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r Apollinem medicum et Aesculapium, Hygiamque et Panaceam o, deos deasque omnes testes citans, mepte viribus et judicio meo s jusjurandum et hanc stipulationem plene praestaturum. Ilium State Budgetary Educational Establishment meorum of Higher Professional mpe parentum loco habitumm spondeo, qui me artem Education ÂŤPerm State Academy of Medicineeique named after Academician am docuit, alimenta impertirurum, et quibuscunque opus E.A. WagnerÂť of Ministry of Public Health Social Development of the Russian etiam rationem pro virili et ingenio buerit,and suppeditaturum. Victus Federation eo aegris salutarem praescripturum a pemiciosa vero et improba dem prohibiturum. Nullius praeterea precibus adductus, mortiferum edicamentum cuique propinabo, neque huius rei consilium dabo. Casie sancte colam et artem meam. Quaecumque vero in vita hominum sive edicinam factitans, sive non, vel videro, vel audivero, quae in vulgus erre non decet, ea reticebo non secus atque arcana fidei meae commissa. od si igitur hocce jusjurandum fideliter servem, neque violem, contingat prospero successu tarn in vita, quam in arte mea fruar et gloriam mortalem gentium consequar. Sine autem id transgrediar et pejerem ntraria hisce mihi eveniam. Per Apollinem medicum et Aesculapium, giamque et Panaceam juro, deos deasque omnes testes citans, mepte ibus et judicio meo hos jusjurandum et hanc stipulationem plene aestaturum. Ilium nempe parentum meorum loco habitumm ndeo, qui me artem istam docuit, eique alimenta impertirurum, et ibuscunque opus habuerit, suppeditaturum. ctus etiam rationem pro virili et ingenio meo aegris salutarem aescripturum a pemiciosa vero et improba eosdem prohibiturum. ullius praeterea precibus adductus, mortiferum medicamentum cuique opinabo, neque huius rei consilium dabo. Casie et sancte colam et artem eam. Quaecumque vero in vita hominum sive medicinam factitans, e non, vel videro, vel audivero, quae in vulgus efferre non decet, ea icebo non secus atque arcana fidei meae commissa. Quod si igitur hocce

experience, traditionS AND modernity

Perm Krai is a large multinational family that respects interests, religion, cultural traditions and rich spiritual legacy of each nationality. The capital of Perm Krai is Perm. It is a big industrial, scientific and educational center of Privolzhskiy Region, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Ural that has preserved the unique monuments of architecture and urban development of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Perm is famous for its theatres and museums. The city is situated at the foot of Ural Mountains dividing Europe and Asia. It occupies the territory of 799 km 2 yielding only to Moscow by this parameter (among Russian cities). Perm has got an airport of international significance, railway and river stations. The distance between Perm and Moscow is 1339 km (by fast train – 22 hours, by air – 1h 40 min). The climate is continental. Snowy winter makes it possible to go in for all kinds of winter sports. The mean temperature in winter is -15°...-20°C, in summer +15°...+25°C.

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The history of Perm State Academy of Medicine began on October 14, 1916 with opening of Medical Department of Perm Classical University. In May 1917, the Department of Medicine was reorganized into the Faculty of Medicine and in February 1931 – into Perm State Institute of Medicine. In 1994 the institute was conferred the status of the Academy of Medicine. 2011 will add two memorable anniversaries to the history of higher educational establishment – the 95th anniversary of higher medical education in Western Ural and the 80th anniversary of Perm State Academy of Medicine.

of Pediatricians’ Association of Perm Krai, Deputy Director of Perm Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Administration of Perm Krai. Professor Irina P. Koryukina deals with the following scientific trends: allergology, immunology, problems of iodine deficiency and rehabilitation medicine.

We guarantee: • highly qualified education using modern technologies; • studying at advanced training and postgraduate courses that permits to receive the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Nowadays, the academy is headed by Honored Sciences in the licensed specialties; • secure and convenient residence in a Scientist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Koryukina Irina Petrovna, Chairman comfortable hostel in the center of the city.

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Rector of Perm State Academy of Medicine Professor Irina Koryukina

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Since 1992, Perm State Academy of Medicine has been participating in export of educational services. During this period, the academy graduated a great number of specialists who are successfully working now at medical institutions of the Near East, Africa, Asia and UIS countries. It provides a full range of educational services to foreign students: training at preliminary courses, preand postdiploma education (internship, advanced training, postgraduate courses and physicians’ advanced training). Training of foreign students is carried out in Russian and English languages. In the first

case, students are trained at preliminary courses of medical and biological profile. General practitioners and stomatologists are trained at the academy. Seventy two departments with the teaching staff of 137 Doctors and 368 Candidates of Medical Sciences, Central Research Laboratory, fundamental library and library of literature in foreign languages, computer center with Internet are at the disposal of 3550 students of the Academy. Students live in a comfortable hostel in the center of the city. The cost of hostel accommodation depends on living conditions and varies from 1100 rubles per month.

