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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line July 1, 2013

Peer & Patient Praise Mecklenburg EMS Agency

The following quotations are internal and external commendations submitted by both Medic employees and patients. Medic employees touch so many lives and

Dates to Remember: July 1st June InService 1000—1400 July 4th Holiday Medic Offices Closed

our patients are truly appreciative of the care we provide. Everyone at Medic plays a role in providing an excellent patient experience and it is evident by the commendations that are received.

Keep up the excellent work! 

As I'm sure you know the task of cleaning and restocking the truck can be tedious and time consuming. I wanted to commend her for her assistance. In the two years that I have been here this was the first time anyone has helped me clean my truck after a call. It was a huge help and really shows what kind of person she is here. — (Peer Praise)

This Week: Changes to Medic’s Attendance Policy

 2

Revised 2013 Scope 3 of Practice Dates InService Survey


Join Us for Baseball


Congratulations Andy!

— (Patient Praise) 

Compliance Training Sessions


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


They were so calm, soft spoken, assuring, respectable, confident-- yet, full of uplifting spirits and even found occasional laughs with easy conversation. After the house was locked, garage door opener available, one of the crew came back to my car to make sure that I was capable to drive to the hospital-- How caring was that? — (Patient Praise)


July Corporate

We can't thank you guys enough for your quick response and help during a really scary time. Thank you for being so compassionate and acting as our advocate to get him to the unit quick and giving me a chance to say good bye before they started the procedure.


"I have never had a better experience in my whole life… They were so funny… they really took my mind off of my pain." — (Patient Praise)


Changes to Medic’s Attendance Policy Several updates have recently been made to Medic’s Attendance Policy. All updates have been approved by Leadership and were discussed at length with all Managers/Supervisors. All employees are asked to review the Attendance Policy and bring any questions to their immediate supervisor. For your convenience, Attendance Policy changes and updates have been highlighted below. All changes and updates are effective as of July 1st, 2013. In addition, employees will be asked to acknowledge that they read and understood the entire policy by signing into the Learning Management System no later than July 22nd to acknowledge receipt of the policy. Employees will see the following updates in the ePro Scheduler System:

 Attendance Module Implemented - Employees will be able to view their attendance information in the ePro Scheduler Personal Profile menu item.

 Individual Attendance Points - All current attendance infractions from the last 12 months will be added to ePro this week.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: For each infraction item, the employee and supervisor will receive an automated email notification from ePro Scheduler. No action is necessary in regards to these emails. All attendance data will be up to date in ePro scheduler and reflect the new point value for each employee. Please note the following Attendance Policy Changes: Attendance Point(s) Value: Transition Plan – The Attendance Point system is changing with the current policy. Only employees who are at a coaching level or higher will see this transition reflected in their points; employees below the coaching level will transition to the new policy at their existing point value (3 points and below). Current Attendance Point Range


New Attendance Points

0-4 points


No change, same value

4-5 points (Coaching)


10 points (Coaching)

6-7 points (Level 1)


14 points (Level 1)

8-9 points (Level 2)


10 points (Decision Day)


18 points (Level 2) 22 points (Decision Day)

* See the full attendance policy for the Extranet or point assessment values assigned to each infraction type. &

Other Important Changes:

 Doctor’s Note – Employees are NOT permitted to present medical documentation in order to waive assessment of any infraction points.

 Discipline Delivery – If multiple disciplinary actions are due, a disciplinary action will be assessed for each infraction.

 The “Medical FMLA Certification Form” must be completed and signed by a healthcare provider and submitted to the occupational health nurse as soon as possible prior to the date of expected leave. Documentation not received, infraction points assessed.

 Leave Without Pay – Leave without pay due to the lack of benefit time is assessed as 2 points and will initiate the disciplinary process. Leave without pay requires prior approval from a Deputy Director. To view Medic’s updated attendance policy in its entirety, please log onto the Extranet and click on Updated Attendance Policy in the Scrolling News Section. 2

Revised 2013 Scope of Practice Schedule August:  Thursday, August 1st  Friday, August 2nd  Monday, August 5th  Wednesday, August 7th

November:  Friday, November 1st  Monday, November 4th  Wednesday, November 7th  Thursday, November 13th

September:  Wednesday, September 4th  Friday, September 6th  Monday, September 9th  Thursday, September 12th

December:  Friday, December 6th  Monday, December 9th  Wednesday, December 11th  Thursday, December 19th Please be advised of the above dates for the 2013 Scope of Practice.

October:  Friday, October 4th  Monday, October 7th  Wednesday, October 9th  Thursday, October 17th

Please contact a member of Medical Services to schedule a time and date within 90 days of your state expiration.

