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Summer 2017 Volume 42 | Issue 3

Superheros need help, too You care for a loved one, which makes you a superhero. You want to do it all and ensure that they are safe, sound, happy, and healthy as they possibly can be. You love that special senior in your life, and you truly believe that you can handle the challenges – maybe by yourself, or with some help from your family members. But remember, caring for a loved one is hard. Chef Ron Youmans (center) with Catering Team members Silverio Godinez and Chef Chris Manio Judy Matsudaira (right) and Miya Takeuchi

At Keiro Northwest, we want to help. Here are a few tips from the pros. They have the training, know-how, experience, and support to make it look easy, but they face similar issues.

Being a caregiver is physically and mentally taxing. Take breaks or alternate care with family and/or close friends. You are a superhero(but you don’t have to go it alone). Judy Matsudaira, Certified Nursing Assistant, Keiro Northwest Rehabilitation & Care Center Continued on page 5

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Naoko Ulstein (left) with Kokoro Kai volunteer Hide Tachibana at the Ayame Kai Holiday Craft Fair Teri McLaughlin (center) with Rose Dracobly and Nikkei Manor Manager Lisa Waisath at the Living Well Health Fair

Quick tips for caregivers


Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire


More than meets the eye New Board Member, Katie Lai


Events 6 Family Album


KEIRO NORTHWEST 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brenda Handley, President Bill Tashima, Vice President Hideo Suganuma, Secretary Frank Fukui, Treasurer Katie Lai, PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCGP Jerry Lee Willon Lew Judge Vicki J. Toyohara Mukai Julie Ann Oiye Nicholas Ong Ted Tomita Dennis Yamashita Honorary Board Members Janet Deguchi Tomio Moriguchi Tosh Okamoto FINANCE, INVESTMENT, & AUDIT COMMITTEE Bruce Brundige Frank Fukui Brenda Handley Kathy Hasegawa Bill Tashima Ken Yokoyama KEIRO Northwest News Publisher, Editor & Circulation: Darcia Tanabe Layout & Design: Yvonne San Luis Design CONTRIBUTORS Jeff Chin; Brenda Handley; Jeffrey Hattori; Eugene Tagawa; Karin Taifour, LMHC, GMHS; Darcia Tanabe Rehabilitation & Care Center 206.323.7100 NIKKEI MANOR Assisted Living Community 206.726.6460 KOKORO KAI Adult Day Center 206.726.6474 NIKKEI HORIZONS Continuing Education Program 206.726.6469 TRANSPORTATION Services 206.726.6468 CATERING 206.755.3078 Home care 1.855.826.9164 OUR MISSION We empower our Asian community through a continuum of exceptional health care services that are culturally sensitive.

Greetings! Caregivers are so important as we tackle the art of aging. We wish we could know the exact time and medical condition our loved ones will face as they age. This reminds me to stop and think about a plan for my own mother. In my previous letter, I briefly touched on my Uncle in Japan needing home care. My Auntie is blessed with having the in-home care to allow my Uncle the ability to age gracefully at home. I asked if she had a plan as his caregiver when he reaches the next level of care. She is ready and knows what they can afford over and above what the government provides. As caregivers, we are faced with making decisions for our elders. It has been helpful to me, as a Keiro Northwest board member, to learn about what choices are available. I am very grateful to know there are options. I encourage all of you to visit Keiro and Nikkei Manor. The staff are the best. They can explain service options and potential solutions to help you work on your own caregiving strategies. giveBIG (The Seattle Foundation’s 1-day, online giving event) was a huge success! It really is a true testament that Keiro Northwest does it right. On behalf of the board, I personally thank each donor for donating to Keiro Northwest!!! Thank you for the wonderful support of Keiro Northwest, where we strive to make every day the best day! Please take good care of yourself as we care for others!! Happy Spring, everyone ~!~


Brenda Handley Board President

Dear Keiro Northwest Family, In 2015, the National Alliance for Caregiving/AARP discovered that 34 million caregivers provide an average of 24 hrs./week of care for an elderly loved one, primarily at “home.” Keiro Northwest (KNW) offers families support through our home-based services. VV weekly delicious/nutritious meals via Catering VV short-term & out-patient rehab at Keiro VV caregiver respite while your loved one has fun at VV Nikkei Horizons’ Caregiver Resource Day Kokoro Kai (Seattle/Bellevue) (June 24) for ideas, resources, and support VV individualized services through Home Care The compassionate care that families give to their loved ones embodies the respect for elders (the meaning of Keiro) that is fundamental to our values. I’m pleased to share the newest addition to the KNW Board of Directors, Katie Lai. She brings a deep commitment and passion to serve our elders and a wealth of abilities that will help lead KNW to a brighter future. Learn more about Katie on page 5. I would also like to acknowledge Ibtissam Davis, Facilities Director; Kara Mayeda, Home Care Director; and Randi Saeter, Keiro Administrator; who embark on new life journeys. I am grateful for their tremendous contributions, and we will honor their legacies with continued service excellence for our residents and participants! Finally, a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our generous giveBIG donors, whose collective generosity exceeded our goal of $60,000, and all of the diners, donors, and volunteers at Ayame Kai’s 8th Annual Steak Dinner. Both “events” are symbolic of how our community is bonded by the value of Keiro… and demonstrates care and giving! Your CEO,




KEIRO NORTHWEST MANAGEMENT TEAM Jeffrey Hattori, CEO & Interim Administrator, Keiro Rehabilitation & Care Center 206.726.6500

Quick tips for caregivers Karin Taifour, LMHC, GMHS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER SITUATION


Your family history, culture, strengths, and

Try to stay out of the mindset of “crisis

challenges will determine what works for you and

management” and instead focus on being a

what your family needs. Don’t believe that you

supportive and comforting presence for your loved

have to do something just because it worked for

one. A back-up plan, especially resources you can

someone else. All families are unique, and families

call on if a regular support person is sick, etc. – can

define situations their own way.

reduce your anxiety.



