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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line July 23, 2012

We Did It!

Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Dates to Remember: July 24th: 2012 Employee Recognition Ceremony 1730—2030 July 25th: 2012 Employee Recognition Ceremony 1730—2030 July 26th: Corporate Compliance 1600—2100

This Week: AIDET Follow Up


Holiday Bid Deadline


FTO Job Posting


The latest performance pay tracking period ended on June 30th and the final data has been calculated. Measuring at a patient satisfaction score of 69%, the Medic Dispatch is happy to report that the Agency has successfully hit all of our targets for this tracking period.

Congratulations!! The performance payout will be processed and distributed during

Post Upgrades


NET Team Coverage and Deployment


the last payroll in July, which will occur on July 27th. All eligible full time employees (who have been with the Agency for the entire tracking period) will receive the payout. Please do not call Terry Bell or anyone else in the Finance Department wondering when the performance pay is coming.

August Corporate Compliance Sessions


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


Thank you to all Medic employees who focused on and contributed to this success. Your hard work and subsequent success matters very much to the patients we serve. Thank you.


AIDET Follow Up The ability to effectively communicate with our patients is an important component of providing an excellent patient experience. Effective communication is a skill that is learned and improved on over time. In order to help employees develop excellent communication skills, the Agency has adopted the use of the acronym AIDET as a tool to use when talking to patients. During the past several weeks, the Dispatch ran a few articles explaining AIDET. In addition, some individuals were directly asked to explain AIDET and what it stood for. The purpose of this article is to remind employees of AIDET’s meaning and how to use this communication tool during interactions with patients and/or their families. AIDET is a tool used to improve communication with our patients. Using this tool during every interaction will help create a positive patient experience. Below are the five steps of AIDET:

A – Acknowledge;

Politely greet your patients using their name if you know it.

I – Introduce; Introduce yourself and your partner - tell the patient how you are going to help them. D – Duration/Time; Discuss important time periods with your patients including how long you will be with them. E – Explain; Explain step by step what will happen during your interaction and answer questions. T – Thank; Close out each call by thanking the patient for allowing you to care for them.

Remember, patients aren’t

our only concern, thank the family as well. Medic would like to challenge those individuals who have not routinely used AIDET to seek out individuals who have and discuss how to successfully use it in patient interactions. The Agency is also challenging those individuals who know and use AIDET, to share your experiences and examples with others. Again, AIDET is more than just being polite and nice to a patient, it is a tool that aides in improving communication with our patients. Using this tool will help convey that you are a competent and compassionate healthcare provider. If you have any questions on AIDET, please see your immediate supervisor or a member of the Lead Team.

2012 Employee Recognition Ceremony Medic is looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Employee Recognition Ceremony, Tuesday, July 24th and Wednesday, July 25th. Below are a few helpful event reminders: 

Reception at 5:30 pm/Ceremony at 6:15 pm


The ceremony will be held at the McGlohon Theatre, 345 N. College Street (Downtown Charlotte)


Visit for parking information


Employees must be in uniform


Guest attire is business/semi-formal (i.e., dress/skirts/pants for women. Button-down shirts/slacks/tie for men)


Please be sure to turn off all electronics including papers, cell phones and radios while in the theatre

Please contact Nikkie Perry at for questions about the 2012 Employee Recognition Ceremony. 2

Holiday Bid Deadline Based upon the holiday bid survey from last year, most employees preferred the current format. However, an overwhelming majority preferred that the bid be conducted earlier in the year. As a result, the Scheduling Department is now requesting bids for time off for the following holidays: 

Thanksgiving Day


Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

Eligibility Criteria: 

Must be employed by the Agency for a minimum of one calendar year by the close date of July 25th


Must have received no Level 1 or higher disciplinary actions within the previous year


Cannot be in a third party status assigned to FTO for remediation


Employees may receive only two consecutive years of the same holiday off through the bid process

To request Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day off employees must visit the link below and answer the questions provided. The bid will close promptly at 1:00 pm THIS Wednesday, July 25th. Results will be posted on Thursday, July 26th. New Year’s Eve Note: To be consistent with the last two years, there will be no benefit time approvals for shifts that have a 10-42 time of 2200 or later due to the significant increase in call demand for the night time hours. If you have any questions, please contact the Scheduling Department at ext. 6234 or via e-mail at


2nd Batch Gifts Have Arrived

FTO Job Posting The revised FTO

The countdown is on! Please be advised that the 2nd batch of Medic Gifts have arrived and are ready for pickup in the PR office. Employees who ordered on the 2nd batch have been notified via e-mail that their gift is now available for

Program was announced last week. As such, a new FTO Job Posting is now


open and accepting letters of interest until next Tuesday, July st 31 . The new FTO Job Posting can be found on designated

Please be sure to stop by the PR office within the next 30 days to pick up your gift. If you work nights or will be unavailable between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00pm, please be sure to send Nikkie Perry ( an e-mail requesting your gift and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure you receive your gift.

bulletin boards throughout the Agency as well as outside the HR department office.

***IMPORTANT*** no later than Tuesday, July 31st.

Any remaining gifts that have not been picked up by Monday, August 13th will be placed in the Medic Store for sale. No exceptions. Thank you.

Please direct any questions about the revised FTO Program to Clinical Education Manager, Melissa Garifo at

If you meet the qualifications as listed in the posting, please be sure to submit a letter of interest to Linda Hendley at

Ticket Finalizing and Deletion

State Required ID for ePCR Users

Recently, there have been instances where field crews have

Due to state reporting

accidentally deleted billable tickets prior to them being finalized. For this reason, we are implementing the following procedural change:

requirements, a change is needed to the way Medic logs Non-System Users into Siren.


