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Fall 2017 Volume 42 | Issue 4

Impact of a new generation Jake, Ray, and Matt are key professionals in the present and future of Keiro Northwest. To nurture and develop their respective areas, they all rely on teamwork yet draw upon their individual skills and experiences. Often working with people who are one or two generations older, shared beliefs, values, and objectives are vital to build relationships and accomplish goals. For them, challenges are opportunities, and they use every tool available to pursue success. As they incorporate technology into their programs, demonstration and

“Family is at the center of everything for me.”

education lead to emotional moments that they share with others. They strive to enhance the lives of those in their care.

Jake Colter, Home Care Manager

We appreciate their enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and dedication and look forward to their future innovations.

“Mobility issues are not limitations, they’re opportunities.” Ray Tong, Rehab Director Continued on page 4

INSIDE THIS ISSUE An unexpected resident – Cyrus Khaleghi The power of

“It makes me happy to make other people happy.” Matt Hinrichs, Volunteer & Special Projects Coordinator

Chef’s Corner


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KEIRO NORTHWEST 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brenda Handley, President Bill Tashima, Vice President Hideo Suganuma, Secretary Frank Fukui, Treasurer Katie Lai, PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCGP Jerry Lee Willon Lew Judge Vicki J. Toyohara Mukai Nicholas Ong Ted Tomita Dennis Yamashita Honorary Board Members Janet Deguchi Tomio Moriguchi Tosh Okamoto FINANCE, INVESTMENT, & AUDIT COMMITTEE Bruce Brundige Frank Fukui Brenda Handley Kathy Hasegawa Bill Tashima Ken Yokoyama KEIRO Northwest News Publisher, Editor & Circulation: Darcia Tanabe Layout & Design: Yvonne San Luis Design

Dear Friends, Family, and Loved Ones! I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous summer we have been blessed with. The Board of Directors recently welcomed the newest board member, Katie Lai, to her first board meeting. She brings extensive health care and medical experience with lots of passion to our team. She is a breath of fresh air, with her younger perspective along with her many attributes! As a Board, we discussed the next generation’s expectations. They want and need immediate response to questions regarding preventative health care, home care services, and trends in the industry. We understand and are ready to service the needs of the next generation. Keiro Northwest is stepping up and bringing new leaders to your team of professional executives. It is time for the next generation of talent to take us to the next level of service. This is an exciting time for the community and Keiro Northwest. As we think about our future and caring for our family members — let me assure you — Keiro Northwest continues to serve the community each and every day with compassion and the best of care! Thank you for your continued support!


Brenda Handley

CONTRIBUTORS Brenda Handley, Jeffrey Hattori, Eugene Tagawa, Darcia Tanabe

Board President

Rehabilitation & Care Center 206.323.7100

Dear Friends,

NIKKEI MANOR Assisted Living Community 206.726.6460

The contributions and innovation of our young leaders at Keiro Northwest inspire me. I remember how challenging it was as a go-getting twenty-something to turn my own ideas into action. The Keiro Northwest Family is fortunate because our new generation of employees embrace technological advances and deliver the personal touch that makes Keiro so special. Thanks to those featured in this issue as well as the many

KOKORO KAI Adult Day Center 206.726.6474

other young employees they represent.

NIKKEI HORIZONS Continuing Education Program 206.726.6469

caregivers great information, reassurance, and choices. The 16th annual Founders’ Golf Benefit linked active

TRANSPORTATION Services 206.726.6468 CATERING 206.755.3078 Home care 1.855.826.9164 OUR MISSION We empower our Asian community through a continuum of exceptional health care services that are culturally sensitive.


This summer has kept us in touch with the community. Our first Caregiver Resource Day offered hardworking golfers of all ages. And our annual Summer Festival, the first bon odori of the season, drew dancers and participants from near and far. The calendar is full of more opportunities to learn, stay active, and rejoice. Continue your lifelong education with Nikkei Horizon’s new school year, which starts in September. Expand your concept of healthy living at the 6th annual Living Well Health Fair on October 22. And save the date, Friday, February 9, 2018, for our 2nd annual Lunar New Year Celebration. It promises to be even better than this year’s amazing event. I regretfully bid a fond farewell to Tina Masuda Draughon, Chief Financial Officer. For the last four years, she has been an indispensable leader on Keiro’s executive team. I will miss her and wish her all the best.

Your CEO,



KEIRO NORTHWEST MANAGEMENT TEAM Jeffrey Hattori, CEO & Interim Administrator, Keiro Rehabilitation & Care Center 206.726.6500

An unexpected resident – Cyrus Khaleghi

Janice Deguchi, COO 206.726.7838

Cyrus Khaleghi is a complex 19-year-old with a brilliant mind, a full heart, and an old soul. Medical school was on the horizon until his life

Rick Takeuchi, Human Resources Director 206.726.6506

journey changed after he sustained severe injuries in a car rollover. He arrived at Keiro for rehab therapy a little over a year ago. Between workouts in rehab, Cyrus has had lots of time to read

Patty Hiroo Mastrude, Philanthropy Manager 206.726.6523

(especially medical articles), think, and redefine his concepts of hope, friends, family, and self. He sets aside limitations and focuses on what truly, deeply matters. Cyrus draws upon his inner strength, self-control,

Darcia Tanabe, Communications Manager 206.726.6550

and adaptability. The superficial and artificial no longer matter. Things like possessions, ego, and grudges have no significance in his life. Family and friends – true friends who continue to stand by him, do matter. Still, Cyrus has ups and downs. He feels as though he’s starting over, with an emptiness inside. Life is precious, however, and he refuses to waste it. Hope sustains and motivates him. So does playing Pokémon GO in the park with friends and hanging out together. Cyrus loves Keiro and the staff. He appreciates the peace at Keiro and feels a connection to the people. They’re easy to talk to and understand the challenges he faces. What’s next? Well, he’s going home in September, and the staff at Keiro will definitely miss him. He wants to write a book about his experience, and he wants to travel. He wants to pursue his medical studies, with certification in neurosurgery, which means that not only will he help others heal, he’ll share his technical expertise and overall wisdom with a new generation of young surgeons. According to Cyrus, “knowledge isn’t something you can be selfish with.”