If you can shift your thinking to see your

Stay on top of your own medical care. Caregivers

relationship as a “care partnership,” this can help

are the “unidentified patient” – you are at a high

reduce the stress you feel (for example, being

risk for diabetes, heart disease, compromised

responsible for everything, having to make all the

immunity, hypertension, sleep disorders, anxiety,

decisions, etc.).

depression, and other health problems. Do at least


one thing each day that focuses solely on YOU. Even small steps can move you closer to well-being.

Every family experiences a broad range of feelings.


These are all normal – even negative ones, such

Get support from other caregivers – they truly

as hopelessness, fear, shame, and guilt. If you can

understand! Support groups and even online

name, share, and discuss these feelings, you may

forums can be extremely helpful and encouraging.

feel less alone and more supported.

Janice Deguchi, COO 206.726.7838 Tina Masuda Draughon, CFO 206.726.6510 Rick Takeuchi, Human Resources Director 206.726.6506 Patty Hiroo Mastrude, Philanthropy Manager 206.726.6523 Darcia Tanabe, Communications Manager 206.726.6550 Emie Cupat, RN, Interim DNS Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center 206.726.6538 Lisa Waisath, Manager Nikkei Manor 206.726.6471 Jacob Colter, Manager Home Care 206.588.4665 Linda Asami, Community Relations Manager 206.726.6501 Naoko Ulstein, Director Kokoro Kai 206.726.6474 Ron Higashi, Manager Transportation Services 206.726.6468 Ron Youmans, Catering Director 206.726.6520 Keiro Northwest News, the official newsletter of Keiro Northwest (formerly Nikkei Concerns), is published four times a year. Keiro Northwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire Reprinted with permission from the American Medical Association How are you? Caregivers are often so concerned with caring for their relative’s needs that they lose sight of their own wellbeing. Please take just a moment to answer the following questions.

During the past week or so, I have... 1. Had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing

❏ Yes

❏ No

2. Felt that I couldn’t leave my relative alone

❏ Yes

❏ No

3. Had difficulty making decisions

❏ Yes

❏ No

4. Felt completely overwhelmed

❏ Yes

❏ No

5. Felt useful and needed

❏ Yes

❏ No

6. Felt lonely

❏ Yes

❏ No

7. Been upset that my relative has changed so much from his/her former self

❏ Yes

❏ No

8. Felt a loss of privacy and/or personal time

❏ Yes

❏ No

9. Been edgy or irritable

❏ Yes

❏ No

10. Had sleep disturbed because of caring for my relative

❏ Yes

❏ No

11. Had a crying spell(s)

❏ Yes

❏ No

12. Felt strained between work and family responsibilities

❏ Yes

❏ No

13. Had back pain

❏ Yes

❏ No

14. Felt ill (headaches, stomach problems or common cold)

❏ Yes

❏ No

15. Been satisfied with the support my family has given me

❏ Yes

❏ No

16. Found my relative’s living situation to be inconvenient or a barrier to care

❏ Yes

❏ No

17. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “not stressful” to 10 being “extremely stressful,” please rate your current level of stress. 18. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “very healthy” to 10 being “very ill,” please rate your current health compared to what it was this time last year.

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SAVE THE DATE Living Well Health Fair Saturday, October 21 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

This is not your typical health fair! 4


More than meets the eye NEW BOARD MEMBER, KATIE LAI Passionate and people-centered, Katie

spending time with and learning from

Lai, PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCGP, is a

her grandmother while her parents were

welcome addition to the Keiro Northwest

at work. She embraces the values her

Board of Directors.

grandmother taught and those her father

Katie is smart, driven, and focused. She has served as a clinical pharmacist

embodied – work hard, be wise, give back whenever you can.

for almost 25 years, holds a doctorate

Katie’s no newbie when it comes to non-

in Pharmacy, a master’s in Health

profits. As a co-founder of the Alliance

Administration, and is board-certified

of Women Achieving Knowledge and

in both Geriatric Pharmacy and

Excellence (AWAKE), she helps professional

Pharmacotherapy. She has authored

women to enhance their leadership skills

and co-authored articles in professional

and change expectations. She is also

You’re sure to see Katie (hopefully with

journals. She has won awards and has

involved with the National Association

her hubby-to-be, Ayax Vargas) at

taught pharmacy students at both

of Asian American Professionals – Seattle

upcoming Keiro Northwest events, and

the University of Washington and the

Branch (NAAAP-Seattle).

she looks forward to playing Bingo with

University of North Carolina. Yes, she knows her stuff.

By joining the Keiro Northwest Board,

community into the Keiro Northwest Family. Not just “build a bridge” but also “walk on it.”

the Keiro residents.

she combines her healthcare expertise

Don’t let the high-powered degrees

and love of elders with her strategic,

intimidate you. Katie loves the human

big-picture thinking and community

aspect of clinical pharmacy, the face-to-

devotion. As a product of both Vietnamese

face connection and the opportunity to

and American cultures, she wants to

make someone’s life better. Her affinity for

spread cultural understanding. Through

geriatric pharmacy developed naturally,

education and involvement, she believes

Superheros need help, too

we can fully welcome the Vietnamese

Katie’s motto:

Power in numbers. We can make things happen when we work together.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People want to help, but they often don’t know how. TELL THEM! Even if it’s just so you can get away to take a walk, see a movie, or visit friends. Don’t feel guilty for feelings of anger, frustration, helplessness, etc. These are all normal and certainly justified. CALL A FRIEND who will let you vent!

Isolation can be devastating. Maintain a network of friends and family and keep in touch. Find a good peer support group for people living with dementia. There are even online groups and chat rooms if you can’t go out to a meeting. Teri McLaughlin, RN, Health Services Manager, Nikkei Manor Continued on page 8




Thank you for giving BIG! Thanks to each and every giveBIG donor, we reached (and surpassed) our goal of $60,000 (excluding matching gifts). Matching gifts inspired many to give at the $500 level, and we are very grateful for those matching donors. Additional thanks to the Seattle Foundation and their sponsors, who made this event possible.

