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Motivation in ESL classroom

By: Nikolay Stoychev

What is Motivation? •Motivation is the psychological quality that leads people to achieve a goal. Types of Motivation 1.Intrinsic motivation 2.Extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic Motivation Is motivation to perform a task for its

own sake. The reward is the task itself. Extrinsic Motivation Motivation to perform a task for a reward from outside. Grades, money, positive feedback.

The role of motivation in English as Second Language • Fulfill school/University requirements. • Function and compete effectively in the global economy of today and the future. • Increase job opportunities and salary potential. • Improve vocabulary and language proficiency


Travel around the world

Methods a teacher can use to promote lear ning in the classr oom • Demonstration

•Pictorial illustration

•Verbal illustration.





Choral Drill

•Look and say


•Read and say

•Friendly competitions (spelling games)

• Games / songs

• Story reading

•Role play


Motivate ESL students  

Motivate ESL students

Motivate ESL students  

Motivate ESL students