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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line March 18, 2013

Vehicle Security Mecklenburg EMS

News media outlets from across the


country have reported an increase in the number of reported cases of stolen

Dates to Remember:

ambulances. In February, more than a dozen ambulances were recovered from a scrap

March 20th FISDAP Testing 0900, 1300 & 1800

Reports of stolen ambulances have not just been isolated to other parts of the country. State officials have issued a warning to EMS providers as recently as last week after three full size

This Week: Mandatory Attendance: April InService Scope of Practice Dates

ambulances were stolen in Greenville, NC. 2


Burnette/Nobles Safety Award


March Birthdays


Employee Commendations March Corporate

yard in Houston, TX. Earlier this month, an ambulance was stolen in Pennsylvania while crews were caring for a patient.



Compliance Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


The theft of ambulances has resulted in monetary damages, complete destruction of vehicles and, tragically in at least one case, the loss of life. The occurrence of stolen ambulances happens more often than you may realize. The common factor in all reported cases is that the vehicle was left running, unattended and unsecured. Medic would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage employees to always follow Medic’s policy on Vehicle Security when in operation of an Agency asset. The policy clearly states that “Unattended EMS vehicles will be locked at all times unless the crew is working in the immediate vicinity (100 feet) of the vehicle and the vehicle is under direct observation.” The policy goes on to read that, “Any parked, unoccupied EMS vehicle (on or off a call assignment) will be shut off and secured.” To view Medic’s Vehicle Policy in its entirety, please log onto the Extranet, click on the Safety sub-header, click on Operating Agency Vehicles and click on Agency Vehicle Policy. Awareness and adhering to Agency policies are key to preventing the occurrence of stolen Medic ambulances. Thank you for cooperation and continued commitment to excellent patient care. 1

Mandatory Attendance: April InService An email was recently circulated calling for all Medic employees to register for an upcoming session of April InService. The focus of April InService will be Diversity Training. Please note that attendance of an April InService session is mandatory for all Medic employees. Important Points

 April InService will run from Monday, April 1st through Thursday, April 25th

 Employees must register for their preferred session through the Learning Management System (LMS) no later than Tuesday, April 23rd

 InService sessions are limited to 40 participants and will be secured on a first come, first serve basis through LMS registration

 Failure to register and attend an April InService session will be documented as non-compliance To register for an April InService session, please visit the Scrolling News Section of the Extranet and click on Logging into the Learning Management System. Please contact Education Assistant Elisabeth Mitchell at if you have any questions.

New Cardiac Monitor Resource Process Effective Immediately All Agency Philips MRx cardiac monitors have been assigned to specific units. With this in mind, there are a few changes in the process and its management as related to how we operate and manage cardiac monitors. In order to assure we have complete accountability for all monitors and their locations, monitors can no longer be interchanged between units. All monitors have been relabeled with a specific number that aligns with the unit it is assigned. If at any time there is a need to change out monitors, a new monitor must be retrieved from an OST in Logistics and signed for accordingly. Several monitors have been placed on reserve in Logistics if needed. These reserve monitors are labeled as 063 - 070 in case you run across one that doesn’t match the unit it’s on. If you have questions, please contact Operations Manager Bryan Edwards via email at or Education & Quality Specialist Steve Vandeventer at 2

Protocol Books for Ambulances

ePro Scheduler Notifications

Effective Immediately A bound copy of the Patient Care Protocols has been placed on the action area shelf in every transport

Employees are reminded that ePro scheduler notifications

unit in the system. These protocol books are marked “Ambulance Copy – Do Not Remove” and are for your use during the shift. DO NOT

can come in the form of email, text message or both. If you

remove them from the ambulance.

would prefer to add your personal email address and/or cell phone number for text messages, please

Since new protocols were released, they will have to be formatted and loaded into the Siren ePCR system. We will accomplish this as soon as possible.

do so by logging onto ePro and visiting the green Notification Preference link on the left side of the screen.

For questions, please contact Deputy Director Kevin Staley at kevins@medic911com.

Please note - standard text messaging rates may apply.

Scope of Practice Test Dates

Extranet Protocols Learning and Development has been working diligently over the past few months to make corrections and apply updates to the patient care protocols. Protocols located on the Medic Extranet have been replaced with the most current

Starting with the month of April, Medical Services will dedicate four days out of every month for Scope of Practice testing. Scope of Practice testing should be completed within 90-days from your expiration date in

version which contains all of the previously released updates and amendments as communicated by Dr. Swanson.

order to meet the North Carolina Office of EMS standards.

