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HEY EVERYBODY! Firstly, thanks everyone for all your help and support, we couldn’t have done it without you. The last issue of HiVE (March 2011) took off so well with Mr. Amitabh Bachan coming to inaugurate the issue. We had so many bees working for us that there was too much honey in the HiVE. It was overflowing with the good stuff - comics, photos, articles and news (we had about 124 entries!!!). The feedback from you guys was so fruitful that we have jumped to the next level with this awesome issue. Our publishers - Harper Collins published over 1 million copies of HiVE worldwide, and design students have sent us lots of fanmail. Therefore, it is imperative to dedicate this issue to the involvement of MITID’s students and faculty, and to the world of Design. Let’s keep buzzing! Oh! And by the way! A big congratulations to Dharamsingh Nagra for being awesome. Peace out. --The HiVE team Btw, belated wishes for the (April) Fool’s day!


PEEPAL - - - Prajakta Kulkarni I had a lovely morning on the Prajasattak Din of India. I woke up to the shouts of “Bharat Mata ki Jai!” With a smile, had a cup of chai and watched the parade on TV. I left my house at 12:30 PM with a friend. We had lunch and he dropped me at the Swargate bus stop.

The woman dozed off in a while. After about 15 minutes, the man got up. Without telling the lady and without even trying to wake her up he started to walk towards the exit. I was in a dilemma whether to inform the woman or not. I had no reason to tell an anonymous woman that a blind man was walking out of the door. I kept looking at the woman who was completely asleep with her neck hanging down. Then I looked at the

At 2:00 PM, the sun was bright and hot, and I was waiting at the stop listening to Rehman’s ‘Jage hai der tak’, a very inspiring soundtrack. While at the stop, I saw this tiny little woman tiny old man waiting at the bus I saw this tiny little holding a man, probably her exit. The bus stopped. The man husband, by his hand. He was blind. woman holding a man, got off. The bus left the stop. The The woman’s thumb was bent. The woman was still asleep. After a probably her husband, man must have been blind for many while the bus jerked at a speed by his hand. He was years. Both were dark, about 5 feet breaker. The woman’s dream blind. The woman’s tall and in their mid 40s. The man was broken, and she got up. She was wearing footwear 2 sizes bigger looked around but the man was thumb was bent. The than his feet, and a gray and whitegone. She looked slightly confused. man must have been checkered shirt with pants altered She didn’t get off at the next stop, blind for many years. a bit too high. The woman had no but did so at the one after that. As jewelry or bindi on her but she had the bus started, I saw the lady still green glass bangles in her hands and a gajra in waiting at the spot she got off at, through the her hair ; probably they were coming back from a window, waiting with a lot of questions on her face. wedding. Curiosity is a really bad disease. What if they were She was leading the way and the man was sensing just meant to get off on different stops? What if they the obstacles on the road with his stick. They weren’t? What if the woman was not at all related to stopped right behind me. They didn’t speak a word. that man? What if she was someone close? When the Hadapsar bus arrived, the woman gave How would they communicate if he’d really left her the man a push and he clambered onto the bus. He in the bus by mistake? What if a blind man’s wife made way for himself and the lady with his stick. had her husband go missing, just because she put Two men gave up their seats for them to sit. The her eyes to rest? woman had her hand on his shoulder so that he’d know she’s there.


WORLD CUP FEVER - - - Priyanshi Bhargava ODIs had been bygones since the start of IPLs, but the ICC world cup 2011 steered everyone out of the IPL state of mind. The world cup was hosted by the Indian subcontinent, and the Indian team was one of the favorites. The journey started with a bang against Bangladesh; Sehwag making 175 and India winning the match! Excitement hiked even more when a match against England got tired. But the most heart throbbing moment was when Sachin Tendulkar completed his 99th international ton, hoping to take the count to 100 in the next match. 4 more matches to go and everyone expected India to win them all. By now the world cup fever even got hold of the college so much so that screenings were organized on a projector. From a design studio, the classroom became a mini stadium — with

students cheering aloud on fours and sixes! The match against South Africa was the most controversial one. The projected score was 426, but just as the runs kept coming from the bat, the wickets started to lose and in no time 9 wickets fell for a mere 27 runs. Instead of 426 the Indian innings ended on 296. As people came out during the break time, college ki extra innings happened in the corridors, in front of the tuck shop, logo etc. The conclusion was “It’s on the bowlers now!” The second innings went through ridges for the Indians, and in the last over, Nehra gave a blow to the Indian side resulting in a loss. The match against West Indies was a piece of cake, resulting in a quarter final clashes with the punter’s army. India vs. Australia

