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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line April 30, 2012

Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Dates to Remember: April 30th Compliance Training 1000—1600 May 1st

Now Accepting Nominations for 2011 Top Call Award It’s that time of year again…nominations are now open for the 2011 Top Call Award. Employees are encouraged to nominate their fellow peers for call(s) that are above and beyond the “normal” call for service. To fit the Top Call Award criteria, nominated calls should be notable and demonstrate outstanding performance either on scene or over the phone – a call with outstanding scene/phone management.

New Mobile Mapping Tool Uniform Requisition Change May 3rd

Recipients of the 2011 Top Call Award will be honored at this year’s Employee Recognition Ceremony.

Compliance Training

Please note that all 2011 Top Call Award nominations will be reviewed by your immediate


This Week: New Mobile Mapping Tool Features


May InService Dates


supervisor before being submitted to the Employee Recognition Team for approval. If you would like to nominate a call for the 2011 Top Call Award, please provide the following information to your immediate Supervisor:

New EMS 4 Credential Notification System Did You Miss the Deadline?


Patient Reunion


May Compliance Training Sessions


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


Top Photo (from left to right): 2010 Top Call Award Recipients, Josh Stiller, Jeff Perkel and Kathy Houston with Medic’s Lead Team. (Above Photo): 2010 Top Call Award Recipients, Todd Moore and Brandy Pender with Medic’s Medical Director and Lead Team.


Your Name


Contact Phone/Contact Email (for further clarification, if needed)


Nominee(s) Name (please list all employees involved)


Run Number (if known)


Briefly describe the call


Briefly describe why the call should be selected for a 2011 Top Call Award

If you have any questions for the Employee Recognition Team about the 2011 Top Call Award nomination process, please contact Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178.


New Mobile Mapping Tool Features Beginning Tuesday, May 1st at 12:01 am, Medic will begin using a new Mobile Mapping Tool to assist field crews in the application of existing Agency destination protocols.

How to Use the New Mobile Mapping Tool Features When a Unit is Dispatched

 When a unit is dispatched to a particular call, crews can scroll down to the bottom of the Incident Information screen in Marvlis to find a list of the closest facilities, auto-populated based on each patient’s location: o One destination will be the closest facility for a STEMI/ROSC Patient o One destination will be the closest ED in Mecklenburg County based on the known chief complaint

 This information is to be used by field crews for possible planning and communication purposes At Depart Scene After clicking on Depart Scene, crews will then have three transport options to select from:

 General: A list of ALL possible Destinations within the greater Metrolina region o To be used when patient choice is appropriate and they request transport to a facility other than an in-county ED

 Mecklenburg ED: A list of all nine in-county facilities: CMC Huntersville, CMC Main, CMC Mercy, CMC Pineville, CMC Steele Creek, CMC University, Presbyterian Huntersville, Presbyterian Main, Presbyterian Matthews o To be used for choosing in-county destinations that are not ROSC/STEMI patients; must be closest facility OR patient choice ROSC/STEMI: a list of treatment facilities capable of treating patients with these conditions, listed in order of proximity to the Medic unit: CMC Main, CMC Pineville, or Presbyterian Main o To be used for all ROSC/STEMI patients; must be closest facility OR patient choice

 Crews are instructed to click on the appropriate button based on the protocol and proceed to take the patient to the destination as noted It is imperative for field crews to continue following Agency destination protocols when using the new features of the mobile mapping tool: 1. Patient preference 2. Closest facility based on patient need/acuity Additional Important Points

 Medic personnel are prohibited from influencing a patient’s transport decision; simply follow the protocol  Crews must clearly denote the reason for a selected transport destination in their patient care report Please contact Operations Manager, Todd Sims at ext. 6173 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the new Mobile Mapping Tool features.


Midazolam Usage Over the past several months, the Agency has begun to feel the same effects that are being felt nationwide in regards to medication shortages. These shortages and backorders are beyond our control but, affect us nonetheless. One of these effects is a shortage of Midazolam (Versed). Currently the Agency’s stock has dropped to levels which necessitate us to take measures immediately to prioritize its need, allowing patients to receive it where needed most.

Effective immediately, Midazolam (Versed) usage will be limited to ONLY patients who are experiencing an active seizure. The Agency is actively seeking to restore our supply as quickly as possible and, weighing the options of other, alternative medications as well. As soon as we have replacements in place or an acceptable alternative, we will pass the information along. In the meantime, should you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of Learning and Development. Thank you.

