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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line January 24, 2011

Performance Pay Update In Depth Series

As everyone is keenly aware, patient satisfaction

Mecklenburg EMS Agency Dates to Remember: January 24th CPR Training 1300—1700

January 25th

scores are below par again this tracking period. Despite the fact that our patient satisfaction average for FY 2010 was 68% excellent, we are having trouble approaching that same level this year. Many employees have inquired into the process and questions used to measure patient satisfaction. Nothing has changed since last year, however something has resulted in fewer patients rating our service as being excellent. In the interest of transparency, here is the current process:

CPR Training 1800—2200

January 26th

100 patients are surveyed by PRC each month, (this has been validated to absolutely be a

CPR Training

statistically significant sample size) broken into three categories: 25 P1 patients, 50 P2 patients and 25 P3 patients. They are called at home and asked the same set of questions. The final question is what the patient’s overall satisfaction level is with the care they received. This can be answered as poor, fair, good, very good or excellent. The answer to that question results in our


January 27th CPR Training 1800—2200

This Week: Medic’s New Structure


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.)


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.)


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.)


Drivers Training


NC CIS Demographic


Training Schedule


patient satisfaction score. The answers to the other questions in the survey are fed into a database, calculated over the course of a year, and then used to determine what the key drivers are to patient satisfaction for Medic’s patients. That’s why you hear us preach things like be aware of your team work (key driver), coach each other up so people are aware of your knowledge and skills (key driver) and try and communicate with people about the different technology available (key driver) to our Medic crews. We are in the process of digging into the data with PRC deeper with the hope of being able to sharpen our aim and communicate better advice to crews to help improve our scores. This information should become available in the next few weeks. Until that time, please keep focused on your patients and use the tools you have the best way you know how. You never know which patient is going to end up being asked to rate their experience with you and your partner. Treat every patient like you would like to have your own loved ones treated and you will be well on your way to turning these results around. If you have additional questions or ideas, please see your Supervisor, Manager or any member of the Lead Team. 1


Medic’s New Structure In part two of the series Medic’s New Structure, we explore some of the new positions created, personnel shifts and new direct reports in Field Operations and Learning & Development (formerly Medical Services). The reorganization brought forth some exciting new career opportunities here at Medic, particularly in Operations. These changes were all done in an effort to maximize our efficiency while continuing to operate as a nationally renowned, worldclass EMS provider. In this special edition of the Medic Dispatch, we will take a closer look at some of the major changes that have occurred, provide clarity on department roles and responsibilities as well as highlight the best points of contact for specific information or requests. Please turn to page three as we explore the Agency’s new structure as a result of the recent reorganization and how it affects you.

CMED Feature Next Week!

Be sure to check out next week’s edition as we enter the world of CMED and highlight the recent developments the organizational restructure has brought forth to this department. Stay tuned!


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.) Field Operations On the frontlines daily, the men and women of the Field Operations department are undoubtedly the gatekeepers of the Agency’s number one, top priority...delivering excellent patient care to the community in which we serve. The most widespread changes, by far, have occurred within Field Operations as a direct result of last summer’s Agency reorganization. The goal of the Field Operations restructure was simple: establish management positions that would allow for more direct contact with field personnel while improving direct communication and management of crew shifts; the process, however, proved to be anything but simple. Bob Francis (B-Shift) and Keith Overcash (A-Shift) were appointed as Operations Managers in October of last year to help achieve this task, while leading the way toward a more efficient, more transparent Field Operations department. In addition to the establishment of two new Operations Managers for the field, the re-alignment also added four new Operations Supervisors to the ranks with intent to bridge communications and disburse any necessary information/ changes as quickly as possible to all field personnel. To help point employees in right direction for specific questions, below are a list of major duties of the Field Operations department, contact information and personnel office hours. Bob Francis

Keith Overcash

Title: Operations Manager (B-Shift)

Title: Operations Manager (A-Shift)

My office hours are: in accordance with field shift needs

My office hours are: in accordance with field shift needs

I can be contacted at: or ext. 6251

I can be contacted at: or ext. 6250

We are the best contact for questions about: 

Field Policy Issues

Problems that have not been resolved through the appropriate channels

Examining data for redesign

Below is a comprehensive list of Medic’s Operations Supervisors. Please note that new Operations Supervisors are finishing up their Orientation period and will be assigned new direct reports shortly. Please be sure to contact your current direct Supervisor if you have any questions regarding future assignments. Thank you.