photo courtesy: Tanya Bhandari

was a match where there was a drastic change in Indian fielding. We were saving the boundaries, yet Ponting succeeded in making a ton. As the Indian batted, a couple of wickets were lost and the man in form — Yuvraj Singh, again came as a saviour and pulled the match from the Aussies. In the end the invincible and four times world cup champions were out of the tournament losing to India in the quarters. After the Aussies came the semi final rivals, which were none other than the archaic rivals on the field - PAKISTAN! 10 days for the Semi final and all the newspapers, TV channels were flooded with World Cup news. Tickets prices soared as if it were the finals. The day finally arrived. The 30th of March, 2011. The projector was set up in the Typoroom. Dhols, whistles, plates and spoons, the Indian flag, painted faces and all kinds of cheering elements made it feel like they weren’t just two teams playing, but two nations. The scene in the Mohali stadium depicted it all too — even the PMs of the two countries decided to turn up! India won the toss and elected to bat first. The Indian batting started with fierce batting by Sehwag and Sachin but the partnership did not stay for long. It also saw some life savings for Sachin — the ball was dropped 4 times, and he made it to 85 runs when Afridi caught him out. Yuvraj, who came next went for a duck and it was now all on

Articles the shoulders of Raina and the bowlers to keep the strike going; to complete the last overs of the innings which ended at 260/9. The Indian bowling and fantastic fielding proved beneficial for the home team, which saw the Pakistani team crumple losing wickets, and were all out for 230. What an enthralling win over Pakistan it was!! People in the Typo-room went crazy! Sachin’s fans bowed before the TV, when he was being awarded the man of the match. The whole of India celebrated with fire crackers in the sky. The Indians, after a wait of 7 years had finally entered the finals. The aftermath showed the Facebook statuses dedicated

photo courtesy: Tanya Bhandari

the Indian team. Newspapers and TV channels telecasted the celebration all over India. The time had come to take on the fiercest Asian rivals, “The Lankans”. The most feared 3Ms of the Lankan bowling would be playing against the best batting line up side of India. The D-Day for both the teams finally arrived and the preparations for hosting the screening in college were done. Out came the dhols, whistles, the flag and painted faces; but the icing on the cake was the Blue dress code — supporting the team spirit of ‘bleed blue’. The eventful final started with a confusing toss (done twice), won by Sangakkara and he elected to bat first. The stadium was blue all over. Box fulls of celebrities joined to cheer the men in blue. The final began with Indian bowling in action in the early overs as the Lankans were 17 for 1. With every good fielding the cheering attained a crescendo. Finally some breakthroughs for Indian bowling came from Yuvi; not to forget the terrific batting by Jayawardene who steered the lions to a score of 274 finishing with a ton. The break time went quickly and most people did not move only from the Typo-room. The Indian batting started with a blow as Sehwag went for zero, and the score board now read 0-1. Malinga proved fatal for the men in blue. The next wicket was that of the Master Blaster. As he walked to the pavilion, the entire college watched in silence. Young Kohli who came next joined the man of endurance. Kohli and Gambhir added 83 runs together but Dilshan caught Kohli on 35! The soaring cheering stopped for the moment and next came

The projector was set up in the Typo-room. Dhols, whistles, plates and spoons, the Indian flag, painted faces and all kinds of cheering elements made it feel like they weren’t just two teams playing, but two nations.

the Indian captain moving up the order.

Thereafter came the most beautiful moments of the match which saw people jumping, cheering and screaming. Gambhir was nearing his most awaited World Cup century when he was struck by Perera and got bowled on 97! Nonetheless, it was an amazing inning. Then came Yuvraj Singh. He joined Dhoni, who was playing in his 70s — highest of all his world cup 2011 matches. The run rate was almost head to head with the required one. The latter overs saw some stunning shots by both, and finally India reached the stage where it required 5 runs in 5 balls! People were standing in excitement as Dhoni hit a SIX to wrap up the innings!!! With a 5 wicket win, we brought the world cup home! People were hugging, congratulating, texting and calling one another. This was it! The moment everyone had waited for! The man of the series was Yuvraj Singh. It had been 28 years since Kapil Dev and his team bagged the cup at Lord’s in1983. Fire crackers were in the sky the whole college celebrated Diwali, with people dancing with joy, being proud of the Indian team. The cup finally BLED BLUE. :)


JAMIROQUAI - - - Dharamsingh Nagra If you’re looking for something fresh to listen to; something you can enjoy while you’re out on the road with all that wind on your face; something to pump you up just before a party or something, this is exactly what have to give a listen.

