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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line April 4, 2011

Medic’s 2011 Stars of Life Recipients The Stars of Life is an annual program administered by the

Mecklenburg EMS

American Ambulance Association. The program is intended to recognize the top performers from EMS Agencies


Dates to Remember:

throughout the country. Medic has historically participated in the Stars of Life program and sent top employees from this

April 3rd Medic Night Time Warner Cable Arena

Agency each year to their spring conference in Washington DC.

1800—2200 April 9th Salute to Heroes Hockey Game

(from left to right): 2011 Stars of Life Recipients, Paramedic Crew Chief Cathy Jordan, NET Coordinator Jamie Stanford and IT/Systems Engineer Virgil Leggett are congratulated by Medic Executive Director, Joe Penner after being selected as this year’s winners.

This year, the Employee Recognition Committee

thoroughly vetted the commendation database in addition to assessing information provided in the top employee performance reviews from the past year as provided by the HR department. Later, members of the Lead Team helped to

Starts at 1700

This Week: From the Desk of Barry Bagwell


The Official Launch of OMEGA


FINAL Performance Pay Data—2nd Tracking Period


Focused Cardiac Arrest


April Birthdays


Salute to Heroes Game


Training Schedule


further narrow down the list of candidates. This was a very thorough yet difficult task, with many, many worthy employees were considered. When all was said and done, however, only three names remained. Please join Medic’s Leadership Team in congratulating this year’s Stars of Life representatives from Medic: Operations/BLS

Cathy Jordan; IT Virgil Leggett and NET Coordinator Jamie Stanford. Cathy, Virgil and Jamie are outstanding co-workers and set a solid example by the way they go about their jobs here at Medic. The Agency’s Leadership Team is very proud to have each of them representing Medic at this year’s Stars of Life Conference in Washington DC, which is taking place May 1st—4th, 2011. The 2011 Stars of Life recipients were selected based on your submissions to the Employee Recognition Team. We would like to thank everyone for their participation and submissions. Please congratulate Cathy, Virgil and Jamie on their hard work and well deserved recognition.


From the Desk of Barry Bagwell—Medic Part-Time Positions Please be advised that the part-time roster is full and there are currently no available part-time positions. Moving forward, any full-time Medic employee seeking part-time status will need to submit a written request to their assigned supervisor. Your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified if and when a part-time opening becomes available. Medic is currently in the process of reviewing its requirements for part-time personnel including the number of monthly hours required (the required hours per month will not increase) as well as guidelines for transferring from full-time to parttime status and vice versa.

Mandatory meetings for all current Medic part-time employees will be scheduled during the month of April. Please be on the lookout for further communications announcing the exact dates and times. The purpose of the mandatory meetings will be to hear from Medic part-time employees including feedback as to what is working well, what is not working well and looking at current rules for part-time Medic employees. If you have any questions about the upcoming meetings or the part-time waiting list, please contact Keith Overcash (A-Shift) at ext. 6250 or via e-mail at or Bob Francis (B-Shift) at ext. 6251 or via e-mail at Thank you.

PHILIPS MRX Notification There has been an isolated instance in which the batteries on the PHILIPS MRX monitor have quickly lost their charge. This occurred approximately one hour after the crew checked the status of the batteries, one showing five lights the other four lights. We are working with PHILIPS to identify the cause of this failure. Again, this is an isolated instance. If you should experience a battery failure, the AC charging unit for the MRX is located in the pediatric cabinet of the truck. The AC charging unit should be placed in the A slot of the MRX, please remove the faulty battery prior to placing the AC charging unit. It can then be plugged into any electrical outlet or run by the onboard inverter on the units. Notify the on duty Supervisor of the monitor failure and request a second truck be dispatched by CMED. After completion of the call BOTH the PHILIPS monitor and the faulty battery along with a detailed Lost & Damaged report should be turned in to Support Services for investigation by PHILIPS as to the cause. Logistics is currently exploring the possibility of placing three MRX batteries on each unit prior to deployment; however, they must first ensure this will not affect their ability to supply fully charged batteries for shift deployment. If you have any questions feel free to contact Steve Vandeventer at 980.406.1220 or via e-mail at or Bryan Edwards at 704-943-6130 or via e-mail at


Next Medical Journal & ECG

Medic’s EMT-Crew Chief Class

March has been a busy month for Medic's Medical Journal and ECG Club. A meeting was held for B-shift on March 7th and we reviewed a wide range of ECG's, including hyperkalemia, atrial fibrillation with WPW, and a variety of

Exciting changes are taking place at Medic as we prepare to go live with phase one of the BLS 911

uncommon but life-threatening 12-lead findings.

units. Currently, 16 of Medic's finest EMT's are in the second week of an intensive EMT-Crew Chief class.

