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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line June 13, 2011

Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Make Your Opinion Count With the end of the fiscal year rapidly approaching, it’s time to give all Medic employees a chance to share their opinions with the goal of finding areas we can improve upon as an Agency.

Dates to Remember: June 17th May Makeup InService 0800—1200

The annual Medic Employee Survey will be administered June 21st—June 29th. Field employees will take it during InService while CMED staff and others located permanently at Medic’s main office (Post 100) will have designated times to participate as appropriate. If the thought of taking part in another survey causes you to roll your eyes, consider this: Thanks to last year’s survey feedback, a host of good ideas came to light and were subsequently implemented within the Agency.

This Week: 2010 DNC Preparation Meeting


Let’s Keep It Up!



Improved employee recognition programs


Better vehicle cleanliness


New equipment bags on trucks


More employee engagement and involvement in Agency initiatives **Shift bid process **Employee lounge and fitness room design



EMS Week Gift Pickup


Medic Employee Survey

June InService Dates


June 21st—29th, 2011

Million Step Challenge Update


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


Make it constructive

Make it fair

Make a difference! 1

2010 DNC Convention Preparation Meeting On Thursday, June 9th Medic hosted a presentation by Deputy Chief James Robinson from Denver EMS. Deputy Chief Robinson provided an overview of Denver's experience and lessons learned after hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Approximately 50 stakeholders representing the North Carolina Office of EMS, North Carolina Division of Public Health, US Department of Health & Human Services, the CDC/Strategic National Stockpile, Mecklenburg County Health Department, Mecklenburg County Behavioral Health, Carolinas Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital and Medic all participated. Deputy Chief Robinson was invited to provide insight into Denver's planning as well as what worked well and things to consider as each Agency begins its own planning for the 2012 DNC Convention to be held, here, in Charlotte during the first week of September next year.

May Commendations Congratulations to the following employees who received commendations during the month of May! Jeff Bailey

Sam Barnes

Thomas Bernesser

Allison Brinzey

Lincoln Brown

Ed Clay (2)

Marie Colbert

Cory Colvin

Jeremie Conroy

Jason Crump

Alan Elam

Benjamin Harris

Sarah Hinson

Charles Horne

Samuel Jones

Steve Lennartz

Emily Little

Karim Mahmoud (2)

Kim Marlowe

Courtney Martinsen

David Moore

Lars Morch

Albert Pendlay

David Phillips

Adamo Riascos

Michael Schmidt

Stacen Smith

Jerome Souza

Benjamin Specht (2) Ian Starkey

Angela Tart

Johnny Tompkins

Melaine Varnadore

James White

Jeffery Williams

Chad Wilson

Wilson Woods (2)

Adrian Wright

Daniel Yi


Let’s Keep It Up! Great news! The latest performance pay update shows we are on track to receive our first payout in several months due to MAJOR improvements in both our patient satisfaction scores and hospital turn around time average. As we enter the final weeks of this current tracking period, let’s keep up the good work by continuing to be mindful of the following key points: The group performance pay is heavily tied to overall patient satisfaction



Teamwork Between EMS Personnel

is the #1 driver of overall patient satisfaction; if it takes a big hit, overall patient satisfaction isn’t going to be too far behind. 

Regardless of the type of medical concern a patient we treat is dealing with, they still judge the level of service they receive and they very well may end up on the other end of one of our patient satisfaction surveys.

There are still several more patient surveys to be conducted. Your actions over the next 30 days can positively or negatively influence the final results. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and let’s continue to stay focused as we approach the final days of this current tracking period.


ROSC Pins Thank you to everyone that attended the annual Medic

Congratulations to

Employee Recognition event last Tuesday and Wednesday at the McGlohon Theatre. Former Medic Paramedic Tim Hayes served as this year’s keynote speaker and was honored with first-ever Tim Hayes Medal of Valor

Paramedic David Toney! David just recently ended 28 years

Award. Congratulations to all our honorees and employees who came out to support their fellow co-workers!

and 10 months of outstanding service with the U.S. National Guard.

The PR Department will begin distributing all ROSC pins to Field Supervisors starting next Monday, June 20th. Field Supervisors will then personally hand out ROSC pins to their respective employees.

