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Making every day the best day for residents, participants, staff, and community!

our mission

Our mission is to enrich and support the lives of elders and meet their needs in a way that honors and respects Nikkei culture and values.

our results

As a result of our efforts, our elderly will sustain their independence as much as possible. As a result of our efforts, our elderly will maintain the highest possible quality of life, including physical and mental health and wellness. As a result of our efforts, the lives of our elders are enriched and supported in a way that honors and respects Nikkei culture and values.

the nikkei concerns way Making every day the best day… for residents, participants, staff and community.

our values

respect • trust • kimochi • quality of life • family

Dear Nikkei Concerns Family, 2013 has proven to be another wonderful and meaningful year for your Nikkei Concerns (NC)! A primary focus of the Board and staff was to prepare for major changes due to health care reform and the evolution of our community. A “Blue Ribbon Committee” shared their hearts and expertise over the course of a year to study health care reform, innovative/“best practices” service strategies and demographic trends of the community while conducting an elaborate “needs assessment survey” where over 1,000 individuals shared their “needs and wants.” Their final report helped us truly gain clarity and direction, and the Board and staff have now embarked on an elaborate Strategic Planning process. No question, major challenges lie ahead… but also exciting opportunities! We would also like to provide 2013 highlights of your Nikkei Concerns… • Celebrated Kokoro Kai’s 35th and Nikkei Manor’s 15th Anniversary of service! • Nikkei Horizons offers Saturday classes/workshops at the Bellevue Children’s Academy! • Seattle Keiro continues to be a “5 Star” nursing home! • Health and wellness abounds… including our “Living Well” Health Fair with the Seattle JACL! • Initiated planning to develop an array of home and community based services, and • As you will see in the “financial” section of this Annual Report, we continue to make steady progress in our overall fiscal health. How does all of this (and much more) happen? It is through a volunteer force of over 1,000, sharing close to 24,000 hours of their time; the thousands of individuals/organizations who generously donate their precious resources; the support and caring of dozens of current and past family members; the 280 incredible staff who are committed to providing the highest quality of care and service; and the dedicated leadership of the Board of Directors... all with the common bond of “making every day the best day for our residents, participants, staff, and community.” With Gratitude,

Ted Tomita

President, Board of Directors

Jeffrey Hattori

Chief Executive Officer

seattle keiro

Seattle Keiro residents belong to a family of deeply caring volunteers and staff who dedicate their efforts to enhance each individual’s quality of life. At Seattle Keiro, our rehab and skilled nursing services help residents live the best life possible.

Family was always important to Dad, and he felt at home at Kokoro Kai, Nikkei Manor, and Seattle Keiro. The volunteers and staff were so kind and thoughtful, and they became part of the family. We felt like we belonged to the Nikkei Concerns Family whenever we visited, and we will always be grateful for the love and care that Dad received. — Family of Kenji Yamada

27% of Seattle Keiro residents got better and went home. total served in 2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 283

average daily census

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 146

average age gender

women . . . . . . . . . . 92 men . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 women . . . . . . . . . 70% men . . . . . . . . . . . 30%

payor source

medicaid private . . medicare other . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

71% 18% . 6% . 5%


japanese . . chinese . . . vietnamese . korean . . . . other asian .

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

45% 31% . 9% . 8% . 7%

. . . .

nikkei manor

We built this place because there was a need. Nikkei Manor residents embrace the very best of Japanese culture and values and maximize their health and wellness. They can focus on their goals and passions thanks to Nikkei Manor’s broad range of service and care options that bring security, ease, and convenience to daily life.

Nikkei Manor is so unique, and they’re doing an excellent job in preserving our culture and caring for people. It’s a great home base, and we still get out and live independent lives. — Tosh & Toshi Okamoto, Nikkei Manor residents

Nikkei Manor residents explored the world on over 100 outings. total served in 2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68

average daily census

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

average age gender

women . . . . . . . . . . 91 men . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 women . . . . . . . . . 79% men . . . . . . . . . . . 21%

payor source

private . . . . . . . . . . 78% long-term care insurance . . . . . 16% medicaid . . . . . . . . . 6%


japanese chinese . korean . . other . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

94% . 2% . 2% . 2%

kokoro kai Every time she comes home from Kokoro Kai, she’s got that big smile on her face.

Kokoro Kai participants form close social bonds with their peers in both English and Japanese, surprising their families and our staff with their hidden talents. The engaging activities at Kokoro Kai exercise both mind and body and encourage participants to enjoy time with friends and gain confidence in themselves.

There is nothing that would be better for my mom than to be able to go through the Kokoro Kai experience. — David Wyland, Akiko Wyland’s son

Kokoro Kai participants had over 6,000 years of collective stories to share with the kids in their intergenerational program. total served in 2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

average daily census

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

average age

women . . . . . . . . . . 87 men . . . . . . . . . . . . 87


women . . . . . . . . . 78% men . . . . . . . . . . . 22%


japanese . . . . . . . . 98% chinese . . . . . . . . . . 1% caucasian . . . . . . . . . 1%

* excludes Nikkei Manor

** includes Mercer Island

living situation

family residence . . independent . . . . adult family home assisted living* . . . seattle keiro . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

59% 30% . 6% . 4% . 1%

seattle . . . . . . . eastside** . . . . . south of seattle . out of state/int’l .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

64% 23% . 7% . 6%

kokoro kai pickup . family . . . . . . . . ACCESS . . . . . . . metro bus. . . . . . walk*** . . . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

42% 39% 10% . 6% . 3%

geographic distribution


*** from Uwajimaya Village


Nikkei Horizons participants are students of the world around them, in search of fun and knowledge. Through innovative classes and unique tours, Nikkei Horizons introduces students to lifelong learning opportunities in health and wellness, technology, finance, arts and crafts, language, cooking, and personal growth.

My dad has opportunities to fully engage in life through the nurturing environment of Nikkei Horizons. He enjoys playing pickle ball twice a week and often comments to me that there is a lot of laughter going on and everyone has a good time. He has been able to socially reconnect and reminisce with other Japanese. — Shirley Nishimura, Tak Miyabe’s daughter

More than 100 new students on the Eastside pursued greater health and wellness. total served in 2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . 2,049

average daily census

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 512

average age

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75


women . . . . . . . . . 85% men . . . . . . . . . . . 15%


japanese . . . . . . . . 85% chinese . . . . . . . . . . 4% other . . . . . . . . . . . 11%



Years Ended December 31st



CURRENT ASSETS Cash & cash equivalents Funds held in trust Short-term assets whose use is limited Accounts receivable, net Deferred rents receivable Inventory Prepaid expenses

$ 424,205 37,777 3,263,636 761,610 63,466 38,944 118,016

$ 551,616 38,825 2,563,816 693,563 65,745 56,165 123,862

OTHER ASSETS Long-term assets whose use is limited Land, buildings & equipment, net Debt issuance costs, net Total assets

9,821,485 7,661,702 111,613 22,302,454

8,902,237 8,230,162 128,451 21,354,442


$ 1,889,900

CURRENT LIABILITIES Current liabilities

LONG-TERM DEBT, NET OF CURRENT PORTION Capital leases 60,206 Long-term debt 3,280,000

12,912 3,780,000

OTHER LIABILITIES Deferred federal income tax Swap investment Total liabilities

78,229 — 5,283,311

78,693 — 5,761,505

NET ASSETS Unrestricted net assets 11,851,876 Temporarily restricted net assets 2,103,072 Permanently restricted general endowment fund 3,064,195 Total net assets 17,019,143 Total liabilities & net assets 22,302,454

10,446,972 2,100,900 3,045,065 15,592,937 $ 21,354,442

Years Ended December 31st



CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Net resident service revenue: Seattle Keiro $ 13,435,669 Nikkei Manor 2,649,353 Other program revenue 575,043 Investment income 165,205 Net realized gains (losses) on investments 379,112 Realized gain on swap investment — Contributions 1,138,530 18,342,912 Net assets released – restricted purposes met — Total operating revenue & support 18,342,912

