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Summer 2018 Volume 43 | Issue 3

In Memory of Tosh Okamoto 1926-2018 With heavy hearts, we say our final goodbye to Tosh Okamoto – one of the Fabulous Seven founders, passionate leader, mentor, and friend. He was our rock, a community leader with endless devotion to people, especially those served by Keiro Northwest. When Tosh witnessed the urgent need of the issei (first-generation Japanese Americans) for caring and culturally-compatible skilled nursing, he took action. He co-founded Issei Concerns (renamed Nikkei Concerns and now Keiro Northwest) to set things right. As Board President and long-time member of the Board of Directors (1975-2007), Tosh continued to open the eyes, hearts, and pocketbooks of the community to the growing needs of seniors and their families. He guided us as we grew from one small nursing home to the seven programs we offer today. Tosh was a hands-on, practical man who led by example. He understood families in need, because his mother and mother-in-law were Keiro residents. He was a Top: Tosh with two of his great-grandsons

volunteer who lent a hand wherever and whenever needed. He was a donor and

Bottom: Tosh with Tomio Moriguchi, outside the original Keiro garden

sponsor who unwaveringly contributed first and encouraged others to follow


settled in at Nikkei Manor with his wife, Toshi, and recuperated at Keiro, too.

suit. Tosh explored his creative side with Nikkei Horizons’ woodcarving classes,

Keiro in Action


Keiro Family Forum


Partnering with the Next Generation


Long-term care is changing… Fast! 5 A Winning, Values-based Team


Events 8 Family Album Volunteer & Donor Lists

9 10

Tosh won well-deserved recognition from far and wide, but he is likely best remembered for being a great man, someone who taught us about individual commitment, responsibility, and honor. He encouraged us (including several CEOs) to embrace the rich wisdom of the older generation and face our fears in new and uncharted territory. Tosh may be gone, but his spirit gently reminds us that there is more work ahead. Memories of his easy smile encourage us to never give up and to put others first. He would definitely want #40moreyears for the organization that he loved so much.

KEIRO NORTHWEST 2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank Fukui, President Bill Tashima, Vice President Hideo Suganuma, Secretary Nicholas Ong, Treasurer Brenda Handley Katie Lai, PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCGP Jerry Lee Willon Lew Judge Vicki J. Toyohara Mukai Julie Ann Oiye Ted Tomita Dennis Yamashita Honorary Board Members Janet Deguchi Tomio Moriguchi KEIRO Northwest News Publisher, Editor & Circulation: Darcia Tanabe Layout & Design: Yvonne San Luis Design

Dear Keiro Northwest Family & Friends – As many in our community have noticed, we have had a lot of exciting changes over the course of the last 6 months. We bid a fond farewell to our long-time CEO and friend Jeffrey Hattori and welcomed Frank Fukui as our new Board President. Changes are both exciting and challenging, but one thing that has always been consistent is our quality of service. Just a few days ago we learned that once again we have maintained our 5-star service quality rating – a cornerstone of our commitment to this community and to providing premiere care. In addition, we recently received a drastically improved audit report indicating material improvements to our back office operations over the last 6 months. But with change, particularly in this industry, there are many challenges. Four years ago Keiro Northwest (KNW) leadership, including the Board of Directors, consciously chose to commit to being a healthcare provider and to move in the direction of serving the broader Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community. Comparisons to L.A. Keiro are often made, and it’s important to note that at around the same time L.A. Keiro chose to move in a different direction. They foresaw what we now face and responded by becoming a community resource for aging versus providing direct healthcare.


What we now know is that we have experienced several factors that have challenged KNW as a result of

NIKKEI MANOR Assisted Living Community 206.726.6460

to health care including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates, and

KOKORO KAI Adult Day Center 206.726.6474 NIKKEI HORIZONS Continuing Education Program 206.726.6501 TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 206.726.6468 CATERING SERVICES 206.755.3078 HOME CARE 1.855.826.9164 OUR MISSION We empower our Asian community through a continuum of exceptional health care services that are culturally sensitive.

this decision. What started as a humble nursing home has now turned into a continuum of healthcare and wellness services. Of these programs, several are now heavily regulated. We’ve seen many changes minimum wage, just to name a few. We also have seen a decrease in the healthcare labor market for key resources (e.g., doctors, nurses). These factors put the current KNW team and Board of Directors in a difficult position strategically, operationally, and financially. Over time the aforementioned challenges have impacted our financial sustainability, but we were able to continue to operate with the very generous donations of this kind community. We now recognize that these donations are no longer able to keep pace with the growing expense pressure to sustain an organization of our size and complexity. Being a Medicaid and Medicare business (meaning we accept reimbursement from the government) has allowed us to naturally grow our “community” to other demographics outside of Japanese American or Japanese Nationals. Taking Uncle Sam’s money means we’re home to anyone who would like to join us. However, we recognize that the founding community has had an ever-growing need that we have not addressed. And that is a need for a facility addressing aging (assisted living, acute assisted living, or longterm care) versus a facility requiring a high level of medical care (rehab and skilled nursing). Right now our waiting list for assisted living or long-term care is nearly 400 names! Simply put, we’re living longer and we don’t have the facilities to oblige. The average age at Nikkei Manor is 95! And by the end of the year we will have 6 residents who will be 100+ years old! “Aging in place” is a concept that has evolved over the last 40 years, and it’s an exceptional way for our elders to determine how they spend their last years. KNW has grown to reflect these changes by offering programs like Nikkei Horizons (continuing education and travel) and Home Care. However, we recognize these programs haven’t grown at the speed at which the community’s needs have grown. 40 years ago living to 70 years old was honored as living a good life – today retirement is at 70 years and for many of us will be just the BEGINNING! Continued on page 7




KEIRO NORTHWEST MANAGEMENT TEAM Bridgette Takeuchi, Interim Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer & Chief Strategic Officer 206.726.6510 Rick Takeuchi, Chief Administrative Officer 206.726.6506 Brandon Nelson, Strategic Operations Director 206.726.6517 Jeannette Rivera, Human Resources Director 206.726.6525

A remodeled room offers more space to relax and recuperate.

