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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line September 17, 2012

Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Performance Pay Update Fantastic!! Our patient

Dates to Remember: September 17th Corporate Compliance 1030—1330 September 18th Crew Chief/BLS Team Class #1 September 19th Crew Chief/BLS Team Class #1 Corporate Compliance

satisfaction scores have continued to rise since the last update. Let’s use this momentum and continue the trend through the rest of the tracking period.

1030—1330 September 21st Corporate Compliance

Please remember the following key points:



Use AIDET on every call


Treat your

This Week: Hospital Matching Save the Date: 2012 Medic Health & Benefits


partner and the other first responders on


Fair Employee Commendations FISDAP Test


scene with the same level of


respect and teamwork – it does matter

Community CPR Course

Be mindful of what you say and how you react to everyone in the room




Be sure to check back to the Medic Dispatch for continued updates on our progress.

Training Schedule


Keep up the GREAT work!!

Medic Calendar


September Corporate Compliance Sessions


Hospital Matching Medic’s commitment to the delivery of excellent patient care begins from the time a call for help is placed all the way through the billing process. In addition to AIDET, another way to help in the delivery of excellent patient care is through the process called Hospital Matching. Hospital Matching is the standard electronic exchange of patient information between medical applications. Currently, Medic can receive demographic and insurance information from any Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) or Presbyterian/Novant Health owned hospital. Hospital Matching occurs through the collection of several important pieces of information including: 

Hospital Account Number


Patient Name


Date of Birth


Social Security Number


Date of Transport/Admission


Hospital Destination

While providing excellent patient care, the overall experience can become tainted if our patients are billed incorrectly due to inaccurate information. Below are a few transport tips to help ensure that the Medic experience remains positive for our patients: 

Be sure to obtain the hospital account number for each transport


Remove the old hospital account number from Siren when using the lookup feature & replace it with the new account number for that transport


For Hospital-to-Hospital Transports, please record the hospital account number from the receiving facility


If the patient’s name is unknown and a trauma pack is used by the hospital, use the trauma pack name instead of Joe Doe


If the hospital account number cannot be obtained, please be sure to collect an accurate patient name, date of birth and social security number

For more information or questions about the Hospital Matching process, please contact Revenue Cycle Manager, Robie Wilcox at 704.943.6401 or via e-mail at


FREE Flu Shots When: 2012 Medic Health Fair Tuesday, October 23rd and Wednesday, October 24th from 2:00—8:00 pm Where: In the Bay Area of Building 2 Who: FREE to Medic employees and any family members covered under CIGNA. Medic employees must bring in their CIGNA Insurance Card. $25 for friends and family that are non-CIGNA members. Can’t make it to this year’s Health Fair? You can still get your FREE flu shot at any place (e.g., Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, CVS and Harris Teeter) offering flu shots by simply presenting your CIGNA Insurance Card. You can also visit your primary care physician and get your FREE flu shot with no co-pay. *Your flu shot must be the only reason for your doctor’s visit.* Visit or contact Nurse Claudia at ext. 6100 or via e-mail at for more details.

Save the Date

The Importance of Flu Vaccinations The impact of influenza On average, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year in the United States from complications related to influenza.

Be sure to bring your entire family to the 2012 Medic Health & Benefits Fair!

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a contagious disease of the respiratory tract (nose, throat and lungs) that can lead to serious complications, such as pneumonia and dehydration, and worsening of chronic conditions, such as

The 2012 Medic Health & Benefits Fair is coming...are you ready? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 23rd and Wednesday, October 24th from 2:00—8:00 pm for this fun-filled, family event as we encourage all our Medic employees to be healthy, live well and retire strong.

congestive heart failure, asthma or diabetes. Flu symptoms may include fever, headaches, extreme tiredness, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion and body aches.

Check back to the Medic Dispatch for more details!

