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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line October 3, 2011

The 2011 Medic Health & Benefits Fair

Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Dates to Remember: October 3rd

Be sure to bring your entire family to the 2011 Medic Health & Benefits Fair!

Open Enrollment 2012 Begins October 5th September Makeup InService

The 2011 Medic Health & Benefits Fair is coming...are you ready? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 25th and Wednesday, October 26th from 2:00—8:00 pm for this funfilled, family event as we encourage all our Medic employees to be healthy, live well and retire strong. The 2011 Medic Health & Benefits Fair has something for everyone! There will be multiple


games, an assortment of great prizes, vendors on site to help you make the most of your employee benefits, get your FREE flu shot, tips for taking charge of your health, get answers to your Open Enrollment questions, participate in a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) administered by Carolinas HealthCare System and purchase items during the Medic Store Open House. This Week: Important Siren Updates


FREE Flu Shots




Open Enrollment 2012


October Birthdays


October InService




Training Schedule


Medic Calendar



















For more information about the 2011 Medic Health & Benefits Fair and all the planned activities, please contact a member of the HR Department. See you there! 1

Airport Coverage Announcement

Important Siren Updates

For the past two months,

Starting TODAY, Medical Services will begin implementing an update to the Siren ePCR program.

Medic has been in discussion with officials at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

In order to prevent confusion, a set of detailed instructions has been developed that will explain many of the changes made. These instructions are included in the computer bags for each unit. We have also distributed them to all

(CDIA) regarding our ability to provide dedicated EMS coverage inside the airport terminal on a daily basis.

employee mailboxes and via email. Please take the time to read them and understand them.

We have agreed to preliminary contract terms with CDIA officials and, last Monday, September 26th, the Charlotte City Council approved the Airport’s request to contract with Medic for EMS coverage.

This latest update consists of multiple changes to the software including signature fields and CARES fields as well as several miscellaneous updates throughout the

Details of the Agency’s operational plan as well as framework for implementation sometime this winter will

program. Many of these updates are easy to understand and will have little impact on the way you complete your patient care reports. The most significant changes involve signatures and the CARES fields.

be shared in the coming weeks. In addition, schedules, shift assignments and eligibility requirements will also be forthcoming. Please be patient as we work through the details and rest assured that we will communicate a timeline and plan in the coming weeks. This is a terrific opportunity for this Agency and represents something we can all be very proud of achieving.

If you have any questions regarding these Siren ePCR program updates, please contact Brian Shimberg at 704.943.6142 or via e-mail at

ePCR Quality Audit Process Change Crew compliance related to properly completing ePCRs has been consistently improving over the past six months. The next step in this continuous improvement process is to move the quality audits to the OAs desk for immediate crew feedback prior to end of shift. Crews need to be aware of this change and the following key points to help facilitate this process in an efficient manner:

 ALL patient care reports are going to be audited for all required elements at the end of each shift by the OA or other appropriate designee in the OAs office

 Any incomplete or inappropriately completed tickets will be handed back to the field crew for immediate correction

 To avoid any inconvenience, please make sure ALL mandatory fields and signature boxes are appropriately completed on each ticket

 Please close out all tickets while in the field as it will expedite the end of shift audit process back at post 100  Your patience and courtesy when working with those at the OA’s desk at end of shift is greatly appreciated Thank you for your support and cooperation with this process. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please connect with your Supervisor or one of the Operations Managers. 2

FREE Flu Shots When: 2011 Medic Health Fair Tuesday, October 25th and Wednesday, October 26th from 2:00 pm—8:00 pm Where: In the Bay Area of the New Building Who: FREE to ALL Medic employees and any family members covered under CIGNA. Medic employees must bring in their CIGNA Insurance Card. $25 for friends and family that are non-CIGNA members. Can’t make it to this year’s Health Fair? You can still get your FREE flu shot at any place (e.g., Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, CVS and Harris Teeter) offering flu shots by simply presenting your CIGNA Insurance Card. You can also visit your primary care physician and get your FREE flu shot with no co-pay. *Your flu shot must be the only reason for your doctor’s visit.* Visit or contact Nurse Claudia at ext. 6100 or via e-mail at for more details.

HIPAA Puzzle

Photo Collages

The first employee to find and turn in all the HIPAA-related words listed below to the HR department wins a $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card! Good Luck!

