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This collection was inspired by the Mediterranean atmosphere of Barcelona and the Baleric Islands. The beautiful beach weather and the ad-lib motto (dress as you please style) served as my guide. I commenced tthe design process with predominantly dresses and knit tops suitable for the sun and beach on the mesmerizing coasts of Barcelona. A majority part of my research and inspiration was focused on the hippie and bohemian culture. There is a r unning theme of a trendy-laid back feeling in my outfits, reinforcing the traditional Mediterranean aesthetic - Comfortable, simplistic, vibrant and organic. This project in an articulate manner depicts my ideal summer experience in Barcelona through my Summer Elements Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I did not conceptualize the outfits keeping a specific silhouetteor sizein mind, hence there is effortless flare and fluidity.


This collection stress’ on knit dresses paired with cool informal jackets. While draping these dresses, I made sure to incorporate fewer seams to ensure a more relaxed and draoey silhouette. However when draping the jacket, I needed to create a shaped silhouette so that the jackets looked cool but shapely at the same time. For the fabrication of most of the jackets I used natural fibers such as raffia and raw silks since they have a textured look. Using these fabrics gave me an insight into the color palette for my collection. I decided to use a monochromatic natural sand and creamy palette with pops of monoch black, light blue and pale pink.

Summer Elements