SUCKER PUNCH - - - Yong Yong M. You don’t exactly feel good after watching a bad movie. It’s like the feeling you get when your blind date turns out to be a 70 year old big breasted bimbo. Especially when your friends who hooked you up for the epic fail had since long been hyping things up. Sucker Punch is not different. It is just another brick in the wall. First of all, it is supposed to be an action movie. You would want at least 30 minutes of action in a 109 minutes movie. Even Die Hard had about 44 minutes of action. But it turns out that the movie has just 20 minutes of action sequences. So what about the rest of the movie? The rest 89 minutes of the movie is the plot. And the plot, like in all commercial action flicks, is as much as zip, zilch, nada. Secondly, the visuals and the effects are not what the trailers promised. There are scenes where one with a keen eye might go Hey! That looked fake! I was disappointed. I would say the effects and all were nothing more than theek thaak. Let’s face it. Chicks with guns and swords is a bit cliché now. Snyder ain’t Tarantino and this ain’t Kill Bill.

One thing I liked though is all the metaphorical comparisons the movie has, between actual people and the things that the Femme Fatales fight in the virtual world. Its almost fairy tale like. All in all, its just another try by a successful director at some hi-fundu stuff. Like Transformers II, which was a major disaster. The direction is decent, with a lot of stylish slow-mo which is not hard to expect from Snyder. The soundtrack is brilliant, with well chosen powerful hits fitting each scenario. The Bee suggests you wait till the HD comes out. If you still can’t wait and want to watch this movie in a theater, The Bee thinks you have a lot of money. Buy some honey from the money, honey? This could’ve been a better flick. But ah, well. Direction : 4 buzzes. Soundtrack : 4.5 buzzes. Acting : 3 buzzes. Effects : 3.5 buzzes. Action : 3 buzzes. - Just 20 minutes? I wanted more! The Bee gives it 3 buzzes.

For me, it was love at first listen. Some friend told me about the awesomeness of those bass-lines and I was like hmm, ok. But then, I heard a song or two by this dude on youtube and I was like woah!. The genre is funk rock/pop. They play a mix of funk and jazz and how! And those bass-lines are nothing but brilliant. For all ye people, who haven’t heard any of those eargasmic numbers by Jamiroquai, deflower those ears. Here are a couple of tunes which are sure to get you hooked. Virtual Insanity White Knuckle Ride Traveling Without Moving Love Foolosophy Runaway Youtube them and get Jamiroquaid. The Bee gives it 4.2 buzzes. Yup. That awesome.


THE ART OF RACING EITHER OR - - - Pooja Lakwal IN THE RAIN - - -Nearly Headless Nick

Hot Spot of the week!

You know how it is when you look at your dog and think, ‘can this fellow hear me?’ And then he responds with a tail wag or his tongue sticking out. Course he can hear you! And no novel says it better than ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’

A mussst-see! It’s a potpourri of innovative stuff with a very Indian-ish feel to it! If you are a Greeniac, you’d love it! If not, still.

I picked it up in Landmark. I’m a sucker for dogs, and as the description said, the book is ‘a heart-wrenching love story and a moving tale of only a dog could tell it.’ Written by Garth Stein, Enzo the dog tells the tale of family, love and the way he perceives the world, hoping to be reborn as a human.

You’ll find a collection of unique mukul goyal and doodle factory bookmarks, ‘chumbak’ key chains, handmade diaries, traditional footwears, natural dyed tees, books and accessories! The store is vibrant and has an awesome display of merchandise. If you’re done with it there’s a second either or store right next to it, waiting to be explored! Get kindled! :) Either Or/ Sassoon road/ near Jehangir hospital. Open on all the days except Thursday (10.30a.m. – 8.00 p.m.) 4/5 buzzes!

The story gets a little dragged in the beginning. You start to wonder where the story’s heading, until there is a gradual rise in conflicts - some expected, some aren’t, but halfway through it just doesn’t let you leave it. The author has beautifully used metaphors to express subtle and strong emotions. The language is simple and the story is linear. The climax leaves you stunned, and answers all your questions, tying up all the loose ends. So enjoy the read guys, I would give this one 4 buzzes.

