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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line November 15, 2010


A Night to Remember! A special thank you to the more than 40 Medic honorees that were in attendance to the 2010 Medic

EMS Agency

Service Awards on Monday, November 8th and Thursday, November 11th. It was truly an emotional and celebratory event for both the honorees and their guests.

Dates to Remember:

The events honored Medic employees for their hard work and dedicated years of service to the Agency in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year increments.

Dates to Remember:

November 15th InService

Medic also paid tribute to four special honorees that have or will soon retire in 2010. These four special

0800—1200 & 1800—2200

honorees, Ken Railey, Scott Climer, Effie Ledbetter and Richard Dean, were all paid special tribute with individual video segments highlighting their significant contributions to Medic

November 17th InService 1800—2200 November 20th

from people that know them best including coworkers and family members.

PALS Training @ CPCC—Levine Campus 0900—1300

This Week: Do You Have a Clean Medic Driving Record?


Recent Changes to Siren Software


Open Enrollment ends THIS WEEK!


Road Safety Score Calculations


November InService


Win a FREE iPad!


Training Schedule


Photos from the 2010 Medic Service Awards will soon be available online. A link from Nikkie Perry will be sent out later this week with all the photos taken th during the November 8 and November 11th events. For now, please turn to page two for a photo highlight of the Thursday, November 11th celebration! The Medic Dispatch will also run a full-page photo spread of the Monday, November 8th celebration in next week’s edition. Many thanks to everyone who participated in our two Medic Service Award events including all honorees, guests, supervisors and co-workers. A special thanks goes to Doug Bell and his talented team for a wonderful video production as well as spearheading the incredible transformation from Medic Auditorium into a spectacular theatre! For honorees who were unable to attend, your supervisors will be given your award materials soon. Please contact Nikkie Perry at or via ext. 6178 or Kristin Young at or via ext. 6165 in the PR Department if you have any questions about the 2010 Medic Service Awards. Thank you.


2010 Medic Service Award Photos—November 11th

Do You Have a Clean Medic Driving Record? The Risk and Safety Department is currently seeking a parttime Drivers Training Specialist. This position will be in addition to or conjunction with your current position and responsibilities. All interested candidates must contact the Risk & Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson, by e-mail no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 19th . Interested candidates must meet the following requirements: 

Must have excellent Road Safety Scores

(consistently 8 or above) 

Must demonstrate excellent driving techniques


Must have zero preventable accidents in the last 12 months


Must be available to train on December 6th—9th from 7:30 am—4:00 pm

For more information about the Part-Time Drivers Training Specialist position, please contact Risk and Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson, at


FREE Issues with Philips MRX Monitor It has come to our attention that there is confusion regarding the programming of the MRX monitors, particularly with the settings used during a cardiac arrest. The MRX monitor is programmed so that LEAD II is the primary source and PADS are the secondary source. If the patient care leads (5 lead ecg) are applied to the patient prior to placing the defib pads on the patient and turning the therapy knob to DEFIB, the monitor will display LEAD II and will not automatically default to PADS. This will occur if the patient care leads are applied after the PADS are placed. As soon as the patient care leads are applied to the patient, LEAD II will be displayed on the monitor. The monitor automatically reverts to the primary input source of LEAD II. This is the way the MRX monitor is programmed by the manufacturer. The MRX is unable to be programmed to automatically default to PADS when placed in DEFIB mode. If you encounter dotted or broken lines on the display while using the MRX monitor, please check all leads to ensure they are securely attached to the patient. Next, look at the monitor display above the rhythm line to verify what lead setting is being displayed. If this is different from what you need, please press the lead select button until the desired lead is displayed. Please contact Steve Vandeventer at 980.406.1220 or if you have any questions. Thank you.

Recent Changes to Siren Software A new round of changes are currently being implemented to the Siren Software that should have little impact on your use of the software, however, Medical Services would still like to highlight the most noticeable changes. Recent Changes to Siren software

 Gilead Fire Department was removed from “Other Services at Scene”.  Huntersville Fire Department now has three stations. Please document their presence on scene just like CFD, there is one button that will be used for any of their stations.

 The documentation of ETCO2 has been removed from the intubation screen. It is located in vital signs and should always be documented there. This will decrease the amount of redundancy in the software.

 “Presbyterian Pediatric ED” has been removed from the list of destinations. It should be documented as Presbyterian Hospital.

 “Response to Drug Administration” has been removed from the reassessment screen. Any responses to drug administration should be documented under the “Cont’d” tab for that entry in the plan section.

 An “Other” option has been added under advanced directives. This will enable you to document the presence of a MOST form.

