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Ella’s Kitchen Collaborative Brief

Final Products

Design Board 1

What I recognized when carrying out my research is that all baby food packaging has things in common, bright mostly primary colours and similar fonts which look similar to children’s handwriting.

Ella’s Kitchen Collaborative Brief


Design Board 2

When laser cutting the tree and fruit out of wood it took us a few attempts to get it right however we are pleased with the end result. We chose to paint the fruit bright colours to reflect the aims of the brand itself even more and make it more playful and interesting. For our product range and distribution we placed our characters on relevant merchandise.

Ella’s Kitchen Collaborative Brief


Design Board 3

When designing the poster I used a similar aesthetic as pre-existing Ella’s Kitchen Posters. Using a mixture of photography and illustrator to gain the effect of the grass above. The idea of the tree represents growing up big and strong.

To bring the poster to life I developed the fruit shapes into characters. This helped to add humour and depth to the posters.

The blueberry sitting on the swing above emphasises the subject matter as it is quite childlike.

When choosing a typeface I wanted it to look like child’s handwriting while also being legible. The typeface used here is also engraved into the fruit decorations. Ella’s Kitchen Collaborative Brief

Poster Development

Design Board 4

Updated Ella's Kitchen Brief  

Competition Brief