Jake Colter, Director, Community Enrichment 206.588.4665

Keiro in Action By Brandon Nelson, Strategic Operations Director High-quality care requires investment in our staff, building, and equipment and feedback from residents and their loved ones. Thanks to kind and thoughtful donors throughout the year and the success of our fundraisers, Keiro will gain some much-needed updates!

Room Refresh rooms at Keiro will experience a deep clean, see new lighting, and get a fresh new look! Updates

Naoko Ulstein, Director Kokoro Kai Adult Day Center 206.726.6474

should be complete by the end of 2019: 3rd-floor rooms over the next six months and 2nd-floor rooms will begin early next year.

Mikiyo Ohashi, Manager, Home Care 206.588.4669

Big news! Six 3rd-floor quad rooms will transform into spacious semi-private rooms. Remodeled rooms feature a contemporary look, with new person will have a table for in-room dining, two

Bryan McNeil, Administrator Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center 206.771.4797 Lisa Waisath, Director Nikkei Manor Assisted Living Center 206.726.6471

Cleaner, brighter, and resident-ready – all of the

flooring, lighting, paint, and furniture. Each

Ben Krueger, Development & Marketing Director 206.726.6523

A newly refreshed room, with a cleaner, brighter feel.

Continued on page 4

BEFORE: Preparing to refresh one of the existing quad rooms on the third-floor. We appreciate your patience while we are working!

Please excuse our mess!

*Photos courtesy of Laura Davis Photography

Linda Asami, Manager Nikkei Horizons Continuing Education 206.726.6501 Ron Higashi, Manager Transportation Services 206.726.6468 Chris Manio, Catering & Food Service Director 206.726.6520 Keiro Northwest News, the official newsletter of Keiro Northwest (formerly Nikkei Concerns), is published four times a year. Keiro Northwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



#40MoreYears For over 40 years, Keiro Northwest (KNW) has provided high-quality and compassionate care. As we look to the next 40 years, we remain committed to treating every individual with respect and dignity. The healthcare industry is forever changing, so Keiro Northwest will evolve and grow to be more responsive. Keiro in Action

Continued from page 3

TVs, and a telephone. The extra space is

Northwest Rehabilitation & Care Center

convenient for visitors, offers the freedom

will designate certain “neighborhoods”

to arrange furniture to an individual’s

as specialized care areas to better align

preferences, and is plentiful for private in-

caregivers with needs. This tailored

room restorative care.

staffing should improve care through

Rooms will be available upon completion,

better coordination and focus.

expected by August 2019. Reach out

Rehab & Restorative on the Move

to or call

Based on feedback that the rehab gym

206.909.1464 for more information.

(on the 1st floor) is too far from resident

Neighborhood Care Those who call Keiro Northwest “home” have different needs and expectations than people who are here to get better and move on. To match the right level and type of quality care for each individual, Keiro

Before and after

rooms, we will implement plans to move rehab therapists, restorative nursing staff, and equipment to new locations on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Less transport time means more healing, workout, and strengthening time.

Keiro Café Planning is in the works. Please stay tuned for more information.

Keiro Family Forum By Bryan McNeil, Administrator, Keiro Northwest Rehabilitation & Care Center On April 4, we held our first Family Forum meeting. Each quarter, the Family Forum is an opportunity for resident family members to meet with Keiro leadership, give input and feedback on care, and for Keiro Care Team Members to listen to family members, report on Quality Assurance initiatives progress, and share current industry trends.

Emergency/Disaster Plan

Quality Assurance Action

Toured the Emergency Supply Closet

Shower Schedule



Located just outside the 1st floor South exit, near the


kitchen, just east of the door

We believe this will greatly improve the experience for our

Locked at all times; however, several staff members have


keys to access ■■

Contains: emergency food supplies, portable drinking water, communication devices, tarps, tables, and resident evacuation forms

Reviewed the Emergency Water Supply locations



Near parking garage


Rear service entrance (see above)


Adjusted resident showers from 6 to 7 days a week

Family members provided additional input on other topics. We will incorporate their ideas into our Quality Assurance program. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 11, 4-5 p.m.

#40MoreYears Partnering with the Next Generation By Jake Colter, Community Enrichment Director Community Enrichment has connected with local students to create programs that will engage the next generation of leaders, build intergenerational connections, and lay the foundation for the future of Keiro Northwest.

Music & Memory Project ® Volunteers

The nationally-recognized Music & Memory® Project is funded

Local high school volunteers, passionate about music, will direct

by donations at this year’s Lunar New Year Celebration and a

their enthusiasm to kick off the Music & Memory Project® at both

grant from LeadingAge Washington, The funds will help build a

Keiro Rehabilitation & Care Center and Nikkei Manor Assisted Living

single Keiro Northwest music library, available to all residents and

Facility. Volunteers will conduct interviews with residents and their

programs, plus devices for resident use.

families to learn about favorite songs and genre preferences. With this information, they will build personalized playlists.