Emie Cupat, RN, Interim DNS Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center 206.726.6538 Lisa Waisath, Manager Nikkei Manor 206.726.6471 Jacob Colter, Manager Home Care 206.588.4665 Linda Asami, Community Relations Manager 206.726.6501 Naoko Ulstein, Director Kokoro Kai 206.726.6474

Ayame Kai Arts & C rafts Fair S aturday , N ovember 1 8

Ron Higashi, Manager Transportation Services 206.726.6468 Ron Youmans, Catering Director 206.726.6520 Keiro Northwest News, the official newsletter of Keiro Northwest (formerly Nikkei Concerns), is published four times a year.

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Keiro Northwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Clever & sophisticated crafts Must-haves for your collection! Famous Ayame Kai apple pies + other sweet & savory treats will complete your shopping experience.



Impact of a new generation

Continued from page 1

Jake Colter Home Care Manager

Ray Tong, OT Rehab Director, Consonus Health

“My work philosophy is to do things right the first time.”

“You need to know when to coach and when to be part of the team.”

Jake Colter pursues excellence. He has ideas that he wants to test and a strong network of mentors who help guide him. His natural compassion for others pairs well with his attention to detail and organization skills. He keeps an open mind and learns from setbacks. Jake has gained experience by doing, which gives him greater insight on both client and caregiver needs in Keiro Northwest’s Home Care program.

Ray Tong is all about his patients. Direct and practical, he is a

He first joined the Keiro Northwest Family as a volunteer,

coach who feels most successful when those in his care experience

then rocketed through the Home Care program as a caregiver,

success. He values collaboration with interdisciplinary teams at

then supervisor, and after two years, leads the program

Keiro, working with his therapists as well as the nursing and social

as manager.

services staff. And he wants to get things done.

Despite the demands of a growing program, Jake maintains

Ray manages both the Consonus therapy team (physical,

balance with non-work pursuits. Family, especially his wife, Taryn,

occupational, and speech therapies) and provides patient care

centers him, and activities like kendo and recreational baseball

as Rehab Director at our Rehabilitation & Care Center. He focuses

add a physical outlet for his energies. “If I had nothing else, but

on their individual goals, needs, motivations, and thoughts. Their

still had my family, I think I could still be very happy. If I had

concerns are his concerns, and he listens and asks questions

everything, but no one to share it with, I don’t think it would mean

before recommending an approach. Realistic and practical, he

very much to me.”

wants to empower patients to do more and get back to their

Keiro Northwest Home Care is booming, thanks to Jake and his

normal lives.

dedicated team. They take the time to listen and understand their

An occupational therapist, Ray’s primary goal is to help patients

clients’ needs, develop the right care plan, and provide thoughtful

with their mobility issues and teach them how to take a different

and exceptional care. Clients feel empowered, and caregivers are

approach to daily tasks if needed. Patients should expect to work

devoted and client centered.

on their therapies, have a positive experience, and have fun.

With more qualified and committed caregiving staff, Jake can

For Ray, working at Keiro is a privilege. His team has great therapy,

help more clients maximize their independence and enjoy

language, and customer service skills that relieve anxiety and put

fulfilled lives at home. If this is important to you, and you hold a

patients at ease. The large and attractive gym is fully equipped,

current Washington State NAC, NAR, or HCA license, apply online

so patients have many options. The vibe is high-energy, with

( today. Please contact Jake (206.588.4665 or

many motivated patients who work out together. The special if you have questions.

Occupational Therapy Suite — kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom settings — is a huge plus, giving patients realistic practice in daily activities. And the lovely garden, adjacent to the gym, infuses patients with renewed energy and offers a different therapy setting.



If you would like to see for yourself, Ray would be happy to give

Asian culture and values have influenced Matt throughout his

you a tour of rehab. Please contact him at 206.726.6527 or

life. Early on, he spent countless hours with Japanese American

neighbors and loved their strong sense of family. He later learned Japanese (yes, he’s fluent), worked in Japan, and traveled extensively. His interests led him to volunteer at Nikkei Manor,

Matt Hinrichs Volunteer & Special Projects Coordinator

where the residents loved chatting and hanging out with him. Brand-new to his position, Matt is eager for new knowledge and

“I want to make an impression, one person at a time.”

is dedicated to earning trust. He is intent on remembering the names and faces of each and every volunteer (over 300 regulars,

Matt Hinrichs is

plus hundreds of event and performance volunteers). He wants to

a people person

prove himself and asks for patience and understanding.

who views himself and others as

In the short term, Matt will learn more about the current

individuals, not

volunteers, recruit new volunteers, and build relationships

stereotypes or

with key groups. In the long run, he has his eyes set on new


generations — both the young and young-at-heart. As volunteers,

He has mad

Matt wants them to know that they can accomplish their personal

customer service

or professional goals and gain much happiness in the process.

skills, honed by

Matt would love to meet you! Drop by his office at Keiro

experience as a

Rehabilitation & Care Center, call 206.726.7830, or e-mail

hotel concierge, and he believes in community, family, lifelong

Explore the world with KEIRO NORTHWEST!

learning, and the power of kindness.

©Yasufumi Nishi ©JNTO

Summer/Fall 2018

Ultimate Japanese Summer Festivals

Autumn Leaves: Eastern Canada!

Immerse yourself in world-renowned Japanese festivalsNiigata Nagaoka Fireworks, Akita Kanto, and Aomori Nebuta.

Travel through the heart of Eastern & Maritime Canada. Rich autumn color and small-town atmosphere

Orientation 9/9, 10 a.m.-12 p.m

Orientation 9/23, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

2-hour orientations are free, but please register!

Location: Keiro Northwest Rehabilitation & Care Center. Call Nikkei Horizons at 206.726.6469 for more information or find us at! KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Fall 2017


The power of


Keiro Activities staff members are lucky; their job is to play with the residents. But it’s more than fun and games. Theirs is a physical, mental, and emotional career choice that is born out of love and a deep wish to bring meaning to the residents’ lives. The staff put “active” in activities. They move tables and chairs, set up and run audio/ visual equipment, troubleshoot mechanical problems, and resolve issues on the fly. They handle a lot of prep to ensure successful events. Their efforts tend to the residents’ creative, competitive, social, and spiritual needs. Through play, the Activities team contributes to the mental and emotional wellness of every resident.