A packed house learned tips and techniques from the experts on how to prevent falls. Nikkei Horizons’ Fall Prevention Day featured balance assessments, safety recommendations, and introduced urban pole walking as a fun way to promote mobility. Many thanks to the speakers – Rocky Jorgensen, RN, and Coach Lisa – exhibitors, and especially the Robert Chinn Foundation for their support of this event. The Ayame Kai Steak Dinner took place after our printing deadline and will be covered in our next issue.


KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Summer | Summer 2017 2017

Chef Shinichiro Takahashi of Ten Sushi cooked up a delicious Guest Chef Luncheon for the Keiro residents and almost 50 additional diners. His beautiful gomoku oshi sushi was complemented by the arugula salad, soup, and dessert (provided by Tres Sandwich House). Guest Chef Luncheons are open to the public, but seating is limited.

Upcoming Events August 14 Founders’ Golf Benefit October 21 Living Well Health Fair November 18 Ayame Kai Guild Arts & Crafts Fair

Tomoko Faasuamalie’s Energance dance moves (so popular with Kokoro Kai participants) got the joint jumpin’ as volunteers celebrated National Volunteer Appreciation Week with two luncheons at Keiro. We honored some for their many years of service, bade farewell to retiring volunteers, and remembered fondly those who have passed on. Performances, prize drawings, staff speeches, and a wonderful meal prepared by Keiro Northwest Catering expressed our deep appreciation for all the volunteers have done for the residents and participants.

family album

Toshiko Isomura and Connie Saito felt like kids again on Children’s Day (kodomo no hi), proudly sporting their newspaper origami samurai helmets (kabuto). Kids of all ages celebrated this Japanese holiday around Keiro Northwest.

The men of Kokoro Kai East viewed the cherry blossoms (and maybe some co-eds, too) at the University of Washington’s Quad. Field trips are always fun, and it was good to be surrounded by so much youthful energy and drive.

Harue de Jesus at Keiro and Connie Saito at Nikkei Manor welcomed in the second century of their lives. They recently turned 100 years young, and families, volunteers, and staff celebrated the good times with them.

Nikkei Manor BFFs May Okamoto and Yoshiko Murakami shared a good laugh and some good stories. Although May transferred to Keiro last year, Yoshiko visits her every so often, and they rejoice every time. Hide Tachibana and Irene Mataka tackled a tower of dumplings on their special tour of Vancouver, BC. The intimate group of six adventurers had an insider’s guide to Japanese Canadian and native histories & cultures, as well as the vibrant cuisine and stunning gardens.



Superheros need help, too

Continued from page 5

Family caregivers need time to recharge energy levels – physically and mentally. Kokoro Kai is the place where you can get some time off!

Keep music around. It’s amazing how music can affect a person’s mood and memory. Judy Matsudaira, Certified Nursing Assistant, Keiro Northwest Rehabilitation & Care Center

Naoko Ulstein, Director, Kokoro Kai Adult Day Center

Give yourself some peace of mind knowing that your loved one will receive a delicious and nutritious meal that they will enjoy without having to prepare it for themselves. Ron Youmans, Director, Keiro Northwest Catering

Post-golf Party! Monday, August 14

16th Annual Founders’ Golf Benefit Dinner & Auction Fairwood Golf & Country Club | Renton

Volunteers needed, for both golf and the party! 8


Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Continued from page 4

To Determine the Score: 1. Reverse score questions 5 and 15. (For example, a “No” response should be counted as “Yes” and a “Yes” response should be counted as “No”) 2. Total the number of “yes” responses.

To Interpret the Score: Chances are that you are experiencing a high degree of distress: VV If you answered “Yes” to either or both Questions 4 and 11; or VV If your total “Yes” score = 10 or more; or VV If your score on Question 17 is 6 or higher; or VV If your score on Question 18 is 6 or higher.

Next steps: VV Consider seeing a doctor for a check-up for yourself. VV Consider having some relief from caregiving. (Discuss with the doctor or a social worker the resources available in your community.) VV Consider joining a support group

Mark your calendar! S aturday , N ovember 1 8 Ayame Kai Arts & Crafts Fair Perennial faves & new discoveries await you! Prospective vendors, please contact Ruth Kimura at 206.931.6841 or Portfolio reviews through August 8, 2017.



Contributions Volunteers 1/1-3/31/2017 1/1-3/31/2017 Volunteers Terie Akada Helen Akamine Jack Akamine Kim Akimoto Marcia Almassy alpha Kappa Delta Phi Ayumi Aoki AC Arai Mariko Asaba Hiroshi Asano Kazuko Asano Eric Ashihara Ayame Kai Guild Genei Azama Sarah Baker Victoria Binuya Yasuko Blachman James Boa Boston College Alumni Linda Briggs Yuri Brockett Nicole Brugger-Dethmers Minako Brunelle Bush School Camp Fire Girls Yaeko Cella Ho Kei Chan Matt Chan Chin-Teng Chen Dorothy Chen Ben Chew Chinese Southern Baptist Church Janine Chinn Prashanthi Chitre Eunjung Cho Edwina Choung Samuel Chowning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Ravenna Park Ward Seunghye Chung Yoshiko Dahl Huyen Dang Noriko Davis Janice Dawson Elizabeth Daza Jay Deguchi Janice Divina Kazumi Dixon Yoshie Dodobara Rebecca Durham Echo Chorus Faith Bible Church Sakiko Flower Katherine Fry

Masako Fry Naoko Fujii Mine Kimi Fujima Nina Fujimura Etsuko Fujishima Bob Fukano Keiko Fukuda Carla Furukawa Gabrielle Nomura Gainor Mimi Gan Nanci Gardner Yu-San Gartz Jay Grinols Peggy Hanada Brenda Handley Karen Hara David Hayasaka Lillian Hayashi Toshiko Hayashi John Hayatsu Nancy Hayatsu Beth Hidano Ronnie Higashi Takako Hirai Bobby Hiraki Yuki Hiraki Michi Hirata Hirata Violin School Chiaki Hirate Takako Homma Yuka Honda Jenny Hones Lillan Horita Meghan Horn Cathy Hughson Qing Hui Bishan Huo Ji Hoon Hwang Carole Ideta Miyo Ike Deanna Ikegami Claire Imai-Takemura Jodi Inman Betty Inouye International Lion Dance Team Sandy Ishihara Yuko Ishimaru Arlene Iwai John Iwai Kennedy Izuka Lou Izumi Cindy Jaffe Japanese International Baptist Church Chorus Junko John Shiz Kaku Gail Kaminishi


