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Describe your career goals and research interests, as well as your publications, work experience, and academic honors and organizations. You may also include an optional statement of your achievements, talents, background, experiences, and traits that will contribute to the enrichment or diversity of the University or community, beyond your academic credentials. Having been inspired by recurring visions of designs, not patented or being sold, I have invested a lot of research in creating a product line I would call 300 Woman. It is a line focused on women's accessories and undergarments. I have sketched three different designs that I have grown to be very passionate about: A garter-belt wallet accessory, a petals t-shirt, and custom-made underwear. If you can remember, the movie 300, you will remember Lena Heady as Queen Corgo who believed in women’s traditional roles but also was empowered by them! Her character stood for freedom in society, and the liberation of women by expression. Thus, the 300 garter-belt wallet is inspired by Queen Corgo’s character. It is a fabric-made accessory, for women that allow them to put all of their essentials such as driver’s license, credit cards, cash and or loose change on a belt wrapped around their thigh! The garter-belt design would be used to increase security while traveling, working, or being social. It creates a worry-free environment for the 300 Woman who busies herself in any particular role—working mom, socialite, networking guru etc. Fortunately, these women can focus on other important matters, for the garter-belt wallet ensures security and provides a comfortable and convenient place to store their necessities. The sight of these garter-belt wallets are empowering; they look as though they should be worn by a warrior princess. These garments are versatile and can be customized to fit the style or mood of the woman it wraps. Heavier fabric such as leather or suede, dressed in studs with snap pockets can fit the rebel woman or someone letting loose for a night on the town; a lighter fabric—cotton or satin, dressed with flowers can fit the 300 woman's dainty mood. The intended placement and purpose for the garment are most uplifting; for it adorns the thickest part of a woman’s body. Made to accentuate a lady's curves this product helps create a healthier perception of a woman's body. The thigh is the part of a woman's figure that they most struggle to accept! In this instance it becomes a body part that ensures security and has the ability to hold all of the essentials that a 300 Woman needs from day-to-day! It becomes a symbol of a healthier body image.

My focus is exposure, branding, and profit! I am currently consulting with a seamstress who is helping produce samples so that I can proceed to push my product. There is a WWD Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 15 that I would like to attend for exposure in hopes of landing a buyer. (expand on what this convention is and its purpose). I am also working on the production of some tentative fashion shows where I can sneak in a few garter- belt wallets as accessories in an effort to further gain more exposure. As far as profit goes, I am consulting with a local entrepreneur on creating an E-commerce website where thes garments can be sold. Once I begin bringing in profit I can use my revnue to establish ways to effectively brand my product. After branding my initial product I would like to introduce the petal t-shirt. These are cotton t-shirts that have invisible stitching between two fabrics which hold movable posies. The posies are there to be adjusted in order to cover a woman’s nipples! Thus, this eliminates the usage of bras and creates a more natural look. The exposure of nipples may be appropriate on the runway, but it’s definitely not in the dairy section of a grocery store. However, I believe the natural look, a slight fall of the breasts, is feminine and sexy in its own right. This is an image that should be embraced; happily, the petal t-shirt celebrates a natural chest look. Furthering the brand, I would also introduce custom-made underwear. I call these the new Tightie Whities for women. Though unlike the name, they would not be tight, but rather they would be comfortable cotton panties that fit and cover the entire buttocks! Sometimes when women shop for underwear, they find packs sold in small, medium, large or extra large. On the back of each pack, there’s a weight qualifier for each size. At the moment, you are to choose according to your weight which determines your size. Trying on the underwear for the first time is hit or miss, as it may not cover your entire backside/buttocks. Evaluating this need, I concluded that there should be an organization or label that sells custom-made underwear. The consumer would measure the length of the widest part of their behind and how much they’d like the underwear to cover, enter this measurement online at an e-commerce site, and have custom-made underwear sent directly to their house. Fortunately, this eliminates the hassle of shopping underwear at the store and being excited by the wrong sizes at home. It’s worry-free because the consumer controls the measurement, thus, controlling the way the underwear fits! To create an even healthier design, the underwear could be advanced if the fabric could be treated to maintain a certain pH balance in the

vagina. Thus eliminating or decreasing the likelihood of common infections. All of the 300 Woman designs are created to empower women, everywhere, no matter their role. They tackle unhealthy body images, ensure security, and promote health! The 300 Woman is sure to move about without worry in these innovative designs.

Essay for Grad School  

Essay for graduate school.