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Perm regional newspaper The Perm Days is the newspaper for foreign guests of Perm region and english-speaking Perm and Perm region citizens

PERM TREES FOR THE MOSCOW NEW YEAR’S EVE New year trees from Perm were delivered to Moscow for sales at New-Year-trees bazars



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The Perm region welcomes “Colruyt”, a producer of an instant food


The Perm region will expand variety of fertilizers, shipped to India


«Uralkaliy» carried out REACHregistration for production supplies to the European Union


11 universal road machines – to Kazakhstan


A rapeseed oil production plant is to be constructed in Perm


Perm will grind metal


















JSC “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works”, “Metafrax” Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of “GOZNAK” “Kama Oils Factory” “Karbokam”



“Art forum. Perm”


“Green Art”. “Revision”


Mikoulich “Painting by my heart”


reciept from chIef-cook


«Christmas season» at the Opera




American Corner




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December 2008

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Putin, Solzhenitsyn and Arshavin become Russia’s People of the Year

INDEX “Andre”.............................10 “Azot”................................ 4 “BELKOMUR”................... 3 “Bumatica”......................... 5 “Colruyt”........................... 4 “DEMIDKOVO”................ 9 “Domestic Solid Garbage”............................ 5 “Domina Hotels Group”............................... 6 “Dzerzhinsky Machine Works”............................... 3 “Gasprom”......................... 5 “Iskra-Turbogas”............... 5 “Kama Oils Factory”......... 8 “Kamskaya Dolina”........... 3 “Karbokam”....................... 8 “Kazakhavtodor”............... 4 “Kinzo”.............................. 4 “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works”.......... 8 “Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of “GOZNAK”...... 8 “Logistic L7”...................... 6 “Lukoil-Perm”.................... 3 “Metafrax”......................... 8 “Motovilikhinskie Plants” 4 “Perm Airlines”................. 3 “Perm Gunpowder Factory”............................. 3 “Perm Hippodrome”.......... 3 “Perm motor plant”........... 5 “Perminvestbank”.............. 3 “Permskaya Yarmarka”..... 3 “Port Perm”....................... 3 “Prognoz”.......................... 3 “Russian Soda Company”.......................... 3 “SCANIA”.......................... 3 “Schenker”......................... 6 “Severneftegasprom”........ 5 “Sunfruit”........................... 3 “Uinks-Agro”..................... 5 “Verra Group”................... 3 “VNIIAES – Project office”.................... 5 “Zumus”............................. 5 ”Kama Cable”.................... 3 «Mineral Fertilizers”......... 4 «Ural plant of tools and materials”........................... 5 «Uralkaliy”......................... 4 «Zakee».............................. 4 Berezin Konstantin...........12 Bimatov Marat................... 3 Birichevsky Alexander...... 8 Bobrov Dmitriy.................12 Braghin Pavel...................12 Buklaga Natalia................12 Chirkunov Oleg................. 3 GARSLIAN Armen............. 8 Hasanova Aisulu...............12 Kaleynikov Aleksey.........12 Kalushev Alexander.......... 8 Kell Larisa.........................12 Kosolapov Alexander.......10 Mikoulich Sergei..............10 Pogudin Aleksandr...........12 Pyankov Constantine........ 6 Roslyakova Larisa.............. 8 Serebraynskiy Oleg........... 8 Sokolov Aleksey...............12 Stepantsov Vladimir.........12 Sukhikh Valery.................. 3 Trusov Andrei...................10 Utkin Yuri.......................... 3 Vedernikov Dimity............ 6 Yeskov Sergei...................12 Zighanshin Rustam...........12

News in RUSSIA


ladimir Putin, Andrei Arshavin and Alexander Solzhenitsyn became the People of the Year for most Russians in 2008, whereas the financial crisis was the central event for the Russian population, a recent opinion poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Fund said. About 40 percent of the polled named Prime Minister Vladimir Putin when answering the question “Whom of the Russian politicians and public figures would you name the Person of the Year 2008?”, Interfax reports. All other politicians lag

far behind Putin’s name. The top five also included President Medvedev (12%), Patriarch Alexy II (4%), parliament leaders Vladimir Zhirinovsky (2%) and Gennady Zyuganov (2%). Late writer and Nobel Prize winner

Development-Yug plans $871m Perm residential complex

Krasnodar developer Devlopment-Yug (Development South) is to invest $871m building a residential complex in Perm, regional officials report. To carry out the project the company has reportedly purchased an 80-hectare site in the Iva-1 residential neighborhood in the city’s Motovilikhinsky district for $11.1m. Under plans, the company is to build 500,000 square meters of residential apartment blocks within the next five years. The first four apartment blocks with residential area of up to 80,000 square meters are scheduled to be put into commission by the end of the next year.

GDB airs $2.5bn logistics complex for Nizhny

US investment company GBD Invest has announced plans to buy $53m land site in Nizhny Novogord region in 2009 to start construction of a $2.5bn multimodal terminal complex. As Marchmont reported earlier, the company’s Center Rossii (Russia’s Center) will be built near the airport in the village of Strigino in Nizhny Novgorod suburbs. Timeframe for completion is within 8-10 years (see news of December 28, 2007 and November 2008 Marchmont Investment Guide to Russia, Transportation and Logisitics section).

RF’s KAMAZ shopping spree worth $442m

RF Government will be earmarking $442m to purchase auto vehicles from Tatarstan auto maker KamAZ in 2009, the prime-minister Vladimir Putin said.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was named the Person of the Year among science, culture and art figures. The famous writer received 4 percent of votes. Footballer Andrei Arshavin was named the Athlete of the Year with eight percent of votes. Many of the polled Russians (15%) said that the financial crisis became the most important event of the outgoing year 2008. The list continues with the election of the Russian president (8%), the election of the US president (7%), the war in South Ossetia (7%), the Beijing Olympics

(6%) and the death of the Russian Patriarch Alexy II (5%). Every other respondent (49%) was undecided about the year’s main event. Many newspapers and magazines sum up the results of the year 2008. Time magazine, for example, named

The purchased vehicles are reportedly to be supplied to social institutions, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other federal departments. The good news comes after a tough year for Kamaz, which saw its dreams of partnering with Daimler shrink to a 10% stake as its sales and share price plummeted due to the crisis.

GAZ wants $1.3bn for new products

Nizhny Novgorod-based auto giant GAZ Group has announced plans to take out $1.3bn loans with a pool of Russian banks, including Sberbank and VTB, Nizhny Novgorod regional authorities report. Under plans, the funds are to be spent to launch of new production of diesel motors on the company’s four plants in Yaroslavl and to set up production of new model of panel trucks Gazelle-3. The ubiquitous Gazelle has been Russia’s top-selling panel truck and a key money maker for the firm for years. The new 3 line will be a new generation.

TMK plans $36m Tagmet investment

Sverdlovsk region steel pipe manufacturer TMK has announced plans to invest $36m in 2009 in its Rostov region-based Taganrog metallurgic plant Tagmet. Under plans, the funds are to be spent to finish construction of pipe finishing treatment units and thermal workshop at the plant.

Degtyarskoye Rudoupravleniye confirms auctions sell-off Sverdlovsk region mining company Degtyarskoye Rudoupravleniye has an-

Barack Obama its Person of the Year. Last year, the title was awarded to Vladimir Putin. Google made the chart of most popular searches in 2008. As it turns out, web surfers were most interested in the personas of Sarah Palin and John McCain. Science magazine published the top ten list of the most important scientific achievements in 2008. The reprogramming of adult human cells took the first place of the list – scientists learned to turn them into stem cells that will make it possible to cure serious diseases in the future.

nounced an open auction to sell some off its property at a starting price of $3.2m. The firm is reportedly to auction its 2.995-million-square-meter site in Sverdlovsk region’s Revdinsky district. The auction is scheduled for January 15, 2009, the firm said.

Proton-PM opens $36m line of credit with Sberbank

Jet engine manufacturer Proton-PM has opened a $36m line of credit with Sberbank, the company reported today. It is a renewable line of credit, this Perm-based firm said, which has been opened for 18 months.

URMBP opens $20m credit line with Sberbank

Sverdlovsk region Urals Rail Machines Building Plant has opened a $20m credit line with Sberbank, the company reports. The funds are to be used to set up serial production of electric freight locomotives, the firm said. The plant is a part of Ekaterinburg machine building company Sinara – Transport Vehicles.

Uralsvyazinform looking for $36m at max. 19%

Sverdlovsk region telecom Uralsvyazinform has announced an open tender among banks for two credit lines worth a total of $36m. Two lots are reportedly to be auctioned – credit lines for $15m and $21m – at the maximum interest rate of 19%. Bids are accepted between December 17, 2008, and January 12, 2009. The winner is to be selected on January 13, 2009.

