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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line December 28, 2010

Performance Pay Update Mecklenburg

We have just completed the first


month of the second Performance Pay program tracking period. All

Dates to Remember:

areas are continuing to track well with the exception of our patient


December 31st Medic Office Closed Happy New Year!

satisfaction scores. At 64% our patient satisfaction scores have taken a large hit since the start of the current tracking period when we measured at 71% for patient satisfaction. This is very important because patient satisfaction is a qualifying criteria; no payout will be received, if we don’t meet our target of at least 68% for patient satisfaction during a given tracking period. Regardless of the type of medical concern a patient we treat is dealing with, PRC still judges the level of service they receive and that patient may very well may end up on the other end of one of our patient satisfaction surveys. Please also be mindful of the following key points:

This Week: City/County Merger Article Follow-Up


The New ePCR Work Team


December Medic Calendar



Please treat every encounter you have in the community as a customer service opportunity


Utilize AIDET


Talk up your partner


Let the family and patient know that they are receiving EXCELLENT patient care today

The good news is that with 300 patient satisfaction surveys remaining during this tracking period, field personnel can still heavily influence the rating Medic receives in this key driver as well as others. Continue to stay focus and we will get the patient satisfaction scores back up to 68% where it belongs as we begin the new year. Thank you for all you do to help Medic succeed as an Agency. We couldn’t do it without you! 1

City/County Merger Article Follow-Up Last week’s Charlotte Observer featured another article regarding Mayor Anthony Foxx’s desire to see city and county government consolidation occur, here, in Mecklenburg County. As usual, the article mentions Medic and CFD as possible targets of such a merger. Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones has made it clear that he has serious reservations that any such merger would actually yield beneficial results for the residents of this community, and he has asked that any such discussion be delayed for at least six months. This topic is not new to those who have been with Medic since the mid 90’s. It rears its head every so often and the evidence has not yet supported any such consolidation. The political rhetoric surrounding this topic will continue to play out in the media from time to time, but it’s important that we all remain focused on our responsibility to the community we serve and that we don’t let ourselves get distracted by it. You have a strong commitment by Medic’s Lead Team to remain fully engaged with the County Manager’s Office and share any information with this Agency should actual developments occur. In the interim, please keep up the outstanding work each of you does to support the emergency medical needs of this community. Thank you.

Certified Paramedics Needed for February Hiring! Do you know a recent or soon to be graduate from an accredited Paramedic training course? If so, refer them to work at Medic and you could earn a $3,000 referral bonus.

Medic is currently looking for talented and certified Paramedic applicants to join Medic’s Paramedic refresher course in February 2011! Interested applicants should visit hiringprocess_careers to access Medic’s employment application and all required documents.

For more information on the February 2011 Paramedic hiring, please contact Recruitment Specialist, Charvetta Ford-McGriff at or 704.943.6089. 2

Early Retiree Reimbursement FREE Prog

The New ePCR Work Team

Last week, Mecklenburg County mailed a letter to every Medic plan participant with CIGNA medical coverage, including retirees, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services titled, Notice About the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program.

A new ePCR work team has been created to assist Medic

Because Mecklenburg County has applied for the Early Retiree Reinsurance Reimbursement we are required to send out this notice to all plan participants (active and retired). The letter was sent for informational purposes only and no action is required from Medic employees or retirees.

what the Agency should do in regards to its patient care reporting strategy moving forward.

employees with ePCR reporting. The purpose of the new team will be to provide an assessment of current ePCR practices, how they match up with our needs as well as provide recommendation(s) on

Over the next several weeks, you may be contacted by an ePCR Work Team member to get additional information needed to assist in this process. If you are not contacted by an ePCR Work Team member, but have concerns about the ePCR reporting process, please feel free to contact any of the following team members below via e-mail:

Summary:    


Mecklenburg County has applied and been approved for this program No action is necessary from the employee or retiree The County is required by the Federal Government to mail this notice This program has no impact on your insurance plan (ex…if you enrolled in CIGNA Enhanced then you will still have CIGNA Enhanced) Any reimbursements that Mecklenburg County receives must be used in the medical plan – ex: reimbursements could reduce future rate increases

       

Teresa Womble Melissa Garifo Chris Simmons Keith Overcash Don Overcash Chris Kraetz Cynthia Jefferson Bob Francis


Next Medical Journal & ECG Club Mtg Join the Medical Journal &

Congratulations to Medic QI

ECG Club for its first meeting of the New Year! Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 9605 N. Tryon Street in the

Systems Analyst, Michelle Correll, for recently passing the North Carolina EMT Certification test earlier this

University Area.  

month. Great job! We are all very proud of your recent accomplishment.

1300 ECG Puzzlers 1400 Journal Articles

All are welcome to attend. Please contact Mike Sherriff at to confirm that you will attend, so that we can get the journal articles to you for your reading pleasure!

Medic QI Systems Analyst, Michelle Correll and Deputy Director of Learning & Development, Kevin Staley. Please note in this photo, Kevin is presenting Michelle with her 10-year Service Award, not her EMT Certification.


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Medic Dispatch December 28, 2010  
Medic Dispatch December 28, 2010  

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