The value of vaccination


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting a vaccination each fall as the best way to prevent getting the flu. The flu vaccine is convenient, inexpensive and highly effective. The prevention rate for


the flu vaccine is about 70 to 90 percent for healthy people younger than 65. HULAHOOPING


Clearing up the confusion Myth: I might catch the flu from the vaccine. Fact: Flu vaccine injections are made from influenza viruses that have been killed—a killed virus cannot give you the flu. 3

FISDAP Test The annual MANDATORY FISDAP testing for all Paramedics will begin in October and run through the end of November. New employees who attended an Assessment Center more than six months prior to October 1st must also take the FISDAP test. Employees who attended an Assessment Center less than six months prior to October 1st have the option to re-test in order to improve their FISDAP score. FISDAP testing for EMTs will be held in the first part of 2013. Please be on the lookout for specific dates in upcoming editions of the Medic Dispatch and Agency-wide postings. Changes to the Evaluation of FISDAP Scores Moving forward, FISDAP test scores will be used in conjunction with simulation scores and other tools to assist in the annual evaluation process. A closer examination of employee FISDAP scores will help to get the right type of training to each employee as a means of improving their overall knowledge base and skill set. FISDAP test scores will also be used to help determine baseline knowledge for promotions within Medical Services. Advanced notice is being given so that employees have ample time to prepare for the upcoming FISDAP test. Please contact a member of Medical Services if you have any questions about the upcoming MANDATORY FISDAP test. Please be on the lookout for sign-up dates to be posted around the Agency and printed in future editions of the Medic Dispatch.

Hutchinson-McDonald Rd Closure

Crew Chief/BLS Team Lead Classes Day one of the Crew

HutchisonMcDonald will be shut down completely for

Chief /BLS Team Leader class will be held this Tuesday, September 18th and this Wednesday, 19th.

two weeks between Crosspoint Center Drive &

The second day of class will be held on September 25th and 26th. Please attend the class on your days off.

Statesville Road. The rear portion of our building will have to be accessed via Cindy Lane. Please also note that construction will be VERY

Participation is limited to Paramedics who have been functioning in our system for a minimum of four months and EMTs with a minimum of six months experience in our systems. This will be a two day class.

busy during the day right in front of Post 100. Drivers should get in the correct lane well in advance and constantly be on the lookout for vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach a work zone. Please

To register, please sending an e-mail to both Eric Morrison and Bob Francis and and For specific questions and/or schedule

remain extra cautious and increase your following distance while traveling through the work zone.

concerns, please contact Bob Francis at 4

August Commendations Congratulations to the following employees who received a commendation in the month of August.

Terran Berry (2)

Mike Dudkowski

Donald Howie

Hunter Mitchell

Chris Simmons

Nickolas Bringolf

Alan Elam

Anthony Hull

Lars Morch

Ashley Smith

Lincoln Brown

Jennifer Gilmore

Kristen Johnson

Johnathan Morgan Ian Starkey (2)

Ronisha Carr

Noah Godbey (2)

LaVar Lee

Brandy Pender

Matthew Stegall

Anne Carter

Jason Harbert

Arron Liptak

Anne Pentland

Misty Swaringen

Chelsea Cline

Amy Hein

Julio Lizarazo

Hillary Ramsey

Brandon Voss

Marie Colbert

George Hicks

Annette MacConnell

Helen Reed

Nichole Washington

Katie Currin

Todd Childers

Karim Mahmoud

Scott Rinehults

Jeffrey Williams

Matt Deedrick

Ryan Hollifield

Jim Manning

Wayne Rosebrock

Medics for Effie Time is ticking to register for the Medics For Effie team as part of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event on Saturday, October 6th. To date, more than $4,000 was raised by Medic for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Below are the registration instructions. Please contact Paramedic Crew Chief Beth Pethel at with any questions. See you there! Step 1 Step 2 Click on "Register" on the left side of the page Step 3 Click on "Join An Existing Team" in the center of the page Step 4 Search for team by team name, business name or business type:  Team Name: Medics For Effie  

Business Name: Mecklenburg EMS Agency Business Type: Healthcare

Step 5 Enter all information and follow prompts 5

Community CPR Classes

Post Updates

Registration is open for

Post 74

Medic’s next Community CPR class! Classes are open to anyone in the community who wishes to become CPR

Effective immediately, Medic Post 74 is closed and will be closed for use for the next three weeks for remodeling.


