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February 24, 2014

The Medic Dispatch Mecklenburg EMS Agency: News From The Front Line

Performance Pay Update  The group performance pay program is heavily tied to overall patient satisfaction

 Teamwork Between EMS Personnel is the #1 driver of overall patient satisfaction; if it takes a big hit, overall patient satisfaction isn’t going to be far behind. Thank you to everyone for these impressive patient satisfaction scores. Let’s continue to stay focused as we enter the final week of this current tracking period.

Outstanding Job! The latest Performance Pay Update shows outstanding performance in our patient satisfaction scores over the last two months. Thank you to everyone for your hard work in providing excellent patient care, it does matter.

As you can see from the above chart, our overall patient satisfaction scores continue to exceed the goal of 68% and currently stand at an impressive 70%! Let’s use this momentum and continue the positive trend through the rest of the tracking period by being mindful of the following key points: 1

From the Desk of Joe Penner: Winter Storm Follow Up 4WD vehicles

(Gary even let me help!)

 Effective communication across the Agency

 Excellent collaboration across

I want to recognize your outstanding effort during this month’s historic snowstorm. While the weather conditions were the worst we’ve encountered in more than a decade, Medic successfully applied the lessons learned from our experiences during the 2004 winter storm:

 Targeted management of resource deployment

 Implementation of the closest facility destination protocol

 Use of updated assets, such as snow chain systems and Agency

County and State Agencies and deployment of resources While this was overall a very difficult event, I am proud of everyone in Medic rising to meet the challenge and continuing to provide Mecklenburg County with the excellent level of care they rely on each of us to provide. To this point:

 Numerous employees slept at Medic during the storm to ensure they could safely make their next shift on time

 Many members of Agency Leadership crisscrossed the county to pick up and drop off employees who needed rides

 Numerous employees came in on their days off to fill the schedule

 Many field crews extended their shifts to ensure adequate system coverage One final point – many of you have asked about the storm’s impact to Total Task Time (TTT). The impact to performance was an increase of only 2 seconds to a total of 68 minutes, 22 seconds for the tracking period (two difficult days vs. >80 great days!). So, as long as we continue to perform as we were prior to the storm, we will hit the target! Thank you again for your continued hard work and commitment to this Agency. Many thanks! - Joe

Heart Month 2014: Chef Sherri Beauchamp Recap Medic would like to thank everyone who stopped by and participated in the Chef-on-Site event last Thursday and Friday.

congratulate Heart Month contest winners: Jeff Williams, Lester Bailey, Christy Iyoob, Mike Stratton & Laurie Feola!

Congratulations to Paramedic Michael Moore for winning the Healthy Eating Contest Grand Prize, a Seasonal Kitchen gift certificate valued at over $300!! We would also like to

Don’t forget, a FREE, customized 30 -minute phone consultation is still available for all Medic employees. Licensed nutritionist, chef and wellness guru Chef Sherri Beauchamp received several helpful suggestions/observations from employees that could increase their healthy eating options. Here are a


few employee recommendations for healthy eating while on the go:

 Greek yogurt with berries and granola

 Cottage cheese with blueberries and sliced almonds

 Hard boiled eggs  Whole fruit Visit the Extranet -> Employee Health Services -> Health Matters to access last week’s featured Quinoa Salad & Brownie Bites recipes.

January Commendations Congratulations to the following employees who received commendations during the month of January!

Alan Elam

Elizabeth Kennedy

John Fisher

Margaret Kingsley (2)

Shane Anaya

Ed Clay

Jenna Galanti

Eric Koelbl (2)

Lester Bailey

Carrie Cole (2)

William Gibson

Dan Baltimore

Michael Conklin (2)

David Barbato (2)

Ethan Parker

Crystal Strong

Chris Pinto

Andy Tinson

Adamo Riascos (2)

Doug Valot (2)

Brandis Ridenhour (2)

Matt West

Erin Lee

Ray Hanna

Bobbi Lindsey (2)

Scott Rinehults

Russell Harrell

Vashti Lynch

Veronica Westover

J. Conroy

Shannon Helms (2)

Milan Merges (2)

Johnny Sampson Tonya Whitesides

Luis Barrera

Dale Cordice

Stacey Hughes

Lars Morch

Rebecca Boyce

Patrick Crane

Michael Schmidt Andrew Williams

Anthony Hull

Jeffrey Boyles

John Crunk (2)

Thomas Muhammad

Ben Shaw

Alli Brinzey

Katie Currin

Audrey Hunt

Brian Murphy

Landon Bush

Waldy DeArmas

Michelle Caldwell

Matthew Deedrick

Brendan Hutson Jeremy Murphy (2)

Renee Canup

Michael Dudkowski

Andrew Innerfield (2)

Sergio Niosi

Matt Johnson

Don Overcash

Pamela Wykle

Karen Sherard Stacen Smith Chris Somerset Gene Starnes Matt Stegall

Safety Glasses In response to employee feedback regarding the comfort and functionality of key PPE items, beginning today, February 24th, employees will have an opportunity to pick up a new pair of safety glasses from the Logistics window. Here is what you need to know about your new safety glasses:

 Each pair will come with a break away lanyard

 The glasses and lanyard will need to be signed out through

the OST window

 Each employee is responsible for the care and use of their safety glasses. Replacements are limited and will need to be signed for.