Naomi Takada has talented fingers. Her piano playing always amazes her audiences.

They run more than 500 activities every month (with support from Anthony Chow, the latest addition to the team, is a champion of the residents and puts their well-being first as a true warrior.

our many helpful volunteers), from bingo and fishing to sing-alongs, performances, and outings. They also engage residents in one-on-one interactions, introduce technology — like iPads and web surfing, and add sparkle and laughter to traditional, cultural, and whimsical holidays. Their varied language skills bring comfort, familiarity, and enhanced communication that empowers our multi-cultural residents to feel included and part of the Keiro Northwest Family. The staff knows the residents well; their likes and dislikes, the activities that bring out the child within, when they crave company, and when they prefer peace

Dorothy Mendoza is our budding film director. Residents love to watch her iPad videos.

and quiet. They participate in activities along with the residents — offering a helping hand when needed, taking a spin on the dance floor, cheering on favorite sports teams together. This personal approach helps them notice changes in the residents, and they’re always alert to the residents’ needs, even in the middle of a game or concert. The team possesses youthful energy and bring multitude of talents

Vicky Truong always gets smiles from the residents, and she travels with her family for fun and adventure.

and personalities to resident activities. They are flexible and fun loving. They shine every day. Suzanne Gollhofer, Activities Manager, said, “Our team is a

Hiroko Wada loves the residents so much that she works full-time MondayFriday and fills

funny, loving group that loves to interact with residents; creating activities of purpose.”

Nelia Bonifacio has been with us 30 years, first as a nursing assistant, then in activities.

Chelsea Galvez will soon be a technical wizard. She’s adding to her repertoire with a computer skills program.



Also a 30-year veteran, Myung Song has a unique understanding as both employee and family member.

Kathleen Nguyen is a recent high school grad. Her Vietnamese language skills endears her to many residents.

Duyen Truong is our shyest staff, but she blossoms when she spends time with the residents.

chef’s corner Teriyaki Tofu with Orange Soy Sauce Glaze Nikkei Horizons instructor Yuka Honda

Serves 4

offers you a sweet, savory, and satisfying

1. Cut tofu into 1/2″ slices and press

vegetarian dish to try at home. This is equally wonderful in a sandwich or with rice. You can watch her cooking demo at this year’s Living Well Health Fair on October 21 or register for her Cook Veggies @ Home workshop on November 4.

between paper towels to remove excess water. 2. Dredge each slice of tofu with flour. 3. Combine the sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until bubbling. Turn


the heat to low and simmer until it

1 package extra-firm tofu

thickens, stirring occasionally. Let cool to room temperature, then add orange

1/4 c. unbleached white flour

zest and juice.

2 T. safflower oil

4. Put the oil in a skillet over medium

2 T. sake

heat, warm the oil. When hot, slide in

2 T. mirin

the tofu. Cook until the bottoms are

4 T. soy sauce

crisp and golden, then flip and cook the

1 T. orange zest

other side. Add the orange soy sauce

1/2 c. freshly-squeezed orange juice

and simmer to reduce the sauce until it thickens and coats the tofu.

Saturday, October 21 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church | 3001 24th Ave. S | Seattle, WA 98144

Shopping opportunities NEW! Cooking & exercise demonstrations | speakers & healthy tips flu shots | mini-massages | health screenings | entertainment free door prize drawings | & so much more!

This is not your typical health fair! Presented by




Jerry Fujita explained options at Caregiver Resource Day (hosted by Nikkei Horizons), a one-stop opportunity to connect with professionals who know their way around aging issues. Knowledgeable speakers offered tips and advice on wellness (for both caregivers and their loved ones), dementia, planning, and options.

Dancers and taiko artists from around the Puget Sound area converged in a blur of color, grace, and sound at Keiro’s eagerly-awaited Summer Festival. Residents from many cultures and backgrounds enjoyed the show, and the new Consul General of Japan (Seattle Office), Yoichiro “Giro” Yamada, joined in the dancing and fun.



MC Harold Taniguchi gazed upon the long grub line and the happy diners at the 8th Annual Ayame Kai Steak Dinner. The juicy, premium steaks, bake sale, silent auction, and prize drawings were a hit. Drive-thru and take-out options opened up the event to even more community members.

Retiring instructor Sunkie Oye took her moment in the spotlight with CEO Jeffrey Hattori and some of her talented Minyo Dance students. We honored Sunkie and the other instructors at the annual Instructor Appreciation Luncheon.

The Founders’ Golf Benefit took place after our printing deadline and will be covered inour next issue.

family album Resident Tosh Tokunaga caught up with Ed Watanabe in the Nikkei Manor Garden after 70+ years. They talked about their Army days, their families, and how the years have sped by.

The Seafair Clowns! Zhao Zhou felt young again with these happy and enthusiastic free spirits. They cascaded into Keiro, pal’ed around with residents on both floors, and danced the tankobushi with skill and grace.

Father and son adventurers Ron Wong and Caesar Wong showed off their official Guinness pint crafting certificates from their recent trip to Ireland. They and other world travelers played through 11 fun- and rain-filled days on the Emerald Isle with Nikkei Horizons.

AON Risk Services’ Cynthia Jenkins and Keiro resident Mie Hada spent quiet time together while many other AON staffers played bingo with the residents. Many thanks to Dennis Yamashita (a long-time Keiro board member) for joining his AON and Keiro families.

SuperSonics in the house! Basketball legends “Downtown” Fred Brown and Gus “the Wizard” Williams dropped by the Keiro Northwest Employee & Family Picnic. They hung out, posed for some pics (here with CEO Jeffrey Hattori), and Gus closed the event with a joyful rendition of the Temptations “My Girl.”

Mas Aoyama and Roy Tsuboi, Adult Day Center participants, took it easy on a warm summer day, just pitchin’ horseshoes in the garden. The throws were good, but were they good enough? Hey, this was horseshoes, so it all counted.



