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2013 Annual Report to Donors T he University of Texas at Dallas



We’re realizing the vision Just a half-century ago, the founders of UT Dallas—Eugene McDermott, Erik Jonsson and Cecil Green—saw the need for a great research university in North Texas. They envisioned a world-class institution fostering learning, furthering research and attracting the most influential minds of the day. Once a lone building in vast open fields, the University has transformed into one of the top-ranked public institutions in Texas, trailing only UT Austin and Texas A&M. Thanks to unprecedented philanthropic support from donors like you, the University’s evolution draws us ever closer to realizing the vision of our founders.



Table of Contents Message from the President



UT Dallas Development Board


Geosciences: Experiencing Transformative Philanthropy


Donors Champion Callier Center Expansion


Alumnus Invests in Future


Parents Honor Children with Naming Gift


2013 Donors


Donor Support Breaks Records


Donor Bill of Rights



A Message from the President

One of the most generous benefactors of UT Dallas asks me regularly how we thank our donors—reminding me that you cannot thank donors enough. I’m pleased to share this new annual report to donors as an example of yet another way we are thanking friends like you for supporting our ambitious vision for the future of this University. We are especially proud to report on the continued success of the Realize the Vision campaign. This five-year effort to raise $200 million in gifts and pledges continues to perform ahead of schedule and beyond our expectations. The campaign will end on Dec. 31, 2014, but its impact will be felt for decades to come through the unprecedented show of support from generous alumni and friends, local and global companies, and charitable foundations. Thanks to you, total giving during the past fiscal year set a record of more than $64 million. This show of support is sincerely appreciated, and it further builds the momentum that is certain to carry us to success in the campaign’s final year. On behalf of all our students, faculty and staff, we thank you for investing in UT Dallas. With gratitude,

David E. Daniel



The University of Texas at Dallas

Development Board Executive Committee


Life Members

Ex Officio Members

Mr. Philip Ritter, Chair DFW International Airport

Mr. Bill Booziotis Booziotis & Co. Architects

Mr. Louis A. Beecherl III

Dr. David E. Daniel The University of Texas at Dallas

Mr. Lance Charriere Skanska (Retired)

Dr. Burton Einspruch Corporate and Forensic Consultation

Mr. William Keffler Diocese of Dallas

Mr. Raymond C. Hemmig Buffet Partners LP

Ms. Anchi Ku BS’81 Thompson & Knight LLP

Mr. Tipton Housewright OMNIPLAN

Mr. H. Ronald Nash MS’79 InterWest Partners

Mr. Bill Krenik PhD’93 Texas Instruments

Dr. Larry Sall The University of Texas at Dallas (Retired)

The Honorable Robert Lavie Interstable Inc. Mr. Steven Lyle Texas Instruments Ms. Mary McDermott Cook The Eugene McDermott Foundation Ms. Lynn McIntire BS’79 Cadent Capital Mr. David Miller Eclipse 1 Management LLC Ms. Jennifer Pascal MPA’98 Allyn Media Dr. Robert Potter R.J. Potter Company

Dr. H.L. Bilhartz Jr. Mr. George Bramblett Jr. Mr. David Brandenburg Mr. Bruce Calder Mr. Mark Calhoun Mr. Trammell S. Crow Mr. Charles Davidson MS’80 Mr. Kenneth Dickerson Mr. Carl Edwards Jr. MA’92 Mr. Charles Eisemann Ms. Sharon Freytag Ms. Patti Henry-Pinch

Dr. Aaron Conley The University of Texas at Dallas Mr. Dan Johnson City of Richardson Mr. William Sproull Metroplex Technology Business Council Chairs of the Advisory Councils for UT Dallas Schools, Research Centers and Retiree Association

Ms. Caroline Hite Mr. Dale Kesler Ms. Sara Martineau Mr. Clinton McDonnough

For a complete list of all members, please visit:

Mr. Kevin McDonough Dr. James Mitchell Ms. Linda Nelson MS’79 Mr. Erle Nye Dr. Krish Prabhu Mr. Thomas Rhodes Sr. Ms. Shelia Schlosberg Dr. Sydney Smith Hicks Mr. John T. Stuart Jr. Mr. Jim Von Ehr MS’81

Mr. David Willox Bluewater PE LLC Since 2012, participants in the UT Dallas ring ceremony have taken part in a new campus tradition, immersing their rings in campus fountains and reflecting pools.


Mrs. Lori Willox Balfour Beatty Construction


Department of Geosciences: Experiencing Transformative Philanthropy Every facet of the University is resonating from the

with federal agencies and industry pushing for greater

studies in remote regions with highly specialized research

impact of unprecedented campaign support, but the

research into new exploration techniques to unlock

equipment. From exploring the geologic wonders of the

Department of Geosciences in the School of Natural

previously unreachable reserves, equals a gushing

Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and Colorado to

Sciences and Mathematics is being transformed like no

demand for geosciences graduates. And UT Dallas aims

examining the tectonic processes that formed the Great

other. The department’s evolution comes at a time when

to answer that appeal.

the entire geosciences industry is rapidly expanding.

Basin and Sierra Nevada of Nevada and California, field courses and research projects provide a vital element

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the need

Key to the development of a geosciences student is the

for the professional growth of both students and faculty.

for energy, environmental protection and responsible

summer field research course and experience in field-

Through generous donations from alumni, energy

land and resource management will spur demand for

based research. UT Dallas students and faculty within the

companies and vested supporters, such transformative

far more geoscientists in the future. That, combined

department gain unequaled experience through geologic

experiences continue to be enhanced year after year.

Major Investments Enhance Student Opportunities

Unrestricted Funding Elevates Program

In 2010, Irving-based Pioneer Natural Resources committed

The impact of Pioneer’s investment will be further accelerated

$600,000 to elevate several aspects of the geosciences

thanks to a new $1 million commitment from The Miles

the University’s Tier One aspirations

program—a curriculum focused on immersing students in the

Foundation of Fort Worth. The grant will establish the Ellison

and the direction of the department

study of the composition, structure and history of the Earth

Miles Geological Field Studies Center and further enhance the

have established 10 Opportunity Funds

and the universe. To date, this commitment has generated

field research capacity of students and faculty.

specifically to benefit the Department

an additional $125,000 through matching gift programs from the state of Texas and The University of Texas System

In recent years, supporters inspired by

of Geosciences. The gift will be mainly used to design, build and equip a mobile

Board of Regents. Pioneer made a new commitment for an

research laboratory, allowing students and faculty access to

These endowed funds—established with

additional $600,000 in 2013, with $450,000 directed toward the

geologic data and satellite imagery from even the most remote

a minimum gift of $10,000—provide

geosciences department and the remainder divided between

field course sites and to provide acquisition, analysis and

ongoing, unrestricted support, allowing

mathematical sciences and geospatial sciences.

visualization tools needed to solve complex geologic problems.

the department to take advantage

Data gathered in the field will be used to explore further research

of timely opportunities, enhance

in the center’s laboratory facilities at UT Dallas.

programming and address critical needs.

Ellison Miles was a Texas energy pioneer, successful

View these and other Opportunity Funds

field studies and research programs and to revamping and

businessman and philanthropist dedicated to bettering


upgrading instructional and research infrastructure. Additionally,

education. The foundation he established supports educational

the funds support 10 students electing to complete fast-track

programming and institutions promoting the advancement of

degrees, consolidating the time it would take to receive both

learning in science, technology, engineering and math.

As an industry leader, Pioneer knows a thorough, immersive education is imperative to the next generation of geologists. A portion of Pioneer’s funds has been dedicated to advancing

Field research courses provide vital experiences to geosciences students.


undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Donors Champion Callier Center Expansion, Further the Future of Care What do the Callier Center for Communication Disorders,

communication sciences and disorders programs has more

strive through research and training to improve the quality of

20 people and a foundation have in common? Passion. An

than doubled. Callier’s speech-language pathology graduate

life for people with communication disorders,” said

earnest passion to ensure that children and adults with

program has become the nation’s largest and is among the

Sara Martineau, past president of the Foundation for the

speech, language and hearing disorders receive the care

highest ranked at No. 11 in U.S. News & World Report. Also

Callier Center and longtime Callier advocate.

they need to connect with the people they love most.

well rated is Callier’s audiology graduate program at No. 3. Tricia and Kenn George were inspired by the state-of-the-

Ruth and Dr. Ken Altshuler, Diane and Stuart Bumpas,

In the next half-century, Callier has the opportunity to

art treatment opportunities the new space will offer to the

Pamela Busbee, Betsy and Bennett Cullum, Drs. Christine

make a profound impact on the future of clinical care

community’s rising patient population. “My passion for

Dollaghan and Thomas Campbell, Tricia and Kenn George,

through groundbreaking discoveries focusing on the

Callier began with the cochlear implant program for children

Sara and David Martineau, Drs. Lynne Kirk and Bert Moore,

genetic, neurological and environmental causes of

and has steadily grown with the increase in serving so many

Emilie Schepps, Barbara and John Stuart, Joyce and Linus

communication disorders across the life span. To conduct

with communication disorders,” said Tricia George.

Wright, and the Rupe Foundation have demonstrated their

this transformative research and expand Callier’s role

ardent support of Callier for years. They know that Callier

as a global leader in the diagnosis and treatment of

is the foremost speech, language and hearing resource for

communication disorders, infrastructure is essential. And

North Texas and believe in Callier’s vision to transform lives

Callier is out of space.

by creating the preeminent center for treatment, training and research in communication disorders.

“I am deeply grateful and moved by this stellar group of leaders who are taking the first steps toward Callier’s transformation,” said Dr. Thomas Campbell, the Ludwig A. Michael, MD, Callier Center Executive Director and Sara

Growing pains have not deterred these passionate donors

T. Martineau Professor. “I believe that the passion shown

who are paving the way for the Callier Center expansion. Sara

by our loyal friends will inspire others to join us as we

These dedicated donors are helping to propel Callier’s

and David Martineau were first to invest in this ambitious

create not just a building, but a future that is defined by

tradition of excellence into the future through the Callier

capital project. “The Callier Center expansion is an important

new and innovative ways in which children and adults can

Center expansion—a new world-class 63,200-square-foot

project because it gives us the space and opportunity to

communicate beyond what anyone could have imagined.”

clinical and student training facility in Richardson, as well as a renovation of the current 20,000-square-foot building which will be dedicated solely to research. Their generous contributions lay the foundation to raise $5 million for this $20 million endeavor. In appreciation of their gifts, many of these donors will have a space named in their honor, and all will be recognized on a permanent display inside the new facility. Over the last 50 years, Callier has grown exponentially from serving 15 deaf children in the initial program to serving more than 4,000 children and adults through more than 48,000 patient visits annually. In the last seven

Passionate donors are driving the Callier Center expansion. From left to right: Barbara and John Stuart, Tricia George, Dr. Thomas Campbell, Dr. Bert Moore, Dr. David E. Daniel, and David and Sara Martineau.

years, undergraduate student enrollment in UT Dallas’ Conceptual design for illustration purposes only. Final design to be developed and submitted to The University of Texas System Board of Regents for approval.