Ramp-Up with Seattle University Sharp young minds with Seattle University’s Resource

Neuroscience research indicates that memories tied to music can

Amplification & Management Program (RAMP-up) and senior

endure in dementia or the loss of other brain functions. We hope

business capstone students will gather data and learn in-depth

that this project will bring happiness and meaningful moments to

Continued on page 7

our residents and their families.

Long-Term Care is Changing… fast! The Future of Nikkei Manor By Lisa Waisath, Director, Nikkei Manor Assisted Living A new generation is in need of long-term care solutions, with care needs and their expectations greater than the generation before them. With nearly 200 people on the Nikkei Manor waiting list, plus those who haven’t yet signed up, people need options, today and in the future. To meet expectations and needs, we’re investing in several areas:

Waiting List Solutions

Upgraded Wifi


Investigate options to expand our physical capacity.


The tech-savvy thrive when connected with the outside world.


Partner with facilities who can meet needs until space opens


The tech-reluctant can feel a part of their widely-dispersed

up at Nikkei Manor. ■■

Refer other Keiro Northwest programs, such as adult day care with Kokoro Kai or Home Care services, that support independence and help individuals remain in their own homes.

families through technology. ■■

Staff Development ■■

Electronic Health Records ■■

Residents gain more staff attention because of reduced time needed for health charting.


Resident health progress is accurate and easy for caregivers and doctors to track.


Resident care planning can begin early with future capability to link with medical records from doctor and hospital networks.

Group activities discover fun in the digital universe.

Staff skills and expertise increase to successfully address residents’ more complex medical issues.


Strong leadership and new ideas from staff at all levels work to benefit the residents’ quality of life.

Big changes may be ahead, but the Manor is dedicated to honoring our founding principles as we move forward, putting the residents first. KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Summer 2018


#40MoreYears A Winning, Values-Based Team By Jeannette Rivera, Human Resources Director Keiro Northwest (KNW) takes pride in

exceptional service that exceeds the

Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living

providing the highest level of service

expectations of our residents and


through our dedication to excellence.

their families.

Admissions Charge Nurse


RN (Registered Nurse)


NAC (Certified Nursing Assistant)


Restorative Nursing Assistant


Activities Assistant

at Keiro Northwest, please visit our


Food Services Assistant

administrative positions.

website at



work-with-us or contact Nicole Bautista,


Home Care Aide (NAC/NAR/HCA)

Our success depends on the team that

HR Coordinator/Recruiter at nbautista@

demonstrates our KNW Values – respect, or 206.726.6549.

Community Enrichment

More than 200 employees are committed to caring for, serving, and satisfying residents through nursing, maintenance, housekeeping, resident services, catering, transportation, home care, marketing, and

trust, compassion, quality of life, and family. We need people who perform to the best of their ability and provide

For current Keiro Northwest opportunities, please check the open positions below. For questions regarding employment



Openings are for our Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Community

Explore the world with KEIRO NORTHWEST! Enrichment Programs.

©Yasufumi Nishi ©JNTO

Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Discover Japanese American History & More In Washington, DC

Hokkaido Winter Festivals



(including Smithsonian exhibit Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II)

9/16-21/2018 | 6 days/5 nights

1/29-2/9/2019 | 12 days/10 nights

Contact Nikkei Horizons, 206.726.6469, to sign up! 6


#40MoreYears Partnering with the Next Generation Continued from page 5

Letter from the Keiro Northwest Board of Directors

Continued from page 2

It is here that we have sprung into action: ■■

The Keiro Rehabilitation & Care Center is a place to get better or to at least maintain the same level of ability. We are targeting rooms for remodel and refresh and changing some quads into semi-privates. We have had strong feedback from our care staff and will be creating rehab gyms upstairs to be closer to the residents. And we won’t miss an opportunity to plug the Keiro Café, a place for families and friends to congregate. We want this location to

Two Seattle University RAMP-up team members with Community Enrichment Director Jake Colter

about the programs. Their objective is to leverage technology to broaden the reach

be viewed as a celebration of life, not the end of life. ■■

alone tell us this and we recognize that this need will only grow over time. ■■

The senior undergraduate business

Holistic & Preventative Care resources are a way to prepare for the future and what healthcare is becoming. As noted earlier, people are living longer. We

and impact of our Community Enrichment programs.

Assisted Living & Independent Living is a genuine need. Our waiting lists

should be providing resources to help people not just live longer but better. ■■

How we provide Home Care services and what those services are comprised of are evolving. With technology we continue to see requests that lend itself to

students as well as an MBA candidate will

smart partnerships with other organizations (e.g., Uber) to ensure the utmost

conduct a 10-week independent project

in quality of life.

as part of a spring quarter senior business

Our philosophy as we think through these challenges and opportunities is that

strategy and consulting course offered

regardless of age, we want to be the resource where people can go to write the

at Seattle University’s Alber’s School of

final chapters of their legacy.

Business and Economics. Community Enrichment is a consolidation of community-focused programs and services at Keiro Northwest, consisting of Home Care, Catering, Transportation, Nikkei Horizons, Kokoro Kai and the Volunteers Program.

Board Know-how with the UW Foster School of Business The UW Board Fellows Program for Non-Profits places up to two masters-level students as non-voting board members. This provides Keiro Northwest with access to new skill and fresh perspectives, with the overall objective or the students to complete a special board project, such as developing a new board member onboarding process, board succession planning, or a board dashboard.

