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MEGA!! RETIRED JEWELRY SALE!!!! OVER 20% off all original prices! Grace: Antiqued silver plated with crystals 18” necklace with 3” extender Was $42 Now $29

Frosting Necklace and Earrings: Faux Pearls and Crystals 18 ½” necklace, fish hook earrings Set was $70 Now $49

Charmed Necklace: silver plated, 18� with toggle closure Charming Bracelet: sliver plated, with toglle closure Set was $55, Now $40

Salt and Pepper Necklace: long necklace, not sure of length, looks great doubled. Black and white beads Was $39 NOW $28

Soiree Necklace and Earrings Set: Gold plated with crystals

Set WAS $88 Now $40

Arabella Necklace and Earrings: Antiqued silver plated faux pearls/beads Set was $48 NOW $35

Bejeweled Necklace and Earrings Antiqued bronze with jewels with a red/brown tint. Wonderful for the fall wardrobe! Was $58 NOW $40

Opposites Attract: Two strand necklace with black and white beads Was $49 Now $30

Brilliant Necklace: silver plated, VERY shiny! Magnetic enhancer, sparkles Was $56 NOW $40

Tada Earrings: Silver plated Was $17 Now $10

Rope Ring: Silver plated, size 7, sized a little small Was $41 NOW $ 30

Interchangeable Ring: Pink, Blue, and Green color slides. Size 6 Was $32 Now $25

Lena Ring: antiqued rhodium plated, cubic zirconia, size 7 Was $46 NOW $30

Silk Earrings: hematite plated, fish hook earrings Were $29 Now $20

Scottsdale Necklace: genuine leaver/faux lapis, 17� necklace with 3� extender, magnetic closure enhancer Was $49 Now $38

Blanca Bracelet: silver plated, faux pearls, 7 ž� toggle closure. Some of the silver plating has worn off in places, still an adorable bracelet. Was $21 Now $12

Tuscany Earrings and Necklace: antiqued matte gold plated, faux pearls/aurora borealis and beads MY TOP SELLING ITEM, so sad to see the company retire it! Set was $48 Now $36 (GREAT DEAL!)

Verona Necklace: imitation rhodium plated glass and beads, 18 ½” two strand necklace with 3” extender Was $39 NOW $30

Sable Earrings and Necklace: imitation rhodium plated class, acrylics, and beads. 16� two strand necklace with 3� extender, fishhook earrings Set Was $79 NOW $59

Lookin’ Good Bracelet Antiqued silver plated 7 ¼” stretch bracelet Was $28 NOW $20

Infusion Necklace: matte silver plated 28” two- strand necklace with 3” extender (very light weight piece of jewelry) Was $38 NOW $29

Casual Earrings: silver plated, faux leather (black strip through silver earring) Was $36 NOW $25

Stunning Earrings: imitation rhodium plated, cubic zirconia Was $38 NOW $30

Catalina Necklace: silver plated genuine rose quartz and cat’s eye beads 18 ½” three strand necklace with magnetic closure (it is pink, not a good picture)

Was $69 Now $50

I also have an additional enhance for sale for $15

Possibilities Necklace: antiqued matte silver plated necklace with interchangeable faux stones. Necklace with 5 stones (brown, black, turquoise, jade, coral) Was $81 Now $60

Confident Necklace: antiqued silver plated, crystals 17� eight-strand necklace with magnetic fold over closure Was $69 Now $50

Jet Set Necklace: three strands, each with own lobster claw. Can be worn as three, two, or one strand necklace. Toggle Closure, Black and silver beads Was $58 Now $40

Mahogany Necklace: three strands, each with own lobster claw. Can be worn as three, two, or one strand necklace. Toggle Closure, brown beads in various shades Was $58 Now $40

Sale Items  

Retired Jewelry Sale

Sale Items  

Retired Jewelry Sale