Donald, Karen, Kyle and Kathryn Trost visit the ATEC building.

Parents Honor Children with Naming Gift Like most incoming freshmen, Kathryn Trost will add personal touches to her dorm room. Each day, she’ll make the space her own as she embarks on her journey at UT Dallas. And each day, Kathryn will have the opportunity to learn and study in a new place on campus, thanks to her parents, Donald and Karen Trost. The Trosts, whose son, Kyle, is a junior arts and technology (ATEC) major, had been tracking the progress of the new Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building on visits to campus from their home in nearby Keller. But it wasn’t until they read a University publication that they learned of naming opportunities for the building. From there, it didn’t take long for them to agree that a naming gift was

Students from Taiwan are benefiting from the Yancey Hai Fellowship.

something they wanted to pursue. “We simply felt it was right to give something back to the program and UT Dallas now, while Kyle and Kathryn are both on campus, in a meaningful and lasting way,” Don

Alumnus Invests in Future

said. In doing so, the Trosts have named the first space in the new building, a student lounge, in honor of their

With the start of the new semester, nine international

honoree, said. “The support and education I received

master’s degrees through the Naveen Jindal School of

students descended on UT Dallas eager to advance

made so much of my career success possible. I just

Management (JSOM). Additionally, his commitment

their studies and accelerate their futures. Setting them

wanted other students to have the same opportunity

includes equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art

apart from many of their fellow international students

given to me.”

projectors in the JSOM building addition.

was the generosity bestowed upon them by Yancey


Hai MA’78, an alumnus who knows exactly what they’re

Hai made a $100,000 commitment to UT Dallas

going through.

following a trip back to campus. The chairman of

studying abroad is a heavy burden for my family and

Delta Electronics in Taiwan still remembers his

me,” said Yi-Chieh “Regina” Chen, a fellowship recipient

“Since I’m an international student, the expense of

A self-professed “poor student from Taiwan,” Hai paid

college experience and understands the impact of

from Taiwan who is pursuing a master’s degree in

just $13 per credit hour—all he could afford at the time.

funding for a student with limited financial resources.

finance. “This fellowship will ease the burden and allow

“I came to the University as a student with very limited

That led him to establish the Yancey Hai Fellowship,

me to concentrate on my studies.”

resources,” Hai, a 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award

aimed at supporting international students pursuing

children. The Trosts originally believed that supporting their children’s university began and ended with paying tuition. “Everything we’ve seen since Kyle first visited campus—the construction of new residence halls, the Student Services Building and now the new Edith O’Donnell ATEC Building— has changed the way we think,” Don said. “What better way to support UT Dallas than to give back while Kyle and Kathryn are both ATEC students? We hope that every time they use the student lounge they’ll feel the same sense of pride and commitment that we do.”


The Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends who have included UT Dallas in their estate plans. These enduring commitments allow the University to plan for future growth, as well as provide donors with the gratification of knowing their philanthropic efforts will impact the University for years to come.

The University of Texas at Dallas

2013 Donors

Anonymous (5) Mr. Jimmy M. Alcorn* Ms. Brooke S. Aldridge* Mr. Robert P. Armstrong* Mr. James P. Atkinson* Mr. Charles T. Banister* Dr. Jack D. Birchfield Mr. and Mrs. Randy G. Black Mr. James L. Brasfield Jr. Mr. David D. Bruton Jr.* Ms. Lena Callier* Dr. James L. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Champagne Mr. Leland B. Dillaha* Dr. Susan G. Fleming Ms. Trudy D. Gentry Ms. Pagett D. Gosslee Mr. and Mrs. Cecil H. Green* Ms. Elizabeth E. Hodge

Mr. Buck O. Horn* Mr. William C. Jackson Jr.* Dr. Franklyn G. Jenifer Ms. Joyce R. Johnson Mrs. Maurine G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Macaulay Mr. Michael R. May Ms. Jennie P. McCament Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McIntire Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKee Ms. E. Michelle Miller Drs. Aage R. and Margareta* Moller Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nelsen Ms. Scotta Goodwin Obenchain* Dr. Rex A. Payne Mr. David Pomberg and Ms. Jerri Hammer Ms. Katherine Wells Power Dr. Timothy P. Redman

Ms. Lois Robbins* Dr. Larry D. Sall Mr. Joseph W. Semmer* Mrs. Joan Shaw Mr. Forrest F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Smith Ms. Margaret K. Spears* Dr. Marvin J. Stone Mr. Brian P. Sullivan* Ms. Semra Treece Ms. Nicole J. Tucker Drs. John and Nancy Van Ness Ms. Mary Sue Wilhelm* Ms. Jefflyn W. Williamson Ms. Karen Wolfe *Deceased

UT Dallas gratefully acknowledges the members of our five donor recognition societies. These donors are recognized for contributions made during the past fiscal year from Sept. 1, 2012, to Aug. 31, 2013.

“The platform UT Dallas has provided me to

develop professionally and personally is something for which I will always be grateful. Sharing some of the fruits of my labor to ensure UT Dallas provides this same experience for others is extremely close

to my heart.


- Randy Black BS’06 Spectrum Financial Group


Membership in these societies is based on cumulative lifetime giving to any school or program at UT Dallas. Laureates are donors of $1 million and above, and Founders Society members have given more than $100,000.

LAUREATES Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Asche Jr. Mr. and Mrs.Louis A. Beecherl Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Berman Mrs. Jean A. Brock Ms. Dianne T. Cash Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Davidson The Estate of Nancy B. Hamon Mr. Naveen Jindal Mrs. Eugene McDermott Mr. T. Boone Pickens Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Von Ehr Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wyly Jr. Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations

“UT Dallas and its Tier One vision are vital for North

Texas. A great research university brings nothing but positives for its community. We are proud to have played a small role in the University’s growth and look

forward to even more success in the years to come.

- Jim MS’81 and Gayla Von Ehr UT Dallas Laureates

Prior to Sept. 1, 2009, Founders Society membership was for donors with a cumulative lifetime giving total of at least $25,000. Although the minimum level was raised to $100,000, all donors at the previous giving level will continue to be recognized as members.


Anonymous (2) Edward and Wilhelmina Ackerman Foundation Bosque Foundation BP Amoco Lena Callier Trust Cisco Systems Inc. The Clark Foundation Communities Foundation of Texas Convergys The Dallas Foundation Ericsson Inc. Excellence In Education Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Foundation for the Callier Center and Communications Disorders Hillcrest Foundation Hoblitzelle Foundation Jindal Steel & Power Limited Korea Electronics Technology Institute L-3 Communications Corp., Warrior Systems Division Lattner Family Foundation Inc. The Eugene McDermott Foundation The Meadows Foundation Inc. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Nortel Nortel Wireless Networks O’Donnell Foundation Packard Humanities Institute T. Boone Pickens Foundation Raytheon Co.

The Redman Foundation Inc. Southwestern Medical Foundation The Sparrow Foundation Texas Instruments Foundation Texas Instruments Inc. United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Welch Foundation FOUNDERS Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. David Ackerman Mr. Charles K. Adams Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Z. Altshuler Mrs. Charles C. Bankhead Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Barnett Ms. Katherine R. Beams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Selwin Belofsky Mr. Bill Booziotis Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brandenburg Mr. and Mrs. Mason Brown Mr. David D. Bruton Jr. Dr. Lee Bulla Jr. Brig. Gen. D. H. Byrd Jr. Mr. Charles L. Cabe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Calder Mr. and Mrs. Baron Cass Mr. and Mrs. Roger Chang Mr. and Mrs. Hymen Childs Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clark III Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cleveland Mr. Norman A. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. J. Jan Collmer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Comer Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Corson Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo L. Cotter Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cree Sr. Mr. Ben Crow Mr. Trammell S. Crow Dr. and Mrs. David E. Daniel Dr. and Mrs. James J. Davilla Ms. Paula R. Dennard The Estate of Leland B. Dillaha Mr. and Mrs. David J. Disiere Mr. Jackson B. Doege Col. and Mrs. John P. Doolittle Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Dornseifer Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Dunn Dr. Adolf J. Enthoven Ms. Linda P. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Eveleth Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Ewing Dr. and Mrs. Sanford P. Fagadau Mr. and Mrs. Hillel A. Feinberg

Mr. William S. Floyd Mrs. Mary Ellen Fox Mr. and Mrs. James B. Francis Jr. Ms. Rhea Fruhman Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gibbs Mr. H. E. Gilliand Jr. Mr. Robert D. Gleichenhaus Mr. R.P. Gravely Dr. and Mrs. Rufus Green Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Haggar III Mr. Bryant M. Hanley Jr. Mr. John P. Harbin Mr. and Mrs. Milledge Hart III Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Hawes II Mr. Bert P. Headden Ms. Patti Henry-Pinch Dr. Sydney and Mr. Forrest Hicks Mr. Thomas O. Hicks Ms. Lyda Hill Mr. J. Roger Hirl Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Hirsch Mrs. Caroline R. Hite Mr. and Mrs. Kingdon R. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inge Mr. Jerome J. Ingels Mr. Mortime R. Irion Mr. Michael and Dr. Elaine Jaffe Mr. Richard L. Jodry Mr. and Mrs. Gifford K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dale P. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Jones Ms. Christina A. Jonsson Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Jonsson Mrs. Mary Fan Kain Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kuhlken Mr. and Mrs. James T. Langham Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lavinsky Mr. Frederick H. Leonhardt Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Levine Ms. Barbara Lipshy Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace Mr. and Mrs. David Martineau Mr. and Mrs. John H. Massey Ms. Mary McDermott Cook Mr. Charles C. McKinney Drs. Carmen and Ludwig Michael Dr. and Mrs. James E. Mitchell Mr. Ronald D. Mitchell Drs. Aage and Margaret Moller Mr. David M. Munson Mr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Nash Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Pack Mrs. Pam Pendleton Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross Perot Sr. Ms. Jeanette M. Pleger Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Polsky

