Brides Gown from Gateway Bridal | Loc

tography | Event Planning + Floral Design and Decor Signage by Peter Loves Jane | Tent Rental from Diam Embellish the Moment | LInens and Chairs from Red Brides Hair and Makeup by Carrie Purser Makeup and cation: Logan LDS Temple and Private Residence

Issue No. 1 | 61


62 | BE loved

styling and flowers by Sego photography by Casey McFarland linens by Red Poppy Linens paper goods by Peter Loves Jane hair + makeup by Carrie Purser Makeup and Hair Artistry gown from Petals and Promises on location at Four Seasons

64 | BE loved

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Issue No. 1 | 73

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Issue No. 1 | 75

Meet the photographer

Casey McFarland

Be loved

: Where did your interest in photography begin? Casey: Growing up, my dad had a huge video camera he used to make a ton of home videos with. Us kids and other neighborhood kids became his material and he made a bunch of videos that have become cult classics (among a group of 15 people or so.) I saw the value early on of getting footage of any kind, so, I was instilled with a deep sense of documenting things - even the mundane. There is this deep need in particular to document people and it comes out of a belief that nearly every person on this planet is worth documenting and is unique in his/her own way. When someone says, “Why do you want to take a picture of ME?”, I want to shake them and say “Do you realize how selfish you are being and how important you are to someone, a child, grandchild, posterity who want to know all they can about you?” Helping people understand their value is a large part of the responsibility I feel as a photographer.

Be loved

: Describe your photography style. Casey; I think my style was really influenced by shooting film. I am somewhat of a minimalist in the sense that I want my pictures to come out of camera with a sense of feeling without having to go into photoshop and doctor it up. I really try to help clients look beyond the now and realize that some of the photoshopping and colorizing of images that looks good now will likely be repulsive in the near future. This comes from experience and seeing even photography I have done and the treatments I did to images in the past and realizing what looked good 5 years ago doesn’t look good now. So my style has evolved to more timeless colors and black and white that try to resemble film. While many photographers have studied modern photography I was in old libraries trying to understand what makes a picture relevant for decades and even centuries. The conclusion I came up with is that emotion never gets old. Laughing, crying, smiling, playing, happy, sad, expression, love, movement, etc. all had this universal appeal no matter the era. So my style is really a classic modern feel. I strive for something classy, happy; something people can look at long into the future and not cringe. I have noticed more and more brides looking for that timeless feeling, as well.

Be loved

: Do you have a favorite thing to photograph, besides weddings, of course? Casey: I simply love strange people or anybody with features that really stand out. I have a lot of old film cameras that I carry around and I stop people when I am out and about. I could do this all day if there was money in it.

76 | BE loved


Issue No. 1 | 77

Real Wedding

78 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 79

Issue No. 1 | 81

82 | BE loved :: Real Wedding


hristian and I wanted to have an outdoor wedding with a whimsical vintage style. We wanted to throw a big party where we could dance with our friends, eat our favorite desserts and just enjoy being surrounded by the love of our families on our special day.

Issue No. 1 | 83

84 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

Issue No. 1 | 85



Issue No. 1 | 87

88 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

See more of this lovely wedding on Peter Loves Jane's blog.

Issue No. 1 | 89

90 | BE loved

92 | BE loved

Contributing Vendors: Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography | Event Planning done by Bride | Flowers by Rosie Tippets | Cake by Wedding Cakes by Dawna | Catering by Daylight Donuts and Lisa's Passion for Popcorn | Brides Gown from David's Bridal | Brides Hair and Makeup by Jessica Sampson | Bridesmaid Dresses from ASOS | Groom's Suit from JoS. A. Banks | Groomsmen's Suits from ASOS | Wedding Rings from Sierra West Jewelers | Band: The Blue Aces | Location: Stone Gate

the state of being alone. Solitude implies the absence of all others. "I love tranquil solitude" (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

94 | BE loved

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photography by Becca nae \ hair + makeup by tamara morgan


Kaiulani Delgado Kaiulani Cake Artistry

We were first introduced to Kaiulani at our Harvest Love styled shoot, and it was awe at first sight. We asked how many years she'd been doing cakes, and when we heard her say, "Just under two years," we were dumfounded. Needless to say, we wanted to hear how she discovered her gorgeous talent.

