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October 2008 №9(17) The Perm Days is the newspaper for foreign guests of Perm region and english-speaking Perm and Perm region citizens

Perm regional newspaper

Production Indexes of Perm Krai Enterprises in January-August 2008

special issue - exhibition "ARABIA-EXPO" - III Moscow Real Estate Forum - MREF 2008 - MILLONAIRE FAIR - The 2nd Annual Russian Regional I nvestment Summit


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Perm furniture market looks promising for investors The Banque Societe Generale Vostok has financed a fuel & energy complex in the Urals SCANIA OFFERS CO-OPERATION Slovenia Companies Interested in Plywood Mill Production OVERVIEW OF THE INITIATION INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES IN PERM KRAI PERM SILICONE VALLEY Uralkaly raises rates Federal experts talk over plans for oil field development in Perm krai VSMPO-AVISMA IS TO EMPLOY INVESTMENT SPECIALISTS The 2nd Annual Russian Regional Investment Summit Real Estate. Expert opinion Waterpark Construction Auction for Perinatal Centre Construction is held in October

Oil extraction grew by 289.8 thousand tons i.e. of 3.9% (7813.6 thousand tons extracted over the said period). Natural gas extraction has dropped by 13.5 million cubic meters (2.1%). Among the major crude refining products leadership was divided between motor gasoline production (increased of 15%), jetengine fuel (of 8.5%), diesel-fuel oil (of 6.4%), marine diesel fuel (by factor of 1.7), petroleum bitumen (by factor of 1.2), lubricating oils (of 7.6%) . Petroleum production for chemical industry and engine oil production grew down. Primary crude oil processing volume accounted to 109.1% in comparison with last year’s January-August indices. In 8 months metallurgy succeeded in steelmaking: it grew by 2.3%. The industrial sector showed increase in production of cast iron (by factor of 1.2), finished steel manufactured from ferrous materials (of 2.8%), rolled low-al-

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loyed steel (of 8.2%), proper cast section produced in continuous casting plant (of 4.4%), rolled steel strip (of 10.7%), vanadium iron (of 1.3%), and coke (of 15.9%). Decline can be registered in production of molded steel section (decrease of 16.9%), steel net (14.8%), and powder metallurgy products (by one third). Chemical industry displayed outstanding output growth in major production types: synthetic ammonia – by 45.2 thousand tons, sodium carbonate – by 22.6 thousand tons, mineral fertilizers – by 311.6 thousand tons, synthetic rubber – by 9 tons, industrial formalin – by 14.7 thousand tons. Production of sulphur, nitrogen, styrene, ethylene, butyl and isobutyl alcohol exceeded JanuaryAugust 2007 indices. Concentrated carnallite manufacture dropped by 7.2 thousand tons (of 2.4%), as well as production of hydrochloric acid – by 2.1 thousand tons (of 8.6%), sodium hydrate – by 3.4 thou-

sand tons (of 17.3%), potassium hydroxide – by 2.8 thousand tons (of 18.7%), calcium hypochlorite – by 4.0 thousand tons (over 60%). Among major chemical pharmaceutical products vitamins manufacture was the most successful. Production of analgesic and febrifuge agents, dysbacteriosis medicaments, blood substitutes and volume expanders has decreased over the given period. Machinery and equipment sector boasts increase in production of gas turbine power plants, submersible motors, oil-field equipment, and other oil extraction facilities. Manufacturing of flexible power cables and mineral processing equipment grew by factor of 1.4, drilling rigs production increased twofold, rotary pulsers by factor of 1.3, wheel-mounted cranes – by factor of 2.4, automation equipment, instruments and spares – by factor of 1.2. Meanwhile

production of heavy electric machines dropped dramatically (79.7% in comparison with January-August 2007 indices) as well as low-power electric motors (33.2%), armored cable (84.3%), Xmas trees (79.8%), deep-well pumps (70.9%) and industrial pipeline accessories (53%). Wood processing enterprises and pulp and paper mills have increased their output of timber sleepers for standard-gauge railways (154.6%), lumber (182.1%), plywood (107.2%), fiberboards and reconstituted particle boards (105.7% and 119.9% respectively), and mill board (117.6%). Manufacturing of commercial timber (89.3%), window and door packaged units (81.8% and 78.6% respectively), paper pulp (98.6%) and paper (96%) has considerably dropped.