A-Shift Operations Supervisors

B-Shift Operations Supervisors


Dave Brown


Dan Baltimore **New**


Tim Marshburn


John Crunk


Tony Pattillo **New**


Kenny Phillips **New**


Don Shue


Don Overcash


Chris Simmons **New**


Beth Wally


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.) Learning & Development How does Medic continue to operate as a nationally renowned EMS provider? The answer is simple, by getting better all the time. One of the most important factors involved in this process is investing in our employees through quality continuing education. The Learning & Development department (formerly known as Medical Services) coordinates all continuing education and simulation programs on behalf of the Agency including burn emergencies, 12-lead ECG review, sepsis, endocrine emergencies, nervous system conditions and nuclear/radiological emergencies. Medic employees who are certified as an EMT, EMD, EFD or a Paramedic are held to a high standard of excellence and must complete approximately 44 hours of continuing education annually. Training is conducted through a variety of lecture, hands-on and reality-based simulation. To help point employees in right direction for specific questions, below are a list of major duties conducted by the Learning & Development department, contact information and personnel office hours. Melissa Garifo Title: Clinical Education Manager My office hours are: in accordance with the clinical needs of the Agency, but generally 9:00 am—6:00 pm I am the best contact for questions about:  Clinical Issues  ePCR Clinical Questions Protocol Clarification I can be contacted at: or ext. 6138


Brian Shimberg Title: Education/Quality Specialist I am the best contact for questions about:

  

Steve Vandeventer Title: Education/Quality Specialist I am the best contact for questions about:

  

ConEd Chart Review Clinical Affairs Issues

My office hours are: 7:30 am—3:30 pm I can be contacted at: or at ext. 6142

Cardiac Arrest Review Focused Cardiac Arrest Training Phillips Monitor Issues

My office hours are: 8:00 am—5:00 pm I can be contacted at: or at ext. 6140


Medic’s New Structure (Cont.) Learning & Development (Cont.) Michelle Correll Title: QI Systems Analyst I am the best contact for questions about:

Robin Pariso Title: Education Coordinator I am the best contact for questions about:

  

   

Quality Mgmt. Committee Reports Medical Control Board Reports Agency Quality Analysis


My office hours are: 7:30 am—3:30 pm on Mon, Wed & Fri I can be contacted at: or ext. 6133

NC EMS Credentials/Requirements The NC State EMSPIC site P numbers/passwords/profiles Registering for EMT or Paramedic classes/exams Upgrade Testing

My office hours are: 9:00 am—5:00 pm I can be contacted at: or ext. 6143

Doug Bell Title: Production Studio Coordinator I am the best contact for questions about:

     

Audio/Visual Needs Production Editing Simulation Development/Support MedTV

My office hours are: varied based on production needs, but generally 8:30 am—5:00 pm I can be contacted at: or via ext. 6386

Shift Bid Open Through Friday, February 4th Friday, January 21st marked the first day of a new shift bid for interested employees. Forms have been placed by the logistics window and in the breakroom. Interested employees MUST fill out a shift bid form before noon on Friday, February 4th. On the shift bid form, please list the shifts that you would like to bid for ranking them from 1 to 10; 1 being the shift you want most and 10 being the shift that you want least. Forms must be filled out COMPLETELY and returned to the SHIFT BID tray located in front of the scheduling office. All forms must be returned by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 4th. The results will be posted on Monday, February 7th and newly assigned shifts will begin on Tuesday, February 22nd. Please see form for current shift openings. Please contact the Scheduling office at 704.943.6234 if you have questions. 5

The Smith System Drivers Training Program

Agency-wide Drivers Training Program

What: An Agency-wide addition of the Smith System to our current drivers training program Why: To reduce the Agency’s vehicle accident related costs by 30% over the next two years How: All Medic drivers will be required to participate in the Smith System drivers training program When:  Starting Wednesday, January 5th there will be a sign-up 

sheet next to the logistics window All Medic drivers will be required to participate


Find a day and time and sign up for your training; you are


expected to attend the day for which you sign up Limited number of up to 4 people for each time slot


Contact Risk and Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson at 704.943.6095, 980.395.3054 or via e-mail at for questions about the Agency-wide, mandatory drivers

Additional Info: training program. This is NOT an in-service training; this six-hour training will be completed outside of in-service and it will be paid as overtime.

Next Medic Journal & ECG Club Mtg

Care to Demo?

The Medical Journal and ECG Club had it’s third meeting on

The PR department would like to remind all Medic


January 7 at the Flying Saucer. We reviewed two articles from Prehospital Emergency Care: Out-of-Hospital Fluid in Severe Sepsis and Effectiveness and Safety of Fentanyl Compared with Morphine for Out-of Hospital Analgesia. Dr.

employees about the opportunity to showcase Medic to your favorite non-profit, community organization or school by scheduling a Medic Tour! Medic Tours can be scheduled through the PR department and provide an up-

Studnek discussed the difference between clinical and statistical significance and explained how and why certain sample sizes are selected when conducting research. The ECG segment focused on the many presentations of severe

close and personal view of Medic from inside an ambulance, to how we operate, CMED and the large volume of response assets we have available at any given time.


