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editorspeaks “What is design?... It's where you stand with a foot in two worlds—the world of technology and the world of people and human purposes—and you try to bring the two together.” - Mitchell Kapor

Editor Shashikant Hegde Editorial Advisor Dr M S Kapadia Editorial Coordinator Alma Odil Advisors (Technical) Prof. Akhtar Chauhan Principal, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai Ar. Karan Grover Karan Grover & Associates, Vadodara Ar. Manit Rastogi Principal Architect, morphogenesis, New Delhi I Bangalore Prof. K. Jaisim JAISIM-FOUNTAINHEAD, Bangalore Ar. Dikshu C. Kukreja CP Kukreja Architects, New Delhi

The boom in real estate sector has escalated the need for sanitaryware in India, which accounts for 8 per cent of global production. With 41 per cent of country’s population expected to reside in urban areas by 2021, bath and kitchen domain will have great demand for high-tech luxury products and services. This premium segment is estimated to comprise of about 10-12 per cent of the total market. Rapid urbanisation has brought tremendous change in people’s lifestyle, spending patterns and a strong inclination toward international standards. This has led to foreign investors broadening their horizons in the Indian market. Roca, Grandeur, Grohe, Hafele, Blum, Kohler, to name a few, have revolutionised bath and kitchen design concepts to a sophisticated elegance. European kitchen design of clutterfree work station, clean and smooth cabinets with pastel colour finishes, handleless and hydraulic doors; and Italian bathroom of minimalistic design, luxury sanitaryware, high-tech bath products-- are the ruling design trends in India. A study reveals that the carbon in the earth’s atmosphere has crossed the symbolic threshold of 400ppm. This environment change has held everyone’s concern and has also transformed the design language of the bath and kitchen design, significantly.

Design & Production Art Director Satish Kamath Graphic Designers Madhukar Ingavale Nitin Parkar Rajendra Vichare Product Head Abhishek Mishra Sr. Sales Executive Saurabh Singh

In this issue, we have put together a wide spectrum of the domain’s ontology across the country and the globe. We have Ar. Abraham John, Ar. Manu Rajendra, Rahul Gupta and Rubina Chadha discoursing the latest design trends and demand in design styles and standards. Furthermore, an interaction with the leading players in this domain: Grohe, Grandeur, Fisher & Paykel, Blue Concepts and Under the Roof will provide you insight on the industry strategy, technology advancement and future prospects. To bring you deeper understanding of this niche domain, Pau Abello, Managing Director of Roca, explains his company’s aim toward the environment concern, material and technology intercourse in shaping a better world for a well-being of all.

Subscription Rosebin Mukadam

Let our every step lead towards a healthy environment.

Head - Circulation Raju Chendavankar


Senior Vice President Sanjeev Singh

Printed, published and edited by Shashikant Hegde on behalf of Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd., published at Sterling House, 5/7 Sorabji Santuk Lane, Off Dr. Cawasji Hormasji Lane, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai - 400 002 and printed at Jayant Printery, 352/54, J. S. S. Road, Murlidhar Temple Compound, Near Thakurdwar P. O, Mumbai - 400 002. Editor: Shashikant Hegde

04 Architecture Update May 2015

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Architecture Update, India's leading publication on Architecture-Interiors-Landscape, is interested in knowing what its readers feel about their favourite magazine. AU also welcomes opinion on any other topic or issues of concern from its esteemed readers.

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06 Architecture Update May 2015

DISCLAIMER This book is for information purposes only. All rights reserved. All copyright in this book and related works is solely and exclusively owned by Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd. While due care has been taken during the compilation to ensure that the information is accurate to the best of Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd.' knowledge and belief, the content is not to be construed in any manner whatsoever as a substitute for professional advice. Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd. neither recommends nor endorse any specific products or services that may have been mentioned in this book and nor do they assume any liability or responsibility for the outcome of decisions taken as a result of any reliance placed on this document. Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to any act or omission on the part of the user due to any reliance placed or guidance taken from any portion of this book.

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MAY 2015


Contents PRACTICAL, SIMPLISTIC & INVITING Hammond’s kitchen renovation, Sydney, Australia Ole Jensen, Art Of Kitchen

HIDE & SLEEK brand’s perspective

18 20 22 26 30 32 34 DESIGN LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN VOL- 2 Book Review

A WIDE ANGLE designer’s talk

ENTERTAINER’S DELIGHT Chalabian’s kitchen renovation, Sydney, Australia David Bartlett, Art Of Kitchen

WHAT’S IN STOCK? Pau Abello Managing Director, Roca

EARTH MATTERS Villa in the Sky, Mumbai, India Abraham John Architects

08 Architecture Update May 2015

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GIVE AN ECLECTIC MAKE OVER Renu Misra Managing Director, Grohe India

SHADES OF GREY Ensuite Bath Design, Auckland, New Zealand Kira Gray, Fyfe Kitchens


36 38 40 48 49 50 52 USE OF GLASS IN BATH AND KITCHEN DESIGN Vikram Khanna CMO, CIO, Asahi India Glass Ltd.


BATH ENCHANTED Maison Valentina, Porto, Portugal Norm Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Architecture Update May 2015


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Pulse architecture

L&T Wins Orders of 5,000 Cr

arsen & Toubro's construction arm has won orders worth 5,492Cr across various business segments. L&T said it had secured orders worth 2,768Cr in the buildings and factories business for construction of a mixeduse development complex in Mumbai, consisting of eight residential towers and a commercial building spread over an estimated total built-up area of 35 Lakh square feet. The project's scope involves civil, structural, architectural, finishes,


mechanical, electrical and plumbing works. New orders and variations have been won from various reputed customers in the Middle East which includes engineering, procurement and construction of 220kV and 132kV substations and power up-gradation works. L&T also received orders in water and renewable energy business worth 188Cr from the Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department for the construction of intake wells, water treatment plants and a raw water pumping main in the Medak district of Telangana along with associated electrical, mechanical and instrumentation works. Besides new projects, the company has received additional orders worth 1,552Cr from various ongoing jobs of other businesses of L&T Construction.

Studio Job & NLXL wins EDIDA 2015 ach year 25 editors-in-chief of Elle Decoration search for global excellence in the interior design world. Selected products are rewarded with the prestigious Elle Deco International Design Award (EDIDA). This years EDIDA winner in the wall covering category is NLXL for “Archives by Studio Job”. From the Studio Job library of icons and images, existing patterns are adapted and extended to compositions of nine meters. Unique and without repeat. The collection reflects a retrospect of the history of Studio Job. They have used archetypical drawings and these universal symbols are combined as iconographic elements for patterns and compositions, ultimately creating 6 designs: Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, l'Afrique and Withered Flowers, the latter in black & white and in colour. These patterns, icons and compositions were originally created amongst others for their own work and projects in design, art & fashion.


SPA at Aurangabad urangabad local architecture community and academia hailed the government's decision to allot the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), terming the development as a milestone that would benefit students besides changing the face of the city. The architecture community lauded the provision of INR.10Cr made in the state budget towards SPA. ”The proposed SPA would be the fourth in the country after Delhi,


010 Architecture Update May 2015

Bhopal and Vijayawada,” said Ajay Thakur, president of the Aurangabad centre of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA). SPA would not only benefit students from Marathwada and other parts of the state, but would also attract candidates from across the country. The IIA expressed hope that the proposed SPA would also offer range of tangible and intangible benefits to the local economy.

MNRE: Budget for Green Buildings he Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) proposed a manifold increase in the allocation for the transition phase from megawatt to gigawatt through the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). Speaking at the 6th GRIHA Summit, Upendra Tripathy, Secretary, MNRE, said that speed, scale and skill-sets need to be enhanced to increase renewable energy mix in our energy production. He added that India would soon overtake other countries in renewable energy as it has resources and ideas to make this


happen. Among the professionals who were felicitated include Divakar Garg, Director General (Works); Central Public Works Department (CPWD); Anamika Prasad, Director, EDS; Anurag Bajpai, Director – Planning & Sustainable Design, GreenTree Building Energy Pvt. Ltd.; P Sahel, Vice Chairman, Lotus Greens; Dr Anoop Kumar Mittal, Chairmancum-Managing Director, National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.; Swati Puchapalli Reddy, Terra Viridis and Poorva Keskar, Trustee, Sustainability Initiatives.

Zero Waste Textile Factory, India

xploration Architecture completed the design for a sustainable factory in India that aims to meet both human and environmental challenges facing the country’s textile industry. The firm boast that their innovative design will radically reduce energy and water usage to create a zero waste factory which will inspire environment in which it will work. The challenging demand of the client is a structure- designed and engineered to use the least material possible and to provide a worldclass environment for 600 people working at the factory and also to channel all waste into circular or closed loop system in order to get as close to zero waste as possible. Textile industries is water and power intensive, which is a challenge for architects while designing zero


waste model. Michael Pawlyn and his team from Exploration Architecture were selected for this project because of their renowned expertise in bio-mimicry and designing zero waste models. For the project, the team took inspiration from examples of hierarchical structures in biology, bio-mimicry such as the Euplectella glass sponge. The result is a lightweight roof that integrates structure, photovoltaic energy harvesting and daylight provision. The building was positioned in a strict north-south orientation so that roof-lights and glazing facing north would provide generous amounts of natural light throughout the working environment, while sloping solid surfaces are perfectly positioned for photovoltaic panels. The design team used profiled aluminium as the roofing material because of its lightweight, full re-cyclability and maintenance for optimum water quality from rainwater that is collected for using in the manufacturing processes.

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Pulse architecture

Asia’s Best Architecture Institute r Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture(BNCA) located in Pune, Maharashtra has been named Asia's best architecture college for the year 2014-15 by the prestigious World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) after a research survey by KPMG. BNCA has been given top rank on the basis of the studies in architecture and research carried out by the institute. The award was bestowed to the college authorities on April 23 this year. The selection was based on primary and secondary research, scores from jury members and KPMG. Principal of the college, Anurag Kashyap, said that the college has


the only digital architecture course in India and is partner in the programme of United Nations (UN) Academic Impact Partners and has constructed houses for poor local residents of Tanzania, Zambia and Jamaica. Apart from this, the college has prepared development plans for Kasba Peth, Pulachiwadi in Deccan and for Panaji. All the plans have been highly appreciated by the civic authorities in Pune as well as WCRC. There are 1089 students pursuing BArch, MArch and PhD courses at BNCA. The college has memorandum of understanding (MOU) with various universities in Europe, Australia, and Canada and has students' exchange programmes.

The China Pavillion for Expo Milano 2015 he China Pavillion for Expo Milano 2015 creates a serene, organic setting for visitors to explore Chinese culture. This is China’s first national expo pavilion outside the country’s borders. Expo Milano 2015 opens on May 1 and runs through October 31. Its theme is sustainable agriculture. The event will showcase environmentallyfriendly agricultural technology and culinary delights from around the world. The pavilion’s iconic roof reflects its theme, “the Land of Hope.” The designers created the roofline by merging the profile of a city skyline with the silhouette of a rolling landscape. It is an expression of hope that cities and nature can co-exist in harmony. Visitors enter the pavilion by descending into a planted field, which immerses them in a landscape


removed from the bustling fairgrounds. This landscape is sheltered by a floating timber roof and integrates the China Pavilion seamlessly with its environment. The building’s materials are renewable, including a timber structure, bamboo roof panels, and wheat straw. The Pavilion’s design references traditional Chinese architecture but is built using advanced engineering and construction techniques. The large, airy interior public spaces are filled with sunlight. They contain a series of interactive exhibits, including a large video installation that uses thousands of LED lights to depict images of China. The pavilion was designed by Tsinghua University and Studio LinkArc for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Source:

The Leading Residential Real Estate Developer of the Year 2015 ne of the top brand management consultancies, Brand Academy, conducted its annual Real Estate Awards recently in association with NDTV Profit. The initiative was to felicitate some of the best developers, projects, professionals, products and service providers in real estate sector. This year from 100s of nominations, Chartered Housing” won ‘The Brand “C Academy Real Estate Awards’ in the category of ‘The Leading Residential Real Estate Developer of the Year


(Bangalore)’. On this occasion, Bimal Hegde, CEO Chartered Housing said, “For the past 2 decades, our focus has been mainly on Residential development and we have gone the extra mile to ensure that a new benchmark is set with each of our new project. We take pride in building each apartment with attention to detail, focusing on quality rather than quantity and earning a reputation for going beyond minimum industry standards.”

Society of Architectural Historians 2015 Awards he Society of Architectural Historians announced the winners of the 2015 Publication Awards and the 2015 SAH Award for Film and Video at its 68th Annual International Conference Awards Ceremony in Chicago, on April 16. The Society also named four individuals as SAH Fellows for their lifelong contributions to the field of architectural history 2015. SAH Fellows inducted in the ceremony include: David Brownlee, Professor of 19th Century European Art and chair of the Graduate Group in the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania; Keith Morgan, professor in the Department of History of Art & Architecture and director of the Architectural Studies program at Boston University; Pauline Saliga, who has served as the executive director of the Society of Architectural Historians since 1995; and Stanley Tigerman, principal at Chicago architectural and design firm of Tigerman McCurry and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.