August AHA Classes Registration for August AHA Classes are now available the Online Learning Management System. Employees are no longer required to fill out paper forms when registering for AHA classes. AHA classes are being offered to all EMT-Basics and EMT-Paramedics but they are marked as optional, you only have to register if you are nearing expiration. Please select the course date that works best for you. All three classes CPR, ACLS and PALS will be offered on Tuesday, August 6th and Wednesday, August 7th. CPR classes will be offered at 8:00 am, ACLS classes will be offered at 1:00 pm and PALS will be offered at 6:00 pm. In an effort to limit confusion, August AHA Classes will available for selection in the LMS Catalog and will not be assigned directly. To Register

Select BROWSE in the upper right hand corner of your home screen.

Wait for the screen to load and select the course you would like to attend. Click View Offerings and Register and follow through the same as registering for inservice.

If you have any questions regarding signing up or if you do not remember your expiration date, please contact Elisabeth Mitchell via email at 3

July Scope of Practice Dates

InService Survey Medical Services has

Below are the upcoming July Scope of Practice testing

placed a survey on the Learning Management System to get feedback from you.

dates. Please note that Scope of Practice testing should be completed within 90-days from your expiration date in order to meet the North Carolina Office of EMS standards.

This survey is for all credentialed personnel

Completing the Scope of Practice within this timeframe will provide Medic employees with the opportunity to test up to two months before your expiration date. Below are the

from Medic and Mint Hill to have input on the days and times you would prefer to attend in service. The

June dates for Scope of Practice Testing at Medic:

current schedule was developed many years ago and was based on a schedule where a majority of providers were on the “A/B” rotation. It has been updated a number of times as new schedules were added to the system.


Wednesday, July 17th


Friday, June 19th


Monday, July 22nd

Please take a moment and answer a few short questions at no later than


Tuesday, July 23rd

Wednesday, July 31st so that we an identify more ways to improve our continuing education schedule.

Please contact Sam Barnes at ext. 6143 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the July Scope of Practice testing schedule.

Hutchinson McDonald Road Closure The City of Charlotte is continuing in its efforts to widen Statesville Road from two lanes to four. Employees are asked to make note of the following important changes that will affect access to Building #1 and Building #2 of Post 100:

 Access to Hutchinson McDonald Road from Statesville Road will be closed the week of July 18th—July 26th.  Shortly after the close of Hutchinson McDonald Road, front entrances and exits to Post 100 will be closed but not at the same time.

 Construction is also taking place near the Learning & Development end of Post 100 . As a result, employees will lose the ability to park near this end of Post 100 (exact start date to be announced soon). The final result of the construction process will be an additional entrance onto Hutchinson McDonald Road from Post 100.

 No plans for water/electrical/sewer interruptions have been communicated at this time.

Again, Hutchinson McDonald Road from Statesville Road will be closed July 18th—26th. Please contact Operations Manager Bryan Edwards at for questions about the ongoing Statesville Road Widening Project. 4

Join Us for Baseball! Join us at Knights Stadium on Saturday, July 27th as the Charlotte Knights take on the Gwinnett Braves. All Medic employees and their immediate family members will receive Lower Level Seating, an all-youcan-eat picnic dinner with hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled BBQ pork, watermelon and soft drinks and a fireworks show as part of your ticket purchase! Please be sure to read the important event details below: 

The ticket cost is $8 per person with a maximum of SIX tickets per family; all-you-can-eat picnic dinner included ALL attendee names must be provided as part of your registration


Tickets are limited to Medic employees and immediate family members ONLY— children, spouse, etc.


Payment must be in the form of a check made payable to Medic OR cash. No payroll deductions


Stadium gates open at 5:30 pm with a 7:15 pm game time start


The deadline to sign up for tickets is Wednesday, July 24th

Sign up for your Charlotte Knights baseball tickets by contacting Nikkie Perry at no later than Wednesday, July 24th. See you there!

July Birthdays Medic would like to extend special birthday wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday in the month of July: Kelly Flynn

July 3

Chris Zornow

July 17

Mikhail Makarov

July 26

J. Conroy

July 3

Lindsay Smith

July 18

Steve McAuley

July 26

Tim O’Connell

July 7

Buck Morgan

July 18

Amber Davis

July 27

Nick Whitaker

July 10

David Pertgen

July 19

Chris Mauldin

July 27

Sam Hord

July 11

Landon Bush

July 19

Matt Deedrick

July 29

Lori Crane

July 11

Kim Krakower

July 20

Matthew Needs

July 29

Katie Rutland

July 12

Vashti Lynch

July 21

Kevin Staley

July 29

John Crunk

July 13

Matt Campbell

July 23

Dale Cordice

July 30

Allison Ward

July 13

Ashley Doolittle

July 23

Eric Morrison

July 30

Amy Hein

July 14

Jeff Perkel

July 24

Mike Macho

July 30

Dan Baltimore

July 14

Jonathan Wilford

July 25

Brian Shimberg

July 31

David Hawks

July 15

Abby Bowers

July 25

Jason Barr

July 16

Deanna Vandeventer

July 26

Mike Gilmore

July 17

David Barbato

July 26


2013 Employee Recognition Ceremony Invitation All Medic employees are encouraged to save the date and join us on Tuesday, July 16th and/or Wednesday, July 17th for the

