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Booking & Coaching Steps for Success 1. Some thoughts on booking 2. Make a Booking List! *Who are you going to call?

3. Have a Script 4. Phone & Book them 5. Dealing with Objections 6. Hostess Plans 7. Pre-profiling & Hostess Coaching 8. Booking from your Bookings 9. Getting Referrals 10. Getting more names…


30 Prospects A Great Start!   of every woman you know who has skin! Think of family, friends, co-workers & neighbors! Take Make a list   out your wedding list, baby shower list, or any perty invitation lists. Don’t pre-judge, we will work through this list   together! * Scan/email your Director a copy of this list the minute you finish it and earn your Mary Kay   Platinum Money Bag! * Embossed   Phone       Name   Address   Email  address   Number         1           2             3                 4           5             6                 7           8             9                 10           11             12                 13           14             15                 16           17             18                 19           20             21                 22           23             24                 25           26             27                 28          



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Booking Preparation

A KEY TO SUCCESS in any business is holding appointments that produce income!    

Most businesses need to initiate appointments and yours is no exception! The most common sabotage to success in this area is the mistaken choice to pre-judge. That is, deciding for a person why they would or   would not want your service. Usually this is done out of protection for ourselves to guard against rejection. We do not   want to feel the rejection of the other person's “no or “not now”. Have you ever heard the expression   “feel the fear but do it anyway?” Well, that is what you must do! If you do not ask, you sure won’t get a   ‘no’! Ask, and risk a yes response! Results are definitely in the asking!

  taking inventory and making a comprehensive list of each person you know. Pretend you are So, begin by   getting married. Who would you invite? Don't leave anyone out! Next, gain a clear picture of your goal.   working towards right now? Is it an achievement? A prize? A deadline? A challenge? A What are you promotion?   Alongside this, what is in it for your potential customer...what is the win/win? What do you have to offer unconditionally? Are there strings attached? Are you giving more than you are asking? What do you   have to offer, and why would she want to invest time with you? Have you removed the pressure and   positioned   it positively? Consider each of these elements, and write your script!   You're almost   there! You have your list of names. You know what to say. Now you must PICK UP THE PHONE AND   MAKE CALLS! Set aside a specific time that you will not compromise (unless someone is bleeding or broken), and JUST DO IT!     As a new consultant, I felt intimidated by the phone. I would go into my room, put towels under the crack of   my closed door, crawl under the bed and whisper as I made my calls so that no one would hear me get rejected!!!  I was really insecure! But an amazing thing happened!     With each yes, with each appointment, my confidence grew.     grows with experience! The only way to master a skill is to do it!! Confidence     next step, your next promotion, staying on the date book will be criteria! To take your   for success? MAKE THAT LIST and follow through! Are you ready   Remember,   those who say it can't be done, are constantly being proven wrong by those who are   out there doing it! Choose SUCCESS by taking action NOW!     Anatomy of   a Script!   Pretend your favorite team is winning… that’s the tone of voice! _ Enthusiasm:   _ Curiosity: “I’m sooooo excited….” (She’s wondering why you’re so excited and wants to be too!)   are you calling? “I’m in a challenge to call my 10 sharpest customers because on Monday we’re _ Purpose: Why having our Success Event and I would love to introduce you to my MK buddies as one of my best Customers! I’d   also love for   you to see how this business works from the inside and be so proud to have you there with me… we’ll also be   doing pre-Holiday Make-overs, and I know you’d love the inside scoop on color for the season!” _ Specific Plan:   Its Monday, September ____ at 7 pm. We dress professionally in a skirt…. _ WIIFM: …and   as a Thank-You for your time, I’ll have a $10 Gift Certificate for you. _ Ask: Is there any reason why you couldn’t join me?   _ Confirm: “Great! I’ll pick you up at 6 pm and I’ll confirm   our attendance to my Director for the two of us!” _ You can also offer that she can bring another friend or two as well! She’ll be a hostess and earn hostess credits!  

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First Appointments


Holding your first 5 Classes within 1 – 3 weeks after your training in MK is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of your Training! We always book “extra’s” because people’s plans do change and we are always prepared for postponements.

1. Start with your list of 30 + Think of people you work with, spouse’s work, church, neighbors, children’s friends mom’s, relatives, beauticians, doctors, etc..