Publication Award Recipients Each year, SAH presents publication awards honours excellence in architectural history, urban history, landscape history and historic preservation scholarship as well as architectural exhibition catalogues. The winners of the Society’s 2015 Publication Awards are: 1. Alice Davis Hitchcock Book Award: Richard Harris, Building a Market: The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry, 1914–1960 Christopher Curtis Mead, Making Modern Paris: Victor Baltard’s Central Markets and the Urban Practice 2. Antoinette Forrester Downing Book Award: Ari Kelman, A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling over the Memory of Sand Creek 3. Philip Johnson Exhibition Catalogue Award: Patricia Bouchenot-Déchin and Georges Farhat, André Le Nôtre in Perspective Honourable mention: Susan Weber, William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain 4. Spiro Kostof Book Award: Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo, I Speak of the City: Mexico City at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Honourable mention: Andrew Friedman, Covert Capital: Landscapes of Denial and the Making of U.S. Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia 5. Elisabeth Blair MacDougall Book Award: David E. Coke and Alan Borg, Vauxhall Gardens: A History Founders’ JSAH Article Award: George F. Flaherty, “Responsive Eyes: Urban Logistics and Kinetic Environments for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics,” Journal of Architectural Historians 73, no. 3 (September 2014): 372–397. 2015 SAH Award for Film and Video Recipient The Best Planned City in the World: Olmsted, Vaux and the Buffalo Park System Director/Producer: Lawrence Hott and Diane Garey Executive Producer: Robin Karson

Architecture Update May 2015


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Pulse brand

LG: Ultra-Efficient AC

eeking to make deeper inroads into the Indian market, LG Electronics showcased commercial air conditioning and energy solutions at the ACREX India 2015, international exhibition for air conditioning, refrigeration and building services. This year’s highefficiency line-up included MULTI V, Water IV, MULTI V S, Inverter Single Split, LG Inverter V Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away technology. LG’s MULTI V and IV Corrosion Resistant, the company’s latest Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) unit integrates sophisticated new technologies which effectively minimize energy loss under partial load conditions and give it a superb Coefficient Of Performance (COP) rating of 4.79. Meanwhile, the Ocean Black Fin in the Heat Exchanger’s dual layered and double-sided coating, shield the MULTI V, IV from salt, sand and other elements brought in by strong sea winds in addition to industrial pollution. The Ocean Black Fin and Dual Protection


coating’s unique material and composition protects it against corrosion which also improves the durability of the MULTI V and IV. For high-rise HVAC applications, LG’s fourth-generation inverter compressor enables the MULTI V and Water IV to offer customers, the widest operational range in the industry and boasts an impressive 5.00 COP. The Multi V S, another SAC solution, is ideal for cooling and heating of medium-sized offices, shops and high-end residential spaces as it is exceptionally efficient and lightweight with superior coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.31. The new model also incorporates LG’s temperature and pressure control sensor which directly analyses and controls refrigerant pressure and temperature. The company’s Centrifugal Chiller, Air-cooled Screw Chiller and Watercooled Screw Chiller are designed with advanced technology and unrivalled AC expertise. The Water Cooled Screw Chiller new model’s advanced capacity control system valve helps to improve performance and efficiency, while the heat exchanger reduces energy wastage via optimized heat transfer tubes. LG’s latest Inverter Single Split is capable of reaching the desired temperature in almost no time at all. It incorporates LG’s temperature and pressure control sensors, which directly analyse and control refrigerant conditions. LG’s Room Air Conditioner solution, the Inverter V Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away technology, keeps mosquitoes away thereby giving superior comfort & better protection from mosquito-borne diseases.

Bentley- 3D Substation Design growing number of utilities, power generation owner-operators and engineering organizations who design, construct and upgrade electric substations have recognized the efficiency of intelligent 3D substation design and standardized on Bentley Substation to produce designs with fewer errors, less rework, and a dramatic reduction in manual drafting. With its ability to accelerate designs up to 40 percent, intelligent 3D substation design implemented with Bentley Substation has quickly become the standard design practice for leading utilities and EPCs in countries all over the world, including the United States, China, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Canada, and Spain. ElectraNet Engineering Lead Drafts-person David Caldwell explained, Bentley's state of the art tools enables to coordinate design inputs from various sources more efficiently for clearer understanding of the entire project, increasing the collection of accurate data, and reduces costs. For more information, contact Christine Byrne, Senior Manager, Media Relations:


012 Architecture Update May 2015

Kitchen Archi-Tech hirlpool India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation and the world’s leading home appliance company, announced the launch of Kitchen Archi-Tech, a one of its kind seminar for architects, in association with the Indian Institute of Architects in Delhi. The seminar aimed at generating awareness among the architectural fraternity about new advancements in design and technology of appliances for the kitchen which today is a key space in any house and gets considerable attention during planning its construction. The seminar highlighted the latest technologies, designs and future trends in the kitchen industry. Kitchen Archi-Tech also focused on how Built-in Kitchen appliances from Whirlpool has contributed to the changing face of the world’s Built-in Appliance business. Built-in kitchen appliances are designed to integrate with the kitchen cabinetry and are ideal for modular kitchens which are fast becoming the vogue in India. These versatile and technologically advanced appliances add a touch of class while making cooking a pleasure and increasing efficiency with their ease of use and precision in cooking. Rajiv Kapur, Vice President– New Business & Consumer Interface, Whirlpool India added saying, “With this seminar, we aim to reach out to the 1500+ strong influencer architect community keeping them abreast with our premium range of Built-in appliances.”


Bathline Sensations athline Sensations, the high-end bathroom studio has opened its flagship display centre in an all new avatar with the launch of luxurious European bathing beauties. The wide range of well-edited product offerings exist in a comfortable environment designed with the client in mind. The showroom gives


each item the opportunity to be appreciated on its own, while also strategically grouped to showcase the broader terms of market design trends. The design suites help convey the feeling of a room bringing together surfaces, fittings and fixtures to create both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Bathline Sensations presents exhaustive range of carefully selected bathing beauties from most trusted European brands like DOMOVARI, ACQUA-VIVA, AQUA MASS, AZZURA, KASCH and RITMONIO representing traditional and contemporary designs from confident curves to asymmetrical moulds to striking linear forms delivering a strong architectural presence in any contemporary bathroom design. Email Id: Website:

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Pulse brand

Pergo’s Original Excellence Collection ergo’s latest collection, Original Excellence (AC-5 Grade) Class 33 is strikingly attractive flooring for commercial space and the perfect way to stand out and make people take notice. Quick and simple to install, a professional and authentic looking floor is in vogue. Pergo’s latest collection, Original Excellence 2014 is available in 25 attractive décors and is strikingly attractive flooring from a design point of view. Pergo, the global leaders in laminate flooring continue to add style, quality and durability to floors with their latest Original Excellence collection. The new range consists of single strip, multi-strip plank pattern with different shades of Walnut, Merbau, Oak, also the GenuineTM sawcut, GenuineTM wood, GenuineTM rustic surface structure creates an intensive experience of space in your room. It is designed for handling high wear public or home areas with very high wear and comes with a lifetime guarantee for residential usage. Commercial warranty is also available on request. The Original Excellence Collection’s installation


Greenlam Inaugurates India’s first Experience Centre- Mikasa reenlam Industries Limited inaugurated India’s 1st experience centre of its flooring brand ‘MIKASA’, giving Mumbaikars a wonderful opportunity to experience a completely exclusive world of wooden floors. After pioneering the laminates segment in India the company is all set to mark its presence in the flooring segment. The launch also marks Greenlam Industries being the first to manufacture and launch engineered wood flooring in India. In the presence of prominent architects of Mumbai the experience centre was inaugurated by Mr. Shiv Prakash Mittal, Chairman Greenlam Industries and Mr. Saurabh Mittal, CEO and MD, Greenlam Industries. The 2000 sq ft experience centre is set to inspire architects, interior designers and consumers. The Mikasa Experience centre exhibits a lavish and stunning range of wooden floors with a beautiful amalgamation of technology and design wherein, consumers can keep selecting the products over the store journey and can see the products executed through a live display of various spaces of a dream home such as bedroom, kid’s room, living room, kitchen, gym etc. Mikasa derived from a Latin phrase Mi Casa, Su Casa which means- ‘My home is your home’. With a wide variety of inspiring design options, the experience centre offers a range which will add to one’s home / ambience giving it a unique character that everyone strives for. Located at Raghuvanshi Mill Compound, Lower Parel which is the hub for interior products and is the preferred choice for all the architects, interior designers and consumers.


technique is upgraded to PerfectFoldTM 3.0. Now, one can get Pergo laminate flooring installed at their home or offices 30% faster than before. TitanX TM Advanced coating provides Pergo laminate flooring the best wear, scratch, fire resistance in the industry. The Hygienic property of Pergo laminate flooring promises best resistance against bacteria formation and eliminates static electricity as they are Anti-static in nature. Original Excellence is the perfect combination of attractive design and presentation to revamp a place with the finest flooring. Formats available in this range 2050 x 205 x 8 mm, 1200 x 190 x 8 mm and 1200 x 123 x 8 mm.

Asian Paints and St+Art India Invigorate Delhi cityscapes ndia’s national capital, Delhi’s, quaint spaces and city walls once beautiful, unblemished and lively have become dull and covered with unattractive advertising graffiti. Asian Paints endeavoured to breathe life back into Delhi’s cityscape and restore its vibrancy with colour. And hence, India’s leading paint company had joined hands with St+art India’s Delhi Festival to beautify the city spaces with art. St+Art India foundation, a non-profit


organization that works with street artists from around the world on art projects in public spaces, was supported by Asian Paints to turn dull and boring walls of Delhi into interactive, colourful and vibrant artworks. St+ Art Delhi and Asian Paints have painted various sites across Delhi with 12 international and 15 national artists. Under this initiative, several flyovers and underpasses and a few landmark buildings got a makeover. Some significant works are done on cold storages in Azadpur Mandi, the walls of Lok Nayak Bhawan in Khan Market and walls of Lodhi Colony as well. The idea of the artists were not only to beautify the cityscape but also to create a medium to carry a social message like women empowerment, Swachh Bharat Abbhiyan (clean India Project), etc. in order to have an immediate connect with the audience.

Häfele introduces Nagold J series in India irming up its foothold in the Indian market, the German hardware and kitchen solutions, Häfele, introduced the second edition of its hi-tech lineup of built-in kitchen appliances-- the Nagold J-series, at the Indian Kitchen Congress. Häfele provides a comprehensive range of modern kitchen solutions ranging from Concept Kitchen fittings, Microwave, Refrigerators, Chimneys and many more sophisticated kitchen furnishings.The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market and adapt to the changing tastes and trends, has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories. The J-series appliances come in robust exteriors made of black insulated glass, perfectly complemented with stainless steel frames, handles and knobs-durable, minimalistic and modern.


Architecture Update May 2015


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Page 14


iF Gold Award 2015 uravit focuses on technology that is used intelligently; the highest quality requirements and good design. Now its outstanding design credentials have been confirmed yet again, as three new products from Duravit are among the winners of prestigious design award- iF Gold Award 2015. The iF design award honours the perfect combination of design and value for money, and is recognized worldwide as a trademark for outstanding design. A total of 4,783 products from 53 countries were submitted to iF for this year's awards. ‘The P3 Comforts’ complete bathroom range, in collaboration with Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design, won iF gold award 2015. Understated geometric forms have been combined with practical details and innovative materials. The jury particularly appreciated the elegant shower tray with its clever details. In addition, the new bathroom furniture range Vero by Kurt Merki Jr. and the innovative Paiova 5 bathtub from the Vienna-based design trio EOOS were also able to win over the iF jury comprising 50 experts.


GRIHA-NASA Trophy he Energy and Resources Institute(TERI) and Lotus Greens joined hands again and renewed their commitment to the development of sustainable habitats by organizing ‘GRIHA-NASA’ Trophy at the 57th Annual NASA Convention 2014-15. This is a joint initiative by GRIHA(Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) and the US Green Building Council(USGBC). The GRIHA-NASA Trophy is awarded by The GRIHA Council under the aegis of TERI and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, in partnership with the National Association of Students of Architecture(NASA). The three award winning entries were presented by the students at the


014 Architecture Update May 2015

prestigious GRIHA Summit held from March 12 to 14 in New Delhi. The winners were felicitated by P Sahel, Vice Chairman, Lotus Greens at the Summit. The awards were given to: Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, which won the 1st prize, followed by Gateway College of Architecture, Sonepat, (1st runners up), and Aalim Muhammed Salegh Academy of Architecture, Chennai, (2nd runners up), while a special jury recommendation went to NIT, Calicut. The Summit brought together over 700 professionals from the building and construction industry, policy-makers, thought leaders, academicians, researchers among others, to develop and drive the new initiatives as well as showcase the best practices. The short-listed entries were judged by an eminent jury comprising renowned names from the fields of architecture and green building. They include Ar. Jaisim, Founder JaisimFountainhead; Dr Ranee Vedamuthu, HOD, Architecture, Anna University; Mr Gopal Krishnan, Director and Head, USGBC- Asia Pacific and Middle East; Ms Mili Majumdar, Director, TERI, and Secretary cum Treasurer, The GRIHA Council; Mr Ashwani Singh, Senior General Manager, Strategy, Lotus Greens; Ms Priyanka Kochhar, Sr Programme Manager, The GRIHA Council and Ms Chitrangada Bisht, Programme Officer, The GRIHA Council.

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5:58 PM

Page 15

new launch Grandeur Celebrates Kitchen Design Excellence randeur is associated with Del Tongo’s, Italy’s premiere kitchen designers, extreme fascination with excellence and has been delivering this design master’s collection to discerning clients since many years. In India, Grandeur offers products from the open, classical and exclusive collections by Del Tongo. Del Tongo collaborates with design majors and creates collections that set the trend for the rest of the industry. From minimalistic, modern, clean lines to ornate designs; Del Tongo’s offerings span multiple design ideologies to appeal to various tastes. The key to the design lies in keenness to incorporate the latest innovation in materials. For example: the use of FENIX NTM, a matt material, developed as a result of research in the field of nanotechnology. Apart from being highly non-reflective, it is anti-fingerprint and highly resistant to scratches. It has ability to ‘heal’ from microscratches with the simple application of heat – a property that is sure to be appreciated in the kitchen environment.


GROHE: Eurosmart New ood things become better and smart things become smarter. Following this principle, the popular Eurosmart kitchen faucet has undergone a number of improvements and makeovers ever since its launch by GROHE some 15 years ago. Now the manufacturer is presenting its latest model under the name Eurosmart New. Greater comfort, optimised technology and attractive aesthetics.


Smooth and streamlined The new design of the faucet line immediately catches the eye with the spout height increased by 35 percent. Greater freedom of movement and more space for larger pots mean more comfort and flexibility in daily use. Furthermore, the ergonomic lever now attaches to the slimmer, cylindrical faucet body in an elegant line. The silhouette is completely even and free from any splits, making the faucet not only a treat to the eye but also easy to clean. Innovative improvements A new feature, which is particularly valuable for kitchen faucets, is the separate waterway in the variants with low spout. It means that the water does not get in contact with lead or nickel inside the faucet, which ensures compliance with all drinking water regulations worldwide. The new Easy Exchange Mousseur is a genuine innovation, as it can be exchanged easily without any special tools. Simply insert a coin into the dent and turn it like a key, unscrew the mousseur and screw in a new one. Sustainable use of resources The faucet is available with the sustainable GROHE SilkMove® ES technology which supplies only cold water when the lever is opened in the central position. This helps users avoid drawing heated water unintentionally and unnecessarily in situations where using cold water is perfectly fine. The new 35 mm cartridge with integrated temperature limiter offers another possibility for energy savings and scalding protection. The limiter can be individually set to the desired maximum water temperature. Eurosmart New for the kitchen comes in many different variants. The faucet is available with low or high spout, for wall-mounted installation with high spout and with short, low spout for utility sinks and with long, low spout for conventional kitchen sinks, with shut-off valve and with the GROHE SilkMove® ES cold start function.