We are here to ensure support to individuals and their families as they own their story and determine how they will move through the later seasons of their life. The foundation and legacy that started this organization lends itself, through our values, to be a thought leader in this space. And we intend to provide these resources and grow them to be even more than what they are today. But our reality is that we need to not only fill the financial gaps from our current challenges but also need an infusion of confidence from our community and supporters to bring these plans to fruition. We need time to ideate and assess potential opportunities, to implement changes, and for these changes to take hold. This is where all of you come in. In the next 12 weeks our goal is to raise capital to make this impact. Our goal is to raise $2M to help financially infuse KNW and set it on the path to financial stability and ability to grow our services for our expanding community. Internally, the team has begun to use the phrase, “40 more years!” as the rallying cry. We ask that you join us in the fight for 40 more years of Keiro Northwest! Sincerely,

We’d love to hear from you! Question or comments? Please contact:

The Keiro Northwest Board of Directors




Kokoro Kai volunteers Linda Briggs and Kristin Kawaoka proudly displayed their 10-year pins, awarded at the first of two Volunteer Appreciation Luncheons. Keiro staff turned the tables on the volunteers – who give so much of their time and talents – and served them! In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we showered our volunteers with an appreciative gift, prizes, lunch (prepared and served by Keiro Northwest Catering), musical dedications by some of our talented staff, and our unending thanks.

Participants, volunteers, and staff gathered for Kokoro Kai’s New Year’s Party. Founders Dennis Yamashita (Kokoro Kai program) and Julianne Kumasaka (Kokoro Kai Volunteers) joined in the festivities with program director Naoko Ulstein. Performances by the Rainbow Chorus, Yoko Kawamoto, and Tomoko Faasuamalie encouraged audience participation and togetherness. Nicole Bautista, HR Coordinator/Recruiter, boldly sent Community Enrichment Director Jake Colter into the drink on Carnival Day for Nursing Home Week. Senior Leadership Team members, plus a few others, took some very cold splashdowns in the dunk tank. It was all for fun, as were the snacks and daily activities. We crowned champions for dance and song, and held an international fashion show for the residents.



The Ayame Kai Steak Dinner bonded Keiro Northwest friends and families over premium grilled steaks, homemade tsukemono, and irresistible desserts. Guests dined, relaxed, bid on silent auction items, and cheered when their door prize ticket numbers were winners. Drive-thru and take-out shared the love and the steaks with even more of the community. Funds raised will support the residents and participants of Keiro Northwest. Our deepest thanks to the Ayame Kai Guild members for this wonderful fundraiser.

family album

At Kokoro Kai East Yao and Nori Hsu grooved to the beat of the Okinawa Kenjin-Kai Chijinshuu of Washington State’s taiko drums. The adult day program in Bellevue is on hold for a while. Visiting students from Mitaka High School (Tokyo, Japan) wowed residents in a sea of blue with their enthusiastic soranbushi (fisherman’s dance). They spent the afternoon at Keiro and Nikkei Manor, learning about Japanese American history from those who lived it.

Nikkei Horizons Adventurer Joan Seko posed with new friends at the WWII monument (to remember the bravery and sacrifice of the all-Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team) in Bruyères, France, on the “In the Footsteps of the 442nd” trip. Hisako Tamura proudly displayed her authentic sanshin (Okinawan shamisen/banjo) on the “Best of Southern Japan Tour.”

Dancer Genie Lau celebrated spring with the Japanese Community Service, Consulate-General of Japan (Seattle Office), and other wonderful entertainers. The Keiro residents welcomed the warm messages from Senior Consul Takeshi Murazawa, Mas Tahara, and Tsuchino Forrester. The performances by Joe Watanabe, Mari Wilson, Linda Zee, and the White River Buddhist Temple Bon Odori Instructors embodied the hope and promise of spring to all. Our thanks to the Consulate-General of Japan and the Japanese Community Service for their thoughtful gifts for the residents and staff.



Contributions Volunteers 1/1-3/31/2018 1/1-3/31/2018 Terie Akada Helen Akamine Jack Akamine Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Kim Akimoto Ayumi Aoki Kazuko Asano Raymond Au Genei Azama Nicole Bautista Angelo Belicina Theo Bickel Yasuko Blachman Ricky Bondoc Raini Bozarth Linda Briggs Minako Brunelle Bush School Yaeko Cella Keoki Chan Tomas Chatila Brandon Chau Tony Chau Dorothy Chen Fuji Chen James Chen Phillip Chen Ben Chew Henry Chey Yuki Chikamura Grace Chinen Chinese Southern Baptist Church Janine Chinn Jeff Chinn Eunjung Cho Kara Cho Seunghye Chung Clarence Cruz Swagat Dasgupta Noriko Davis Janice Dawson Jay Deguchi Mariama Diallo Janice Divina Yoshie Dodobara Echo Chorus Faith Bible Church Kristin Jill Fernandez Filipino Association For Health Careers At UW Shelley Fletcher Steven Fletcher Yukari Fotheringham Katherine Fry Masako Fry

Naoko Fujii Nina Fujimura Etsuko Fujishima Bob Fukano Nanci Gardner Ali Gilani Silverio Godinez Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Suzanne Gollhofer Peggy Hanada Brenda Handley Kaori Hashimoto David Hayasaka Lillian Hayashi Toshi Hayashi John Hayatsu Nancy Hayatsu Noriko Hazeki-Taylor Beth Hidano Takako Hirai Julian “Bobby” Hiraki Yuki Hiraki Michi Hirata Lillian Horita Cathy Hughson Vicky Hui Keiko Hume Linh Huynh Carole Ideta Laura Iijima-Schergen Deanna Ikegami Claire Imai-Takemura Hiro Imoto Betty Inouye International Lion Dance Team Sandy Ishihara Nancy Ishii-Martos Yuko Ishimaru John Iwai Lou Izumi Shiz Kaku Gail Kaminishi Eileen Kanemoto Malcolm Kanemoto Suzanne Kanetomi Hatsumi Kato Lillian Kato Gloria Kawabori Isamu Kawabori Miyuki Kawada Beth Kawahara Bill Kawahara Yukako Kawai Yumiko Kayukawa Akiko Ketron Jessica Khoo