Photograph of the month

(c) Sakhi Bansal


VOHUMAN CAFE - - - John Mukia Shivasubramaniam Murphy’s my friend. I have extremely bad luck when it comes to getting my money’s worth. Movies. Restaurants. And I give a flying fluck. Everybody does, I guess. Except of course rich spoilt brats. They wouldn’t drink a five dollar shake. But there are times when Murphy do esn’t stand a chance. There are times when Murphy gets owned. Vohuman is this quintessentially Parsi cafe located near the station on the lane opposite Either Or’s. As you enter, you get a whiff of butter, cheese and eggs. The first thing you’ll notice are the posters, millions of them, of babies. Yes. Babies. I mean, one goes LOL and all(*) .The tables are jampacked with hardly any place to move around and the insides look shady. But then you order a cheese omelette. No. A double cheese omelette and a butter toast. Then, you wait. As you wait, you’ll notice that the waiter doesn’t keep track of orders on paper. Quite surprisingly for a crowded place like this, he memorizes. You’ll see a pleasant looking old man sitting behind the counter cracking jokes and narrating anecdotes from his time. As you’re looking around, someone will, in all the din, quietly, serve you and you won’t even know who it was. You look down and on the table you see the king of all omelettes, the butter toast being the jester.

Vohuman is this quintessentially Parsi cafe located near the station on the lane opposite Either Or’s. As you enter, you get a whiff of butter, cheese and eggs.

At 60 bucks, the double cheese omelette is a devil’s bargain. Its filling. Its yum. Its baapness. As you savor every bite, you can feel the cheese pieces melting in your mouth. Eat it with the butter toast and your day will be made. Even if that leaves any space for doubt, you can go ahead and order a strong coffee. The best part about the coffee is the way they serve it. Unstirred and unmixed, it looks beautiful. They’ll leave it to you to mix the separate layers of coffee and milk; perfect hot beverage to wash everything down with. As for the rest of the menu, the bhurji is quite awesome too. To sum it up, its a pleasant little place to have a breakfast or two at or to while some time away on one of those boring evenings. There’s nothing a good double cheese omelette won’t take care of. The Bee gives it 4 big buzzes out of 5. (*) Renovated it got, recently. A lot of things, you won’t see. No baby-posters for thee.


THE LOKPAL BILL - - - Alok Thakurdesai For most of you, your experience with the Lokpal Bill started with a BBM or an IM on Facebook from your friend stating the need to extend your support to Anna Hazare. After a bit of googling and social pressure, you update your status on all possible social media websites saying “support Anna’s fight against Corruption!” Unfortunately, most of the people didn’t (and still don’t) know what the Jan Lokpal Bill is and why is it so important. The Jan Lokpal Bill envisions a system where a person found guilty of corruption would go to Jail within a period of two years and all his/her wrongfully obtained possessions be confiscated. It also entitles the Jan Lokpal to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without any consent of the government. If you have any complaint regarding your experience of inefficiency at any Government office, you can within a month’s time. They will also levy a penalty on the officer against whom the complaint is made and a compensation will also be given to the complainant. Knowing the reach of corruption in India, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Wouldn’t there be a possibility of corruption within Lokpal?” and “Isn’t it possible for corrupt members to be appointed into the Lokpal?” There is a possibility, But, its members will be appointed by a team of judges, citizens and constitutional authorities, thereby creating transparency in the process and reducing chances of wrong people being elected. If at all, there is any complaint to be made against any officer in Lokpal, thorough investigations would be carried out and the officer possibly be dismissed within two months. Existing Anti-Corruption agencies like the CVC, departmental vigilance and anti-corruption branches of the CBI will be merged into the Lokpal. Lokpal will have independent powers to investigate and prosecute any officer, judge or even a politician. Those people fearing retribution when they raise their voices against the more powerful corrupt powers will be supported by the Lokpal, as it is one of its organizational responsibilities.