 Safety glasses must be used in conjunction with the PPE Policy/ Exposure Control Policy which states: “Wear appropriate face and eye protection when splashes, sprays, spatters, or droplets of blood or OPIM pose a hazard to the eye, nose, or 3

mouth.” This policy can be found on the Extranet under Employee Health Services.

 Any questions reference the use of the new safety glasses or the policies pertaining to the use of the safety glasses can be directed to Amy Johnson – We value your input and believe this is a positive step in improving resources provided to you.

Snow Makeup Sessions


Makeup Medical Director Briefing Sessions

 Monday, February 24th beginning at 1000

 Tuesday, February 25th beginning Medical Services has scheduled the following dates and times as makeup sessions for the Medical Director Briefings & FISDAP testing due to last week’s inclement weather.

at 1800

 Wednesday, February 26th beginning at 1630 Makeup FISDAP Testing Sessions

Please review the information below and log on to the LMS at https://

 Wednesday, February 26th to register for your makeup session.

 Thursday, February 27th

beginning at 0900 beginning at 0900 & 1500

CMC – University will install new, automatic doors for its ambulance entrance next Wednesday, February 26th. Crews are instructed to please use the old triage door during this time. The hospital will also post signage to help direct crews to the correct entrance. Thank you.

Thank you.

Salute to Heroes Game Tickets Now Available! The cost of game tickets are $10 or $20, depending on seating. Tickets include the Charlotte Checkers game starting at 1:30 pm and our game immediately following. Come out & support Medic and the Charlotte Fire Department as they take to the ice! To purchase your Salute to Heroes tickets, please contact Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178 in the PR department. Mark your calendars and join us Join us for the 9th annual Salute to Heroes game on Sunday, March 30th at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Thank you.

Post Game Party The Salute to Heroes committee will host a post game celebration at Prohibition Tavern on the corner of Tryon and 5th Streets on Sunday, March 30th. The tavern will be closed to the public from 1730 until 0900 for our event. Food and certain beverages will be complimentary for anyone who attends. IMPORTANT KEY POINTS

 The Post Game Party is an unofficial Medic gathering

 Because this is an unofficial Medic gathering, please refrain from wearing any Medic gear while in attendance to this event 4

2014 Rotary Scholarship Applications Due Next Monday Did you know the annual Rotary Public Safety Scholarship only receives one to two Medic applications per year? Don’t leave free money on the table! Apply for this year’s Rotary Public Safety Scholarship Fund and help ease the cost of higher education for your child(ren). The Rotary Public Safety Scholarship Fund provides scholarships of up to $1,500 to undergraduate students who are children of Charlotte area public

safety personnel. Scholarship awards will be made based on academic merit, financial need and community service. To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must submit the minimum eligibility requirements below and submit their application and

 Are high school seniors intending to enter a two-year or four-year degree program

 Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale)

supporting documents no later

 Demonstrate financial need

than NEXT Monday, March 3rd.

For more information on the Rotary Public Safety Scholarship Fund or to download the official application form, please visit

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

 Mother and/or father are fulltime employees of the Charlotte Fire Department, CharlotteMecklenburg Police Department (CMPD), Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office or Medic, with a

Share the Health!

Please mail your completed application to: Foundation For The Carolinas 217 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

Field Crew Reminders

demonstrate the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to stir things up and get people excited about adopting a healthier lifestyle then we want you!!

Medic has committed to creating a culture of health at the workplace. We’re looking for new ways for employees to engage in healthier behaviors and you’re invited to help us achieve our goals.

minimum of one year of service.

Being on the committee is a great way to help your coworkers and share your skills and talents. We ask that you commit to at least one year as a committee member (meetings held 6-8 times per year plus events.) If interested please send an email to no later than this Friday, February 28th.

We are looking for employees interested in joining the Wellness Committee. If you are ready to

Field Crews are encouraged to be mindful of the following information:

 Please remember to park in the designated Medic space at CFD Station 32 and avoid parking in the general parking lot. There are not enough parking spaces during shift change for all the firefighters and the Medic unit to park there safely.

