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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line September 12, 2011

Mecklenburg EMS

New Chevrons for Ambulances


Dates to Remember: September 13th Deadline to Register for Simulations Scope of Practice Testing

September 14th Scope of Practice Testing

September 15th Simulations Begin

This Week: Dr. Swanson’s Monthly Update


September InService Sessions


Performance Pay Update


August Call Volume


Therapeutic Hypothermia Randomized Control Trial


Million Step Challenge


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


Medic is in the process of restriping all of our ambulances as both a safety precaution and to enhance vehicle visibility. According to the August 2009 FEMA study entitled, Emergency Vehicle Visibility and Conspicuity Study, “increasing vehicle visibility and conspicuity holds promise first responders’ safety when exposed to both traffic inside and outside their response vehicles (e.g., patrol cars, motorcycles, fire apparatus, and ambulances).” The above illustration shows the version that the Agency has landed on after much consideration and evaluation. The North Carolina Office of EMS has endorsed our new selection as being a safe addition alternative to the previous current Medic striping design. Currently, Medic 60 and Medic 43 have been striped as trial versions of the new design. The process to convert and restripe our entire fleet of ambulances will take approximately two to three months so as not to impact Agency operations or fleet availability. In addition to the rear striping, our vendor will be ‘touching up’ some of the dings to the current side striping that has been damaged over time through normal wear and tear. Please contact Operations Manager – Support Services, Bryan Edwards at with any questions or comments you may have about the process of restriping our entire fleet of Medic ambulances. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during this time.


Dr. Swanson’s Monthly Update Please review the following regarding Code STEMI reminders:  Our goal is to provide excellent prehospital care and limit our prehospital times  System goal is to provide lesion treatment in < 90 minutes from the time of the 911 call  There are several sub-targets within this 90 minute time  Response time: time from 911 call to arrival on scene: < 10:59  Time to ECG: time from scene arrival to obtaining 12-lead ECG: < 8:00  Scene time: arrival on scene to departure from scene: < 15:00  Time to Hospital notification: time from ECG acquisition noting STEMI to notification to receiving hospital of same: < 10:00

Medic Medical Director, Dr. Doug Swanson

 Table time: time from departure from scene to delivery of the patient to the catheterization lab table: < 30:00  “Sell” the radio report, goal is to take patient directly to the catheterization lab; clear, concise, leave no doubt  Do not extend scene time or delay transport to fax an ECG

August Performance Time to ECG:

Scene time:

 Average: 10:04

Average: 15:39

 % < 8 minutes: 31%

% < 15 minutes: 54%

Highlighting Outstanding Cases Todd Moore, Don Overcash, & Samantha Baber  Response time: 4:49

   

Time to ECG: 7:52 Scene time: 9:35 Transport time: 24:46 911 to hospital arrival: 39:10

Jose Rivera & Kristi Grimland  Response time: 8:50

 Time to ECG: 6:14  Scene time: 14:52  Transport time: 16:51  911 to hospital arrival: 40:33 Dan Geis & Treven Cherry  Response time: 3:56  Time to ECG: 6:21  Scene time: 13:31  Transport time: 8:25  911 to hospital arrival: 25:52 Thank you


September InService Sessions Please be advised of the upcoming dates and times for the September sessions of Medic InService.


September 20th 1800—2200

Be sure to register for ONE of the


September 22nd 1200—1600


September 23rd 0800—1200


September 26th 0800—1200


September sessions listed. All employees must be in uniform. Each Medic InService session will be held in the Medic Auditorium. Please contact a member of the Medical Services department if you have any questions about the upcoming September InService sessions.

1800—2200 

September 28th 1800—2200

Thank you.

Medic Training Standards

Scope of Practice Testing

In an effort to provide a better learning environment for all

Please be advised that the dates and times for Scope of

employees, please review and comply with the following standards for any training provided by Learning and Development:

Practice testing will soon change. The Learning and Development department will dedicate two days out of every month for Scope of Practice testing, rather than conducting them on a quarterly basis. Scope of

Uniform: Full uniform attire is required. This includes

Practice testing should be completed within 90-days from your expiration date in order to meet the North Carolina Office of EMS standards. Completing the Scope of Practice within this timeframe will provide Medic employees with

Medic issued shoes or boots. 5-minute rule: Please arrive promptly to all scheduled classes. The door will be locked promptly at 5 minutes after the listed class start time. No excuses!

the opportunity to test up to two months before your expiration date. Notices will be sent out approximately 120 days prior to your expiration, encouraging you to schedule your appointment for testing. However, we strongly

Attendance: Medic InService is not optional. All attendance rules and accrual of points will be assessed as though a scheduled shift was missed.

encourage to sign up the first month you are eligible rather than waiting. Below are the new dates for Scope of Practice Testing, here at Medic:

Make-up InService will be provided: Continuing education hours will be awarded after attendance and successful completion of a written examination.