Abigail Kim Dongun Kim Sam Kim Mariko Kimball Jenifer Kimura Ruth Kimura Kisaragi Kai Koko Kobayashi Hiroko Kobayashi-Wagner Kobe Nursing School Yoshiko Komura Jennifer Konishi Sara Kosugi Koyasan Buddhist Church Kimie Kuramoto Kumiko Kurosaka Yuko Kusakabe Akiko Kusunose Mila Lamb Lambda Phi Epsilon Chung Le Charlene Lee Gayle Lee Hyun Lee Jeong In Lee Jerry Lee Jessica Lee Julie Leiendecker Mark Levy Will Lew Wendy Li Rennie Lin Yi-Tung Liu Lina Lockwood Pat Norikane Logerwell Chris Louie Sherry Luke Roland Ma Jeri Mar Marji Mar Gary Matsudaira Louise Matsumoto Kuniko Matsumura Tomoko Matsuno Chris Mau Kathy Mayeda Chase Carolina Medenilla Mariia Melnikova Yoko Melrose Riddhi Merwana Mitaka High School M.J. Mitoma Richard Miyauchi Betty Mochizuki Denise Moriguchi Miye Moriguchi

Tyler Moriguchi Misao Nagai Sunnie Nagai Junior Nagaki Judith Nakamura Kent Nakamura Kiyoko Nakanishi Michael Nakano Mari Nakashima Ayako Narita NCL – Evergreen Chapter Brandon Nelson Linda Nelson Mao Ngem Kadar Ngo Lisa Ngo Brian Nguyen Kim Nguyen Nhi Nguyen Tien Nguyen Helen Nicdao Nichiren Buddhist Church Liliya Nikolova Mari Ninomiya Mary Nishida Harry Nishimoto Crissey Nishimura Ron Nobuyama Kao Nomura North Seattle Korean SDA Church Kaoru Nukui Hyonchu O Lisa Ogata Julie Ann Oiye Mitsuko Okada Naomi Okai Iris Okimoto-Nielson Jerry Okubo Sharon Okubo Liz Olschefski Akiko Osawa Sunkie Oye Minha Park Peninsula Japanese Women’s Association Mona Petreanu John Pham Julie Pham Thy Pham Trang Pham Tu Pham Le Van Phu Joanna Qiu Jennifer Rabang Rainbow Chorus

Our apologies for any errors. Please contact or 206.726.7830 with corrections.


Contributions 1/1-3/31/2018

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Nobuko Relnick Mineko Remillard Junko Riehl Jeannette Rivera Mary Ann Robey Miyoko Rokumoto Mandeep Sahota George Saito Irene Saito Midori Saito Yoko Sakagami Cristine Sampayan Junko Sarausad Hideko Sato Yoko Sato Kiyo Sawa Naomi Schneider Seattle Betsuin Seattle Betsuin Howa-Kai Sonoe Seiber Emi Sekiguchi Joan Seko Shakunage Kai Nobuko Shearon Naomi Sheller Megumi Sherrill Richard Sherrill Debbie Shimizu Yoko Shimizu Michiko Shinoda Fran Shintaku Kidist Sintayehu Ephrame Sirak Tomoko Skinner Marcia Sohns Kaori Sometani Seung Hye Song Bless Soriano Panida Sotthipoonpong Sound Singers Komayo Spahr Beata Stensager Lisa Storniolo Sara Storniolo Gina Suguro Makiko Sumner Ellen Suzuki David Sy Hideko Tachibana Eugene Tagawa Barbara Taira Kinji Takahashi May Takahashi Tomi Takano Dani Takeuchi Nancy Tamanaha Lani Tan Yan Ru Tan

Merrily Taniguchi Tanpopo No Kai Bill Tashima Makiko Taya Bryon Tokunaga Tokyo Kasei University Ted Tomita Michi Toyohara Michiko Toyoshima Manny Tse Nick Tse Tulalip Church UCDS Janice Urano Neill Urano Mayumi Van Elsberg Phuong Vo Suh Jiuan Vogel Lisa Waisath Pat Wakazuru Asumi Wantz Keiko Watanabe Kerry Watanabe Yoko Weaver Jessica Weber Abby Weiss Adrienne Weiss West Mercer Elementary Nathaniel Whited Min-Min Wong Nichola Wong Sonali Yadav Shizue Yahata Ed Yakushijin Ida Yakushijin Maxine Yakushijin Patsy Yamada Teresa Yamada Fujie Yamasaki Tomoko Yamazaki Yao Yao AJ Yee Jeannie Yee Lisa Yi Fuyo Yoshida Ruth Yoshida Harry Yoshihara David Yoshino Gloria Yoshino Jasmine Zeng Jane Zeta Meili Zhou Robert Zito

Ted and Janet Tomita


Punchy Hamanishi Hank and Rose Fukano Joni Fulton and Bob Ruggiero Michi Hirata Louise Matsumoto Kurt Nogaki and Candace Kato Nogaki JoAnn Yamamoto

Sumi Akizuki Jacquelyn Maruhashi Sakae Aoyama George Aoyama Anne Moriyasu Ray and Julia Otani Shiz Watanabe Shizuko Arima Susan and Stanley Nakamura

