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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line January 9, 2012

Mecklenburg EMS

Performance Pay Update

Agency Dates to Remember: January 10th Compliance Training 1000—1900 January 10th Scope Of Practice Testing 1300—1700 January 11th Scope Of Practice Testing 0900—1500 January 12th Scope Of Practice Testing 0900—1500

We have completed the first two months of the second tracking period of FY 2012. All areas are tracking well with the exception of patient satisfaction. At 67%, our patient satisfaction

This Week: 2

scores have taken a hit since our last update.

January InService Dates


Please be reminded that the target for Patient Satisfaction is 68% excellent. The good news is that there is still plenty of time to make improvements in order to raise our Patient Satisfaction score.

Siren Tablet Log-in Notice


How to Check Your Timecard


Code Rupture

Regardless of the type of medical concern a patient we treat is dealing with, they still judge the level of service they receive and they very well may end up on the other end of one of our patient satisfaction surveys. Please continue to deliver the very best in excellent patient care and

IT Equipment Needs


use AIDET when interacting with patients and their families as the group performance payout is heavily tied to overall patient satisfaction. Remember, priority one patients count on clinical care while priority three patients often need compassion.

New Operations Hot Sheet


We still have an opportunity to secure an overall patient satisfaction score of 68% over the

Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


next two months. Continue to stay focused and provide excellent patient care on every call. Thank you for all that you do to help Medic succeed as an Agency. We couldn’t do it without you! 1

Airport Coverage and Media Event On January 1st, 2012, Medic officially launched dedicated EMS Coverage at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. During the month of December, employees selected for Airport Teams familiarized themselves with airport layout, procedures and operations and emergency carts were outfitted with Medic equipment and branding. In addition, the Medic PR Department met with airport officials and discussed a media event to educate the community on the increased level of care inside airport terminals. There will be strong media engagement to promote Medic’s presence at the airport in the coming weeks; both sides agreed to allow operations to begin and work out any kinks prior to such an initiative. The Media Event will take place on the secure side of the airport and will include interviews and footage of our teams in action. Once a date is officially confirmed for the Media Event, an announcement will be made agency-wide. Medic is extremely honored to be providing ALS level EMS coverage to passengers, crew, visitors and employees of the airport. We will continue to keep you updated on any and all developments related to our presence at the airport.

Code Rupture In the coming months, CMC will be instituting a new algorithm called “Code Rupture.” This algorithm pertains to patients Medic may transfer from outlying facilities that are experiencing a leaking or ruptured aortic aneurysm (AAA). The changes for us involves the disposition of these patients on arrival at CMC. The procedure is as follows: 1. Crew will be notified at sending facility of “Code Rupture”. 2. Patient will be managed as needed by the attending crew. 3. On early encode to CMC, please make them aware as to the patient’s hemodynamic status.

 If the patient is hemodynamically stable (BP > 80) the patient will be delivered to the ED as usual.

 If the patient is hypotensive (BP <80 for >10 mins.), you will be escorted to the OR by security or someone from the ED. 4. Manage the airway via BVM/OPA only. DO NOT place ANY other airway adjunct. 5. If the patient arrests in transit then “Code Rupture” is cancelled and the patient is treated per Signal 9 protocol. 2

Medication Reference Cards

January InService Dates

Medical Services has now completed a reference card for each medication we carry. Each employee is strongly encourage to review the new reference cards prior to the start of January InService.

Please be advised of the dates and times for the January sessions of Medic InService below. Be sure to register for ONE of the January sessions. Sign-up sheets are located in the Bay Area near the door to Scheduling.

The new reference cards can be found in PDF format on the Extranet located directly underneath Patient Care Protocols. If you are have any questions or are unable to view/download the reference cards, please contact Trevor

All employees must be in uniform. Each Medic InService session will be held in the Medic Auditorium. Please contact a member of the Medical Services department if you have any questions.

Taylor at ext. 6025 or via e-mail at As a reminder, both the reference cards and protocols may be accessed as followed:

 Log into “My Medic” from the home page.  Click the Training and Education tab at the top of the page  Click on Professional License Requirements on the left side of the page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find each document.