2. Telephone each one on your list and ENTHUSIASTICALLY USE THESE WORDS “Hi _______! This is _____ calling! How are You? Guess what Career I’ve just begun? I’m so excited! I’m training to teach skin care with Mary Kay Cosmetics and own my own business! As part of my training, I’m asked to receive 15 women’s opinions of my skin care class at no obligation in the next 2 weeks, and I thought of you _____, because –(compliment her…) *you’re so great with makeup, I know you’d give me your honest opinion…*. Is there any reason why we couldn’t get together in the next 2 weeks for your opinion and I’ll give you a FREE $10 Gift Certificate and Gift for helping me out! Which would work better for you, this week or next? Morning or afternoon? Your home or mine? TO ENCOURAGE HER TO INVITE FRIENDS, USE THIS SCRIPT: “Oh by the way _______, it’s just as easy and fun for me to give 2 – 3 – 4 facials as it is one! Who do you know who doesn’t know me, who would join us to learn more about skin care and give me their unbiased opinion of my skin care class? You can earn some extra Hostess Credits by sharing your Pampering Time and you’d be helping me so much to get closer to my goal of seeing 15 faces in the next 2 weeks! I’ll give you a call back in the next 2 – 3 days! I’ve got a few quick questions to ask you about your skin and you can let me know then who will be sharing your pampering time! Thank-you for doing this with me~ I can’t wait to get your opinion and give you your FREE GIFT! *Don’t chitchat too much = 3 min rule! * Your Goal is to get the booking, not sell her on how great the product is. We do that at the class!

* Do be ENTHUSIASTIC = it’s catching and women are naturally “Curious”. If you are excited, she will be too!

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Booking Scripts

  SSD, Lorrie   Henke’s script, for almost all kinds of bookings. Smile while you talk!     “Hi may I speak to ________? Hello! My name is ______, I'm calling from ______.” (*bridal show; welcome   wagon sponsor; or… I’m the Mary Kay Consultant who left a draw box at ______ that you entered.)   “HOW ARE   YOU DOING TODAY? Great!” (Make some chit chat…Did you enjoy the show? Were you excited to enter the draw? Get all your shopping done that day?)     “Well, I won't   keep you long! I'm just doing some follow up calls and I’m so excited because your attendance   at the “show” (participation in the draw box) has earned you a FREE PAMPERING SESSION with Mary Kay   along with a $10 Gift Certificate! Isn’t that Great?”   “Have you ever tried Mary Kay? Yes? No? How long ago?”   “Well this is   a lot of fun pampering just for YOU! You get a Satin Hands Treatment, it makes your hands so soft and   smooth; and then I’ll walk you through our Skin Care, which leaves your face feeling like you've just  had a facial! Plus, about a year ago we switched our cosmetics line into Mineral make-up, so we can do  some color matching and have a mineral makeover too! Doesn’t that sound great?   tried all the products, you’ll have a better idea what you’d like to use your gift certificate Once you’ve towards!”     “So I'm just   setting up my schedule for the next week or two, and wanted to set up a time to get together to pamper you! Does this coming week or next week work better for you? Beginning of the week or end   of the week? 6:30 0r 7 pm?” (Narrow it down - and pick your time!)     (Get her address and any directions you might need then say:)   “Great, now _____ I know that you don't know me very well, so I’d like to offer that you are more than   welcome to have a friend or two join us! Don’t you find that Life is SO busy nowadays that we never have   time to spend with our Girlfriends! You can invite your mom, sister or some girlfriends and they will get   pampering too! Plus, you’ll earn some extra hostess credits that way and get some free the same free   yourself! How does that sound? Great! Now I recommend inviting about 10 to 15 women to products for   have 6 – 8 come. I find about 1/3 can usually come. How many chairs does your kitchen table hold?”     a call back on ________. I've got a few quick questions to ask you about your skin and you “I'll give you can let me  know then, who will be joining us for your Pampering time on ____________!”   “Now I’ll give   you my name and number again just in case you need to get in touch with me or in case anything comes up Its _________ at ____phone______” (speak slowly so she can write it down)   I’ll be arranging childcare for my little one for that night and I will be there rain, shine, snow, or whatever is   happening!   But if something should come up for you, would you please give me at least 48 hours notice so that I could   rebook another appointment! You are so great!! I can’t wait to pamper you & your friends & help you get a whole bunch of free products!”     “Have a great day!”     “Bye!”

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SSD, Lorrie Henke’s script, for calling her back.