2013 Employee Recognition Ceremony! Hard copies of event invitations were mailed last week to all Medic employees. Join your colleagues as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of 2012. Medic is also excited to announce that Randy Mantooth aka Johnny Gage from the 1970s hit TV show Emergency! will serve as the keynote speaker for this year’s Employee Recognition Ceremony! Again, all Medic employees are encouraged to be on the lookout for your official, hard copy invitation (as shown above) to this year’s event in your home mailbox. Please contact Nikkie Perry at if you have any questions.

Congratulations Andy! Medic would like to extend a warm congratulations to EMT Andy Tinson! On June 14th, Andy was awarded the Victoria A. Bowler Award for his commitment to public service and long-standing volunteer efforts with the Camp SOAR organization, including coordinating their medical coverage. Each year, Camp SOAR recognizes a deserving man or woman who dedicates his or her life to serving others. While Andy’s continues in his commitment to Medic, his impact can also be found as a volunteer with Mint Hill Fire and Rescue as well as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Charlotte Catholic and Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School.

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Al Tinson, Andy’s father, Mr. Bob Bowler, Founder and Director of Camp SOAR, Special Athletics Retreat, Mrs. Sheila Tinson, Andy’s mother and 2013 Victoria A. Deputy Director Kevin Staley was in attendance to the event and shared Bowler Award Recipient, Andy Tinson. Congratulations Andy!

his thoughts on the 2013 Victoria A. Bowler Award recipient. “It was an honor to be invited to attend the award ceremony and join Andy’s family as he received this special recognition. I am very proud of the work that Andy does day in and day out at Medic and am extremely impressed by his heart for the community. There are so many activities that he is involved with in his spare time that serves so many people.” said Staley. Congratulations Andy! We are all so very proud of 2013 Victoria A. Bowler Award recipient distinction. 6

July Medic Compliance Training Sessions Required Employee Attendance Tammy Anderson, Barry Bagwell, Robert Bivens, Angela Breeden-Alvarez, Veronica Brittain, Paul Burns, Danielle Cassevah, Treven Cherry, Will Coston, Don Creason, Amber Davis, Ashley Doolittle, Kailie Drum, Bryan Edwards, Derek Frazita, David Gerig, Grayson Gusa, Nicholas Heasley, Monroe Hicks, Sarah Hinson, Ryan Hollifield, Daniel Hueschen, Stacey Hughes, Siobhan Klass, Megan Lee, Stephen McAbee, Craig McAllister, Erin Mitchell, Ken Murray, David Pertgen, Asa Rhinehart, Kristi Rhinehart, Emil Ruiz, Amanda Scoggin, Todd Sims, Kevin Staley, Richard Steinbroner, Jon Studnek, Jeffrey Thompson, John Walsh, Matthew West and Jeff Williams. **Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in June and you did not attend a June class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a July class.** Information Updates: 

The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 4 hours.


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions.


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions.


July 2013 Sun


Tue 1B





Fri 4A

June InService

July 4th Holiday


Medic Offices Closed




15 B

16 B

Sat 5B


10 B

11 B

12 A

13 A

17 A

18 A

19 B

20 B

Corporate Compliance 1300—1700

14 A

Corporate Compliance

2013 Employee Recognition Event

1200—1600 21 B

Scope of Practice Test

Scope of Practice Test

2013 Employee Recognition Event

22 A

Scope of Practice Test

23 A

24 B

25 B

Corporate Compliance

Scope of Practice Test

26 A






29 B

30 B

31 A

InService 1200-1600

Corporate Compliance



Corporate Compliance 1600—2000

InService 1800-2200 28 A

27 A

1B InService 1830-2230

InService 1800-2200

2013 Training Schedule

In-Service Training Medic Events

Scope of Practice Test Dates 

Holidays Recertification Testing



Mecklenburg EMS Agency

 

Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001


 

Monday, July 8th 1300—1700

July InService Dates 

4525 Statesville Road

July 17th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd

July Corporate Compliance Trainings


Tuesday, July 23rd 1800 to 2200 Thursday July 25 1200 to 1600 Friday, July 26 0800 to 1200 Monday, July 29 1200 to 1600 1800 to 2200 Wednesday, July 31 1800 to 2200 Thursday, August 1 1830 to 2230

Monday, July 15th 1200—1600


Wednesday, July 24th 0800—1200


Saturday, July 27th 1600—2000


Wednesday, July 31st 1300—1700

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Final dispatch 07 01 13  
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