September 13th, 14th


October 11th, 12th

Clock-in: it is the responsibility of the attendee to clock-in under the training key and sign any associated roll sheets.


November 8th, 9th


December 13th, 14th

Learning & Development will not be responsible for

Please contact Sam Barnes at ext. 6143 or via e-mail at

providing proof of attendance should an attendee fail to comply. if you have any questions about the new Scope of Practice testing schedule. 3

Performance Pay Update We are halfway through the first tracking period of the team performance pay program and all areas continue to track well. At 68% our patient scores are at the exact cutoff point between reaching our targeted goals and not receiving a payout for this current tracking period. As we enter the second half of this tracking period, please stay focused on patient satisfaction and be mindful of the following important points: 

Teamwork Between EMS

Personnel is the #1 driver of overall patient satisfaction; if it takes a big hit, overall patient satisfaction isn’t going to be far behind. 

Regardless of the type of medical concern a patient we treat is dealing with, they still judge the level of service they receive and they very well may end up on the other end of one of our patient satisfaction surveys. Remember, priority one patients count on clinical care while priority three patients often need compassion.

Thank you for all you do to help Medic succeed as an Agency. We couldn’t do it without you!

Simulations Begin This Week! The next simulation center rotation will begin THIS Thursday, September 15th. All Medic EMTs and Paramedics as well as all Mint Hill Fire Department Paramedics are required to complete this simulation rotation. If you are a new employee riding in a third-person status, you should plan to go through the rotation with your current crew. Part-time employees of Medic and/or Mint Hill may schedule themselves to go through the simulator with another part-time employee or can schedule to fill an existing simulation center appointment vacancy. EMT personnel with Mint Hill Fire Department are welcome to accompany a Mint Hill Paramedic through his/her simulation rotation. All certified personnel with Medic and Mint Hill Fire Department must contact Sam Barnes (ext. 6143), John Bobbitt (704.618.0057), Brian Shimberg (ext. 6142), Trevor Taylor (704.618.0040) or Tom Porcelli (704.618.0023) to schedule an appointment. The deadline to schedule an appointment is TOMORROW. Attendance is mandatory and provides (10) hours of continuing education toward your recertification. Please contact a member of Medical Services if you have any questions about the simulation center rotation starting this week. 4

August Call Volume Medic continued to experience extremely high call volumes during the month of August! A total of 9,356 calls were received by our Telecommunicators. Below are the top 10 call categories logged by CMED during the month of August:

         

Unconsciousness/Fainting - 829 Breathing Problems - 714 Chest Pain - 638 Traffic Accident - 583 Falls/Back Injury - 519 Sick Person - 472 Abdominal Pain - 356 Unknown Problem - 348 Convulsion/Seizure - 314 Assault - 289

The Medic Dispatch would like to thank all of our talented EMTs, Paramedics and Telecommunicators for continuing to provide excellent patient care. A special thank you also goes to all support staff who make sure our teams are prepared with the tools and resources needed to do their jobs everyday. To view all of the stats for the month of August, please visit

Traffic Alert As part of the US 29/NC 49 Roadway Improvement Project, there will be periodic lane closures on US 29 and NC 49 in order to complete final paving and restriping. The periodic lane closures will take place overnight from 8:00 pm until 6:00 am each week until the end of this month. Motorists traveling through the work zone should remain alert and extra cautious. Motorists should get in the correct lane as specified by the construction signs and should constantly stay on alert for vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach the work zone area. Driveways to residents and businesses will remain open. CATS will be affected. For more information about this project, please visit the project website at, click on the Transportation Projects section and then US 29/NC 49 or call Sonji Mosley at 704.336.3214.