Contributions Volunteers 4/1-6/30/2017 4/1-6/30/2017 Terie Akada Helen Akamine Jack Akamine Kim Akimoto American Heart Association Ayumi Aoki Aon Mariko Asaba Kazuko Asano Ayame Kai Guild Genei Azama Victoria Binuya Yasuko Blachman Linda Briggs Nicole Brugger-Dethmers Minako Brunelle Bush School Yaeko Cella Ho Kei Chan Kathy Mayeda-Chase Dorothy Chen Fuji Chen James Chen Cherry Blossom Trio Ben Chew Yuki Chikamura Chinese Southern Baptist Church Janine Chinn Eunjung Cho Seunghye Chung Yoshiko Dahl Noriko Davis Janice Dawson Jay Deguchi Janice Divina Yoshie Dodobara Evangelical Chinese Church of Seattle Faith Bible Church Alicia Frenter Masako Fry Frye Art Museum Naoko Fujii Nina Fujimura Etsuko Fujishima Bob Fukano Keiko Fukuda Frank Fukui Nanci Gardner Jay Grinols Peggy Hanada Brenda Handley David Hayasaka Lillian Hayashi

Toshi Hayashi John Hayatsu Nancy Hayatsu Beth Hidano Edwin Hidano Ron Higashi Highline Big Picture Middle School Ed Hirahara Takako Hirai Bobby Hiraki Yuki Hiraki Michi Hirata Takako Homma Lillian Horita Cathy Hughson Qing Hui Lan-Fan Hung Garrett Hylander Carole Ideta Miyo Ike Deanna Ikegami Claire Imai-Takemura Hiromi Imoto Betty Inouye Sandy Ishihara Yuko Ishimaru John Iwai Lou Izumi Coleen Morisaki Jay Junko John John Stanford International School Shiz Kaku Gail Kaminishi Rie Kanai Eileen Kanemoto Malcolm Kanemoto Suzanne Kanetomi Hatsumi Kato Lilly Kato Gloria Kawabori Isamu Kawabori Beth Kawahara Bill Kawahara Yukako Kawai Kristin Kawaoka Yumiko Kayukawa Akiko Ketron Jessica Khoo Ruth Kimura Atsushi Kiuchi Eric Kobashigawa Fukuko Kobayashi Koko Kobayashi

Kera Kojima Yoshiko Komura Pat Kono Korean Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sara Kosugi Kimie Kuramoto Yuko Kusakabe Akiko Kusunose Alicia Kutsunai Kristine La Jessica Latimer Charlene Lee Gayle Lee Hyun Lee Jeong In Lee Jerry Lee Julie Leiendecker Mark Levy Will Lew Yongtong Li Wen Shu Lin Lina Lockwood Donald Logerwell Pat Norikane Logerwell Chris Louie Victoria Lum Roland Ma Junko Maeda Mako & Munjuru Kenny Mandell Jeri Mar Gary Matsudaira Louise Matsumoto Kuniko Matsumura Tomoko Matsuno Kay Matsuura Chris Mau Fabio Mauricio Carolina Medenilla Meito Shodo Kai Calligraphy Association Nago Minori M. J. Mitoma Miyagi-Kai Milan Miyamoto Richard Miyauchi Roger Mizumori Betty Mochizuki Denise Moriguchi Misao Nagai Sunnie Nagai Junior Nagaki Kent Nakamura Kiyoko Nakanishi

Michael Nakano Mari Nakashima Ayako Narita Sufiah Naveed-Ahmad Abraham Neuwelt Nikkei Jin Kai Mary Nishida Harry Nishimoto Ron Nobuyama Kao Nomura Kaoru Nukui Hyonchu O Julie Ann Oiye Mitsuko Okada Naomi Okai Jerry Okubo Sharon Okubo Liz Olschefski Akiko Osawa Aya Osias Kaori Owen Sunkie Oye Paris Miki Optical Rainbow Chorus Rainier Ocarina Chaweewan Rakdee Yoko Reed Mineko Remillard Junko Riehl Miyoko Rokumoto George Saito Irene Saito Midori Saito Yoko Sakagami Sharell Sakamoto Junko Sarausad Yoko Sasaki Hana Sato Hideko Sato Yoko Sato Yoko Sawano SBC Dharma School Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Church Seattle Nichiren Buddhist Church Sonoe Seiber Kayo Seino Joan Seko Nobuko Shearon Naomi Sheller Meri Shimada Etsu Shimbo

Debbie Shimizu Yoko Shimizu Masami Shimizu-Albergine Bill Shinbo Michiko Shinoda Shumi no Kai Marcia Sohns Kaori Sometani Seung Hye Song Sound Singers Komayo Spahr St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Starr Hashiguchi Sachiko Sugimoto Gina Suguro Makiko Sumner Kathy Suyama Keith Suyama Ellen Suzuki Hitomi Suzuki Hide Tachibana Eugene Tagawa Barbara Taira Kinji Takahashi May Takahashi Kuniko Takamura Tomi Takano Sachina Takeyama Libby Tamura Richard Tang Rick Tanigawa Merrily Taniguchi Makiko Taya Junko Taylor Tenrikyo Yonomoto Kai Sara Tieu Yuzo Tokita Bryon Tokunaga Ted Tomita Naomi Tou Michi Toyohara Michiko Toyoshima Alisa Tran Tulalip Church of God Tzu-Chi Foundation UCDS Uguisu Kai Sada Uno Janice Urano Neill Urano Lynne Uyehara Mayumi Van Elsberg Suh Jiuan Vogel Voice Library in Japanese

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Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Pat Wakazuru Ruby Wang Zili Wang Asumi Wantz Keiko Watanabe Kerry Watanabe Sharon Watanabe Shiz Watanabe Yoko Weaver Kelly Weng Western Michigan University Lori Tsugawa Whaley Min-Min Wong Ed Yakushijin Ida Yakushijin Maxine Yakushijin Patsy Yamada Teresa Yamada Fujie Yamasaki Patsy Yamashiro Kristin Yamashita Tomoko Yamazaki Jeannie Yee Fuyo Yoshida Ruth Yoshida Harry Yoshihara Mark YoshiharaBradshaw David Yoshino Gloria Yoshino Kamiki Yuh Milt Yuh Linda Yutuc Warda Zaman

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Sumie Akizuki Dennis and Patsy Yamada*