January 17th



January 19th



January 20th



January 23rd

0800—1200 1800—2200


Team Performance

January 25th


2012 Shift Calendars The 2012 Medic Shift Calendars have arrived! Calendars were distributed and placed into each employee’s mailbox before the Christmas holiday. Please be sure to contact Nikkie Perry at if you did not receive a 2012 Medic Shift Calendar.

Operations Supervisor, Tony Pattillo awards Ed Clay with the commendation for the best 2011 Hospital Time on his team!

Congratulations to Relief Operations Supervisor, Ed Clay for his outstanding performance! Ed recently received a commendation for achieving the best 2011 Hospital Time (26:00) among his peers on Operations Supervisor, Tony Pattillo’s team. We are extremely proud of your hard work and dedication to the delivery of excellent patient care. 3

Siren Tablet Log-In Notice In order for our patient transports to be billed properly, it is imperative that all crew members listed on a patient care report have the correct certification level listed. We are currently refining the process to capture and update certification levels within Siren when upgrades (EMT to Paramedic) occur. Medical Services is aware that a number of employees have certification levels that are incorrect when you initially log in (these should be corrected, very soon). While a process is being developed to ensure that upgrades are captured and updated in Siren, we are asking that all employees ensure that your certification level is correctly listed when you log in. If it is not correct, you can change it during the log in process. This will have to be done every time you log in until the crew level is changed on your Siren account. If you are listed with the wrong certification when you initially log in to Siren, please send an e-mail to and changes will be made to your account to reflect correct the default level. As always, if you have any other questions regarding Siren, please feel free to contact Brian at ext. 6142or via e-mail at

Scope of Practices Dates

2012 Medic Fitness Challenge Coming in February:

Scope of Practice testing will be held on the following dates in January:

Medic’s Wellness Committee wants to help you make this the year to lose weight, get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Employees have the chance to achieve their fitness goals and WIN CASH.

 Tuesday, January 10


1300 to 1700  Wednesday, January 11th

Space in the new program will be limited.

0900 to 1500

Look for details in upcoming issues of the Medic Dispatch and around Post 100 & the new annex building.

 Thursday, January 12th 0900 to 1500 The Scope of Practice test will include a pediatric medical scenario, megacode and trauma scenario as well as a written portion. Employees whose credentials are set to expire in January, February or March 2012 are encouraged to sign up for one of the above test dates. Individuals should plan for approximately three hours to complete the entire test. Please contact a member of Medical Services to sign up for your Scope of Practice test date. 4

Payroll or Timecard Questions

How to Check Your Timecard Medic employees have the ability to access and review their timecard for any possible errors before payroll is processed. Here are two ways employees can check their timecard:

In the Crew Lounge  Click on the Kronos desktop

icon  Log into Kronos with your Medic user name  and password  In the My Information tab, select My Timecard

The Scheduling department is happy to answer your payroll and/or timecard-related questions. Employees are encouraged to send their payroll/timecard questions or correction requests to Please be sure to include both the date(s) and the number of hours in question.

From the Medic Homepage    

Click on My Medic Log into the Extranet with your Medic username and password Select Kronos and log in using your Medic username and password  In the My Information tab, select My Timecard

**REMINDER: Medic employees are required to complete a yellow form in the event of a missed punch. Field employees must clock in and out for your shift.**

Medic Annual Compliance Training

Newest Crew Chiefs

One-day a week training sessions, dedicated to Annual Compliance Training, have begun this month. The training will consist of OSHA, Corporate Compliance, HIPAA, etc. Field crews will attend the full 8-hours of training, while

Congratulations to the following former Relief Crew Chiefs who have recently been upgraded to Crew Chief status! These individuals have a history of strong performance and dedication to the Agency. Please be sure to congratulate all

Admin employees will attend the second half of the class. Anyone who has an ARD in that month is required to attend ONE of the training sessions during that month.

of them on their outstanding career achievement:

Annual Reviews will be affected if Annual Compliance Training is not attended in the month of your review. Below are the dates/times of the January sessions that will be in the Admin Conference Room:


