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April 23, 2014

The Medic Dispatch Mecklenburg EMS Agency: News From The Front Line

Medic Recognized Among Top 5 Healthiest Employers the recent renovations to the Employee Break Room, the establishment of our Medic Fitness Center as well as the incentives connected to Medic’s Annual Health & Benefits Fair. Congratulations to Medic for placing 5th among mid-sized employers at the fourth annual “Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte” Award on Friday, April 11th! The awards, in its fourth year, honors businesses in the Greater Charlotte area that are top performers in providing quality health and wellness programs for their employees. While Medic provides EMS services to only Mecklenburg County, the agency's focus on employee wellness and benefits ranks them with national companies such as US Airways, Ingersoll Rand, and Accenture.

Medic Human Resources Compensation and Benefits Specialist, Linda Hendley, accepts the Agency’s 5th place plaque for the 2014 Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte Awards. Way to go Medic!

“We are very excited to participate and be ranked among the healthiest mid-sized employers in Charlotte for two years in a row,” explained Linda Hendley of Medic’s Human Resources. “Medic's Wellness team works very hard to continue to develop programs and healthy lifestyle options for our employees. We are very proud of the results of those efforts and appreciate that we are being recognized for this.” Examples of Medic’s commitment to employee health and wellness are 1

A complete listing of the "Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte" appeared in the April 18th issue of the Charlotte Business Journal. Medic encourages all employees to continue taking the steps necessary to be healthy, live well and retire strong.

A special thank you to Linda Hendley, Medic’s Human Resources Department and Wellness Committee for their combined efforts on introducing new programs and incentives to help keep our employees healthy.

Agency Restructure Clarification As a reminder, the recently published Medic organizational chart has been updated to provide additional clarity with regard to compliance responsibilities within the Finance and HR departments. The highlighted sections represent the major changes and affected departments concerning the new leadership structure. Each of the above changes were made to better align processes that are closely linked, creating a more efficient and effective structure to enhance work flow across the Agency. Whether in logistics, HR, training, or operations – over time we should see improved

interoperability and performance throughout the Agency. Please take the time to review these

changes and direct any questions you may have to your immediate supervisor or manager.

April InService & Scope of Practice Dates the LMS at https:// to register. Please contact a member of Medical Services if you have any questions.

April InService Sessions  Thursday, April 24th 1200 to 1600  Friday, April 25th 0800 to 1200  Monday, April 28th 1200 to 1600 & 1800 to 2200  Wednesday, April 30th Medical Services has released the dates for April InService sessions and Scope of Practice. Please review the information below and log on to

1200 to 1600 & 1800 to 2200  Thursday, May 1st 1800 to 2200


Topics being covered this month include and subject to change are:

 12 Lead - Conduction  Anatomy and Physiology of the heart  Electrophysiology

 Electrolytes  Signal 9 and 19 Review  Nitrous Rollout EMT InService  Altered Mental Status

 Psychiatric Emergencies  Overdoses

Promotion Announcements—From the Desk of Barry Bagwell began his career at Medic more than 10 years ago. Drew is now assigned to A-shift nights from 1615 – 0415. His promotion was made effective last Tuesday, April 15th. Operations Supervisor - Field

Relief Operations Supervisor Drew Smith has been promoted to Operations Supervisor. Drew has served the Agency in numerous capacities and has demonstrated a consistent track record of outstanding performance since he

Operations Supervisor - CMED

Medic is also pleased to announce that Assistant Communications Supervisor Heather Clay has been promoted to CMED Operations Supervisor. Heather has delivered

outstanding excellence in her 17 years with Medic and was honored as a 1998 Stars of Life recipient. She is responsible for the daily management of CMED operations and personnel during A-shift nights from 1830-0630 in her new role. Heather’s promotion was also made effective last Tuesday, April 15th. Lastly, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the individuals involved in the assessment process. With so many outstanding candidates, the final selection was extremely difficult and the Agency is very proud of each person that participated in the process. Again, please join us in congratulating Drew and Heather on their new leadership roles.

Performance Pay Overtime Calculation Correction up compensation.

Medic recently completed an audit of the Agency’s performance pay process, and an issue with the overtime calculation was identified. We have addressed the issue and, as a result, some employees will be receiving follow

The error occurred in calculations made following two pay periods: March – June 2013 and July – October 2013 and only includes actual hours worked. Those employees who were impacted by the mistake should have received payment on Friday, April 18th via a separate direct deposit. Supporting documentation outlining these calculations will be mailed to your 3

home address this week. The period ending in February 2014 had no errors. We also took this opportunity to review our software calculations, required communication and documentation with relation to employee earnings; we have been assured they are accurate and appropriate. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach directly out to any member of the Agency Lead Team.

