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October 11, 2011


All Field Operations


Barry Bagwell – Deputy Director


Airport Coverage Announcement

When will Medic begin providing EMS coverage at the Airport? Medic is scheduled to begin providing dedicated EMS coverage inside the terminals at Charlotte‐Douglas International Airport starting in January 2012. What will be the hours of coverage? Medic will provide dedicated EMS coverage seven days a week, 16 hours per day between the hours of 0600—2200. Historical call volume data was used to determine the hours for airport EMS coverage. Who will be eligible to provide airport EMS coverage? The selection process has yet to be determined. However, Medic will establish strict criteria based on an employee’s work history. Performance matters! While there will be a number of different variables in the selection process, an individual’s performance and reliability will be weighed heavily to help make the final selection of airport field crew members. Will the airport coverage be a permanent assignment for selected field crews? No. Crew schedules for the airport will rotate among the employees that are selected for this assignment. Each team will rotate from their regular schedule to the airport for a two (2) week period and then return to their regular assignment. The Agency is still in the process of determining the number of crews that will be selected, however initial estimates place the number somewhere between 40 ‐45 Paramedics and EMTs. How many field crews will provide coverage on a daily basis? Medic will dedicate two teams per day to provide EMS coverage to the airport. Each team will consist of one Paramedic and one EMT. The first team will be on‐duty from 0600—1800, while the second team will be on‐duty from 1000—2200.

The staggered scheduled allows Medic eight hours of blocked time in which both teams will be on‐duty. What types of resources will be afforded to the selected airport crews? Charlotte‐Douglas International Airport will provide Medic with three electric carts; two for the Medic teams and one that will be strategically positioned in concourse E near the commuter flights area. Medic will also have its own designated space within the terminal building including internet access, telephone, TV, etc. No ambulance will be stationed at the airport. Selected crews will report directly to the airport instead of reporting to Post 100. Crew members will be provided with parking passes for quick, free access to the airport parking decks. How will airport crews be dispatched? The process will work similar to a 9‐1‐1 request that occurs anywhere within Charlotte/Mecklenburg. When a person dials the emergency number within the terminal, they will be connected to the security control room. Security personnel will obtain the location of the emergency and the nature of problem. After this point, they will transfer the caller to CMED. CMED personnel will then process the incident though the same EMD protocols that they utilize for all other situations. CMED personnel will also be responsible for the dispatch and tracking of Medic crews with the airport. It is important to note that Medic crews stationed at the airport will only be responsible for areas inside the airport terminal. Responses to incidents outside the terminal (tarmac, parking decks, etc.) will be handled as they are today (first responder/Medic unit). Will the protocols be the same in the airport as it is in the field? Yes. Both Dr. Swanson and I will meet to determine if any adjustments or modifications to our existing protocols are needed as part of providing EMS coverage to the airport. Will first responders still be called in? Airport police will maintain their EMT certification and will be onsite to support Medic crews. CFD will continue to assist airport crews based on the priority of the patient and/or as other circumstances dictate.

What will we do to leverage our visibility in the public through this opportunity? There is no question that this is a high visibility opportunity for Medic, and we intend to make the most of it. The emergency response carts will be adorned with Medic’s logo and we will reinforce the importance of following Medic’s standards of behavior in the Airport with crew members, as we will have more than 30,000,000 opportunities to make a strong impression on passengers each year. We have also discussed strategic partnership opportunities with the airport and its tenants related to community engagement on health related topics such as CPR and AED awareness. These opportunities will develop over time once we have our core mission at the airport fully implemented. For questions about the Airport Coverage Announcement, please contact Deputy Director, Barry Bagwell at Please be on the lookout for further communications via Medic Dispatch, e�mail and MedTV as more details become available.

Airport Coverage Announcement  

Medic's new contract w/ Charlotte-Douglas Airport

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