Dale Kaneko Eileen Kanemoto Malcolm Kanemoto Susanne Kanetomi Professor Emeritus Tetsuden Kashima Hatsumi Kato Lillian Kato Gloria Kawabori Isamu Kawabori Beth Kawahara Bill Kawahara Yukako Kawai Yumiko Kayukawa Akiko Ketron Jessica Khoo Ruth Kimura Kisaragi Kai Koko (Fukuko) Kobayashi Hiroko Kobayashi-Wagner Kobe Nursing College Yoshiko and Heijiro Komura Yoshiko Komura Pat Kono Korean Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sara Kosugi Miwa Kudo Kimie Kuramoto Sachiko Kusachi Yuko Kusakabe Akiko Kusunose Lambda Phi Epsilon Charlene Lee Gayle Lee Hyun Lee Jerry Lee Julie Leiendecker Lilyan Leong Mark Levy Willon Lew Wendy Li Lina Lockwood John Lok Jackie Lum Victoria Lum Roland Ma Junko Maeda Kuniko Mancini Daisy Mar Jeni Mar Crystal Marshall Eileen Massey Joe Matsudaira Louise Matsumoto Kuniko Matsumura Kay Matsuura Chris Mau

Kathy Mayeda-Chase Carolina Medenilla Meito Shodo Kai Calligraphy Association Yoko Melrose M. J. Mitoma Miyuki Mitsumoto Christopher Miyake Milan Miyamoto Richard Miyauchi Betty Mochizuki Edward Moore Miki Morimoto Gail Mukai My Green Tea Misao Nagai Sunnie Nagai Junior Nagaki Dick Nagaoka Kayoko Nakajima Kent Nakamura Kiyoko Nakanishi Michael Nakano Mari Nakashima Ayako Narita Saki Narusaka National Charity League Evergreen Chapter Charlene Neuss Abraham Neuwelt Helen Nicdao Erika Nicks Mary Nishida Harry Nishimoto Ron Nobuyama Kao Nomura Professor Emeritus Gail Nomura Stephanie Nomura-Henley North American Korean Mission Church Kaoru Nukui Hyonchu O Bill Ogasawara Julie Ann Oiye Mitsuko Okada Naomi Okai Iyoko Okano Jerry Okubo Sharon Okubo Liz Olschefski Akiko Osawa Tim Otani Sunkie Oye Jessica Pavilanis Peninsula Japanese Women’s Club Rainbow Chorus

Red Cross Yoko Reed Mineko Remillard Junko Riehl Miyoko Rokumoto Darian Saechao Saitama University George Saito Irene Saito Midori Saito Yoko Sakagami Sharell Sakamoto Fred Sakura Junko Sarausad Yutaka Sasaki Hana Sato Hideko Sato Keiko Toulegenova Sato Yoko Sato Yoko Sawano Naomi Schneider Jennifer Schumaker Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Church Seattle Nichiren Buddhist Church Sonoe Seiber Kayo Seino Joan Seko Seniors Creating Art Shakunage Kai Nobuko Shearon Naomi Sheller Grace Shibayama James Shibayama Debbie Shimizu Yoko Shimizu Bill Shinbo Michiko Shinoda Shumi no Kai Marcia Sohns Kaori Sometani Seung Hye Song Komayo Spahr St. Andrew Korean Catholic Church St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Lisa Stuebing George Suetsugu Sachiko Sugimoto Erina Sugita Gina Suguro Professor Emeritus Stephen Sumida Makiko Sumner


Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Yuriko Sunuwar Kathy Suyama Ellen Suzuki Hitomi Suzuki Hide Tachibana Eugene Tagawa Barbara Taira Yuri Takagi Kinji Takahashi Kosuke Takahashi May Takahashi Shinichiro Takahashi Patti Takizawa Nancy Tamahara Libby Tamura Shoko Tanaka Richard Tang Merrily Taniguchi Tanpopo no Kai Bill Tashima Makiko Taya Ten Sushi Midori Kono Thiel Nobuko Thiesen Blake Thompson Shox Tokita Tokyo Kasei University Ted Tomita Naomi Tou

Michiko Toyoshima Alisa Tran Tulalip Church of God Tzu-Chi Foundation UCDS Sada Uno Momoe Unoshima Shinta Unoshima Janice Urano Neill Urano Mayumi Van Elsberg Suh Vogel Voice Library in Japanese Pat Wakazuru Ruby Wang Asumi Wantz Keiko Watanabe Kerry Watanabe Shiz Watanabe Yoko Weaver Lori Tsugawa Whaley Min-Min Wong Shizue Yahata Ed Yakushijin Ida Yakushijin Maxine Yakushijin Patsy Yamada Teresa Yamada Sayuka Yamamoto

Fujie Yamasaki Kristina Yamashita Tomoko Yamazaki Jeannie Yee Fuyo Yoshida Ruth Yoshida Harry Yoshihara Mark Yoshihara-Bradshaw David Yoshino Gloria Yoshino Warda Zaman Lunar New Year Celebration Takuya Akiyama Hikari Asami Mio Asami Maneja Attah Atsuko Bonner Betty Chan-Etquibal Amy Crosbie Ken Elliott Mayumi Van Elsberg Lily Eng Ken Furusawa Mimi Gan Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Suzanne Gollhofer Cindy Haba

Contributions Volunteers 1/1-3/31/2017 Brenda Handley Chuck Handley Karen Hara Theresa Harris Lillian Hayashi Trang Hoang Anne Hritzay Marcus Hwang Sandy Ishihara Chisaki Ito Lou Izumi Yukako Kawai Ryo Kawakami Jenifer Kimura Frank Kiuchi Madelyn Korn Ken Kurata Alicia Kutsunai Chase Kutsunai Jessica Latimer Charlene Lee Jerry Lee Wendy Li Pat Norikane Logerwell Elise Marks Fort Martinez Chris Mau Kayla Mitchell M.J. Mitoma

Roger Mizumori Lori Moll Maile Moll Maren Moll National Charity League Evergreen Chapter Iris Okimoto Nielsen Kao Nomura Sonoko Paulson Hannah Samuels Tracy Samuels Jeff Saul RJ Sera Linda Solomon Shawn Sudo Luann Tachiyama Eugene Tagawa Rie Taki Patti Takizawa Nancy Tamanaha Page Tanagi Elsie Taniguchi Harold Taniguchi Jason Tseng Suzanne Villa Lisa Waisath Marlene Yamaguchi Hannah Yamasaki

Explore the world with NIKKEI HORIZONS! Our apologies for any errors. Please contact Megumi Sherrill at 206.726.7830 with corrections.