After graduating from the academy, students receive a diploma of «Doctor of Medicine» and have the opportunity to continue education at advanced training courses and postgraduate courses and receive the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences by the following licensed specialties: 03.00.04 Biochemistry 03.00.07 Microbiology 03.00.13 Physiology 03.00.15 Genetics 03.00.25 Histology, Cytology, Cellular Biology 14.00.01 Obstetrics and Gynecology 14.00.02 Human Anatomy 14.00.03 Endocrinology 14.00.05 Internal Diseases 14.00.06 Cardiology 14.00.07 Hygiene. Foreign citizens come to Perm at the invitation of Perm State Academy of Medicine (study visa). To receive an invitation the following documents must be presented (deadline – 31 August): • Copies of all passport pages (with legible writing of family name, first name, patronymic name, date of birth, place of birth, state of birth, citizenship, date of issue, expiry date of passport and its number); • Route of going to Perm; • Place of receiving visa (state, city of Russian consulate location); • Full home address; • State and region of permanent residence; • Place of work; • Business address (full address and name of organization/firm); • Appointment.

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Preparation of invitation takes 1 month. The academy registers a foreign citizen at the local Department of Visas and Registration upon his/her arrival to Perm. Approximate cost of education per year: • Medical faculty – 91000 rubles • Stomatological faculty – 110000 rubles • Pediatric faculty – 75000 rubles • Medical-preventive faculty – 75000 rubles Training in English is carried out on contract basis. То enter the Academy the following documents should be presented: • Certificate of secondary education; • Birth certificate; • Health certificate; • AIDS certificate; • 12 photos 3x4 cm (mat); • Diploma of higher education in Russian and English (for postgraduates). All the documents mentioned above should be translated into Russian and notarized. Translation of documents and notarization can be done either in the homeland or in Perm, at Perm State Academy of Medicine. Applicants should present both the notarized copies of documents and their originals. 14.00.08 Ophthalmology 14.00.09 Pediatrics 14.00.10 Infectious Diseases 14.00.11 Dermatology and Venereology 14.00.13 Diseases of Nervous System 14.00.15 Pathological Anatomy 14.00.16 Pathological Physiology

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14.00.18 Psychiatry 14.00.21 Dentistry 14.00.22 Traumatology and Orthopedics 14.00.25 Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology 14.00.26 Phthisiology 14.00.27 Surgery 14.00.30 Epidemiology 14.00.33 Public Health Administration 14.00.36 Allergology and Immunology 14.00.51 Rehabilitation Medicine, Therapeutic Physical Training, Sports Medicine, Balneology and Physiotherapy There are some peculiar features in Perm Krai that favorably distinguish it from the other regions of Russia. It is partly caused by its geographical situation – Perm is situated in the center of the country far from storms and cataclysms. Tolerance of inhabitants of our multinational region is the most important factor. From the time of the Soviet Union, this region is characterized by low level of xenophobia. That is why, studying in Perm is rather safe and comfortable for foreign students. Besides, Perm State Academy of

Medicine has a very high scientific potential. It occupies the 3rd – 4th line in the rating of the best educational institutions of medicine in Russia. In Privolzhskiy Federal Region, PSAM reliably takes the first place! Many lecturers are the members of professional associations of Europe and North America (ECS, EAS, ATS, ERS). Serious clinical basis is also a guarantee of high level of knowledge obtained by students. It is sufficient to say that the academy has its own polyclinic, stomatological clinic and recently formed modern center of laboratory diagnosis. In addition, training of students is carried out on clinical bases of the first-rate hospitals of Perm.

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Managers of educational service export: Dean of Foreign Students’ Office, professor Olga Sergeevna Gileva Vice Dean, assistant professor Olga Sergeevna Lebedeva Postal address of the academy: 26, Petropavlovskaya St., Perm 614990 Russia tel. +7 (342) 217-10-31, +7 (342) 217-09-04 fax +7 (342) 217 10 30, e-mail: State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education "Perm State Academy of Medicine named after Academician E.A. Wagner" of Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation Head of International Department Tatyana Yurievna Efimova tel./fax +7 (342) 217 08 70 E-mail: Office time: 7 a.m – 16 p.m. (Moscow time) Break: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Moscow time)

Postal address of Academy: 26, Petropavlovskaya St., Perm 614990 Russia tel. +7 (342) 217-10-31, +7 (342) 217-09-04, +7 (342) 217 08 70 fax +7 (342) 217 10 30, e-mail: SBEE HPE “PERM STATE ACADEMY OF MEDICINE named after Academician E.A. Wagner” of Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation Tel. +7 (342) 217 09 04; Fax +7 (342) 217 10 30 E-mail:

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