Therapeutic Hypothermia Randomized Control Trial Medic has began a randomized trial of intra-arrest therapeutic hypothermia compared to post-arrest resuscitation hypothermia. All Medic field crews have been provided a randomization card that contains information as to when you should initiate hypothermia on a cardiac arrest case should one occur during your shift. Please be sure to call the study voicemail and provide the information outlined on the back of the study card if you responded to a cardiac arrest and would like to enroll a patient into the study. If you have enrolled a patient into the study, please turn in your study card either to the OA on duty or to the OST with the rest of your equipment at the end of your shift. Please remember to only enroll adult, medical cardiac arrests. Pediatric patients (<18 years old), traumatic arrests, electrocutions, suspected pregnancy and cardiac arrests as the result of a drowning are to be excluded. Study Reminders:

 Enroll first cardiac arrest of shift in which resuscitation is initiated  Immediate hypothermia –begin TH as soon as possible during the resuscitation.  After ROSC hypothermia – initiate TH only if ROSC is achieved.  Only your first cardiac arrest of the day should be enrolled, subsequent patients should follow local protocol (immediate hypothermia).

 Turn-in completed study cards to the O.A. following any medical cardiac arrest.  Call in to study voicemail 704.943.6097 after each completed cardiac arrest. Exclusion:

 Traumatic Cardiac Arrests  Pediatric Cardiac Arrests (<18 years old)  Drowning victims  Suspected pregnant patient  Electrocution patients Your cooperation and compliance is essential to the success of this trial. Please direct any questions to Steve Vandeventer at, 980.406.1220 or Dr. Jonathan Studnek at, 704.943.6046.

Medic Discount Program Everyone loves discounts. What better way to stretch your dollar while getting the things you love! Do you know of a business that offers Medic employees a perk or a discount for their products or services? PR’s new Community Engagement Coordinator Katie Rutland is currently working with local companies to develop a Medic Discount Program! Details on Medic’s new Discount Program will be posted on the Extranet soon. Be on the lookout as we unveil the list of participating companies and organizations soon! Contact Katie at 704.516.0650 or at if you know of a business that can be added to the Medic Discount Program.


Remembering 9/11/01 On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Medic would like to honor all civilians and First Responders killed in New York City, Washington DC and Shanksville, PA. Medic would especially like to honor the memory of those who were killed while serving in the line of duty as EMTs and Paramedics on that fateful day. We will never forget!

9/11 EMT and Paramedic serving victims (from left to right): Vincent Danz Yamel Merino Carlos Lillo

David Lemagne David Sullins Glen Winuk Jeff Simpson

John Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Allara Keith Fairben Mario Santoro Mark Schawartz

Mitch Wallace Ricardo Quinn Richard Pearlman Richard Rodriguez


September 2011 Sun





5A Labor Day Holiday Medic Offices Closed

6A FISDAP Testing Begins SMAT III Application Deadline

11 A


12 B







10 A

15 A

16 B

17 B

23 A

24 A

7B August Makeup InService 1300—1700

13 B Deadline to Register for Simulations


14 A Scope of Practice Testing

Simulations Begin

Scope of Practice Testing

18 B

19 A PALS Training 1300—1700

20 A PALS Training 1800—2200

21 B

26 B

September InService Session 1200—1600

27 B

September InService Session 0800—1200 1800—2200

PALS Training 1800—2200

PALS Training 1300—1700

September InService Session 1800—2200

25 A

22 B

28 A

September InService Session 0800—1200

29 A

30 B

September InService Session 1800—2200


2011 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Important Notes about 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL


Charlotte, NC 28269

OCT - 17 (EMT 7402 09), 19 (EMT 7402 11) 1300—1700 18 (EMT 7402 10), 20 (EMT 7402 12) 1800—2200


Actual classroom number will be given at time of pre-

SEPT - 19 (EMT 7207 05) , 21 (EMT 7207 07) 1300—1700 20 (EMT 7207 06) , 22 (EMT 7207 08) 1800—2200


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.


ACLS & PALS classes will only be HELD TWICE A YEAR



CAMPUS in the BELK Building. registration

4525 Statesville Road

AHA Refresher Class Schedule at CPCC

ACLS will be held in the months of MAR & SEPT

Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


Medic Dispatch - September 12th, 2011  
Medic Dispatch - September 12th, 2011  

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