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December 2008



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What is The Perm region? A region of the Russian Federation. It’s situated at the joint of eastern outskirts of East European Plain and western flanks of Ural mountains. Formed after integration of the Perm oblast and KomiPermyak Okrug on December, 1st 2005. Administrative town — Perm Area — 160 600 sq. m. Population — 2 730 892 people Federal district — Volga region Economic district — Urals Time zone MSK+2 (UTC+5; UTC+6 in summer)

Rivers Rivers of the Perm region are related to Kama river basin, the major left tributary of Volga river. There are more than 29 thousand rivers in the region, and their total length is more than 90 thousand kilometers. Kama river (1805 km) and its left tributary Chusovaya river (592 km) are the only two rivers, accounted as big rivers (e.g. longer than 500 km).

hematite, peat, limestone, precious, semi-precious and cap stones, building materials are mined in the region.

Minerals The Perm region is rich with various minerals. Oil, gas, coal, mineral salts, gold, diamonds, chromites and brown

Fauna There are 62 species of mammals (more than 30 of them are marketable ones), more than 270 birds species, 39 fish


Perm krai presentation in Brussels attracted much public attention. Despite the world financial crisis European business displayed vivid interest in regional potential. Belgium is already planning to repay a visit. The ambitious program included presentation “Perm krai is the territory of success”, round table conferences devoted to “International co-opertation”, “Oil and Gas”, “Education”, “Investment grounds”, enterprises’ introduction sketches: Closed JSC “Russian Soda Company”, CJSC “Prognoz”, LLC “Lukoil-Perm” all of them members of the Perm Chamber of Industry and Commerce, reception at the Russian Embassy in Belgium. According to Marat Bimatov, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Commerce Development of Perm krai, the visit resulted in execution of several overriding documents, among them – cooperation memorandum between Perm region and Solvay Company, an agreement between Perm and Belgian-Luxembourg Camber of Commerce and Industry, and a letter of intent between “Permskaya Yarmarka” and Polish Institute of Oriental Studies on holding “Interregional co-operation” forum in Perm.


Perm krai governor Oleg Chirkunov has met the chief executive of the Swedish company. The governor remarks: our primary task was “to look into the eyes of each other and come into personal contact”. “As my interlocutor has noted, the future of the big project always starts with strengthening of relations with local authorities, mutual understanding is the key point”. In this respect a stable foundation has been established believes Oleg Chirkunov. At the end of the visit SCANIA chief executive announced his intention to come to Perm. Oleg Chirkunov and SCANIA top-managers suppose that “2012 should be the best time for trucks assembly factory startup thus its construction can’t be dragged on for too long”.


Administration of the Federal Tax Service in Perm krai has posted on its official web-site the list of krai companies and enterprises whose tax liabilities as of November, 1 exceed 1 million rubles (€26 717). The list unites 427 legal bodies and individual

Flora The dominant vegetation in the Perm region is coniferous forest. They cover 71% of the region territory. The prevalent breeds of trees are spruce and silver fir. Quantity of deciduous trees increases to the south.

species, 6 vermigrade species and 9 amphibian species. Predator animals are represented with common marten and wolves, widely spread all over the region territory. Also there are ermine and weasel; there are badger and otter in the southern regions and wolverine – in the northern regions. There are bears and lynxes in small number. The most diffuse cloven-hoofed mammal in the region is moose deer. Currently the region is conducting works at acclimatization and breeding fur-bearing animals such as beaver, raccoon dog, musk beaver, arctic fox, burrow.

entrepreneurs. The tax service bewares: “In accordance with the Tax Codex of the Russian Federation, revenue authorities may consecutively apply enforced collection measures, including addressing of payment requests, issue of orders for depreciation and transfer of the said funds to the budget system of the Russian Federation, distrainment including enforced collection at the expense of disposable funds”. The biggest tax liabilities are recorded against Dzerzhinsky Machine Works – about 530 million rubles (€14 160 000). Second big debtor is Perm Gunpowder Factory – 83.7 million rubles (€2 236 221). Among the most famous Perm companies on the black-list are OJSC Kamskaya Dolina (9th place, €748 079), OJSC Perm Hippodrome (24th place, €408 771), OJSC Port Perm (44th place, €253 812), Perm Airlines (59th place, €189 691), OJSC Perminvestbank (96th place, 130 913), LLC Kama Cable (117th place, €101 525), LLC Verra Group (126th place, €96 181), LLC Sunfruit – Trade (145th place, €86 563) and others.


Delegation from Perm krai has taken part in India Economic Summit. According to Vice-Prime minister of the krai government Yuri Utkin, our Indian partners has paid close attention to the BELKOMUR project. During the summit Perm representatives have discussed a number of key problems with federal ministers. In Volga Federal District India demonstrates the highest indices of external economic activity at the expansion rate of 77% in 2007. 25 thousand maternity certificates were issued since January 2008 within the framework of the national project “Public Health”. Since them over 30 thousand children were born. This year maternity welfare centers received over 225 million rubles (about €6 million) from the federal budget in return for provided medical services. Funds issued from maternity certificates help to improve material and technical basis of the maternity obstetric service and purchase modern medical equipment. Besides, introduction of maternity certificates allowed increasing average wages of maternity centers’ employees. Thus in 2008 about 125 million rubles (€3.3 million) extracted from maternity certificates circulation were spent on acquisition of new equipment; another 100 million rubles (€2.64 million) went on fringe benefits for maternity centers’ workers. Since the national project launched in Perm krai in 2006 nearly 80 thousand maternity certificates were spread to the amount of 635 million rubles (€16.8 million).


The income tax rate in Perm krai might fall down to 16%. Perm krai Administration press-service announces that Perm krai governor Oleg Chirkunov mentioned it during the Council of municipal areas and urban districts’ chief executives.


Perm krai has a historic opportunity to outrun other regions, believes Valery Sukhikh, PrimeMinister of Perm krai. The idea was clearly pronounced during presentation of the project “Programs of social and economic development of Perm krai in 2009-2012 and up to 2017” before the deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly. In order to achieve and fulfill the program’s objectives, government executive authorities should be divided into five functional blocs headed by five vice-premiers. The first bloc should bу devoted to human potential development. It unites all the sociallyoriented ministries and agencies responsible for education, public health service, social services and security. Their key objective is to stimulate the increase of Perm krai population through rise in births, mortality reduction and attraction of quality migration flows. The second bloc is dedicated to infrastructure development. It is made up of governmental authorities that supervise residential repair and development, road construction and utilities maintenance. Their major goal is to decrease accommodation expenses of Perm krai citizens. Third bloc is economic development. The overall result of three ministries activity (Industry, Commerce and Agriculture) should be evaluated in accordance with the percentage index of labor compensation fund growth. The fourth bloc deals with budgetary institutions development. The bloc’s activity is concentrated on creating an effective network of such institutions provided regional budget expenses on its maintenance shall be decreased. Finally the fifth bloc is municipal units’ development. It strives to strengthen and increase self-sufficiency and independence of Perm krai. “Financially Perm krai already exceeds some of its neighbors. Now we have to set out the priorities of development, cut down some expenses, attract maximum federal funds. Perhaps it will give us an opportunity to gain the lead; it might be our historic chance”, says the Prime-Minister.

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December 2008



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GERMAN DIPLOMATS TEND TO INTENSIFY THE CULTURAL COOPERATION WITH PERM The new consul general in Yekaterinburg may visit Perm already in March 2009. Renate Schimkoreit, the new FRG consul general in Yekaterinburg was appointed to Ural in the august, replacing Tilo Klinner at this position. Before the appointment to Russia she headed a department in the Foreign Ministry of Germany. Within the limits of visits through the consular district, which includes the Perm region as well, Schimkoreit has already visited Cheliabinsk and Ufa. Meanwhile Germans examine Prikamye from other viewpoints also. It turned out that right after scheduled replacement of the head of the German legation in Yekaterinburg, the whole Attaché office had been changed. Thus Steffen Laas started working under authority of Renate Schimkoreit in September and wills to stay at new post at least until 2010 (before he had the same job in the German embassy in Kirgizia). Last Friday Steffen Laas visited closing ceremony of Perm festival “Jazz-fever”, which the German consulate general was one of the sponsors of. According to Laas, he offered the German sponsorship to the fest organizers himself, because it emerged that the German cultural attaché is fond of jazz. He was the festival steering committee vice-chairman and even one of the founders of festival “Jazz Bishkek Spring” in Kirgizia. The future plans of cultural cooperation include also series of “round tables”, devoted to 60th anniversary of he German Constitution and 20th anniversary of the Germany unification, exhibitions, concerts, which mostly are to be held in Yekaterinburg, but as well the Germans “wanted to bring something” to Perm. Also, being in Perm, the German attaché opened the evening of German child and youth films “Young heroes” and an exhibition, devoted to history of Russian Germans. A banner exposition from “summit” of Germans of Prikamye, which took place in Krasnokamsk in the October, moved to cinema salon “Premiere”. But the Perm bureau of the Goethe-institute complained about the film program to the regional human rights plenipotentiary. The institute promised to present the incident details at a press conference in the nearest time.