current Demo Program suspension. The Demo Program has been suspended due to the tight fiscal budget and reduced overtime budgets. In addition, off-the-clock use of Medic units/assets has also been restricted due to labor law

Please note Medic Tours are being conducted in lieu of the

The ECG focus for next month will be on the identification of Atrial Fibrillation with WPW (accessory pathway). This is an important topic because this type of atrial fibrillation is a condition for which we carry, one, potentially appropriate therapy (electricity) and, two, potentially lethal therapies (adenosine and diltiazem)!

and liability issues associated with off-duty employees using vehicles for personal, non-agency related business. If you have any questions about scheduling a Medic Tour or the current Demo Program suspension, please contact

Our next meeting is tentatively planned for the afternoon of Thursday, February 10th at the Flying Saucer. Please contact Mike Sherriff at if you’re interested in joining us for the next meeting.

Community Relations Coordinator, Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178. Thank you. 6

Certified Paramedics Needed! Do you know a recent or soon to be graduate from an accredited Paramedic training course? If so, refer them to work at Medic and you could earn a $3,000 referral bonus. Medic is currently looking for talented and certified Paramedic applicants to join Medic’s Paramedic refresher course in February 2011! Interested applicants should visit to access Medic’s employment application and all required documents. For more information on the February 2011 Paramedic hiring, please contact Recruitment Specialist, Charvetta Ford-McGriff at or 704.943.6089.

Demographic Profile Page Needed

Registration for 2011 AHA Classes

Each Medic Field/Operations

Please note that the registration process for 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC has changed. Please see below for important class registration information:

employee needs to turn in a copy of their demographic profile page from the NC CIS website to Robin Pariso by


Call CPCC Registration at 704.330.4223 to register for all AHA classes


Mary Smith and Mary Ferraci are no longer the contacts for the AHA classes at CPCC


You must have the COURSE NUMBER of the


Monday, January 24 . To complete your demographic profile page, visit and click on CIS Login User name - enter in your P number. If you don’t remember your P number, click at the bottom of the box and enter under Public Access View. You will be able to do a Personnel Search for your name and P number. Password – you created this, if you cannot remember your

class to register (please see the Training Schedule on page 8 for a complete list of AHA Refresher Course Numbers)

password please call 1.866.773.6477 and request that your password be reset. Once you gain access to your profile page, update your password. Each profile must include a current home and emergency phone number, full address and email address. Employees may change their address in CIS to Medic’s address: 4525 Statesville Rd., Charlotte, NC 28269. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the site, please contact


Registration is mandatory


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


A minimum of 10 students, maximum of 20 students is required for each class

Please contact Education Coordinator, Robin Pariso at or ext. 6143.

Robin Pariso at ext. 6143 or at 7

January 2011 Sun






Sat 1 A









10 A

11 A

12 B

13 B

14 A

15 A

18 B

19 A

20 A

21 B

22 B

25 A

26 B

27 B

28 A

29 A

Pre-registration for 2011 AHA Refresher Classes Begins

16 A

17 B

MLK Holiday Medic Offices Closed 23 B

24 A CPR Training

CPR Training

CPR Training

CPR Training





30 A

31 B


Medic Calendar In-Service Training Medic Events

Important Notes about 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL

Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.


ACLS & PALS classes will only be HELD TWICE A YEAR

4525 Statesville Road


PALS will be held in the months of FEB & AUG

Charlotte, NC 28269


ACLS will be held in the months of MAR & SEPT

Tel: 704-943-6000


CPR JAN - 24 (EMT 7402 01), 26 (EMT 7402 03) 1300—1700 25 (EMT 7402 02) , 27 (EMT 7402 04) 1800—2200 JUL - 18 (EMT 7402 05), 20 (EMT 7402 07) 1300—1700

CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


AHA Refresher Class Schedule at CPCC

There will be NO CPR Classes in APRIL

Fax: 704-943-6001

19 (EMT 7402 06), 21 (EMT 7402 08) 1800—2200 OCT - 17 (EMT 7402 09), 19 (EMT 7402 11) 1300—1700 18 (EMT 7402 10), 20 (EMT 7402 12) 1800—2200

PALS FEB - 21 (EMT 7208 01), 23 (EMT 7208 03) 1300—1700 22 (EMT 7208 02), 24 (EMT 7208 04) 1800—2200 AUG - 22 (EMT 7208 05), 24 (EMT 7208 07) 1300—1700 23 (EMT 7208 06), 25 (EMT 7208 08) 1800—2200

ACLS MAR - 14 (EMT 7207 01), 16 (EMT 7207 03)1300—1700 15 (EMT 7207 02) , 17 (EMT 7207 04) 1800—2200 SEPT - 19 (EMT 7207 05) , 21 (EMT 7207 07) 1300—1700

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20 (EMT 7207 06) , 22 (EMT 7207 08) 1800—2200


Medic Dispatch - January 24, 2011  

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