Call back in a timely manner!                                                                                      

(2 – 3 days later)…. “Hi May I speak to __________! Hi It’s __________ calling back with Mary Kay! How are you? Great!” “I am SOOOO Excited for our appointment on ____________! “I’m getting everything ready, so I was just wondering, are you finding your skin Dry, Normal, Combo, or Oily?” (Ask lots of questions! If she says Combo – I say “how combo” and get her to describe it better!) “Is your skin tone ivory, beige or bronze (light, medium or dark)?” “And… this might sound a little strange but is there anything you would like to change about your skin?” (Wait for her response, if she says like what? I say, well some women ask about blemishes, acne, maybe lines or wrinkles, anything like that?) “Great… now I know exactly what to bring! (get excited about products that relate to her needs!) “Now… did you receive your Hostess Package in the mail? Yes? No? OK… well I just wanted you to know a little more about Your Amazing Hostess Credits! You will be automatically getting a special free gift from me just for sharing your appointment! (mini hand cream)! “Then you will get 10% of your class sales in Free Products too! And… when someone books their follow-up appointment… you get 15% and two people booking will give you 20% of your Class sales in FREE products!!! Isn’t that exciting? Do you like Free Products or would you prefer a Gift like those featured in the back of your hostess brochure? Free Products! Me TOO! If it’s FREE, It’s for Me! So ______ you are definitely my Business Partner and its my job to help you get as much Free products as possible!” (Then say…) “____, I also want to be prepared for your guests on (Saturday), would you mind if I get their names and numbers so that I can ask them the same 3 questions about their skin so that I have all the right formula’s for them?” (this is my statement to get the guest list) “Great!” “So again, I’ll be there rain, shine, snow or whatever is happening… ha ha… so I can’t wait to meet you! Is it alright if I come an hour early to set up? Great!” “See you on ______ at _______ (am/pm)!”   “Bye!”

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Booking Dialogues

    Perfect Start/Power Start Dialogue   this is____________, I'm really excited about something, do you have a quick minute? Great! “Hi_________,   my own business teaching skin care and make-up artistry with Mary Kay Cosmetics. As part of I've just started   going to be pampering 30 ladies to a facial in 30 days. I could really use your help. What I would my training I'm love to do is   pamper you and a couple of your friends and family to a facial and makeover, and as my thanks, you'll receive   a special gift. Isn't it fun to receive gifts! Grab your calendar; let's set a date. Which would be better for you,   beginning of the week, or end of the week?”   Turning a Facial Into a Class   (After you have   scheduled a time say…) “You know, _______, I have a great idea! We have a plan where you can receive your own cosmetics practically as a gift. Would that interest you? (Wait for her response to say yes)   It's just as easy for me to give three or four facials at one time, as it is to give one. And I know you'll be telling   your friends about this. Why don't you invite them over? You'll earn even more free products for yourself, and   you and your friends will have a lot of fun. Either way I want you to know that I am coming for you.”     Before and After Portfolio   “Hi ___________, this is ____________, I’m very excited about something do you have a minute? Great! I am   building a professional portfolio of “Before & After” makeovers, and I would love to feature you in my portfolio.   (beautiful eyes, warm smile, beautiful hair & then compliment her). I would love to pamper you You have such with a facial  and a makeover and feature you in my book. Does it sound like fun? Grab your calendar and let’s   set a date. Which would be better for you _________________ or _________? I have a great idea, do you have a couple of friends that might enjoy getting a make-over and then they can give you their honest opinion of your   new look that   will be featured in my book? You would earn free product for having some friends join you & then they can give   us feedback about your new look.”   Tentative Date   Booking Approach “When someone at a class shares that they are not sure they could book because they don’t know their   calendar, or  if their friends could come, you say this: “Well, why don’t we do it this way? I’m sure you would like the hostess to get credit for your appointment,   right? Let’s set a tentative date, with the understanding, that if we need to change it we can, OK?” As soon as   you set a tentative date, it ceases to be tentative because you are going to coach it as a firm date.”     Correct Booking Approach   care class I always select several ladies that I would most like to have as my future hostesses, “At every skin   selected you because (compliment her: you are so outgoing, you look great in the product, you and today I've are so much   fun). Tell me when we get together for your follow-up, is there any reason why you couldn't share   I think you'd be a terrific hostess.” it with friends,   Or   Correct Booking Approach   “You know,  _________, at every skin care class I choose two women I want to work with most. Today you are my first choice.   Do you know why? Because you were the most excited person here - and Mary Kay always tells us to pick   the sparkler because she ignites the room! I love to work with excited people. When we get together either   for your check-up facial after you get started on your basic skin care, or for you to be in my makeover portfolio, why not share your appointment with a couple of friends? I really want to work with you,   by Lisa Anne Harmon

_________. It is obvious you had a great time tonight. When is the best time for us to get together again, next Tuesday or Thursday?”