Dr. and Mrs. Krish A. Prabhu Ms. Wanda D. Price Mrs. Caren H. Prothro Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rabin Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Redeker Dr. James F. Reilly Dr. Lawrence J. Reitzer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rhodes Sr. Mr. G. E. Rice Mr. Robert W. Richter Mrs. Douglas H. Robinson Mr. Jeffrey Robinson and Ms. Stefanie Schneidler Ambassador and Mrs. Felix Rohatyn Mr. and Mrs. Berthold Romberg Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Roney Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Rose III Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rosenbloom Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rowling Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rutford Mr. and Mrs. Rodger M. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Sandfield Mrs. John G. Scales Mrs. Emilie K. Schepps Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schlosberg Mr. Harry L. Sebel Jr. Mr. Joseph W. Semmer Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shelby Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Simmons Mr. Ralph B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Spake Dr. Satchit Srinivasan and Ms. Raji Mulukutla Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Stool Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Strauss Mr. Eric Suder Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Thomsen Mrs. Gordon G. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Utley III Mrs. Madeline van der Ziel-Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Wacker Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Waggoner Mr. Albert T. Walraven Jr. Mrs. Doris L. Walton Mr. William C. Ward Mr. and Mrs. William P. Weber Mrs. Tess P. White Ms. Donna M. Wilhelm The Estate of Mary Sue Wilhelm Mr. and Mrs. J. McDonald Williams Mr. John E. Williams Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson L. Wilson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Wolf

Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations

Anonymous 7-Eleven Abell-Hanger Foundation Agilent Technologies Air America Association Inc. Air Liquide Laboratories Alcatel Lucent Alcoa Foundation Alliance Data Systems Inc. American Airlines Inc. Anadarko Petroleum Corp. MD Anderson Foundation Andrew Corp. Applied Materials Inc. ARCO Foundation The Arkenstone AT&T Foundation ATMOS Energy Austin Commercial LP Bell Helicopter Textron Belo Corp. Louise B. Belsterling Foundation Biological Targets Inc. David Bruton Jr. Charitable Trust Caltex Petroleum Corp. Baron and Darlene Cass Family Foundation Cisco University Research Program Fund The Clark Foundation Coca-Cola Enterprises Collins Radio Foundation Inc. Collmer Semiconductor Inc. Confucius Institute Headquarters The Constantin Foundation The Container Store Convex Computer Creation Technologies Texas LP Dallas Clearing House Association Dallas Jewish Community Foundation The Dallas Morning News Dallas Power & Light Co. Dell Deloitte dGB-USA David and Teresa Disiere Foundation Docomo Communications Laboratories USA Inc. The Dragon Foundation Inc. DRS Infrared Technology Inc.

DSC Communications Corp. Eastman Kodak Co. Electro Rent Corp. Encore Computer Corp. Energy Direct Communications Inc. Energy Future Holdings ENSERCH Corp. Entegris Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Leland Fikes Foundation Inc. First Co. The Florence Foundation Foundation for Community Empowerment Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc. Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. FutureWei Technologies Geotech-A-Teledyne Co. Gil Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Pauline Allen Gill Foundation Goodman Networks Google Greater Texas Foundation GTE Telephone Operations (now Verizon) Halliburton Foundation Inc. Hamon Charitable Foundation The Bryant & Nancy Hanley Foundation Inc. Hanyang University Haynes and Boone LLP H.J. Heinz Co. Foundation Hewlett-Packard Co. Thomas O. Hicks Family Foundation The Lyda Hill Foundation The Hirsch Family Foundation Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. HM Capital Partners LLC Hoffman Family Foundation Advised Fund Honeywell Inc. The Horizon Foundation HP Enterprise Services Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation Hunt Oil Co. IBM II-VI Foundation Industrial Properties Corp.

Institute of Internal Auditors, Dallas Chapter Instron Corp. Intel Corp. Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund Inc. JC Penney Co. Inc. Johnson Controls Inc. The Philip R. Jonsson Foundation JPMorgan Chase Bank Keimyung University Kimberly-Clark Foundation Wallace, Barbara and Kelly King Charitable Foundation The Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation L-3 Communications Infrared Products Lantana Education Charitable Foundation Lennox International Inc. The Leonhardt Foundation Inc. LINTEC OF AMERICA Inc. LINTEC RESEARCH BOSTON Inc. LNS Laboratories Inc. Lockheed Martin Lone Star Gas Co. LSI Corp. The LTV Corp. May Petroleum Inc. MCI Worldcom Merck & Co. Inc. Meru Networks Microsoft The Miles Foundation William A. and Elizabeth B. Moncrief Foundation MSI Mustang Technology Group LP Mike A. Myers Foundation Nano Electronics Research Corp. Nanostellar Inc. National City Private Client Group National Instruments National Math + Science Initiative NCD Inc. Thin Film Technology & Applications New England Patriots Foundation New NGC Inc. Nokia Inc. Northrop Grumman Northwood Woman’s Club

Office of Chinese Language Council International Occidental Chemical Corp. Jay and Ruth Pack Family Foundation Pioneer Natural Resources Co. The Potts & Sibley Foundation Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation RD Research Technology USA LLC Recording Industry Association of America Inc. Rees-Jones Foundation Research In Motion The RGK Foundation City of Richardson Sid W. Richardson Foundation Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation Rockwell Collins Rockwell Collins Charitable Corp. The Felix & Elizabeth Rohatyn

Foundation G.E. Roney Investments Rowling Foundation Rupe Foundation Emilie & Phil Schepps Foundation Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. Semiconductor Research Corp. Shell Oil Co. Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Harold Simmons Foundation Inc. SourceProse Corp. Southwestern Life Insurance Co. Stemmons Foundation STMicroelectronics Inc. Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust Sun Microsystems Inc. Surgical Monitoring Services Inc. Tektronix Communications & Enterprise Group

Tektronix Foundation Tellabs Foundation Tellabs Inc. Texaco Philanthropic Foundation TG Timberlawn Psychiatric Research Foundation Inc. Triton Energy Ltd. Two Energy Square The Tyler Foundation Vaughn Petroleum Inc. Von Ehr Foundation Wachovia Bank N.A. Westcott Foundation Wildenstein & Co. Inc. Williams Communications Solutions The Wisdom-Benjamin Foundation George and Fay Young Foundation Inc. M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation


Beyond the classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices, University faculty and staff are exemplifying the charitable spirit of UT Dallas. Employees who give any amount during the fiscal year to any UT Dallas school, center or program are recognized as members in this society.

“We give to UT Dallas for the same reasons why

we came to join the faculty in 2011. We believe in this institution’s mission, and we believe it will be— in very short order—a leader in research, teaching

and service. UTD’s impact will be felt throughout

Dallas, Texas and beyond.

- Dr. Alex R. Piquero, Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology. Dr. Nicole L. Piquero, professor and associate dean of graduate programs. School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences faculty members


Anonymous (9) Ms. Paula K. Abercrombie Mr. Art M. Agulnek Mr. Jerry Alexander Ms. Suzanne B. Altstaetter Dr. Phillip C. Anderson Mr. John Antonisse Mr. Nicolas Argueta Ms. Jill R. Arredondo Mrs. Paula Austell Ms. Abbie L. Bailey Ms. Rebecca M. Ballard Dr. Poras T. Balsara Mr. John Barden Professor Indranil Bardhan Ms. Diane R. Bartek Dr. Ray Baughman Ms. Karen M. Baynham Mrs. Anne G. Beard Ms. Christine Belcher Mr. Teodoro J. Benavides Professor Alain Bensoussan Ms. Dongjing Berglund Dr. Brian J. Berry Mr. Tanay M. Bhatt Dr. Andrew J. Blanchard Mr. Peter Bond Mr. Richard Bowen Ms. Paula L. Bratt Dr. Carolyn S. Bray Ms. Kine Brembry Dr. Thomas H. Brikowski Ms. Teresa B. Brooks Ms. Mary Brouillette Ms. Susie Brown Mr. Thomas L. Brunell Ms. Lynn Butler Mr. Terence J. Butterfield Mr. Daniel C. Calhoun Dr. Thomas F. Campbell Mr. Jose A. Canas Mrs. Czarina Cando Dr. James P. Cannici Mr. Douglas M. Cates Ms. Catherine R. Challenger Dr. Candice T. Chandler Dr. Ramaswamy Chandrasekaran Dr. Sandra B. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cheng Dr. Susan P. Chizeck Dr. Jackie L. Clark Ms. Karen A. Clark Mrs. Lauren E. Clark Dr. Harold D. Clarke Mr. Dwight D. Clasby Mrs. Lorraine M. Cochran Ms. Jill W. Cohn

Ms. Amanda Y. Coleman Ms. Kortysheima L. Coleman Mr. William R. Coley Dr. Dachang Cong Dr. Aaron T. Conley Mr. Scott Cotton Dr. Rachel T. A. Croson Dr. Austin J. Cunningham Dr. David E. Daniel Dr. Richard W. Danielson Mr. Mirsad Dautovic Mrs. Dena Davis Mrs. Deborah Day Ms. Karen Decker Mr. George A. DeCourcy Mr. Michael DeFrank Mr. Lou Delcamp Mr. Cary B. Delmark Mr. Eugene Deluke Mr. Richard M. Dempsey Dr. Gregory Dess Ms. Cassandra Diaz Ms. Theresa D. Diaz Ms. M. Erin Dougherty Dr. Walter J. Dowling Ms. Maria L. Duran Dr. Mary A. Dziorny Mrs. Carol Edwards Mr. S. Curt Eley Ms. Farah K. Ellenbogen-Nájera Mr. David L. Epps Ms. Sharon F. Etheredge Ms. Kathryn C. Evans Dr. George W. Fair Ms. Qin Fang Mr. Timothy P. Farage Professor Eric Farrar Dr. John F. Ferguson Dr. John P. Ferraris Dr. Robert Finkelman Dr. Gene Fitch Jr. Ms. Margaret S. Flagg Mr. Colter Fleming Mrs. Kimberly Flicker Mr. Heyd Fontenot Ms. Sharon Foster Mr. J. Franklin Foxworthy II Ms. Sara M. Foxworthy Mr. David Gaarder Mr. Christopher C. Gage Professor Nicholas R. Gans Ms. Liping Gao Ms. Janice R. Gebhard Professor John Geissman Dr. Joanna K. Gentsch Col. Carroll V. Glines Professor Robert Glosser

Dr. Bruce Gnade Mrs. Sonja A. Gold Dr. Dianne H. Goode Ms. Pagett D. Gosslee Dr. Daniel A. Griffith Mrs. Paulette Grindle Dr. Ming D. Gu Mr. Dennis M. Guten Dr. Sheila A. Gutierrez de Pineres Dr. Randall Guttery Dr. Fariborz Hadjebian Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Hairston Ms. Michele Hanlon Mr. M. Scot Harmon Dr. Edward J. Harpham Mr. Edwin H. Hawes II Dr. Roderick A. Heelis Ms. Susan Heiler Mrs. Loreen Henry Dr. Donald A. Hicks Mr. Jason E. Hirsch Mrs. Barbara Hollis Mrs. Brittany C. Huber Mr. Richard C. Huckaba III Mr. Zachary D. Hughes Dr. Russell Hulse Dr. Dung Huynh Dr. Varghese S. Jacob Mrs. Margaret E. James Ms. Ashley L. Johnson Mrs. Jennifer G. Johnson Dr. Scherry F. Johnson Mrs. Sylvia D. Johnson Ms. Terri L. Jones Ms. Dorothea J. Junt Ms. Meredith Karlan Dr. William F. Katz Mrs. Judith A. Kimbriel Ms. Serenity R. King Dr. Jeffrey H. Klenzing Mr. Thomas M. Koch Dr. Abby Kratz Dr. Dennis Kratz Mr. Ekkehard Kuner Ms. Susan Kutchi Ms. Shari Kwon Dr. Amanda M. Labue Dr. Shelley D. Lane Ms. Marta E. Larin Mrs. Lisabeth A. Lassiter Mr. James D. Latham Mrs. Ruth E. Lax Dr. Murray J. Leaf Mrs. Anna LeBlanc Dr. Gil S. Lee Ms. Wenqi Li Dr. Zhiang J. Lin