It is imperative that each employee update their electronic copy of the protocols with this new

April through August dates for Scope of Practice Testing at Medic:

Completing the Scope of Practice within this timeframe will provide Medic employees with the opportunity to test up to two months before your expiration date. Below are the

release. If you have previously downloaded the patient care protocols to your computer or mobile device, please visit the Medic Extranet to obtain the most current version. As the patient care protocols are an ever-evolving document, please be on the lookout for future updates. Any new changes will be communicated via email as they have previously so that you may update your personal hard copy immediately. We will then communicate the need to update your electric copies as those updates are applied to


April 17th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd


May 15th, 17th, 21st, 22nd


June 12th, 14th, 17th, 18th


July 17th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd


August 14th, 16th, 19th, 20th

Please contact Sam Barnes at ext. 6143 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the new Scope of Practice testing schedule.

the Extranet. For questions, please contact a member of Learning and Development. 3

Burnette/Nobles Safety Award Submit your nominations today for the 2013 Burnette/Nobles Safety Award! What is the Burnette/Nobles Safety Award? The Burnette/Nobles Safety Award was established by the Charlotte Association of Insurance Professionals to honor CMPD officers, John Burnette and Andy Nobles who were killed in the line of duty in 1993. The award recognizes police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel who have continuously made a positive impact in their community. Medic will send the selected 2013 Burnette/Nobles Safety Award recipient to the annual awards banquet in May. Ideal Nominee

 A Medic employee who actively works to improve his or her community and seeks out and promotes positive change within the Agency. Nomination Process 

Log onto the Extranet and click the 2013 Burnette-Nobles Safety Award Nomination in the Scrolling News Section


Complete the requested information & click the submit button


Your Nomination Submission is Complete!

Benefits Statements

Salute to Heroes Game

Medic has remained dedicated to our employees to provide excellent and competitive benefits as part of every

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for the 8th annual Salute to Heroes game on

employee’s total compensation package. A confidential Total Benefits and Compensation Statement has been prepared for each full time Medic employee which summarizes the total

Sunday, April 7th at Time Warner Cable Arena. The cost of game tickets

cost for benefits for both the employee and Medic as of December 31st, 2012. This summary also includes a total compensation amount and we hope that all of this information is valuable to you for any type of financial

are $10 or $20, depending on seating. You get two games for the price of one! First, there

planning you may need.

is the Charlotte Checkers game. During the Checkers game, there will be several special activities in place to honor and recognize our outstanding employees.

The Total Benefits and Compensation Statement was mailed to employee’s homes on Tuesday, March 5th. Please be sure to check your mail for this confidential Total Benefits Compensation Statement. If you have any questions relating

The second game is where we take to the ice! Come support Medic and the Charlotte Fire Department as they prepare to reclaim their championship title against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

to any information regarding your statement (reminder – this information was as of December 31st, 2012), please contact Human Resources at Thank you! 4

March Birthdays Medic would like to extend special birthday wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday in the month of March: Douglas Valot

March 1

Erin Mitchell

March 13

Eric Hall

March 23

Adam Walker

March 1

Sergio Niosi

March 13

Shelly Miller

March 24

Leigh Taibe

March 3

K.C. Bernesser

March 14

Yolanda Edmonds March 25

David Toney

March 4

Stacen Smith

March 14

Julio Gonzalez

March 25

Gabrielle Pegram March 4

Sam Pendlay

March 15

Morgan Kettles

March 25

Jacob Lowe

March 8

Jeffrey Williams

March 18

Donald Creason

March 25

Alan Blankenship

March 8

Scott Blair

March 19

Michelle Correll

March 29

Dustin Edwards

March 9

Matthew Hestwood March 19

Nicholas Heasley

March 29

Darlene Hicks

March 9

Reza Jarrahizadeh

March 21

Paul Burns

March 30

Daniel Nielson

March 11

Joan Wisham

March 22

Andrew Tucker

March 31

Joseph Milner

March 11

William Carter

March 22

Brian Smith

March 12

Brandon Voss

March 22

Certified Paramedics Needed Medic is working hard to get the word out …WE NEED TALENTED, CERTIFIED PARAMEDICS! You are our best resource for great candidates! Do you know a recent or soon-to-be graduate from an accredited Paramedic training course? Do you know a Paramedic in other areas or another state that would like to move to Charlotte and work at Medic? Do you know Paramedics that would want to work here? Do you have a favorite website to post Paramedic opportunities? Do you have connections from your alma mater? If so, refer them to work at Medic and you could earn a $3,000 referral bonus (please make sure your name is listed on their application). The Paramedic new hires also receive a $3,000 sign-on bonus and up to $3,000 in relocation repayment. Interested applicants should visit to access Medic’s employment application and all required documents. For more information, contact a member of the Agency’s Human Resources Department today at to send us your ideas. 5