(from left to right) EMTs Bill Woods, Chris Alaimo, Beth Hill, Katie Pike and instructor Jerry Morris take part in a pediatric trauma scenario as part of the EMT-Crew Chief class training.

A-Shift met on March 18th and we reviewed two journal articles originating from MEDIC: Association Between Prehospital Time Intervals and STEMI System Performance,

Participants are reviewing the EMT curriculum, learning

from Circulation, and The Association Between Prehospital Endotracheal Intubation Attempts and Survival to Hospital Discharge Among Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients, from Academic Emergency Medicine.

their new roles at Medic and getting lots of handson experience in lab. Students will be starting their field ride time on Tuesday April 12th and are scheduled to be deployed in the system on May 17th.

Two more meetings have been planned for this spring. The next Medical Journal and ECG Club meeting has been set for this Thursday, April 7th at 1:00 pm at the Flying Saucer, with one more meeting to follow in May. As

Please congratulate our newest EMT Crew Chiefs as they begin their new roles and lead the way in these changes at Medic!

always, all are welcome to attend. Please e-mail Mike Sherriff at if you are interested in attending.

The Official Launch of OMEGA

From the Desk of Barry Bagwell

During February InService, a communication was made on launching the OMEGA protocol. Last Friday marked the official launch date of the protocol. After four years of research at Medic, the program is up and running!

Approximately 130 Medic employees viewed the Shift Bid Employee Input presentation. The presentation was designed to address your recommendations, questions and suggestions to the upcoming Shift Bid process.

Medic leadership, along with our hospital partners and the County, held a press conference on April 1st to clearly explain the program and the new option offered to patients with minor injuries or illnesses. All local news stations, as

The Operations department would like to take a moment to recognize the hard work and efforts of Operations Manager – Communications, Todd Sims and Supervisor of Scheduling and Deployment, Bryan Runyan. Both have

well as the Charlotte Observer were in attendance.

worked tirelessly to inform Medic field staff of changes to the shift bid process as well gather important feedback from employee input sessions.

The PR Department will gather all the segments and the Observer piece for employees to view. An announcement will be made in the Dispatch once the media segments are

Please visit the link below for a full, detailed summary of the

posted to the website and MedTV. Please also be sure to check out our website about the launch of OMEGA at

2011 Medic Shift Bid Employee Input sessions. Responses to your recommendations, suggestions and questions appear in italics. If you have any questions about the OMEGA protocol,

please contact Barry Bagwell at ext. 6170 or via e-mail at 3

FINAL Performance Pay Data—2nd Tracking Period The patient satisfaction data from the second tracking period is officially in and 64% of Medic’s patients rated our service as being excellent. In line with our commitment when the program started, unfortunately, there will be no payout for this second tracking period as we did not meet our target goal of 68% excellent for patient satisfaction. To this end, Medic has formed a central work team to help better understand what drives patient satisfaction. The research this team does will directly impact Medic’s patient satisfaction tracking process. Approximately, 20 letters of interest from employees from field, CMED and administrative staff were submitted QI Systems Analyst, Michelle Correll. As the project leader for this team, Michelle will be contacting each interested individual this week for follow-up. Please note there are only six spaces available on the work team, but there will be opportunity for each person interested to participate in discussions during the process. Selections will be made based on commitment to the project and availability to meet each week. All Medic employees are encouraged to stay focused on the patient, communicate in a thoughtful way with everyone you engage with and remember that how we are perceived on each and every call will translate into our patient satisfaction scores down the road.