Ms. Vickie L. Lincoln Mr. Charles R. Lippincott Ms. Jacqueline A. Long Ms. Janice W. Lougeay Ms. Lynn W. Mabe Mr. William H. Mack Dr. Enric F. Madriguera Ms. Nelda Magnuson Dr. Roger F. Malina Ms. Sara Mancuso Ms. Caroline Mandel Ms. Rekha Manohar Mrs. Sherry A. Marek Ms. Angela Marin Dr. James W. Marquart Dr. Jeffrey S. Martin Mr. Rafael Martin Mrs. Emily S. Martinez Ms. Charlotte Mason Dr. Sarah P. Maxwell Mrs. Jennifer R. Mayes Mr. Chris B. McAlpine Dr. John McCracken Mr. Dennis C. McCuistion Mrs. Jennifer H. McGlothlin Ms. Sue J. McInis Ms. Susan M. McKee Ms. Shannon McKemie Ms. Adrienne L. McLean Mr. Haywood McNeill Dr. Angela McNulty Dr. Diane S. McNulty Dr. Lynn A. Melton Mrs. Melinda B. Mendoza-Ellis Mr. James S. Michalek Ms. Carole A. MiKoryak Ms. Sonja S. Miley Ms. E. Michelle Miller Mrs. Roxanne Minnish Mr. J. Ray Mitchel Dr. Aage R. Moller Ms. Kathryn E. Monath Mrs. Patricia A. Monfrey Dr. Bert S. Moore Mrs. Lisa Kramer Morgan Mr. Ali Morshedi Mrs. Gloria J. Muhammad Dr. James C. Murdoch Dr. Jessica C. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. B. P. Murthi Mr. Alex Nestor Mr. Dennis T. Nguyen Dr. Rebekah K. Nix Dr. Bruce M. Novak Mr. Paul Oelkrug Ms. Lauraine O’Neil Ms. Nancy Orlowski

Ms. Rachel Ortega Dr. Margaret T. Owen Dr. Istvan Ozsvath Mr. Anthony F. Paden Mr. Terry Pankratz Dr. Denise Park Dr. Peter Park Ms. Mary Jane Partain Mrs. Shanon L. Patrick Dr. David A. Patterson Mrs. Donise Pearson Mr. Madison F. Pedigo Mr. Jack W. Peel Dr. Clint W. Peinhardt Ms. Rochelle A. Pena Dr. Mike Peng Dr. William Pervin Mrs. Rosie M. Peterson Mr. William M. Petitt Ms. Lucy Petrovic Ms. Renee Phillips

Dr. Elizabeth A. Pickett Mrs. Concepcion Piloto Ms. Rena Piper Professor Alex Piquero Professor Nicole Piquero Dr. Hasan Pirkul Mrs. Cindy Pitney Ms. Anittra L. Polk Dr. Gordon P. Pollack Mr. Robert A. Power Dr. Karen Prager Mr. Fang Qiu Dr. Stephen G. Rabe Dr. Darrelene Rachavong Ms. Audette M. Rackley Dr. Suresh Radhakrishnan Dr. Srinivasan Raghunathan Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ramirez Dr. Monica A. Rankin

Mrs. Anita H. Ray Dr. Lawrence J. Redlinger Dr. Timothy P. Redman Dr. Lawrence J. Reitzer Mrs. Jan B. Rhodes Dr. Wolfgang Rindler Mr. Robert L. Robb Mrs. Amanda Rockow Dr. Robert X. Rodriguez Dr. Ross J. Roeser Ms. Mary M. Roffino Ms. Susan Rogers Dr. Raúl Rojas Dr. Mario Rotea Mr. David W. Rude Dr. Ellen D. D. Safley Mr. Mark L. Salamasick Dr. Sonya Salamon Dr. Elizabeth Salter Dr. Todd Sandler Dr. John W. Santrock

Dr. Sumit Sarkar Ms. Deborah D. Sauer Mrs. Carrilaine P. Schneckner Mr. Michael B. Seeligson Mrs. Molly Seeligson Mrs. Carolyn Semones Ms. Linda Sensibaugh Dr. A. Dean Sherry Ms. Kristi Shewmaker Ms. Janie E. Shipman Mr. John Sibert Mr. David J. Simcoe Mr. Steven T. Simons Mr. Derick Singleton Dr. Kelly Slaughter Dr. Erin Smith Ms. LaRuth Smith Mrs. Judy Snellings Mr. Steven J. Solcher Dr. Magaly Spector

Dr. Melanie J. Spence Dr. Mark W. Spong Dr. Betty C. Stapp Ms. Andrea Stigdon Dr. John Q. Stilwell Dr. Winston Stone Mrs. Marshadaire N. Story Dr. Janell Straach Mrs. Cindy R. Sutton Mrs. Melissa Sweeney Dr. James Szot Ms. Lori D. Taccino Ms. Kerry S. Tate Mrs. Claudia Tatum Mrs. Libby Taylor-Deleon Dr. Linda K. Thibodeau Ms. Rachel P. Thomason Mr. Craig Thorp Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham Dr. Brian A. Tinsley Ms. Theresa M. Towner

Mr. Bao T. Tran Ms. Karen Trousdale Mrs. Merry L. Trujillo Mrs. Gwendolyn D. Turcotte Mr. Bruce Unrue Mrs. Laura Valdespino Ms. Nancy C. Van Dr. Anne E. Van Kleeck Dr. Jacoba T. Vanbeveren Dr. Laura L. Veazey Dr. Mary Jo Venetis Mrs. Jean Vik Dr. Kaia Vilberg Dr. Walter E. Voit Ms. Su Wadlow Ms. Jenny S. Wakefield Ms. Janice M. Wald Professor Marilyn Waligore Dr. Andrea D. Warner-Czyz Ms. Cassandra Warren Mrs. Jessica S. Watts

Ms. Monique Wedderburn Ms. Michelle Weiner Mr. Eric C. Welgehausen Ms. Holly A. Whalen Dr. B. Hobson Wildenthal Mr. Rich C. Williams Dr. Michael Wilson Dr. Phillip Wilson Dr. Tonja W. Wissinger Ms. Franchesca Worsham Ms. Marjorie A. Wu Mrs. Melissa A. Wyder Mrs. Erica C. Yaeger Dr. Duck J. Yang Ms. Xiaohong Yang Ms. Elizabeth R. Young Mr. Larry Zacharias Mrs. Nadira A. Zakhidov Dr. Michael Q. Zhang Ms. Rebecca R. Zirkle


Alumni and friends contributing $1,000 and above during the fiscal year to any UT Dallas center, program or school are acknowledged through membership in the Love Jack Society. The society derives its name from the iconic “Jack” created by American modernist sculptor Jim Love. It was donated to the University in 1976 by Mrs. Margaret McDermott.

“I’m a longtime supporter of the chess program

because it produces more than our championship-

winning intellectual warriors. It collaborates with engineering and computer science on robotics and behavioral and brain sciences on how the mind works—creatively using advanced technology to demonstrate University excellence. My donation

invests in both UTD and DFW’s future workforce.

- Rodney Thomas IBM


Anonymous (9) Mrs. Graziella Abdallah Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Adams Mr. Barry Adamson Mr. Robert Agee Ms. Danielle Aguillard Mr. Nawvid Ahmed Ms. Tanzina Ahmed Mr. Hassan Al-Tabatabaie Mr. and Mrs. Pierce M. Allman Ms. Lisa H. Alt Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Z. Altshuler Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Amand Dr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Anigian Ms. Janet Bade and Mr. Bill Venegoni Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baldridge Mr. George W. Baldwin Ms. Mary Susan Barnhill Mr. Neil K. Basu Mr. Bate A. Bate Mr. Stephen R. Bauerband Mr. and Mrs. Selwin Belofsky Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Bennett Dr. Britt R. Berrett Mr. Randy Best Mr. Patrick Bierschenk Mrs. Ellen W. Blanchard Mr. Bill Booziotis Mrs. Barbara Botts Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bowles Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brand Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brandenburg Ms. Paula L. Bratt Mr. and Mrs. Mason Brown Mr. Thomas L. Brunell Mr. Kevin M. Brungardt Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Buford Mr. Michael Buhrmester Mr. and Mrs. Eddie U. Bull Jr. Mr. Urooj H. Burney Mr. and Mrs. Dan Busbee The Honorable and Mrs. George W. Bush Mr. Mark A. Calhoun Mrs. Donna Campbell Dr. Thomas Campbell and Dr. Christine Dollaghan Dr. Cyrus D. Cantrell and Dr. Mary L. Marple Ms. Juanjuan Cao Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carraway Mrs. Betty R. Carter Mr. and Mrs. B. Gene Carter Dr. James L. Carter

Mr. Brian O. Casey Ms. Dianne T. Cash Mr. and Mrs. Ballard O. Castleman Dr. Sandra and Mr. Donald Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Lance Charriere Mr. Chris Cheatwood Dr. Susan Chizeck and Dr. William Pervin Mr. Chris Christison Mr. and Mrs. Cullum Clark Mr. Thomas and Dr. Jackie Clark Dr. Harold Clarke and Dr. Marianne Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Clasby Mrs. Rita C. Clements Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cleveland Mr. Harold Coffi Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Coggins Mrs. Joyce K. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Collins Mrs. Michelle Collins Mr. and Mrs. J. Jan Collmer Dr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Conley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Terry Conner Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Corson Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo L. Cotter Mr. and Mrs. Del Craig Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cree Sr. Dr. Rachel and Mr. David Croson Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Crow Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cuban Dr. and Mrs. Austin J. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Currey Dr. and Mrs. David E. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. James D. Davies Dr. and Mrs. James J. Davilla Ms. Peggy Dear Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Decherd Ms. Paula R. Dennard Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. David H. Dewhurst Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dial Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Dickerson The Estate of Leland B. Dillaha Mr. Dimitri Dimitri Dr. and Mrs. James R. Dixon Jr. Mr. Satyajit P. Doctor Mr. Alexander Doll Mrs. Patricia M. Donosky Mrs. Mary Dorflinger