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Kimi and Soichi Egashira Leo Egashira

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Carol Moriguchi Paul Nagasawa Gerald “Jits” Oyabe Joy Watanabe Art Segimoto Dennis and Patsy Yamada* Mitsuyoshi Shimada Meri Shimada Kiyoshi and Fujie Shimono Don and Elaine Shimono Kenji and Haruko Yamada Dennis and Patsy Yamada* Yoshiko Yoshida Carmen Tsuboi Chan GENERAL Helen Adachi Patty Hiroo Mastrude* Elaine Reiko Akagi Rae Hanashiro* Hiroko Akiyama Tak Akiyama, Louise Wright, and Nancy Fujimoto* Jimmy Akizuki Janice Deguchi Sumie Akizuki Janice Deguchi Michael and Eileen Spong James Takano All Relatives and Friends Taeko Poltz Hisako Aono Isamu and Kathy Aono Akira and Hanako Aramaki Alan and Fran Aramaki*

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George and Toyo Hayashi Bruce Ritzen* Tadaichi and Kikue Hayashi Roy and Lillian Hayashi* Fumi Hayashida Trudy Hayashida Neal Hayashida Les Dogen Ruth Hayatsu John and Nancy Hayatsu* Al Hikida Wayne Hikida Jim Hiraiwa Julie Hiraiwa Misae Honda Randle Inouye Ross Hori Brien and Marcia Chow Janice Deguchi Jean Deguchi Ed “Lumberjack” Hiroo Carole Ideta Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo, Patty Hiroo Mastrude Pauline Yoshida Ed and Suzanne Yoshitome Gayle Hoshino Lisa Nelson

Lois Kaneko Lonny Kaneko Doris Kato Kazue Kato Marilyn Kato Orin Kato Kurt Nogaki and Candace Kato-Nogaki Bill Kawata George and Laura Kaminishi Lisa Nelson Chom Chu Kim Christina Lee* Masuyo Kimura Devi Lally* Kazuko Cassandra Ko The Kazuko Ko Family* Craig Koga Sharon Yorita Judith Kohr Amy Kato James and Betty Komura Joanie Komura* Bill and Mitzi Kunitsugu Patty Kunitsugu and Geri Gale* * giveBIG contribution


Contributions 4/1-6/30/2017 Daisy Toyoko Kuramoto Sharon Kitamoto Daisy Toyoko Kuramoto Family Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo, Patty Hiroo Mastrude The Miyake Family Miyo Nakatsu and Colleen Nakatsu Nancy Nakatsu Mako and Jo Ann Okada Louise Kashino Takisaki Matsumi Kuse Gary Imanishi* Shizuka La Grange Susan Taniguchi* Joyce Lee Mary Furuta Patty Hiroo Mastrude* Terry and Jerrie Nosho Tosh Mano James Takano Minoru and Hana Masuda Tina Masuda Draughon* Esther Matsuda Donald and Diana Matsuda Thomas Matsumoto Donald and Karen Akira Jim and Sally Shoji*

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Carol Moriguchi George Aoyama Marian Asaba Jean Deguchi Starr Hashiguchi Keiko Hirasawa Tom and Pat Hokama Carole Ideta Arlene Kadoshima* Ray and Marilyn Kihara* Vic and Patti Kihara Janet Kosai Henry and Jan Kumasaka Toshi, Susan, Miye, Lia Moriguchi Pat Nakamura Julie Ann Oiye and Randall Asplund* Joan T. Seko Amy Shimizu Bill and Carol Shinbo* Fran Shintaku Jim and Sally Shoji* James Takano Ted and Martha Tamaki Sam and Alice Uyeda

Pancho and Sachi Nakashima Connie and Ron Jusenius*

Sadako Moriguchi Lia Moriguchi-Halasz and Ben Halasz*

Amy Mayeda Amy Kato

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Fumi Mayeda Will and Arlene Lew*

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Yo Yo Mikami Rupert and Goya Fujii Hank and Rose Fukano Mark, Marissa, and Marques Fukeda Frank and Penny Fukui Jeffrey Hattori Tom and Kay Hirai Ernie and Sunnie Nagai Meri Shimada Robert and Cathy Skinner

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Tsuruko Nakano Anonymous

Motoi “Mo” Naito Nona Santos George Nakagawa Jerry and Olivia Uyeda Katie Nakagawa John and Nancy Hayatsu*


The Nakashima Farms Heritage Barn David and Yaeko Turner Lois Keiko Nakayama Margaret Nakayama Dixon* Tom Tadashi Nakayama Jenny Pensiero - Saratoga Inn Bob Namba Janet Baba, Deanna Ikegami Tom and Pat Hokama Henry and Jan Kumasaka Margo Namba Mary Hikida Wayne Hikida Terrie Natsuhara Sharon Ito Bonnie Natsuhara and Dennis LaRue Linda Vane* Yae Niimi Starr Hashiguchi Valerie Nishimura Frank and Haru Nishimura* Joy Nishimura* Susumu and Donna Nitta Douglas Nitta, MD, and Family Toshifusa and Nobuko Oiye Susan Nakagawa and Martin Oiye* Julie Ann Oiye* Tomi Okano Pamela Okano and Dick Birnbaum* Tsuneko Okano Isamu and Kathy Aono Sachi Okazaki Starr Hashiguchi Kiyo Ono Anonymous The Aoki Family - Jeni, Keke, and Susie Chiaki Asakura* Etsuko Fujishima Yoko Hamanaka Peggy Hanada Stan and Kris Hiraoka

Michi Hirata Bob and Lorraine Hoshide Debbie Kashino Kristine and Wyman Martin Cheryl Morisaki and Martin Loefflad* Michael Morishima and Sandra Hiramatsu Mutual Fish Company, Inc. Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura Brian and Lesley Okura* Nobuko Omoto Kevin and Kris Ono Shuri Saigusa* Pat Shitama Saito Vicki Takahashi Louise Kashino Takisaki Naoko Ulstein Jackie Uyeji* Carolyn Yasui Mary Osaki Tom Osaki* Toshio Ota Anonymous Gerald “Jits” Oyabe George Aoyama Marvin and Dana Aramaki Bette Carlton Ross and Julie Case Elizabeth Newlands Danz and Patricia Danz Stirneman Jean Deguchi The Edamura Family Rupert and Goya Fujii Curtis and Nancy Fukuhara Gloria Hara John and Nancy Hayatsu Frank and June Hori Kay and Toshi Ikeda Mal and Chizuko Katsumoto Arthur and Sally Kawaguchi Bill and Beth Kawahara Ats Kiuchi Paul and Taka Kogita Matt and Janet Kohler Bill Komoto Roland and Bernadette Kumasaka Bonnie Kurata Paul and Judy Kusakabe Andre Loh George and Irene Mano Lip Mar and Jean Goto Mar Danny and Yoshi Mio Kenzo Moriguchi Anne Moriyasu