Bathline Sensations launches TAKIYU Bathtubs athtubs have come a long way, from the mundane ceramic piece of bathroom fixture to hi-tech bathtubs. The technology and innovations have added new dimensions to the bathtubs. Considering this, Bathline Sensations has taken the bathtubs to a whole new level of importance with the introduction of Takiyu Bathtub. The TAKIYU or ‘waterfall’ bathtub collection from Bathline Sensations is based on the combination of a waterfall with the massaging effects of airwater jets, enhanced by coloured lighting. This model supports physical and psychological regeneration. Water continually flows in a closed cycle from beneath a decorative covering, falling gently into the tub. Bathline is a total bathroom solutions concept with luxurious vanities, washbasins, whirlpool bathtubs, jacuzzi, shower heads etc. that can be found in retro and contemporary designs. All the designs are unique, elegant & sophisticated.


Price on request Tell: 011-47690000 website email ID:

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new launch Delta Faucet Company Introduces SOTRIA he Brizo brand from Delta Faucet Company, India introduces Sotria product suite, a latest collection of luxury faucets for the bath. This suite of products mark the launch of the brand's new Brilliance Luxe Nickel finish. With a distinctive, triangular silhouette; the Sotria collection is comprised of single-handle and widespread lavatory faucets featuring channel or closed spouts, freestanding tub filler and a bidet. Both the closed and channel spout options on the lavatory faucets provide an elegant and beautiful water flow for discerning homeowners seeking stand-out features. Custom shower options include Sensori high-flow thermostatic shower. Both showers can be paired with a variety of showering components, including a 5-function showerhead featuring H2OKinetic Technology and a Hydrati 2/1 shower.


The collection is offered in a variety of finishes: Polished Chrome, Brilliance Polished Nickel, Matte Black finishes and Luxe Nickel finish. H2OKinetic Technology control the shape, velocity and thermal dynamics of water to create a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow body spray with half the water. TempAssure Thermostatic Valving works like a thermostat in medium-flow showers to measure and monitor the temperature of the water and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a more precise water temperature. WaterSense is a special certification given to faucets that meet the water efficiency specifications set forth by the E.P.A., with a flow rate of 5.7 liters per minute.

016 Architecture Update May 2015

RAK Bathware

VitrA Announces World Class Bathroom Solutions to India

AK Bathware from the house of RAK Ceramics, world’s largest tile manufacturing company and the most premium vitrified tile brand in India, offers a range of choices in wall hungs, water closets, bowls & counters, bathroom vanities and much more. “Much like our tiles, our Bathware products speak for itself; inspired by ingenious ideas all over the globe, the range is sure to leave you fascinated with its design and efficiency,” say Rajeev Singh, President RAK Ceramics India. Each and every piece is meticulously crafted to let you indulge in luxury with its precision, function and water efficiency designs. RAK Cermaics being one of the most sought after brands in the world, every product lets you leave your mark of success in everything else you touch.


itrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacibasi Building Products Division in Turkey, strengthens its presence in the Indian market with its wide product range of internationally inspired sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and faucets. Recently, in a meeting in Istanbul, Eczacibasi Building Products Division plans to increase investments in India. VitrA is the only brand in global markets offering every component of the bathroom. The premium bathroom brand now brings this internationally acclaimed range of bathroom solutions to the Indian consumer with its latest offerings of bathroom solutions like Istanbul, Metropole, Water Jewels, Nest, T4 and Memoria collections. The Istanbul series is inspired by Istanbul’s culture and traditions and yet belongs to the future. While the T4 series is a hygienic, functional and innovative design that transforms bathrooms into integral living spaces. The Water Jewel series transport natures spirit to bathrooms. At the recently held meeting in Turkey, latest information about the brand, future expectations and assessments were shared that brought together the dealers and the team in India with the Turkish executives.


RAK Launches ‘SERENE’ Collection he World’s Largest Tile manufacturing company and the most premium vitrified tile brand in India, RAK Ceramics’ is launching a first of its kind in the tile industry with SERENE Collection. The SERENE Collection is a digital ceramic wall tiles which had been launched with exquisite designs in high gloss polished finish. RAK Serene is a collection of ceramic wall concepts that finds its muse in natural stone. It sings a rapturous ode to the texture & colors of natural stone that’s sure to cast a spell on you. The Serene collection is available in a unique panoramic size of 250x750 mm with 12 concepts.


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new launch Casement Windows a Versatile Window from ENCRAFT

NOTION Introduces Solid Bamboo Pergolas

asement windows the most popular style of replacement window in INDIA – an extremely versatile window that suit most homes where ever you live. Featuring fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, casement windows can be combined to create an almost limitless range of styles, whilst providing the benefit of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency. ENCRAFT casement windows can be tailored to specific requirements and are available in a range of finishes and colours. Casement windows manufactured from ENCRAFT profile can accommodate the very latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your casement windows safe and secure. The ENCRAFT Casement window range is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. The system comes in two profile depths EN42 – 42mm and EN62 – 62mm. The suite allows for the production of top hung and side hung casements to accept a full range of hardware in-line with latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.  Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance  Design compatibility with EN casement and sliding range  10 mm sash overlap for enhanced performance  Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple  Latest state of the art, grey concealed glazing and weather seals  Identically sized and interchangeable casement sashes  Unique and efficient single glazing bead cutting method  Choice of single or multi-point locking devices, providing basic and high security option  Build-in hardware location facility for hinges, striker etc.  Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard



Price: on request Website:

n Outdoor pergolas works as a wonderful addition to garden area. Having a pergola at lawn or backyard area is an easy and affordable way to visually impact your outdoor space. Keeping this in mind, NOTION, the trustworthy brand in wooden flooring and exterior cladding industry, have introduced the revolutionary product “Pergolas” to give an extension to your living area under nature. Normally the pergolas are been made in India with MS and then cladded with wood, which normally get rust. And hence people were forced to use MS due to non-availability of real viable products. That’s how NOTION have introduced much viable and durable solution in Pergolas with Solid Bamboo. NOTION Pergolas are made of Bamboo because of its high density, green product and high durability. Bamboo is more stronger and durable than any other timber. Bamboo can also been maintained easily and doesn’t require high maintenance. Our Pergola collection has number of advantages such as ecological, environmental protection, and low technology. Entire collection is produced from bamboo poles which are specially treated, free of insects, low moisture, anti-mildew, kiln dry and fumigated. These Pergolas can be used up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Price: 1 Lac onwards Contact: +91-8010-450-450, Website:

Lloyd Inverter ACs: Eco-Marvel & Eco-Wonder ith the dual advantage of power and efficiency and superior comfort and super fast cooling, Lloyd brings a complete new range of Lloyd Luxury Inverter Air-conditioner: Eco-Marvel & Eco-Wonder. With Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R410A, 100% Copper Condenser, Hidden Display etc., the Eco-Marvel & Eco-Wonder Inverter AC of Lloyd guarantees high performance, almost 30% Energy Saving than Normal Split ACs and comes in excellent design. Price: 34,990 onwards


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Book Review

Design Like You Give a Damn Vol.-2 Building Change from the Ground Up by Architecture for Humanity Reviewed by Architect Dr. Shashank Ninawe esign Like You Give a Damn shouts its message in its title- a Newsweek comment on the book is true to its core. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone who is engaged for a more sustainable future. It comprises of documentation of over 100 exemplary projects from all over the world and is packed with practical and indegenous design solutions that addresses the basic need of shelter, housing, education, health care, clean water and renewable energy. The book categorises carefully, the broadly crafted sections like disaster reconstruction, housing community, basic services and materials, and politics, policy and planning.


Usually, architecture is associated with projects which are concerned with higher and complicated structures. For a layman it might be only related to colossal design and elite class and not for addressing issues of the masses. Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit design services firm, provides professional design services to communities in need; thus giving back by becoming active partners in the development process. They are involved now in design, development, construction management, construction financing, and implementation of small scale urban and interior planning projects. They are connected with a network of 50,000 professionals willing to lend time and expertise to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford their services. Together they are building a sustainable future through the power of professional design. Provocative case studies and personal interviews demonstrate how innovative design is reimagining community and uplifting lives; from gathering spaces to educational facilities, health to sports for social change, sacred spaces and memorials to arts and culture, community development to crowd sourced planning, access to food to peace and security. The book serves as a source for guidance and inspiration to all those who are related to the field of architecture; from architecture professionals to architecture students (more specifically), from people engaged in social service to NGOs, from political people to community vanguards. It calls an open invitation for all communities who need such professional services to resolve their living and habitable issues in a very simple and affordable manner. Our government often proclaims for affordable housing for urban poor or even rural settlements but very rarely it lays down a road map to achieve the same. Whether its slum redevelopment or mill redevelopment, whether its a dilapidated buildings or cessed structures, we have only one solution to offer, that is increasing FSI and implementing all

018 Architecture Update May 2015

Book Title: Design Like You Give a Damn Vol.- 2 Building Change from the Ground Up

probable path one must take to achieve rehabilitation through sustainable approach while using locally available materials, technology and employing traditional building skills in a participatory manner. ‘Design Like You Give a Damn’ serves as a know-how guide for anyone seeking to build change from the ground up.

Edited by: Architecture for Humanity Printed and bound by: ABRAMS, New York, 2012 schemes at the behest of developers. The book features Magic Bus, an organisation in India, that will be developing sports infrastructure with Architecture for Humanity and funding from sports brand Nike to promote physical fitness, community integration and welfare for marginalised youths. It also features in-situ slum rehabilitation in Yerwada slum, Pune and Mother Teresa Nagar, Pune for the promotion of area resource centres. This book with its numerous live examples which have been actually implemented, points out the

Dr. Shashank Ninawe has graduated in Architecture from JJCOA in First Class (Hons) and has achieved his Doctorate in Architectural Education through Computer Assisted Learning. He has been in the Architectural Education field for last 26 years, out of which 2 years he was Principal of L. S. Raheja of School of Architecture. He has prolific practice in India and abroad in Residential, Institutional, Hospitality, Commercial etc. with special focus on Environmental and Sustainable issues. He has presented many papers at National and International level, written articles in journals and has been writing book reviews in magazines.

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Spotlight bath spaces

Pau Abello Managing Director, Roca

Indian sanitaryware and bath fittings, though a niche domain, constitutes for 8% of the global production. Is this domain a fair play to all the denominators of the population? Pau Abello, Managing Director of Roca, expresses his 17 years of experience in this domain with a few remarkable facts and figures that highlight every minuscule of this niche domain to our encyclopedia.

What’s in Stock? Text: Apoorva Nandish soaring urbanisation in India pitches a healthy competition to all its players. One of the key players in the Indian market, Roca, plays a paramount role in the contribution of sanitary devices. “India has a vast market. The design trends and materials change with geographical location, social background of the people and economy of the state,” implies Pau Abello. For such multitude of socio-cultural background, the company has come up with various products to suit every individual’s whims and fancies. Abello mentions, “Roca Group offers Armani Roca, Laufen, Roca, Parryware and Johnson Pedder in the Indian market, catering to all the sectors of the society.”


Urbanisation has led to a rising demand for luxury bath products with finesse finish. Change in cultural language, world exposure through travelling has brought great demand for international style and standards to people’s living culture. This has led many foreign players to penetrate into the country; expanding their horizons. Abello briefly explains his company’s portfolio, “Roca Group has established different sub-brands for every individual’s interest. While Parryware concentrates on affordable products for the lower denominator of the section, Roca is exquisitely designed for upper-class people. In addition, the portfolio caters even for the middle-class sector through Johnson Peddar products.” The change in style statement, convenience and effective use of a space is the driving demand for bathroom design. These aim at a relaxing ambience through sophisticated fixtures of high-end technology, material and style. Vanity basin, large tub with pointed heels, multi-jet shower panels are today’s style statement. Handle-less doors, hydraulic drawers, rust proof and grease resistant counter tops, pastel colour finishes are the growing trends in the Indian market. Environmental awareness has a pivotal role in the evolution of sanitaryware and bathroom fittings. Hightech, eco-friendly products are the demand of the hour which uphold sustainable practices. Bathroom constitutes the primary source of water. And it is calculated that the eco-friendly products will help to conserve 20% of water usage through highly efficient flushing system, infra-red controls, sensor taps and showers. Abello apprehends, “Roca Group has been working on effectively conserving water usage, energy and parallelly enriching well-being of an individual through our products like-- W+W, Electronic

020 Architecture Update May 2015

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Toilets, In-Tank Meridian, resistance in faucets. W+W (wash basin + water closet) is one of our latest products where used water is directed to store in cistern upon filtration for flushing. This integrated system allows the dual purpose of water consumption. While In-Tank Meridian involves Soft Air technology that provides dual and silent flush. It is designed to accommodate cistern and flushing button in WC; facilitating uncluttered and easy installation.” Technology has advanced the outlook of bathroom spaces. But how does it respond to rural market which constitutes 68.7% of the Indian population? Does technology unprejudiced in the Indian market? Abello construes, “We constantly strive to provide human comfort through our user-friendly and affordable bathroom products. It has been a success in Germany and China, for example. However, the effort must be from both ends. Change in Indian perception will modify the language of bathroom spaces, exponentially. With affordable pricing, high quality and user-friendly designs, we are aiming to bring about the change in Indian mindset.” The environment is a global concern. Tons of materials are acquired in manufacturing a product. Sustainable approach has to be practiced right from its initiation-- choosing the right material, procurement of sources to its finished product. With ozone depletion at a high rate, emission of carbon dioxide is closely monitored in every manufacturing sector. Abello apprehends, “We have committed to holding high regards to the environment through all our production processes. With an aim to reduce CO2 emission and reduce industrial wastes, we established Eco-Roca projects in 2008. Over a period of years, we have achieved 14.9% reduction in gas consumption and 4.6% in electricity consumption. This accounts to the prevention of 52,750 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.” A conscious effort is made toward uplifting Indian living culture through high-tech bath and kitchen products. “India is the most challenging country to establish highly advanced technological sanitary devices. Working over 17 years, I anticipate that a span of one generation will need to change the Indians’ perspective toward sanitary devices,” states Abello. With mammoth of products and finishes, luxury to affordable sanitaryware and bath fittings, what else have we got in stock? From water-resistant faucets and sprouts, remote control fixtures to sensor taps; is voice detection in lieu to the bath space language? Or will we have smart sanitary devices to work in accordance with body temperature calculation? May the time bring out the best of resources. 