European Discovery: Footsteps of the 442nd

April 25-May 6, 2018 Travel through the heart of Europe, including several sites where brave Nisei soldiers fought in World War II. FREE ORIENTATION ON 9/24/2017

Call 206.726.6469 for more details. 11 KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Summer 2017


Contributions 1/1-3/31/2017 MEMORIALS KEIRO GARDEN Diane Taniguchi Dennis and Patsy Yamada GENERAL Helen Adachi The Helen Adachi Family George, Nancy, Paul, and Bradley Fujimoto Barbara Fujita Roger and Kathy Fujita Mary Furuta Margaret Gojio Steve Hasegawa Mary Hawkins and Ron Anderson Jerry and Gladys Hoshijo Victor and Mary Ikeda Dickie and Nadine Iwamiya Denise Iwata Betty Mochizuki Curt Nagai Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura The Nishimura Family Larry and Mae Numata Jerry and Sharon Okubo David and Patricia Ono Larry, Jerry, and Koharu Sera Lily Shitama Teresa Watanabe Mickey Tanaka Nancy Tanaka Nina Tomita-Kato Arlene and Mitch Wakasa B. J. Watanabe, and Susie and Ron Osajima Iky Yamada, Yo Yamada Teresa Yamada Kathy and David Yotsuuye and Family Jimmy Akizuki Janet Inahara Sumie Akizuki Sharon Aburano Fusako Akimoto Kim Akimoto Lillian Aoyama Janet Baba Jean Chihara Barbara Christenson Janet Deguchi Jean Deguchi Mike and Mary Fujii

John Hamakami Marvin and Frances Hamanishi Steve Hasegawa E Y Hayashi Tom and Sallie Hoshisaki Katie Kaku Shirley Kanda and Roger Fukai Mal and Chizuko Katsumoto Michael and Wendy Kawamura Tom and Kimie Kuramoto George and Irene Mano Jacquelyn Maruhashi Nancy Mayeno Dan and Julianne Miura The Moriguchi Family Cheryl Morisaki and Martin Loefflad Rich and Lorri Munekiyo Marti Murakami Kim Muromoto Min and Jean Muromoto Fumi Nakamura Terry Nakano Leanne Nishi-Wong and Rick Wong Mabel Nishizaki Margo Okazawa-Rey and Yoko Lee Patti Saito Linda Sakai Eiko Shibayama Kazumi Shimizu Shizuoka Club David and Gina Suguro The Family of Irene and George Tanabe Betty Tanaka Sue Tanaka Elsie Taniguchi Emiko Taniguchi Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Doris Taylor Laurie Tazuma Yoshi Tokita-Schroder and Jerry Schroder Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Laine and Janet Y. Tsujii Sue Yoshiyama and Toshiko Suguro Matsuye Aramaki James and Suwako Maeda Shizuko Arima Susan and Stanley Nakamura


Kathy Y. Beitz Janet Masuo Kimi and Soichi Egashira Leo Egashira Sumako Egashira Leo Egashira Frank “Shobo” Fujii Anonymous Utah and Connie Onodera Gail Tsuboi and Jim Kranick Mas Fukuhara Rod and Kris Kawakami Cheryl Morisaki and Martin Loefflad Esther Furugori Fran Shintaku Michihiko Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Minnie Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Robert Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Yuki and Takeyoshi Handa Yuki Moore Laurenti Jim and Hiroko Hasegawa Kathy Hasegawa Tom Hasegawa Mary Hikida Jon Mastrude and Patty Hiroo Mastrude Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Rachel Hidaka John Pearson and Gerry Tanagi Al Hikida Mary Hikida Jack Ishida Harry and Fran Nishimoto

David and Patricia Ono Louise Ono Janis Shimojima Fran Shintaku Roland and Vicky Yoshida

Henry L. Louie Michael and Karen Nakamura

Miyo Ise Roland and Vicky Yoshida

John Matsudaira Lillian Matsudaira

Nobi Ishii Gail Tsuboi and Jim Kranick

Yo Yo Mikami George Aoyama Cary and Julie Davis Jean Deguchi Toshikatsu and Bonnie Fujii Michael and Sari Fukano Curtis and Nancy Fukuhara Helen Gota Betty Hirano Ken and Debbe Hirata Michi Hirata Fusako Kamihara Janice Kamihara Debra Locke Derek and Emi Locke Kenzo and Carol Moriguchi Janet Nakano John Nakano Joe and Diana Ohashi Dave and Janice Sao Bob Seko Kazue Tagami Fudge Tsuchikawa Amelia Wong Teresa Yamada Fujie Yamasaki and Family

Eva Justiniano John and Nancy Evans Nestor and Takako Justiniano Jim and Yone Terada Evelyn and Herbert Yabuki Carol Kamada Janet Masuo Diane Kamada Janet Masuo Isao and Yuriko Kamada Harry Kamada Janet Masuo Jeff Kamada Janet Masuo Lois Kaneko Lonny Kaneko Grace Katahira John and Nancy Hayatsu Jane Kawachi George Kawachi Sally Kazama Alan Kazama Jerald Kelly Seattle Chinese Post – Assunta Ng Kazuko Cassandra Ko Cristina and Maurizio Fontanella

Tak and Lily Hori Susan Hori and Robert Hori

Nori Kobayashi Carmen Tsuboi Chan Sue Fujikado Kenneth Mayeda and Eliane Dao Nancy Mayeno Yukio and Kimi Tazuma