Photo collages are still available from the Employee Recognition Ceremony back in June. Simply e-mail Nikkie Perry at if you would like to receive a photo collage from the 2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony. Please indicate which night (June 7th (A-Shift employees) or June 8th (B-Shift employees)). Re-live the wonderful ceremony and share it with friends and family! Thank you again for all the hard work you perform out in the community each and every day. 3

Open Enrollment 2012

Health Fair Attendance Policy

This year’s Open Enrollment period begins TODAY, October 3rd and runs through Friday, November 4th. Open Enrollment packets have been mailed out to the home address of every Medic employee. You will not need to fill out a form this year if you are

Please e-mail Jackie Manley at NO LATER THAN Friday, October 21st at 12:00 pm if you are unable to attend this year’s Health & Benefits Fair in order

keeping your coverage the same for medical, dental and vision. You will have to fill out a MedConnect/ HRA Waiver form, a Medic Holiday Pay form and a 2012 Flexible Spending Account form to renew your

to receive and complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

account. What’s Staying the Same?

Absences during the Health Fair must be pre-approved and the reason must be clearly documented (i.e., an advanced scheduled vacation day). Any absence requests

Premiums for active employees will not change if you take your Health Risk Assessment at the Health & Benefits Fair on October 25th and 26th from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. CIGNA will continue to administer our Medical and Dental Plans.

received after October 21st will only be reviewed on a caseby-case basis with documented approval from both an immediate Supervisor + the HR Manager (calling in sick may NOT qualify as a valid reason).

For more information about Open Enrollment 2012, please be sure to contact members of the HR department at:

Failure to attend this year’s Health & Benefits Fair will significantly increase your 2012 Health Insurance Premiums.

 Leigh Taibe at or via ext. 6086  Brittany Scott at or via ext. 6083

 Jackie Manley at or via ext. 6085  Linda Hendley at or via ext.

Please contact a member of the HR department if you have any questions about the 2012 Health & Benefits Fair attendance policy.


Give Your Way Charitable Giving Campaign Introducing a new way to make donations to over 90 charitable organizations (including Crisis Assistance Ministry, Susan G. Komen, The Salvation Army, Autism Speaks, United Way and Hope Haven) in our local area. Make a donation between October 6th and October 9th for a chance to win:

 iPad 2  42” Flat Screen TV  5 Medic Vacation Days Be on the lookout Thursday, October 6th for an Agency-wide e-mail detailing how you can win one of these fabulous prizes while making a positive impact on our community! 4

October Birthdays We would like to extend special birthday wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday the month of October!

Renee Canup

October 1

Mike Dudkowski

October 11

Josh Stiller

October 26

Jorge Figueroa

October 1

Kennedy Deese

October 12

Marie Colbert

October 28

Siobhan Klass

October 1

Lance Lee

October 15

Brittany Scott

October 28

Valencia Dantzler

October 2

Beth Wally

October 15

Tiffany Johnson

October 29

Maureen Smathers

October 2

Joshua Keener

October 16

David Kennerly

October 29

Kim Phillips

October 4

Stephanie Gray

October 17

Doug Kennerly

October 29

Kim Dixon

October 4

Ben Astrike

October 18

Chris Milby

October 29

Cory Colvin

October 5

Michael Baxley

October 18

Andy Tinson

October 29

April Wilson

October 6

Dena Gaston

October 18

Jim Manning

October 30

Kathy Paino

October 7

Lars Morch

October 18

John Ryan

October 30

Kenny Phillips

October 7

Gene Starnes

October 18

Toby Robinson

October 8

Sarah Hinson

October 19

Jennifer White

October 8

Jose Rivera

October 19

Scott Rinehults

October 9

Dave Brown

October 20

Angela Kaufman

October 10

Hillary Ramsey

October 25

Mark Kern

October 10

Karen Sherard

October 25

Anna McCarley

October 10

Tammy Anderson

October 26

Verna Brooks

October 11

Robert Brown

October 26

Medic’s Extranet Please be advised that due to maintenance and sign-on security improvements, Medic’s Extranet is currently inaccessible. In the meantime, you can access your Medic webmail by visiting Please contact a member of the HR department if you have any questions regarding Medic benefits or if you need access to specific form(s). The HR department would also like to announce that it is in the preliminary stages of upgrading the Extranet homepage. Be on the lookout for better functionality as well as a sleeker homepage design. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience. Please e-mail the HR department at if you have any questions. Thank you.


FISDAP Testing Score Update The weekly average for the first week of FISDAP Testing was 73.2%. Test takers may get the breakdown of their score, called the “Learning Prescription”, by clicking on their score when it appears in the box. Clicking on the red question mark balloon will give them a definition of each scoring criteria. As always, Medical Services will be happy to review the test scores and answer any questions. Please contact any Education Quality Specialist using the information provided below for an appointment:

 Sam Barnes—704.943.6143  John Bobbitt—704.943.6026  Brian Shimberg—704.943.6142  Trevor Taylor—704.943.6025  or Tom Porcelli (704.618.0023) to schedule an appointment.