Crews are to utilize other locations as directed by CMED in the interim.

The next class is Saturday, September 29th beginning at 8:00 a.m. at Post 100. This class is a sixhour CPR/AED AHA Heartsaver certification class.

Please direct any questions to Bryan Edwards at Post 50

The certification is valid for two years and the cost for the course is $20. Registration is limited and can be found at

Renovations for Post 50 are

almost complete. Be on the lookout for the official re-opening announcement of Post 50 in the Medic Dispatch.

If you have questions about the August 25th Community CPR Class, please contact Community Engagement Coordinator Katie Rutland at ext. 6021 or via e-mail at

Medic Room Names As a reminder, below are the names of the various conference and meeting rooms located at Post 100. These names were approved and adopted by Agency Leadership. Again, please use the following terms when referring to the rooms and buildings at Post 100. OLD ROOM NAME APPROVED ROOM NAME Entire Medic Campus

Post 100 **(We will refer to the actual buildings as Building 1 and Building 2 - Building 1 being the Front Building and Building 2 is the back building)

Existing Training Room Central Conference Room New Training Room 1 (Building 2) New Training Room 2 (Building 2)

Medical Services Conference Room 1 Medical Services Conference Room 2 Medical Services Conference Room 3 Medical Services Conference Room 4

Small Conference Room Admin Conference Room

Administration Conference Room 1 Administration Conference Room 2

Finance Conference Room Finance (Building 2) Conference Room Operations Manager Conference Room

Finance Conference Room 1 Finance Conference Room 2 Operations Conference Room


The Auditorium 6

September Compliance Training Sessions Required Employee Attendance Luis Barrera, Ryan Baxter, Doug Bell, Keisha Boyer, Steven Bridges, Tom Burdette, Anne Carter, Nicholas Cogswell, Laurie Feola, Ray Hanna, Russell Harrell, Linda Hendley, Tiffany Johnson, Morgan Kettles, Dusty Kiser, Kim Krakower, Lakisha Lee, Rebecca Lee, Darrell Love, Jake Lowe, Shelley McAbee, Gabe McGaha, Bruce Mills, Gary Moore, Johnathan Morgan, Thomas Muhammad, Brittany Murray, Tiffany Nash, Robert Owens, Kathy Paino, Mark Peck, Justin Pfund, Helen Reed, Megan Ruane, Katie Spitzmiller, Michael Stanford, Christina Stauber, Lakissha Steele, Brett Testerman, Raymond Thoman, Steve Vandeventer, Robie Wilcox, James Wilkinson, Andrew Williams, Colby Willison, Chad Wilson, Donnell Wilson, Lisa Wilson, Ted Wise, Joan Wisham, Jesse Wolfram and Heidi Wozniak.

**Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in August and you did not attend a August class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend an September class.**

Information Updates: 

The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 2 ½ hours


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions.


September 2012 Sun








11 B











13 A

14 B

15 B


12 A

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance



17 A

18 A

Corporate Compliance

Crew Chief/BLS Team Lead Class #1





10 B

16 B


19 B

20 B

Corporate Compliance

21 A

22 A

28 B

29 B

Corporate Compliance



Crew Chief/BLS Team Lead Class #1

23 A

24 B

25 B Crew Chief/BLS Team Lead Class #2

26 A

27 A

Crew Chief/BLS Team Lead Class #2

Medic Community CPR Class Starts at 0800


2012 Training Schedule

Training Medic Events Holidays


Important Notes about 2012 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

Recertification Testing


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL Actual classroom number will be given at time of pre-

Monday, September 17th 1030—1330

CAMPUS in the BELK Building.



Sept Corporate Compliance Trainings


Wednesday, September 19th




A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency


Friday, September 21st 0800—1100

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


Medic Dispatch - September 17th, 2012  

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