Michihiko Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Mineko and Robert Y. Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti

Kathy Y. Beitz Janet Masuo PFC John M. Borero Jon and Malia Demello Haruyo Campbell Paul Chan and Carmen Tsuboi Chan Kimi and Soichi Egashira Leo Egashira Sumako Egashira Leo Egashira

Yuki and Takeyoshi Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Michisuke and Mitsuyo Harada Setsu Harada Jim and Hiroko Hasegawa Kathy Hasegawa George and Kisae Hashimoto Larry Nakata Kisae Hashimoto Linda Bondurant Pam Burdick Carl Larson and Joyce Yorozu Larson Joe and Diana Ohashi Ed and Maxine Yakushijin

Aner Erickson Yoshi Erickson Lee Ann Fujii Carole Ideta Minoru Fujii Margaret Teramoto

Kiyoto Hashimoto Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family

Mitsie Fujii Carole Ideta Francis Mas Fukuhara Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Rickey Furukawa Alan and Fran Aramaki Kenny and Linda Kataoka Sue Furuta James and Shari Fujino May Harada Michiko Harada Roy and Deanna Ikegami Dale and Shizue Kaku Carole Kubota James and JoAnn Nakamoto Roger and Saki Shimizu Ted and Janet Tomita George Gokami Rod and Melody Arinobu

Rachel Hidaka Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Amy Hirasawa Leslie Wittman Yoshie Hiroo Miyoko Kaneta Lisa Kunihiro John Shimojima Ruth Yoshino Misae Honda Randle Inouye Fumi Hyatt Jon Hudspeth Donald Hyatt Taeko Imaizumi Michelle Coleman


Contributions 1/1-3/31/2018 Kazuo Ishimitsu John and Lisa Duff Glenn Gokami and Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Linda Ishimitsu Vickie Ishimitsu Jenifer Kimura Terry Nakano Gary Stimac and Susan Ishimitsu Stimac Ted and Janet Tomita Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Teresa Yamada Elsie and Rokuro Ito Louann and Paul Igasaki Carol Kamada Janet Masuo Diane and Jeff Kamada Janet Masuo Isao and Yuriko Kamada Janet Masuo Yuriko Kamada Brian and Janet Masuo

Terry and Jerrie Nosho Henry L. Louie Karen Nakamura Uri Matsuda Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Aiko and George Matsui Carol Wells Howard Minato Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Takiko Miyauchi Dale and Shizue Kaku Nobuko Miyazaki Cora and Bruce Brunette Kimiko Mukai Kenneth and Carol Kosai Chester Murakami Marti Murakami Tsuruko Nakano Anna Nagai

Chiyoko Kamihara Kato Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family

Nakashima Heritage Farms Barn Julie Eastmond, David and Yaeko Turner

Hatsume Kawaguchi Harold Kawaguchi

Terrie Natsuhara Susan and Stanley Nakamura

Sally Kazama Alan Kazama

Fumi Anzai Nishimura Alan and Janice Harada Kenny and Linda Kataoka and Family Teresa Yamada

Sakuko Kimoto Junior Nagaki Tatsuyoshi Kojima Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Frank Komoto Kenji and Linda Ma and Family Alice Kusakabe Michi Hirata Henry and Jan Kumasaka Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Harry Yoshimura Kum Sun Lee BJ Kim May Lee Ron Nelson and Katherine Cheng

Hiroyuki Nishimura Gary and Marcia Grimstad Marvin and Frances Hamanishi Mickey Hiroo, Lisa Kunihiro, and Patty Hiroo Mastrude Tomio and Jenny Li Moriguchi Terry Nakano Chris and Linda Nelson Kemi Nakabayashi and Jim Norton Jerry and Sharon Okubo Larry and Karlyne Sera Family of George and Irene Tanabe Peggy Tanemura Fumi Taniguchi Ted and Aki Taniguchi


Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley The Elmer and Masako Tazuma Family Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Teresa Yamada Keith and MaryAnn Yamaguchi Ted Yasuda Nobuichi Nitta Anonymous Kinko Nomura Carole Ideta Chiyoko M. Okamoto Lance and Mary Ann Arnone Larry and Karlyne Sera

Mary Shigaya Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Kaz Shoji Joe and Keiko Cuendet Dr. Ruby Inouye Shu John and Annie Walker Joe Yet Shim Sing Helen C. Sing H. Mason Sizemore Ryo Inouye June Y. Takeshita Carole Ideta

Hung Quan Peng Chau

Martha Taniguchi Frank Fujita Wes Fukumori, Naomi Fukumori, and Noreen Fukumori Lisa Kunihiro and Patty Hiroo Mastrude Cheryl Furukawa Mickey Hiroo Dale and Shizue Kaku Kent and Bonita Kato Rick and Karina Kawaguchi Hamako Kawamura Carolyn Kunihiro Beth Quigley Jack M. Sameshima Val and Mitsuyo Tanaka Fumi Taniguchi Merrily Taniguchi Susan Tripp Ed and Maxine Yakushijin

Jean Fujiye Quinn Arleen Nomura

I Kung Teng Michelle Teng

Matsuo Sakagami Nancy Fye

Tetsuzo and Ume Terao Setsu Harada

Kathleen Sakai George and Nancy Fujimoto Jill Hashimoto Yoshi Kanemori Terry and Jerrie Nosho Dennis and Susan Okamoto Vicki Takahashi and June Takahashi Susan Tripp Rachelle, Marlon, Emi, and Kai Tsunehara Shelley Tsunehara David and Pam Yorozu Harry Yoshimura

