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Nichole Hoza Designs that can fly


Samurai Chicken Logo - Client wanted a modern simple logo that was clever but not directly identifiable with their resume building business.

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Birdi Chirps


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Current Portfolio Web site - Current portfolio web site is still in process.

Together with their parents

Shanna Christie Rather


Gary Min Request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of their union


Twenty-Eighth of April Two Thousand Twelve Five O'clock in the Evening

La Venta Inn

796 Via Del Monte

Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Reception to follow

Al o ng with their Parents

Shanna&Rather Gary Min Request the pl e asure of your company at the cel e bration of their union

Twenty-Eighth of April Two Thousand Twelve Five O'clock in the Evening

La Venta Inn

796 Va Del Monte

Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Reception to Fol l o w

Rather & Min Wedding Invitations - Bride wanted something vintage and modern (see bottom image) then changed her mind and wanted vintage classic (see top image).

Elmer & Foutz Wedding Invitations - Bride wanted 1940’s theme invites so I modeled them after 1940’s typography posters.

Young Devices Logo - Client wanted a logo that directly showed what industry they where in. With the colors and the inclusion of their best selling body screw the logo depicted exactly what they wanted. Gave them a few options but they ultimately chose the top image.

Nintendo Wii Case Competition with the AMA Collegiate Chapter - Part of the campaign my team and I came up with for promoting the Wii to non-gamer was to have a tour to show them ways to use the games in a different way besides just gaming. These are the designs for the buses.

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for a m u e s u rrick M w exhibition a B e i r Mar jo brate the ne l. View 30 e h t n i Jo cele Detai o d t n pher’s a n a r o e i g c t o n p t a e t o rec ms: Dis egendary ph well-known a d A l e Ans the l uding his f o ongside l a l s c e " c n z i e e i d p works over Hernan architectural s u o m fa oonrise n studies of sh Catholic M " e c e i pi r know as the Span ition will be e s s e l his such e exhib h , T s t . c a e n j sub n Arizo arch 5th. i s n o i s Mis until M y a l p s i on d

Public e h t o t pened O d n a is Free Event

m u e s u M Barrick

y r a u n m . p a 9 o t J . e i r o j r Ma

5 p.m

Designed by Rebelation Media

Ansel Adams - Marjorie Barrick Museum on UNLV campus had an exhibit for Ansel Adams a photographer and needed an poster. Decided to make a strong typography piece to avoid having to pay for the rights for images.

Of Mice and Men Book Cover - An assignment in class was to recreate a book cover of one of you favorite classic books. So I choose Of Mice and Men and gave my own spin to it.

Illustration - Just one of the vector illustrations I have done and by far my favorite.

Elephant in the Room - Class project where we had to create, design, and art direct our own magazine. Elephant in the room is a magazine geared for people in the local art and music scene. All the images had to either get permission to use take them yourself, or work with a photographer. The cover, center spread, and back are all art directed by me but taken by a friend of mine.

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