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Today’s Business Travel World

Guideline to P1- Business travel Operations – Unit 10

Describe the current business travel environment P1:

Main introduction: Write a brief introduction about the assignment SECTION A What is business travel ? 1. Give a detailed description regarding different types of Business Travel –  Incentive travel  Exhibitions and trade fairs  Conferences and meetings  Corporate events Learners’ descriptions need to show awareness that not all types of business agents deal with all types of business travel

SECTION B: 1. What is the Role of Business Agencies 2. Describe different types of business agencies ( example independent agencies) 3. What products and Services do these business agents offers- include management of customer’s travel

expenditures, negotiation with suppliers and products and services provided by suppliers. Make sure that you include brief definition of the following: Accommodation only; Full service scheduled flights including detail on the different Classes of service available; Low cost flights; Transfers and ancillary sales.

ConclusionConclusion is your opinion about the business travel environment

Business Travel Operations Guideline