Mary Jane Houtrouw Hannah Yamasaki and Scott Bender

Craig Koga Sara and Jeffrey Law Ben Yorita

Taeko Imaizumi Michelle Coleman

Judy Koyano Ed and Suzanne Yoshitome

Hal Ise Terie Akada Amy Kato

H. T. Kubota Family Irene Plosky

Amy Hirasawa Leslie Wittman Misae Honda Randle Inouye

Ping “Pinky” Luke Naoko Ulstein

Taiji Miyamoto Hank and Rose Fukano Eiichi Mizumoto Thelma Abe Carmen Tsuboi Chan Brien and Marcia Chow Mae Deguchi Pamela Fukai Miyuki Hanada Peggy Hanada Thom and Beverly Ikeda Les and Denise Inaba Yasunori and Ritsuko Kawahara Gary and Connie Kobata Janet Kosai June Kosai Tom and Kimie Kuramoto George and Irene Mano Patty Hiroo Mastrude Brad and Gayle Miyake Nancy Miyazaki Chris Mizumoto

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Kiyomi and Reiko Mizumoto Fumi Munekiyo Rich and Lorri Munekiyo Jon and Wendy Nagasawa Haggie Nakashima and Family David and Patricia Ono Sono Sakaguchi Jack M. Sameshima Gina Sugawara Nori Suguro Paul Takemura and Kyoko Imai Steve and Miho Takemura Teresa Yamada

Naoko Ulstein Ed and Maxine Yakushijin Nobuo Yutani Family Yae Niimi Linda Briggs Randle Inouye Shizue Kaku Gail Kaminishi Betty Mochizuki The Yaeko Niimi Family Naoko Ulstein Ed and Maxine Yakushijin Shizuko Nose Mary Hikida

Mikio and Emma Mori Marv and Pat Yoshinaka

Sachi Okazaki Michi Hirata

Carol Morisaki Cheryl Morisaki and Martin Loefflad

James Osawa Rose Kataoka

Ethel Mukai Eugene Mukai Chester Murakami Marti Murakami Carl Nagai Anna Nagai Toshiko Nagaki Jean Deguchi Curtis and Nancy Fukuhara Jeffrey Hattori Jeni Nakamura Naoko Ulstein Motoi “Mo” Naito Nona Santos Kim Nakamura Susan and Stanley Nakamura Lilly Nakano Janet Inahara Tsuruko Nakano Anna Nagai Dorothy Narasaki Les and Denise Inaba Terrie Natsuhara Nancy Hasegawa Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo, Patty Hiroo Mastrude Ron and Linda Iwasaki Shizue Kaku Gail Kaminishi Nobuko Watanabe LeMay John and Polly Shigaki Peggy Tanemura Ted and Aki Taniguchi


Marie Ozawa Kay Fukuma Lois Hirano Peggy Tanemura Matsuo Sakagami Nancy Fye Cheryl Sakura Fred Sakura John Sato Anonymous Sol and Tillie Amon Kenji and Marci Beppu Jean Deguchi Gary and Carrie Dodobara Kim Entrop Brian and Faith Griffith Gerrie Hashisaki Jeffrey Hattori Bruce Hori Frank and June Hori Pat Iboshi John Ikeda Kachi Ikeda Thom and Beverly Ikeda Victor and Mary Ikeda Charlene Ishida Sumi Joyner Harold Kawaguchi Bill and Beth Kawahara The Ray Kihara Family The Family of Vic and Patti Kihara-Vic, Patti, Mike, Dave, and Molly Charles and Amy Kinoshita Bob and Ruth Loboduk May Macnab Don and Kiyo Maekawa

Contributions 1/1-3/31/2017

Frank and Barbara Mason Nadine Miyahara Kenzo and Carol Moriguchi Tomio and Jenny Li Moriguchi Toshi and Susie Moriguchi Ernie and Sunnie Nagai Eddie and Betty Nishikawa Tosh and Toshi Okamoto Sadami Ono Bob and Cathy O’Rear Gerald and Gail Oyabe The Pao Family Mrs. Eddie Sato and Family Joan T. Seko The Ken Seno Family Bill and Carol Shinbo Richard Strand Hide Tachibana Mrs. George Tambara and Family The Family of Irene and George Tanabe Don and Amy Tokunaga Deane and Barb Uyeda Sheila Woo and Toni Covell Hideo and Irene Yamasaki Steve Yokota James and Betty Yuasa Jim and Tomiko Zumoto

Joe Terada Yasunori and Ritsuko Kawahara Akiko Narusawa

Yuki Sato Masako Tanaka

Akemi Yoshida Richard Yoshida

Charles Smith Carmen Tsuboi Chan

Kazuo and May Yoshinaka Marv and Pat Yoshinaka

Teruo Sugahara Jill Hashimoto Terry Nakano


Al Sugiyama Carmen Tsuboi Chan Ken Katayama and Shirlee Tsuchida-Katayama Victor Taira Naoko Ulstein Suzue Tanaka Janet Inahara Diane Taniguchi Susan Hori Pat Iboshi Elaine and Walt Ingram Miye and Luann Kawata James and Suwako Maeda The Moriguchi Family Elsie Taniguchi and Family Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley

Mitsi Toyohara Jeffrey Hattori Isao “Sun” Tsujii Kim Fukuda Miyoko Tvedt Calvin and Gloria Kunimoto Margaret Uchimura Kiyo Scott Jim and Yone Terada Lilly Uyeda Terie Akada Roy and Deanna Ikegami Mutual Fish Company, Inc. Fred Sakura The Family of Irene and George Tanabe Margaret Teramoto

Sono Sakaguchi Nob and Hats Kawada Massie Tomita Birthday Kathy Suyama Pat Nakamura In Honor of Jeffrey Hattori Devi Lally Ron Higashi, Russell Nishimura, and the Transportation Department Tacoma Buddhist Temple Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo Lisa Kunihiro Toshiko Isomura Jason Isomura Harriet Jurcan Leland Bolt