The Perm region welcomes “Colruyt”, a producer of an instant food The negotiations about foundation of the instant food enterprise took place during the Perm region presentation in Brussels. According to Marat Bimatov, head of the Perm region Ministry of Commerce and Business Development, “Colruyt”company (Netherlands) offered to establish an instant food products network on the parity basis with the local investors. He said “The required investments volume is about 2 million Euro, the half of the project is con-financed. Plus the company is ready to provide support during the process of foundation. We agreed on that they would give us the required documentation within two weeks, and we will continue working with this documents within the local business society, interested in the project”. Besides that the European business has some ideas about implementation in Perm some projects in fields of logistics, production of office supplies, electric tools “Kinzo”, maintenance of oil equipment and even attraction of business-tourism to Perm.


The Perm region will expand variety of fertilizers, shipped to India

uring an official visit of the Privolzhskiy federal district legation to India, it had negotiations about expanding supplies of fertilizers to this country. The Indian manufacturers of agricultural products are quite interested in urea based fertilizers, produced by JSC “Azot” and JSC “Mineral Fertilizers”. This is

an absolutely new project, because before only potassium fertilizers were shipped to India. The exact amounts of shipments are not discussed yet, but it’s clear already that it will be long-term cooperation. The agreement should be signed at least for three, and at most – five years with possibility of further prolongation. The Perm enterprises have great chances.

«Uralkaliy» carried out REACH-registration for production supplies to the European Union


SC “Uralkaliy” has successfully passed preliminary registration of potassium chloride within the limits of the European order REACH for export to the Euro union countries. Let us remind that since July 1st 2007 the new order has taken effect; it covers all the chemical substances, produced and imported or used at the territory of the European Union. It was named REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). At the registration stage


substance is exposed to a deep research, which results are used to create a report about the substance chemical safety for human health and environment. Thus, REACH lowers risks to human health and environment from utilization of the chemicals, as said in the “Uralkaliy” note. According to the new order import and utilization of any chemicals at the territory of the European Union are permitted only after registration in the European Chemical Agency (ECA). In correspondence with the REACH

regulations all the enterprises, exporting to the European Union countries its products in volumes of more than 1 ton per year, have to pass the registration. The first step of the procedure is preliminary registration (preregistration), within which information about the supplied to the EU market chemicals should be provided to ECA, is supposed to be finished by December 1st 2008. Chemicals, not passed the preregistration, are to be prohibited from December 1st 2008. The “Uralkaliy”

company has passed the pre-registration of potassium chloride in time and on October 31st 2008 obtained unique pre-registration number, which allows continuing the product shipping to the EU market. For successful realization of the product “Uralkaliy” is intended to follow all the European rules and orders. That is why the company carried out preparation of its product documentation thoroughly. The second stage of the procedure is the registration itself, which is to be done until December 1st, 2010.

11 universal road machines – to Kazakhstan

LC «Production Commercial Firm «Zakee», a dealer of JSC “Motovilikhinskie Plants” , won an open tender, carried out by “Kazakhavtodor” (Kustanai, Kazakhstan).

According to the holding company’s note, the tender was participated by 8 companies, including representatives of the Russian road machinery manufacturers. In correspondence with the tender conditions “Motovilikhinskie Plants” are supposed to ship to Kazahkstan universal road machines at the chassis of KAMAZ-65111. Eleven dump-trucks with axle configuration 6x6 and reinforced car frame will be supplied with front, middle and side dumps, and also

dispenser of deicing materials and cleaning brush. The total contract cost is about 1.079 million.

«Motovilikhinskie Plants» has already shipped equipment to “Kazakhavtodor”. By the result of a

tender the holding company supplied 14 municipal machines of “Motovilikha” brand to the republic in 2006.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008



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A rapeseed oil production plant is to be constructed in Perm


A new garbage sorting complex has been put in operation at the Domestic Solid Garbage (DSG) dump of Krasnokamskiy district. It produces 18 sorts of recyclable materials for processing plants. Daily 80 tons of garbage is sorted with new garbage sorting complex, recently put in operational testing at Domestic Solid Garbage dump of Krasnokamskiy district. Special manipulator feeds garbage to the conveyor, where workers sort it by fractions manually. The complex allows to single out 18 kinds of recyclable materials: waste paper, polyethylene bottles, aluminum and tin cans, broken household appliances, glass, polypropylene, polyethylene and others. The garbage is pressed and sent to processing plants in Moscow, Kirov, Kazan, Syktyvkar, Perm, where its used as secondary raw materials.

product not only for the food industry, but as well as an admixture for diesel fueling. As stated by the LLX “Uinsk-Agro” representatives, there should not be any problems with feedstock; the enterprise has 650 hectares, seeded with winter rape. Demand for the rapeseed oil has already been analyzed also, moreover Uinskiy district has already received the first request for the future product.

urrently in Uinskiy district of Perm region there are equipment installation works for the rapeseed oil production plant, being carried out. The first floor of the former comprehensive school building of Kocheshovka village is being reconstructed for rapeseed oil production shop. The reconstruction is conducted by LLC “Uinks-Agro”. The shop owners consider using the future

Perm will grind metal A

production of zirconium grain will be put in operation. The LLC “Ural plant of tools and materials” (UPTM) intends to provide at least a half of the regional rollers demand in stock for metal grinding. Zirconium alumina abrasive grain is used by steel-rolling and pipe plants for processing (grinding) of sheet metal. The designed annual output of the UPTM first stage should be approximately 1.3 thousand tons. The industrial scale production is supposed to be reached by the spring 2009. The enterprise will be constructed at the land of the former machine building plant “Zumus” in Severniy settlement, which is situated in Gubakhinskiy district of the Perm region. That’s the reason why the investments

volume is not quite large, and its most part is considered for the equipment purchase. The regional government says that currently in Russia volume of produced zirconium grain is no more than 8% of a required amount. The rest is imported from China, Germany and France. The UPTM is planning to provide

its product first of all for the Perm region market: its demand is about 2.5-3 thousand tons per year. The Sweden companies are also interested in the product. At the present time the plant owners discuss an issue of construction of the second stage with the same output. The first deputy of the

“UPTM” managing company director general explains: “Everything depends on our ability to meet the competition with European manufacturers at the home market and attract investments into new facilities production”. Zirconium alumina abrasive grain is an artificial abrasive material, mainly contained of crystallized alumina (aluminum oxide). It is produced by melt of the feedstock in arc furnace. The material is widely used in manufacturing of refractory materials and for metal grinding. Zirconium alumina abrasive grain, powders and flour grains, bound in synthetic bundle, are the basis for abrasive tools (grinding wheels, abrasive bricks, sandpaper and powders).

Garbage treatment allows to increase operation life of the DSG dump, because now only the garbage, left after sorting and transportation to the processing plants, is need to be buried. A new DSG dump, constructed by means of the regional and district budgets, is rented to the LLC “Bumatica” under condition that it’s going to build a garbage sorting complex here. As a result the enterprise invested 33 million rubles into the project, what gave another 30 work places. Initially the dump was considered as intermunicipal one, thus it’s designed to obtain garbage not only from the district settlements, but also the neighboring territories, for example Kirovskiy district of Perm city. The designed output of the garbage sorting plant is 30 thousand tons of domestic and industrial waste per year. This is the first such complex in Perm, which experience is now familiarized with by the other Prikamye districts.



procedure of opening of the envelopes with applications for the tender, announced by the regional department of town-planning and infrastructure development, for carrying out engineering survey and ecological research as a part of the exploratory design for the Perm NPS construction has recently taken place.

There was just one application received for the tender, it was from the LLC “VNIIAES – Project office” (Moscow). The Moscow company set a price of 35.4 million rubles for its service. This amount was stated in the initial conditions of the tender as the maximum. The period of execution of the works, offered by the company is five months since

the date of entering into the contract. During the next few days the tender committee has to decide if the application of LLC “VNIIAES – Project office” corresponds all the requirements of the tender documentation. In case if all the formalities are correct, the contract could singed by December of this year.



The JSC “Perm motor plant” (included to the Perm motor industry complex) has completed its contract for construction and shipment of GTU16P units. What was announced by the presscutting-service of the PMC. Four units are to be used within gas-transfer units GPA-16DKS “Ural”, manufactured by JSC “Iskra-Turbogas”. The equipment is intended for JSC “Severneftegasprom”, a daughter company of JSC “Gasprom”, and will be erected at gas booster station of the Yuzhno-Russkoe deposit (Krasnoselskiy district of Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomous national area). It is planned to come out at the designed output (25 billion cubic meters per year) by 2009. Gas from this deposit should load the first pipe run of the Northern-European gas-main, a completely new gas route to Europe. By November 1st, 2008 the Perm motor plant has produced 170 GTU-16P units. The geography of the GTU-16P shipment covers whole Russia from western borders of West Siberia, and also includes Turkey and Belorussia.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008



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For the first time in Perm — the special offer for non-locals Four-room apartment in the wellknown Governor’s house

We draw to your attention our special autumn offer – a magnificent apartment in the well-known Governor’s house. The site: it is at an intersection of the 25 October, Sibirskaya and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets. The most well known governors of Perm krai lived in this house – Gennady Igumnov and Jury Trutnev. On the third floor of the ten-storied house you are surrounded by the whole epoch of the Post-Soviet period. Hundred twenty three square metres. A cosy courtyard, good neighbors and never-ending nostalgia for Russia’ Post-Soviet epoch.

