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Kyla Costa *


Speaks to Fix about presenting, fame, Lara Croft and whole host of wisdom...

Tell us a bit about what you do? I’m currently a student radio presenter determined to break into the national radio scene! I have just made my first TV Presenting showreel and would really like to go into that line of work too. Where are you studying? I’m a final year student at Middlesex University studying a BA in Theatre Arts. What are your goals post graduation? Oh wow! Where to start? I’m still trying to break into national radio and it’s no easy feat but I’m determined, - where there’s a will there’s a way! TV presenting is my ultimate goal but I need to get some more experience under my belt first.

into the trap of paying more attention to one interest! I’m just one of those really pedantic people who live through their diary.. I find that you have to be like that, my brain is like a sieve at the best of times so forward planning is a must!


What first inspired you to get into presenting? Believe it or not, it was purely accidental! I went to the first MUD (our radiostation) meeting when it started up as I had an interest in working behind the scenes. I went on air as a guest on a couple of my friends’ show and practically took over, that’s how it all began!

“I’m determined, - where there’s a will there’s a way”

What’s the biggest thing you’ve done so far? Any claims to fame? The most glamourous thing has been either presenting Adam Ficek from Babyshambles on stage at my first uni summer ball, or when Has going to University changed you and I was filmed as an Xfactor style judge for what you want to achieve? ‘Battlebite’. I recently interviewed Andrew Absolutely! Without uni I wouldn’t have Lang, the director of ‘Sons of Cuba’ due in achieved any of this or discovered such a cinemas soon and I’ve just completed a trial passion for presenting. It’s provided me with a as a presenter for ‘Popcorn’, OH!TV’s new film new set of skills and a career path I otherwise review show at the East London Film wouldn’t have considered. Oh, and an amazing Festival’s premier of SUS. I’ve met tons of network of friends who give me continued famous people; I worked the Edinburgh support and belief in my high-flying Fringe last year so I met loads of comedians, aspirations! like Simon Amstell, Omid Djali, Jack Whitehall and worked for the 4 Poofs and a Piano from the Jonathan Ross Show. My How do you juggle studying and friend Nicholas Winterhas just won Best presenting? Director for his feature film ‘Breathe’ It’s a matter of planning ahead and being ‘Breathe’ at the London Independant Film 19 organised with your time, - it’s too easy to fall festival, - make sure you go watch it!

“Without Uni I wouldn’t have achieved any of this”





What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever read about yourself? Probably the blurb written under my school leavers’ photo; ‘Most Likely to be Lara Croft.’


What’s the best piece of advice you can give to people interested in making it in presenting? You have to be determined, Do you have any advice for and in order for that determination to exist as third year students feeling powerfully as it needs to, you the pressure? have to have passion. Like Try not to freak out! Set time with any job in the aside for your work and allow yourself time for socialising and performance industry , you friends.. trust me it will make a have to expect and emotionally prepare for big difference to your health knock-backs because yes, and state of mind! they do happen - you can ask any household names and I can guarantee they will all say they took many knock-backs before they got a foot anywhere near the door. It helps to be positive; whatever hapens, always remember to learn from your experiences, good or bad, and use them to inform your future actions and decisions.

“Whatever happens, always * remember to learn from your experiences...” $






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r “Without Uni I wouldn’t have achieved any of this” “I’m determined, - where there’s a will there’s a way” Tell us a bit about what you do?...

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