Please continue to add Non-System

Crews should not delete any tickets until the end of their shift when the Operations Assistant has had a chance to review your

Users, now adding P999998 in the ID Number field for all reports that have a Non -System User added to the call.

tickets. Please do not delete any ticket for any reason until the Operations Assistant has had a chance to review your calls and given permission to

In addition, each crew member must have their position/crew member role chosen as Primary, Secondary or Third crew in EVERY report, Unspecified is not acceptable and will show up as a common data error. First responders are to be logged in

delete. 

Airport crews (721 and 722) will continue to finalize their tickets after each call and call the Operations Assistant for permission to delete. Tickets should not be deleted without calling the OA first.

as Third crew members, unless there are already three members of the Medic crew. Thank you for your attention to this matter as this is a requirement set by the state. For questions about the state required P999998 ID Number, please contact ePCR Coordinator, Ute Dorflinger at ext. 6158 or via e-mail at

If you have any questions, please contact an Operations Supervisor. Thank you for your assistance in helping to resolve this matter. 4

Post Upgrades Medic would like to thank everyone for their participation in the Employee Satisfaction Survey and your willingness to provide us with your feedback and opinions. One of the things employees communicated to us as being important is your work environment. The Lead Team has heard this and are taking action on your request. Over the next few weeks, Agency employees will begin seeing renovations of Posts 50, 53, 61, 74 and in CMED. These renovations will include such upgrades as new carpet, paint, lighting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, furniture and flat screen televisions. Our plan is to begin the renovations within the next two weeks, initially at Post 53, and then move to CMED, Post 50, Post 74 and finally Post 61. It’s understandable that there will be some minor inconveniences as the construction takes place. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. As the schedule progresses, there will be communications as to which station is affected and any alternate posting that may be needed. If there are any questions pertaining to the renovations, please feel free to contact Deputy Director, Barry Bagwell at or Operations Manager, Bryan Edwards at

2012 Scope of Practice Schedule Please be advised of the following dates for the 2012 Scope of Practice Schedule. Please contact a member of Medical Services to schedule a time and date within 90 days of your state expiration.

August:  Tuesday, August 14th  Wednesday, August 15th  Friday, August 17th

November:  Thursday, November 15th  Friday, November 16th  Monday, November 19th

September: *No Dates in September

December:  Tuesday, December 11th  Wednesday, December 12th  Friday, December 14th

October:  Friday, October 19th  Tuesday, October 23rd  Thursday, October 25th 5

NET Team Coverage and Deployment Our most recent demand analysis review indicated a more immediate need for the realignment of NET team schedules. Beginning tomorrow, July 24th the NET team schedules will reflect better coverage for the evening, night and weekend hours. This places our specialized NET team units in a better position to handle NET requests to more effectively support patient and system needs. Below are BLS-NET Demand Volume and Team Deployment charts: BLS-NET Demand Volume Chart

BLS-NET Team Deployment Chart

If you have any questions about the above charts, the recent BLS-NET Shift Bid Results or to apply for the open shifts (Basic EMTs only) listed in the above chart, please contact Supervisor of Scheduling and Deployment, Bryan Runyan at Thank you.


July Compliance Training Sessions Required Employee Attendance Tammy Anderson, Barry Bagwell, Julia Barela, Robert Bivens, Angela BreedenAlvarez, Roni Brittain, Paul Burns, Danielle Cassevah, Treven Cherry, Don Creason, Natalie Currin, Andrew Davies, Amber Davies, Ashley Doolittle, Kailie Drum, Bryan Edwards, Derek Frazita, David Gerig, Nicholas Heasley, Monroe Hicks, Sarah Hinson, Ryan Hollifield, Daniel Hueschen, Stacey Hughes, Tim Ireland, Hannah Kimbrell, Siobhan Klass, Ruben Leal, Megan Lee, Stephen McAbee, Craig McAllister, Ken Murray, Asa Rhinehart, Kristi Rhinehart, Wayne Rosebrock, Emil Ruiz, Amanda Scoggin, Todd Sims, Don Singer, Kevin Staley, Richard Steinbroner, Robert Thomas, Jeffrey Thompson, John Walsh, Matt West, Alan White and Jeff Williams.

**Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in June and you did not attend a June class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a July class.

Information Updates: The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is five hours. This will be a paid day and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend  Administrative Employees (those who are not EMT/Paramedics) must attend the first 2 ½ hours of class. Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson for directions.  Please contact Risk & Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson, if you have any questions or concerns about the June Compliance Training sessions at ext. 6095 or via e-mail at 


July 2012 Sun







3B Corporate Compliance






12 B

13 A


July 4th Holiday Medic Offices Closed




10 A

Scope Of Practice Testing

July In Service 1800—2200

11 B

June Makeup In Service




July InService

June Makeup In Service



Scope Of Practice Testing

15 A

16 B

17 B

18 A

July InService

July InService

July InService




1800—2200 Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance



22 B

29 A

23 A

24 A

25 B

Employee Recognition Ceremony 1730

Employee Recognition Ceremony 1730

30 B

July In Service

19 A

14 A Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance


20 B Scope Of Practice Testing

26 B

27 A

Corporate Compliance 1600—2100

31 B


2012 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

Important Notes about 2012 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration



A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


Corporate Compliance Trainings 

21 B

Thursday, July 26th 1600—2100

28 A

Medic Dispatch - July 23, 2012  

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