Welcome Our Newest CEU Team Members! Medic’s (Civil Emergency Unit ) CEU team is a growing elite force of specially-trained paramedics partnered with CMPD to provide care to officers and civilians encountered in potentially dangerous situations such as protests, riots or demonstrations. Since joining the ranks of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s CEU in 2006, this team of top-performing Paramedics continues to assist law enforcement officers by providing medical care during large scale events or in situations of civil disturbance. After a tremendous amount of intensive introductory training, the newest members of Medic’s CEU team have completed the requirements and are officially among the ranks of this elite team. Please join Team Leader, Charles Horne in welcoming the newest members of Medic’s CEU team: 

Kariena (K.C.) Bernesser


Alan Elam


Robert Graf


Malcolm Leirmoe


Gabriel (Gabe) McGaha


Thomas Nagel


William Walton


Focused Cardiac Arrest Over the last 12 months there have been very positive comments from both the Fire Department and MEDIC personnel regarding the focused cardiac arrest protocol. Our survival rates continue to be among the best in the country and all employees should be proud of this accomplishment. Two areas of improvement were identified during this month’s cardiac arrest quality assurance meeting. Recent research has indicated that quality chest compressions are one of the most important components of successful cardiac arrest resuscitation. Data has also demonstrated that adequate compressions can only be delivered by one person for approximately 2 minutes; QCPR data from our system back these findings. Therefore, it is imperative that the basic EMT or the 2nd paramedic relieve the FFI of chest compressions after placing the cardiac monitor. This was designed to give the FFI a break from compressions in advance of transporting the patient. It has been reported that this is not occurring on a regular basis. Fire Captains and MEDIC crew chiefs are asked to keep the quality of chest compressions being delivered in mind. This may mean that you have to switch rescuers more frequently to maintain quality. After the delivery of quality chest compression, decreasing time off chest, or the amount of time CPR is not being delivered during a defibrillation attempt, is the next most important component of successful resuscitations. As such we should strive to limit our time off the chest as much as possible. Our QCPR data shows time from CPR stop to defibrillation delivery averages 17.3 seconds with total time off chest for defibrillation near 30 seconds. When using a manual defibrillator and good communication it should be possible to cut these numbers at least in half. Remember that the person doing chest compressions should be delivering the defibrillation when using the AED and this practice was put into place to limit the time off the chest. Also, pulse and rhythm checks should be performed only after two minutes of CPR from the time the defibrillation was delivered and should be kept to a minimum 5-10 seconds. If you have any questions, please fee free to contact Steve Vandeventer at 980.406.1220 or via e-mail at

Medic InService Notifications

Interest in Benevolent Committee?

Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the February 2011 InService, the Learning & Development department has added 2 additional dates of makeup

Benevolent Committee openings for new Committee members. Meetings are held monthly or bi-monthly with days / times varying to meet attendees schedules. If anyone is interested in joining the committee, please

InService for February and March.

submit email of interest to Corinne Walser at by COBD Wednesday, April 20. If any questions, please give Corinne a call at 704.943.6242.

MARCH Makeup InService April 20



April 27



FEBRUARY Makeup InService April 20 (Wed) 1200-1600 April 27



**Medic InService WILL NOT be held during the month of April.** Please contact a member of the Learning & Development department if you have any questions. Thank you. 5

Happy Birthday! We would like to extend special birthday wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday in the month of April: Alan Elam

April 1

Hannah Gompers

April 14

Nichole Washington

April 26

Eric Bitler

April 6

Debbie Parrish

April 15

Tom Wright

April 26

April 6

William Thomas

April 15

April 27

April 7

April 15

Don Shue

Tia Dida

Steven Ward

April 16

April 29

April 8

Tina Robedee

Randall McKown

Robert Owens John Stroup

April 8

Johnny Tompkins

April 16

April 30

Jay Black

April 9

Sanders Guignard

April 17

Rebekah HartO’Sullivan

Travis Williams

April 9

Katie Currin

April 18

Colby Willison

April 10

Daniel Hueschen

April 18

Cindy Griffin

April 12

Samuel Barnes

April 20

Michael Stratton

April 12

Abby Jones

April 21

Katie Spitzmiller

April 21

Amber Brock

April 13

Janine Curlee

April 22

Treven Cherry

April 13

Todd Sims

April 13

Susan Davis

April 26

Harley Conrad

April 14

Don Singer

April 26

Matthew Johnson

National Registry of EMT’s

CPCC Course Offerings

Medic is now online with the National Registry of EMT’s website.