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Dornseifer Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Dossett Mr. Charles P. Doubek Jr. Ms. M. Erin Dougherty and Mr. J. Ray Mitchel Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Dransfield Mrs. John K. Dunne Jr. Mr. Wesley A. Dwyer Mr. Michael C. Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Mel Ehlers Dr. and Mrs. Burton C. Einspruch Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Eisemann Mr. and Mrs. S. Curt Eley Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ellis Dr. Brian A. Ellman Ms. Ragen C. Elterman Mr. and Mrs. David L. Emmons Mr. Randall R. Engstrom Dr. B. Henry Estess Jr. Ms. Kathryn C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Eveleth Drs. George and Margaret Fair Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fagelman Mr. David Fairbank and Ms. Judith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Hillel A. Feinberg Mr. Douglas K. Fejer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feld Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ferre Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Finlay Dr. Gene Fitch Jr. Mr. John S. Fitts Ms. Teresa T. Ford Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Foxworthy II Mr. and Mrs. James B. Francis Jr. Ms. Deborah M. Frankum Ms. Sharon N. Freytag Mr. and Mrs. Joe Funk Mr. Christopher C. Gage Mrs. Helen W. Garrott Dr. Gerard Gaynor Dr. Wayne Gearey Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gehan Professor John Geissman Mr. Read P. Gendler Dr. and Dr. David G. Genecov The Honorable and Ms. Kenneth S. George Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Glazer Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Gnade Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Gold Mr. John C. Gooch Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Goodman Mr. Dennis Gordon Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Gosslee Ms. Jane K. Greene

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. George Grimmer Mr. and Mrs. George Grimmer Jr. Ms. Rebecca N. Grimmer Mr. R. J. Grogan Jr. Ms. Jeanne K. Grubbs Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gurun Mr. Yancey I. Hai Mr. John W. Hall V Dr. and Mrs. Ray Hamby Mr. Dan Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hammack Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Hanson Ms. Kimberly Harmon Dr. Jackson Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Milledge Hart III Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hasco Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Hawes II Mr. Jess Hay Mr. David R. Heiting Mr. and Mrs. Ross Helbing Mr. Scott Helbing Mr. Jeffrey M. Heller Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hellums Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Hemmig Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Henry Mrs. Gloria M. Hewlett Dr. Donald A. Hicks Dr. Sydney and Mr. Forrest Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Al G. Hill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Hobson Ms. Elizabeth E. Hodge Ms. Jannah L. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. James Hoggard Mr. and Mrs. David L. Holmberg Mr. Richard C. Huckaba III Mrs. Sally Ann Hudnall and Mr. Jim Snodgrass Dr. Russell Hulse Mrs. Caroline R. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Hunt Mr. Derick Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. R. Steven Ivy Mr. and Mrs. David Jacobs Mrs. Mary M. Jalonick Mr. Jeffrey Jamieson Dr. and Mrs. Yashvant K. Jani Mr. H. William Jesse Jr. Mr. Naveen Jindal Mr. Dan Johnson Ms. Joyce R. Johnson Mr. Dale C. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Jones Ms. Milla Perry Jones Mrs. Ramona Jones Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Jonsson

Ms. Kathryn H. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Jordan Ms. Dorothea J. Junt Mrs. Mary Fan Kain Mr. and Mrs. Fehmi Karahan Mr. Kenneth W. Kay Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kelley Mr. Kevin Kemp Dr. Charles B. Key Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kimbriel Mr. Emmit Koelle Mr. and Mrs. Miles Koon Drs. Dennis and Abby Kratz Dr. and Mrs. William R. Krenik Ms. Anchi H. Ku Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kurjan Mrs. Jacqueline Lafrance Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. Lain Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Lane Ms. Paula Larsen Mr. James D. Latham Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lattner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lavie Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Layton Dr. Gil S. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Hwansoo S. Lee Dr. Zhiang J. Lin Mr. and Mrs. William Litton Dr. Edward H. Livingston and Dr. Eve Guth Mr. Clifford Lloyd Mrs. Melendy E. Lovett Dr. Shaoming Lu Mr. Steven W. Lyle Dr. Seshagiri Madhavapeddy Dr. Enric F. Madriguera Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Maher Ms. Linda C. Marcus Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Martindale Mr. and Mrs. David Martineau Mr. Michael J. Marz Mr. and Mrs. John H. Massey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Massman Ms. Holly Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. McCorcle Mr. William McCormick Mr. Dennis C. McCuistion Mr. Michael McDaniel Mr. David McDavid Mrs. Eugene McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McEvoy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly McGee Mr. and Mrs. L. D. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McIntire

Mr. John B. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. William C. McManemin Dr. Diane and Mr. Michael McNulty Mrs. Anne McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Merrick Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Meyer Mr. Andrew J. Michael Mr. James S. Michalek Mr. and Mrs. Clinton M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. David P. Miller Mr. Garry C. Miller Jr. Mrs. Geraldine Miller Ms. Linda Miska Mr. Breon Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. James E. Mitchell Dr. Aage R. Moller Mr. Tom A. Montgomery Dr. Bert S. Moore and Dr. Lynne Kirk Mr. Skip Moore Dr. Boyd Morgan Ms. Nancy P. Mulford Mr. Jacob C. Naasz Mr. and Mrs. David Nash Mr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Nash Ms. Andrea Nasher Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Nelsen Mr. David Newberger Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nixon Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Nobles Mr. and Mrs. Julian Noel Mr. and Mrs. Erle A. Nye Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Donnell Mr. Chijioke E. Offor Mr. Mukadansi A. Olanrewaju Mr. and Mrs. John N. Olbeter Ms. Mildred M. Oppenheimer Mr. Dave Ostrowski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Owen Drs. Margaret T. and Stuart F. Owen Dr. Denise Park Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patrick Mrs. Donise Pearson Ms. Sherrie Pena Mr. Robert Penn Mr. Steven Penson Dr. William S. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross Perot Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Petrick Dr. and Mrs. Hasan Pirkul Ms. Bonnie Pitman Dr. Gordon P. Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pollock Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter

Mr. Jason Powell and Mr. Tim Chase Mr. Loyd Powell Jr. Mrs. Caren H. Prothro Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Purcel Mr. Robert Quillin and Ms. Vanessa Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Armin Rabe Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Rabe Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rabin Dr. Darrelene and Mr. Supat Rachavong Dr. Suresh Radhakrishnan Dr. Srinivasan Raghunathan Mr. Karthik Rajasekaran Dr. and Mrs. Karl E. Rathjen Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Redeker Drs. C.C. and Judy Reeves Mr. Eric M. Reeves Dr. Lawrence J. Reitzer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rhodes Sr. Mr. James R. Riley Ms. Billie Leigh Rippey Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ritter Mr. Jeffrey Robinson and Ms. Stefanie Schneidler Ms. Ruth E. Robinson Mr. Terrence L. Rock Ms. Susan Rogers and Mr. Doug Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Rose III Mr. and Mrs. C. Tracy Rowlett Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rowling Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rutford Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Ryan Mr. Michael and Dr. Ellen Safley Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Sall Dr. Todd Sandler and Ms. Jean Murdock Dr. John W. Santrock Mrs. Emilie K. Schepps Mr. Chad S. Schieber Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schleigh Jr. Mr. Gregg Schmitt Ms. Gail O. Schoellkopf Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schultz Ms. Charlotte W. Schuman Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Schwartz Mr. Ron Schwarz Ms. Mary Sue Selman Mr. Allen Selz Mr. Anand Seshadri Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shea

Drs. Dean and Cynthia Sherry Dr. Jaspreet S. Sidhu Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Simmons Ms. Amy B. Simpson Ms. Frances Skinner Dr. Charles M. Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Smith Mrs. Gloria M. Snead Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ernesto Snead Ms. Susan M. Soo Dr. Magaly Spector and Dr. Yves Chabal Dr. Satchit Srinivasan and Ms. Raji Mulukutla Mr. and Mrs. R. David Stallman Ms. Laurie M. Stanco Ms. Michele Stauffenberg Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stillman Dr. John Stilwell and Mrs. Nancy O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stoffel Mr. Donald and Dr. Norma Stone Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Stool Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stuart III Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sweeney Ms. LaCritia Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Lontrell Tatum Mr. Ronald Taylor Mr. Nithin Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Thomas III Mr. Jere W. Thompson Sr. Dr. Allison Thurmond Mr. and Mrs. McHenry T. Tichenor Jr. Mr. Allan Tomlinson and Ms. Karen Cornett Mrs. Dee Collins Torbert Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Toso Ms. Ngoc M. Tran Mr. Mark Tranchina Mrs. Gordon G. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. James L. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Turpin Mr. Aaron M. Turrie Ms. Maria G. Valdes Mrs. Madeline van der Ziel-Meyer Mr. Brian L. Van Eimeren Dr. Anne E. Van Kleeck Mr. Adam S. Vishinsky Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Von Ehr Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker Mrs. Doris L. Walton Ms. Heather Walton Mr. Lawrence Warder Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Waterman III

Mrs. Mary A. Watson Mr. Thomas Watson Dr. and Mrs. David R. Webb Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weinberg Ms. Jane A. Wetzel Ms. Holly A. Whalen Mr. Leland B. White Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wilbur Dr. B. Hobson Wildenthal Dr. and Mrs. C. Kern Wildenthal Mr. Trent Williams Mr. and Mrs. David B. Williamson Ms. Jefflyn W. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. David E. Willox Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Wilson Mrs. Lois Wolf Mr. Terry Wolfe Mr. Steven E. Wolfert Mr. Kevin L. Woller Mrs. Erica Yaeger and Mr. David Gantt Dr. Duck J. Yang Dr. and Mrs. Qingming Yang Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Young Mr. and Mrs. James F. Young Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zacharias Dr. and Mrs. Anvar A. Zakhidov Mr. and Mrs. Allan Zakrzewski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zale Dr. Jie Zhang Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations

Anonymous (3) A T.L.C. Pre-School & Extended Care Inc. Accor North America Inc. ACL Agilent Technologies AHI Facility Services Inc. Air America Association Inc. Air Liquide Laboratories American Southwest Conference Andrews Distributors of North Texas Approach Operating Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Dallas Chapter ATMOS Energy Audimation Service Inc. Austin Commercial LP Austin Industries Award Solutions Inc. AZ-EZ Janitorial Bangladeshi Student Organization Alumni Bank of America N.A.

Baylor Health Care System Baylor University The Beck Group Belmont BP Investors LLC Belmont Group Inc. Louise Belsterling Foundation Benchmark Bank Benchmark Title Best Robotics Inc. BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program BKD LLP Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Inc. Bluewater International Brand Capital Partners Brandenburg Life Foundation BRAv Ventures LP Bray Family Trust Hans G. & Thordis W. Burkhardt Foundation Buses by Bill Inc. Lena Callier Trust The Catholic Foundation Chevron Humankind Employee Fund Children’s Medical Center Cirasys Inc. Cisco Systems Inc. City of Richardson The Rita Crocker Clements Foundation Coca-Cola Enterprises Cochlear Americas Calvert K. Collins Family Foundation Inc. James M. Collins Foundation The Columbus Foundation CommScope Communities Foundation of Texas Community Health Charities of Texas Confucius Institute Headquarters Corporate Communications Center Inc. Creekwood Property Corp. Crossvale Inc. Crowe Horwath CVS Caremark The D’Addario Music Foundation Dallas Chess Club The Dallas Foundation Dallas Jewish Community Foundation The Dallas Margarita Society Inc.