$ 13,312,861 2,647,058 533,118 186,348 94,345 79,711 716,189 17,569,630 95,085 17,664,715

OPERATING EXPENSES Program General and administrative Fundraising Total operating expenses* Change in net assets from operations

15,746,490 1,541,512 194,250 17,482,252 860,660

15,641,341 1,420,386 202,421 17,264,148 400,567

Net unrealized gain (loss) from investments 570,267 Unrealized gain (loss) from swap investment — Change in net assets before for-profit subsidiaries1,430,904

475,826 — 876,393

Change in net assets from for-profit subsidiaries







Change in permanently restricted net assets 19,130 Change in net assets 1,426,206 Net assets, beginning of year 15,592,937 Net assets, end of year $ 17,019,143

15,674 930,543 14,662,394 $ 15,592,937

Change in unrestricted net assets Change in temporarily restricted net assets

*Reflects actual costs of programs, general & administration, & fundraising.





organizations workplace campaigns






donors $250,000-499,999 Estate of Henry Taniguchi

Larry & Bisim Lee Hank Lo Estate of Mary Masumoto

$50,000-99,999 Ayame Kai Guild

Alvin & Marianne Matsumoto

Emerald Heights Retirement Community

Kimi Momoda

Koji & Tomoko Matsuno

Richard Omata & Carol Moody Kari Palmer Puget Sound Golf Club Ross & Marcia Rogers

Karen Akada-Sakata & Masaharu Sakata Tosh & Sue Akamatsu George Boettcher Paul Chan & Carmen Tsuboi Chan Mae & Quinn Chin

Yukio & Karen Morikubo

Nancy Dehmlow

Junior Nagaki & Janice Nakamura

Ted & Janice Divina Ecore Global, Inc.

H. Ray & Chiyo Nakanishi

David H. Fukui


Tsutomu Nakashima

John Y. & Reiko E. Sato Foundation

Walter & Shirley Nakatsukasa

Rich Furukawa & Kandy Yagi

Hsuing-Fei & Diane Lee

Harry & Fran Nishimoto

Symetra Financial $2,500-4,999

$10,000-24,999 Anonymous

Ann Kawasaki Romero & Rocco Romero Ken & Bea Saito Teresa Sato & Rick Wilkerson Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church

Julie Ann Oiye & Randall Asplund

David & Teresa Hayasaka The Hideo Hoshide Family

Town & Country Markets Inc.

One Dream At A Time

Pat Iboshi

Peach Foundation

Robert & Eileen Iguchi

Aiko & Mitsuo Sato

Craig Ishino

Sally Tsutsumoto

Richard & Kathryn Miyauchi

Barry & Cyndi Saylor

Japanese Presbyterian Church

Neill & Janice Urano

Douglas Palmer & Noriko Goto Palmer

David Suen

Connie & Ron Jusenius

Linda Winther Woodburn Company Frank & Penny Fukui

Frank & June Sato

Estate of Benjamin Sugawara

Art Kageyama Dale & Shizue Kaku

Seattle First Hill Lions Club

Victor & Lilly Takemoto

Norm & Dale Kaneko

Jim & Grace Shibayama

Tamada Family Charitable Fund

Morris Kanekuni

$1,000-2,499 Anonymous (8)

Irene Tanabe George & Kimi Tanbara

Shigemi Kato Harold Kawaguchi

Leanne Furugori

Dave Wyland

Norman & Linda Furukawa

Joe Yabuki

Tamotsu & Cheryl Furukawa

Ed & Maxine Yakushijin

Gobo Enterprises

Bruce Yamamoto

Kay Hashimoto & Family Jeffrey & Yuko Hattori Michi Hirata Lloyd Inouye

Dennis & Patsy Yamada Eiichi & Yoko Yamashita Perry & Kazuko Yano Arthur Yorozu

Bette Inui

Terry Yoshikawa & Fumi Yoshikawa

JACL, Seattle Chapter

Jeffrey Yutani

Japanese Baptist Church JKU Foundation


Richard Kinoshita

Anonymous (3)

Kohtoku Enterprise, Inc. Aiko Suganuma & Hideo Suganuma

Arthur & Kay Abe

George & Mary Kozu Christina Lee

A.C.E. Language Institute Terie Akada Tom Akada

Sakae Aoyama David & Salina Arai Jerry & AC Arai David & Lynn Arakaki Alan & Fran Aramaki Kevin & Annette Aratani Lisa & Philip Archide Rufino & Josefina Archide Sumiyasu & Colleen Arima Rod & Melody Arinobu

Yamasa Corporation U.S.A.

Keith Arvon

Ted Yasuda

Marian Asaba Pauline Asaba

Teri Yoshimura

Hiroshi Asano Asato Design

Joan Broomell Janet & Jim Brothers Kai & Susan Brown Sonoko Brown Minako Brunelle Hugh Burleson II Sue Bussman Lydia Cabellon Cabin Systems Folks in Everett & in the IASL Wei Cai Kimiko Calhoun Sally Cambre Janet & David Carey Dick Carl David & Mary Ellen Carter John & Yaeko Cella Gei Chan Lynn Chang Thomas Chatriand & Cindy Gustafson

Chiyoko Alice Baba

James & Dorothy Chen

7th Avenue Service

Eiko Bailey

Joseph & Kimberly Chen

Brian & Suzanne Kumasaka

Karen Abe

Emiko Bailey

Craig, Nancy, Kirsten, Nicole & Maddie Lee

Kats & Thelma Abe

Geraldine Banigan

Tony Abe

Joy Barker

Joe & Mary Abo

Page & Nancy Bartholomew

Peter & Joyce Tsai

Umeya Rice Cake Co.

Masatoshi & Sayeko Aoyama

Carrie Brimmer

Anonymous (41)

Bilin Tsai & Don Poe

Mary & James Dunnam

Lillian Aoyama

Linda Briggs

June Kubo

Joanie Komura

Tina Masuda Draughon

Katchi Aoyama

Jane Braziunas

Amanda Chen

Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.

Herb Tsuchiya

George Aoyama

Kumi Boyce


Bainbridge Island ACE Hardware - Steve & Becky Mikami

Gary Kawahara & Glenna Locke

Gail Tsuboi & Jim Kranick

Laura & Brock Box

Karen & Albert Chau

Michihide Totoki

Staff & Partners at Clark Nuber

LaShonnu Bolognese

Lance & Mary Ann Arnone

Harry Yoshimura

Lorraine Blackler

Ernest Aoki

Louise & David Wright

Joe & Rita Yoshihara

Benito & Victoria Binuya

Azumano International, Inc.

Massie Tomita

Frank L. Tsuboi

Tsuboi Family Living Trust

Gene & Yoshiko Betz

Ichiro Asawa

Russ & Joyce Akiyama

Bi Hoa Caldwell & Marvin Cooper

Irene Akada Toyohara

Teru Beppu

Lara & Robert Bolger

David & Karen Aoyama

Tosh & Dolly Tokunaga

Rosemary Beppu

Jean Blakley

Tim, Kristi, Kerry & Brendan Sullivan Grace Tazuma & Bruce Brundige

George & Reiko Beppu

The Aoki Family - Jeni, Keke & Susie

Isamu & Kathy Aono

Louise Kashino Takisaki

Peter & Susan Beeson

Nick Andres

Marcia Sohns & Mark Levy

Glenn Gokami & Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami

Shiro & Ricky Kashiba

Naomi Anderson

Shea Aoki

Frank & Haru Nishimura

The Seattle Foundation

Heather Anderson

Meri Shimada

Hideo Tokumasu

Susan Hori

Hank & Susan Anderson

Janet Aoki

Furuta Lee Foundation

Janet Hisayasu

Cappy Anderson & Nellie Fujii Anderson

Joan Seko

Bob & Sandy Timmer

M. & W. Fechner

American Federation of Teachers Seattle, Local 1789

Linda & Les Lung Murray & Marjorie Mar Jon Mastrude & Patty Hiroo Mastrude, & Alysse Mastrude

Paul & Sharon Aburano Derek & Pattra Adachi Helen Adachi

The Moriguchi Family

Yoko Adachi

Stacie-Dee Motoyama

Alan Akada

Jeannette Mougel-Fujita & Family

Beverly Akada

Mutual Fish Company, Inc.