Ed Muneta Mutual Fish Company, Inc. Curt and Vivian Nagai Ernie and Sunnie Nagai Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura Jeni Nakamura Pat Nakamura Ted Nakanishi and Betty Yoshitake Jean Okazaki Arlene Oki Jim and Namie Oki Ray and Julia Otani Reiko Sato Kiyo Scott Joan T. Seko Bob Seko Kathy Suyama Marianne Tada James Takano Don Taniguchi Jim and Yone Terada B. J. Watanabe and Ron Osajima Teresa Watanabe Thomas, Niki, and Cole Watanabe Alison Yamasaki and Tiffany Yamasaki Jim and Joy Yasui Ron and Ellie Yoshida Harry Yoshimura Marie Ozawa Frank and June Hori Louise Matsumoto Mutual Fish Company, Inc. Jack M. Sameshima Meri Shimada Yoshiko Sakai Mark and Jean Murakami* Isaac and May Sakuma Isamu and Kathy Aono Cheryl Sakura Fred Sakura* Fred Sato Anonymous (3) John Sato John Y. and Reiko E. Sato Foundation* Kathy Nakata James Takano Inouye / Shu Family Geraldine Shu* June Takeshita May Takahashi*

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! Noboru Taki Bob and Lorraine Hoshide Sumio Taki Keiko Taki Takako Taki Bob and Lorraine Hoshide Kimi Tanbara Patty Hiroo Mastrude* Ann Kawasaki Romero and Rocco Romero* Kaz and Setsu Tanemura Curtis and Nancy Fukuhara

Richard “Dickie” Yamasaki Ed “Lumberjack” Hiroo Will and Arlene Lew Debra Locke and Matt Tanagi Yoshie Hiroo, Patty Hiroo Mastrude Ray and Julia Otani Don and Fuyo Yoshida Elaine Yoshida and Pauline Yoshida Rev. Kiyoshi S. Yamashita Dennis Yamashita and Elaine Aoki*

Masao Tanemura Elizabeth Tanemura and Lisa Nelson

Betty Yamauchi Amy Kato

Diane Taniguchi Glenn and Corey Sugiyama

Setsu Yanagawa Michael and Gayle Teramoto*

Joe Terada Peggy Tanemura Tomi Terao Victoria Terao* Cat Toyohara Patty Hiroo Mastrude* Ai Chih and Ryo Tsai Bi Hoa Caldwell and Marvin Cooper* Harold Tsuchiya Wallace and Deanna Chinn Patty Hiroo Mastrude* Isao “Sun” Tsujii Kim Fukuda Stan Tsujikawa Florence Fujita Bob and Jeanette Tsukui The Tanabe Family Dell Uchida Jenny Pensiero - Saratoga Inn Frank and Tomiko Ueno Roy and Lillian Hayashi* Kiyomitsu and Toshiko Yakushijin Ed and Maxine Yakushijin* Hideo and Hide Yamamoto Fusako Kamihara Janice Yamamoto Jerry and Sharon Okubo* Lillian Yamamoto Dennis Beckley and Barbara Iwata Beckley

Shizue Yanagihara Keiko Yanagihara*

TRIBUTES KEIRO GARDEN 50th Anniversary Isamu and Gloria Kawabori George and Irene Saito GENERAL 101st Birthday Hiromi Nishimura David Nishimura 100th Birthday Connie Saito John and Nancy Evans* Yoshi Kanemori Tosh and Toshi Okamoto Teresa Yamada 99th Birthday

Contributions 4/1-6/30/2017 Patty Hiroo Mastrude Devi Lally Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley* Katie Nakagawa Marie Kanegae Linda Nelson Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley* Nikkei Manor Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Frances Ogino MJO* Yasumi Osako Glenn Osako and Susan Baumgaertel* Randi Saeter Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Connie Saito Warren and Deborah Saito*

Keiji and Fujie Yano Perry and Kazuko Yano*

Isoko Yoshihara Les Dogen

Bow Shee Yee Jeri Mar*

88th Birthday

Mike Tagawa Melvin Sallas

Kiyo Toda Jerry and AC Arai*

Rie Taki Ed and Maxine Yakushijin*

86th Birthday

Darcia Tanabe Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley*

Akemi Yoshida Elaine Yoshida and Pauline Yoshida* Richard Yoshida Keisuke and Ineko Yoshida Elaine Yoshida and Pauline Yoshida* Yoshiko Yoshida Sharon and Joe Dreimiller, Ron Pankiewicz, Shelley and Michael Scuderi and Family Patricia Eng Paul and Nancy Giralmo Brian and Marie Ishii Frank and Jackie Maresca Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura Jim and Katy Pankiewicz Naoko Ulstein Kotoyo Yoshihara Mark and Jean Murakami* Min Yoshino Ruth Yoshino

Amy Kinoshita Jean Deguchi James Takano Frank and Penny Fukui Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley Keiko Hirasawa Julie Ann Oiye and Randall Asplund* Sharon “Queen B” MIller Julie Ann Oiye* In Honor of Aileen Chang James and Dorothy Chen* Sue Furuta Steve and Nancy Okawa* Jeffrey Hattori Devi Lally Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo Lisa Kunihiro Toshiko Isomura Jason Isomura Don and Kiyo Maekawa Dianne Yatsu

Akiko Wyland Allison and Dean Nester* Shigeko Neubecker* Myung Ja Yoo Christina Lee* In Appreciation of Keiro Northwest Sue Fujino Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center The Daisy Toyoko Kuramoto Family Lori Nakahara and Bill Rankin John and Janis Shimojima* Sunkie Oye Sat and Grace Ichikawa Megumi Sherrill Sue Fujino