February Commendations Congratulations to the following employees who received commendations during the month of February! Benjamin Astrike (2)

David Garber

Erin Lee

Scott Rinehults

Daniel Baffaro

Tracy Gaskins

Marcus Lee (2)

Emil Ruiz

Jason Barr (2)

Dena Gaston

Megan Lee

John Ryan

Luis Barrera

Jennifer Gilmore

Malcolm Leirmoe (3)

Chris Scata-Penny

Lukas Biebinger

Mike Gilmore (3)

Kenneth Lockard

Chris Simmons (2)

Jay Black (2)

Jeff Glenn

Vashti Lynch

David Simonini

Jeffery Boyles (2)

Noah Godbey (2)

Karim Mahmoud

Thomas Slack (2)

Amanda Burdette (4)

Robert Graf

Mikhail Makarov (2)

Andrew Smith (2)

Paul Burns

Stephanie Gray

Jackie Manley

Jerome Souza (2)

Michelle Caldwell (3)

David Hawks (3)

Tim Marshburn

Ian Starkey

Scottie Carriker (2)

David Hewitt

Courtenay Martinsen

Gene Starnes

Jamey Center

Marie Hildreth (2)

Randy McKown

Christina Stauber (2)

Treven Cherry

Sarah Hinson (3)

Milan Merges

Matt Stegall

Stephen Church

David Hodnett

Joseph Milner

Chris Stephens

Heather Clay

Nicolette Hodnett

Shelby Modisett (2)

Heather Teague

Emily Cole (3)

Ryan Hollifield

Ethan Parker

Jeffrey Thompson

J. Conroy

Samuel Hord

Robert Parker

Maureen Townes

Ashley Cummings

Anthony Hull

Anne Pentland (2)

John Wagner

Kennedy Deese

John Hunt

Beth Pethel

Patricia Whaples

Chelsea Dewell

Jason Jeffares (2)

David Phillips

Andrew Williams

Michael Dudkowski

Sam Jones

Hillary Ramsey

Jeffery Williams

Alan Elam

Chad Kennedy

Adamo Riascos

Jesse Wolfram

Cheryl Eudy

Allen Kersey

Kenneth Richardson

Wilson Woods

John Fisher

Kristin King

Brandis Ridenhour

Andrew Wooten

Derek Frazita

Siobhan Klass

Michael Rider

Tim Gable (2)

Eric Koelbl

Beth Rimmer


March Corporate Compliance Required Employee Attendance Stephanie Benson, Adam Bolinger, Nickolas Bringolf, Ronisha Carr, Emily Cole, Carrie Cole, Michael Conklin, Yolanda Edmonds, Miguel Flechas, Joseph Gilchrist, Rebekah HartO’Sullivan, Katie Henderson, John Hunt, Jennifer Johnson, Chad Kennedy, Margaret Kingsley, Robbie Lamb, Shari Lambeth, Pen Lee, Emily Little, Alan Maness, Anna McCarley, Elisabeth Mitchell, Hunter Mitchell, Jim Norris, Tyler North, Keith Overcash, Ethan Parker, Christopher Peet, Gary Richardson, Andrew Rowley, John Ryan, Thomas Slack, Lindsay Smith, Jerome Souza, Greg Truesdell, Brandon Voss, Adam Walker, Troy White, Jonathan Wilford and Bill Woods. **Please Note: If your Annual Performance Review was in February and you did not attend a February class you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a March class.** Information Updates: 

The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 2 ½ hours.


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions.


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions. 7

March 2013 Sun






Sat 1B



10 A

11 B







Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance



12 B

13 A

14 A

15 B

16 B

20 B

21 B

22 A

23 A

29 B

30 A

Corporate Compliance 1300—1600

17 B

18 A

19 A

FISDAP Testing 0900, 1300 & 1800

24 A

25 B

26 B

27 A

Burnette-Nobles Safety Award Nomination Deadline

28 A

Corporate Compliance

Medic Offices Closed


Good Friday

2013 Training Schedule

In-Service Training Medic Events Holidays

March Corporate Compliance Trainings

FISDAP Testing Dates 

Wednesday, March 20th 0900, 1300, 1800


Thursday, March 28th 1400—1700

Recertification Testing 

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


Medic Dispatch - March 18th, 2013  
Medic Dispatch - March 18th, 2013  

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