Sumiko Akai

Ernie & Sunnie Nagai Kevin & Jennifer Nagai Susan Nakagawa & Martin Oiye, & The Oiye Family Arata & Kieko Nakamura Terry Nakano Hajime Nakashima National Charity League Evergreen Chapter Chris & Linda Nelson Connie Okada Tosh & Toshi Okamoto

Mary Akada Jack & Helen Akamine Karen Iwamura Akira Jim Akita Tak & Hiroko Akiyama Sumie Akizuki Miyako Akutagawa Dale & Myrna Allen Alto Partnership Mikiko Amagai

Jo-Anne & Keith Bartlett Dennis Beckley & Barbara Iwata Beckley

Benjamin & Kerry Chew Kenneth Chew Sen Poy Chew Sharon Chidester Tak & Midori Chikamura Don & Thelma Chikuma Cindy Chin Doug Chin

day. s every s e in p p r ha Discove


Helen Gota Goto Dental Lab - Sam & Dee Goto Deborah Graham

Christina Harui

Gary Greene & Susan Benson

Dean Hasegawa Kathy Hasegawa

Bob & Nieves Grenkavich & Family

Nancy Hasegawa

Kazumi & Dan Dixon

Byron Fujikawa

Janine Chin

Douglas & Keiko Dodobara

June & Nancy Fujikawa

Sue Chin

Gary & Carrie Dodobara

Debra Grindeland & Family

Sylvia & Peter Chin

Michael & Audrey Doi

Craig & Wei-Jayne Fujimoto

Teruko Chin

Robert & Regan Doi

Alan & Fumiko Groves

Timothy Chin

Pete & Sylvia (Takeda) Domoto

George, Nancy, Paul & Bradley Fujimoto

Pam Ching Charles & Christina Chinn Crispin Chinn Frances Chinn Robert & Toshi Chinn Tony & Dorrienne Chinn Tony Chinn & Frances Yee Wayne & Pauline Chinn Binko Chiong-Bisbee & John Bisbee Won Cho Alan & Darlene Chock Richard & Gayle Choi Jessica Chow

Russ Dondero & Ann Furukawa-Dondero

Dan & Nina Fujimura

Garrett Dong

Terry & Sue Fujinaga

Nelson Dong

Sue Fujino

John & Lisa Duff

Marge Fujioka

John & Arlene Dunaway

Jon Fujioka

Rebecca Durham

Ted Fujioka

Rian Ebesugawa

Etsuko Fujishima

Keishi Echigo

Tom Fujishin

Henry & Tomi Egashira

Barbara Fujita

Leo Egashira

Florence Fujita

Louis & Kathy Egashira

Frank Fujita

Mark & Sara Egashira

Gene Fujita

Jerry & Mari Fujimura

Hiroko Gripman Eric & Roxanne Guion Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences

Amy Hirasawa

Chiaki Hada Kazuko & James Halliday Ruth Hamada Yoko Hamanaka Tomio Hamasaki Gary & Sandee Hamatani

Darrel & Linda Eng

Michael Coe & Deborah Eng-Coe

Gary & Evelyn Eng

Mary Fukami

Catherine Hansen

Continental Mills, Inc. Cari & David Copner Lola Costa Jo Anne & John Costello Jono & Beverly Crider Bob & Patsy Crouch Jean Crowhorn Joe & Keiko Cuendet, & Sakamoto Family, Japan Saori & David Cullen Tim & Susanna Cullinan Judy & Yoshifumi Daikoku Fredrick & Gladys Dalzell Mary Dalzell David & Sheryl Davidson Heidi Davis Ibtissam Davis Dan & Janice Dawson Isabel de Jesus-Congdon Jean Deguchi Mae Deguchi Mickey Delanty Jon & Deborah Demello Renko & Stuart Dempster Robert & Lorretta Di Gangi Shelley Dickinson

Wah & Midori Eng Sachiyo Enomoto Gary & Janice Enzmann Lizette Esquivel

Curtis & Nancy Fukuhara Mas & Toshi Fukuhara Frank & Penny Fukui Masaru & Yoshiko Fukui

Bill Evenson

Kay Fukuma

Evergreen State Heat & A/C - Pam & Russell Kimball

Nobue Fuqua

Faith Bible Church

Mike & Marion Fukuma Esther Furugori

Miyuki Hanada Rae Hanashiro Brenda & Chuck Handley Dennis & Laureen Hara Gloria Hara Lloyd Hara & Elizabeth Anderson Nobi & Rita Hara Reiko Hara Alan Harada Family Blake Harada Mary Harada May Harada Michiko Harada Rik Harada & Family

Rhonda Farrar

Charlie Furukawa & Linda Hoshide

Setsu Harada

Mary Ferrari

Gerri Furuta

Frank & Margaret Fickeisen

Mary Furuta

Tracy Harada & Ben Bergano

A. M. & Yuko Fite

Mary J. Furuta

Marcie Fitzgerald

Isamu & Reiko Furutani

Michael & Gwen Florence

Murray & Helen Gaevert

John & Janet Fogle

Joeann Gallagher

Sylvia Fok

Steve & Carol Gamble

Gale Fontenelle

Lawrence Ganzell

Ken & Lori Foster

Joyce Garcia

Junko Fountaine

Joe & Gina Garrido

Michael Friedman

William & Norma Geenty

Flo Fugami

Robert Geong

Mark & Terry Fugami

Jan Gerry

Joy Fujihira

Daniel & Cindy Go

Goya Fujii

Hiroko Goda

Sharon Fujii & Wayne Fujii & Family

Connie Goddard

Toshikatsu & Bonnie Fujii

Margaret Gojio Kazumi Janice Gosho

Bobby & Yuki Hiraki

Stan & Kris Hiraoka

Larry & Jody Clovis

Thomas & Charlene Conrath

William Hirai

Geraldine Hashisaki

Jack & Fumi Habu

Dan Handa

George & Toshi Fukeda

Tom & Kay Hirai

Betty Hirano

Arthur, Joan & Jarrett Habu

Dianne Fukami & Gerald Nakano

Yasuko Fukano

Fred Hirai

Ben & Lois Hirano

Catherine & Gary Eng

Sharon Eng

Hannah Hirabayashi

Sheri Hashimoto & Eric Hwang

City Produce Company, LLC

Linwena Eng

Jayanne Hino

Nancy Haas

Stephen Fujita

Hank & Rose Fukano

Patrick & Jo Hillyer

Kay Hashimoto & Family

Donald Emily

Lily Eng & Jeff Saul

Craig Hashimoto

Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson

Jessie Hashimoto

Chieko Cicha

Andrew Colson & Sara Counts

Bruce & Pattie Hashimoto

Mieko Hill

Jerry & Saki Gyes

Mel & Susan Fujita

Kai Hong & May Eng

Bob & Alisa Hashimoto

Colleen Yasuko Hill

Warren Guykema

Hiroshi & Katsumi Fujita

Marvin & Misa Cole

Starr Hashiguchi

Randy Hikida

Sue Gustafson

Jerry & Judie Elfendahl

Colin & Irene Fukano

Robert Hasegawa

Mary Hikida

Haru Hashimoto, Joyce Alexander, Kathy Lock, Rex Hashimoto & Families

Paul & Vivian Egashira

Barry & Jen Chu

Stuart Harris & Lisa Matsumura-Harris

Robert Green

Frank & Ruth Chin

Wil & Jean Fujimoto

Randall & Chrysti Harrington

Sharon Harada

Fumiko Harberd Rose Harrell

Dave Hawes Carmen Hayakawa Janet Hayakawa & Lee Lyttle Aiko & Kaz Hayashi (Yanagihara Family) David Hayashi Henry Hayashi Kiku Hayashi Richard & Beverly Hayashi Roy & Lillian Hayashi Toshiko Hayashi Alice Hayashida Hiro & Loretta Hayashida John & Nancy Hayatsu Rev. Richard K. Hayatsu Audrie Hayes Hazen High School Faculty Walter & Norma Heen Barbara Henderson Ken Hewitt Albert & Susan Hideshima Hats Higa Michael Higa Betty Jean Higashi John & Nimfa Higashi Mike Higashi Ronnie Higashi Ken Higashiyama Tak Higashiyama Gail Hikida

