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Contact: Denise Gregory NikkiPanache Inc. Phone (704) 331-3931

525 North Tryon Street Suite 1622 Charlotte, NC 28203 Phone (704) 331-3931

NikkiPanache Inc

Press Release NikkiPanache presents Young Elite, an innovative, business conscience T-shirt line that encourages positive messages and instills confidence to our community meanwhile targeting and urging young professionals towards entrepreneurship during perilous economic times. Charlotte, NC, May 25, 2010: NikkiPanache Inc presents Young Elite, T-shirt line that urges entrepreneurship in America, during trying economic times. Specifically, young professionals and college grads can start thinking self-made wealth whenever they wear Young Elite T-shirts. Though Young Elite T-shirts present fun messages like “I Keeps a Pair” (regarding consumer behaviors surrounding










entrepreneurship with “Money is My Motivation,” and encouraging continuing education through “Skool Boy/Skool Girl” T-shirts. NikkiPanache Inc. says “Make yourself a boss and create jobs for others; this is the most effective way to stimulate an economy.” At a time where the economy is experiencing times of lay-offs, it’s important to NikkiPanache Inc. to instill confidence in entrepreneurship which is essentially the American Dream. Newly graduates and young professionals who hold undergraduate degrees are paying tens of thousands of dollars. The average reported debt accumulated after undergrad is $23,000, according to CNN, yet recent grads find themselves struggling to make the first few payments due to the unemployment rate. NikkiPanache Inc. is a blog and retail business that reports on fashion, business, and community, specifically focusing on the unsigned, unknown leaders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers of tomorrow in various industries. NikkiPanache Inc. pioneers this movement with NikkiPanache.Com and Young Elite T-shirt line. For inquiries, contact Denise Gregory at (704) 331-3931/525 N.Tryon St. CLT NC 28203.

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Example of Press Release  

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