The area – 123 sq. m, including a habitable 83 sq.m. 3rd floor. Protected territory, parking, furniture, quality furnishings, three loggias and two bathing areas.

Phone contact the seller: +7 922 64 64 644



olshoe Savino airport expands the network of interregional traffic. According to the Perm Airlines official report, Kazan Avia-enterprise has launched regular flights on route Perm – Kazan since November, 18. Flights are scheduled



he first phase of storage terminal Gigant has been introduced to the public. The object’s square reaches 4 thousand square meters with estimated capacity of 30 thousand pallet rack spots. According to logistics center director Dimity Vedernikov, total volume of investments accounted to €5.3 million. “Provided things turn out favorably, in the

For sale A parcel, Sverdlovsky district, Uyzhny mini-district

Country, city

Russia, Perm

Seller, country

Agent, Russia


Purpose, variants of development

Area of low-rise blocks of flats Main permitted kinds of development the territory: - Single family-houses of 1-4 floors with a parcel; - Blocks of two-flat houses of 1-4 floors with and without a parcel. - Block of flats not higher than 4 floors with and without a parcel. - Offices and bureaus for organizations, companies. - Petrol stations Service: gas, electricity

On the territory of Russia European operator will render transportation services to international producers of cargo delivery.

25 ha


• 15 minutes from the city center • It is planned to build a shopping center nearby.


1 000 000 Euro


+7 (922) 64-64-644,

spring we are planning to expand this logistic center and build the second phase of 6.5 thousand square meters”, says mister Vedernikov. “I concede that the second phase will run out at the same cost because cement, metal and contractors’ services become cheaper in the conditions of financial crisis”. According to Vedernikov’s data, 70% of investments in the first phase of Gigant

were made in a form of bank loans. “We’ve already held negotiations with several banks, they are satisfied by the results of our co-operation, and thus we shouldn’t experience any problems with the financing of the next project”, believes Vedernikov. He emphasizes that the company already has arrangements with a number of customers, so rack spots shouldn’t stay vacant for a long time. Project’s invest-

erm LLC Logistic L7 signed a Contractor Logistic Services Agreement with one of the largest European logistic companies Schenker.


ments are expected to be reimbursed in the course of three years. Simultaneously the company is planning to build storage terminals in other cities of Russia. “We’ve conducted market research in Yekaterinburg, Samara and Saratov, met potential customers and reached several agreements”, says Vedernikov. “Once we are done with this project we’ll concentrate on other regions”.


Building, place


for Tuesdays and effected on board L-410 aerial vehicle. This aerial taxi holds 5 persons. Approximate cost of the one-way ticket accounts to €158. Departure from Perm is at 4 p.m., arrival to Kazan — at 4 p.m. The plane leaves Kazan at 10.45 a.m. and arrives to Perm at 2.45 p.m.

Schenker is one of the leading providers of integrated logistic services. The company is a subdivision of the German Railways Transport and Logistics Plant Asset Management. The enterprise’s annual turnover reaches €8 milliard.

Logistic L7 in its turn undertakes storage of the incoming goods in Perm krai. “Co-

operation with our new partner marks a new stage in the company’s business activity,

integration with international logistic providers”, comments Constantine Pyankov, strategic marketing director of Logistic L7.


talian financial group Domina Hotel Group, the owner of the hotel chain allocated in Europe and in the Middle East, reported on temporary suspension of the company’s projects in Russia. According to Ernesto Preatoni, one of the company’s coowners, this measure was caused by dramatic drop of the

economic growth rate (from 8% to 3%). Perm krai was one of the regions that Preatoni considered promising for hotel business development. It should be reminded that at the end of September this year DHG representatives visited Perm and held negotiations with the city authorities. Italian guests were introduced to 15 business and 10

investment projects on commercial property construction, vacant construction sites were shown to DHG managers. First of all Italian investors were interested in the hotel and commercial property construction projects. At the same time, according to the City Administration press-service, DHG representatives announced their intention to participate in

Italian financial group Domina Hotels Group (DHG) owns nearly 20 hotels of 3000 rooms’ capacity in Europe and in the Middle East. Since 1992 the company’s investments in Russia accounted to $250 million. These funds were spent on the purchase of sites for hotels and commercial centers’ construction in Kaliningrad, Lipetsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Saint-Petersburg.

several auctions on commercial property construction.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008


BUSINESS DECLINE of the storage facilities market is over 30%


s of the end of the October, decrease of average sale price at the storage facilities market in comparison with the August has reached 31.5%. Average warehouse price in Perm is 16 thousand f443 per sq. m. That information is given by the Perm analytic centre. Average rent made up to f5,61 rubles per sq. m. per month (-1% in comparison with august prices). Rent of the storage facilities in the districts, neighboring to the Perm center, is about f6,13 rubles per meter per month (-7.3%). But at the outskirts the price dynamics is slightly positive: average sale price is f442 per meter, and rent is 198


In comparison to the 3rd quarter of 2008, in

The Perm region retail trade volume have increased by 10% for the period from January to November 2008 The Perm region retail trade volume for period from January to November 2008 totaled up to f6,8. Permstat informs that this index is 10% more than the one for the same period of 2007. The retail trade is at 90.8% is formed by commercial companies and private entrepreneurs, having activities outside the market; the markets and fairs share is only 9.2% (89.7% and 10.3% respectively within January-November 2007). Within the 11 month the Perm people purchased groceries for total amount of f2,67 billion and manufactured products for f4,12 billion. The catering volumes in the region within that period made up to 16 billion f447,4 million rubles, what is in the same prices by 30.1% more than in the last year.

rubles per sq. m. per month (+1%). As considered by analysts, the market decline has occurred due to increase of demand and erection

of large area objects. Also the market ran out of objects, located in neighboring to the city center districts, what significantly effected the decrease of the city

average sale price as a whole. Still the situation at the rent market of storage facilities stayed pretty stable, according to the Perm Analytics Centre.

Prices for commercial estate has dropped more than by 12%

verage price, offered at the Perm commercial estate market in November 2008, lowered to f1.182 per sq. m. The decrease in comparison with the August indexes is 12.5%, according to report of the Perm analytic Centre.

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the 4th one there was an increase of supply at both sales and rent market of commercial facilities all over the city. Average sale price in the city center reached f2.94 per sq. m. (+2.2% to the August digits), and rent totaled up at f35,68 per sq. m. per month (+3.7%). The estate at

the center neighboring districts averagely costs f1.890 per sq. m. (-12.6%), and the rent settled down at f22 per sq. m. per month (-0.5%). The outskirt commercial estate prices had a little increase to f1.597 per sq. m., but the average rent slightly declined to f17,08 per sq. m. per month (-0.3%).

And the average city rent had almost not changed since August, it November it was f24,53 rubles per sq. m. per month (-0.1% in comparison to August). The Perm region retail trade volume have increased by 10% for the period from January to November 2008

Prices for office facilities are going down


n November 2008, average sale price of office facilities in Perm was f26.3497 per sq. m., and the rent is f24 per sq. m. per month. The data of the Perm analytics centre shows that in comparison to the August, the sale price declined by 4% and the rent decrease is 2.1%. According to the analysts the decline is connected with significant increase of office facilities supply, offered in the central part of the city. At such close to the Perm center districts the sale price for office facilities is f19.3 sq. m. (+4.4%) and the rent is f19 per sq. m. per month (-2.9%), at the outskirts the office facilities are sold for average price of 53 thousand f18 per sq. m. (-6.7%) and rented for f229 per sq. m. per month (+15.2%). The November average sale price of the office facilities in Perm made up to 64 thousand f6,48 per sq. m. (+0.4% in comparison with August), and average rent was f21,32 per sq. m. per month (+2.6%).

Perm investment potential For the last 20 years Perm moved from a city closed to foreigners to a modern regional centre with a diversified economy. At present the economic and employment structure of the city has been adapted to these new circumstances and a market economy. There are several proofs of that. 34% of economically active population (approximately 170,000 people) having previous experi-ence working in large and medium-sized enterprises are now self-employed. The ratio between employees of large enterprises in the spheres of production and services has changed during the last 20 years. Today in services sector there are more people employed than in production sphere. The city’s unemployment level is quite low and it has shown a tendency for de-cline. The city has a huge potential and all development opportunities. Several positive factors exist: – high and unsatisfied domestic demand; – economic, financial, budgetary and social stability; – availability of all primary resources; – availability of the basic elements of transport infrastructure; – availability of such a transport artery as the river. There exists a potential of undeveloped and inefficiently used zones and, the last but not the least – an attractive urban landscape. Due to highly unsatisfied and diversified credit-worthy consumer demand Perm is among top five most attractive cities for investors. In this sphere construction volume will reach 1,520,000 sq.m. by 2020 (950,000 sq.m. up to 2011). The number of new workplaces will reach 28,000 and investment volume will make up 55 billion rubles. There have been defined 3 directions in territorial development: – development of built-up zones; – re-profiling, reorganisation of production zones; – integrated zonal development. 24 points of growth were identified to develop built-up zones with the real estate potential equal to over 6 million sq. m. Scheme of production and communal/storage zones location was defined. There were also identified 5 sites (total area – 13 million sq. m.) for realization of complex con-struction projects. The mission of the city consists in providing attractive conditions and a comfortable environment for current and future generations through sustainable economic growth and efficient territorial development.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008