The Lokpal Bill has been pending in the Rajya Sabha since its first submission in 1969. Every time that it’s been submitted to the House, it has been referred to some committee or the other for improvements. Anna Hazare and others like Kiran Bedi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Mallika Sarabhai are part of a Movement called India Against Corruption which revived the focus on the Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare, who is a devoted follower of Gandhism, started his fast to pressurize the Government to pass the bill. Thanks the newfound and newly realized power of social networks, this movement gained immense support from all over the country with people organizing marches and protests in support of Anna’s fight. But, what about this method? In a matter of four days the revolution started by one man against own government has forced it to revise and pass a bill of such power. This questions the whole process. But, what about this method? In a matter of four days the revolution started by one man against his own government has forced it to revise and pass a bill of such power. This questions the whole process of Democracy in itself. Why are people standing up against representatives that they themselves elected? The cause is worth fighting for with your lives, but the method should be questioned. The fact that Hazare and his supporters demand participation of common people in the decisionmaking process, despite the presence of elected leaders, is termed by some as undemocratic in itself. But then again, in such a country where action literally speaks louder than words, democracy has its own definition.


- - - Chiggi Lui

DOOMSDAY - - - Nikhita P. While walking down the staircase in hostel, I passed by the attendants desk. The newspaper lay there with a horrifying picture on the front page. A huge headline read – “8.9 Earthquake hits Japan, more than 16,000 people killed.” I picked it up in horror and disbelief. What the heck? Only yesterday everything was fine! It’s true. Who knows what’s coming now-a-days. Apparently a scientist claimed that doomsday is approaching with the coming of 2012. Stupid Mayan theory might actually be true. Things are so bad now that you never really know when you’re going to die. The cold regions get colder and the hot are getting hotter. I received a message from a friend claiming that the moon on the 19th of March was 3, 56, 577 km closer to earth, one of the closest approaches in history and that we should soon expect effects like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. So hey, if we really will see doomsday in 2012, you got 9 months more to make your mark as a designer in the history of earth. Not that anyone or anything will know of it.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (s)!


that you have GOT TO check out! - - - Honoring outstanding design quality As of today, designers, marketing agencies and clients of the communications industry are invited to score points with their published creative works before an international committee. - - - Literally, a collection of the biggest Sound Design

For those who are really sensitive to music and sound, who are curious to know how those gunshots and the clatter of horsehooves are made, for those who listen to soundtracks of movies rather than songs, this is just the link for your ears! - - - “One of the most dedicated animation institutions in the world”

The Animation Workshop is not just an institution. It is a storehouse of some of the best student animation films in the world next to the prestigious ‘Gobelins’. You can watch all their student films here: - - - Parodying the unparodiable!

Trip on this! Someone actually had the time to think of parodying Wiki! So here’s some super funny stuff by a lot of funny people. Enjoy!

It’s hard to detect good luck - it looks so much like something you’ve earned. - - - Frank Howard Clark

The Fun Stuff




1. Bhaiyya ek ‘_____/_____’. Nahin hai. Khatam ho gayi. 2. North Pole of M.I.T 3. Server not found. Bad ____ 4. Tiny flying vampires (pl.) 5. Sings like a girl (2 words)

7. Typo room frenzy (2 words) 8. Constant Competition (abbr.) 9. 2 on a floor (pl.) 10. “Arre list kab niklega bhai?” (pl.) 11. Wassssssssssabi!!!!! (2 words)

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.” - - - Anonymous

The Fun Stuff

STINGS - - - Chiggi Lui


What’s all the buzz about?


ICC World Cup was screened in the black box of M.I.T! The entire college celebrated India’s victory with dhols, whistles and cheer! Infact on the day of the finals, even the Admin declared a half day. There was a Quentin Tarantino Megafest held by the film club. The best movies directed by Tarantino were screened with more than a 1000 people turning up in the projector room, making it hard for the audience to breath in all that heat and sweat. We see the groundfloors flooded with students. Hammers and hack saws float around. The workshop courses are clashing among 3 batches, and the corridor is lined with students on the floors in the early hours of the morning. Convocation took place on the 24th March, and our first UG batch finally graduated with smiles on their faces. RGB stoles hanging over their necks, they proudly accepted their diplomas. A promotional video is being shot by the Film and Video UG and PG batches for M.I.T - I.D. Film Club posters vandalized, and recently even flicked!! As this horrible mentality still exists within some of our students, may the makers of these posters let them know that the makers of the posters take this incident as a compliment! :) Juries approaching 2 months away. Happy panicking everybody. :( Summer heat gets to everyone with non-ac classrooms. The 3rd floor lab continues to melt students without an AC, and students are being observed chilling in the other labs for a few minutes of their day. Speed bumps continue to come in our way. (pun intended) Rats.

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