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Booking Objections

      to learn / memorize so you feel more confident when doing your bookings! This is a Skill     main ways to respond! First… try the “GREAT! Or “I”M SO GLAD” method = for example… is she There are two   says I use Brand X = say “GREAT, I’m so Glad you told me! Then you’re using a quality product and would give   opinion of Mary Kay!! It works for practically any objection me your honest     The second way to respond = “I UNDERSTAND! I FEEL… I FELT… I FOUND… method. Acknowledge   her objection / concern…. Tell her you understand her position, tell a story of how you or someone you know felt   the same way… then offer another way to look at it and say .. but what I found was…. To give her a   problem solving solution!   “I‘m too busy   (don’t have time)” I know exactly   what you mean. Life seems to be flying by. Do you ever feel like you need a little pampering time? How about inviting 2 or 3 girlfriends to join you for a 1 hour pamper session. I’d love to do that for you.   OR I know how you feel. I know others have felt the same way, and what they found was that my services actually   save time. Besides, do you have a few friends or relatives you’d love to see more often? This is a perfect   socialize with them! Feeling and looking prettier is a great reason to get together, isn’t it? opportunity to   “I use Brand   X”   Hey that is great! It is obvious that you are investing time and money in your skin care. Let me ask you, do you   feel you are getting the results you want for the price you are paying? I would love to take   show you the #1 brand in the US and get your opinion. I can share with you how much money I can 45 minutes to save you.     “I tried MK and I broke out” “I’m allergic”   I’m so sorry.   If you don’t mind my asking, how long ago was that? (Time Wise came out 4 years ago – its safe for 97% of women!) ask …what kind of problem did you have? Was it an allergic reaction with itchiness and redness   or did you break out with blemishes? Did your consultant work with you at a follow-up facial to solve the   problem? Often times, if a Consultant is not well trained, they can misformulate products. Were you able to take   advantage of the $ back guarantee? Since we have cutting edge new products, I would love the chance to make   it right for you. You can bring along the old product and I will give you credit for them.     “I don’t wear makeup”   You might be surprised to know that Mary Kay is the leading developer of skin care products. I That’s perfect! would really  love to get your opinion of our basic skin care products.     “My house isn’t completely furnished (or nice enough)” Well, after all,   you are going to invite your best friends and neighbours. They are coming to see you, not your   house.   “My children   aren’t in school and I don’t have a baby-sitter” I have a special   gift for the person who will baby sit your children. (It’s a good investment to carry giftwrapped body lotion with you to give to the neighbour or the person in charge of the children during a class)    

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Dealing with NO

  It’s a one word answer.   The word “NO”.     Some people really have a tough time accepting the fact that they are going to hear the word   “NO” fairly often. They get discouraged and feel rejected because they look at the word “NO”   as a negative. Nothing could be further from the truth. The word “NO” simply means that   nothing changes. Think about it. You approach your neighbor and ask her to be a hostess;   “NO” --- what changed? Is she still your neighbor? Yes. Did your income go up or she says down?   No. Nothing changed. It couldn’t be a negative; to be negative things would have had   to get worse, and they didn’t. Everything remained the same.     On the other hand, suppose she had said, “YES”. Now, there are some positive changes.   She received FREE YOUR COMPANY’S INCENTIVE (a positive). You gain several more   customers, potential hostesses and consultants (another positive) and you earn more money   (another positive). You can see by this example that there are no negatives in our business.   There are only positives and times when nothing changes.     When someone tells you “NO” cross out one of the “NO’s” on the back of this sheet. Set   yourself a Goal of getting all 100 “NO’s” crossed out within the next 48 hours! If you want to   see your business explode with growth, take this exercise seriously. Here is a hint that will   make this   easier. Triple up.   Ask someone to:   1. Become a Consultant with YOUR COMPANY. If they say “NO”, cross out “NO” and ask   them to…   2. Become a Hostess. If they say “NO”, cross out a second “NO” and ask them to…   3. Give   a customer referral. If they say “NO” again you have already got three “NO’s”!   You will   never be better at getting “NO’s” than you are right now.   The more   you do this, the tougher it becomes to get those 100 “NO’s”. You will find that a “YES”  will creep in there every once in a while. Don’t let the occasional “YES” distract you from your   primary goal of getting those 100 “NO’s”. Imagine the look on your neighbor’s face when she   tells you “NO” and you respond, “Gee thanks, I’ve only got a few more “NO”s” to go and   I am finished for the day. I was afraid you were going to say “YES” there for a minute.” Don’t take this exercise lightly… it works!   Get those “NO’s” now while it is still easy for you to do so. Don’t wait until it’s difficult for   people   to tell you “NO”! That time will come soon enough!          