GENERAL Annual Lunar New Year Event Jeffrey Hattori General Donations Anonymous* (13) Karen Akada-Sakata* Jack and Helen Akamine* Amazon Smile Linda Brandeis* Benjamin and Kerry Chew* Wilton and Paula Chinn* Richard and Gayle Choi* Kathleen Conner and Steve Butler* Judy and Yoshifumi Daikoku* Janice Deguchi and Chris Grabowski* Ted and Janice Divina* Peter Duncan* Masae Ek Mike and Tsuchino Forrester* Joy Fujihira* Marcia Fujimoto* Wil and Jean Fujimoto* Micaela Fujita* Frank and Penny Fukui* Tamotsu and Cheryl Furukawa* Gerri Furuta* Larry Gojio* Lorin and Charlene Grinolds* Estate of Setsuko Gustafson Jane Hamada and Fred Silber* Brenda and Chuck Handley* Michelle and Doug Hansen* Bob Hasegawa* Craig Hashimoto* David and Teresa Hayasaka* Yukie Higashi Mieko Hill* Robert Hilton* Jayanne Hino* Mickey and Yoshie Hiroo* Wai Yin Ho Andrew and Heather Hofmeister Akira and Lillian Horita* Carole Ideta* Glenn and Marilyn Ige* Jane Inaba* Lou and Ken Izumi* Grace Kanda * giveBIG contribution


Contributions 4/1-6/30/2017 Norm and Dale Kaneko* Morris Kanekuni Malcolm and Eileen Kanemoto* Fran Kato* Lilly Kato* Kau Kau BBQ Market Richard and Lynn Chang* Isamu and Gloria Kawabori* Hyung Sik and Boon Hi Kim Tom and Janet Kometani* June and Masako Kubo* Thomas Lane and Susan Okamoto Lane* Neva Lee* Ed Lowe* May Macnab* Teri McLaughlin* Microsoft Corporation Miyake Family Charitable Grants* Tamio and Pauline Miyata* Richard and Kathryn Miyauchi* Tyler Moriguchi and Thy Pham* Tom Morio Anne Moriyasu* Donald and Lillian Munakata Shiori Murai Jean Murakami* Kevin and Jennifer Nagai* Hajime Nakashima* Harvey and Hisako Nakaya* Bob and Anita Nakayama* Donna Naruo* Charles Natsuhara* Kathryn Natsuhara* Chris and Linda Nelson* Harry and Fran Nishimoto* David Nishimura* Leanne Nishi-Wong and Rick Wong* David and Cindy Nomura* Ken Norikane Joe and Diana Ohashi* Chiyako Oka Tosh and Toshi Okamoto* Joy Okazaki and Michael Johnson* Ross and Marcia Rogers* Wes Sagami* Herbert Saito Fred Sakura Seattle First Hill Lions Club John and Celia Sekijima* Jeanne Semura* Dennis Shibata*

Jim and Grace Shibayama* Mas and Shirley Shimada* Lynn Shimamoto* Bill and Olivia Sroufe* Britton Steel* Midori Sumida* Eugene Tagawa* Carol and Glenn Takagi* Naoko Takagi* Judy Takaya* Ron Takemura and Sharon Sakamoto* Louise Kashino Takisaki* Truong Tang* Carol Taniguchi* Merrily Taniguchi* Bill Tashima and Chris Bentley* Raymond Terada* Florence and Bruce Terami* Bob and Sandy Timmer* Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga* Ted and Janet Tomita* Darren and Susan Toshi* Herb Tsuchiya* Mark and Becky Uchimura* Mariko Ueno* Mark and Leila Uomoto* Doug and Julie Uyeda* Lynne Uyehara* Rob Weinsheimer and Kari Palmer* Betty Hiroo Williamson* Shizue Yahata* Hannah Yamasaki* Isoko Yoshihara* Dave and Gloria Yoshino* David and Kathy Yotsuuye* Golf Tournament Warren and Mary Yasutake Keiro Northwest Rehab & Care Center Shohei Karibe Herbert Saito Kokoro Kai Anonymous Randy Aoyama and Anndrea Kawamura Eiko Iritani The Family of Yoko Isomura Alexander Nester* Noboru and Michiko Shinoda Betty Walters Akiko Wyland Dave Wyland*


Kokoro Kai Volunteers Hiro and Dorothy Nishimura Nikkei Horizons Anonymous (2) Vivian Alexander Marcia Almassy Mary Cogger Mitsu Connery Mae Deguchi Ikuko Dodobara May Eng Sylvia Fok Sachie Fritz Roger Fukai and Shirley Kanda Helen Gota Charlene Grinolds Peggy Hanada Shirley Hirahara Norigiku Horikawa John Iwai Grace Kanda Dale Kaneko Miyoko Kaneta Pat Kawabata E. Mary Kawaguchi Miyoko Kodama Katie Komoto Carolyn Kunihiro Mae Laigo Phyllis Lee Maxine Loo Bettie Luke Jackie Lum Michiko MacIsaac Don and Kiyo Maekawa Irene Mano Kay Matsuura Sally Mizuki Anne Moriyasu Karen Murakami Ron and Karen Murakami Joyce Nakamura Ethel Nayematsu Nikkei Horizons Seattle Baby Play Group Mabel Nishizaki Sylvia Otani Frances Palmer Kathleen Petrich Koharu Sera Mary Shigaya June Shigeno May Shimbo Darlene Shimizu Itsuo and Yuri Shiotani Yuri Shiotani Megumi Sumitani

Louise Kashino Takisaki Frances Tamekuni Libby Tamura Shoko Tanaka Sue Tanaka Peggy Tanemura Elsie Taniguchi Connie Toda Shox Tokita Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Marianne Tomita Masako Uchida Grace Uyeda Jeannie Uyeda Sam and Alice Uyeda Yasuko Wakayama Carmel Walder Shiz Watanabe Paul and Tina Weber Janis Yamada Darlene Yamada Keiko Yanagihara Joanne Yutani Minako Brunelle Elaine Yoshida Pauline Yoshida Nikkei Manor Macail Eaton - John Stanford International School Patty Hiroo Mastrude Vehicle Donation Program Steve Suyama