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JSC “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works”

JSC “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works” 23, Shosseynaya Str., Krasnokamsk, Perm region, 617060, Russia / General Director – Alexander N. Kalushev / +7 (34 273) 44-921



JSC “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works” is one of the largest enterprises producing woven wire mesh and synthetic fabric in Europe. It was founded in 1942 and in 2007 it will celebrate its 65th anniversary. During its existence the plant has been developed production of about 180 types of woven wire mesh and synthetic fabrics, used in pulp-and-paper and forest industry, mining, chemical, oil and gas industry, food production as well as in construction, machinery, agriculture and water purifying. Wire mesh and synthetic fabrics have application as forming, dewatering, filtering, screening and transporting devices. The plant manufactures: Woven wire meshes, made of non-ferrous alloys (tin phosphor bronze, brass), stainless steel and low-carbon steel with wire diameters 0,055 mm – 1,0 mm, size of openings 0,084 mm – 9,00 mm, maximum width of cloth up to 7,5 m. Synthetic woven fabrics, made of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene monofilament with yarn diameters 0,13 mm – 0,8 mm, size of openings 0,10 mm – 4,35 mm, maximum width of cloth up to 9,2 m. Precision brass wire, used in cutting electric erosion machines as an electrode. The wire diameters are 0,20-0,30 mm. Electric erosion cutting is a key technology in the production of press-forms, press tools and other items. Multilayer decks for vibrating screens of Russian and foreign production, used for purifying of boring solutes in the process of oil drilling. At present screen panels are made with the following standard sizes of openings of the filtering layer: 0,55x0,55 mm (30mesh); 0,375x0,375 mm (40 mesh); 0,3x0,3 mm (50mesh); 0,25x0,25 mm (60 mesh); 0,2x0,2 mm (80 mesh); 0,16x0,16 mm (100 mesh). There are about 800 employees at the plant. Annual sales is around 450 square meters of woven fabrics that are supplied to Russian and foreign consumers. Export deliveries share is 15%. JSC “Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works” keeps strong position on the market of woven fabrics of Russia, constantly improves its activity in producing of high-quality woven fabrics in accordance with modern international standards and is sure in its future.

BUSINESS “Metafrax”

Gubaha, Perm region, 618250 / Chairman of the Board – GARSLIAN G. Armen / phone: +7 (342-48) 2-08-98, fax: +7 (342-48) 3-31-21 E-mail:

JSC «METAFRAX» has been organized as a result of shareholding Chemical Plant located in Gubakha Perm region and founded in 1955. Presently JSC «Metafrax» is a methanol production leader in the market of Russia. The range of products being produced by the Company is various: formalin technical, pentaerythritol technical, urotropine, urea formaldehyde resins, urea formaldehyde concentrate, polyamide, products of polyamide, technical sodium formiate, technical pentaerythritol filtrate. Products and feedstock produced by JSC «Metafrax» are used in the production of plastics, paints, synthetic resins and adhesive, tanning agents, insulation materials, disinfectant agents and medicines as well as in most organic synthesis processes. Competitive products of JSC «Metafrax» is a result of strategic business planning, technology improvement and social politics. Effectiveness of Company activity is provided by combination of production, marketing and social aspects. Because of losing methanol market (due to periodical excess of product in domestic market and new methanol producer in the world market) and of constant energy cost increasing the strategic goal of the Company is methanol processing in situ and expanding the range of products.

Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of “GOZNAK”

13 Shkolnaya street, city of Krasnokamsk, Perm Region, 617060 Russia / Director of Factory – Alexander N. Birichevsky / +7 (34 273) 2-81-90

Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of GOZNAK is one of important enterprises in the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance. Just there since 1936 appears paper which further acquires special material value. Embodied in bank notes, securities and documents of high importance paper becomes the measure of economy. Production of special paper is not the only achievement of our factory. We permanently develop new projects. Production of consumer goods is increasing. At present the factory manufacturers 120 types of paper. Paper for duplicating machines, laser and jet printers is of great demand among our clients. Its main characteristics: durability, strength, 100 % whiteness, ecological clearness, opacity and even density. Krasnokamsk paper-makers have partners in all regions of Russia, CIS, Baltic and West Europe countries. Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of GOZNAK is certified by international quality system ISO 9001. At factory since 2003 together with Moscow company Talgar introduced and maintained first turn of Corporate Information System (CIS «Kama — Goznak»). It covers whole cycle of production management, from consumers applications, manufacture and processing of production and finishing shipment of paper. CIS includes about 100 automated workplaces and more than 500 users. Use of CIS «Kama — Goznak» allowed to keep production account on each technological repartition, lowered losses of paper, improved work with consumers. «Made in GOZNAK — means excellent», it is a policy of Krasnokamsk Paper Factory of GOZNAK. The efforts of all employees from the worker to the director are aiming to ensure high quality. This principle is the main condition of sales market expansion, the basis for profit, stable economic situation and further development. 18-21 Nov 2008 the mill took part in the confer-

ence-exhibition “ON DEMAND Russia” – Digital technologies: New stage in development of printing and publishing business in Sokolniki exhibition center, Moscow. Participants of the conference presented all aspects and the uniqueness of paper production technology for digital printing machines LORD DIGITAL in their report “Paper for digital printing machines LORD DIGITAL: production and application specialties”. Within the framework of the exhibition the testing was carried out on the digital machine HP Indigo 5500– testing results were satisfactory. This conference-exhibition let to establish new contact with leading producers of digital equipment.

“Kama Oils Factory”

306, Solikamskaya street, Perm, Russia / General Director – Roslyakova Larisa Yurevna / +7 (342) 272-69-27, 272-00-15 / E-mail:

The Limited society (OOO) «Kama Oils Factory» is a small manufacturing enterprise. The collective body, in which about one thousand people work, manufactures up to one thousand tons of oils per month. The Company’s principal place of business is the city of Perm (Russia, Perm krai). Kama Oils Factory was established in 1991. The Factory supplies the products to Russia and more than 15 countries of the world. Today the OOO «Kama Oils Factory « manufactures more than 80 types of different oils. They are: transmission gear oils, industrial oil lubricants, hydraulic oils, fuel oils, engine oils and other special oils used in different fields of business activity. The Company’s advantages are the ability to develop and introduce into production new types of products as well as to manufacture oils of small volume. The OOO «Kama Oils Factory « is a quick-response company which is capable to manufacture oils «made to order». The packaging is made in the brand cans (from 1 to 30 litres) and drums (from 200 to 227 litres). The oil is shipped by bulk and retail. The delivery is performed by motor transport, railway (covered trucks and tank-cars). The Company takes part on regular basis in branch exhibitions and the Company’s products are in fixed demand. A lot of letters of award and grateful letters speak about the Company’s spotless activity. In 2006 and 2007 the Company became a winner of the All-Russian Competition «100 Best Goods» - 3 types of oils were awarded the Competition’s diplomas. The plant has been admitted to the Guild of Fair Enterprises and is a member of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


ul. Shosseynaya 11, g. Krasnokamsk, Permskiy krai, 617060, Russia / General Director – Mr. Oleg A. Serebraynskiy / +7 (34273) 7-29-72

Karbokam plant produces 17 technical grades of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and polyanionic cellulose (PAC), under trade mark Kamcel, to be employed for function in a number of ways. Lamberti S.p.A. R&D Center (Italy) together with the group of scientists of I.M. Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas (Russia) developed the principles of the process. Their common efforts resulted in creating for the first time ever in the national chemical industry a method in organic solvent in a single apparatus. This heterogeneous process is based on reaction of monochloracetic acid (its alcohol solution) with alkali cellulose. Advanced technology solutions combined with state-of-the-art hard-ware facilities allow attaining technical CMC of uniform quality having minimum of by-products, not yielding to similar products of the leading manufacturers by its properties. At its start-up in 1996, our plant was the most up-to-date enterprise of the kind in Europe.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008



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Let’s make vacations at “Demidkovo” resort become a good tradition! Let us remind that in winter everybody needs a rest as much as in summer time. Winter vacation at “Demidkovo” resort is like a real winter fairytale, which we would like you to fall into. There are skating ring and skiing routes for those who prefer active vest. Romantic ones would enjoy walking and horse rides at snow-covered forest. Children can play at playground plenty of ice sculptures, slides and a snow castle. Here you would find entertainments of all sorts – from the family sports activities and mind games to grandiose festivities and celebrations of New Year, Christmas and Shrovetide. “DEMIDKOVO” WELCOME!