Love lots a nd


Jean Hiramatsu & Don Soderlund Mary Hiramatsu Bob Hiranaka

Keiko Hirasawa Mary Hirata Minoru & Yaeko Hirata Yutaka & Etsuko Hirayama Yoko Hirohara Edward Hiroo Mickey & Yoshie Hiroo Betty Hiroo-Williamson Bill & May Hirose Fred & Linda Hirota Bob Hirotaka & Wendy Jacobson-Hirotaka Sadako Hisata & Karen Hisata Ray & Patricia Hisayasu John Hoang Roy & Margaret Hoff Linda Hoida Tom & Pat Hokama Kim Holland & Rosemary Agustine Mas Honmyo Family Frank & June Hori Kiyoaky Hori & Patricia Palms Ross Hori Sachi Hori Akira & Lillian Horita Ben & Carole Horita Calvin & Lorraine Hoshibata

donors Yukie Hoshide & Kathy Chatterton Jerry & Gladys Hoshijo Tom Hoshikawa Tom & Sallie Hoshisaki Sadako Houghten Richard & Mary Hoy Joy Huckle Stephanie Huddleston

Eric Ishino

Phyllis Kanda

Merry Ishino

Keenan & Bonnie Kane

Yoko Isomura

Yo Kaneko

Chito Isonaga

Estate of Scott F. Kanemori

Issaquah Middle School

Yoshi Kanemori

Kosho & Shigeko Itagaki

Harvey & Julia Kanemoto

Aki & Jena Itami

Malcolm & Eileen Kanemoto

Aki Ito

Miyoko Kaneta

Cathy & Walter Hughson

Brian Ito & Laura Sameshima

Jerry & Barb Hukee

Joyce Ito

Shohei Karibe

Dan & Irene Hunter

Melanie Ito & Charles Wilkinson

Paul & Fumi Kaseguma

Donna Hutchens Katherine Hutchings Joe Hwang Donald Hyatt Joyce Ichihara Akira & Lorita Ichikawa Jack & Akiko Ichikawa Kazuya & Fusako Ichikawa Sat & Grace Ichikawa Stan & Pilar Ichikawa Carole Ideta Louann & Paul Igasaki Glenn & Marilyn Ige Kenji & Carol Ii Ron & Mary Ann Ikata Andy & Elaine Ike Joe & Miyoko IkĂŠ Kay & Toshi Ikeda Keith Ikeda Paul Ikeda Setsuko Ikeda Thom & Beverly Ikeda Victor & Mary Ikeda Doug & Pat Ikegami Frances Ikegami Roy & Deanna Ikegami Nancy Imamura Edith Imanishi Janet Inahara Karen Inoue International Cross Cultural Committee Fumio Bill Ishida Jack Ishida Nobu Ishida Sam & May Ishida Bill Ishii Linda Ishii Raymond Ishii Chizuko Ishimatsu Kaz Ishimitsu Kich & Bobbi Ishimitsu Linda Ishimitsu Steve & Diane Ishimitsu Yo Ishimitsu

Woodrow & Tei Ito John & Arlene Iwai Nobuko Iwamura Karen Iwasaki Marla Iwata Ray Iwata & Margaret Gartrelle Louise & Kenneth Izumi Terry & Kathy Jackson Japanese Queen Scholarship Organization of Washington Jen Media, LLC

Satoko Kano

Tets & Kanako Kashima

Mary Katayama Mits & Kazzie Katayama Amy Kato Chiyo Kamihara Kato Fran Kato Hiroshi & Sumiyo Kato Family

Linda Jinka

Merwin Kato & Nina Tomita-Kato

Arlene Kadoshima Hisashi & Aki Kagami Mitsu Kagawa Denise & Floyd Kahue Ted Kaino Edward & Lynette Kaiura Paula Kajimura The Kajita/Wiggins Family Haruo & Kikuko Kajiwara Katie Kaku & Family Calvin & Julie Kam Jimmy Kamada Yohji Kameoka Fusako Kamihara Jeannie Kamihara Kay Kamikawa Gail Kaminishi George & Laura Kaminishi Kaname Izakaya & Shochu Bar Doug & Barb Kanaya Grace Kanda

Glenn & Arlene Kobata

Bill & Linda Kelso

Albert & Elizabeth Kobayashi

Doug Kramer & Betty Hirano-Kramer

Marc Keltner & Jan Nakamura-Keltner

Richard Kato Satoru Kato Hikojiro & Sherry Katsuhisa M. T. & Chizuko Katsumoto Kau Kau Inc. - Lynn Chang Isamu & Gloria Kawabori Mits & Kazzie Kawachi Nob & Hats Kawada Arthur & Sally Kawaguchi E. Mary Kawaguchi Mr. & Mrs. Minoru Kawaguchi

Beth Ku & Amy Gu

Amy Kobayashi

Eddie Kubo

Momoko Kido

Frances Kobayashi

Ed & Ellen Kubokawa

Mark Kihara

Myron & Cynthia Kobayashi

The Kubota Family: Doris Kubota Fujii, Irene Kubota Plosky

Ray & Marilyn Kihara Vic & Patti Kihara Brenda & George Kikuchi Frank Kikuchi Kunio & Mary Kikuchi Shige Kikuchi Shizue Kikuchi Stobbe Kikuchi Tom Kikuchi BJ Kim

Jenifer Kimura

Katharine Kato

Toshiko Kadin

Steve & Karen Kozu

Kathy & Bob Kelly

Ken Katayama & Shirlee Tsuchida-Katayama

Joe & Evelyn Jinguji

Harriet Jurcan

Miyo Koba

Wendy Kimball

Karen Kato

Miriam Jue

Marge Koyasako

Carolyn Kelly

Kenny & Linda Kataoka, Geoff & Sanny Kataoka

Julie Jerusalmi

Sumi Joyner

Judy Koyano

Masao Koba

Hyung Sik & Boon Hi Kim

Eiko Jenkins

Kathy Joyce

Jerry & Nancy Koba

Joseph Kelley

Debbie Kashino & Bruce Inaba

Joy Nakano Kato & Richard Kato

Susan Jong

Masako Keefer

Won Chong Kim Joe & Taeko Kimm Chery Kincaid Thomas King & Julia Tokunaga-King Charles & Amy Kinoshita Kirin Brewery of America Miyoko Kirita

Kobe City College of Nursing Students Haruko Kobuki Ayako Koczur Kimiko Kodagoda George Kodama Mits & Lilly Kodama Miyoko Kodama Paul & Taka Kogita Matt & Janet Kohler William & Nami Koida Vincent Koike Janet Kojima Tats & Esther Kojima Yuri Kojima Wesley & Theresa Kokame Kokoro Kai Volunteers Carol Ko-Matsuoka Tom & Janet Kometani Cliff Komoto

Roy Kirita

Frank Komoto

Scott Kitajo & Joanne Egashira-Kitajo

Judge C. Kimi Kondo Michi Kondo

Diane N. Kitano & Tom T. Kitano

Hana Konishi

Sue Kitasako Ats Kiuchi George & Lillian Kiuchi Bea Kiyohara Lisa Kiyohara Teru Kiyohara Colleen & Glen Kiyonaga Elaine Ko & John Foz Jeff & Tina Ko Melinda Ko Sid & Janet Ko Trevor & Melina Ko

Pat Kono Joseph & Takako Koplin Misao Korekiyo Janet Kosai June Kosai Sam & Florence Koshi Kris & Keiko Kosugi Mary Kosugi Sara Kosugi Jim & Judy Kotsubo The Family of George & Miyoko Koyama Sheila Koyama & Alec Colovos