How long have you been designing cakes and what made you realize that this was your passion? In the fall of 2010, when my daughters second birthday was coming up, I could not afford the cake I wanted so I decided to learn how to do it myself. I researched online about cake decorating, started baking with the Cake Bible and tested my Hawaiian family recipes. I wasn't able to take any classes so I made do with what I had at the time. I had never heard of fondant or butter-cream before; it was all so foreign to me. But I was determined and that's what we do for our kids, right? My daughters birthday cake was only the third cake I had ever made from scratch with home made fondant and it was, and still is, my masterpiece! From that time.... can I say....I've been on the ride of my life discovering my true 96 | BE loved

passion!! The responses I received about my cakes were so positively overwhelming that the demand for my work has been overflowing and I am so thankful! I feel like a kid playing in a candy store and I get to bring more sweets and happiness into the world! My heart was ignited at the completion of my daughters cake in the fall of 2010 and I knew I was meant to stumble upon this art of cake design, I have finally found my passion! What inspires you in your designs? I am inspired by anything that makes me happy and gets me excited. I often get excited about trends from anything in mainstream clothing to couture weddings all the way into children's toys! I appreciate all forms of art. I often just sit outside with my sketchpad and a pencil and draw whatever flows to my mind. I love drawing inspiration from nature, I would say most of my cake designs contain some kind of natural inspiration. One of the best inspirations is the people who the cake is for,

I get a feel for what they love and makes them happy so I can use that in their design. I am convinced that anything is possible with sugar! Do you have a favorite cake flavor? My favorite cake flavor is Guava. And I do make the best Guava cake! If you couldn't design cakes, what do you think you'd be doing? Honestly, If I wasn't designing cakes, I would be a race car driver. Haha! It's true! What keeps you going when things get hard? Designing cakes has saved me in more ways than I could explain. This has not been an easy road for me, but fulfilling. I have made the most amazing cakes in the most difficult of times, lacking the right supplies and only having the will to keep moving forward.

photography by S amantha Jane Images

That may sound dramatic, but, trust me, it was. Designing and creating a beautiful cake of art takes me into a euphoric state where all my worries fade. The good news is that it

Issue No. 1 | 97

has helped me accomplish my once dream of being in a magazine.... a dream no more, it's reality!! I could never deny this is my true passion and I'm being blessed with this talent. I want to be an example for anyone going through difficult times in any stage of life. We can create the life we dream of and lift ourselves out of bad situations if we never stop pushing forward, believing in ourselves and staying positive. It is in those times that we find our true selves and our true passions.

photography by Samantha J ane Images

98 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 99

Real Wedding

100 | BE loved

Rebecca & Mon�ana Issue No. 1 | 101

102 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

Issue No. 1 | 103

104 | BE loved

R ebecca's dream was for an orchard wedding at her soon-to-be in laws

apple orchard. The family has a home they are working on refurbishing & an amazing yard and orchard. When their wedding planner first visited the site she didn't think it was possible to have it ready to go by Rebecca's July wedding. The Thompson's, though, were a hardworking crew, and while Rebecca & Montana were away at school, transformed the backyard into an amazing space. On the wedding day there was a significant chance of rain. Because of the need to set up all the farm house tables & chairs for 140 guests, a decision had to be made...inside or out. The planning team did an amazing job transforming the bare walls, which were stripped right down to the studs, into a charming space that would please Rebecca. They hung mason jars with candles for extra lighting and strung bistro lights to create ambiance. Luckily the weather passed after dinner and the group was able to move outside for yard games, dessert & dancing.

112 | BE loved

114 | BE loved

Contributing Vendors: Photography by Casey McFarland | Event Planning + Floral Design by Sego | Cake by The Graceful Baker | Catering by Elements | Location: Private Orchard

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Couples Feature

Walk In the Desert Photography by Gideon Photography

Issue No. 1 | 119

120 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 121

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Issue No. 1 | 123

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Issue No. 1 | 125

126 | BE loved

I once read that ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand and that Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me when you sleep, And there are no words for that.

Issue No. 1 | 127

128 | BE loved

Couples Feature

Whisper Your Love Photography by Sami Jo Photography

Issue No. 1 | 129

When I say, “I love you,” it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. josh whedon

Issue No. 1 | 131

132 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 133

136 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 137

138 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 139

140 | BE loved

Couples Feature

Run Away Together Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography

Issue No. 1 | 141

142 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 143

I love you much most beautiful darling, more than anyone on the earth. And I like you better than anything in the sky. 144 | BE loved

E.E. Cummings

Issue No. 1 | 145

146 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 147

148 | BE loved

) 3 ) crafting a

Shoestring wedding styled and written by Peter Loves Jane flowers by Flower Afternoon photographed by Sami Jo Photography

Issue No. 1 | 149

The days of affordable DIY weddings has gone out the window....... a hand distressed, vintage, six pane window. What started with a bride on a budget doing her best to create a homespun, inexpensive wedding has evolved into its very own style of wedding. Do-It-Yourself weddings now hold their own and claim their seat next to the likes of modern, classic and even ethnic style weddings. Although, there are a number of different styles within the DIY lacey umbrella, the DIY wedding has a distinct look and is often the furthest thing from inexpensive.

150 | BE loved

In fact, DIY weddings can be some of the most expensive weddings around. I attribute this to the fact that many brides today that have fallen in love with the DIY look do not have the time (or desire, perhaps) to entirely handcraft their own wedding with their own hands.

the budget bride is now the very thing that the DIY style bride is paying a pretty penny for.