ver 100 kilometers along the both banks of the Kama river, the greatest left feeder of Volga, is taken by the Perm city. Thus that kind of a city can’t survive without bridges, crossing not just small brooks and streams, but also binding both river banks. The very first bridge, built in Perm, was, no doubt, the one across Yegoshikha river. Today no one could probably tell exactly where it was and how it looked like. The dam of Motovilikhinskiy plant was constructed in 1723 and became the main transport link between Motovilikha and young Perm. Only in the beginning of XIX century the traffic through the dam was closed due to its dilapidation and a new bridge was constructed. After another 100 years, to be more precise in 1926, the wooden bridge was replaced with metallic one, which was more durable and thus provided safe path for trams, buses and cars, not numerous at that time. This bridge is still functioning but only for pedestrians, but the boy racers could look at it, being stuck in traffic jam at the Northern dam. Not all the old-times constructions have vanished through the centuries. For instance, two small bridges, built in 1804-1805 at behest of the governor Karl Moderakh, survived to this day. Well, one still can not see them, because they are buried

The settlement of Polazna, Dobryansky district, Perm krai, Russia. Post code – 618703 Tel +7 (342) 210-38-30, 218-18-24. e-mail:



in the ground. These bridges were discovered by archeologists, carried out researches of territory around the Ural Railroad Administration, situated at 1 Gorkogo str. The bridges were a part of beatification system of Naberezhnaya str. Their sizes don’t really fascinate: the bridges are little over 2 meters in length and about 1.9 meters in width. Material, which the bridges were constructed of, is oversize brick, top of which was finished with stone facing. So, if the Perm administration finally allocates some money, it will be possible to make the bridges available for everyone, wishing to walk along the old Perm stones. It could be so that Mikhail Speranskiy, exiled to Perm, earl Pavel Stroganov, and Moderakh himself, and even maybe the emperor

Aleksandr the Blessed, visited our city in 1824, walked here. The first really great bridge of Perm is the railway bridge across Kama. Perm had railroad since 1878, but there was not a direct connection to the right bank, and only twenty years later construction of the bridge was started. The construction works were conducted by engineer Malyshevskiy. The bridge turned out to be 438.9 sazhens (936.5 meters) in length. All its frames were manufactured at Votkinskiy plant. The bridge contributed significantly in communication of central Russia with Siberia and Far East. Twice during the civil war the bridge happened to be in an epicenter of battles. Early in the morning of December 25th 1918, soldiers of an assault battalion, under

command of colonel Urbankovskiy, moved overice to the right bank and, taking the bridge security in rear, could prevent explosion of the bridge. However, soon the Whites had run out of luck, and leaving Perm in summer of 1919 they exploded one of the bridge spans. The bridge had been reconstructed during very rough time, but already by February 18th 1920 the traffic was opened again. He present bridge is an absolutely different one, because all the old frames were replaced due to metal fatigue, and just a small part of the old bridge is saved at the regional museum. The city continued to grow during the ХХ century. It had already districts at the right bank, so for the further development the city needed a road bridge. The Kamskaya

Hydropower station, constructed by 1954, functioned as a such bridge. Train and car traffic were opened through its dam, but the problem was not solved. For example, to get to Zakamsk one had to go through Gaiva, spending time and fuel in vain. At last, thanks to B.V. Konoplev, the head of the region executive committee, construction of the Municipal Bridge, which was to connect Popova and Speshilova streets, had begun. November 1st 1967 is the day, when the new bridge was opened for traffic. Many people may have already forgotten that there was even trams traffic along the bridge. It was no use, but still it wasn’t a mistake. At that time there were special guidelines, according to which, regional centers could build bridges only with strictly specified width, so the Perm region authorities cheated Moscow by including street railway to the bridge design. As a result the bridge obtained few meters, which are turned out to be very important nowadays. So the drivers should thank the smart Perm officials, which obviously forecasted car traffic increase, though they still probably could not imagine the present traffic problems. Today Perm has 4 big

road bridges (including dam of Kamskaya Hydropower Plant) and there are discussions about location of the fifth one; should it be in Motovilikha, somewhere near to Vosstaniya square, or in the city centre at Krisanova str. Well, there is no doubt that the city needs both bridges and as soon as possible, but unfortunately city can’t carry out both projects at the same time. Unlike Moscow and Rome, our city stands not at the seven hills, but at “the seven gullies”, which divide neighboring districts as firm as Kama separates the left bank from the right one. Bridges, dams and overpasses bind our city to the unified whole. Let’s hope that these binds will get more firm and prevent the city from choking with traffic jams. Senior staff scientist of Perm Region Museum historical department Oshchepkov L.G.

Address: 614000 Perm, 15 Sibirskaya str., Tel: 8(342)212-56-57, 212-54-46 The museum web-site:

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008



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art exhibition


“Art forum. Perm”


erm painters have prepared a special New Year gift for our city – the uncommercial project “Art-forum. Perm”. It will take place on the 5th floor of the “Platinum” shopping centre situated in 80 Pushkin street, from the 10th of December 2008 up to the 10th of January 2009.

reciept from chIef-cook

Salad “Olivie”


Description This salad is the creation of a French chef, M. Olivie, who in the 1860s opened a fashionable restaurant in Moscow called The Hermitage. The present-day version has veered quite far from the original, but Salad Olivie continues to be a favorite hors d’oeuvre and side dish for entrees. Ingredients • 1 whole chicken breast, poached, boned, and skinned, or 1/2 pound lean cooked veal. • 1 pound all-purpose potatoes, boiled in their skins and peeled. • 2 medium Cucumbers in Brine. • 1 cup cooked fresh or frozen peas. • 1 medium onion, finely chopped. • 1 cup Mayonnaise. • 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered. • 8 large black Greek olives. • 8 sprigs parsley. Method Serves 8-10 as an appetizer or 6 as an entree Cut the cooked chicken and potatoes into 1/2inch cubes. Peel the cucumbers and also cut into 1/2-inch cubes. In a large bowl, combine the meat, potatoes, cucumbers, green peas, and onion. Add the mayonnaise and mix gently, so those ingredients are not mashed. Refrigerate the salad until serving time (but for no longer than 4 hours). Variation: Vegetable Salad Olivie Omit the chicken or veal to make a delicious meatless side dish.

The forum program includes: 1. The selling exhibition of pictures. 2. Master classes on painting and graphic arts. 3. Alive discussions with painters. 4. Performances. The “Art-forum” will be the first project

of the “Platinum” exhibition hall. Union members, caricaturists of the “Pecar” club as well as independent painters and photographers will take part in it. According to the event organizers, the name of the exhibition has a symbolic meaning. First of all it’s a superb gift for the New Year, secondly it might remind visitors of eternal and beautiful things and make them recall that the most precious thing is the Russian soul but not the commercial side of life, the content and not the exterior. All in all, the exhibition is going to become the platinum decoration

of the Perm region cultural treasury. The forum way of the event organization was chosen on purpose. Forum implicates an open, informal meeting where everyone can talk to professionals in art and see the course of development and main creations of Perm art. The forum is organized by: Progress2000 LLC, “Andre” cultural and production centre (the director: Andrei Trusov, tel.: 293-81-49) and Designer Lekha-kha. The project will give a chance to people to come back to the time when the art wasn’t yet commercialized and beginning painters exposed their works on commonplace fairs

and not in specialized salons. On the opening day – the 10th of December - at 16:00 the presentation of a new salon “Platinum” is going to take place. Its visitors will participate in the unusual interactive performance and will be able to express openly their creative potential. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. up to 8 p.m., seven days a week. At the first week after the opening (from the 10th up to the 17th of December) – the admission is free. We are looking forward to see you here.

“Green Art”. “Revision” O

Petersburg but even in Tokyo and New York. The event is especially precious since all silkscreening reproductions are signed by their authors including the works by Pirogov and Novikov.

n the 9th of December the Perm contemporary art gallery will see the opening of the exhibition “Revision”. It is going to represent the most important trends in contemporary Russian art, represented by silk-screening works by prominent Russian artists. Many works exposed there are extremely popular partly due to their scandalous history. It refers to “My flesh” by Alexander

Kosolapov. In 2005 a religious fanatic crushed it by a hammer at an art exposition. The painters and their works represent

the most progressive trend of the Russian contemporary art. The pictures have been exposed not only in Moscow and St.

The exhibition is open from the 10th of December 2008 up to the 14th of January 2009. Working hours: 12 a.m. – 18 p.m., the admission is free. The “Green Art” gallery. 14 Ordzhonikidze Str. Tel.: +7 902 4734788. Date: from 9.12.2008 up to 14.01.2009.