The next tests will be held on October 3rd, 4th, 11th,12th and 31st.

Makeup InService Sessions

October InService Dates

Please be advised that

Please be advised of the upcoming dates and times for the

the makeup sessions for September InService are as followed:

October sessions of Medic InService. Be sure to register for ONE of  the August  sessions

Wednesday, October 5th 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Medic Auditorium)

listed. All  employees  must be in uniform. Each Medic  InService session will

Thursday, October 13th 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (Medic Auditorium)


October 18th


October 20nd


October 21rd


October 24th

0800—1200 1800—2200

October 26th


be held in the Medic Auditorium. Please contact a member of the Medical Services department if you have any questions about the upcoming October InService sessions. Thank you.

Please contact Sam Barnes at or via ext. 6143 if you have any questions about the September InService makeup sessions. Thank you.


Scope of Practice Testing

How to Get Your FISDAP Scores

Medical Services will dedicate two days out of every month for Scope of Practice testing, rather than conducting them on a quarterly basis. Scope of Practice testing should be completed within 90-days from your

The FISDAP scores are ready. Below are instructions to look up your score. If you would like more detailed information about your FISDAP score, print out your test summary before your

expiration date in order to meet the North Carolina Office of EMS standards. Completing the Scope of Practice within this timeframe will provide Medic employees with the opportunity to test up to two months before your

arrival at Fall Simulations and a member of Medical Services will review it and provide you with education suggestions.

expiration date. Notices will be sent out approximately 120 days prior to your expiration, encouraging you to schedule your appointment for testing. Below are the new dates for Scope of Practice Testing, here at Medic:

To access your FISDAP score:  Log-In to the FISDAP website at  Click on the “ADMIN” tab across the top of the page.  On the left side of the screen under the “Student Admin” section click on “Testing.”  Your score will appear in the right-hand side of the box that is displayed.


October 11th, 12th


November 8th, 9th


December 13th, 14th

Please contact Sam Barnes at ext. 6143 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the new Scope of Practice testing schedule.

Therapeutic Hypothermia Randomized Control Trial Medic began a randomized trial of intra-arrest therapeutic hypothermia compared to post-arrest resuscitation hypothermia. All Medic field crews have been provided a randomization card that contains information as to when you should initiate hypothermia on a cardiac arrest case should one occur during your shift. Please be sure to call the study voicemail and provide the information outlined on the back of the study card if you responded to a cardiac arrest and would like to enroll a patient into the study. If you have enrolled a patient into the study, please turn in your study card either to the OA on duty or to the OST with the rest of your equipment at the end of your shift. Please remember to only enroll adult, medical cardiac arrests. Pediatric patients (<18 years old), traumatic arrests, electrocutions, suspected pregnancy and cardiac arrests as the result of a drowning are to be excluded. Study Reminders:

 Enroll first cardiac arrest of shift in which resuscitation is initiated  Immediate hypothermia –begin TH as soon as possible during the resuscitation. After ROSC hypothermia – initiate TH only if ROSC is achieved.

 Only your first cardiac arrest of the day should be enrolled, subsequent patients should follow local protocol (immediate hypothermia).

 Turn-in completed study cards to the O.A. following any medical cardiac arrest.  Call in to study voicemail 704.943.6097 after each completed cardiac arrest. Your cooperation and compliance is essential to the success of this trial. Please direct any questions to Steve Vandeventer at, 980.406.1220 or Dr. Jonathan Studnek at, 704.943.6046. 7

October 2011 Sun






Sat 1B







13 A

14 B

15 B

21 A

22 A

September Makeup InService

Open Enrollment 2012 Begins

9 A



10 B

11 B Scope of Practice Testing

12 A Scope of Practice Testing

September Makeup InService 0800—1200

16 B

17 A CPR Training 1300—1700

18 A CPR Training 1800—2200

19 B

24 B October InService Session 0800—1200 1800—2200

October InService Session 1200—1600

30 B

25 B 2011 Health & Benefits Fair

CPR Training 1800—2200

CPR Training 1300—1700

October InService Session 1800—2200

23 A

20 B

26 A

October InService Session 0800—1200

27 A

28 B

2011 Health & Benefits Fair October InService Session 1800—2200

31 B


2011 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Important Notes about 2011 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration


29 B

A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


AHA Refresher Class Schedule at CPCC CPR OCT - 17 (EMT 7402 09), 19 (EMT 7402 11) 1300—1700 18 (EMT 7402 10), 20 (EMT 7402 12) 1800—2200

Medic Dispatch - October 3rd, 2011  
Medic Dispatch - October 3rd, 2011  

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