Online Anatomy & Physiology

April 4th – May 30th

If you are nationally registered the Learning & Development department can add your continuing education classes

This class will meet the NCOEMS requirement for

automatically to your profile and all of your recertification can be done on line with no paperwork. If you are nationally registered, please go to and set up your profile.

entry into a paramedic program Call 704.330.4223 to register

If you have any questions, please contact Sam Barnes, Education/Quality Specialist at 704.943.6143. or via e-mail at


Online Instructor Methodology

April 4th—April 25th This class will meet the NCOEMS requirement for EMS level one instructor application. The class will meet in the classroom on: 04/04, 04/18, 04/25 North Campus room CJ119 Call 704.330.4223 to register, the class code is EMT-7003-01 6

Salute to Heroes Game Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for the 6th annual Salute to Heroes game on Saturday, April 9th at Time Warner Cable Arena. The cost of game tickets are $10 or $20, depending on seating. You get two games for the price of one! First, there is the Charlotte Checkers game. During the Checkers game, there will be several special activities in place to honor and recognize our outstanding employees. The second game is where we take to the ice! Come support Medic and the Charlotte Fire Department as they prepare to reclaim their championship title against the Charlotte -Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office. To purchase your Salute to Heroes tickets, please contact Kristin Young at or ext. 6165 or Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178 in the PR department. Thank you.

Medic Tours

First Responder Discounts

Showcase Medic to your favorite non-profit, community organization or school by scheduling a Medic Tour! Medic Tours can be scheduled through the PR department and provide an up-close and personal view of Medic from inside an ambulance, to how we operate, CMED and the large volume of response assets we have available at any given time. Please note Medic Tours are being conducted in lieu of the current Demo Program suspension. The Demo Program has been suspended due to the tight fiscal budget and reduced overtime budgets. In addition, off-the-clock use of Medic units/assets has also been restricted due to labor law and liability issues associated with off-duty employees using vehicles for personal, nonagency related business. If you have any questions about scheduling a Medic Tour or the current Demo Program suspension, please contact Community Relations Coordinator, Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178. Thank you. 7

April 2011 Sun






Sat 1B


Rotary Scholarship Application Deadline





7 B


9 A

Medic Night at the Bobcats Arena

Salute to Heroes


Starts at1900

Hockey Game

10 A

11 B

12 B

13 A


15 B

16 B

17 B

18 A

19 A

20 B

21 B

22 A

23 A

March Makeup InService 0800—1200 Feb Makeup InService

Good Friday Holiday Medic Offices Closed


24 A

25 B

26 B

27 A

28 A

29 B

30 B

Feb Makeup InService 0800—1200 March Makeup InService 1200—1600


Medic Calendar In-Service Training Medic Events

Important Notes about 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL

Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

AHA Refresher Class Schedule at CPCC CPR JUL - 18 (EMT 7402 05), 20 (EMT 7402 07) 1300—1700 19 (EMT 7402 06), 21 (EMT 7402 08) 1800—2200

CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.


ACLS & PALS classes will only be HELD TWICE A YEAR

4525 Statesville Road


PALS will be held in the months of FEB & AUG

Charlotte, NC 28269


ACLS will be held in the months of MAR & SEPT

Tel: 704-943-6000


There will be NO CPR Classes in APRIL

Fax: 704-943-6001

Visit Us on the Web!


OCT - 17 (EMT 7402 09), 19 (EMT 7402 11) 1300—1700 18 (EMT 7402 10), 20 (EMT 7402 12) 1800—2200

PALS AUG - 22 (EMT 7208 05), 24 (EMT 7208 07) 1300—1700 23 (EMT 7208 06), 25 (EMT 7208 08) 1800—2200

ACLS SEPT - 19 (EMT 7207 05) , 21 (EMT 7207 07) 1300—1700 20 (EMT 7207 06) , 22 (EMT 7207 08) 1800—2200

Medic Dispatch - April 4, 2011  

Medic Employee Newsletter

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