The Kubota Family: Mineko, Kikue & Setsuko Carole Kubota Hisako Kubota Mark Kuciemba Claudia Kumai & Robert Scott Henry & Jan Kumasaka Linda Kumasaka Paul Kumasaka Roland & Bernadette Kumasaka Roy Kumasaka Yukio & Julianne Kumasaka Carolyn Kunihiro Calvin & Gloria Kunimoto Lorraine Kuniyuki Wayne Kuo Daisy Kuramoto Tom & Kimie Kuramoto Wayne Kuramoto Anna Kurata Hugo & Meredith Kurose Robert & Andrea Kurosu Dan & Mae Kusaka Judy Kusakabe Tomio & Alice Kusakabe Toshiko Kuse Dave Kusumoto Kazu & Akiko Kusunose Kevin Kuwada Kinue Kuwahara Tomoko Kuwanoe LCS Westminster Partnership III LLP

Miyoko Kawaguchi Bill & Beth Kawahara Yasunori & Ritsuko Kawahara Chris Kawakami Jake Kawakami Rod & Kris Kawakami Morris & Amy Kawamoto Terry Kawamoto Hamako Kawamura Glen Kawaoka & Family Gary Kawasaki & Shirley Naganawa Luann Kawata Miye Kawata Sally Kazama

art. in your he s e il m s e th Believe in


Tomio & Jenny Li Moriguchi Alan Morihiro Eiichi Morimoto Jane Morimoto Tom & Debby Morio Cheryl Morisaki

Donald & Leslie Lachman

James & Suwako Maeda

Drs. Duane & Ann Mayeda

The La Grande Family & The Sun Valley Rice Company

Richard & Yukie Maeda

Kathy Mayeda-Chase

Sharon Maeda

Jim & Mary Mayeno

Don & Kiyo Maekawa

Nancy Mayeno

Sani Maekawa

Marion McCarthy

Fumiko Maeshiro

Kenneth & Francene McCormick

Devi Lally Pablo & Kris Lambinicio Carl & Joyce Yorozu Larson Rebecca Laszlo Wayne Lau Wayne H. & Teresa Lau Yuki Moore Laurenti Betty Law Masako Lazore Rosemarie Le Clair Charles & JoAnn Lee Dale Lee Gayle Lee Hing & Fong Lee Joanne & Steve Lee Lilly Wong Lee Min Lee & Albert Lu Phyllis Lee Stanley Lee Stephanie & Richard Lee Nobuko Watanabe LeMay Myron Leonard Warner Lew & Leslie Hirai Will & Arlene Lew Wilma Lew Harry & Linda Lewis

Robert Magnusson Rose Maimon Kiyoko Makita Rick Mamiya George & Irene Mano Mark Mano & Lisa White Bruce Mar Henry & Jennifer Mar Ida Mar Jeri Mar Lip Mar & Jean Goto Mar Paul Mar Terence & Joyce Mar Theodore & Janice Marks Roland & Joan Mason Joice Masuda Bobby Masumoto Robert Masuo & Lorna Aubol-Masuo Thomas & Chieko Masuo John & Irene Mataka Frank, Uri & Terry Matsuda Hiro & Irene Matsuda

Christine McCoy Megumi McCulloch Linda McDonald Susan McNabb Kara Mealy Emily & Dana Mifflin Thomas Migaki Yo Yo Mikami Ayako Miki Kathleen Powell & Jim Miklusis Michael Miller Howard & Sumi Minato Sharon Mirante Ida Jane Mitsumori Tak Miyabe Nadine Miyahara Paul & Wanda Miyahara Paul Miyake Taiji & Mae Miyamoto Gerald & Bernice Miyasato Tetsuo & Linda Miyata

Sakie Matsuda

Keith Miyauchi Yoshi Miyauchi

Walter Liang

Ann Matsudaira & Steve Otani

Christina Miyawaki

Lighthouse Magazine

Gary Matsudaira

Gerry & Nancy Miyazaki

Ann & Alan Lindwall

Joe & Brenda Matsudaira

David & Julie Lock

Tebo & Kiku Matsudaira

H. Richard Miyoshi & the Miyoshi Family

Derek, Emi, Tyler & Melanie Locke

Hidy Matsui

Wendy Li

Priscilla Locke John & Viola Loflin Donald Logerwell & Patricia Norikane Logerwell Kristina Logsdon & Voltaire Atienza-Wilkinson

Marian Matsui Tak Matsui

Dwight Mizoguchi Don & Lynn Mizokawa Louise Mizokawa

Lori Matsukawa & Larry Blackstock

Mary Ann Mizokawa

Allen & Janice Matsumoto

Violet Mizuki & Nancy Rivera

Charles & Mary Matsumoto Louise Matsumoto

Tsune Mizuki

Eiichi Mizumoto

Thomas & Tomoko Matsumoto

Michael & Margaret Mizumoto Ayako Mochizuki

Fong Louie

Isao Matsumura Evergreen Carpet Cleaning

Eugene & Miyeko Mochizuki

Ken & Tammie Louie

Robert & Sue Matsunaga

Ken Mochizuki

May Louie

Jan Wiley Matsuno & Akashi Matsuno

Momiji, LLC - Lauree Seko, Mark Seko, Gregg Seko, Ann Haas, Kristi Shimada

Jim & Loni Lok & Family Prim Long Maxine Loo

Florence & Jimmy Lovelace Dean Lum Jackie Lum Victoria Lum & Randy Nye Hong Luong John & Carol Mack Rica Mackert Michael MacLeod May Macnab

George & Vi Matsuoka James & Amy Matsuoka Shizu Matsuoka Ty & Janice Matsuoka Gene & Linda Matsusaka Kay Matsuura Joe & Dolly Matsuzaki Yuri Matsuzawa

Sally Montejano John Moon Children of Charlcia Mendenhall Moore Jeanne & Kay Mori Setsuko Mori Kenzo & Carol Moriguchi

The Morishima Family: Mike, Sandra, Emily, Lindsay, Carson & Malia

Takashi & Masayo Nakamoto Wallace & Nancy Nakamoto Brad & Laura Nakamura Carolyn Nakamura Fumi Nakamura Jeni Nakamura Joyce Nakamura

Shigeru Morita

Kenji & Irene Nakamura

Yasuko Morita

Mari Nakamura

Yoshiye Morita

Mat Nakamura

Anne Moriyasu

Michael & Karen Nakamura

Trisha Morton

Norman Nakamura & Joyce Hsieh

Christie Most Robert & Judy Motoyama

Pat Nakamura

Setsuko Nakata Harue Nakatani Lisa Nakatsu Lorry Nakatsu Russ & Beth Nakatsu Harvey & Hisako Nakaya Curtis & Charlene Nakayama Karen Nakayama & Saul Cornwall Rev. Timothy Nakayama & Mrs. Keiko Nakayama Osami & Kinue Namba Rex & Carol Namba Roy, Jami, Taryn & Shelby Namba Isaac & Lensey Namioka

Anthony Moy

Ruby Nakamura

Don Mukai & Vicki Toyohara-Mukai

Steve & JoAnne Nakamura Susan & Stanley Nakamura

Willy & Mieko Naruo

Gail Mukai

Nakanishi Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Akiko Narusawa Charles Natsuhara