Dallas Women’s Foundation Darling International Inc. Dell Giving Deloitte Deloitte Foundation Dial Foundation Dowling Consulting Inc. DRS Infrared Technology Inc. The Dunne Group E2M Partners Eagle Social Media LLC Encore Enterprises Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ericsson Inc. Ernst & Young Essilor of America Inc. Esterline Technologies Corp. Etsimulants Extra Innings Batting Cages ExxonMobil Corp. ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Brokerage Services Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fischer & Co. Follett Higher Education Group Forge Energy LLC Foundation for Callier Center and Communications Disorders Frito-Lay Inc. Frost National Bank Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc. Fulbright & Jaworski FutureWei Technologies


Garrison Brothers Distillery Gatorade Inc. General Dynamics Gill Excavating Inc. Glazer’s Distributors The Ryan Goldblatt Foundation Google Grant Thornton LLP Philip R. Greenleaf Living Trust Halliburton Co. Halliburton Investor Relations Hammack Oil Co. Harmony School of Business Harmony Science Academy Haynes and Boone LLP Health Care Service Corp. Heng Ying Technology Corp. High Voltage Power Systems Inc. Hill & Wilkinson Ltd. Hillcrest Foundation HKS Architects Hoblitzelle Foundation The Jannah Hodges Revocable Trust HP U.S. Employee Product Giving Program Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Hunger Busters Hunt Construction Group Huselton, Morgan & Maultsby IBM II-VI Foundation Indy Power Systems Institute of Internal Auditors, Dallas

Chapter Integrity Integration Resources (i2r) Intel Corp. Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc. Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund Inc. International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Investors for Director Accountability Foundation ISACA, North Texas Chapter iStation ITMO Saint Petersburg University Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Jindal Steel & Power Limited Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities The Philip R. Jonsson Foundation JustGive Kasling Aircraft Co. Jeffrey and Karen Katz Foundation Keimyung University Kyungpook National University L-3 Communications Corp., Warrior Systems Division L-3 Communications Infrared Products Lennox International Inc. Lexington Apartments Management LINTEC OF AMERICA Inc. Little Elm Investment Co. Ltd. LKS Foundation Inc. LNS Laboratories Inc. Lockheed Martin Lone Star Aerospace LSI Corp. W.P. & Bulah Luse Foundation Madison Viceroy Cotenancy Malcolm Reed Ventures LP Marketing Brainology Mary Kay Inc. McCuistion & Associates Inc. The Eugene McDermott Foundation Eugene McDermott Scholars Alumni Association McGladrey LLP MedAssets Meidensha Corp. Menara Networks Meru Networks MetroPCS Metroplex Technology Business Council Charitable Fund Microsoft The Miles Foundation The Mirza Family Foundation MOHR Partners Inc.

Mustang Technology Group LP Nano Electronics Research Corp. NASIM Foundation National Association of Corporate Directors - North Texas National Instruments National Math + Science Initiative Network for Good Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Inc. North Texas Commission Northwood Woman’s Club Nova-Kem LLC Palo Verde Oil Co. Pepsico Foundation Inc. Perot Foundation Pioneer Natural Resources Co. Plains Capital Bank Platinum IDS Plexon Inc. PMFG Inc. Polsinelli Shughart PC Andrew and Lillian A. Posey Foundation Robert J. Potter Foundation Eric Powell and Associates PLLC Presidio PriceWaterhouseCoopers Rahman Financial Raising Cane’s Raytheon Co. RD Research Technology USA LLC Recording Industry Association of America Inc. Richardson Chamber of Commerce Roach, Howard, Smith & Barton Inc. Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation Rockwell Collins Rockwell Collins Charitable Corp. The Rouse Family Foundation Rupe Foundation Sabre Holdings Corp. Safeway Stores Inc. Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford Schindler Elevator Corp. Schwab Charitable Fund Semiconductor Research Corp. Ruth C. & Charles S. Sharp Foundation Inc. Shell Oil Co. Foundation The Sherwin-Williams Co. Sigma Xi Chapter 286 Silicon Valley Community Foundation Harold Simmons Foundation Inc. Smocked Runway LLC SMU Athletics SNU R and DB Foundation Society for Information Management Society of Iranian American Women for Education

Solanan Inc. Southwestern Medical Foundation Speetra Eugene Straus Charitable Trust Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust Symon Communications Inc. Synchronous Solutions Inc. Teammate Audit Management System Tektronix Inc. Tenet Healthcare Corp. Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation Texas Instruments Foundation Texas Instruments Inc. Texas Legends Texas Tech University TG Thompson & Knight LLP Tiff’s Treats Tolleson Management LP Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Corp. Trans Global Technologies Inc. Trinity Industries Inc. Truist Tucker Foundation Turner Construction Co. Tyler Technologies Typhoon HIL Inc. UBS Financial Services Inc. Under Armour United Way of Metropolitan Dallas The University of Puget Sound The University of Texas at Arlington The University of Texas Foundation US Chess Trust Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vertical Partners West LLC VMware Inc. Voicetrainer Von Ehr Foundation Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation Walmart Weaver LLC Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Foundation Whitley Penn LLP Wildenstein & Co. Inc. Women of Saint Michael and All Angels Church Xtendwave Xtera Communications Inc. George and Fay Young Foundation Inc. M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation

CHAMPION 20-plus years of consecutive giving

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Davidson Mr. L. Paul Payne PARTNERS

10 to 20 years of consecutive giving

The Comet Whoosh Society recognizes alumni who are committed to supporting UT Dallas year after year. Gifts of any amount may be designated to support any school or program but must be given in consecutive years for recognition at one of the four membership levels.

Drs. Stacey and Justin Boland Mrs. Jane R. Bowles Dr. Sandra B. Chapman Mr. Charles P. Doubek Jr. Mr. Mark K. Duckworth Mr. Daniel B. Forbes Mrs. Linda B. Gnade Mr. Mark J. Graebner Mr. Keith Henderson Ms. Dharini R. Iyengar Mr. Bryan A. Knapp Mr. Richard J. Kurjan Dr. Diane S. McNulty Mr. H. Ronald Nash Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Riehm Mr. Kevin J. Ryan Mrs. Sharla K. Stack Dr. Morris A. Stein Mr. Brandon L. Worsham

ASSOCIATES 5 to 9 years of consecutive giving

“In recent years, I noticed improvements in the

ways UT Dallas was trying to communicate with me. It felt much more inclusive and collaborative. It also became clear to me—and I hope other

alumni—that a successful future for UT Dallas will not be possible without our time and monetary investments. I’m excited to be in a position to

provide both.

- Melisa Mrazik BS’93 Accenture

Anonymous (3) Ms. Suzanne Bonifert Altstaetter Mr. Gopal Anasuri Mr. Charles Arnett Ms. Claudia J. Bankston Dr. Moe Z. Barakat Mr. Neil K. Basu Mr. Joseph P. Basulto Ms. Judy A. Bates Mr. Stephen R. Bauerband Mr. Kong P. Bhat Dr. Jack D. Birchfield Mr. and Mrs. Randy G. Black Mr. Randy R. Braden Ms. Sharon H. Brazeal Ms. Janet S. Burgess Mrs. Allison D. Busby Mr. Scott A. Campbell Mrs. Betty R. Carter Mr. John J. Casey Dr. Mary C. Chaffin Dr. Jackie L. Clark Dr. Penelope A. Colbaugh Mrs. Felicite C. Cotti Mr. Bernd R. Dather Dr. James R. Dixon Ms. M. Erin Dougherty and Mr. J. Ray Mitchel

Mr. Brent H. Duty Mr. Michael C. Eaton Dr. Oren E. Eliezer Ms. Karen A. Erickson Mr. Kenneth L. Evans Ms. June D. Everitt Ms. Deborah M. Frankum Mrs. Teresa E. Goldsmith Ms. Pagett D. Gosslee Mr. Debjyoti Goswami Mrs. Harriet P. Gross Dr. John A. Guthrie Ms. Judy A. Guyer Mr. John W. Hall V Mr. Chien-Jih Han Mr. Steve L. Harrison Mr. Kendall H. Helfenbein Mr. Billy H. Hendrix Mr. Thomas M. Henige Mr. Eugene W. Henry Mr. Jason E. Hirsch Mr. Tony M. Inserra Mr. Mukul C. Kanabar Ms. Donna L. Kimbrell Mr. Keith J. Klamm Ms. Anchi H. Ku Mr. Daniel N. Kunsch Mr. Rick H. Lam Mr. Steven Lauff Mrs. Winelle A. Leonhart Ms. Carol J. Levy Mr. Roy Joe Lovelady Jr. Ms. Diane M. Lundgren Mrs. Susan T. Macaulay Dr. Louis J. Maher Mrs. Sherry A. Marek Mr. Frank E. Martinez Jr. Mrs. Mary S. Masal Mrs. Jennifer H. McGlothlin Mrs. Lynn McIntire Mr. Charles C. McKinney Ms. Wanda S. Melancon Mr. Kojo A. Mensah Dr. Dorothy E. Merianos Mr. Richard S. Merrick Ms. Lisa A. Mixon Ms. Melisa Mrazik Mrs. Shirley E. Neely Dr. Roy Leo Newport Mr. Anthony F. Paden Mr. John L. Page Mr. and Mrs. Brad B. Perdue Mrs. Christine A. Peterson Ms. Audette M. Rackley Ms. Lindsey M. Rames Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ramirez Mr. Glen B. Ridnour

Ms. Elizabeth Rittenhouse Mrs. Jo Ellen Roach Mrs. Amanda Rockow Ms. Rebecca A. Roffino Mr. Stephen L. Ruback Mrs. H. D. Schlinger Dr. Daniel E. Schwartz Mrs. Cheyrle A. Senne Ms. Marcy E. Shepherd Ms. Helen A. Small Ms. Barbara S. Smith Mr. Thomas B. Spencer Ms. Michele Stauffenberg Mrs. Ann G. Stillman Dr. John Q. Stilwell Mrs. Patricia G. Stonecipher Mrs. Naomi Stroup Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sustaita Ms. Sandra L. Thornton Mr. James B. Toney Mr. Jose D. Torres Mr. On K. Tsang Ms. Diane F. Walker Mr. Mark S. Wallace Ms. Ling P. Wang Ms. Lei Wei Ms. Linda Davis Wertz Mrs. Mary E. Whitaker Mrs. Elaine R. Whitney Ms. B. J. Wilder Mr. Samuel A. Wilkinson III Mr. David B. Williamson Mr. Bruce A. Wright Mrs. Melissa A. Wyder Ms. Jeananne O. Yanko Dr. Doreen A. Zaback Dr. Jie Zhang CONTRIBUTORS 2 to 4 years of consecutive giving