Mikoulich “Painting by my heart”


ergei Alexandrovich Mikoulich is a rarely miscellaneous person. He has successfully realized himself as a painter, a teacher and a public man striving for consolidating contacts with foreign partners. He has devoted forty years of his life to the art, practicing graphic arts, sculpture and painting being fascinated most of all by easel painting. His anniversary exhibition represents more than 200 of his works in different styles and genres. One can feel that the author is an

excellent observer who reconstructs very thoughtfully human world and nature. In his landscapes he mostly concentrates on tranquil transient states. In portraits he aims at depicting outstanding personal features. With that his models are distinguished by their inartificial beauty and truth to nature. The painter has been always interested in Russian history. He addresses to it in various periods of his creation. Thus he wrote a wonderful composition “Ivan the Great” anticipating

the mess in Russian society. The picture is filled with grandeur and tragedy. The painter depicts scenes of folk life and folk stories as well (“Saltichikha”, “Emelya the Fool”). Landscapes have always been paid special attention in his works. Mikoulich is keen on Russian realistic landscapes of the Itinerants tradition. He is mostly a plainair painter like many artists of Russian realism. Every year he travels around Russia enjoying changing, elusive beauty of our quiet and marvelous

nature. In recent years he began to prefer panoramic works and large formats, vitalizing colors and making them the most expressive way of representation. The painter has been participating in art exhibitions in Perm region for a long time. He’s also famous in other regions of Russia and in foreign countries. The House of Painters. 27 Gorky Street. Tel. 8 (342) 219-05-74 From the 12th of December 2008 up to the 10th of January 2009. Date: 12.12.2008 10.01.2009

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008



All your questions and requests concerning Investor Searching information posted in THE PERM DAYS please send by e-mail INFO@PIMG.RU or ask by skype ALJONA.MOUSE

THE NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS BILL New Year (the night of December 31st/ January 1st) is one of the most wonderful holidays, which has specific charm in Russia. In the West the New Year is taken as a modest addition to Christmas, but in Russia it is one of the most welcome, favorite and really nationwide holidays. Reminisce about this day, people think of the charming scent of fir, around which one danced with friends, aroma of tangerines, which are present at every New Year’s table, and the Grandpa Frost presents, lying under the tree. The New Year is the night when you want to believe in magic, in realization of the most incredible dream, which you wish yourself during the bell of Chimes (the major clock of Russia, situated at the Red Sqaure), in that the coming year will bring you only good. This is the night, when people pour out to the night streets and absolute strangers are happy to each other like the best friend. There are a lot of traditions in celebration of the New Year in Russia. First of all it is mummers, buffoon and men of motley as an echo of Slavic paganism. The era of Peter the First and other ruling reformers brought us the New Year tree with decorations and fireworks, Santa Clause and the New Year table (Russia didn’t know such delicacies as Olivie salad and vinaigrette, porridge and pies were enough). The Soviet Union time gave us the Grandpa Frost with Snow maiden, tradition of Champagne and tangerines, and the bell of Chimes. So, celebrate this night and the rest of the New Year holidays to remember it as a happy, bright and joyful. Visit friends, celebrate anyone you meet at the streets.

Parties Arena «Spartak» 9 Rabochaia str. Tel. 8 (342) 220-33-09 On the night of December 31st 2008 another “Force Major” party is going to take place. It would be logically to consider that the main feature of the party is the New Year. The organizers promise to throw the greatest and wonderful New Year’s party. The party invited guest is Danish DJ Sebastian Brandt. Besides that the following DJ’s will perform at the main dance floor: DJ Gerasimov, DJ Freak, DJ Major, DJ Casto and DJ Startsev. The VIP dance floor will be ignited by DJ Aztec, DJ Killer, DJ Melodia и DJ Deni Pool. The party admission fee is 700 rubles with flyer and 800 rubles without it.

Panorama 37 Kuibysheva str. Tel. 8 (342) 233-41-81. The official afterperty

«Christmas season» at the Opera • The «Christmas season» will start on December 26th at 19:30 with concert “The New Year carnival with “Aristocrat””. Artists of the Perm opera theatre and brassquintet “Aristocrat” will perform popular jazz tunes. The brass-band “Aristocrat” includes the best brass-musicians of Perm: Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Rustam Zighanshin – trumpet, Sergei Yeskov – trumpet, Konstantin Berezin – flugerhorn, AlekseyKaleynikov – trombone, Aleksey Sokolov – trumpet, Vladimir Stepantsov – percussion. The orchestra plays dance, classic, jazz and march music. The artists took part in different international jazz festivals, during summer 2008 they had a series of music soirees at the Perm Opera and Ballet theatre square, performed in France and Italy. This night concert will include performances of such opera soloists as Natalia Buklaga, Larisa

of the New Year “Force Major” is to be held at the “Panorama” club from 6.30 to 12.00. Everybody who would survive after the celebration night will enjoy performances of DJ Gerasimov, DJ Major and DJ Deni Pool.

Limping Horse

(Khromaya Loshad)

9 Kuibysheva str. Tel. 8 (342) 237-52-75, During the whole week before the New Year the club guests will participate in “cuisines and dances of the five continents” show. Cowboy Harry and his girlfriend Mary will make bet that on the Limping Horse they could make a journey around the world and come back to their saloon during the single night. In the course of the trip they are going to taste rice in Japan, play snowballs with the Grandpa Frost, in Arctic, cross the equator and visit the “Moulin Rouge”. There’ll be no time for boredom, guaranteed!

like to invite you to start celebration of the New Year in the theatre, where the holiday concert “The New Year’s Night Dream” will be held with participation of the best opera soloists and philharmonic orchestra. The concert starts at 18.00.

Kell, Aisulu Hasanova (a laureate of the All-russian competition in honor of V. Barsovoi), Dmitriy Bobrov, Pavel Braghin, Aleksandr Pogudin. • Since December 16th until January 5th the ballet troupe of the theatre is going to perform in the Netherlands. At the stage of Holland theatre “Rai” the Perm artists, accompanied with students

Bionica 5 Gazety “Zvezda” str. Tel. 8 (342) 212-17-07 The last Home Party 2008 will be dedicated to Soyuzmultfilm studio, that’s why the main heroes of the party (Drees Code) are Snowman, Snowflake, Rabbit, Wolf, witch Baba Yaga, Koshchei the Dethless, deer, Santa Cluase and so on. Everyone of those is supposed to have corresponding accessories as sleighs, snow shovel, sliding boards, skates, skis, valenki, fur coat, cockerel hats “Dynamo”, “Ski”, “Montana”, confetti, crackers and serpentine. The participants of the home party are Grandpa Frost and Snow Maiden, accompanied by the sets of DJ Slava Mook, DJ Denis Soloviev, DJ Tagirov, DJ Tzetkin “Home Party”. December 27th (21.00) During the fussy last days of the year and the unhurried first days of the new year Bionica will hold parties with the resident DJ’s: DJ Sasha ALEX and DJ Small. The residents perform

of the Perm choreography college, will present the Amsterdam audience following performances: “Nutcracker”, “Swan lake” and “Cinderella”. The troupe will come back to Perm at Christmas, January 7th, and the first ballet performance of the year will be “Silphida”, scheduled for January 11th. • Traditionally on December 31st we would

on December 29th and 30th, January 1st, 3rd and 6th. The party start at 22.00 The New Year night in Bionica will be celebrated with participation of specially invited guest from Moscow DJ Yura. The Yura’s choice to become a musician was first of all influenced by his inner circle. His father is a musician (played trumpet), back to the 80’s his cousin was a popular Moscow DJ. Music always accompanied his life: in 3 years he finished trumpet class of the music school, listening to the greatest jazz musicians. Later his music taste followed the fashion tendencies. His collection includes music records of different styles: from hard-rock to dance music. And as always performances of the resident DJ’s DJ Sasha ALEX and DJ Small. New Year’s night December 31st 01.00 On December 2nd Denis Soloviev and the Bionica club invite everybody to take part in “The New Year’s vinaigrette”.

The ingredients for the salad are: Dance, Do You Wanna Dance, sauerkraut, East 17, pickles, Abba, pickled tomatoes brine, Give It Away, Kriss Kross, sandwiches with boiled sausage, Jakata and бутерброды с вареной колбасой, Jakata, аnd all this “vinous mirth” will be diluted by DJ Denis Soloviev, DJ Sasha ALEX and DJ Small. The New Year’s vinaigrette”. January 2nd (22.00) The first R’n’B “Fresh” party of the year will take place already on January 4th. The feature performers are: DJ Michael Yousher, DJ Fred and DJ Plotya. Fresh. January 4th 22.00 To cool down the New Year’s heat on January 5th Bionica will hold an “Ice Party” with performance of specially invited guest DJ Shevtsov (Moscow). Ice Party Janury 5th 22.00

Comedy Club 38b Gazety “Zvezda” str. Tel. 8 (342) 220-68-22 On December 31st

• During the school holydays since December 28th to January 12th we would like to welcome all the kids and their parents to the New Year shows: the lower school student – for “The Twelve Months” opera by S. Banevich, the older children – for “Snow queen” opera by S. Banevich and “Cinderella fairytale” opera by J. Massenet. During these days there will be the New Year entertainments at the theatre foyer.

The P. I. Tchaikovsky Perm Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre 25a Kommunisticheskaya Str., Tel.: 212-30-87, working hours 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tickets cost from 80 roubles.

the New Star hotel will hold an unforgettable New Year’s party with residents of the Comedy Club Gold Style. As always, there’ll be bunch of humor and positive emotions. Alas, not everyone could come to the party, because the ticket prices for the New Year’s night with comedians start from 8000 rubles. Comedy Club Gold Style December 31st

Restaurant “Bruderschaft” 12a Borchaninova str.. Tel. 8 (342) 244 93 32 This New Year (night of December 31st /January 1st) the restaurant «Bruderschaft» will offer its guests a celebration program, starring a Yekaterinburg band «Trouble in Shoes». This is not the first visit of the band to Perm, The restaurant regular customers has already heard 1950’s rock’n’roll performed by the band. Easy mood of those times and excellent blues will certainly please the restaurant guests.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

December 2008


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All your questions and requests concerning Investor Searching information posted in THE PERM DAYS please send by e-mail INFO@PIMG.RU or ask by skype ALJONA.MOUSE




n December, 20-21 Perm will host the Second Interregional Festival of Folk-Rock and Ethno Music “Tribes”.