 A “Clear” button has been added under duration of cc and duration of secondary cc for the minutes, hours and days entries so that an entry can be removed. This has enabled the ability for a zero quantity to be documented. If a correction to your report is needed to satisfy state reporting requirements, Shenna Miller will send the report back to you. Please make any corrections as soon as possible and re-finalize your report so that it can be uploaded to the state. Finally, any response that does not result in contact with any patients; please document the outcome of that call in the patient last name section. For example, if you were cancelled prior to arrival on the scene, please document “Cancelled” in the last name field on the report. This should be done for all cancellations, false calls, stand-by’s, demos and PR events, etc. If you have any questions about the Siren software, please call or email Melissa Garifo at or Brian Shimberg at Please continue to seek help from IT for any technical and hardware related issues. Thank you. 3

Open Enrollment Ends This Week! This week is your final chance to make changes to your 2011 benefits! Medic employees should have received their Open Enrollment packets in the mail. You will not need to fill out a form this year if you are keeping your coverage the same for medical, dental and vision. You will have to fill out a form to renew your Flexible Spending Account for 2011. What’s Staying the Same? Premiums for active employees will not change if you take your Health Risk Assessment. CIGNA will continue to administer our Medical and Dental Plans. What’s New? 

Domestic Partner Benefits will be available for the same-gendered, domestic partners of regular employees under the County’s medical, dental, life, vision and voluntary benefit plans.


Specific documentation and verification of the domestic partnership is required.


Rates are computed as employee/spouse or employee/family.


All benefit premiums for domestic partners are post-tax.


This includes all County Benefits (Sick, FMLA, bereavement, etc.). Exception: Flexible Spending Account Fund does not apply – This is a federal program.


Aflac is offering a one-time Group Critical Illness Policy to all Medic Employees. The policy is in addition to other policies that you may have and will offer extra benefits and shorter waiting periods.

What’s Changing? Healthcare Reform Changes: 

No medical lifetime maximum


No pre-existing condition limitations for enrollees under 19 years old


Coverage for adult children up to age 26 for medical, dental, vision, life. Married, in or out of school, living anywhere. Adult children with a different last name will need to verify relation (usually with a Birth Certificate)


100% coverage for preventive care


Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) can no longer be used for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, unless prescribed by a doctor

Medical Plan Changes: 

Employees will see an increase in deductibles


Employee co-pays will also increase


Gastro bypass surgery will no longer be covered


Step Therapy for some prescription drugs

For more information about Open Enrollment 2011, please be sure to contact Leigh Taibe at or via ext. 6086 or Linda Hendley at or via ext. 6083. Thank you. 4

How is Your Road Safety Score Calculated? Medic is very focused on the safety of all its employees and the community in which we serve, especially when it comes to vehicle operation. As part of our focus, the Risk & Safety Department makes sure that every Medic vehicle is equipped with a Road Safety device. This device monitors and tracks employee driving habits and releases a list of individual driving scores every month. Medic drivers are graded on a scale of 1 to 10; with 1 being the worst driving score and 10 being the best. Below is an in depth look on how your Road Safety scores are calculated each month: Step 1: All of your Total Counts Are Added Together Example – 2 (Total Overforce Counts) + 3 (Total Overspeed Counts) = 5 (Total Counts) Step 2: Your Adjusted High Overforce Counts Are Calculated Example – 1 (High Overforce Count) x 25 (High Force Multiple) = 25 (Adjusted High Overforce Counts) Step 3: Your Adjusted High Overspeed Counts Are Calculated Example – 1 (High Overspeed Count) x 25 (High Speed Multiple) = 25 (Adjusted High Overspeed Counts) Step 4: Your Adjusted Seatbelt Violations Are Calculated Example – 2 (Seatbelt Violation Counts) x 1 (Seatbelt Multiple) = 2 (Adjusted Seatbelt Violation Counts) Step 5: Your Adjusted Unsafe Reverse Counts Are Calculated Example – 4 (Unsafe Reverse Counts) x 1 (Reverse Multiple) = 2 (Adjusted Unsafe Reverse Counts) Step 6: Add Up All Of The Counts Example – 25 (Adjusted High Overforce Counts) + 25 (Adjusted High Overspeed Counts) + 2 (Adjusted Seatbelt Violation Counts) + 4 (Adjusted Unsafe Reverse Counts) + 5 (Total Counts) = 61 (Total Adjusted Counts) Step 7: Compute The ABC Miles 1,339.58 (Distance in Miles) / 61 (Total Adjusted Counts) = 21.960 ABC Miles Your ABC Miles are then correlated to a level number using the chart below: Safeforce Driving System Level Requirements Level ABC Miles 250 -----------------à 10 125 -----------------à 9 64 -----------------à 8 32 -----------------à 7 16 -----------------à 6 8 -----------------à 5 4 -----------------à 4 2 -----------------à 3 1 -----------------à 2 <1 -----------------à 1

ABC Miles Chart Since the driver’s ABC Miles are 21.960, their level is a 6 because the ABC miles are greater than 16 but less than 32. For questions on how your Road Safety scores are calculated, please be sure to contact Medic’s Risk and Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson at 704.943.6095, 980.395.3054 or at Thank you.


November FREE InService

Sign Up to Review Your HRA Results! Want to review your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) results from last month’s Health & Benefits Fair?