March Commendations Congratulations to the following employees who received commendations during the month of March! Samantha Baber

Adam Cloninger

Nicholas Howard

Dan Neilson

Susan Pollich

Jeffrey Thompson

Daniel Baffaro

J. Conroy

Anthony Hull

Sergio Niosi (3)

Hillary Ramsey (4)

Douglas Valot

Jeff Bailey

Dale Cordice (2)

Brendan Hutson

Tyler North

Robert Ramsey

Adam Walker

Jason Barr

Katie Currin

Andrew Innerfield

Ethan Parker (2) Helen Reed

Joshua Baun

Matt Deedrick

Christy Iyoob

Robert Parker (2)

Beth Rimmer

James Wilkinson

Terran Berry

Kim Dixon

Jennifer Johnson (2)

Kim Parlier

Scott Rinehults

Jeffrey Williams (2)

Lukas Biebinger Kailie Drum

Matthew Johnson

Tony Pattillo

Courtney Root (2)

Donnell Wilson

Robert Bivens

Alan Elam

Angela Kaufman

Chris Peet

Michael Schmidt Adrian Wright

Scott Blair

Jim Emerson

Elizabeth Kennedy (2)

Gabrielle Pegram

Karen Sherard (2)

Johnathon Bobbitt (2)

Derek Frazita

Allison Kerley

Brandy Pender

David Simonini

Angela Breeden Robin Geck -Alvarez

Shawn Kerley

Sam Pendlay (2) Andrew Smith (2)

Tanaya Bryels

Taylor Gibson (3)

Kyle Kirschner (2)

Anne Pentland (3)

Brian Smith (2)

Amanda Burdette

Ralph Giuliano

Robin Lamb

Alexis Perkel

Chris Somerset

Paul Burns

Jason Harbert (2)

Erin Lee

Lloyd Peugh

Jamie Stanford

Michelle Caldwell

David Hawks

Mike Macho (2) Justin Pfund

Matt Stegall (6)

Scottie Carriker

Nicholas Heasley

Mikhail Makarov

Kenny Phillips

Josh Stiller

Chris Peet

Crystal Strong

Anne Carter (2) Shannon Helms Alan Maness (2) Ed Clay

David Hewitt

Jim Manning


Veronica Westover

Performance Pay Update After several weeks of great success, we have hit our first bump in the road. As you can see from the Performance Pay chart, our latest data indicates a slight drop in our patient satisfaction scores. Since this is our first low score in several weeks, we have the opportunity to improve upon our overall score before a negative trend develops. Please use this as a reminder to continue to use the tools we have available to create an excellent patient experience. Let’s close out the final days of this current tracking period with a strong overall patient satisfaction score. Please remember the following key points:

 


Use AIDET on every call Treat your partner and other first responders on scene with the same level of respect and teamwork—it does matter.

you react and interact with everyone in the room Be sure to check back to the Medic Dispatch for continued updates on our progress.

Be mindful of what you say, how

2014 AHA Offerings certification(s) that expire in the year 2014 will be recertified during May 2014 Inservice. All employees that hold AHA certification(s) that expire in 2015 will be recertified during November 2014 Inservice. In order to make AHA courses more accessible Medical Services will now offer recertification as part of scheduled monthly InService. All three Medic required courses (CPR, ACLS, and PALS) will be offered in-house during the May and November scheduled Inservices. All certified employees who hold AHA

Following November 2014, all current employees will be on a two year rotation together and Medical Services will hold recertification courses every other year (2014, 2016 etc.). If you have expired in any AHA certification(s) between February 1, 2014 and May Inservice 2014 Dr. 5

Swanson has approved a grace period to carry those that expired in that time frame over until the classes during May InService.

Questions Please contact Medical Services if you have any questions about the revised AHA course offerings and recertification schedule.