Frances S. Tokuda Aiko Jane Okubo

Sachi Okazaki Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Tatemasa Oki John and Annie Walker Candace Okubo Aiko Jane Okubo Henry Okubo Aiko Jane Okubo Gloria Ota Roger and Saki Shimizu Gerald “Jits� Oyabe Dennis and Naomi Sakamoto

Florence M. Tomita Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Roy Tsuboi Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family Takeshi and Florence Tsuchida Ken Katayama and Shirlee Tsuchida-Katayama

Contributions 1/1-3/31/2018

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Isao “Sun� Tsujii Kim Fukuda

John Yamamoto Alan and Fran Aramaki

Nobuko Tsukiji Ben and Sally Tsutsumoto and Family

Masaye Yamane Carole Remme

Toyoko Watanabe Roger Fukai and Shirley Kanda Kim, Derek, Kayla, and Kelsey Fukuda Shirley Hamakami Kanda Esther Kojima Nobuko Watanabe LeMay Sally LeMay Tomi Nakama and Sachi Nakama The Taki Family: Lorraine Hoshide, Diane Yamamoto, Gary Taki, Sharon Bishop, Karyn Poplawski Russell Watanabe David and Diane Yamamoto Helen Yamamoto Norman Yamamoto Kenji Yamada Anonymous Vanessa Lopriore Joe I. Yamamoto Mark Y. Nakagawa

Akemi Yoshida Richard Yoshida Edward and Lillian Yoshino Dave and Gloria Yoshino Mark and Lisa Yoshino

George Mano Jean Deguchi Bill and Beth Kawahara James and Elena Mano Robert Okano Pamela Okano Fusae Yokoyama Esther Kojima and Brad Kojima In Honor of May Harada Tim and Susanna Yoko Cullinan


40th Anniversary Kokoro Kai Yukio and Julianne Kumasaka Dennis Yamashita 88th Birthday Atsu Kiuchi Bill and Beth Kawahara George and Irene Mano Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Lillian, JM, and Wayne Yamamoto

Jeffrey Hattori Paul Chan and Carmen Tsuboi Chan Mickey Hiroo Lisa Kunihiro Jerry and Charlene Lee Ron Nelson and Katherine Cheng Susan Nakagawa and Martin Oiye Hank and Susan Anderson Kenji Onishi Eugene and Kathryn Onishi

Frank Tsuboi Tosh and Toshi Okamoto Chinese Information and Service Center Janet Ung and Jim Lin Nikkei Horizons Classes and Workshops Susan Nakagawa Elsie Taniguchi In Appreciation of Keiro Northwest JACL, Seattle Chapter Toshikazu Okamoto Paul Chan and Carmen Tsuboi Chan John and Celia Sekijima Albert Ong Aimee Nichols In Appreciation for Service Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center Lance and Mary Ann Arnone Larry and Karlyne Sera

GiveBIG Donors Were Amazing! In one day, we raised almost $40,000 via online donations. 7 amazing donors have contributed through giveBIG every year since 2012. 107 donors gave a little extra to cover the credit card fees. And 21 donors work for companies that will match their gifts! This is the final year that the Seattle Foundation will host this online giving event. Thank you, Seattle Foundation, for seven years (for us) of givingBIG.

All giveBIG donors will be listed in the next issue.


Contributions 1/1-3/31/2018 GENERAL

Anonymous (5) Karen Akira Paul and Mikiyo Atkins Ben and Elizabeth Chan Paul Chan and Carmen Tsuboi Chan Selina Chow Byron Fujikawa Hee Fung Lim and Thau Fan Chin Len Hayashida Memorial Fund Andrew and Heather Hofmeister Janis Horike Joy Huckle Japanese Presbyterian Church Tets and Kanako Kashima Mal and Chizuko Katsumoto Kisaragi-kai Eydie Kooiman Kikue Kubota Anna Kurata Dan and Mae Kusaka Mae Laigo Setsuko McCoy Bryan and Lisa McNeil Mercury Pharmacy Services, Inc. Tom Morio Estate of Kimiko Mukai Mari Nakamura Ted Nakamura Daisuke Nakashima Tanpopo No Kai Tosh and Toshi Okamoto Richard Omata and Carol Moody Sharon Owens Setsuko Petitt Puget Sound Coach Lines Herbert Saito Yoshiko Sone Ed Suguro Todd Taketa Ted and Martha Tamaki Eugene Usui Jeannie Uyeda Glen Uyenoyama Matsue Watanabe Tom and Marianne Wick Lillian T. Yamamoto Arthur and Alice Yoshizawa Skip and Tracy Yotsuuye

Home Care Anonymous Cora and Bruce Brunette Hiromi Nishimura Yoshiko Sone Kokoro Kai Anonymous Randy Aoyama and Anndrea Kawamura Teddy and Shigeko Kaino Sara Kosugi Herbert Saito Bruce Walton and Joy Walton Kawasaki Akiko Wyland Dave Wyland Nikkei Horizons Anonymous Dale Kaneko Miyoko Kaneta Maxine Loo Jackie Lum Nikkei Horizons Baby Play Group Louise Kashino Takisaki Shox Tokita Teresa Wong Nikkei Manor Patty Hiroo Mastrude Keiro Anonymous Atlas Tours Co., Ltd. Seattle JACL Hee Fung Lim and Thau Fan Chin Roland Ma Amy Nikaitani Herbert Saito Shakunage Japanese Women’s Support Club Transportation Services Louella Look Vehicle Donation Program Imelda Garcia Charles Natsuhara Hideko Takahashi


Microsoft Giving Campaign Elliot Omiya

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Douglas Eng Lisa Hirai Stacie Ito