Pau Abello, Managing Director of Roca, is widely credited for making Roca a dynamic organisation with new product portfolios, innovative marketing approach, greater focus on consumer preferences and broader B2B channels. Pau has been associated with Roca for the last 17 years. Out of these, he spent 13 years in the corporate financial department of the company and about 3.5 years as Corporate IT Director. Under his leadership, the company has undertaken several significant initiatives like centralizing of warehouses, instituting fresh commercial policies, reinforcing quality standards in existing departments, setting up new technical offices and making requisite investments for the expansion of installed capacities in vitreous china and faucets. Pau has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and an MBA from Europe’s top management institute, Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) in Barcelona. He is an enthusiastic philatelist and is also an ardent outdoor adventure lover who regularly participates in mountain biking expeditions in Europe.

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Cover Story designers’ talk

Ar. Abraham John & Ar. Alan Abraham Abraham John Architects

Bath and kitchen have acquired obsessive dimension in enriching spaces. Luxury and beautification limited to living spaces are the stories of past where they were mere a utility space. But today they are living spacesnondetachable part of one’s lifestyle. The AU Team attempts to converge multiple ideas of this uber rich space through an interaction with Ar. Abraham John of Abraham John Architects, Ar. Manu Rajendra- co founder and CEO of My Home Design, Rubina Chadha- Interior Designer of Home Works and Rahul Gupta of 9th Corner Inc. A spectrum of design ideas discoursed by the rational thinkers have been an eye-opener to the world of bath and kitchen.

022 Architecture Update May 2015

Ar. Manu Rajendra

Rubina Chadha

Rahul Gupta

Co-Founder and CEO My Home Design

Interior Designer Home Works

Interior Designer 9th Corner Inc.



ith technology and material advancement, the desire to have a uber chic living or a bedroom has extended over to bath and kitchen. “People prefer to have large bathrooms for leisure over mere utility,” says Gupta. “The focus has shifted on relaxation and well being, almost like a health spa,” adds Ar. Rajendra. And lately, “contemporary bathrooms are soul spaces designed for rejuvenation and reconnection,” Ar. John apprehends, “But now, the quest is for kitchens to deliver exceptional experiencefunctionality and aesthetics, with one accord.” Human desire has evolved the design from need to want. And age-old products are now an antique to the space; at one’s social status. “The bathtub, for instance, is mere a style statement rather than being a functional piece. This is increasingly being replaced with shower cubicles, fitted with all the latest equipments- shower heads, massage jets, rain showers, steam and sauna, chroma-therapy lighting- available at a touch of a button through a high tech control panel,” explains Ar. Rajendra. Over a period, besides technology and material advancement, colour, texture, style have turned around the design language to sober, elegant and simplistic design. “From heavy chunky mouldings, simple and clean lines are in trend. However, traditional designs would be trumping the uber contemporary styles, over some time,” Chadha predicts the bathroom design trends. To Gupta, “colour of the chinaware has changed the

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bathroom design perception. Earlier we used to match their colour with tiles, but today only whites are used for this purpose. Of late, a combination of light colour tiles and imported stones for wall cladding are the style statement as opposed to dark colour bathrooms in the past.” According to Ar. Rajendra, “customization, indulgence and opulence are the themes of uber luxury. Hand crafted tiles, deep veined Italian marble walls, back-lit onyx paneling and custom mood lighting are a few of the things that are trending these days. Surround sound systems with recording and karaoke functions, televisions embedded in mirrors and sensor controls; bring technology right into the forefront of once boring bathroom. Besides, the long flowing vanity counters with designer wash basins of exotic materials like mother of pearl, brass and moulded glass are in vogue.” Chadha further elaborates pointing to lavish installations available for bathrooms in Indian market, “heated towel rails, under floor heating, waterproof speakers that streamline music into the room, ambient lighting in shower heads and over sized spa-like shower enclosure s are being seen in today’s luxury bathrooms.” These products, in demand for its technology and finishes, have reached sky high for its ‘luxury’ usage . Furthermore, the ‘sustainability’ tag associated with the products are shaping a new concept to ‘luxury’. “Steam-showers packed with high tech features, monsoon shower and portable shower function from the thermostatic diverter valve along with palm shower on a standard riser rail are few of eco-friendly water features,” professes Chadha.

DESIGN TRENDS IN KITCHEN “Island kitchen or E-shaped kitchen with island chimney hanging from ceiling is the trend in kitchen design. Earlier, beige and brown hues with natural teak wood shutters were preferred. But today, bright colours, gloss shutters or laqured glass in aluminium profile for the cabinets are the choice of the clients,” briefs Gupta. Kitchen follows a complex design pattern and calls for great attention to amalgamate both functional and aesthetic values. “Dynamic functionality is a buzz word for kitchen design. It has to incorporate ergonomics, optimize workflow and enhance easy access to frequently used kitchen items. Kitchen hoods that are both functional and decorative, induction cook tops, cooking ranges, chalk board backsplashes and extended breakfast tables adjoining the cooking area and inturn connecting with living spaces are soon going to revamp the kitchen design. Moreover, ecofriendly and tech-savvy products are the game changer. From induction cook tops to adaptive defrost technology refrigerators and energy saving washer and dryers, there is a growing number of products that spell both being eco-friendly and energy saving ways. Touch sensitive kitchen cabinets with recessed handles, provision to plug in laptops, TVs, iPods and iPads are an extensively in demand. The trend would also move towards use of stainless steel surfaces with occasional use of

stone and marble. Steel in all forms and finishes are a remarkable alternative to laminate pasting and polished surfaces which have a short life,” says Chadha.

DESIGN CRITERIA Spatial planning with a hawk’s eye towards its functionality, spatial planning and ambiance are a catalyst to good designing. “After in-depth lifestyle analysis and interaction with the clients, requirements and functions are to be clearly defined; the colour scheme, equipment and accessories are to be selected. The approach has to be to maximize the space, merge in green areas wherever possible, create privacy and provide a luxurious look and feel; a space to slow down, relax and reconnect with oneself,” says Ar. John. “The wet and dry zone in the bathroom should be segregated to avoid criss-cross movement. And the material selection is equally important as anti-skid flooring will reduce chances of slippage and water holding up on the floor. The wall tiles must not become home to fungi or dirt and surfaces should be easily cleanable,” explains Ar. Rajendra with illustrations. Bath and kitchen involves a meticulous planning. However, kitchen is the toughest and trickiest to design. It may involve just one person to cater to while designing, but the dynamism of that individual is the critical aspect to address in designing kitchen. “Kitchens have become complex: work intensive areas with a potential to turn into entertaining spaces in the evenings; open kitchens with a bar; high-on-storage but airy and spacious area; a versatile island space as food preparation platform, breakfast area, bar counter and buffet serving area. Harmonious coordination of materials, accessories, lighting and mirrors can make even small space look larger and vibrant.” Gupta adds, “For example, the kitchen requirements of a salaried family will be different from that of a business family. Similarly, the requirement of a working lady to that of a housewife plays a different role. From space planning to choosing dishwasher or automatic washing machine all are based on the client’s lifestyle.” Chadha makes a holistic statement, “Designing bath or kitchen needs a lot of planning and research. Right from client’s requirement to project budget, everything has to be planned out before hand. Floor plans, space planning, sketches and elevations with furniture layout are crucial phase of designing and has to be dealt with sheer focus.”

COLOUR, TEXTURE AND MATERIAL The essential factors in designing any space is colour, texture and material selection. “There are variety of ways to articulate interior of bath and kitchen. From using a humble tile to hand crafted surfaces, sky is the limit to an extent of materials available in the market. And hence a lot of permutations can be worked out for the interiors,” says Ar. Rajendra. Adding to the probability, Gupta remarks, “colour and texture are a reflection of lifestyle of a person using it. They are to be very Architecture Update May 2015


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carefully decided as some textures needs a lot of maintenance efforts over others.” “For instance, a kitchen that integrates a cork floor, quartz counter top and a stainless fridge will have a completely different look with soft chromatic walls than with a deep indigo blue. For a family gathering space, it's apt to have some mix and match of colours to create high energy,” elaborates Chadha with a deep insight of association of colours with psychology, “Adding colour doesn't necessarily mean you're stuck with bright hues. Subtle colours are also popular for creating a soothing atmosphere in which to seek both comfort and food.” Ar. John further adds with his experience, “while earthy colours and textures brings an association with nature, lighting and landscape design enhance the space with relaxed feel.”

These have seats that detect one’s presence and rise on their own and automatically close when not in use,” Ar. Rajendra elaborates the extent of technology adopted in bath industry.

CRITERIA FOR PRODUCT SELECTION With mammoth of products available from various brands, its a tough situation to narrow down onto one product. Ar.John, Ar. Rajendra and Chadha suggest to focus on preliminary things: functional efficiency, user-friendliness, maintenance free, budget and its sustainability aspects. In addition, Gupta suggests, “While selecting products of high quality, most important aspect is to understand and check after-sales service of the product provided by the company; besides mere focus on expensive products.”

TECHNOLOGY IN BATH FIXTURES Sustainability is a buzz word and every industry is revolving around this factor as a fundamental basis to their work growth. “ Water saving technologies like water efficient fittings and energy efficient gadgets play an important role of automation and functionality. For instance, bath tubs, faucets and flush systems are designed with a focus on integrated water-saving technologies. Electronic faucets and showers, automated WC flush systems, quick-response thermostats, showers with chroma therapy and aromatherapy functions are the features in current market trends. The use of LED in faucets and showers gives new possibilities to enhance bathroom experience. Touch panel showers and multipoint jets with monitored levels of water and temperature turn your bathroom into your personal spa,” describes Ar. John. Innovative products like water tiles, LED rain showers, sensor based Urinals and WC, remote operated showers are the driving factors in this market,” says Gupta. In support, Chadha comments, “DTV bathroom fixtures feature a control system for the showers with functions like temperature and water pressure which puts total control of one’s shower experience at their fingertips.” “The WCs have evolved in their luxury version to have features which mimic a space craft. These uber cool WCs have no visible levers or buttons. They are controlled by a touch screen remote control- efficient for flushing, cleaning, drying, music, heating and other settings and preferences. These combinations can be stored in user profiles for different family members as per their personal choices.

024 Architecture Update May 2015

WHAT’S NEXT? Sustainability has come a long way with advancement in technology. And this has evolved the bath and kitchen design from a basic necessity to a desire for luxury; in parallel to awareness for environmental conservation. Ar. John expresses, “There is a healthy competition for eco-friendly products and I anticipate the future designs to be trendy and path-breaking. Automation and sustainability will continue to play an essential role and create numerous design possibilities.” While Gupta apprehends for a rich experiential facilities with a conscious mind toward water conservation to be the future of this domain, Ar. Rajendra expects technology and material to be a medium for space optimization through customization and reduce energy consumption and enrich human comfort, significantly. Besides, Chadha predicts for toothbrushes and connected scales to monitor one’s personal hygiene and health prosody.

CONCLUSION Bath and kitchen might be a niche domain in designing. But they involve a meticulous design detail. With an infinite products hitting the market, its important to make a wise decision in choosing the product that suit one’s lifestyle and budget. Automation and sustainability are key players of this domain and will continue to be in the picture for a healthier living. 

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26-29] Cover Story_Brand.qxp


6:19 PM

Page 26

Cover Story brand’s perspective

Sanjeev Wadhwa

Manish Jain

Pratik Gandhi

Rohin Ramchandani

Managing Director Fisher & Paykel

Director Bleu Concepts

Owner, Under The RoofHome Concept

Managing Director Grandeur

Fast moving life and increased disposable income are transforming our living spaces. Gone are the days when revamping was a food for thought to high income earners or business class society. Variety of products, multiple options, sustainability etc. are changing the perception of design among consumers and design fraternity. The advacement of technology and material modularity, have brought drastic alterations in bath and kitchen design. The AU Team talks to Sanjeev Wadhwa, Managing Director of Fisher & Paykel; Manish Jain, Director, Bleu Concepts; Pratik Gandhi, Owner, Under The RoofHome Concept; Rohin Ramchandani, Managing Director, Grandeur; Renu Misra, Managing Director – Grohe India; to bring the best of two worlds.



he utilitarian space of the past has redefined itself. Gandhi infers, “Many international fittings brands are increasing their presence in Indian market. Within the bath industry, the greatest push is towards the transformation of the bathroom to a home spa, and the bath is the central component of this design.” Talking about the new practises in interiors, he mentions, “Trends are emerging to incorporate natural light as an integral part of bathroom design. Besides LED lights as mood lights, rustic looking materials, they are symbol of luxury and convenience in bathroom designing. “Many of the trends in bathroom solutions in India are inspired by international standards of luxury. Every discerning Indian customer seeks products that reflect their individual sense of style,” relates Misra.

DESIGN TRENDS IN KITCHEN The kitchen definition has changed in recent year, where previously it was considered as a necessity has now become a style statement. One spend a considerable amount of time in kitchen so it becomes important that it should be elegant and pleasing not just acting as a convenience. Wadhwa says, “Modern kitchens are all about design and function efficiency. Maximising the sense of space & maintaining an open, uncluttered look is the key design.” The design trends are altering rapidly with astute use of space and material. People are investing on interiors which are clean, sustainable and long-lasting. “Gradually change has been happening with the advent of

by Grandeur

026 Architecture Update May 2015

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Renu Misra Managing Director Grohe India by Grandeur

the modular kitchen industry in India. Colour schemes are changing; bigger and bolder lights are being used in the kitchens. Kitchens are becoming more smart, with more technology being infused in them,” mentions Jain. One of the trends emerging rapidly is DIY design projects. Abundant use of bold hues, industrial décor, smart fixtures, kitchen islands, vibrant tiles and metal are revolutionizing kitchen today. “Consumers are opting for handle-less kitchens that are designed to suit minimal, straight-line design sensibilities. Full height tall-units are now a standard offering in all kitchens, ” says Ramchandani.