The Lucky Hearts Campaign Donates 115th Life-Saving AED cardiac arrest with bystanderperformed CPR and the AED donated to the State House Floor by her freshman class. Carney’s second chance opportunity has motivated her to pay it forward and join the Lucky Hearts Campaign. Mecklenburg EMS Agency, through its Lucky Hearts Campaign, has donated its 115th life-saving AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to Mount Carmel Baptist Church. The AED at Mount Carmel Baptist Church is one of twenty AED’s donated by North Carolina State Representative Becky Carney. In 2009, Carney was saved from

“On behalf of Mount Carmel Baptist Church, I would like to thank Medic for helping us obtain our AED through the Lucky Hearts Campaign,” stated Wendy Sims of the church’s health ministry. “This has been a goal we have focused on for the past year. We are now well positioned and trained to respond to a cardiac emergency within our congregation.”

MAD Golf Outing

Public use AEDs help to increase a person’s chances of survival from cardiac arrest. The faster an AED is applied to a person suffering from cardiac arrest, the better their chances are for survival and recovery. Since the campaign’s inception in 2009, the Lucky Hearts Campaign has trained more than 2,000 people across Mecklenburg County in both CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) awareness. To learn more about the Lucky Hearts Campaign and/or to sign up for Medic’s Community CPR classes, visit


Who: Any and all friends of EMS When: Friday, May 23rd Shot Gun Start at 12:00 pm Where: Emerald Lake Golf Course 9750 Tournament Drive It’s that time of year again! The 12th annual MAD (Medic Ambulance Drivers) golf outing will take place on Friday, May 23rd. Join us as we tee off in support of a good cause. The cost is $60/per person. Players can pre-register by sending and email with their name and number in your team to Tom Porcelli at

Matthews, NC 28104 For more information, please contact Tom Porcelli at or call 704.943.6024. Why: All proceeds from this event will go to support EMS families with special and financial needs. The tournament is 100% run by EMS employees. Our goal this year is to raise $5,000.


Medic would like to extend a warm congratulations to Paramedic Crew Chief Adamo Riascos! Adamo will represent Medic at this year’s 2013 Burnette/Nobles Award Banquet on Tuesday, May 6th. Through his proven track record of high performance, excellent patient care and extreme dedication to community service, Adamo continues to honor the legacy of fallen CMPD officers John Burnette & Andy Nobles. Congratulations Adamo!

April Corporate Compliance Sessions

Required Attendance Johnathon Bobbitt, Sam Pendlay, Susan Pollich, Ashley Smith, Shannon Helms, Mike Moore, John Wagner, Sarah Walsh, Terran Berry, Andrew Wooten, Alli Brinzey, Jim Manning, Laura Dellinger, Dusty Edwards, Derek Scott, Heather Clay, Rebecca Hamilton, Teresa Womble, Kristi Beaver, Amanda Burdette, Kim Greene, Andy Tucker, Harley Conrad, Matt Johnson, Vashti Lynch, Robert Ramsey, Ryan Schott, Adrian Wright, Jacob Ellison, Maureen Townes, Andy Williams, Lester Oliva, Mark Hayes,

Misty Swaringen, Heather Teague, Matthew Godec, Tonya Whitesides, David Hewitt, LaVar Lee, David Toney and Ute Dorflinger. Please note: If your Annual Performance Review was in February and you did not attend a February class, you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a March class. Information Updates: 

Please register for your Corporate Compliance Training session through the LMS


The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 4 hours. 7


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions.


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions.

April 2014 Sun













April Scope of Practice

April Scope of Practice



10 A

11 B

12 B

17 B

18 A

19 A

24 A

25 B

26 B

Corporate Compliance

April Scope of Practice

13 B

2B Corporate Compliance

April Scope of Practice



14 A

15 A

16 B Corporate Compliance 1300—1700

20 A

21 B

27 B

22 B

23 A

Medic Inservice

Medic Inservice



28 A

29 A

30 B

Corporate Compliance 1600—2000


Medic Inservice

Corporate Compliance

Medic Inservice

Medic Inservice






Medic Inservice 0800—1200

Medic Inservice 1200—1600


2014 Training Schedule

In-Service Training Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

April InService Dates & Times:  Tuesday, April 22nd 1800 to 2200

 Wednesday, April 23rd 1000 to 1400

 Thursday, April 24th

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001

Visit Us on the Web!

1200 to 1600

 Friday, April 25th 0800 to 1200

 Monday, April 28th 1200 to 1600 & 1800 to 2200

 Wednesday, April 30th 1200 to 1600 & 1800 to 2200

 Thursday, May 1st 1800 to 2200

April Corporate Compliance Dates & Times:  Saturday, April 26th 1600—2000  Tuesday, April 29th 1300—1700

Final dispatch 04 23 14  
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