Derek Nakano

Kathryn Natsuhara

Janet Nakano

Yasuko Natsuhara

Junko Nakano

Ethel Nayematsu

Lilly Nakano

Joyce Nehira

Marci Nakano

Erik Nelson

Craig Murakami

Michael Nakano

Wayne & Evelyn Nelson

Jim Murakami & Nobi Ishimitsu

Nyla Nakano

Allison Nester

Richard Nakano

Shigeko Neubecker

Jean Murakami

Sachiko Nakano

Sam & Karen Ng

Marti Murakami

George & Chizuko Nakao

Timothy Ng

Mako & Carolyn Murakami

Kay Nakao

Jason & Ann Nguyen

Wash & Kathleen Murakami

Tom Nakao & Margaret Woo

Helen Nicdao & Rich Nobuyama

Frank Muramatsu

Garnet Nakashima

Kim & Massie Muromoto

Jim & Carla Nakashima

Nichiren Buddhist Church Fujinkai

Min & Jean Muromoto

Mari Nakashima

C. Curtis Nichols

Mark Muzi & Laurie Ann Boehme

Masahiko & Shigeko Nakashima

David Niimi Pam Niimi

Fran & Barney Myer

Pauline Nakashima

Yae Niimi

Curt & Vivian Nagai

Sheri Nakashima

Amy Nikaitani

Carole & Hitoshi Nagamatsu

Stevan Nakashima

Nikkei Horizons Baby Play Group

Jack & Sumiko Mukai Tom & Warlita Mukai Donald & Lillian Munakata Curtis & Jan Munechika Edward & Faith Murai Shiori Murai

Toshio & Joanne Naganawa Dick & Barbara Nagaoka Paul & Naomi Nagasawa Bruce & Carleen Naito Kemi Nakabayashi & Jim Norton

Teresa Nakashima Tom & Robin Nakashima Ellen Nakata Jerry & Yuka Nakata on behalf of the Family of Gerald & Sue Nakata Joy & Jim Nakata

Donna Naruo

On Behalf of Nikkei Manor Staff Nintendo of America, Inc. George & Jean Nishi Kay Nishi Shig & Rae Nishida

Takenori Nakagami Linda Nakagawa Mark & Joni Nakagawa Ruby Nakagawa Yoshie Nakagawa Yosh & Sue Nakagawa Minoru & Toyoko Nakagawara Barbara Nakahara Hisayo & John Nakahara Yone Nakako Teruko Nakamichi Allen & June Nakamoto James & JoAnn Nakamoto Kayo Nakamoto

part e best und you. h t e r a Sh e aro ith thos w u o y of


Masao Rokui

Rudy & Leslie Schweizer

Roy & Kazumi Shimizu

Shigeko Rought

Kiyo Scott

John & Janis Shimojima

Allen Russell

Randy Scott

Jan Russell

Seasia, Inc.

Patti Shimomura & Cliff Louie

Randi Saeter

Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Women’s Association

Don & Elaine Shimono Terry & Judy Shimono

Bob & Amy Seko

Tom & Ako Shimozato

Ken & Sue Seno

Bill & Carol Shinbo

Carol Seymour

Edward & Sandra Shinbo

Shakunage Japanese Women’s Support

Noboru & Michiko Shinoda

Aki & Chiyoko Saito Hiroe Nishikawa

Joe & Diana Ohashi

David & Sylvia Otani

Gene & Lori Nishimatsu

Alma Ohtomo

Kunio Otani

Frank & Irene Nishimoto

Tommie Oiye

Lillian Otani

Gordy & Vicki Nishimoto

Chiyako Oka

Shig & Mary Otani

David Nishimura

Roy Okabe

Tim & Susan Otani

Helen Nishimura

Edward Okada

Judy Otsuji

Hiro & Dorothy Nishimura

Eileen Okada

Nobi Otsuji

Joy Nishimura

Jane & Cathy Okada

James & Janet Ottosen

Ken & Betty Nishimura

John C. Okada

Dorothy Owens

Nancy Nishimura & Ronnie Priest

Julia Okada

Sharon Owens

Marlene & Barry Okada

Oxygen Services Northwest

Roy & June Nishimura Steve & Joyce Nishimura Valerie Nishimura & Michael Nagan Robert S. Nishinaka Dick Nishioka Leanne Nishi-Wong & Rick Wong Akio & Mabel Nishizaki Douglas Nitta, MD & Family Rosabel Nobu

Meg Okada Sato Okada Shari Okada Toni Okada Dennis & Susan Okamoto Kats Okamoto Eugene & Betty Okamura Ray & Mineko Okamura Pamela Okano Robert & Carol Okano

Kurt Nogaki & Candace Kato-Nogaki

Tomi Okano

Tom & Naoko Noguchi

Okayama Club

Chie Noma Jeffrey & Margie Nomi Tai & Katsuko Nomi Noboru Nomura, Donald Nomura, Daniel Nomura, Elizabeth & Kevin Engelhardt, & Julie & David Huffman Suzuye, Michael, Cindy & David Nomura Tom & June Nomura Naomi Nomura-Barry & Christopher Barry Ken Norikane Robert Norikane Henry Nose Rosie Nose Brett Nosho James Nosho Kirk Nosho

Steve & Nancy Okawa Itsumi Okazaki Arlene Oki Bob & Kim Oki James & Namie Oki Tatemasa & Ruth Mitsuyo Oki Steve Okiyama Aiko Okubo Jerry & Sharon Okubo Kenji Okubo Mari Okumura Helen Okura Lindsey Omori Cameron Omoto Craig & Sheila Omoto Nobuko Omoto Albert & K. Natalie Ong Esther Onishi

Terry & Jerrie Nosho

Kenji & Martha Onishi

NW Asian Weekly / Seattle Chinese Post

Catherine Ono Hanaes & Chiyeko Ono

Dick Obayashi

Kiyo Ono

Robert & Catherine Oberg

Louise Ono

Louise Oda

Sadami Ono & Gary Craig

Bill Ogasawara

Stuart Ono

Yosh & Mabel Ogata

Wesley & Mary Ono

Tats & Susan Ogawa

Sumi Onodera

Brian Ogishima

Mr. & Mrs. Toshii Osaka

Koshin & Mayumi Ogui

Carl & Carolyn Osaki

Kathie & Mark O’Hanlon

Mary Osaki

Mari Ohara

George Osawa

Toshio & Masae Ohara

Kevin & Michelle Osborn

Don & Irene Ohashi

Steve Osumi

Gerald & Gail Oyabe Ed Oyama Walter Oyloe Marie Ozawa Jill & Albert Paderes Raquel Pagaduan Kazumi Palisbo Colin Palmer Frances Palmer

Bob & Helen Saito Connie Saito George & Irene Saito Herbert Saito Pat Shitama Saito Patricia & Peggy Saito Mark Sakagami Masae Sakagami The Masao Sakagami Family Scott Sakagami Bill & Mitzi Sakaguchi Paul & Sono Sakaguchi George Sakai Shiuko Sakai Ben Sakamoto Kengo Sakamoto Tom & Lorraine Sakata Louise Sako & Family Masako Sako Sam & Lillian Sako

Lito & Rosie Palomo

Steve & Penne Sakuma

The Very Rev. Father Rubye-Lew-Huey Pang

Tak & Jean Sakuma Fred & Cheryl Sakura

Verna & Sun Pang

Doug & Marilyn Sameshima

June Pankiewicz Jina Park David Parrish Scott, Janet & Finn Payton Gerry & John Pearson Stewart & Vicki Perry Michiko Pesek June Peterson Setsuko Petitt Sandra, Louise, Mary Beth & Sandy Petrarca Toan Pham Vivian & Cuong Phung Michael Pittman Elizabeth Pizac Setsuko Probst Walter & Patricia Przebieglec

George Sameshima Jack Sameshima Sharon Tomiko Santos Marianne Sao & John Maletta Joe & May Sasaki Jona Sasaki Peter & Jeannie Sasaki Ray & Teddy Sasaki Ron Sasaki Lucy Sato Hideo & Joyce Satow Kiyo & Dianne Sawa Patsy Sawa Yuriko Sawanobori Charlie Schmidt

Nick & Rose Shanayda, & Nicholas Shanayda Jane & David Shartle Amy Shen Katherine Shen Dennis Shibata Fumio & Emily Shibata Janet Shibata Zenji & Eiko Shibayama Clara Shibuya Aiko Shida James Shields & Merilee Nishimura-Shields Jerry Shigaki John & Polly Shigaki Mary Shigaya Terrie Shigaya Ellen Shigeno Ron & Gloria Shigeno May Shigihara & Family Jerry & Lynn Shih Stan Shikuma & Tracy Lai Cindy Shimada Gene & Paula Shimada Jon & Vickie Shimada Kristi & Chris Shimada Mas & Shirley Shimada M. & G.M. Shimamoto Ruth Shimano May Shimbo Aiko Shimizu Amy Shimizu Cho & Sharonne Shimizu Debbie Shimizu Eddie & Linda Shimizu Gayle Shimizu Roger & Saki Shimizu