American Corner

Gorky Perm Krai Library, left wing, floor 2, at the far end of the International Information Center Hall.

December, 17 (Sunday) 18.30 “Adventures in the Landscape of Culture” Club Meeting devoted to the USA. Theme – “USA and Russia: in the fair way to Open World: peculiarities of the exchange program for Russian and American professionals “Open World”. Special guest Pavel Dobrotvorsky, “Open World” program alumnus, will make an overview of American Presidential Elections 2008.

December, 28 (Sunday), 13:00 Christmas English Song Festival “Singing winter”. You are welcome to take part in the traditional English song festival devoted to Christmas and other winter holidays. In order to participate file an application indicating the number of participants, their names, the song you would like to perform, type of background music, contact information, university or school you study in. Applications are accepted till December, 24 (it’s possible to apply by phone 238-35-37 or by e-mail: acperm@lib. Every Tuesday, 18:00 – Debating society with Bernetta Miller Every Thursday, 18:00 (time isn’t fixed, changes are possible) – Studying English with Bernetta Miller Every Friday, 13:30 – Demonstration of British and American films Every Sunday, 15:00 – English communication club with Chris Rasmussen

For additional information dial 238-35-37

EDITOR’S NOTE If you are interested in the additional information about the materials posted in the newspaper and you can’t find it – feel free to send a request via the e-mail We will try to find everything you need.

The idea of putting Perm krai into the center of Russian and world folk culture might seem the way too ambitious, but organizers strive hard to make their dream come true. The name of the festival implies that music bands personalize tribes that come together for a big reunion taking a dive into the world of music, creativity, unity of cultures and traditions. Each “tribe” will demonstrate its unique sounding, rare authentic instruments and communicate its idea of contemporary folk music. The Festival will take place on December, 21-22 in the hall of Perm Krai Youth Center (Kommunisticheskaya Street, 185, tel. 246-51-44). Two days of incomparable music events from seven cities of Russia are waiting for you. We’d like to believe that the uniqueness of their art will cause a rising tide of interest to folk music among youth and strengthen the image of Perm krai as the cultural capital of the Urals. December, 20 (13:00) ethno folk music December, 21 (17:00) folk-rock music Tickets: 2-day ticket – 350 rubles, 1-day ticket – 250 rubles For further information and booking dial 8 (912) 48-40-542, 8 (919) 70-54-991

THEATRE “U Mosta” theatre Address: 11 Kuibysheva str. Tel.: 237-5255 (box-office), 243-21-41 (info) William Shakespeare “Twelfth Night”, comedy. Vertiginous whirls of fortune, duels, deception and Love seasoned with magical music and unpredictable visual effects. December, 23, 24 (19:00) William Shakespeare “Hamlet”, tragedy, the story is thrice-told thus the plot barely bursts through. December, 25, 26 (19:00) William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”, tragedy. The world of Shakespeare is the world of passion, mystical battle field of love and hate, sin and innocence, hope and resignation. December, 27, 28 (19:00) “Christmas Gatherings” December, 29, 30 (19:00). Theatre of Young Spectator Address: Perm, 68 Bolshevistskaya str. Tel: (box-office) 212-42-76. Vladimir Voinovich “Chonkin”. Musical phantasmagoria in 2 acts. December, 13 (17:00) Vasily Shukshin “Desire to Live” Play in 2 acts staged by Ksenya Gasheva. December, 14 (18:00)

Beat Bada Boom (Orel) – ethnic drums band. Musicians use a great variety of percussion instruments. Their inspirational playing allows creating deep and rich melodics despite the band’s exclusive love for percussion. Beat Bada Boom is a regular guest and prize-winner of the Festival “Drums of the World”. Voronovo Krylo (Raven’s Wing, Perm) is an independent project and creative studio that unites ethnic drummers, folk singers, and experimental musicians. They strive to create a peculiar space of cultural synthesis through integration of ethnic and music traditions. Musicians use a lot of ethnic instruments from different countries of the world. IN (Yekaterinburg) is pure sound and vibration each time generating new sounding! Rhythmus of life, rhythmus of death, resurrection, sounds of the forest, sounds of the world, of restless time… Sounds of fire, water, wind and earth… Music imbibing the beauty undistinguished in the course of everyday life. Just for an instance you may penetrate into this world of wonder rediscovering yourself and new dimensions of life. Moon Far Away (Archangelsk): this ritual dark wave neo-folk band won wide recognition in Russia and became quite familiar abroad. Compositions of the band were included in about twenty Russian and foreign music compellations, their albums get favorable reviews in the media. Their album “White flood” is especially valuable for folk-lovers because 95% of compositions are folk songs of Archangelsk region in original arrangement. Yaros (Perm) is a band of experimental musicians sharing an original view on folk-rock music, giving brilliant performances and creating vigorous and heartful music. The band became familiar with over 20 instruments from different parts of the world. Musicians remain in constant search of curious sounding born from combination of several instruments, traditional and contemporary art forms. During the festival the band will represent their first studio album “Urals”. Skolot (Tambov) is an art folk-rock strongly influenced by Slav and Russian traditional music and folk culture. Compositions touch upon a huge period of Russian culture: from ancient times to our days, from heroic epics to joyful festive chants. Tyloburdo Bird (Izhevsk) – is a girls’ band playing experimental music based on ethic tradition. Izhevsk beauties don’t confine themselves to Russian folk songs and Udmurt ceremonial chants. One can distinguish Scandinavian and African tunes and rhythms, as well as songs of their own composition. In Perm the band is known since 2007 when it took part in KamWa Festival.

«Girls». «Take me like this…». A ballet in 1 act, show, performed by the “Fight Club” troupe. December10th (19:00) Soiree of choreography by Evgeniy Panfilov. December17th (19:00) «Women, 1945». «Hit + Hit». «Stouts ballet» and dance-company “Fight club”. December 24th (19:00) Theatre-Theatre Address: Perm, 53 Lenina str. Tel.: 236-10-92 L.A. Zhurbin “Vladimirskaya Square” A fascinating musical based after novel of F.M. Dostoevsky. December, 16 (19:00) FIRST NIGHT! V. Katayev “Quadrature of Circle” The spectator will meet Komsomol members, communists, and a passionate proletarian poet. December, 17 (19:00), January, 27 (19:00), January, 25 (18:00), January 30 (19:00) Musical Fantasy “Dialogue by the Christmas Tree” December, 31 (18:00), January, 6 (18:00), January, 7 (18:00), January, 10 (18:00), January, 11 (18:00) M. Gorky “Barbarians” January, 15 (19:00), January, 16 (19:00) The Brothers Presnyakovs “Playing Victim” (small hall) January, 20 (21:00)

Mikhai Sebastian “The Star of No Name” Unbelievable love story. December, 16 (16:00, 19:00)

A. Sukhovo-Kobylin «Tarelkin DREAM». PICARESQUE COMEDY. January, 21 (19:00)

Ivan Turgenev “Fathers and Sons” Life scenes in 2 acts staged by Adolf Shapiro. December, 18 (18:00)

Neil LaBute “Hey, You Stepped Over the Line”, performance based after the play of Neil LaBute (small hall). January, 21 (19:00)

Evgeniy Panfilov Ballet The performances are held at the Perm academic drama theatre (Address: Perm, 53 Lenina str.) Tickets booking: 271-61–01, 236–10–92.

L. Feuchtwanger “Julia Farnese” January, 22 (19:00) A. Dumas “La Tour de Nesle” (Nesle Tower) January, 24 (18:00)

N. Ostrovsky “Portionless Daughter” January, 28 (19:00) A. Chekhov “The Seagull” January, 29 (19:00) W. Shakespeare “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Improvising with Shakespeare, January, 31 (12:00; 18:00) The Brothers Presnyakovs “Playing Victim” (small hall) January, 31 (21:00)

PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY Concert program “New Year’s Kaleidoscope”. Season ticket #14 “Holiday ticket”, the first meeting, December 27 (19:00) Concert program for teenagers “Young and bold or perpetual carrousel of sounds”, Season ticket #9 “Young classics”, the second meeting, December, 31 (15:00)

Exhibitions «And the street is changing look» exhibition The exhibition tells about the history of Pokrovskaya street (now Lenina st.) Diorama museum in Motovilikha. Phone: (+7342) 267-55-82, 267-59-67 «The history of Perm cannon plants» exhibition The show is about Motovilikha settlement in the 19th and 20th centuries, about the first Russian revolution of 1905. Diorama museum in Motovilikha. Phone: (+7342) 267-55-82, 267-59-67

Concerts Patricia Kaas «Kabaret Tour». The famous French signer Patricia Kaas will introduce her new album «Cabaret». Grand hall of the Philharmonic Society (Address: Perm, 14 Kuibysheva str. Tel: (box-office) 235-14-92). December, 19 at 19:00

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