FTO Assessment Process

May InService Dates

As a part of Medic’s ongoing evolution, it was recently

Please be advised of the upcoming

decided by Agency leadership that the Field Training Officer (FTO) position would be revamped to better meet the training needs of new employees. It was also decided that the FTO position, given the new responsibilities and time

dates and times for the May sessions of Medic InService.

commitment, should be upgraded in the Agency pay scale on a full time basis.

must be in uniform. Each Medic InService session will be held in the Medic Auditorium.

Be sure to register for ONE of the sessions listed. All employees

This decision and the process for applying was communicated Agency wide earlier this month. As a result, many worthy applicants have been received. Unexpectedly,

Please contact Education Assistant Elisabeth Mitchell at ext. 6132 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the upcoming May InService sessions. Thank you.

leadership has also received a great deal of questions about the decision to upgrade the FTO position and the process that we are undertaking to choose from the applicant pool. Given the response, the hiring process for the FTO


position has been temporarily suspended in order to communicate answers to the questions we have received Agency-wide to help clear up any confusion. You can expect to hear from leadership over the next two weeks via email and postings around the Agency. Once we

















have appropriately addressed employee concerns, we will move forward with the process in a timeframe that will also be communicated Agency-wide.





Thank you for your candid feedback and patience as we






work through this very important process. 3

New EMS Credential Notification System Starting next month, the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services will begin using a new notification system. The office will begin sending providing reminders regarding your pending expiration of an EMS credential via email. There will be periodic notifications sent to your email address (listed in the Credentialing Information System (CIS) at using the following notification schedule: 1. 90 Days—The first notification will be sent 90 days prior to the expiration of your credential. This will serve as a reminder that your credential will be expiring, and that you are now eligible to renew your credential through an approved teaching institution. 2. 30 Days—The second notification will be sent 30 days prior to the expiration of your credential. This will serve as a follow-up to the initial notification that your credential will expire within 30 days. If your credential expires, you will no longer be able to function in any approved practice setting utilizing your current EMS credential. 3 . 1 Day—The third and final notification will come one day after your credential has expired, and this message will also be sent to the System Administrator of all Systems to which you are affiliated. This notification will request you immediately cease functioning in any approved practice setting, in which you utilize your EMS credential. This e-mail will also notify you of the appropriate measures to reinstate the status of your credential. The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services would like to encourage your patience as they anticipate some potential issues in an effort to make their system more efficient in meeting your needs. Should you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact your Regional EMS Office or you may contact Angela Hicks at

Bike Team Expansion

New Medic Ambulance Chassis

The Special Ops division is

The new style unit went

currently seeking employees interested in becoming part of Medic’s Bike Team. Applicants must be functioning in a

into service last Tuesday. It is a remount of an existing box onto a new chassis. This

second person status for a minimum of six (6) months with the Agency. Interested employees should contact their supervisor for recommendation and placement on the candidates list no

chassis was designed and specified by a group of individuals that were selected due to their historical ability of making sound judgment and decisions based on the

later than Monday, May 7th. Candidates must be available to participate in one of two assessments to be held on Tuesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 17th (times TBD). Please contact

evidence at hand. The highlights of this unit include more ‘creature comforts’ and an overall chassis that was designed with the mindset of being an Ambulance. There are a total of eight units either under production or scheduled to go

Michael Stanford at ext. 6230 or if you have any questions.

into production; all of which are slated to be completed by mid-July – barring any unforeseen problems. 4

Did You Miss the Deadline? For any Medic employee who did not make last Thursday’s EMS Week gift submission deadline...good news, there’s still time! Medic has begun to collect submissions for the 2nd batch of EMS Week 2012 gift options. If you have not already, please be sure to visit and make your EMS Week gift selection. Please select ONE of the gift options below when completing the online form.

**Please note that 2nd batch gift selections will NOT be distributed during EMS Week.** Employee gift submission for the 2nd batch MUST be selected no later than 12:00 pm Thursday, May 10th.

Option #1: Medic Embroidered Book Bag

Option #2: Medic Imprinted Stadium Chair

Option #3: Medic Imprinted Grill Set

Contact Nikkie Perry at if you have any questions about the 2nd batch of EMS Week 2012 gift options. Thank you.