WORKPLACE GIVING AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Douglas Eng Lisa Hirai Stacie Ito Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Alice Doi Boeing Employee Individual Giving Program Douglas Akizuki Paul Egashira Stephen Hasegawa Kenneth Khoo Richard Kuniyuki Kelly Kuwahara Debra Locke Akira Maeda Cheryl Ohashi Karen Reid Ronald Sakura Carolyn Sawa Kevin Shigaya Scott Sugiyama David Suguro Lynne Tanino Victoria Terao Jana Yamamoto Warren Yasutake City of Seattle Eric Ishino Stan Nakano Combined Federal Campaign of King County/North Puget Sound Linda Brandeis Marla Iwata Eric Kasahara Raymond Kirwan Anne Kusaka Cynthia Masada Lisa Oshiro Greg Terada Costco Wholesale Corp. Anonymous Beverly Akada Shelley Martinson Gail Tsuboi King County Employee Giving Program Timothy Aratani Dennis Lock

Thank you For Making Every Day the Best Day! IN-KIND GIVING

Christine Okuda Bruce Ritzen Janet Shibuya Eugene Sugita Harold Taniguchi

Lunar New Year Celebration Nicholas Ong Hideo Suganuma Vicki Toyohara-Mukai

Macy’s Anonymous Microsoft Giving Campaign Elliot Omiya United Way of King County Theresa Fujiwara Robert Miyahara Heidi Yamamoto Marylyn Yoder United Way of Spokane County Jeanne Chang UPS Foundation, Inc. Cathy Inouye Bill Kano Don Tsuboi WA State Employees Combined Fund Drive Anonymous (2) Paul Aoki Susan Carr Dorrienne Mar John Ishimaru Mariko Kakiuchi Wendy Nagasawa Kathleen Oberman Lisa Okubo-Garcila Karen Sakahara Jeanne Semura Britton Steel Kim Tanaka-Hill Julie Tin MATCHING GIFTS Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts Program Costco Wholesale Corp. GE Foundation Microsoft Giving Campaign Nordstrom, Inc. Pacific Continental Bank Starbucks Coffee Company Symetra Financial T-Mobile

Golf Tournament Anonymous Acacia Florist, Inc. Susan Asaba Azuma Gallery Christopher Togawa Insurance Agency Jay and Bernadette Deguchi Georgetown Brewing Company Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami Golden Peacock Roger Gould Charlene Grinolds Brenda Handley Keiro Northwest Catering Bea Kiyohara Jerry and Charlene Lee Macrina Bakery Linda Nelson Red Apple Markets - Hilltop/ Promenade Sea Glass Fine Art Aki Sogabe Ellen Suzuki Trophy Cupcakes In-Kind Anonymous (9) Setsuko Ainsworth Terie Akada Stephen and Doris Anderson Molly Angeles Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency, Inc. Ayame Kai Crafters Linda Briggs Carmen Tsuboi Chan Jody Clovis Consulate-General of Japan Janice Dawson Janice Deguchi Janice Divina Dragonfly Program Tina Masuda Draughon

Grace Freedland Sue Fujino Barbara Fujita Frank Fukui Brenda and Chuck Handley Jeffrey Hattori Lillian Hayashi Healing Grounds Massage Ronnie Higashi Shino Hirai Calvin and Lorraine Hoshibata Miyo and Sandy Ike Deanna Ikegami Jack and Helen Ito Japanese Baptist Church Gui Ping Jin John Stanford International School Shizue Kaku Jeannie Kamihara Gail Kaminishi Eileen Kanemoto Kristin Kawaoka Jenifer Kimura Kisaku Sushi Restaurant Elaine Kitamura Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner Miyoko Kodama Sara Kosugi Kubota Garden Foundation Kimie Kuramoto Judy Kusakabe Yuko Kusakabe Joyce Yorozu Larson Gayle Lee Jerry and Charlene Lee Roland Ma Mariko Mano Patty Hiroo Mastrude Lillian Matsudaira Betty Mochizuki Masaye Nakagawa Mari Nakashima NCL, Evergreen - Emily and Olivia Thompson, Kaya Jaecks, Norah Evans Julie Ann Oiye Jerry and Sharon Okubo Kevin Ono Akiko Osawa Asano Otsu Mineko Remillard

Contributions 4/1-6/30/2017 Seattle Japanese Community Service Joan T. Seko Megumi Sherrill Marcia Sohns and Mark Levy Gina Suguro Angela Summer Hide Tachibana Tamae Tada Carolyn Takei Darcia Tanabe Teruko Tanaka Merrily Taniguchi Bill Tashima Masanobu and Sayoko Toguchi Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga Vicki Toyohara-Mukai Michiko Toyoshima Andrew Tran and Huyen Dang Scott and Junko Tsumura Minoru Uchimura Naoko Ulstein Lori Tsugawa Whaley Mary and Malcolm Wolfson Ed and Maxine Yakushijin Patsy Yamada Gail Yamada Elaine Aoki Kristina Yamashita Candace Yaplee Ruth Yoshida Terry Yoshikawa Ron Youmans Warda Zaman

* giveBIG contribution We have made every effort to be thorough and represent each name accurately. If an error or omission has occurred, please accept our apologies and contact us at 206.726.6523 so that we can correct our records.


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2 nd A n n u a l

Lunar New Year Celebration February 9

Dinner & Auction at the Bellevue Westin

THEME: SPORTS SuperSonics legend “Downtown” Fred Brown Seahawks 1981 Man of the Year Manu Tuiasosopo Huskies 1960 Rosebowl MVP Don McKeta scheduled to attend Live16 & Super-silent Auctions | exquisite art | sports collectibles | unique experiences | travel opportunities KEIRO NORTHWEST NEWS | Fall 2017

Keiro Northwest News - Fall 2017  

The next generation is taking Keiro by storm! Read on about the goings-on at Keiro Northwest, both the new and the familiar. (And check out...

Keiro Northwest News - Fall 2017  

The next generation is taking Keiro by storm! Read on about the goings-on at Keiro Northwest, both the new and the familiar. (And check out...