Wah Yen Wong Roberta Cleland Gar and Angela Lee Gary and Connie Locke

Allen Russell Jody Clovis

Lillian Yamashita Ron Takemura and Sharon Sakamoto

In Appreciation of

50th Anniversary Bill and Beth Kawahara Yuki Moore Laurenti Dan and Julianne Miura Yosh and Judi Nakamura 101st Birthday Hiromi Nishimura Frank and Haru Nishimura 100th Birthday Tak Matsui Teresa Yamada 90th Birthday Julie Mayeda Anonymous (3)

Rie Taki Josh and Carol Suehiro Keiro Northwest Transportation Services Dale and Shizue Kaku

GENERAL Lunar New Year Celebration Hiroko Huntoon M.J. Takisaki, Inc. Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC Lunar New Year Celebration Fund-aNeed Sheldon Arakaki Lance and Mary Ann Arnone Ayame Kai Guild Joy Barker Brett and Sarah Breece Makena Carr Sai Chaleunphonh Paul Chan and Carmen Tsuboi Chan James and Dorothy Chen Mandy Cohen Janice Deguchi and Chris Grabowski


Contributions 1/1-3/31/2017 Mae Deguchi Roderick Draughon and Tina Masuda Draughon John and Katie Feltz Shelley Fletcher Mike and Marty Flood Keith Forslund Daniel and Faith Frein Frank and Penny Fukui Colleen Fukui-Sketchley Mary Furuta Steve and Carol Gamble Mimi Gan Glenn Gokami and Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Brenda and Chuck Handley Seth Handley Theresa Harris Bob Hasegawa Kathy Hasegawa Jeffrey Hattori Mitchell Hernandez Ronnie Higashi Mary Hindal Tom and Kay Hirai Mrs. John Holter Kazuhiro Hoshi Robert and Eileen Iguchi Dale and Shizue Kaku Linna and Les Kitamura Shelley Fukui Kolar Rika Laing Bo Lee and David Kwon Jerry and Charlene Lee Jessica Lee Omar and Christine Lee Sue Mar Koji and Tomoko Matsuno Victor and Stacy Mizumori Denise Moriguchi and Rob Vong Michael Moriguchi Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura Mike Nagan Marci Nakano Pam Nakano Jason Nakaya Tina Nakayama Yee Ron Nelson and Katherine Cheng Mimi Nero Jean Nishi Dean and Lynn Nishimura Joy Nishimura Jane Nishita Terry and Jerrie Nosho Julie Ann Oiye

Eileen Okada Dennis and Susan Okamoto Mark Okazaki and Vicki Asakura Brian and Lesley Okura Tim and Susan Otani Walle Ralkowski and Christine Davidson Ross and Marcia Rogers Linda Salomon, Lani Beadle Michael and Joanne Sato Bob Simeone Gina Sugawara Ed Suguro Carol and Glenn Takagi Mark Takagi and Connie Ricca Ron Takemura and Sharon Sakamoto Rick and Renee Takeuchi Elaine Tanaka Elsie Taniguchi Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Grace Tazuma and Bruce Brundige Ted and Janet Tomita Ray Tong Leeching Tran and Trevor Wong Peter and Joyce Tsai Gail Tsuboi and Jim Kranick Stephanie and Hans Ulstein May Wan Dale Watanabe Terry and Ayako Yamamoto Dennis Yamashita Wendy Zheng Employee Recognition Fund – Nikkei Manor Gene Ikeda, Sumie Ikeda General Donations Anonymous (2) Amazon Smile Andrew and Heather Hofmeister Japanese Presbyterian Church Eydie and William Kooiman Dan and Mae Kusaka Phyllis Lee Len Hayashida Memorial Fund The Mamiya Family Miyake Family Charitable Grants Tom Morio Junzo Nakagawa Yaeko Niimi


Harry and Fran Nishimoto Richard Omata Herbert Saito Fred Sakura Lucy Sato Ray and Traci Sato Seattle Mariners RBI Club Shakunage Japanese Women’s Support Club Mas and Shirley Shimada Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Eugene Usui Misako Yashima Golf Benefit Consonus Healthcare Services Michael and Ann Imus Home/Community – Based Services Peter and Lanell Aoki Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center Ayame Kai Guild Sachiyo Enomoto Robert Hutton and Glenda Daugherty Hutton International Lion Dance and Martial Arts Team Bob and Ruth Loboduk James and Suwako Maeda Larry and Karen Matsuda Peninsula Japanese Women’s Club Herbert Saito Lisa Yamamoto Kokoro Kai Anonymous Ayame Kai Guild Kokoro Kai Volunteers Misao Korekiyo Yukio and Julianne Kumasaka Michael and Tomoko Malaghan Noboru and Michiko Shinoda Tacoma Buddhist Temple Barbara Taira Akiko Wyland Dave Wyland Kokoro Kai Volunteers Yukio and Julianne Kumasaka Susan Shinoda Nikkei Horizons

Anonymous (2) The Family of Sumie Akizuki Mickey Delanty May Eng William Grohs Bruce and Shirley Hirahara Kay Kamikawa E. Mary Kawaguchi Sanaye Kawamura Kimiko Kodagoda Sara Kosugi Bernadette Kumasaka Judy Kusakabe Maxine Loo Don Maekawa Irene Mano Sally Montejano Joyce Nakamura Charlene Nakayama Nikkei Horizons Seattle Baby Play Group Julie Ann Oiye Esther Onishi Mary Shigaya Elie Smith Eugene Tagawa Libby Tamura Sue Tanaka Yuzo and Lilly Tokita Grace Uyeda Jeannie Uyeda Beverly Wagner Shiz Watanabe Keiko Yanagihara Elaine Yoshida Nikkei Manor Ayame Kai Guild Patty Hiroo Mastrude Vehicle Donation Program Susan Oiye Volunteers Associates in Cultural Exchange Atlas Tours TTA, Inc.