Congratulations! Please join the Agency in congratulating Richard Steinbroner, Jay Black, Lester Oliva and Gene Starnes as the newest Safety Training Officers! The new Safety Training Officers will join current Safety Training Officers, Ian Starkey and Doug Valot, in helping to make sure Medic continues its operations as a safe workplace. Please be sure to congratulate Richard, Jay, Lester and Gene on their recent accomplishment! 5

Patient Reunion Medic celebrated a cardiac arrest save on Monday, April 23rd with a patient reunion. Helen Servicky collapsed in her home in November 2011. Her son Ron called 911 and was talked through performing CPR by Telecommunicator Kim Phillips. His actions gave his mother a fighting chance once Medic paramedics Gene Starnes, Adam Bolinger and Karen Bednarik arrived on scene. The crew cooled Mrs. Servicky and achieved ROSC, but on the way to Presbyterian Hospital she arrested again. CPR was started again, ROSC was achieved a second time, and Mrs. Servicky had a pulse when patient care was transferred. The Servicky family said they were incredibly impressed with the level of care and professionalism they received from the Medic team, from the second they dialed 911, to the moment of patient transfer, and even now, as they were able to thank the crew in person for saving Mrs. Servicky’s life. When you see the crew members, please make sure you congratulate them on a job well done!

The Servicky family including Helen and her son Ron (front, right) were reunited with Paramedics Adam Bolinger, Gene Starnes and Telecommunicator Kim Phillips. Also present was one of the responding CMPD officers, Shawn Nelson with the Independence Division (back, right).

Change in Uniform Requisitions Effective Tuesday, May 1st the uniform requisition process will transfer from Ray Hanna to the Special Operations Division. The Special Operations Technicians are normally available seven days a week from 0600 to 2200. Please see the changes/details below:

 Anderson’s Uniforms will remain our current uniform vendor.  The uniform requisition form must be completed in order to fill requests. Forms are available in the lobby of the new Annex building and through your supervisor. Completed forms should be placed in the drop box at the new Annex building or routed to the Special Operations Technicians via inter-office mail.

 Anderson’s will deliver all uniforms to Special Operations. Once your order is received it will be checked to ensure it is correct. You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up.

 All orders will be picked up from the new Annex building. Uniforms will no longer be available for pick up at Anderson’s Uniforms. Please call the Special Operations desk at 704.943.6232 to make pick arrangements of your order.

 Footwear from Anderson’s Uniforms will be requested when your requisition form is received. Orders for footwear from Galls or any other vendor will be placed on the 15th of each month. Questions about uniforms can be sent to If you have any questions about the uniform requisition change please contact Michael Stanford at 704.943.6230 or


May Compliance Training Sessions Required Employee Attendance Samantha Barber, Dan Baltimore, Ty Brown, Dave Brown, John Burgess, Andrew Chamblin, Richard Dean, Bob Francis, Lucas Gale, Melissa Garifo, Dena Gaston, John Gibson, Mike Gilmore, Jeff Glenn, Bryan Hancock, Charles Horne, Jeffrey Isenhour, Amy Johnson, David Kennerly, Ray Kirby, Jeffrey Lineberger, Tim Marshburn, Randy McKown, Chris Milby, Todd Moore, Arthur Nolan, Don Overcash, Christy Parker, Tony Pattillo, David Phillips, Beth Rimmer, Derek Rogers and Don Shue.

**Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in April and you did not attend an April class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a May class.**

Information Updates: 

The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is six hours. This will be a paid day and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend


Administrative Employees (those who do are not also EMT/Paramedics) must attend the first 2 ½ hours of class


Please contact Risk & Safety Specialist, Amy Johnson, if you have any questions or concerns about the May Compliance Training sessions at ext. 6095 or via e-mail at


May 2012 Sun

Mon 29 B



30 A





Corporate Compliance





10 A

11 B

12 B

17 B

18 A

19 A

Corporate Compliance







Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance



13 B

14 A

15 A

16 B

May InService

Corporate Compliance



May InService

May InService


0800—1200 Corporate Compliance 0800—1400

20 A

21 B Corporate Compliance 1000—1600 May InService 0800—1200 1800—2200 EMS Week 2012

27 B

22 B EMS Week 2012

28 A Memorial Day Holiday Medic Offices Closed

23 A

24 A

25 B

May InService

May InService

Corporate Compliance




EMS Week 2012

EMS Week 2012

EMS Week 2012

29 A

30 B

31 B

Corporate Compliance 1000—1600


2012 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays

Important Notes about 2012 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.

Corporate Compliance Trainings April 30th: 1000—1600 May 3rd: 1000—1600 May 8th: 0800—1400


Actual classroom number will be given at time May 10th: 1000—1600 of pre-registration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269

May 16th: 0800—1400 May 21st: 1000—1600 May 25th: 0800—1400

Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


26 B

Medic Dispatch - April 30th, 2012  

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