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“One Too Many� promo video edit

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For the video promo piece above, I was given footage that I further edited to match the aesthitic. I added the signature distorted glitch typography to the sides of the frame. I also overlayed the swirling pink and purple ink that is seen on the front and back cover designs. Another addition I created was the 3d render of Tdot’s logo that can be found spinning at the end of the video. These combinations were key to helping this piece of content feel cohesive with the rest of the rollout.

“Out Of Sight” single cover design

For the “Out of sight” single cover design, Tdot wanted the piece to stand on its own separate from the album cover. His words were “still keep it vibey, but I want it to be different.” My solution to that was to give it a different color scheme, but keep it “vibey” with bright colors overlayed with “grainy texture.” In the song Tdot makes many space references that inspired the space patch you see on the cover.

Out of sight animated artwork

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The animated version of the “Out Of Sight� artwork is a combination of frame by frame animation and computer animation all done within the adobe creative suit. One of the most exciting things for me is bringing single art to life with animation. With this piece I achieved that by animating the fire at the end of the space shuttle. Then I rotated the globe to give it the effect that is orbiting the earth. I wanted to take it a step further by incorporating a video I edited of Tdot performing the song. I thought a cool way to introduce this video would be as if it appeared on a screen in a NASA control room. To tie this piece together with the rest of the roll out I made sure to add grainy and glitch effects through out.

Other “Out of Sight” pieces

IG story ad

Alternate animated artwork

Above are two other pieces to go along with Tdot’s single “Out Of Sight.” The video on the left showcases the instagram story sized version which is great for promotions. To the right is an alternate animated version for “Out Of Sight.” This version just focuses on the elements seen in the single art. The same frame by frame animation is used as in the one seen on the previous page. This version is animated to the sounds used in the song.

Performance visualizer

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The piece you see above was created for Tdot’s listening party that was hosted at Live Nation. This visualizer was designed to seamlessly loop through out the whole event.

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Scrolling Instagram collage banner

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The scrolling collage banner is designed to seamlessly scroll from left to right on instagram. The banner is broken up into 4 difference pieces. When you select the multiple post feature and then select each picture in the correct order you get the result you see in the video to the left. This is just another interesting piece of content to go along with the rest of the rollout. Other promotional pieces

The Vibe is Heavy 3 Merch designs


All of the artwork, animation, and merchandise was created by Nik Johnson. Nik has been designing for artists for over 10 years. He has lent his creative expertise to artists such as Wiz Khalifa, PNB Rock, Skinnyfromthe9 and Gunna. For all inquires about project rollouts please email



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Tdot Illdude - "The Vibe Is Heavy 3" Rollout EPK  

This is EPK breaks down my creative process and highlights every piece I created for Tdot Illdude's album titled "The Vibe Is Heavy 3"

Tdot Illdude - "The Vibe Is Heavy 3" Rollout EPK  

This is EPK breaks down my creative process and highlights every piece I created for Tdot Illdude's album titled "The Vibe Is Heavy 3"