Alexis Perkel


Christy Iyoob


Lucas Gale


Nina Bost


• Jan 10 1000-1900

Jan 17th 0700-1600

• Jan 25th 1000-1900

Employees scheduled for January attendance are: Michael Baxley, Missy Caldwell, Todd Childers, Jason Crump, Mariann Earwood, Reza Jarrahizdeh, Shawn Kersey, Ryan Lowe, Amanda Mackey, Steve McAuley, Nikkie Perry, Kenny Phillips, Tom Porcelli, Adamo Riascos, Bryan Runyan, Chris Simmons, Jamie Stanford, John Stroup, Cliff Tavares, Brian Thomas and William Walton. 5

IT Equipment Needs The IT department is proud to unveil a new, more convenient way to secure your IT equipment and Services needs! The new IT Service Catalog allows users to select their specific IT equipment and or Service needs via a convenient drop down menu to the IT department. The IT Service Catalog also indicates to users the amount of notice required to complete their order. The new IT Service Catalog will be used to secure incoming IT equipment requests and Services moving forward. **Please note the time requirements associated with each request, so please plan accordingly. Please contact IT Manager, Teresa Womble at if you have any questions about the new IT Service Catalog process.** Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how to access the IT Service Catalog: 1. Log onto the IT Service Help Desk 2. Click the Service Catalog tab at the top of the screen or click the secondary Service Catalog button (as highlighted in yellow). 3. From there, please select your IT equipment or Service need(s) from the menu options list



New Operations Hot Sheet Medic has a new way to distribute important, timely information to field employees. The Operations Hot Sheet will be used as a new communication tool to convey IMPORTANT or EMERGENT information related to the field. The Operations Hot Sheet is a faster way to distribute important information.

HOW IT WORKS:  An Operations HOT SHEET will be created and distributed as soon as there is an important communication to the field needed.

 The HOT SHEET will be copied on BRIGHT RED paper and will be distributed by the OSTs when employees check out their computers and drug boxes.

 The HOT SHEET must be signed out along with these materials.  HOT SHEETS can also contain previously communicated information, if it is still relevant.

THE PROCESS:  The Medic PR Department will help to create, copy and distribute the Operations HOT SHEET.  Once a department head determines that a mass communication needs to be distributed to field employees, they must first received approval from a Deputy Director.

 With Deputy Director Approval, the PR Department is then contacted to help craft the communication.  Once contact is made, the following information needs to be supplied to either Nikkie Perry via e-mail at or Kristin Young via e-mail at

 Please supply the following information:  Brief Summary or Bullet Points of what needs to be communicated (the who, what, why, when and how)  The Priority of the Communication  Level 1—Immediate (highest importance)  Level 2—By 5:00 pm (that same business day)  Level 3—By 5:00 pm (the next business day)  Once the communication is created by the PR Department, a rough draft will be sent back to the department head for approval

 The Operations HOT SHEET is then placed at the logistics window for all employees to sign for when they pick up their computers and drug boxes. If you have questions about how the Operations Hot Sheet will work, contact your direct supervisor or PR Manager, Kristin Young at ext. 6165 or


January 2012 Sun





Wed 3B

Thu 4A

New Year’s Day

Compliance Training








12 B

13 A

14 A

20 B

21 B

Medic Offices Closed



10 A Scope of Practice Testing

11 B


Scope of Practice Testing

Scope of Practice Testing

Compliance Training




15 A

16 B

17 B

18 A

19 A

January InService

MLK Holiday


January InService

January InService

Medic Office sClosed

Compliance Training




22 B

23 A

24 A

26 B

27 A

January InService

January InService



Compliance Training


29 A

25 B


30 B

31 B


2012 Training Schedule



Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

Important Notes about 2012 AHA Refresher Classes at CPCC 

To register, call CPCC at 704.330.4223


All classes will be held at CPCC’s CENTRAL CAMPUS in the BELK Building.


Actual classroom number will be given at time of preregistration


A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.

4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001 Visit Us on the Web!


FISDAP Test Results will be forthcoming.

28 A

Medic Dispatch - January 9th, 2012  

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