Please be sure to extend a heart-felt congratulations to David. We are all

Photos from both events will also be available online sometime next week. Please be on the lookout for further

very proud of your recent accomplishment and your dedication to

communications notifying you of photo availability and the link to access.

keeping us safe. 3

David Toney and family celebrate his years of dedicated service with the U.S. National Guard.

Notice: Magnesium Sulfate

12-Lead Transmission Update Medic has begun to transmit 12 lead EKG’s to physician’s smartphones. The purpose behind this new form of transmission is so Interventionalists can view transmitted EKG’s and consult with ED physicians to determine if the

As you may or may not be aware, we have depleted our stores of Magnesium Sulfate in its current form (50% 1 gram/2 mL vials) and are now replacing it with a new version which will be used to restock the units

patient is a candidate for Cardiac Cath lab activation. This could potentially save critical minutes, especially at night when the Cardiac Cath lab is closed. In order to accomplish this, the last 3 digits of the MEDIC run number

effective today. The new Magnesium Sulfate is packaged as 50% 5 grams/10 mL (0.5g/mL) in a pre-filled syringe. Keep in mind that although the packaging has changed, the concentration and dose have remained the same.

MUST BE entered prior to transmission. Without a way to guarantee both the interventionalist and the ED physician are referring to the same EKG, Cardiac Cath lab activation cannot occur for questionable STEMI’s based on

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the new packaging.

transmitted EKG’s. In reviewing several weeks of transmitted EKG’s it appears the run number is being entered only about 20% of the time. Please keep this in mind prior to transmitting an EKG to the hospital and thank you for your continuing commitment to patient care during the treatment of STEMI patients.

Medic Fitness Center Update

Medic Fitness Center Update Time to test your HIPAA knowledge again…the first

While a few minor touches remain, we are happy to announce that the new

person to turn in the completed puzzle to the Human Resources department will receive a $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card.

Employee Fitness Center and Game Room is completed and ready for use! The Wellness Committee is currently planning a formal grand opening to celebrate the new Employee Fitness Center and Game sometime during the week of June 20th… please be sure to check back to next week’s edition of the Dispatch for more details. 4

Now Showing! The Scheduling department is proud to offer field employees view-only access to the Operations Schedule! The new view-only access gives field employees the ability to look at the Operations Schedule, day-by-day and see what shifts are available for overtime at their leisure.

TO VIEW THE LATEST OPERATIONS SCHEDULE:  Access the computers in the Medic Crew Lounge 

Click on the Operations Schedule desktop icon.


Page through excel spreadsheet tabs for each day.


To sign up for an open shift, contact Scheduling (primary daytime contact Monday-Friday), the OA or your immediate supervisor. Scheduling, the OA and/or Supervisor can sign you up for a shift that is viewable from the “Operations Schedule”.

Questions? Please see a member of the Scheduling department or contact Bryan Runyan, Supervisor of Deployment & Scheduling via e-mail at

EMS Week 2011 Photos

EMS Week Gift Pickup

All the photos from this year’s EMS Week

Good News! There is still another opportunity to receive your EMS Week 2011 gifts. Beginning Tuesday, June 21st, the PR department will have a table setup outside the Medic Auditorium during the June

2011 have been uploaded and are now

InService dates to distribute the remaining EMS Week gifts for employees who submitted their order by the first (April 27th) or second (May 12th) deadline and did not pick up their gifts during the Medic Store Open House hours.

available for viewing.

Be sure to get your EMS Week Gift during June InService!

To access, the photos please copy and paste the following link into your web browser: Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

Medic Logo Tumbler

Medic Lunchbox

Medic Padfolio EMSWeek2011? authkey=Gv1sRgCODKz7fN1pvkfg&feat=directlink

and Thermos Gift Set


Upcoming Medic InService Schedule Please be advised of the following dates and times have been scheduled for Medic InService. Be sure to register for ONE of the following dates and times for each InService month listed below. ** Please note Medic InService WILL NOT be held in July.** All employees must be in uniform and all sessions will be held in the Medic Auditorium. Please contact a member of the Learning & Development department if you have any questions. Thank you.




