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Customized Light Concept A concept that summarizes the complete path providing the foundation for each real product...a concept that summarizes our ‘workway’. Puralux means designing customized lighting solutions for Hospitality and Retail. The target of the Puralux Team is to serve, with ability, timeliness and practicality, all designers who need to develop interior lighting solutions, such as::

•Architects •Interior Designer •Interior Decorators •‘Turnkey’ production companies for Retail and Hospitality

Dear customers, PURALUX is a brand of company GABROVSKI Ltd. with 20 years of experience as providing products and services in the field of lighting. The company's customers are individuals and organizations with special requirements to lighting solutions in terms of quality, style and coherence of global fashion trends. Longevity and timeliness of the company

resulting from the creative team and noncompromising product quality. The attention of the customers are offered ideas for original designer lighting. Some of the lampshades series presented in the catalog are copyrighted works of artists. The big advantage of the collection of boutique lighting is that they may be produced in different versions in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Size, color palette, artistic elements, materials - all these can be selected so as to correspond, complement and give comfort to the rooms. The proposed catalog collection is launching a creative dialogue with you, our customers.

Become our partners and co-creators!

Each client is accompanied in a very simple and effective path, consisting of 6 steps:

Idea Feasibility Analysis


We examine the basic idea of the designer, which can be a genuine creative project or a simple sketch, checking the feasibility in relation to all the parameters that the product must meet once created. We analyze the forms and materials required, verifying that all the requirements necessary for implementation have been satisfied.

Realization of the Executive Project


From that came idea is elaborated on the technical design, verifying all technical needs in production, making all the improvements required for the effective future production.


Economic Planning and definition of the subcontracting of the Job From the idea provided, the technical design is elaborated, verifying all technical requirements in production, making all the improvements required for actual future production. Economic Planning and definition of the subcontracting for the Job Once there is a final design to work on, we proceed to the budgeting of the whole process of consulting and production for the Job. We plan all subcontracting required and check the availability and timing of the supply of materials needed

4 Production Calendar


Once the offer is accepted by the customer, we proceed to setting up a calendar, which plans every single subsequent phase of the project by date, up to delivery. This calendar will be delivered to the customer, who can plan their work based on these dates.

Construction of Executive Sample An executive sample is then produced, using the real materials with which the final product will be built. This sample is then presented to the customer for final approval.

Launching the Production This initiates the actual production process, which is already tested and planned. Each Puralux product has every component tested in the packaging stage, undergoing a specific quality check, which ensures perfect operation and complete compliance with production specifications.

Puralux’s ability of combining specialist consulting, industrial or semi-industrial production and finishes which represent the highest quality of craftsmanship, makes our offer flexible enough to meet every need and always advantageous. The assistance in pre-sale and post-sale make us a present and affordable partner able of concrete results.

Imagines, plans, produces

futura textiles, LED

Impressive shapes that will bring your interior decoration into the future.

piramide textiles

Bold shapes and versatile colors - elegant solution for lighting.

razzi textiles

Clean, elongated form elegance and style.

vacanza 1 textiles

Clean shapes, universal colors unobtrusive comfort. Great solution for the interior of an exquisite hotel room.

vacanza 2 textiles

Clean shapes, universal colors - unobtrusive comfort.

Great solution for the interior of an exquisite hotel room.

imbuto clasico textiles on metallized pad

Modern style and interesting geometry that brings an innovative spirit in the interior.

foglie di sole silk fabrics, metallized pad

Playful green in combination with light-reflecting gold evokes the picture of sunlight streaming through the green leaves of the trees. This would be the choice of people who nature.

gioco con piazze Lined casually wrinkled taffeta

Series of blocks, allowing for individual arrangement. An intelligent combination of blue and white, creating the feeling of foam crested sea waves.

turni di gioco fine cotton textiles

Series of cylinders which everyone can arrange according to their own taste. Combination of black and white, reminiscent of merging day and night.

freschesa organza strips on silk

Intricately interwoven strips of organza and bright green color give a feeling of freshness and cheerful mood.

prato strips of organza over satin liner

The light through fresh green organza has the scent of freshly cut grass. It brings peace in every home.

piazza di parigi luxury wallpaper, textiles, decorative cord

Elegant style and floral elements, carrying the spirit of the Parisian Belle Époque and traditions.

parigi luxury textiles, fragments of wallpaper, decorative cord

Sophisticated tones and restrained elegance of composition bring the atmosphere of the artistic Montmartre.

romanticamente organza ribbons, decorative cord

The elegant folds of this shade soften the light, creating warm and cosy atmosphere.

savana organza, decorative ribbon

SAVANA series was created with respect to nature and with special attention to the colors of Africa.

carezza textiles, hand drawing based on a painting

Animal motifs in classic black and white put emphasis in a space with a simple color scheme.

leopardo fabric - upholstery from the furniture

The big cats skin pattern is among the most attractive motifs, creating emotional territory for adventure.

rosa nera PVC, original artwork, appliques of fine textiles

Passion, artistry and luxury are the sensations which this unique object of applied art brings to the environment.