Anonymous (23) Mr. Deran C. Abernathy Dr. John A. Abikhaled Ms. Jennifer L. Adamcik Mr. Michael T. Adams Mr. Khizar Ali Ms. Lisa A. Alleva Mr. Richard D. Almazan Ms. Dru E. Amand Mr. Charles E. Amy Ms. Karen A. Anderson Dr. Phillip C. Anderson Ms. Suzanne E. Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth M. Andrews Ms. Lorraine M. Andrews Mr. Timothy S. Anglin Ms. Mary E. Anis

Ms. Francesca Arbuckle Dr. Masaho Asahara Mrs. Anna D. Astalas Mr. Abdelmajid I. Attili Ms. Janet H. Ayyad Ms. Ana L. Bachmann Mr. Edward E. Bacon Jr. Ms. Denise A. Balok Mr. Erich R. Bao Mr. Tyler D. Barcena Ms. Angelica E. Barriga Mr. Raul A. Barrios Mr. Bate A. Bate Mr. Anthony J. Battaglia Ms. Jean J. Baumann Ms. Sophie C. Baweja Mrs. Carole O. Bays Mr. Roger D. Beall Mrs. Kimberly A. Cahlik Belcher Mr. Bruce D. Belknap Mrs. Leia M. Bell Mr. Raghu N. Bellary Mr. Louis Benavidez Jr. Dr. Rosalind G. Benjet Mr. Taurus T. Bennett Mr. Phillip S. Berry Mr. Amit P. Bhakta Mr. Tanay M. Bhatt Mrs. Christine H. Blair Mr. Thomas A. Blake II Ms. Janice Goodwin Bleakley Dr. Charles Blend Ms. Barbara A. Block Mr. Charles T. Blue Ms. Mary S. Bock Mr. Bradley S. Bogar Mr. Evan H. Bogar Ms. Rosalyn J. Bonaventure Mrs. Sara T. Bould Mrs. Deborah A. Bowles Ms. Susan C. Bowman Mr. Randy M. Boys Ms. Pamela Foster Brady Mr. Barry A. Bragg Mr. Michael S. Bratcher Ms. Karah E. Brazell Mr. Richard C. Brozewicz Mr. Dick D. Bryan Dr. J. Lanier Burns Mr. Brian R. Buros Mr. Kenneth E. Burton Ms. Sarah E. Burton Mrs. Judith R. Caffrey Mr. Steven M. Cain Mr. Daniel C. Calhoun Ms. Lynda J. Calkin Mr. William D. Calkins


Mr. Ravikumar Calyanakoti Mr. Travis D. Carruthers Mr. Jimmy D. Carter Mr. Gabriel G. Casey Ms. Judith M. Cato Ms. Reda D. Cavender Ms. Donna L. Cekal Mr. Ardi Challenger Ms. Catherine R. Challenger Mr. James E. Chambless Mrs. Charlene Chaney Dr. Larry H. Chasteen Mr. Wilson Y. Chau Mr. Ming Min M. Chen Ms. Ruey-Fen Chen Mr. William Chesser Ms. Jessica R. Chester Mr. Kevin M. Chin Dr. Govindaswamy Chinnadurai Mr. James C. Christian Ms. Lois M. Christman Mr. Paul T. Chu Mr. Amanuel S. Chuol Mrs. Lauren E. Clark Ms. Melissa S. Clifton


Ms. Martie M. Climer Mr. Dillard L. Coates Mrs. Lorraine M. Cochran Mr. Stephen M. Cohoon Mrs. Megan M. Coker Mr. Jonnie L. Cole Mr. David Colella Mrs. Joyce K. Coleman Mrs. Beverly J. Collymore Ms. Lorie Conn Mr. Christopher D. Conner Ms. Shannon F. Couch Mr. Zac A. Cox Ms. Sally L. Crawford Mr. John W. Crisford Mr. Carl Cuff Mrs. Dorothy B. Cullum Mrs. W. Bennett Cullum Ms. Virginia M. Curry Ms. Indira Curtis Mr. Brett H. Daniel Mr. Dariel J. Dato-on Ms. Kelli M. Davis Dr. Nolan R. Davis Ms. Deanna Degenaar

Dr. Yongzhao Deng Mr. David Z. Depew Ms. Janet C. DePuy Mr. Forrest D. Dermid Ms. Adriane M. Devereux Mrs. Helen Brooke N. DeVore Ms. Mary T. Dhaene Mr. Jeffrey H. Dickerson Ms. Peggy L. Dickerson Mr. Willie C. Dixon Mrs. Shoba G. Donti Ms. Sara E. Dorsey Mr. F. Kelly Dougherty Mr. Scott W. Dougherty Mr. John R. Doyen Ms. Christine L. Drumm Mr. Michael P. Duke Ms. Nancy E. Duncan Mrs. Emily G. Dunn Mr. Wesley A. Dwyer Mr. Harold W. Eavenson Dr. Glenn Egelman Mrs. Maria Elena Eick Mrs. Barbara A. Einsohn Ms. Alexandra N. Elfenbein

Ms. Farah K. Ellenbogen-Nรกjera Mr. Charles A. Elliott Ms. Ragen C. Elterman Ms. Kathryn E. Enderle Mr. Mason D. England Mr. Nicholas L. English Ms. Lynn D. Erickson Ms. Margaret P. Escobar Mr. Gregory T. Estes Dr. Joseph P. Estrera Mr. Clifton K. Fagerquist Mrs. Rachel J. Farber Mr. Scot C. Farber Ms. Alma L. Farley Mr. Benjamin S. Farnia Mrs. Cathy D. Farris Dr. Weihong Fei Mr. Anthony W. Fenimore Dr. C. Reid Ferring Mr. Jay Finnigan Mr. Bryan E. Fisher Mr. James L. Fisher Dr. Susan G. Fleming Mr. Alfredo Flores Dr. Kathryn L. Flores

Mr. Parker B. Folse Ms. Sara B. Forsythe Ms. Joanna M. Fowler Mr. J. Franklin Foxworthy II Mrs. Mary E. Fredericks Mr. Theodore A. Fredericks Mr. Eric P. Fretheim Dr. Miriam K. Friedman Mr. Marc A. Fuhrmann Mr. and Mrs. Jon Fujimoto Mr. Sachin B. Funde Ms. Betty J. Gable Mrs. Debra A. Gardner Ms. Mollie K. Garitty Ms. Dianne E. Gass Dr. Gerard C. Gaynor Ms. JoAnn H. Gehring Mrs. Barbara T. Geiger Ms. Janelle M. Gibbs Mr. Kirk D. Gillette Mr. James J. Glavin Ms. Jeanne M. Glorioso Mr. Jesus J. Gomez Mr. Carlos Gonsalez Dr. Dianne H. Goode

Dr. Michael E. Goss Mr. Richard S. Grisham Mr. John Michael Grizzaffi Mr. Paul R. Guidroz Mr. Jacob A. Gurwitz Ms. Kay H. Haas Dr. Fariborz Hadjebian Mr. Jason G. Hager Mr. William A. Hall Mr. Brandon P. Halverson Ms. Heather Lega Hambrick Dr. Howard B. Hamilton Jr. Ms. Jerri L. Hammer Mr. Christopher Hannah Mrs. Teresa L. Harden Ms. Shan-Shan C. Hardy Mrs. Rose M. Harp Mr. Glen A. Harris Mr. Jason N. Harris Mr. Michael M. Hasco Mr. Lyndel R. Hawkins Mr. Gary R. Hayes Ms. Mary F. Hearden Mr. Leo Hebert Mr. David R. Heiting Dr. James R. Hellums Mr. Charles R. Hemler Mr. Brian H. Henehan Ms. Ledainne M. Henley Ms. Emily T. Hennessy Mr. Brian C. Henry Mrs. Heather L. Herndon-Wright Ms. Heidi R. Herrin Mr. Christopher A. Hes Mr. Warren K. Higginbotham Dr. Patricia E. Hill Mr. Christopher B. Hincks Mr. Nick G. Hinojosa Mr. Sean D. Hockens Mrs. Marianela P. Hodgkinson Ms. Margaret A. Holland Mr. Rocky L. Hopper Ms. Pollyanna R. Hopson Ms. Gloria K. Hoselton Mrs. Patricia M. Housel Ms. Caroline J. Howard Ms. Honey I. Hubbard Mrs. Victoria C. Huffstutler Dr. Edward P. Hurst Mr. Pedro P. Inga Jr. Ms. Giulia M. Ippolito Mr. Shawn L. Jackson Mr. Albert Jandura Dr. Yashvant K. Jani Mr. Genaro N. Jasso Dr. Linda W. Jennings Mrs. Colleen R. Jensen

Ms. Joyce R. Johnson Ms. Robbie M. Johnson Mr. Ron T. Johnson Dr. Scherry F. Johnson Mrs. Stacy C. Jonas Mr. Danny R. Jones Mr. Venkatarama S. Jonnalagadda Mr. Daniel F. Joyce Ms. Maryam Jubera Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jurcak Ms. Yon U. Kadota Dr. Anna Lee Kahn Mr. Kyle A. Kainer Mrs. Kelly Kanabar Ms. Tao Kang Ms. Diana Kao Mr. Wayne V. Karsteadt Mr. Lee S. Kellogg Mr. R. Daniel Kelly III Ms. Melissa B. Kenfield Ms. Lisa N. Keylon Dr. Brenda K. Kihl Mrs. Judith A. Kimbriel Dr. John S. Kirtzic Dr. Rui D. Kirtzic Ms. Amanda N. Klasing Ms. Laura R. Knighton Ms. Brittanie P. Knowles Mr. Eric C. Ko Ms. Joyce A. Konigsburg Mr. Matthew E. Kratz Dr. Stanley Kroder Ms. Alice J. Kuhn Dr. Jinu Kurian Mr. Jeffrey Laba Mr. Alan R. Ladd Mr. Matthew P. Lagos Mrs. Julie M. Lambert Mrs. Jeannie M. Lambright Ms. Valerie K. Lariscy Mrs. Lisabeth A. Lassiter Ms. Bonnie J. Latreille Ms. Sylvia Lee Ms. Carole L. Lein Ms. Meiyuen Y. Lein Mr. Min J. Lein Mr. Stephen P. Lein Dr. Felicity M. Lenes-Voit Mr. Valmichael Leos Mr. John W. Lerch Ms. Coleta L. Lewis Ms. Xiaoying Li Dr. Zhengzheng Li Mr. Terry R. Lightfoot Ms. Sylvia A. Longley Dr. Sallie Jackson Loop