WORKPLACE GIVING AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Douglas Eng Lisa Hirai Stacie Ito Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Alice Doi City of Seattle Anonymous Eric Ishino Stan Nakano Combined Federal Campaign of King County Jordon Fung Marla Iwata Eric Kasahara Anne Kusaka Cyndy Masada Karen Matsuda Lisa Oshiro Paul Yoag Costco Wholesale Corp. Anonymous (2) Beverly Akada Steve Kato Shelley Martinson Robert Taki Gail Tsuboi King County Employee Giving Program Anonymous Mark Aratani Eileen Chikamura Glen Hiraki Dennis Lock Janet Shibuya Eugene Sugita Harold Taniguchi Karen Yoshioka Macy’s Anonymous Microsoft Giving Campaign Elliot Omiya Kazuki Sawanoi United Way of King County Teresita Batayola Judith Daikoku Marcia Fujimoto Theresa Fujiwara Robert Miyahara Richard Munekiyo

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Heidi Yamamoto Marylyn Yoder UPS Foundation, Inc. Anonymous Cathy Inouye WA State Employees Combined Fund Drive Anonymous (3) Paul Aoki Susan Carr John Ishimaru Mariko Kakiuchi Wendy Nagasawa Kathleen Oberman Lisa Okubo-Garcila Karen Sakahara Jeanne Semura Britton Steel Kazuko Stoesz Kim Tanaka-Hill Julie Tin MATCHING GIFTS Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Boeing Company Political Action Gift Match Program Costco Wholesale Corp. FM Global Foundation GE Foundation Hulu LLC Microsoft Matching Gifts Campaign Nordstrom, Inc. USI Kibble & Prentice

IN-KIND GIVING Anonymous (9) 501 Commons The 5th Avenue Theatre Terie Akada June Akizuki Marcia Almassy Elaine Aoki Ayame Kai Guild Linda Batch Nicole Lee Bautista Linda Briggs Pui Lan Chan

Jody Clovis Janice Dawson Janice Divina Tina Masuda Draughon Esther Fok Grace Freedland Tamotsu and Cheryl Furukawa Nanci Gardner Brenda Handley Douglas and Michelle Hansen The Estate of Tom Hasegawa Jeffrey Hattori Lillian Hayashi Maya Heygood Ronnie Higashi Jia Bing Hong Lillian Horita Calvin and Lorraine Hoshibata Pat Iboshi, Mun Taketa, and Bruce Kaneshiro Miyo and Sandi Ike Deanna Ikegami Frank Irigon Sandy Ishihara Ray Iwata Japanese Baptist Church Shizue Kaku Gail Kaminishi Elaine Kitamura Hiroko Kobayashi-Wagner Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner Miyoko Kodama Yoshiko and Heijiro Komura Sara Kosugi Kimie Kuramoto Sachiko Kusachi Will Lew Wendy Li Roland Ma Carol Mack Junko Maeda Sue Mar Patty Hiroo Mastrude Larry and Karen Matsuda Gary Matsudaira Masako Matsunaga Chiaki Maxfield Annette Minafo Betty Mochizuki

Misao Nagai Dick and Barbara Nagaoka Pauline Nakamura Mari Nakashima Tina Nakayama Yee The Yaeko Niimi Family Mary Nishida Kurt Nogaki and Candace Kato-Nogaki Julie Ann Oiye Jerry and Sharon Okubo Nicholas Ong Tim Otani – Union Bank Brian Readdy Marcia Reed Allen Russell Randi Saeter Saitama University Mark Sakagami The Family of Masao and Beulah Sakagami Sandwich House Trés Yoko Sato Yoshi Sawano Karlyne Sera Michiko Shinoda Tomoko Shiotsu Lily Shitama Knight Sor Hideo Suganuma – Kohtoku Enterprise Hide Tachibana Barbara Taira Rick Takeuchi Teruko Tanaka Elizabeth Tanemura Merrily Taniguchi Katsumi and Terrie Tanino Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Yone Terada Kyle Noppadej Theptee Shox Tokita Vicki Toyohara-Mukai Minoru Uchimura Naoko Ulstein Lisa Waisath Joe Watanabe Lori Tsugawa Whaley Akiko Wyland Dave Wyland Ed and Maxine Yakushijin Arlene Yamada

Contributions 1/1-3/31/2017 Ruth Yoshida Terry Yoshikawa LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION Friends of Keiro Northwest (5) A&A Printing Ayame Kai Guild Fred Brown Harry Chan – Tai Tung Restaurant Chateau Ste. Michelle Delta Airlines Philip Dyer and Carolyn Pierce-Dyer The Frank Fujii Family Frank and Penny Fukui Gobo Enterprises Glenn Gokami and Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Brenda and Chuck Handley Chef Seth Handley Reki Higashiyama – NESTA Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. IACE Travel Chef Takao Iinuma International Lion Dance & Martial Arts Team Ito En – Java Trading Co. LLC Keiro Northwest Keiro Northwest Board of Directors Keiro Northwest Catering Chef Taichi Kitamura Jerry and Charlene Lee Willon Lew Del Lui Patty Hiroo Mastrude Michael Moriguchi Mill Creek Sports Iron Chef Masahiro Morimoto Morrison Community Living Nikkei Horizons Ukulele Band Julie Ann Oiye Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners RBI Club Seattle Seahawks Aki Sogabe Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz

Eugene Tagawa Mark Takagi and Connie Ricca Harold and Diane Taniguchi Bill Tashima Chef Hirokazu Tawara Tommy Bahama Vicki Toyohara-Mukai The Tsutakawa Family Union Bank Uwajimaya, Inc. – Tomoko Matsuno / Denise Moriguchi Viet Wah Don Wakamatsu Virginia Mason Foundation The Westin Bellevue Lori Tsugawa Whaley Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. Patsy Yamada Yamato Travel Bureau Young’s Market NW Yuen Lui Studio – Stewart Aller, Rich Kent, Stephanie McGuire

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Year of the Dog Sports Legends | Dinner | Live & Super-silent Auctions | Fund-A-Need | and more! 16 KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Summer 2017

Keiro Northwest News - Summer 2017  

Hey, all you superhero caregivers and future caregivers! This issue is about you. Please know that you don't have to do it all by yourself....

Keiro Northwest News - Summer 2017  

Hey, all you superhero caregivers and future caregivers! This issue is about you. Please know that you don't have to do it all by yourself....