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Autobiography Room sweet room My room is a place where I could escape the form the outside world, it’s where I am able to concentrate on other things of my life. Once I touch that golden door knob that is adjoined to a wooden brown door it takes me to a whole new world. Where the atmosphere is stable and comforting. When walking into my room I am quick to notice a cold hard floor cooling my naked feet if I were standing on the wall of China. The smell of the lavender sift through my nose from the body spray located on my shelf. One of the first thing that always stands out is after walking into my room, besides the coldness of the floor and the smell of lavender are the four symmetrical pink wall which are accented with vibrant hues and painted picture of the sunset and pictures of happy time gone but not forgotten. Pictures from our child hood ugliness to the painting made by me. When I look at my pictures they all made me feel like how much happiness we put just to make those perfect pictures, then our family photo makes me feel how grateful is to have a humble and crazy family to make a world winning family portrait. Personal Metaphor Animal - Turtle Car - Tacoma Shoes- vans Day of the week- Friday Food - tacos Color- Gold Movie - Anabel Fragrance- sweet pea Plant- sunflower Musical instrument - Guitar Geometric shape- diamond Piece of furniture- bed Song- best part Season of the year – Summer Television character – Mandy Appliance or machinery - Spoon Natural phenomenon - tornado Word – quiet Extended Metaphors 1). Instrument – guitar A guitar is a tool that's use to expand the limited scope of musical sound like clapping, stamping, whistling, humming and singing. The reason why I chose the guitar is because I stamp my feet when I hear a good beat to a song or follow the beat. I whistle to the songs

I'm familiar with or I whistle just for fun. I hum if I’m trying to think of the song I'm searching for, and singing I sing when I'm in the showers. I sing when I'm bored or I sing for the hell of it. 2). Natural phenomenon – tornado A tornado is a cone shape vortex that picks up wind and debris in its way. Also breaks down anything that stand in its way. My reason for a tornado is because I pick up the wind when I run or when I do heavy work and inhale like crazy. I pick up debris is when my feet touches the ground when I play with dirt or other outdoor sports. Also I break things that stands in my way like my enemies in football or when I grapple with my siblings. 3). Word – Quite I chose quite is because I like quite mornings. I'm most of the time I hardly speak around others. I get shy around others and I usually stay quite most of the time. In class I do the same it helps me focus and get my work done. I always remain quite around my peers when I'm being put in a group. I'm always call the quite most of the time. 4.) Day of the week – Friday I chose Friday because it the day to start off the weekends, and I love Friday so much that it brings the relief of no school and crazy mornings. Friday is the only day I love due to the weekends are here and more time to finish my homework and have fun after. It’s also theirs is no rushing for school the next day. Friday is the day where I'm able to catch with the things I missed or have to finish what I need to finish for school and for home. 5.) Television character - Mandy Mandy is like me she’s quiet but deadly, she hates annoying people but she manages to get things done. She's someone no one wants to mess with, also gets things done the right way. There's time where she could mess up but focus to get it right. Mandy is a lot like me, I hate annoying people and I manage to get things done. I'm quite and deadly and people think that I'm not the type of person to mess with. Symbolic recipe Ingredients: 1 cup sourness 2 cups quietness 4 cup madness 4 ½ cup creativity 4 cup athletic 4 ½ cup smartness 2 cup laziness 3 ounce patient Steps:

In a large mixing bowls mix in 1 cup sourness and 4 cup of madness. Use an electric mixer on medium to high speed. In a small mixing bowl mix in 2 cup of quietness and creativity along with 4 cup athletic and 4 ½ smartness using an electric mixer on medium speed. In a medium mixing bowl add in 2 cup laziness and 3 ounce patient using an electric mixer on low speed. In a 3x3x2 baking pan add the mixer of sourness, madness on the bottom of the pan. Along with the mixture of quietness, creativity, athletic, and smartness for the second layer. Bake in a 350 oven. Then when cooled top of with the mixture of laziness and patient. Ultimate all-purpose excuse First of all I would like to apologize for being late to class and tell you how much I really appreciate the time you dedicate to teach us all the wonderful important things that will eventually help us. Now I know teachers don’t like it when their students are tardy, I mean I wouldn’t like it either. I hope you don’t see my lateness as a sign of disrespect to you because I totally respect you. You might be wondering why a wonderful child like me might be late but I assure you it was not of my will to be late. So I shall begin my story with your permission of course. I have to tell you that I am a superman, and I have to beat some monsters, you know, like Godzilla. And it took pretty long time to finish it. By the way, I have to put on my special suit before I go to save the world. It took the most time, but I could finish all of it in 40 minutes. Which means I have to wake up at 6 o’clock. But today, I spent too much time on choosing which suit to wear. Although they are all the same. Godzilla is sick today, so I took him to the hospital and I couldn’t leave him until doctor settled him down. I am a person full of sense or justice. So if you still want a protective, handsome superman. Don’t give a tardy and give me a cup of water every morning, since I have to do a lot of work every morning on saving the world. Telling tales So one night my dad’s cousin from Yap came over and spent a night at our house because my mom and dad were going to take him shopping the next day. That same night we were all sleeping and my sister left our kitchen window open enough to stick at in your arm in. So that same night my family and I were all sleeping and my little sister woke because she heard yelling coming from outside. Then she started getting scared so she woke me up and my older sister to follow her to check who was yelling, and my uncle was sleeping on the couch in our living room. We walked around the whole house wondering and scared whose yelling at 5 in the morning. As we patrol the hall way leads to my parent’s room, the bathroom and our room the yelling got louder. But we continued to search for the gorilla yelling outside our house. Then all of a sudden the yelling had a banging noise too as we walk closer. Our search in the house got us nowhere with the noise and the banging sound that came along. All of a sudden we stopped and listened closely and we heard it coming from the kitchen so we headed in there. As we got there the sound was so loud that all you see outside our kitchen window is this big dark shadow yelling my dad's name also shaking the cover of my mom's pot. We got scared and we ran to the living room where my uncle was sleeping at and my little sister ran to my uncle thinking it was my dad sleeping. She

woke him up almost giving him a heart attack in his sleep. As she said, “DADDY THERE'S SOMEONE HERE CALLING YOU!" So my uncle woke up and said, '' YES! WHAT'S GOING ON?" Then my sister starts crying. After a few minutes that dark shadow is my uncle waking us up just to talk to my dad and to use our restroom because he had a bad stomach ache. Unfinished Sentences 1. I usually worry about… I usually worry about my family and failing. Because my family means more to me than anything in this world. To me my family is irreplaceable in this world. They motivated me to keep up with school and never give up. Specially failing to me it's hard for me to keep up with my work in school. I manage to keep myself up to date with my work and try to do all my miss work. 2. I feel angry when… I feel angry when I don't do any of my class work or anything that deals with school even my house chores. I feel angry the most when things aren't in order like the way it's supposed to be. The most important thing that makes me angry the most when I hear too many noise when doing my work for school. I get angry when I hear so many noise when I'm trying to get my things done for school along with my house chores. 3. I’m moody when… I'm moody when noises comes around me when doing work for school even my house chores. Especially in the morning. I'm moody when I hear rap music in the morning. 4. I’m happiest when… I'm happiest when my mornings are quiet or everything I have to so be complete. My happiest are always when my chores are done to my school are complete. Also when there is no noise around me that will trigger my mood. 5. I feel confident when… I feel confident when I'm able to keep up with my school also my plans with my family and friends. I'm confident when I overcome great challenges and overcome my goals. Also coming across typical challenges that will cost a lot. 6. I feel frustrated when… I feel frustrated when I come across a typical question or when I can't finish all my work on time. I feel frustrated the most is on projects when there is a lot of expectation that I need to provide along with the information. 7. I feel depressed when… I feel depressed when I'm not together with my family. I get depressed when I'm far away from my family if I'm going to a sleep over at my relative’s house. 8. I am comfortable when… I am comfortable when I'm with my friends or my other relatives the one I grew up with. In a class full of students a long with on friend I know. Especially in car full of people there's has to be one person I know just for me to be comfortable. 9. I feel nervous when… I feel nervous when I'm in a huge crowd of people I know or not. I get nervous when I have to present in from of a class. I get nervous when I'm at the hospital. 10. I feel sentimental when…

I feel sentimental when my art is being displayed at the art show. Or when people seen my art and are amazed by it. Especially when my art is being kept for others to see. My artwork isn’t just splatters and shapes, it’s a whole mood. It’s a story of how my day went or what I am feeling in that moment. 11. Extended MetaphorsI’m like a book on the shelf. You judge me on the outside but once you get to know me, I will be your favorite story. I’m an ordinary person who loves to do extraordinary things.

Life through Niki's eyes  
Life through Niki's eyes