Fran Shintaku Marian Shiogi Floyd & Pauline Shiosaki Neil & Rolanda Shiosaki Nancy Shioyama Amy Shirakawa Spencer & Linda Shiroma Lily Shitama Peggie Shoji Geraldine Shu Simex International Itsuko Simpson Susan Siriwatanarong Eric Smith George & Jo Ann Smith Jim & Michelle Smith Kathryn & John Smith Ruby Soeda Raymond & Sally Soo Young Yosiko & Larry Sorensen Adolf & Frances Spandler John, Sherrie & Allison Sparks, Tiffany SparksKeeney, Aaron & Amelia Keeney, & Masie Masto Michael Spence & Sharon Hashimoto Mariko Spuck Nan Naramoto Stavnshoj Britton Steel Steve, Colleen & Allie Steinberg Nancy & John Stephenson Sharon Stewart John & Sandy Stice Susan Ishimitsu Stimac Kathleen Stuart

Missa & Robert Pyne Yukie & Alan Quick Mark Quintana Susan Ramos Barry Reed Marion Reed John Reinke & Judy Ding Retired Letter Carriers Club Rogelio Riojas Robert Chinn Foundation Steve & Shelley Roberts Scott Robertson Thomas Robinson Jim & Katie Rockwell Mihoko & Francis Rohrer

Have fun to gether.


Sally Tsuboi

Tung Vu

David Wong

Ann Tsubota

Meri Wada

Eric & Lisa Wong

Liane Tsubota & Philip Lecato

Sumiho Wada

Lucie Wong

Tad & Fran Wada

Patti Wong

Beverly Wagner

York & Paula Wong

Lisa Waisath

Yuet Shan Chan Wong

The Wakasa Family

Doris Wong-Estridge & Paul Estridge

Reiko Tsubota Dean & Kirie Tsuchida

Josh & Carol Suehiro

Mabo & June Takenaga

Merrily Taniguchi

Gina Sugawara

Haruso & Sonoe Taketa & Family

Susan Taniguchi

Midori Sugimoto Al Sugiyama Glenn & Corey Sugiyama Ed Suguro & Family Estate of Mitsue Suguro Frank Fujio Suhara Florence Sumida Midori Sumida Toshi Sunohara Kathy Suyama Catherine Suyama Darlene Suyematsu & Mark Jablonski Grace Suyematsu Hime Suyematsu Ron Suyematsu Donald & Yaeko Suyetani Steve & Linda Suzaka Ellen Suzuki Emi & Kyle Suzuki Jerry & Eileen Suzuki Lila Swalwell Dorothy Swanson Margaret Symons Tacoma Buddhist Women’s Association Jennifer Tada & Frank Lunki Marianne Tada Eugene Tagawa Ricky & Gayle Taira Mark Takagi & Connie Ricca

Harry Taketa Misae Taketa Kazumi Takeuchi

Taeko Taniguchi Ted & Aki Taniguchi Katsumi & Terrie Tanino

Tak & Florence Tsuchida Fudge Tsuchikawa

Yasuko Wakayama

Denise Tsuji Doug Tsujii & Susan Uyeji Kerrie Tsujii Stan & Mary Tsujikawa

Pat Wakazuru Carmel Walder John & Annie Walker

Al & Marge Woo Ed Woo & May Li Chin Paul & Jane Woo Tim Wood, Fred & Dawn Wood

H. & L. Tsujimura

Bruce Walton & Joy Walton Kawasaki

Takashi & Leslie Tsukamaki

Misao Watabe

Arlene Woodahl

David, Molly, Gus & Penn Tashima

Yoko Tsukamoto

Akiko Wyland

Paul Tashima

Ron & Tina Tsunehara

Barbara Yoshida Watanabe & Joel Frankel

Keiko Taki

Stephanie Taylor

Jean Tsutakawa

Kiyoshi & Elsie Taki

Yukio & Kimi Tazuma

Mayumi Tsutakawa

Karen Takizawa

Alvin Tenpo

Shig & Mildred Tsutsumi

Patricia Takizawa

Allan & Kayoko Terada

Ellen Numoto Tzvetin

Irwin & Diana Tam

Hideko Terada

Simon Tam

Janet Terada

David, Dina & Michael Uchida

Steve Tamaki & Michelle Chinn

Jim & Yone Terada

Mary Takeuchi Mikie Takeuchi Shuzo & Alice Takeuchi Noboru & Takako Taki & Family

Tetsuo & Martha Tamaki Tom Tamanaha Anna Tamura & Ken Yocum Libby Tamura Hisako Tamura Jan Tanabe & Paul Mar Roger Tanabe

Ry Tanino Bill Tashima & Chris Bentley

Ron & Suzuko Terada Scott Terada Margaret Teramoto Michael & Gayle Teramoto Midori Teramoto Victoria Terao Kuniaki & Kazuko Terato

Ted & Frances Tanabe

Roger Terriere & Gayle Teramura

Tom & Joanne Tanabe

Yoshio Teshima

Louise Tanagi

Midori Kono Thiel

Page Tanagi

Les & Jane Ito Tiffany

Patsy Tanagi

Kiyo Toda

Patty Tanagi & Howie Leung

Isuzu Tognolatti

Betty Tanaka & Family

Eiko Toguchi Goro & Hatsune Tokita

The Takahashi Family - June, Steve, Vicki, Marsha & Lori

Haruko Tanaka

Corrie Takahashi

Kimi Tanaka

Kinji & May Takahashi

Kris Tanaka & George Swift

Mits & June Takahashi

Mary Tanaka

Tokyo Express International Co. Ltd.

Vicki Takahashi

Masako Tanaka

Daisy Tomita

Yuki Takahashi

Nami Tanaka

Eric & Diane Tomita

Momoye Takakoshi

Norio & Nancy Tanaka

Masako Tomita

Frieda Takamura

Rikuko Tanaka

Ted & Janet Tomita

Kuniko Takamura

Shoko Tanaka

Kochihira Takane

Sue Tanaka

Harold Tomota & Edna Yoshino

James Takano

Tom T Tanaka

Kiyo Takashima

Elizabeth Tanemura

Lloyd & Joan Takasugi

Peggy Tanemura

Fred & Betty Takasumi

Carol Taniguchi

Bobby & Lily Takatsuka

Elsie Taniguchi

Keiko Takeda

Emiko Taniguchi

Carolyn Takei

Fumi Taniguchi

Carolyn Takemoto

Masuko Caroline Taniguchi

Fred Takemoto

Harold & Diane Taniguchi

Raymond Takemoto

Harry H Taniguchi, Jr.