June 21st



August 16th



June 23rd



August 18th



June 24th



August 19th



June 27th



August 22nd


1800—2200 

June 29th


May Makeup InService Dates Patient Protocols Are Now Available Online! Log onto the Medic Extranet Visit the Training & Education section Visit the Professional License Requirements section

1800—2200 

August 24th


ePCR Documentation & Signatures

The Learning & Development department has released the following

All Medic field crews MUST be mindful of the following:  Document the reason the patient could not sign on ALL tickets a

date as a make up for May InService. The department is aware that both selected dates

responsible party signed for the patient. File, Signature Menu to the MEDIC tab, Reason for not signing – Mental Incapacity or Physical

are on B-shift days. The dates were selected to accommodate Dr. Swanson’s availability.

Incapacity.  Document the first and last name of the person signing under ANY of the Signature Menu tab. File, Signature Menu to the next drop down box.

A new, additional date has been added below to allow employees on B-shift to attend the make up as well.

The signature must have both first and last name.  List the tile of any MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL that signs the ticket. File, Signature Menu.

MAY Makeup InService June 17



If you have any questions about the required documentation and signatures for ePCR, please contact your direct supervisor. Thank you.

Please contact a member of the Learning & Development department if you have questions about the make up dates for May InService. 6

Million Step Challenge Update Congratulations to Don Shue and Ron Martin for making it to the first level of the Million Step Challenge! Both individuals have passed 250,000 steps and received their clip on safety light. We still have a few pedometers left for anyone who may have misplaced theirs or who would like to join the Million Step Challenge. Be sure to stop by the HR office or send an e-mail to Linda Hendley at Top 10 (as recorded on Wednesday, June 8th)

Don Shue

304,725 recorded steps

Ron Martin

254,430 recorded steps

Asa Rhinehart

230,465 recorded steps

Joe Penner

223,599 recorded steps

Matthew Stegall

216,190 recorded steps

Rob Graf

212,862 recorded steps

Jonathan Wise

212,368 recorded steps

Brent Cail

185,091 recorded steps

Andy Tucker

152,668 recorded steps

Matt Godec

152,377 recorded steps

Benefits vs. Excuses Consider all the benefits of a walking program. Choose the things that matter to you and focus on them. Make a list of all the benefits you will personally gain from your program and make a list of the others that will benefit from them too! Benefits of Walking 

Burns calories


Strengthens back muscles Slims your waistline Strengthens your bones Lowers your blood pressure

      

Cuts cholesterol Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses Reduces stress Improves mood

Be sure to check out next week’s edition to see if we have a new Million Step Challenge leader for week 4, until then...keep on stepping!


June 2011 Sun

Mon 29 B



30 A

31 A

Memorial Day Holiday









10 B

11 B

16 B

17 A

18 A



May Makeup InService

A Night of Honor




May Makeup InService

Start of National CPR/AED Awareness Week

Medic Offices Closed



A Night of Honor 1800—2000

12 B

13 A

14 A

15 B

May Makeup InService 0800—1200

19 A

20 B

26 B

21 B

22 A

23 A

24 B

June InService

June InService




Medic Employee Survey

Medic Employee Survey

Medic Employee Survey

27 A

28 A

29 B

June InService

June InService




Medic Employee Survey

Medic Employee Survey

June InService

30 B Performance Pay Tracking—Period 3 Closes


2011 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

Important Notes about 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL

25 B

AHA Refresher Class Schedule at CPCC CPR JUL - 18 (EMT 7402 05), 20 (EMT 7402 07) 1300—1700 19 (EMT 7402 06), 21 (EMT 7402 08) 1800—2200

CAMPUS in the BELK Building.

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency


Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.


ACLS & PALS classes will only be HELD TWICE A YEAR

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269


PALS will be held in the months of FEB & AUG

Tel: 704-943-6000


ACLS will be held in the months of MAR & SEPT

Fax: 704-943-6001


There will be NO CPR Classes in APRIL

Visit Us on the Web!


OCT - 17 (EMT 7402 09), 19 (EMT 7402 11) 1300—1700 18 (EMT 7402 10), 20 (EMT 7402 12) 1800—2200

PALS AUG - 22 (EMT 7208 05), 24 (EMT 7208 07) 1300—1700 23 (EMT 7208 06), 25 (EMT 7208 08) 1800—2200

ACLS SEPT - 19 (EMT 7207 05) , 21 (EMT 7207 07) 1300—1700 20 (EMT 7207 06) , 22 (EMT 7207 08) 1800—2200

Medic Dispatch - June 13th, 2011  

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