PVC, appliques of metal and stones

Music from the 60s of the twentieth century to today is imperative for the space that these lights will be in.

bagliore oro metallized fabric, knitted lace

Web of white lace and gold mirror surface bring precious glow in the refined interior.

bagliore argento metallized fabric, knitted lace

Silver gleams through a lacy web – fine accent in tastefully furnished spaces.

nero lucido metallized fabric, plenty of sequins in black

Glare from the black sequins and the gold accents bring pleasant feeling of luxury in the interior.

mistero metallized fabric, plenty of sequins in black and gold

The combination of mysterious shimmering black and gold sequins is a true invitation for fun.

gocce textiles with dew resembling reliefs

The textiles, resembling crystal dew drops, emphasize the luxurious splendor of this lampshade.

bella luxurious fabrics, lace, metal thread

The gentle satin softness touched by black accents of exquisite lace - a sophisticated solution for stylish comfort.

ricamato fine embroidered textiles, backed on metallized pad

Intriguing geometry, fine embroidery, golden flashes emphasis in the interior.

dicristallo fabrics - velvet, crystals

Exciting counterpoint between the dark nobility of velvet and the brilliance of crystal, a memorable accent the interior.

gonna fine silk, hand woven satin ribbons

The fine pink silk satin and artfully interwoven bands bring femininity and beauty.

punto fine silk, hand woven satin ribbons

Intriguing weave of satin is the focus of this exquisite shade - elegant solution for sophistication.

oceano fine textiles, borrowed from other elements in the interior

The sparkling blue breath of the ocean stands out against this streamlined shape.

capriccio Brussels lace, silk drapery

Tenderness and femininity are collected in a light beam of lace, wrapped with ribbon like a gift.

spirali fine silk, satin ribbons

Silk and satin in sensual colors and exquisite winding tape radiate fragile beauty.

rosa fine linen fabric with painted roses

The tenderness of pink color fills the room with emotion.

dolce fine fabric with sewn two-tone drapes

The delicate two-tone ruffles of this lampshade and its shape, evoke delicately a sweet expectation flavor .

bianca textiles, glass fringe

With its clear proportions and classic elegance this subtle shade is a compliment to any stylish interior.

ingenuitĂ fine fabrics, satin ribbon

Beauty and innocence stream out of these lampshades - a great solution for the kids room.

coerenza Fine textiles - a fragment of the curtain in the room, wallpaper

The spirit of youth subcultures realized in clear geometric shapes and sharp colors.

farola textiles, hand-painted illustrations of fairy tales

The series of handpainted favorite fairy world characters bring joy to the kids.

primavera fine linen textiles, decorative ribbons and cord

Fresh colors and natural fabrics bring a sense of spring in the interior.

giardino fine linen textiles, decorative cord

Natural materials and an abundance of colors create a blooming garden sensation at home.

papaveri fine linen textiles, decorative cord

A series of lamps made poppy stamped fabric. It is possible to combine with curtains, tablecloths and decorative wall panels of the same material.

fiorello textiles, patterns of wallpaper in the room

Isolating a single floral wallpaper fragment gives a higher value of the overall interior design.

separato in bianco two-sided fabric with classic, exquisite ornaments

Classic lamps with a simple outer shell in ivory and inside with unobtrusive black and white fragments in classic French style.

separato in nero two-sided fabric with classic, exquisite ornaments

The black satin combined with the elegant fragments in classic French style bring sophistication to the interior.

nocturno fine velvet textiles, decorative cord

A wonderful fringe lamp shade made of black lace and plush, taking us in the comfort of the fairy night.

notte fine textiles, silk fringe, built porcelain beads

NOTTE series focus on the chamber feeling and luxury.

pizzo lace on two-sided, metallized textiles

Exquisite classical form of black lace, suitable for illuminating interiors with muted light and intimacy.

aristocratico taffeta with classic ornaments

The color, the ornamentation a sense of aristocracy.

linee satin ribbons

Red satin strips are woven together to create an unique effect, softening the light.

pieghettato fine textiles, handmade pleat

The strong color and rigorous form allows the little precise detail to stand out in spectacular way.

love fine fabric with painted roses

Beautiful roses, purple colors – igniting passion.


ornamenti fabric from the curtains in the room

The exquisite ornaments on this lampshade bring a memorable accent the interior.

collage ceramics, textile collage

Collage mosaic is the color accent, connecting the lampshade and the base of this impressive lamp.

la scala textiles, lace

Tiered structure that can perform the function of a sculptural element in the modern environment.

onde delmare ceramics, fine fabrics

Waves of a stormy sea are frozen in this gorgeous shade's relief draping.

fiore textiles, leather, gems

Stylized floral motif brings a breath of pretentiousness in the usual youthful environment.

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Imagines, plans, produces

Customized Light Idea lighting design projects development

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