Dr. Shaoming Lu Mr. Isaac J. Lunger Ms. Tina Ly Mr. Valton L. Lynch Ms. Kimberly M. Mabel Ms. Gail C. Macalik Mr. Hector I. Macedo Mr. Michael P. Machin Mr. Gary W. Mading Mr. Dillon D. Mahipala Ms. Thevi A. Mahipala Ms. Kirsten A. Mallicote Ms. Rekha Manohar Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Marchetti Mrs. Brenda Marcus Ms. Rachel F. Markowitz Ms. Sabrina N. Martinez Ms. Elaine K. Martzen Ms. Ernestine Mask Mr. Finny C. Mathew Ms. Sherine M. Mathew Mr. Kevin R. Mattison Mr. John McCall Mr. Mark G. McCrummen Mr. Casey R. McCullar Mr. Cody P. McCullar Mrs. Patricia McDonald Mrs. Lisa A. McGee Mrs. Frances C. McGowan Mrs. Natalie McHugh Ms. Catherine M. McKnight Ms. Mary McManemin Mr. Howard L. Medlock Jr. Ms. Cristella Medrano Ms. Shruti Mehta Ms. Susan Meriwether Mrs. Stacey R. Merlin Mr. Gregory S. Meyer Ms. Aubrey D. Meyers Mr. Luis I. Michelini Dr. Joan P. Mileski Mr. Clinton M. Miller Mr. Garry C. Miller Jr. Mr. Kyle J. Miller Mrs. Patricia Miller Ms. Deborah K. Milligan Mrs. Roxanne Minnish Mr. Rocky R. Miracle Mr. Amar D. Mistry Dr. Luis Montes Dr. MuMu M. Moorthi Dr. Barbara Morchower Mr. Roger B. Morehouse Mr. Theodore V. Moreland Mr. Daniel Moreno Mr. Steven J. Morris Ms. Sue B. Morris

Dr. Seyed S. Mortazavi Mr. Kevin S. Mullen Dr. Sandra J. Murdock Mrs. Marcy A. Murphy Mr. William A. Murray Mr. Jacob C. Naasz Mr. Andrew J. Nall Ms. Kathleen W. Neely Mrs. Jody H. Nelsen Ms. Miriam Nelson Mr. Aaron J. Nestor Mr. Alex Nestor Ms. Nika Nevolko Mrs. Jennifer D. Newberry Ms. Donna J. Newton Mr. Tze Yang Ng Ms. Genevieve S. Nicol Mr. Stanley M. Noah Ms. Diane Oates Mr. Mukadansi A. Olanrewaju Ms. Felicitas C. Onuegbulem Mr. Jorge C. Ortega Mrs. Carla R. Overbeck Ms. Kathryn S. Pabst Ms. Joyce M. Page Mrs. Catherine A. Palmer Dr. Susan B. Palmer Mr. James A. Parry Mr. Ed A. Patschull Ms. Dolly K. Patterson Mr. John S. Payne Mr. Gregory J. Pease Mr. Joseph Pedroza Mrs. Anita H. Pellegrin Ms. Anne G. Pelosof Ms. Sherrie Pena Dr. John H. Perryman Mr. Chris C. Peterson Ms. Gretchen L. Peterson Ms. Irene M. Peterson Mr. Jamie B. Peterson Mrs. Neila A. Petrick Mrs. Denise G. Phillips Mr. Eric Phillips Mr. Mark E. Pickett Ms. Carole E. Pierce Mr. John T. Pitts Ms. Lettie Hada Pivan Ms. Deborah J. Plifka Ms. Michele T. Pomella Ms. Robin G. Popik Ms. Reesa L. Portnoy Ms. Irene G. Pospelova Mrs. Carol A. Powers Mr. Sandeep Prabhu Mrs. Mary E. Preslar Ms. Rose A. Price

Mrs. Lisa T. Pritchett Mr. Ronald A. Pritchett Ms. Dorothy H. Pustejovsky Mr. Robert L. Quillin Mr. Sayeef Rahim Mr. Mohammed M. Rahman Mr. Venkat Raghavendra Ramachandran Mrs. Doris Ramo Mr. Ashwin V. Rana Mr. Rajesh G. Rao Ms. Eva I. Ratonyi Dr. Marion E. Rector Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Redeker Dr. Scott C. Reeve Mr. Larry Regen Ms. Patricia O. Retta Mrs. Sharon J. Reznicek Mr. Eddie W. Rhea Mrs. Laurel A. Ricciardelli Ms. Susan S. Rickman Ms. Donna M. Roberts Mr. Tracy T. Rockwell Ms. Jennifer L. Rodgers Mr. Scott K. Rodgers Ms. Mary E. Rogers Mrs. Amanda Rohleder Mrs. Brittany E. Rohleder Mr. Chris J. Rohleder Mr. William D. Rohleder Mr. Donald D. Rohloff Ms. Karen H. Ross Mr. Peter C. Ross Mr. Steven E. Rosson Mr. C. Tracy Rowlett Mrs. Mary Ann Rumbo Mr. Michael R. Rumery Mr. Terrence G. Ryan Dr. Ellen D. D. Safley Ms. Terry L. Salamasick Mrs. Cindy A. Salit Mr. Paul M. Sawyer Mr. Matthew C. Schlitz Mrs. Cristie F. Schlosser Ms. Kathryn H. Schopfer Mr. Pravin C. Shrimankar Mrs. Susan R. Schwartz Mr. David M. Scott Mr. Douglas C. Scott Ms. Carolyn E. Sedalnick Mr. Brandon W. Seitzler Dr. Alesha D. Seroczynski Ms. Dina M. Shahrokhi Mr. Yifeng Shao Mrs. Janet S. Sharp Mr. Don W. Sheddrick Mr. James R. Sheffield Jr.

Mr. Lintao Shen Mr. Sandeep R. Sheth Mr. Jonathan R. Shilling Dr. Amnon Shreibman Dr. Jaspreet S. Sidhu Maj. Jonathan E. Silk Mr. John C. Skowron Dr. Charles M. Sloan Mr. John A. Small Mr. Blake Smith Mr. Gregory J. Smith Mr. Roy C. Snodgrass IV Mr. C. Leigh Spangler Mr. Jon A. Spangler Mr. Joseph W. Spence Mr. Robert P. Spencer Ms. Susan Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Spiro Mr. Richard M. Spurgeon Mr. Eric C. Squillaci Ms. Laurie M. Stanco Ms. Louise T. Standard Ms. Ellen Stellburg Mr. Michael A. Stevens Mr. Glenn M. Stone Dr. Winston Stone Mr. David W. Storer Ms. Charolette L. Storey Mr. Harry S. Storey Mrs. Catherine A. Story Mrs. Jean S. Stuart Mrs. Rajeswari Sugavanam Dr. Li Sun Mr. Tian Sun Dr. Laurie J. Sutor Ms. Stephanie R. Swaim Mrs. Anjani Swaminathan Mr. Steven J. Swanson Mrs. Melissa Sweeney Ms. Theresa M. Sweeney Mr. Husain Syed Mr. John R. Synhorst Mrs. Mia K. Tangeman Ms. Mariya Taruntayeva Mr. Srinivas Tatavarty Ms. Renee L. Tatterson Mrs. Lynne M. Tatum Mr. Madhan M. Thirukonda Mr. John A. Thomas Mr. Nithin Thomas Mr. Brooks C. Thompson Mr. Hal T. Ticknor III Mr. Ishkhan Topalian Dr. Emily Whittington Touchstone Ms. Tran M. Tran Mr. Brian Troup

Mr. Pragnesh R. Vaghela Mr. Charles D. Valaitis Mr. David Van Dyke Dr. Jacoba T. Vanbeveren Mr. Biju A. Varnan Dr. Jeyakesavan Veerasamy Mr. Bill H. Venegoni Mr. Robert E. Verinder Jr. Mr. Scott J. Verrei Dr. Walter E. Voit Mr. Jim R. Von Ehr II Ms. Anne E. Voss Mr. Muralidhar Vusirikala Mrs. Mary E. Waldrop Mr. Akshay Wani Mr. Randall J. Warder Mrs. Jessica Shepard Watts Ms. Allison B. Weaver Mr. Dennis K. Weaver Dr. Jerry L. Webb Mr. Benjamin C. Weittenhiller Mr. Preston A. Welty Ms. Kristine C. Whetstine Mr. Alan F. White Mrs. Cynthia Y. White-Giles Mr. Douglas O. Wickey Mr. Gerard I. Widodo Mr. Michael L. Wiese Mr. Rich C. Williams Mr. Travis C. Williams Ms. Jefflyn W. Williamson Ms. Larissa L. Williamson Mr. David A. Willson Mr. Lee L. Wilson Mr. Steven E. Wolfert Mr. Kevin L. Woller Mr. Troy S. Wood Mr. Casey M. Worsham Mr. Joseph H. Wright Jr. Mr. Martin W. Wu Mrs. Erica C. Yaeger Mrs. Jing Yang Dr. Qingming Yang Ms. Denise Ying Mr. Kevin E. Yockey Mr. Daniel Yu Mrs. Lucy Yuan Mr. John C. Yundt-Pacheco Ms. Rachel A. Zabierek Mr. Richard A. Zembower Mr. Kenneth W. Zheng Mr. Zachary B. Zucker Mrs. Catherine C. Zumwalt Mr. Louis E. Zweig


Donor Support Breaks Records

Donor Bill of Rights

Not only was the fourth year of the Realize the Vision campaign the most productive


of this effort, it was also the most impressive philanthropic year in UT Dallas history. Support throughout the campaign has been inspiring, as three of the four campaign years generated new benchmarks in total giving.

$64.9 million $60 mil

$55.2 million

Market Number Value of Funds 2013 $317,671,696 331 2012 $273,568,194 275 2011 $264,239,487 257 2010 $229,176,294 207 2009 $195,053,618 169

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To ensure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

I. To be informed of the organization’s mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes. II. To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization’s

$50 mil

governing board and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

$40.6 million

$40 mil

III. To have access to the organization’s most recent financial statements. IV. To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.

$35.5 million

Total Donors

$30 mil

$20 mil


Total Number of All Donors

2013 1,862 4,426 2012 1,907 4,303 2011 1,336 3,489 2010 1,151 3,135 2009 973 2,700

$10 mil


Total Number of Alumni Donors








V. To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition. VI. To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law. VII. To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature. V III. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors. IX. To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share. X. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers. The text of this statement in its entirety was developed by the American Association of Fundraising Counsel, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals and adopted in November 1993.



The University of Texas at Dallas Office of Development and Alumni Relations 800 West Campbell Road, SPN 10 Richardson, Texas 75080 972.883.2295

2013 Annual Report to Donors - The University of Texas at Dallas  
2013 Annual Report to Donors - The University of Texas at Dallas