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Hostess Coaching Success

Study this section! If you complete each phase of Hostess Coaching for EVERY class and treat every one of your IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR BUSINESS! Hostesses like your business partner you will have success Mary Kay has always said that, “a class worth booking is a class worth coaching!” by choosing not to coach your hostess, you risk having at least 50% of your Skin Care Classes postpone, cancel, or no show! Coaching does work if you work for it!! STEP #1 – BE SET UP FOR GROWTH! _ It’s important that you decide on your personal goals each month! How Many Classes do you want to hold? Tip = have 10 – 20 Hostess Packets made up at all times! Below you will find a list of what to put in your Hostess Packets. When you book a class off of a class or over the phone each new hostess should automatically be given or sent a packet! __ Hostess Letter __ Look Book __ Outside Order form __ Business Card __ Sample __ Hostess Brochure *(for guest list & explanation of hostess plan benefits) STEP #2 – INITIAL COACHING _ Step 2 will happen at the time you either book the appointment on the phone, or you book a class off of a class! First you will want to walk her through your Hostess Plan and explain how she can get the most free product possible. Second walk through Tips for a Great Class. Third romance outside orders and booking for the Brush Set. Help her brainstorm areas where she could find extra sales. Fourth choose her Private Makeover look and write it in your date book. Fifth explain to her that you will be calling a couple of days before the class to get the guests names and telephone numbers so that you can call them to ask questions about their skin. STEP #3 – TELEPHONE COACHING! _ Step 3 should take place approximately 3-4 days prior to the Skin Care Class. Call your Hostess and ask for her guest list for the class. Let her know you will be calling to check with them on their Skin Care Needs and to talk about their coloring! (*This step may be avoided if you receive the names & numbers in the mail or via email ahead of time) After speaking with the hostess, call each of the guests. Script: “Hi _____ this is _____ I am the Mary Consultant holding the class for _____ on _____, do you have a quick minute? Great! I am putting together a special “goodie bag” for each guest who is planning on attending _____’s class…will you be able to make it by (time)? Well _____ I am excited to meet you in person, _____ has told me so many wonderful things about you! Before I run, let me ask you a couple of quick questions about your skin! Do you consider your skin to be dry, normal, or combination! And would you say you are fair, medium, or dark in skin tone? What are some of your favorite colors that you enjoy wearing? What one thing would you really like to learn at the class? Well _____ I will have a special seat for you on _____ and your personalized “goodie bag” will be waiting for you! Looking forward to seeing you then!” after speaking with all the guests, call your hostess to let her know how excited her guests are! (cross confirmation) _ What’s in a Goodie Bag? Facial Cloth, Brushes, Cotton Balls, Q-tip, Color Card or Color Samples you’ll be using that night, and maybe a few fun candy treats! Tie it up in cellophane with a cute bow and you have a Goodie Bag! STEP #4 – PRE-CLASS COACHING! _ Arrive 30-45 minutes early. Give your Hostess a sincere compliment. Set up for your class. Ask her where a good place to do Private Consultations is. Do your Private Makeover Session with the Hostess. Be sure to execute all 4 steps of the FOUR POINT RECRUITING PLAN (Career Essentials). You’ll want to practice and memorize it! Get good at it and you’ll be adding bookings and recruits off every class! Hostess Packages Include: _ Welcome Letter! _ “How Inviting” Hostess Brochure _ Look Book _ Outside Order Form _ Your Business Card or a Magnet _ Sample if you’d like _ Recruiting brochure Mail out: Follow-up with a phone call and go through package with her – do any other appointment coaching at that time! Call again one or two days prior to appointment! Listen to BOOKING & Coaching CD!

ctor e r i D r u Call yo = e g n e k her! o Chall o B o t and Try

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Mary Kay Booking Coaching Guide  
Mary Kay Booking Coaching Guide