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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line December 10, 2012

SIREN Updates/Reminder Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Beginning TODAY, December 10th, the IT Department will deploy an update to the tablets that are required by Medicaid, The North Carolina Office of EMS and Medic. Tablets will receive a “pop-up” screen that will alert there is an SIREN Update, please accept this upon starting SIREN. Upon doing so the information will automatically be applied to the tablet.

Dates to Remember: th

December 10

Salvation Army Angel Tree Gift Deadline

For more information, please log onto the Extranet and click on Siren Tablet Updates in the scrolling news section for a complete list of SIREN updates.

Signature Issue Field crews have reported when choosing the wrong button in the signature section of SIREN, the incorrect option still appears on the report even after the correction has been made. The signature issue is currently being addressed by MEDUSA. Please continue to review your reports until a signature solution has been communicated. If you need to make a signature correction in the interim, please use the following:

This Week: Patient Satisfaction Update Outstanding Utstein Results! Medic Business Cards Don’t Forget to Spend Your FSA Announcements from Medical December Corporate



Upon opening the signature portion that needs correction, the options are not highlighted  Please re-highlight the incorrect choice and then un-highlight the same choice; this will clear out the incorrect information on the ePCR 


Choose the correct field  Review the report prior to finalizing, verifying the information is correct




 6

Field crews are reminded to assign the CREW POSITION (Primary, Secondary or Third Crew) upon logging into SIREN. **Only a 4th Crew member may be logged in as unspecified. This is a state requirement.**




Please continue to login Non-System Users ID Number as P999998, please make sure it is capitol P with five 9s and one 8

Training Schedule


Please contact ePCR Coordinator Ute Dorflinger at ext. 6158 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the latest SIREN updates, signature

Medic Calendar


issues and/or reminders. 1

Patient Satisfaction Update As a continuing effort to communicate our current Patient Satisfaction scores with the Agency, the Patient Satisfaction Team wanted to address where we currently stand (please see charts below). Our current Patient Satisfaction scores have taken a dip, as of 11/19 our patient satisfaction scores measure at only

61.1%. We wanted to make everyone aware of this current slip in our tracking data. Although these are the first concerning dips in scores that we have seen, we want to be proactive in improving declining scores before a trend develops. In addition, the key driver with the lowest score currently is TEAMWORK. Please continue to focus on using the tools that were presented in November’s InService (the acronym is provided below for your convenience). As always, if you have any questions about Patient Satisfaction or the tools presented in both October and November InService (AIDET and TEAMWORK) please contact your immediate supervisor. We thank you for your help with continuing to improve Patient Satisfaction.


Outstanding Utstein Results Medic’s QI department is very proud to announce that the latest Cardiac Arrest Survival data is in, and it shows outstanding improvement. For the month of November, there was a 100% Utstein (witnessed arrest, presenting in a shockable rhythm) ROSC rate, with 90% of patients surviving to hospital discharge. Since June 1st, 2012 there has been a 65.2% Utstein Survival rate and the percentage stands at 49.4% year to date. These incredible numbers are the direct result of excellent teamwork between Medic’s field employees and our first responder partners. The QI Department has seen marked improvement in every metric measured and credits a keen awareness of Focused Cardiac Arrest protocol

This chart shows a step progression in improvement of Medic’s Utstein Survival since 2010. It clearly highlights the current 49.4% Utstein survival rate as well as shows how far the Agency has come in improvement of sustained ROSC in VFib/VTach patients.

with the improvement. Thank you all for your dedication to offering excellent patient care to our community at all times. The numbers prove that your hard work is making a difference. Keep up the great work!

November Call Volume Medic experienced extremely high call volume during the month of November! A total of 9,160 calls were received by our Telecommunicator. Below are the top 10 call categories logged by CMED during the month of November:

         

Breathing Problems — 818 Unconsciousness/Faint — 814 Chest Pain — 710 Traffic Accident — 593 Falls/Back Injury — 581 Sick Person — 437 Abdominal Pain — 380 Unknown Problem — 368 Convulsion/Seizure — 334 Assault — 297

The Medic Dispatch would like to thank all of our talented EMTs, Paramedics and Telecommunicators for continuing to provide excellent patient care. A special thank you also goes to all support staff who make sure our teams are prepared with the tools and resources needed to do their jobs everyday. To view all of the stats for the month of November, please visit 3

Medic Business Cards As mentioned in October’s InService on AIDET and effective communication, business cards are an extremely useful tool when communicating with our patients and customers. Starting in December, all Medic business card orders will have several helpful design features in place to assist employees in the AIDET process. The new Medic business cards have been developed to assist employees in their interactions with patients by providing tools to help field some of the most frequently asked questions while simultaneously administering excellent patient care.