Below are the InService dates for the month of November. Please be sure to register for one of the following dates and times below. All employees must be in uniform and all sessions will be held in the Medic Auditorium.

A signup sheet has been posted in the Bay Area next to the InService signup sheet to make an appointment with a CHS health counselor to review your HRA results. The appointment is optional. If you do not wish to review your results with a CHS health counselor, your HRA results will be placed in your Medic mailbox.

November 9th 1800—2200 November 11th 1200—1600 November 12th


November 15th

0800—1200 1800—2200

November 17th

If you have not completed your HRA because of vacation or illness during last month’s Health & Benefits Fair, you must see Nurse Kate no later than 3:00 pm, tomorrow, November 16th.


If you have any questions or to register for the above November InService dates, please be sure to contact Robin Pariso in Medical Services at

Thank you!

Thank you.

CEU Team

It’s a Boy!

At this time, the Special Operations team is seeking letters


of interest for the Civil Emergency Unit (CEU). Personnel interested in becoming part of the CEU team must have the following minimum requirements:

to Paramedic Crew Chief, Brent Cail on the recent birth of his

 Must be a full-time employee with Mecklenburg EMS

son, Thomas John Cail!


 Must be a functioning Paramedic with MEDIC for a minimum of two years. (from clockwise) Brent Cail joins his wife, Susan, eldest son, Samuel and daughter, Lydia to welcome Thomas John Cail as newest addition to their family.

 Must be at least a Relief Crew Chief.

Little Thomas was born on

Tuesday, November 9th at Presbyterian Hospital—Matthews weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz. He joins older brother, Samuel and sister, Lydia as the

If interested in becoming part of the CEU team, please send a letter of interest to Michael Stanford at no later than this Friday, November 19th.

latest addition to the Cail family. Both Mom and baby are doing well.

Thank you.

Please be sure to extend Brent a warm congratulations on the recent birth of little Thomas! 6

Medical Journal and ECG Club October 11th marked the first meeting of the Medical Journal and ECG club! Turnout for the first club was good, but with so much research to be done more people are needed to help us find some real nuggets that drive patient care. During our first meeting, we reviewed two articles from the Journal of the American Medical Association and discussed the components of a good research manuscript. The articles under review were: (1) Chest Compression–Only CPR by Lay Rescuers and Survival From Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest and (2) Prediction of Critical Illness During Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care. Both articles led to lively group discussions and gave Dr. Studnek great material for education. This month we are taking the show on the road to the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium! The club invites all interested parties to come join us. What:

ECG puzzlers from 1:00—2:00 pm Journal articles from 2:00—3:30 pm


The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in the Back Room (9506 North Tryon Street—University Area)


Thursday, November 18th at 1:00 pm


To hang out with your peers and quench your thirst for knowledge

If interested in attending, please be sure to contact Mike Sherriff at We will need to get some vital information to you beforehand!

Win a FREE iPad! Would you like the chance to win a free iPad? Medic, in conjunction with researchers at the Ohio State University and the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT), will participate in a research project to study the effects of shift type and shift length on sleep patterns. Sleepiness among EMS professionals is a very important topic as excessive sleepiness may impact an individual’s health and work life balance. We would like your participation in this important project. All participants who complete the project will be eligible to win a free iPad provided by the NREMT. Eligible participants include anyone whose primary job duty involves the operation of emergency response vehicles (ambulances). Participation will include completion of a survey and a two-week sleep diary. Please contact Jonathan Studnek or Steve Vandeventer or stop by before or after your shift in order to participate. Thank you for supporting prehospital research at Medic.


November 2010 Sun









2 A




6 A



10 A

11 A

12 B

13 B

CPR Training







0800—1200 PALS Training @ CPCC—North Campus 1300—1700


14 B

15 A

16 A

17 B



0800—1200 & 1800—2200


18 B

19 A

20 A

PALS Training @ CPCC—Levine Campus 0900—1300

21 A

22 B

23 B

29 A

30 A

24 A

25 A

26 B

27 B

ACLS Training @ CPCC—Levine Campus 0900—1300 28 B

2010 Training Schedule

Medic Calendar In-Service Training Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency


AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC Please contact Mary Smith at Classes will be held at the Levine Campus in Rooms 1223 & 1202. Class times are from 0900—1300 PALS

NOV - 20 = **Pre-registration is mandatory**


NOV - 21 = **Pre-registration is mandatory**

Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001

ALL CON ED must be up to date at time of testing. To schedule a test appt date and time, email Robin Pariso at

Classes will be held at the North Campus in Rooms CJ119. Class times are from 1300—1700

DEC 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20 (Expiration Dates JAN – MAR 2011)

PALS Visit Us on the Web!


Please contact Mary Ferracci at

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269

NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

NOV - 12 = **Pre-registration is mandatory**

ACLS DEC - 20 = **Pre-registration is mandatory**


Medic Dispatch - November 15, 2010  

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