CHANGING INDUSTRY STRATEGY Recently it is observed that the kitchen industry is changing gradually, as it is moving forward. “Industry is changing with customer’s rising demand, says Jain, “customers are becoming smarter, more knowledgeable and more discerning. They are well-informed of high quality design, and want the maximum use of their money.” Change is not only physical and architectural but also sociological and psychological. “The industry is changing rapidly and we have seen a drift towards modular kitchens. In fact, people are opting for branded modular kitchens and they are more aware and are consciously opting for high quality and value for money products for which they are even willing to pay an extra premium,” profess Wadhwa. Talking about strategy, Jain expresses, “For the kitchen design business, the best strategy is to be all ears to the customer’s needs, but at the same time,

sensitize the client on effective kitchen designing.” Formerly kitchen was only limited to its ‘work triangle’ which is expanding outward now with technology penetrating in the space design. Ramchandani states, “With many domestic producers simply copying European branded designs, the most important marketing strategy for us is to make the consumer aware of the benefits of buying a genuine, branded European kitchen.” The changing landscape of bathroom is altering the bath and fitting industry. Gandhi says, “ Bathroom is now being regarded as relaxation space, similar to a personal spa with introduction to technology and overall revolution in the design aspect. Printed, quirky design, contemporary tiles, gold fittings, retro or theme based bathrooms are some latest trends hitting the industry.” Changing industry of bath & fitting is bringing lot of innovation and engineered product at one’s disposal. “There is a lot of scope for the organised sanitary ware sector thanks to convenience-seeking home-makers, high lifestyle aspirations of customers, insistence on durability and sustainability,” indicates Misra. She further adds, “Developments of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India is a good opportunity for expansion apart from deeper presence in metros.”

TECHNOLOGY UP-GRADATION Technology has come handy when it comes to remodelling a space. As the definition of kitchen is changing from functionality to convenience, more state-of-the-art technology is being used to blend with space creation. Jain states, “A lot of technology is being incorporated in

by Grohe

Architecture Update May 2015


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kitchens, hinges have become sleeker, less visible and are plated in different colours based on the look and feel of the kitchen and are being driven by sensors, or by touch. Brass is making a comeback in kitchen trends, as is minimalistic hardware.” Interior designs are bringing components of professional kitchen in private kitchens. “Current trend is of revamping the user interface across all appliances as several brands are launching appliances with touch-screen interfaces. In addition to this, focus is on reduction of electricity per appliance with a view to make them more energy-efficient,” asserts Ramchandani. Wadhwa on the other hand mentions that his company has incorporated technology in kitchen appliances, redefining luxury, based on customer insights and innovation that deliver an intelligent kitchen experience. There is a wide array of tech-savvy accessories, fixtures & fittings when one talk about baths. Misra mentions, “The ongoing investment in research and development that a company makes, allows to turn world-

leading technologies for bathrooms into reality.” Market is booming with latest offerings which have the power to transform a space into luxurious experience. Gandhi explains, “ For music lovers, showers with blue-tooth attached speakers equipped with mood lights,in built television with water-proof touch screen panel, sauna systems and variety of faucets are available.”

PICK N CHOOSE While designing or revamping kitchen, there is always an uncertainty to choose a correct material which will accentuate the space. “Attention must be paid to areas of the kitchen that are susceptible to water damage. Solid aluminium plinths, for eg., are a must,” advices Ramchandani. “The most important criteria while selecting a kitchen product should be the life of the products, while after-sales service should be a driving factor in deciding kitchen brand,” mentions Jain. Markets are brimming with latest kitchen appliances, storage systems, flooring & ceiling décor. Wadhwa advices,“While selecting products, one should go in for products which are easy on the eye, fit into the symmetry of the kitchen and provide easy access and functionality. One should also keep in mind the durability and longevity of the products.” The selection of material and design while overhauling bathroom takes into consideration a lot of planning. Misra apprehends, “Modern bath fittings must offer the highest level of functional comfort backed by superior technology, packaged with breathtaking designs. In a wellappointed cosmopolitan bathroom, there is no place for antediluvian fixtures and outdated usage methodology.” Gandhi suggests, “Before selecting any bath products one must consider product features, quality certification, pricing, brand and after sale services.”

BEING ECO-FRIENDLY Lately all designs and construction revolve around sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Wadhwa advices, “In the current economic

028 Architecture Update May 2015

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situation, people need to be smarter and look at longevity of design, finishes & material like preference for neutral finishes for big items like cabinetry, flooring & counter tops.” He further mentions, “Clean & contemporary designs with a mix of traditional materials provide an endless combination and a chance to combine traditional and classic looks with an elegant and modern twist.” India is still emerging as a market for eco-friendly building materials. So limited knowledge in its pricing will directly effect its usage. Jain says, “It is a great opportunity for the industry to become greener, but the challenges faced by these products are the price, longevity and durability, and lack of knowledge about these products. India is a great market but, it is first a price sensitive market.” “Sustainability and eco-friendly materials are still a relatively new concept in the kitchen industry and there are very few consumers in India who are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly kitchen products,” affirms Ramchandani. Sustainability has definitely changed the perspective of consumers as well as designers. Now everyone talks about reducing, reusing and recycling. This awareness has created a niche market for itself. Gandhi says, “Thick glass bricks, low flow faucets, overhead showers, solar geysers are green designs inculcated after working closely with interior designers, architects and the clients.” While Renu Misra mentions, “Consumers in commercial as well as residential spaces are actively seeking products that are steeped in the values of sustainability,” She states that their products have built-in technology to maximise convenience with environmental consciousness.

BLAST INTO THE FUTURE Change is dynamic and it is the way forward. Every year new design and concept seeps in and old sweeps out. Jain infers, “Kitchens will become more and more important in the future. Kitchens will be coupled with living spaces in the house, thereby pushing the need to make kitchens

look more like the living space.” Adding to this,Wadhwa says, “The trend in premium appliances is growing quite substantial and is catching up fast with more imported modular kitchen brands coming to India.” The future is bright as design and architecture is one sector where demand meet perfection. Wadhwa reveals, “Efficient, yet easy-to-use, appliances for maximum comfort are the future which almost every manufacturer is looking forward to design. Main areas of development are energy efficiency, green technology & sustainability.” Fixtures and accessories market has evolved drastically with offering apt to everyone ‘schoice and taste. Jain says,”Smart storage, interesting lights, interesting colours, interesting tiles and flooring are all going to happen sooner than we thought so.” This is an advent of new ideas and design. The future of bath industry looks brighter with number of brands making their presence felt. Misra affirms, “In India, specifically, the future for design of bath fixtures and accessories is very promising. This is evolved due to awareness of consumers about the importance of aesthetics which are supported by superior quality and sustainability. Today, every Indian consumer seeks a product that is an epitome of elegance and functionality.” The bath sector is gradually evolving and revolutionizing each aspect of design fraternity. Gandhi states, “ Increasing awareness among consumers has influenced the demand patterns which in turn have positive impact on the growth of the industry.”

CONCLUSION This is an age of transformation with a holistic approach towards a new design era. The technology is simplified, its not just physical ergonomics but also cognitive to give what one aspires. The two areas in the house which was left out has become the corner stone in interior design and ample planning goes into the designing of both bath & kitchen today. This is an opportunity for brands to showcase their best.  Architecture Update May 2015


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Design bath & kitchen

Text & photographs: courtesy, the architect

Earth Matters

Villa in the Sky, Mumbai, India Abraham John Architects

Villa in the Sky, project by Abraham John Architects is a fine combination of space and design. The duplex is a contemporary home that blends interiors with landscape, recapturing light & stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The open floor plan amplifies the enormity of the space and descent use of material and lighting accentuate the feeling of magnificence.

030 Architecture Update May 2015

eige colour, accentuating lighting and uncluttered balance of elements adds depth to the project ‘Villa in the Sky’. The primal design had many construction related complexity as the flat were located on seventh and eighth floor of the building and other issue was high velocity of sea breeze since building is located near the sea. The client requirement was to have a minimalistic space in close association with the existing landscape. The design concept is an orientation to the natural elements (sun, wind, and water), openness and visual & physical connections with nature, using natural & eco-friendly materials. The uniqueness of the project is


30-31] Project_Villa in the Sky at Mumbai - AJA.qxp


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inventive and practical ways for creating proficient storage and comfortable living spaces. The kitchen is adorned with a brushed stainless steel island platform which is ideal for preparing light meals and encourages interaction with dining zone; an enclosed kitchen is specially designed for traditional Indian cooking and proficient storage. Glass, used to separate the living spaces with the kitchen, ensures no visual interference & restrains the sounds from disrupting the ambience. The existing pipelines were re-routed for easy access between the two kitchen areas, thus maximising space utilisation. The cold SS island contrasts with the otherwise warm colours and textures of the apartment. A teak tree forms the dining table and seating which steals the show. The dining table becomes the focal point for all activities in this relaxing apartment. The flooring in the kitchen is same as rest of the rooms- dark stained wood. The project fits within its tropical seaside context and encourages sustainability: reclaimed sleeper wood, natural stone, steel, recycled tiles, durable engineered wood & natural fabrics, automation with mood lighting & power saving appliances. A limited palette of complementary materials ensures consistency in design & minimizes maintenance, adding warmth and texture through light & shadow. 

Abraham John Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning studio founded in 1967, which works at multiple scales and with various organizations right from private clients to corporates & NGOs. This allows them to experiment and diversify their work. AJA design approach is to re-connect architecture with nature, make optimum use of space, natural materials, lighting & landscape to reinvent and transform living environments and urban spaces. The firm strives to create design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size & scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society.

the view of Arabian Sea from all the rooms of the penthouse, including bathroom. The Master Bedroom includes a private sea-facing terrace and an open plan spa bathroom – a fluidity of private spaces that retains the total privacy while blending with the landscape. The voluminous Master Bathroom is undocked with a jacuzzi, shower, sleek storage, landscape, mood lighting and automation. Lighting & landscape design give the bathroom a very different, relaxed feel. Lights, Venetian blinds, AC and music control are on automation. Customized fabrication work is done for the shower panel and the mirror supports, to keep the sense of transparency. Natural light is transported in the bath through double height windows. The shower tray is customized to match the finish of the wooden flooring in the bathroom. The flooring patterns intensify the line of sight and continues from indoors to outdoors: dark stained wooden floors and teak wooden deck add drama to the design, offering a personal elegance. Abundant use of of glass in the bath increases the extent of space and blurs the boundaries between interiors and exteriors.

fact file: project location interior designer

: : :

architect commencement date completion date area

: : : :

Villa in the Sky Mumbai, India Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu & Anahita Shivdasani Abraham John Architects November 2010 November 2011 4000 -Sq ft

The open floor plan makes the living, dining & kitchen areas merge into one big lounge; connecting the spectacular view of the sea as a backdrop. The kitchen occupies south-east location and is flooded with morning sun light. The project encapsulates cool contemporary style in its modern design with equal attention to aesthetics. Environmental sustainability is achieved by employing energy-efficient and low consumption technologies. While thoughtful details were added with Architecture Update May 2015


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Kitchen Design modular

Text & photographs: courtesy, the designer

Entertainer’s Delight

Chalabian’s kitchen renovation, Northbridge, Sydney, Australia David Bartlett, Art Of Kitchen

David’s 2014 KBDi NSW award winning design is a tell tale of perfect balance between stunning backdrop and pared-back minimalist kitchen. The artistry of a minimalist design is in its sleekness. Its simplicity and its clean unblemished lines across the design are both aesthetically pleasing and posses incredible functional value.


halabian’s Northbridge kitchen is the latest award-winning kitchen design by Art Of Kitchen- one of best kitchen designers in Sydney. The client requirement was simple: a design that is accessible to a family room with a view and seating arrangements for at least five people. In primitive design, the site presented copious challenges which required immediate action like maintaining the view as a main feature,

032 Architecture Update May 2015

32-33] Project_David Bartlett - Art Of Kitchen.qxp


minimising the imposition of the staircase, working around the existing angled walls and to complement the stained American Oak flooring. The designer immediately recognised the potential to create an amazing space that would posses aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound kitchen. The design is seamless and achieves the perfect balance between the backdrop of stunning views and the pared-back minimalism of the kitchen. An island bench was introduced to create an accessible working space and to open the room towards the backyard and front balcony. The new age veneer, ‘Grenada’, was used on the island cabinetry to add contrast to the custom-fabricated stainless steel bench and integrated sink. The moulded bench and integrated sink was designed particularly for food preparation and clean-up. Calcutta Marble-topped dining table was installed at the end of the island that gives the family a beautiful space in the heart of the home to share their meals, or relax after a hard day at work and enjoy the spectacular views. Modular cabinets are not pre-built but designed by the team which is one of the major competence of the Art of Kitchens. Every design is original and the joinery bespoke. This approach offers a great deal of freedom to the client, and resolves tricky spatial articulation like the angled walls in this kitchen. The floor to ceiling cabinets behind the island were built around the angled walls and covered in a lighter-toned New Age Veneer ‘Santorini’. Minimalistic kitchen is all about excess storage tucking all appliances behind sleek closets. In this Northbridge kitchen the designer used bench-height draws and storage cabinets to tuck behind the appliances while providing smooth exterior to the cabinets that exudes cool, balanced sophistication. The heady mix of contrasting veneer tones, stainless steel and marble are incorporated to add textural interest and reduce the risk of any one element becoming a dominant feature.

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David Bartlett, founder and director of Art Of Kitchens, is a leading Sydney kitchen designer firm. He is a qualified carpenter and licensed builder. As both designer and master builder, he has earned the reputation for creating some of Sydney’s finest kitchens. David originally honed his craft working for leading Sydney home builders and architects on projects of every scale and type. Today he is a proud leader of the highly skilled and cohesive team he has built, attributing this to an approach he believes in employing apprentices and developing them into qualified trades people.

To transport the substantial natural light into the kitchen, the floor length glass door was installed. The designer concentrated on creating an innovative and exciting lighting feature that also performs the functional work. It is a bold design that once again manages to beautifully balance some of the more austere elements of the kitchen. The light plane is custom-made of moulded stainless steel with in-built LED down lights and is suspended from stainless wires from the ceiling. The light panel also holds cylindrical integrated Qasair Range-hood above the Siemens cook-top which despite the industrial muscularity  gives the impression of a floating hood above the island. fact file: project Location client designer commencement date completion date area award

: Chalabian’s kitchen renovation : Northbridge, Sydney, Australia : Chalabian : David Bartlett : August 2013 : September / October 2013 : 29.82 -Sq m : 2014 HIA Kitchen of the year

Architecture Update May 2015


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Kitchen Design contemporary Ole Jensen is a kitchen Designer and has won many awards and accolades for kitchen design. Ole is a confident designer who lives and breathes kitchen spaces and is not afraid to take risks. His signature style retains influences from his Danish background – pared-back, uncomplicated design, clever integration of functional elements and a mixture of natural materials to finish. His choice of materials such as walnut, marble, glass and stone give his kitchens timeless appeal and ensure they will stand the test of busy families and avid entertainers. Ole has been with Art Of Kitchens for six years and is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) with twenty-five years in the business and a KBDi and HIA member. When he takes on a new client, he always considers factors such as the available space, the rooms surrounding the kitchen and the level of functionality required. His depth of design experience and his love of cooking and outdoor pursuits make him the perfect fit for Australian homes. He takes pride in his work and ensures his kitchens are finished to the highest possible standard, so one can be assured their kitchen are in safe hands.