Front side of new Medic business cards

New Medic Logo The new Medic logo including the tagline, “Medical Excellence. Compassionate Care.” will replace the old logo as the Agency looks to reinforce the level of prehospital care and our commitment to a positive patient experience in the community. Mecklenburg EMS Agency Mecklenburg EMS Agency will still be visible on the lower front side of new Medic business cards as a way Back side of new Medic business cards of helping patients and others identify Medic as a county agency and the geographic area that we serve. **New—Backside of Medic Business Cards** A web link on the back of the new Medic business cards has been designed to help employees direct patients who would like more information on: Medic’s billing rates  Health information  To provide feedback or comments 

The PR department will provide further information and specific examples and answer any questions on ways to use the new Medic business cards during a future InService session. landing page

Please contact Nikkie Perry at or Kristin Young at if you have any questions about the new Medic business. Please contact Nikkie Perry at if you need to place a order for new business cards.


Holiday Schedule Reminder

Tickets Now Available Attention all home improvement and do-it-

The 2012/2013 holiday season is quickly approaching! Please remember that Medic’s administrative offices will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th.

yourself fanatics!

In addition, administrative offices will also be closed on Tuesday, January 1st in observance of New Years Day.

The PR department currently has

Thank you.

a limited quantity of

FREE tickets to the 2012 Build, Remodel & Landscape Expo at the Charlotte Convention Center. The dates for the three-day expo are Friday, January 4th, through Sunday, January 6th. Event times are printed on the tickets. Please be sure to contact a member of the PR department if you are interested in attending. Thank you.

Don’t Forget to Spend Your FSA With the end of 2012 quickly approaching, Medic would like to remind all employees to spend your remaining money in your flexible spending account (FSA) by December 31st, 2012. Your date-of-service for medical procedures should be completed by the 31st to qualify as well as any point-of-sale purchase such as prescriptions, medical equipment, etc. It is ok to pay a bill after December 31st, 2012 with your FSA card, but the services must be before December 31st. All outstanding bills for 2012 must be turned in to your FSA by March 15th, 2013. Please contact a member of the HR Department if you have any questions about your FSA account and/or FSA benefits card. 5

Announcements from Medical Services Coming Soon Medical Services will soon begin mandatory FISDAP testing all employees who currently function at the EMT-B in January. The purpose of this testing is to assist in the creation of more focused educational and training opportunities by establishing a didactic baseline for all patient care providers. All scores will be held in the strictest of confidence and will only be available to the employee through a face-to-face request with a members of Medical Services. *Remember FISDAP testing is MANDATORY for all functioning EMT - Basics.* Please be on the lookout for future notification of available signup sheets. Position Re-Postings Medical Services would like to inform all interested employees of the re-posting of two positions: 

A re-post of the FTO Positions is now open and accepting letters of interest. The re-posting can be found on designated bulletin boards throughout the Agency, outside the HR department office and under the scrolling news section of the Extranet.


A re-post of the EQS (Education Quality Specialist) is now open and accepting letters of interest. The re-posting can be found on designated bulletin boards throughout the Agency, outside the HR department office and under the scrolling news section of the Extranet.

If you are interested and meet the qualifications as listed in the posting, please be sure to submit a letter of interest to Brittany Murray at Please be sure to specify the position for which you are applying. The closing date for above position re-reposts is no later than Monday, December 31st.

Fire Inspection Revisit

Salvation Army Angel Tree

The Building Facilities & Maintenance department is pleased to announce that the fire inspection revisit that occurred

Medic will once again be sponsoring a Salvation Army Angel Tree this year. The Angel Tree offers the

on Wednesday, November 26th found no new violations and All previous minor violations were corrected. With the cooperation

chance to give gifts to less fortunate children who may otherwise have nothing during the holiday season.

of all employees, all personal heaters were removed.

Angels are available for pick up in the Bay Area near Logistics. Please make sure all gifts are under the tree by

TODAY, December 10th.

The department would like to extend a special thanks to everyone for your cooperation and adherence to the fire inspection and all that Medic does to ensure a safe working

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

environment. 6

December Corporate Compliance Required Employee Attendance KC Bernesser, Alexis Perkel, Gene Starnes, Jason Jeffares, Chris Stephens, John Crunk, Dustin Jett, Derek Gray, Sarah Morris, Nicole Tyson, Brad Howell, Mike Stratton, Marcus Lee, Ben Astrike, Sam Jones, Daniel Geis, Drew Smith, Angela Cunha, Chris Kraetz, Brian Smith, Pamela Wykle, Mike Carter, Melaine Varnadore, Eric Morrison, Jacob Brod, Jackie Manley and Annette MacConnell.

**Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in November and you did not attend a November class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a December class.** Information Updates: 

The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 2 ½ hours


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions.


December 2012 Sun






Sat 1A




10 A





Corporate Compliance

November Makeup InService

November Makeup InService




8B Corporate Compliance 0800—1100

11 A

12 B

13 B



17 B

18 B

19 A

20 A

21 B

22 B

23 B

24 A

25 A

26 B

27 B

28 A

29 A

30 A

31 B

Angel Tree Gift Deadline

16 A Corporate Compliance 1600—1900


2012 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays

Important Notes about 2012 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


Actual classroom number will be given at time of pre-registration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


Dec Corporate Compliance Trainings 

Monday, December 17th 1600—1900

Medic Dispatch - December 10th, 2012  
Medic Dispatch - December 10th, 2012  

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