Just to be clear, I am not discouting all of the fabulous crafters, designers and artists who skillfully and beautifully offer their handmade wares for sale. (I happen to be one Luckily, the world has of those designers, and places like Etsy, where a dearly love what I do.) bride can find talented I'm simply pointing out crafters to give that hand- something that I find to be made touch to their wed- interesting. dings. Perhaps it is time for a The irony is that the very new term to be coined. I thing - time - that was think I have just the term: Shoestring Weddings. used to save money by

Issue No. 1 | 151

Actually, I can't take all the credit.

The term came from the mother of one of my assistants who, after hearing a description of a series of inspiration shoots we were planning, chimmed in and said, "sounds like a shoestring wedding to me." I was charmed by the quaintness of the term which so adeptly described exactly the roots of DIY weddings that I promptly adopted it. This is the first of our Shoestring wedding inspiration shoots. We actually did craft the entire shoot with our hands and, in real life, if the guest list were kept to 50-60 people, this wedding could be pulled off without a hitch for around $2,000. That is, of course, if you follow our lead, roll up your sleeves, and get to work!

154 | BE loved



Issue No. 1 | 155

Meet the photographer

Sami Jo Shurtleff

Be loved

: What makes you excited to get up in the morning? Sami Jo: Breakfast! I think breakfast food is the best food. And what’s more exciting then bacon, waffles, and the beautiful morning light?

Be loved

: Where did your interest in photography begin? Sami Jo: My Dad was a photographer so I was introduced to it at a very young age. I remember watching my Dad and seeing the amazing moments he would capture and being fascinated with it. When I was in school taking my photo classes I always dreamed of doing it for a career, but never really thought it would come true. When I quit my 2 other jobs just to do photography, that’s when it became real. That was a joyous day!

Be loved Be loved

: Describe yourself in 3 words. Sami Jo: Passionate, energetic, & adventurous : Describe your photography style. Sami Jo: My style is very REAL. I love to capture the natural moments between my clients. When I look through my work I see love, I see passion and I see emotion; and that’s my ultimate goal with my photography.

Be loved

: Do you have a favorite thing to photograph? Sami Jo: People. I love people and I love to photograph them! I love capturing happiness, pain, passion, and joy; there’s something about freezing that moment in time that makes me extremely happy!

Be loved

: What are 2 of your guilty pleasures? Sami Jo: French fries and chick flicks. Putting the two together; that’s pretty amazing.

160 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 161

Real Wedding

Claire and Nate o e t a N d Claire an W

162 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 163

164 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 165

166 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

168 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 169


efore we started dating, Nate and I ran the Ogden Marathon together. I told him I had always wanted to run one and he quickly volunteered to run with me. Even though he lived 45 minutes away he would drive to my house every Saturday so we could "train" together. We'd run our 10 or 15 miles and then go out to eat still in our running clothes. I remember the day before the race Nate seemed extra nervous, and, naturally, I thought it was because we were getting ready to run 26.2 miles in the morning! I patted him on the back and told him everything was going to be fine. And it was. It went so well, in fact, that Nate called me the next day to ask me out. It turned out that running this race with me was all part of his "master plan" to date me. He asked me out and a few nervous dates later I really started to like this guy. We kissed, we fell in love and we got married. Easy as pie!

174 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

Issue No. 1 | 175

176 | BE loved :: Real Wedding

Issue No. 1 | 177

178 | BE loved

Contributing Vendors: Photography by Kate Osborne Photography | Flowers by a family friend | Catering by Sundance Resort | Cake by Carrie's Cakes | Brides Dress by Jann Marie | Shoes from H&M | Knee-high Stockings from American Apparel | Jewelry from J Crew | Location: Sundance, Utah

samantha jane images 801.866.8670 available for travel

Issue No. 1 | 181

ยก Copper Harvest ///////////////////


ล” ///////////////////

182 | BE loved

184 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 185

186 | BE loved


/////////////////// Issue No. 1 | 187

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Issue No. 1 | 189

Issue No. 1 | 193

194 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 195

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Issue No. 1 | 197

198 | BE loved

Issue No. 1 | 199

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Issue No. 1 | 201

202 | BE loved


Styled by Utah Events by Design Photography by Tonya Peterson Photography Flowers by Chic Design Studios Stationary by My Utah Invitations Cake by Sugar Kisses Cakes Linens from Wildflower Linen Gown from Modest Couture by Elizabeth Groom's Attire from Tuxedo Junction Cupcakes by Cake-a-licious Chocolates by Smile Now! Photobooths and Candy Buffets Location: The Crane House Makeup by Kristen Packard

It is so lovely to have you spend time with us. 204 | BE loved photography by Blush Photography

We hope you felt something real and beautiful.

Be loved  
Be loved  

Gorgeously photographed wedding magazine + styled shoots and industry features. Published by Peter Loves Jane.