Text: courtesy, the designers; photographs:Eliot Cohen, Zeitgeist

Practical, Simplistic & Inviting Hammond’s kitchen renovation, Cammeray, Sydney, Australia Ole Jensen, Art Of Kitchen Hammond’s kitchen in Cammeray, designed by Ole Jensen, is pure exhibit of real craftsmanship. The design seamlessly merges into the environment of the house and the combination of materials provide a sense of balance and harmony into the space. The designer had added the ‘wow’ factor by inculcating visual elements from the surrounding rooms into the kitchen. esigning an ornate kitchen that does not looks like a kitchen might seem an impossible task and Art of Kitchens took on this challenge to create a striking room in a lovely Cammeray home belonging to The Hammond’s. The space available for the kitchen renovation was bright, large and long. The existing design had timber cladding everywhere and was closed off in a U-shape.The owners sought a flexible working environment for everyday use and for entertaining guests and to integrate it with the surrounding rooms.They wanted their kitchen renovation to function like a kitchen, yet not look like a kitchen.


034 Architecture Update May 2015

The kitchen is pure exhibit of craftsmanship. The design revolves around making the kitchen a statement piece, whilst working well with the adjoining rooms. The abundance of natural light contrasts beautifully with dark cabinetry creating a brilliant ambiance in the space. The kitchen is an elevated platform which gives an additional feeling of space and grandeur. The design seamlessly merges into the environment of the house and the combination of materials provide a sense of balance and harmony into the space. From the kitchen, one can see the garden and also the stone wall feature of the sunken lounge room. The designer wanted the kitchen materials to convey that same natural feel. Different materials and textures were used to achieve a harmonious balance with the existing décor. The different marble colours and the marble framing either side of the dark cabinets provides contrast to the existing cladding. The cladding on the ceiling was kept intact, as timber is used throughout the home and it doesn’t clash with the cabinets. Cabinets doors of the kitchen are of polyurethane painted with Dulux Vivid White finish which were balanced by Cleaf Oregon veneer and the existing timber ceiling. A large white marble block island, designed in Calcutta Gold Smartstone and Bronze Armani marble, breaks the monotony of the space. The splash-back for the kitchen was nicely offset in Calcutta Gold marble top with a bronze mirrored support to give it a sumptuous look which can be observed in rest of the rooms of

34-35] Project_Ole Jensen - Art of Kitchen.qxp


6:27 PM

Page 35

the house. Using mirrors on the drop-down island also emphasises the floor and makes the island appear to be sitting into the marble. Flooring is of textured Travertine tiles which give a rich feel to the kitchen. The ceiling of the kitchen is of existing wood strips with skylight in the roof for transporting the natural light inside. The ceiling is adorned with state-of-the-art technology ‘SenseME’ fan. For lighting , LED down-lights and strip perimeter lighting are used in kick-boards. This not only added the ‘wow’ factor, but also brought a visual element from the surrounding rooms into the kitchen. The kitchen is aesthetically designed without losing its functionality. All the small appliances are tucked behind pocket doors for easy access, and larger appliances are fully integrated. The client had wished for an entertaining area for the guests. Keeping this requirement of the client, designers designed a dedicated cocktail and drinks preparation area with a wine fridge and a small sink located at one end of the kitchen for easy access. The expanse of the area is supplemented by use of stone and marble blurring the boundaries of the space. With enough space to hang out, cook gourmet meals or create refreshing cocktails, the kitchen’s utility areas are concentrated, so guests will not be in the way of cooking or preparation. It’s a modern contemporary kitchen that still manages a welcoming and organic feel and deserves its elevated  position. fact file: project location client designer commencement Date completion Date area award

: Hammond’s kitchen renovation : Cammeray, Sydney, Australia : Hammond : Ole Jensen : April 2014 : June 2014 : 27 Sq mtr : 2014 HIA Kitchen of the Year

Architecture Update May 2015


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Bath Design textures & hues

Kira Gray is the award winning interior designer in Fyfe Kitchens, and specialises in kitchen & bath design. She graduated in 1996 with an internationally recognised Bachelor of Design, majoring in Interior Spaces. For the past 16 years, her passion for creativity in design, function, and colour has guided her through an extremely successful career. Kira's vibrancy and fun-loving nature is contagious. Her enthusiasm for people is evident in the close relationships she develops with her clients and her commitment and pure dedication to the projects she works on is outstanding. Kira's clientèle ranges from home owners, architects, builders, celebrities, even clients overseas. Her creations are seen on a regular basis in many home and build publications. She handles contemporary, industrial, country, through heavily detailed traditional kitchens. She has an eye for detail and is a true asset to Fyfe Kitchens.

Grey is the new beige- beautiful, versatile and interesting. NBKA 2014 award winning bathroom, designed by Kira Gray, is a play of material and different tones of grey. The designer has boldly used dark hues to produce a jovial design. Colour, texture, form fits exactly in the space to give the bath an elegant grandeur.


ira Gray’s award winning design for bathroom is an undaunted creativity using lot of grey. The client, a family of four from St. Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand, desired for a new master ensuite bathroom and toilet- a space with depth and contrast to the earthy hues of the adjoining bedroom. Their concern was to have a bold statement- an integration of materials and state-of-the-art products that would achieve clarity in design. Products were required to be enhanced to become sculptural. Since the existing design was confined with poor lighting, client did not wanted to have ‘glass shower’. Starting with the material, large dark tiles became the point of inception. The wall cladding and flooring in the bathroom is done in tiles and mosaic from SpazioCasa, which creates a contrast with the master bedroom, giving it an immediate depth of colour, a masculine twist and a glossy backdrop for the fittings. A change in the texture is brought by mosaic feature wall which adds curiosity when viewed from

036 Architecture Update May 2015

36-37] Project_Fyfe Kitchens at New Zealand.qxp


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Text: courtesy, the designer; Photo credits: Kallan Macleod

Shades of Grey Ensuite Bath Design, Auckland, New Zealand, Kira Gray, Fyfe Kitchens

bedroom. Vanity is separated from the shower by a privacy wall in between. The sculptured composite stone bath is in matt white from the Perla collection of SpazioCasa. Within the restricted space the towel rails are recessed. Shampoo and display coves are added to create interest and functionality. The vanity is made up of timber and provides plenty of storage. Cabinetry is in Urethane dark- stained quarter-cut oak veneer, with a mitred top edge for finger-pull access. The vanity top is in Caesarstone in pure white which associates with the sculptural bath, and holds the silver glass basin that adds glamour and femininity to the masculine bath. The circular hand rail and magnifying mirror reflect the shape of basins,along with curved lines to the European tap-ware. The vanity hung from the wall and illuminated with low wattage LED ribbon, creates a feeling of serene space. The mirror floats above which enhance the effect and the backlit magnifies the ambiance of the space. The adjoining toilet walls are painted and fitted with WC from

Villeroy & Boch Subway. The basin in the toilet is of Seattle Black Stone from SpazioCasa. For transporting natural light into the bath, a window was added in the shower and a skylight was introduced in the ceiling. The ceiling is painted white with down LED lighting. The whole project is sumptuous  work of form, texture and colour. fact file: project location client interior designer design commencement and completion date months

: : : : :

Ensuite Bath Design St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand Family of four (two adults and two children) Kira Gray Fyfe Kitchens

: :

2013 6 months

Architecture Update May 2015


38-39] Product Design_Bath.qxp


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Page 38


Bath Enchanted aison Valentina represents a unique design concept in the luxury bathroom market. Made with pure love, their collection is capable of making dreams come true. They expertise in furnishing baths with an exquisite selection of high-end bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, lighting and case goods made with finest selection of materials like brass, marble, wood, glass blended with the extraordinary handwork technique of the artisans, always connected to the contemporary design. Careful selection of materials like brushed aged brass, polished nero marquina marble and polished casted brass connected to premium finishes allow to create stunning masterpiece. Maison Valentina aims to offer the same comfort and luxury that one feels in other room division, keeping an exclusive and bold design.


LAPIAZ BATHTUB Lapiaz inspired this luxury bathtub. The polished brass details and mirrored sides attribute this luxury design artwork an artic yet comfy and warm beauty. Definitely a statement piece for the most luxurious bathrooms. Product Features: Polished brass, mirror and lacquer. Dimensions Width/Length: 197 cm | 77,6” Depth: 93 cm | 36,6” Height: 70 cm | 27,6

LAPIAZ FREESTAND The French word is the name given to typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how Lapiaz washbasin emerged. Imagine a stone freezed and freshly cracked to show the entire world a rich, golden interior. A real statement piece for the most luxurious bathrooms. Product Features: Polished brass, mirror and lacquer Dimensions: Width/Length: 51 cm | 20,07" Depth: 39 cm | 15,35" Height: 83 cm | 32,67"

EDEN FREESTAND Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This washbasin represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top, exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home. A golden touch to your bathroom. Product Features: Polished casted brass. Dimensions: Width/Length: 65 cm | 25,6" Depth: 53 cm | 20,86" Height: 90 cm | 35,43"

038 Architecture Update May 2015

DIAMOND BATHTUB This bathtub conveys Maison’s mission to interpret in an exquisite way the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive décor products, all the while maintaining a balance between timeless values of decoration and utmost quality with an ever-growing modern vision. Every bathroom gets richer with this unique diamond. Product Features: Silver leaf with a shade of translucent black, high gloss varnish. Dimensions: Width/Length: 215 cm | 84,64” Depth: 91,5 cm | 36,02”

38-39] Product Design_Bath.qxp


6:31 PM

Page 39


NORM ARCHITECTS Norm Architects was founded in 2008. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Norm works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics and art direction. The name Norm indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from traditions and norms that have been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics. Norm makes it a virtue to focus on quality, durability and timelessness. They want their designs to not only be of good materials and good craftsmanship, but to embody beauty, history and, most importantly, outlive fleeting trends.

To create Stand, Norm Architects took their inspiration from those lightweight and elegant cast iron details, typical of 1920s and 1930s interiors, that stylistically characterised the Victorian era and the subsequent Art Nouveau and Art Deco decades. The bathtub reinterprets the classic tub with lion-shaped feet, while the washbasin is reminiscent of those plantpots used at the time in the luxuriant, thriving winter gardens. Stand products are manufactured using the innovative Living Tech® material, whose hi-tech features ensure it fits in perfectly with the elegant black metal structures that give a sense of lightness to the entire collection. To create these two products, Jonas and Kasper worked by subtraction. “From the very beginning– explain the two designers – our goal was to create design objects that were beautiful and sculptural yet at the same time light and airy, in an industry sector, bathroom furnishings, which often tends to be dominated by visually heavy furnishing elements. In line with our minimalist philosophy, we tried to reinterpret the Modernist style of the 1920s and 30s, stripping it of its decorative excesses to reach the point where there is nothing more to add or take away in order to make the product better.” Washbasin: 70 x 42 x H82 cm Bathtub: 160 x 70 x H52 cm LivingTec® and matt varnished metal

HAT For the Hat lamp, Norm Architects took their inspiration from the fascinating old moulds used to model hats. These moulds, veritable wooden sculptures, have now become highly sought-after objects for many collectors. For Kasper and Jonas, they were, on the other hand, the perfect source of inspiration to create a lamp capable of combining essential features with a strong sculptural presence and a nostalgic flavour. Its dimensions make it perfect for any room in the home, alone or grouped to create clusters. Size: Ø 18,8 x 11,8 cm natural oak, black varnished solid ash, silk-covered wire

FELT FELT in danish means "field", "area" or "frame" and refers to the spaces created by the grid by the various shelves. Felt is a modular wall unit which can be used to hang small accessories such as towels, bags and scarves, or it can simply serve as a graphic element. Consisting of a gridlike structure made of painted metal, Felt can be customised with shelves, mirrors in two shapes (round or square) and/or storage modules with or without doors. It’s a multi-functional unit ideal for the bathroom. Grid: 89 x 15 x H59,5 cm Square Mirror Small: 28,8 x 1,1 x H30 cm Round Mirror Large: Ø 55 x 1,1 cm matt varnished metal, mirror

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Kelly Hoppen Celebrating 40 years at the forefront of the industry, Kelly Hoppen’s ever-evolving design philosophy is underpinned by a subtle, coordinated fusion of East meets West. Her clean lines and neutral tones are always blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence, keeping true to her core values of high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance. Passionate about making her design ethos accessible to the masses, Hoppen has now written eight books. In addition, she is honoured to be the recipient of copious design awards and the proudest point in her career to date came in 2009, when she was made an MBE for her services to interior design. Recognised for the passion of empowering women in business, she was also awarded the NatWest Everywoman Ambassador award in December 2013. A dedicated supporter of good causes and the championing and nurturing of younger and older British entrepreneurs, Kelly is an ambassador for the Princes Trust and the Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise. Kelly is also a proud ambassador for the Government’s GREAT campaign and has worked with UK Trade & Investment mentoring small and medium sized businesses.