 Please remember to cancel county first responders when Medic arrives on scene first and the first responders are not needed. Thank you.


February Birthdays Medic would like to extend special birthdays wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday in the month of February: Jim Emerson

February 1

Malcolm Leirmoe

February 1

John White

February 7

Lukas Biebinger

February 21

Aaron Shreffler

February 7

Donald Eslick

February 21

Lisa Wilson

February 8

Alexis Perkel

February 23

Kaari Keranen

February 9

Rebecca Lee

February 10

Marian Earwood- February 24 Hackert

Emil Ruiz

February 11

Chris Steele

February 24

Mark Peck

February 1 February 1

Derek Rogers

February 12

Claudia Tetenbaum

February 24

Jason Howie Jason Jeffaries

February 2

Ute Dorflinger

February 13

Jonathan Varalli

February 25

Jake Ellison

February 2

Carol Toms

February 14

Jesse Wolfram

February 26

Tim Gable

February 2

Brad Howell

February 14

Jason Harbert

February 26

Courtenay Martinsen

February 3

Justin Pfund

February 15

Jeremy Murphy

February 27

Chuck Voglewede

February 4

Matt Stegall

February 15

February 5

Tommy Neugebauer

February 16

Robin Lamb Brent Cail

February 5

Tim Garwood

February 16

David Hewitt

February 5

Karim Mahmoud

February 17

Mali Green

February 5

Rebecca Boyce

February 17

Rebecca Kozinski

February 5

Mark Hayes

February 18

Jennifer Strout

February 6

Ben Harris

February 19

Eric Koelbl

February 6

Andrew Rowley

February 19

ePro Scheduler Notification Feature on your cell phone?

Want faster notification of overtime shift assignments, vacation approvals and other schedule changes? What if you could receive this information

The ePro Scheduler Notification Preference feature makes it possible for Medic employees to receive important schedule information/ updates from the convenience of their cell phone without having to log onto a desktop computer. To sign up, simply log onto ePro Scheduler and use the following pathway: 6

Basic User Interface—> Miscellaneous—> Custom Links—> Notification Preference For questions about the ePro Scheduler Notification feature, please contact the Scheduling Department at

March Corporate Compliance Sessions

Required Attendance

Stephanie Benson, Nickolas Bringolf, Ronisha Carr, Emily Cole, Carrie Cole, Michael Conklin, Yolanda Edmonds, Miguel Flechas, Joseph Gilchrist, Rebekah Hart -O’Sullivan, Katie Henderson, John Hunt, Jennifer Johnson, Chad Kennedy, Margaret Kingsley, Robbie Lamb, Shari Lambeth, Bobbi Lindsey, Nicholas Lommerse, Alan Maness, Anna McCarley, Masayo McCormick, Elisabeth Mitchell, Hunter Mitchell, Tyler Mohr, Tyler North, Ethan Parker, Macon Parker,

Christopher Peet, Gary Richardson, Andrew Rowley, John Ryan, Thomas Slack, Lindsay Smith, Greg Truesdell, Thomas Ulmer, Brandon Voss, Adam Walker, Troy White and Jonathan Wilford. Please note: If your Annual Performance Review was in February and you did not attend a February class, you must contact Amy Johnson and attend a March class. Information Updates: 

Please register for your Corporate Compliance Training session through the LMS



The duration of the Medic Safety & Compliance Training sessions is 4 hours.


Attendees will be paid for the total time spent in class and each employee with an Annual Performance Review in that month must attend one of the available Compliance Training Sessions.


Compliance sessions are held next to the Medic Fitness Center, please contact Amy Johnson at for directions.

February 2014 Sun






Sat 1B 2014 Heart Month Begins





Corporate Compliance




14 B

15 B

21 A

22 A

Corporate Compliance




10 B

11 B

12 A

13 A

18 A

19 B

20 B

Corporate Compliance 0800—1200

16 B

17 A Bobcats Tickets Payment Deadline Stars of Life Submission Deadline

Medic Inservice

Corporate Compliance

Medic Inservice

Medic Inservice


Corporate Compliance




Medic Night at Time Warner Cable Arena


Medic Inservice 1800—2200

23 A

24 B

Game Stars at 1900

25 B

Medic Inservice 1200—1600 1800—2200

26 A Medic Inservice 1200—1600

Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001

Visit Us on the Web!





Medic InService

2014 Training Schedule


Medic Events

27 A

February InService Dates & Times:  Monday, February 24th 1200—1600 & 1800—2200  Wednesday, February 26th 1200—1600 & 1800—2200  Thursday, February 27th 1800—2200

28 B

Final dispatch 02 24 14  
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