Ken & Gayle Takemura

Lois Taniguchi

Ron Takemura & Sharon Sakamoto

Martha Taniguchi

Kathy Tanaka & Michael Mogan

Yuzo & Lilly Tokita Yoshi Tokita-Schroder & Jerry Schroder Jerry & Diane Tokugawa

Nobie Tsukiji

Gary, Marsha & Sean Watanabe

Ruth Watanabe Samuel & Matsue Watanabe

Naoko & Avi Ulstein Stephanie & Hans Ulstein Fudge Umemoto University of Washington Human Resources Grace Uomoto

Tatsuko Watanabe Cindy Watanabe-Mezs & Walter Mezs Bill & Rose Wayne Ruth Wayne

Mark & Leila Uomoto

Eugene & Marilyn Webb

Marcia Usui Cap Utsunomiya & Haru Takagi UW Nikkei Alumni Association

John & Ellen Webber, & Alice Hama Darrell & Sally Weslander Elaine Wetterauer Tom & Marianne Wick & Family

Bryan Uyeda Grace Uyeda

Eiko Wiggins

Jane Uyeda

James Wilhoit

Jeannie Uyeda

Toshiko Willgerodt

Jerry & Olivia Uyeda

Constance Williams

Toshie Uyeda

The Williamson Family

Lynne Uyehara

Sadako Willis

Steven Uyenishi

Deanne Witt

Tazuko Uyenishi Glen & Linda Uyenoyama Steve & Carol Vande Ven

Minh Vo

Shiz Watanabe Terrie Watanabe

Kaz Umeta

Mitzi & Eric Verlinde

Maiko Watanabe Roy & Lillian Watanabe

Minoru Uchimura

Julie & Eric Varness

Kathe Watanabe

Sharon Wolf Art & Shirley Wong Barry Wong Benson Wong & Terry Mark Bradley & Diane Wong Daryl & Collinia Wong

Carol Wyble & Thon The Wyman Family & Wyman Youth Trust Ben & Sandra Yabu Chiye Yabuki Evelyn & Herbert Yabuki Masako Yaconetti Jeff & Chris Yada Reiko Yagi & Fred Yoshimi Suma Yagi Fran & Tom Yaguchi Mako & Pauline Yaguchi Shizue Yahata Carl & Pat Yamada John & Arlene Yamada Kenji Yamada Mark Yamada & Laurie Mukai Sallie Yamada & Marcia Almassy Teresa Yamada Alan & Joyce Yamagiwa Jane Yamagiwa Yamaguchi Kenjinkai Fumiko Yamaguchi Gordon & Lynn Yamaguchi Jan Yamaguchi Jimmie & Nori Yamaguchi Keith & MaryAnn Yamaguchi Sueko Yamaguchi Alan & Heidi Yamamoto Don Yamamoto Irene Yamamoto Jane Yamamoto JoAnn Yamamoto Joe Yamamoto

Itsuko Totten Dean & Colleen Toy Mitsi Toyohara Shigeru Toyoshima Ann Tran Fred & Linnea Trier Susan Tripp Don True Vincent & Veronica Tsang Frank A. Tsuboi Norma Tsuboi Roy & Jane Tsuboi Sab Tsuboi

Domo arig ato gozaim asu.

donors Kiyoo & Kay Yamamoto Lillian T. Yamamoto Lillian Y. Yamamoto Satoshi & Pearl Yamamoto Dr. Shigeko Yamamoto Toshi & Mitzi Yamamoto Tsuneko Yamamoto Yasuko Yamamoto Jeff & Susie Yamane Fujie Yamasaki Steve & Valerie Yamasaki Bob & Michie Yamashita Dennis Yamashita & Elaine Aoki Gary & Judy Yamashita Isao & Jeannine Yamashita Lillian Yamashita Patrick & Laura Yamashita Susie Yamashita Daphne Yamauchi Junko Yamazaki

Christine Yorozu & Richard Smith Kenneth & Jeanne Yorozu Yae Yorozu & Family Don & Fuyo Yoshida Mamo & Kathryn Yoshida

WORKPLACE CONTRIBUTORS Anonymous (50) Bev Akada Douglas Akizuki June Akizuki

Pauline Yoshida & Elaine Yoshida

Paul Aoki

Ron & Ellie Yoshida

Sharlene Ayabe

Ruth Yoshida Mary Yoshifuji Yoshihara Enterprises, LLC Bob Yoshihara Isoko Yoshihara Mary Yoshijima Henry & Alyce Yoshikai Thomas & Catherine Yoshikawa D. H. Yoshimi Fumi Yoshimoto Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Dick Yoshimura

Charles Asher Christopher Barry Stephen Bell Hazel Bhang Barnett Linda Brandeis Susan Carr K. Chan Dorienne Chinn Marcia Chow Cassandra Clariza Michelle Coleman Judith Daikoku Alice Doi

Irwin Yoshimura & Janet Baba

Paul Egashira

Michiko Yoshimura

Randall Eng

Ross Yoshimura

Micaela Fujita

Terri Yoshimura

Barbara Fujita

David & Janice Yasuda

Jimmy & Gloria Yoshinaka

Theresa Fujiwara

Kaz Yasuda - Puget Sound Coach Lines

Marv & Pat Yoshinaka

Kim Fukuda

Rod & Roxanne Yasuda & Family

David & Gloria Yoshino

Nancy Fye

Ruth Yoshino

Kevin Gardiner

Esther Yoshioka

Gail Akiyama Hanley

Betty Yoshitake

Reiko Hara

Edward & Suzanne Yoshitome

Roger Harui

Keiko Yanagihara Nan-Joo Yang Terry & Audrey Yaplee Yoshio & Doris Yari Misako Yashima

Yoshiko Yasuda Yoshiye Yasuda Barbara Yasui Warren & Mary Yasutake George & Wendy Yates Teruko Yazawa Elizabeth Yee Fred Yee Charles & Marilyn Yoder Sumie Yokota Jerald & Jennifer Yoneji Toshiko Yoneji Brian & Cherie Yorita Ron & Vivian Yorita Sharon Yorita Charlene Yoritsune

Takeo & Sue Yoshiyama Steven Yoshizawa Rose Yoshizumi Gene Yotsuuye Tom Yotsuuye James & Betty Yuasa Mark Yuasa & Jeanne Chang Myrna Yuasa Junji & Kathy Yukawa Wai & Margaret Yung Nobuo Yutani Jim & Tomiko Zumoto

Douglas Eng

Stephen Hasegawa John Haskin Linda Higa Lisa Hirai Kazuko Ohno Hishikawa Cathy Inouye Randle Inouye John Ishimaru Steve Ishimitsu Eric Ishino Etsuko Ito Stacie Ito

Mariko Kakiuchi

Fred Sakura

Lonny Kaneko

Nona Santos

Eric Kato

Teresa Sato

Stephen Kato

Carolyn Sawa

Steven Kato

Jeanne Semura

Susan Kawaoka

David Seno

Kenneth Khoo

Julie Sharp

Clifford Komoto

Janet Shibuya

Eydie Kooiman

Kevin Shigaya

Gwen Kosai

Kazuko Stoesz

James Kranick

Mach Suantin

Julie Kubota

Eugene Sugita

Lisa Kunihiro

Scott Sugiyama

Arthur Kuniyuki

David Suguro

Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Richard Kuniyuki

Gail Suzaka

FM Global Foundation

Kelly Kuwahara

Stephen Takemura

GE Foundation

Karen Low

Patricia Tanagi

IBM Corporation

Edward Lowe

Kim Tanaka-Hill

Long Luong

Harold Taniguchi

Intermec Technologies Corp.

Akira Maeda

Ken Tanino

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Lynne Tanino

Julie Masumoto-Joyce

Victoria Terao

Robert Miyahara

Julie Tin

Michael Mori

Gail Tsuboi

Richard Munekiyo

Mark Uomoto

Jean Murakami

James Vail

Kevin Nagai

Cynthia Watanabe-Mezs

Wendy Nagasawa

Charles Wilkinson

Joni Nakagawa

Shelley Wilson

Lori Nakahara

Heidi Yamamoto

Carolyn Nakamura

Jana Yamamoto

Stan Nakano

David Yasuda

Takashi Nakano

Scott Yasui

Richard Nakatsu

Warren Yasutake

Thai Nguyen David Niimi Joy Nishimura Kathleen Oberman Cheryl Ohashi Gary Okazaki Lisa Okubo-Garcila Christine Okuda Elliot Omiya Kathryn Ooka Lisa Oshiro Alan Quick Karen Reid Yaeko Rojnuckarin Karen Sakahara Carolyn Sakai Ronald Sakura

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NIKKEI CONCERNS 2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ted Tomita, President Julie Ann Oiye, Vice President Neill Urano, Secretary Kevin Nagai, Treasurer Brenda Handley David Hayasaka Tomio Moriguchi Vicki Toyohara Mukai Noriko Goto Palmer Hideo Suganuma Bill Tashima Dennis Yamashita Pastor Joe Yoshihara

Nikkei Concerns Annual Report - 2013  
Nikkei Concerns Annual Report - 2013