For further details, visit,

THE ORIGAMI ‘The Origami’ was inspired by traditional Japanese art that gives it its name. The range is an epitome of sophistication and discipline. With its minimalistic lines, it creates a Zen-like feeling, which brings any bathroom to life. As well as being a day to day functional product, it doubles as an art piece and leaves one to mesmerize its artistry. Material: Stone Composite Bath Dimensions (mm): L 1750 W 998 D 520 Price: £ 5,678 excl.vat Countertop Basin Dimensions (mm): L 500 W 500 D 300 Price: £ 845 excl.vat Freestanding Basin Dimensions (mm): L 440 W 440 D 850 Price: £ 1331 excl.vat Available in the exclusive Kelly Hoppen palette: Charcoal, Taupe, Linen and Polar White

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THE HARMONY The stunning layers of ‘The Harmony’ were inspired by the delicate petals of a lotus flower and wooden and ceramic bowls. The designer encisaged this range to portray purity and strenght through its soft lines and strong outter structure. As a part of eastern culture of ceremonial bathing, the designer sculpted this range to mark the celebartion of art of bathing. Material: Stone Composite Oval Bath Dimensions (mm): L 1700 W 1080 D 585 Price: £ 6,172 excl.vat Round Bath Dimensions (mm): L 1720 W 1660 D 585 Price: £ 6, 791 excl.vat Countertop Basin Dimensions (mm): L 615 W 480 D 195 Price: £ 845 excl.vat

THE BANDE ‘The Bande’ was inspired by the Obi, a sash used in traditional Japanese dress, creating unique and charm to the eye. The range is both dilicate and subtle, with a hint of-- East meets West trend. This range personifies its sheer shape,and appenhs contrast and dimension. Material: Stone Composite Bath Dimensions (mm): L 1910 W 1410 D 550 Price: £ 5,742 excl.vat Countertop Basin Dimensions (mm): L 620 W 620 D 500 Price: £ 987 excl. Vat Freestanding Basin Dimensions (mm): L 690 W 690 D 870 Price: £ 1,541 excl.vat

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Carpet Designs

Chaos Theory haos Theory has been conceptualized and designed by Kavita Chaudhary. An internationally recognized designer, Kavita has spent much of her life travelling the world and practicing diverse art forms, including painting, sculpture, etc. This influence clearly manifests itself through the unique blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics in her rug designs. Enthused by natural materials, classic color palettes, and the distinctive work of artisans and craftspeople she works with, Kavita's rugs are inspired by the purity and chaos in nature. Chaos Theory by Kavita, traces the beauty in nature’s seemingly cluttered patterns. Natural forms in transition were studied for inspiration, and recreated on unexplored mediums with the help of batik to create unrestrained artwork. Each rug in this collection is created by hand weaving nearly 100,000 asymmetric knots of finest hand-carded, hand-spun wool and bamboo silk in every square meter. Additionally, what’s special about Chaos Theory collection is that each rug, designed as part of this collection benefits over 180 artisans in its creation process. These benefits include providing sustainable livelihood, ensuring access to healthcare, adult literacy etc.


Kavita Chaudhary draws from the rich heritage of her childhood homes in rural India and simplicity discovered in global travel. She is a painter, rug designer and curator of everything in design and each rug symbolizes her appreciation of beautyin thought and action. As a graduate from School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Kavita’s love for design was first celebrated in 2006 as the recipient of the 23rd America’s Magnificent Carpet Award. Her reputation as a designer has since grown, starting off this year as the winner of the 30th America’s Magnificent Carpet Award and being shortlisted for the Carpet Design Award at Domotex Hannover. Kavita’s focus on diversification of product offerings combined with designs of universal appeal is the key to Jaipur Rugs’ market success and thus its ability to ensure employment month-on-month to its 40,000 strong artisan base across 600 villages in rural India. A major component in this is an approach to design that focuses on researching and understanding customer preferences and predicting décor trends. These rugs are showcased in boutiques and lifestyle stores in the top fashion cities across the world including New York, Milan, London and Moscow. Kavita thus keeps alive a rich tradition through keen business. Jaipur Rugs is a leading manufacturer of hand knotted carpets in India. With a network of over 40,000 artisans, Jaipur Rugs follows an innovative social business model which puts emphasis on empowering marginalized communities by providing sustainable livelihood to artisans spread across 600 villages and 6 states in India.

Material Used – Finest Hand carded, Hand Spun wool and Bamboo silk Website – GEB Geb - Named after Egyptian God of Earth, the design Geb draws inspiration from patterns in natural gemstones.

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KALI Kali - Named after Indian Goddess of Time and Change, this design-Kali reimagines the patterns that emerge on cloth used to wipe away paint, similar patterns to those that emerged on walls as they are brought to life.

GAIA Gaia - This is a transitional rug that explores erosion in nature and overlaid that pattern on a traditional rug.

PROTEUS Proteus - Named after the Greek God of Elusive sea change, the designobserves patterns in the constant transformation of liquid into other consistencies.

NAGA Naga - Named after the Indian mythological race Naga- the guardians of treasure and beauty, the design Naga traces the intricate patterns of snake skin with splashes of color

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Sara Lança was born in 1984. She studied in Libera Università di Bolzano and in Kingston University London where she was also a MA Assistant Teacher. In 2002, Sara started working as a communication designer in a British company, where she also started developing her work as freelancer product designer. Pursuing her taste for product design, she returned to Portugal in 2003 where she graduated in Industrial Design at ESAD Leiria. Sara Lança started her career as a designer at Menina Design Group in 2011, to which belong brands like Boca do Lobo and DelighFULL. She was noticed for her hard work and dedication and was adored with the responsibility of Brand and Design Manager for BRABBU and handling UK market. She says, “BRABBU’s design pieces have the contribution of all the members of the team, therefore when mentioning the designer of certain piece we mention as BRABBU Design Studio.”

Nature Inspired MOAI WALL LIGHT MOAI Wall Light was born from the challenge of reinterpreting the famous MOAI statues of Easter Island into a contemporary lighting piece. Created by the Rapa Nui people, this statues are a symbol of authority and power which stand tall and proud on one of the most remote islands in the world. A marble wall light that isn’t for the ones with lack of strength. As a reinterpretation of the statues, MOAI Wall Light also stands proud in any home décor. Materials: Carrara marble.

KOI STOOL KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice or, most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt just like the set of KOI tables with table tops in glass or marble that one can choose to better fit in one’s ambience. The KOI scales from the sides of the tables shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship. Materials: Brushed brass, green and black marble.

NAICCA SUSPENSION LIGHT A brass lamp that recalls the Giant Crystal Caves in Mexico, NAICCA Suspension Light represents the legend of crystal origins – created to represent the dancing soul motion. The brass structure and the quartz crystal of NAICCA Suspension Light merge together in this contemporary lighting to brighten your spirit with a dancing touch. Materials: Vintage brass Diffuser: Quartz crystal

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NAJ BAR CHAIR Guatemala was the stage of one of the most important discoveries in the twentieth century - the Naj Tunich, a cave rich in culture, heritage, history and values. All this richness is brought to urban tribes by NAJ Armchair, a strong design piece full of attitude with straight lines that will fit in every interior whether in a living room, a dress room or even a bedroom. Be conquered by this self-assured piece fully upholstered in cotton velvet with nickel nails. Materials: Fabric: Velvet Legs: Oak with walnut stain and aged brass details

FRONTIER DIGITAL ART A line that divides time and space. A hazy aerial vision that seeds the doubt between what is the present and what is the past. What is destruction and what is existence. But the line prevails, reminding us how easy it is to establish a frontier, even without a clear vision. That is the feeling that FRONTIER Digital Art reflects. Unclear visions establish limited frontiers only by looking down. Materials: Structure: Photography,Black Frame Technique: Digital art work


CAY CONSOLE Nature in its rawest form flows through this charismatic furniture piece as lava flows during a volcano eruption. Moulded by casted brass and bronze glass, CAY embodies nature’s ultimate scream. Allow yourself to hear the ultimate call, feeling its strength and reflecting it into your urban lifestyle. Materials: Table top in bronze Glass Base in brushed brass

The Makalu Mountain located in Nepal is one of the highest mountains in the world and has a fierce and imposing figure, being one of the most difficult ones to climb. Its strong essence was captured and is brought to your interiors by MAKALU Digital Art work. A new piece in the Art Collection that fuses the feminine body shape with nature’s elements. Whether for an art lover collection or to enhance a space’s atmosphere, MAKALU is entrusted with the important task of balancing the interior décor. Materials: Structure: Photography, Black Frame Technique: Digital art work.

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Comfy & Stylish Stateof-the-art Furniture ith advent of cutting-edge design trends, the whole idea of décor is undergoing an overhaul. So, why should the furniture be left behind in the race? The furniture industry is all gaga about the new technology that has transformed the way furniture use to be. Furniture are no longer confined to wood. A plethora of materials are competing with one another to shape an ubiquitous furniture designs. Be it an inspiration from the nature, taste of a customer or imagination of a designer; you name it and there you go get it. Spaces have found new definitions with these avant-grade furnitures. Indoors and outdoors are merging into single entity via furniture designs. You can enjoy the same comfort of outdoor wicker reclining chair in the repose of your bedroom or take your dining zone outdoor. Its not just material which are altering but the upholstery and furnishing too. So all we need to do is to keep one’s ear to the ground- “Har furniture kuch kehta hai.”


JAIME HAYON Spanish artist-designer, Jaime Hayon, was born in Madrid in 1974. After his educationindustrial design- from Madrid and Paris, he joined Fabrica, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy in 1997 where he directed the design department until 2003. In 2000, Hayon set up his own studio and dedicated himself fully to his personal projects from 2003 onward. Today he is one of the most acclaimed creators worldwide. His designs have found place in many famous museums: Vivid Gallery, Mak Vienna, Groninger Museum, Aram Gallery, London's Design Museum, Mudac museum, Gallery Thomas in Munich, Walker art centre, Centre Pompidou, as well as the Basel Art Fair, to name a few and had always attracted the attention of prestigious art collectors worldwide. His work has appeared in the most prestigious art and design publications worldwide.

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SIMPLISTIC FORM Cloud, a modular double-faced bookcase produced in white polyethylene. The elements are manufactured with rotational technology and can be combined together with clips; each element is provided with two clips.

RONAN AND ERWAN BOUROULLEC Born in France in the ‘70s, brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec first sparked an interest in design through their relationship with Issey Miyake in 2000. In just short span, the brothers have been featured in various design publication like Catalogue de Raison and Phaidon. Ronan and Erwan are seen among the rising stars of the design world; bold and reflective while simultaneously poetic and passionate. Their creations are considered ‘micro-architectures’ with different functional applications with the ability to characterize and distinctly define the places in which they are put.

EPIPHANY Jaime Hayon presents a new collection of objects for Cassina-inspired by the organic shapes of Le Corbusier’s architecture and esprit nouveau artwork: four table centrepiece, a tray made up of two coffee bean shapes and two small side tables, all rigorously produced in solid ash-wood stained black with a low-gloss finish. The Réaction Poétique Collection remains true to Cassina’s wellestablished heritage in working with wood, where skilled hand-craftsmanship is combined with industrial innovation. These items are branded with the Cassina logo and accompanied by their own identity card to guarantee the authenticity of each single piece. They are also presented in a special packaging to highlight the inimitable quality of the project. As well as the commemoration of 50 years since Le Corbusier passed away, this year, Cassina celebrates the 50th anniversary of the LC Collection (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand) with a series of cultural events and product innovation. “I wanted to create useful objects for modern home such as trays and side tables, but with sculptural elements inter-playing forms, light and shadow. It was a strict, almost religious challenge to use only one material and one finish; exercising my design philosophy. I feel this restriction actually became an opportunity to showcase beauty of the wood, along with expert mastery of Cassina’s carpentry workshop.” - Jaime Hayon.

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VERSATILE Newton Dining Table Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high quality materials. Pixel Cabinet Pixel is an effort to honour the union between design and craftsmanship. The 1088 triangles that complete this piece carry the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique personality, a strong and at the same time sophisticated character. Venice Mirror Due to this ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly, mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers. A passionate explosion of romance, drama and emotion is transcended through this magnificent Venetian mirror. Famed for our elegant and beautiful style of glass use, our designers used their world-renowned talent and gorgeous glass to produce this blinding splendor. Guggenheim cabinet This Guggenheim cabinet version is very close to the patchwork one. Extremely versatile and unique, this piece is ideal for storing glassware and silver in the dining- a great compliment to any classic or modern interior setting. The Guggenheim cabinet is available in two finishes- rosewood and palisanderwith black lacquered wood top and legs. Boca do Lobo's Guggenheim is hand crafted in Portugal, according to traditional methods, by master artisans who pulse the art of wood work and glass in their veins.

MARCO COSTA Marco Costa (Portugal1987) is a product designer and Creative Director at Boca do Lobo Studio. He is an alumnus of Arts and Design University at Coimbra, Portugal. After his degree, he did internship at Boca do Lobo Studio and was soon promoted as Director of the successful design label. He is now ubiquitous, designing for the Portuguese exclusive design brand. Additionally, he works on architectural and interior design projects: private residences in Oporto, Lisbon and Algarve. Marco Costa finds inspiration in the surrealist movement. Beyond the furniture and its primary function, he pushes the object to new levels and blurs the boundaries. In 2010 Marco designed his Masterpiece Pixel cabinet, produced by Boca do Lobo Studio, that drew international recognition.

PROUST Armchair with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame, upholstered with fixed multicolour fabric, designed to match the base colours. This armchair is the reincarnation of one of the historic pieces of contemporary Italian design.

ALESSANDRO MENDINI Alessandro Mendini, born in 1931, is an architect and designer by trade. He mainly focuses on neomodern and contemporary design. He designs Italian furniture and rooms using these modern design styles. He has been associated with publications like Casabella, Modo and Domus and many essays have been published in different languages about his work and his own “Atelier Mendini”.

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Technology kitchen design

Latest Trends for Kitchen Design and Technologies Rajiv Kapur, VP, New Business & Consumer Interface, Whirlpool, India Ltd. whereas a unique & innovative microwave and hood combination(MHC) delivers the functionality of two appliances- microwave and hood- while taking the space of just one. Ever wished to have induction technology in your built-in oven? A solution that integrates induction technology to a built-in oven, resulting to-up-to 25% faster cooking and 30% lower energy consumption, is the latest in market today.

igher disposable income and increased exposure to western products, designs & sensibilities has led to paradigm shift in lifestyle across India. This phenomenon is transforming every aspect of our lives, from the way we consume goods and services to the way we look at conventional spaces. One such space undergoing this transition is 'kitchen'. It has transformed from an ignored space, often in the corner of the house not so many years ago, to a space at the centre to all the action in the household. This has lead to evolution of modular kitchen Industry.

H Globally well-known home appliance brands have understood the need for latest technology and design and are cooking up a storm as they woo the rich and affluent Indian consumer with innovative range of cooking, cleaning and cooling gear.

With the increasing popularity of modular kitchen industry among the Indian consumers, allied business of built-in kitchen appliances has also started gaining a foothold in the minds of the consumer. There is a built-in appliance for every job in the kitchen- built-in oven, builtin hob, built-in microwave oven for cooking and baking, cooker hood for ensuring smoke free kitchen environment, built-in dishwasher for cleaning the utensils, tools & gadgets, built-in refrigerator for preserving the food and other essentials, stackable washer &dryer for doing the laundry. There are other built-in appliances catering to niche lifestyle needs, such as built-in coffee machine for making a coffee to suit one's palette, built-in water purifiers for dispensing pure drinking water, built-in wine cooler for storage of wine at the right temperature. While the earliest appliances were basic in functionality, current generation of appliances are increasingly turning smart and high-tech. Quite a few

048 Architecture Update May 2015

The innovations extend beyond cooking to home cleaning space as well as optimal cleaning performance of the appliances sport touch-screens and run custom functions, while others do not require any manual programming to complete the task at hand. Globally well-known home appliance brands have understood this need for latest technology and design and are cooking up a storm as they woo the rich and affluent Indian consumer with innovative range of cooking, cleaning and cooling gear. For instance, a newly launched multifunctional steam oven combines the power of steam and convection cooking to deliver delightful cooking results,

utensils is delivered through a combination of smart space management, rational use of resources and appealing design. Unique powerclean built-in dishwashers eliminates the need to scrub or soak crockery and pans prior to washing, ensuring that the machine can complete the task with minimal human intervention. 