Port of Seattle Anonymous

Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Alice Doi BECU Matching Gifts Program Michael Teramoto Boeing Employee Individual Giving Program Douglas Akizuki Paul Egashira Gary Hamatani Stephen Hasegawa Kenneth Khoo Richard Kuniyuki Kelly Kuwahara Debra Locke Cheryl Ohashi Ron Sakura Carolyn Sawa Kevin Shigaya Scott Sugiyama David Suguro Lynne Tanino Victoria Terao Warren Yasutake Costco Wholesale Corp. Anonymous Beverly Akada Shelley Martinson Gail Tsuboi King County Employee Giving Program Bruce Ritzen Dennis Lock Eileen Chikamura Eugene Sugita Harold Taniguchi Janet Shibuya Karen Yoshioka Mark Aratani Timothy Aratani Wesley Hikida

United Way of King County Theresa Fujiwara Robert Miyahara Heidi Yamamoto Marylyn Yoder United Way of Spokane County Jeanne Chang UPS Foundation, Inc. Cathy Inouye WA State Employees Combined Fund Drive Anonymous (3) Paul Aoki Susan Carr Tina Hayashi John Ishimaru Mariko Kakiuchi Wendy Nagasawa Kathleen Oberman Lisa Okubo-Garcila Karen Sakahara Jeanne Semura Britton Steel Julie Tin MATCHING GIFTS Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Boeing Company Political Action Gift Match Program Boeing Gift Match Program Costco Wholesale Corp. GE Foundation The Merck Foundation Microsoft Matching Gifts Campaign Moss Adams, LLP Nordstrom, Inc. Peach Foundation

Donors for the Music & Memory Program and the Keiro Cafe were listed in the Spring 2018 issue.


Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! IN-KIND GIVING

Anonymous (2) Setsuko Ainsworth Mark Aramaki Denney Austin Linda Briggs Carmelita Buenafe Mitzi Butler Family of Ms. Haruyo Campbell Sue Campbell and Floyd Campbell Gui Juan Chen Tim and Susanna Cullinan Janice Dawson Nancy Evans Executive Development Institute Grace Freedland Barbara Fujita Bob Fukano Frank Fukui Monica Furtick Mary Furuta Michelle Hansen Ann Haruki-Pinedo Ronnie Higashi Lillian Horita Calvin and Lorraine Hoshibata Cathy Hughson Miyo Ike and Sandi Ike Deanna Ikegami Roger Iwata Japanese Presbyterian Women’s Group Shizu Kaku Gail Kaminishi Eileen Kanemoto Hatsumi Kato Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner Miyoko Kodama Yuri Kojima Sara Kosugi Kimie Kuramoto Mrs. Langley’s 5th Grade Class Emily Leong Wendy Li Mariko Mano Doug Mar Peter Matsudaira Mamiko Matsushita Teri McLaughlin Mercury Pharmacy Services, Inc.

Analyn Mingaracal Betty Mochizuki MUFG Union Bank Connie Munekiyo Mari Nakashima Joy Nishimura Jerrie Nosho Frances Ogino Jerry and Sharon Okubo Ruby Pascua Diane Pierce Mineko Remillard Paul Richardson Jeannette Rivera Allen Russell Wes Sagami Yoko Sakagami Tomiko Sakiyama Junko Sarausad Rev. Yoshihisa and Yoko Sawano Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church Celia Sekijima Megumi Sherrill Itsuko Simpson Eugene Tagawa Bryon Tokunaga Ted Tomita Naoko Ulstein Uwajimaya, Inc. - Bellevue Vietnamese Seattle SDA Church Lisa Waisath Ed and Maxine Yakushijin Teresa Yamada Diane Yee Ruth Yoshida Terry Yoshikawa

Contributions 1/1-3/31/2018 Lunar New Year Celebration Ala Mode Pies Anthony’s Restaurants The Bennett Foundation Cakes of Paradise Bakery Chateau Ste. Michelle Consulate-General of Japan, Seattle Office Janice Cook Dahlia Bakery Pete and Wendy DeLaunay Delta Air Lines Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda - Jon Ikegami / Doug Ikegami El Gaucho Expedia Flow Fitness Fumie’s Gold Gobo Enterprises Brenda and Chuck Handley Seth Handley Lillian Hayashi Hood Famous Bakeshop - Chera Amlag Horizon House Hotel Andra Kai Market by Uwajimaya Taichi Kitamura Nancy Ko DK Kodama Alice Krause Jerry and Charlene Lee

Perry and Vickie Lee Leonetti Cellars Kenlyn Louie Del Lui Patty Hiroo Mastrude and Jon Mastrude Don and Joni McKeta Denise Moriguchi Tyler Moriguchi Museum of History and Industry Hisako Nakaya Linda Nelson NESTA USA Malena Ng Quyen Pham Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria David Rosenthal Sandwich House Trés Schwartz Brothers Restaurants Debbie Shimizu Megan Stevens Sushi Kappo Tamura Suyama, Peterson, Deguchi - Jay Deguchi Ellen Suzuki Mark Takagi and Connie Ricca June Takenaga Merrily Taniguchi Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Top Pot Doughnuts Town & Country Markets Inc. Estate of Ayame Tsutakawa Gerard and Judy Tsutakawa Uwajimaya, Inc. Jean Wakamatsu ZZ Wei and Lin Hsuan Westin Bellevue Whole Foods

We have made every effort to be thorough and represent each name accurately. If an error or omission has occurred, please accept our apologies and contact us at 206.726.6506 so that we can correct our records.


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Keiro Northwest News - Summer 2018