Rajiv Kapur has been associated with Whirlpool, India for over 19 years now. Rajiv holds the responsibility of overall planning and operations for the new business. He is also responsible for consumer interface and built-in range. During his previous assignments at Whirlpool, India Rajiv has worked as head of exports, head of consumer service and head of marketing vertical.Prior to Whirlpool, India, Rajiv has worked with Dabur for 6 years where he was handling international business. Rajiv has over 30 years of experience working with various leading companies in India. He holds a bachelors degree in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and a MBA from Faculty of Management Studies. He is an outdoor person and has a passion for aero modelling.

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Trends bath and kitchen

Give an Eclectic Make Over Renu Misra, Managing Director, Grohe India

radtionally, in India, bathrooms and kitchens have been viewed as utilitarian spaces. They were areas that didn't really witness much investment in terms of design, decoration or even functionality. One would typically invest in their drawing areas or bedrooms as a mark of wealth or social status. However, over the last decade or so, this scheme of things has undergone a diametric alteration. As consumers became better traveller and exposed to the kind of luxurious experiences a well-appointed kitchen or bathroom can offer, they began embracing similar levels of style in their own homes.

T Today Indian customers are ready to take the next big leap in doing up their bath and kitchens. From well-contoured spaces with adequate technological functionality, the Indian bathroom and kitchen is now ready for its next phase of evolution. Extremelyefficient technology that heals the body and soothes the mind, sustainable and packaged in a beautiful, personalised avatar is already making waves in the market at present and will continue to do so in the times to come.

Allocating attention to how one's bathroom or kitchen looks and feels is not unheard of. Sophisticated colour schemes, fixtures and facets that are backed by technology and complementing accessories have become quite common. Given the high demand in this space, however, innovation never stops. There is always a new trend making its way into the market and being lapped up by discerning home-makers like hot cakes. The latest trend in bath and kitchen fittings is that of touchless faucets. They are truly the most sought-after and coveted objects for homes in India today. Everyone has woken up to the benefits they bring in both bathroom and kitchen. They offer optimal hygiene while showering or working in the kitchen. Touchless technology in the kitchen obviates the need to touch the faucet while cooking and thereby, prevents staining it inadvertently. Touchless operations in the bathroom offer not only maximum protection against the spread of germs, but are also extremely economical because they deliver the exact amount of water needed. Personalised home spas are the next big thing. Customers want to tailor

bathing experiences in ways that respond to their personal senses. They are looking at options that include modules that fill the shower cabin with coloured light or pleasant steam to the sound of their specific favourite music. Many homeowners are also looking at installing a steam shower in their home spas. The idea is that they shouldn't need to step out of their own environs for a pampering and rejuvenating experience. On similar lines, they are seeking out ways to not just indulge but also relieve themselves from stress in the legs and feet; an unavoidable part of modern life. These ahead-of-their-times fixtures involve strategic placement of body jets that aid in manipulation of deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue through pressurized water. These products enhance healing and facilitate better blood circulation and also promote relaxation and a sense of relief. For these added restorative advantages, therapeutic spa fixtures are all the rage in the market at the moment.

As far as aesthetic style is concerned, in India, the current trend is to go in for faucets and fixtures that blend the best of the traditional and the contemporary. Indians have begun to immensely value their culture. This is reflective in the way earthy clothing in cotton and khadi, organic and unadulterated food, Indian theatre, classical dance and culture now carries a lot of weight in the upper echelons of society. This propensity is also visible in the desire to marry royal Indian elegance with up-to-the-minute technology in every aspect of the home, including bath and kitchen. We have seen a rising demand for fixtures that possess old-world detailing and are complemented by shower safety valves, effortless water control and are scalding-free to deliver a truly indulgent experience of bold, traditional opulence coupled with present-day comfort. It’s very apparent today that Indian customers are ready to make the next big leap when it comes to doing up their bath and kitchen. From wellcontoured spaces with adequate technological functionality, the Indian bathroom and kitchen is now ready for its next phase of evolution. Extremely efficient technology that heals the body and soothes the mind, sustainable and packaged in a beautiful, personalised avatar is already making waves in the market at present and will continue to do so in the times to come. 

Renu Misra, Managing Director, Grohe India Pvt. Ltd.,is a management professional with more than 18 years of experience in different facets of business & financial management.She pursued her MBA from FORE School of Management and did her graduation from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University.Having worked in IT, Telecom, FMCG industries, she joined GROHE in April 2010 as Director - Finance.She is credited with business expansion, strategic growth and market leadership initiatives at GROHE. Renu comes with a thorough experience in setting up new businesses in India, leading in commercial & strategic areas, Planning & MIS, Supply Chain & Logistics. She has travelled across the country to gain market insights from production , trade and customer point of view to deploy consumer centric approach in business.She also enjoys travelling to interesting and unique destinations when at leisure.

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Technology bath design

Make a Smart Choice Sandip Somany, JMD, HSIL Ltd

ater Water is invaluable to our existence- from being a source of energy to health, hygiene, urbanization and good living. This natural resource is irreplaceable. However, with alarming rate, countries across the globe including India is witnessing a gradual shortfall of available water. So conserving it is a responsibility one should shoulder.

W It is important to know that water efficiency differs from water conservation. Here, the focus is on reducing waste, not restricting use. It is about influence and an attempt at making small behavioral changes. And with 'ratings', we as a company are trying to make it easy to differentiate.

An average Indian household with piped water supply consumes maximum amount of water in the bathroom. Correlating that with growing population and rapid urbanization, increased standard of living (more toilets per apartment) and overall awareness about cleanliness and safety; water consumption is increasing. Simultaneously, people have become more 'green' aware and products with their water saving capability is highly demanded in the market. There are many factors that influence decision when buying a new product such as cost, colour, brand, style, performance, reputation, recommendations and past experience. Saving water can be one of the deciding factors while buying a bathroom product or looking for replacement. A well-informed purchasing decision on appliances and products which can significantly reduce water usage is the way forward to determine the type of product.

BUYING WATER-EFFICIENT GOODS Water efficient products help in saving water. However it's important to know what to purchase and how to recognize.

050 Architecture Update May 2015

That's where plumbing codes and star rating plays its part. There is little doubt that 'emerging technologies' in water efficient fixtures can reduce daily water usage considerably and conserve large volumes of water. Till the year 2010, India did not have any standard benchmark to rate water-efficient appliances.The International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) introduced the Uniform Plumbing Code in 2011; 'Uniform Plumbing Code - India (UPC 1) as well as 'Water Efficient rating specification' and 'Water Efficient Products India (WEP - 1).



SO WHAT WILL YOU LOOK FOR? Well Well look out for the 'star'. More the stars, better the efficiency of the product. In other words, consumes less water. As a consumer goods company, we put the needs of the consumer at the heart and so for the environment. Which is why, brand hindware was the first to

take up the cause of rating and introduced 'star rated' water closets in the market. It is the only brand today to offer a whole basket of 3 & 2 star rated, UPC - 1 & WEP -1 certified water closets to choose from. One piece closets, Wall Mounted Closets, Extended Wall Mounted Closet, Coupled Closets and Standard Closets; regardless of budget constraint, need, desire, shape and size, one can find under 'hindware'. The rating system for water closets is based on the volume of water used for each effective flush. Any water closet consuming more than 6 litres per flush do not qualify for rating.

INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL RATING The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), is another body instituted to promote green building concepts in the country. Among other services, they certify and rate building products, buildings, infrastructure as

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'green' or eco-friendly. And the bathroom products is one of them. Plumbing fixtures with IGBC rating is another notable feature to look out for. Water closets with 6ltrs per flush (fullflush) and 3ltrs per flush (half-flush) is one of the basic criteria to qualify for application to IGBC.

BENEFITS OF RATING Product certification is crucially important since evaluation and tests are prepared by third party test laboratories, documented and then validated for its performance and water efficiency ability. A certified product helps  Maximise to protect public health and safety  Can help countries increase their sustainability footprint.  Encourages usage which in turn helps them become more commonplace in the market  Help infuse confidence levels among consumers as it is easier to identify from non-certified products  And, overall will inspire other


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organised players to realise the importance of certification to enhance welfare and health benefits of the society Several countries across the world have initiated rating systems for waterefficient fixtures to facilitate consumers to identify products that are more waterefficient. In India, effective implementation of WEP-1, UPC-1 will require participation of several stakeholders- from plumbing industry to manufacturers and an individual.

CONCLUSION Efficient water use can have major environmental, public health, and economical benefits. By using water more efficiently and by purchasing more water-efficient products, one can help mitigate several factors that are dangerously threatening fresh water availability. It is important to know that water efficiency differs from water conservation as the focus here is on reducing waste, not restricting use. It is

about influence and an attempt at making small behavioral changes. And with 'ratings', we as a company are trying to make it easy to differentiate.

Installing water-efficient appliances and fixtures is a great way to start saving water, but the way one use water at home also makes a big difference. For example, a dripping faucet, long showers or using the flush always at its maximum limit are a few highlights. Avoiding wastage means being aware of how we use water and taking advantage of water-efficient appliances and fixtures. Water is essential in every day works. A wise decision will determine water usage pattern for many years to come. 

Sandip Somany is the Joint Managing Director of HSIL Limited and is the company's driving force with over 27 years of valuable experience behind him. He is analumnus of Delhi University and has studied Ceramic Manufacturing Technology from the University of California, USA. His tactical thinking, single-minded emphasis on innovation and prudent business acumen, brought a fresh perspective in HSIL's progress over the years, which reflects in HSIL's 'lifestyle' positioning today - 'we create comfortable living spaces' not just sanitaryware. It is under his guidance, HSIL continues to be a leading player in the Building Products, Packaging Products Divisions, while Hindware Home Retail, started in 2008 is developing into a competitive player in the home dĂŠcor retail segment.Somany is the former President of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2012) and lends his time to several other industry bodies as member: FICCI, ASSOCHAM, All India Glass Manufacturer's Association, Bureau of Indian Standards, All India Organization of Employers to name a few.

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Bath & Kitchen glass

Use of Glass in Bath and Kitchen Design Vikram Khanna, CMO, CIO, Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) raditionally, materials to decorate homes have been wood, metal or fabric. But few people visualized ‘glass’ to metamorphose an appealing aesthetic to interiors. Available in a wide variety of styles, colours, designs and textures; glass has the potential to create stunning ambiance to elevate one’s lifestyle. Its various collections: lacquered, crackled, etched and frosted, tempered, laminated, ceramic frit, patterned, printed, etc.; speaks for sophisticated and contemporary interiors.

bathrooms look larger and brighter. Wide range of mirrors in terms of effects, patterns, colours are available to enhance bathroom design with stylish look.


Glass washbasins are yet another unique application in bathroom, these days. Clear, tinted, frosted or patterned glass are used for designing these washbasins.

T Glass has changed one’s perception with its wide spectrum of properties. With a mammoth of colours, sizes, shapes and textures, glass is the most desired and preferred materials over its counterparts for owners and designers. With its endless possibilities, sky is the limit.

Lately, home owners are looking at modern bathroom décor- unique and sophisticated. With mammoth of glass collections available at market, myriad options for bathroom décor can be achieved without a hitch. Besides, its unparalleled high-end appearance makes it the most desired material for many home owners. Modern shower designs: They have evolved over the years replacing traditional shower doors and curtains with an elegant glass cubicles. Glass screens and shower enclosures are specifically designed to cater to modern lifestyles offering utility and aesthetic appeal. Glass screens and shower enclosures of high quality tempered glass and laminated glass with PVB interlayer, apart from being extremely safe and durable, provide an illusion of a large bathroom. This property of glass makes for elegant and stylish bathroom designs. Shower enclosures add beauty to the bathroom giving it a contemporary look and fulfilling the basic criteria of a separate wet and dry area, leaving the bathroom looking great all the time. Glass shelves are light, unobtrusive and ideal for bathrooms. They make the

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Glass tiles can be used on shower walls, tub surrounds and as a backsplash. Lacquered/back painted glass are ideal application in bathrooms. Its unique coloured, opaque appearance adds life to the décor. In addition, they are moisture resistant.

KITCHENS Kitchens have come a long way from being just a place to prepare breakfast and dinner. The preference for open kitchens in most modern homes has furthermore led to a trend of combining the dining space with the cooking space. All of this means that today’s kitchen has to be designed as aesthetically appealing and inviting as it functionally sounds. The challenge here is to have it blend with overall design of the house while retaining its unique look. And if there’s one material that can help with all of the above is glass.

Counter-tops & Cabinets: Use of glass for kitchen counter-tops have become very popular. Glass counter-tops can be customized to various colours, sizes and shapes. Combining counter-tops with glass back-splashes and cabinets creates a stylish and colourful ambiance. However, use of glass in kitchen is not limited to back-splashes and countertops. Besides its various advantages over other materials, stain-resistant and easy maintenance of glass are its selling points. Glass creates a perception of extent of space; makes it look larger and brighter. Clear, frosted, fabric laminated, lacquered/back painted glasses can be used depending upon interiors of the home. Moreover, pantry doors can also feature a glass panel to match a particular theme or décor. Glass offers an endless possibilities both in terms of design and functionality. The only limit is one’s imagination. 

Vikram Khanna, COO - Consumer Glass, CIO & CMO, Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS), is a man of many facets. Armed with an MBA, he joined AIS in the capacity of Material Head, in 1996.Over the years, Khanna has integrated several functions within the organisation that used to operate in silos. This has resulted in greater cohesion and efficiency, helping various departments cut down costs and streamlines various revenuegenerating operations. As a de-risking strategy, he diversified AIS Auto’s offerings to include commercial vehicles, heavy earth movers, exports, industrial glass applications, etc. The robust processes that exist today in the Materials Division were initiated under his leadership and are testament to his vision and commitment to sustained progress. Over the past 18 years,Khanna has enhanced the value of every department he has been a part of, contributing to the overall growth of the company.

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