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investment The local authorities seek for an investor for production of mineral water PERM KRAI IS SEARCHING FOR GLASS WORKS CONSTRUCTION INVESTORS Foreign companies will advance tourist projects ELECTRIC SUBSTATION “BEREG” IS LAUNCHED IN PERM Concept of the multi-seasonal health resort & tourist center, Parma

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CULTURE YOUNG CIRCUS PERFORMERS FROM PERM MADE A GOOD SHOWING IN THE SECOND WORLD DELPHIC GAMES Diorama Becomes Communism Museum Russian Poor Exhibition Perm Gardens reciept from chIef-cook German Youths Take Path to Success in Perm JAZZ FEVER Afisha

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Пермские дни Газета Пермского края

«ПЕРМСКИЕ ДНИ» на русском языке ИНВЕСТИЦИИ ЗА РУБЕЖОМ. Голландия Уникальное предложение — Особняк из Голландии Форум MREF — крупнейшая в России международная площадка Инвестиции в условиях кризиса или оптимизация собственных жилищных условий 2-й международный форум Инвестиции в российские регионы ПРОДАЖА. Земельные участки, недвижимость

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October 2008


News in RUSSIA INDEX Abdulov Rinat.................. 8 Arhipov Vladimir........... 10 Baikonur.......................... 3 Beliy Petr....................... 10 Beresnev K..................... 10 Berezniki soda factory Corporation..................... 5 Bimatov Marat................. 9 Brodsky Alexander........ 10 Bugalevich Sergey........... 8 Chaikovsky Brick Factory................... 5 Dakon-M.......................... 3 Ermregiongaz................... 3 Florensky Alexander..... 10 Florensky Olga.............. 10 Gubakhas’ coke Corporation..................... 5 Gutov Dmitry................. 10 JSC International Distributing Grid Company.......................... 9 KamaOil Close Corp....... 6 Kamsky Kabel................. 5 Kaz Arkadiy..................... 9 Kobyak G....................... 10 Koichiro Matsuura........ 10 Koshlyakov Valery........ 10 Kryukov G..................... 10 Leyfrid Alexander............ 6 LUKOIL-Perm Ltd........... 6 LYSVA METALLURGIC WORKS............................ 5 Makhovikov Anatoly....... 6 Mezhregiongaz................ 3 Nechaev Andrey............ 12 NF&M International........ 6 Osmolovsky Anatoly..... 10 Ostrozjnikov Roman........ 5 Pavin Aleksey.................. 5 Perm Intermedia Group .......... 9 Polissky Nicolay............ 10 Polyakov V.................... 10 Radostev Boris............... 10 Romanov Yevgeniy.......... 6 RusProm Development Ltd............. 3 SCANIA........................... 5 Shtenik Igor..................... 9 Societe Generale Vostok Bank.................... 5 Terpilovsky Heinrich.... 12 Tetyukhin Vladislav........ 6 TGC-9.............................. 5 The Motovilikha Works Corporation......... 5 The Perspectiva Corporation..................... 5 The Scientific Production Association Vulcan Ltd. Corporation..................... 5 UNESCO........................ 10 Uralgazservice................. 3 Uralkaly Corporation...... 5 Uralkaly........................... 6 UralOil Ltd....................... 6 VSMPO Tirus GmbH...... 6 VSMPO-Avisma Corporation..................... 6 Zakoptelov Valery........... 9


Tatar birds of a feather may flock together Two largest poultry meat manufacturers of the republic of Tatarstan Ak Bars Holding and Agrosila Group are considering a merger deal, Kommersant reports. Ak Bars Holding owns Ak Bars Pestretsy and Kazanskaya. Agrosila Group owns Chelny Broiler Most likely the two companies will set up a new entity which will include property from both firms. Each shareholder will be issued new stock based on the total value of the property contributed. If the deal goes through, by 2011 the new JV is expected to produce 150,000 tons of poultry meat a year, which will account for 2-2.5% of Russia’s domestic market. Experts believe that the decision to consider a merger was prompted by the world financial crisis which has led to a serious lack of liquidity and higher interest rates on bank loans.

N. Novgorod

Rossiyskiye Regiony announces €5.117 million Nizhny hotel plan Nizhny Novgorod-based developer Rossiyskiye Regiony (Russian Regions) has announced €5.117 million plans to build a four-star hotel in Nizhny

Novgorod. The company’s deputy CEO Tatyana Novikova said the hotel would be built on a 9,700-square-meter site on the city’s Komsomolskaya square. The 5,200-square-meter hotel would have up to 200 guest rooms and luxury-class apartments, Ms. Novikova said. The complex would also feature a retail zone and a multi-level parking, she added. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2009 and last two years.


€313.6 million Krasnodar technopark

& residential plan unveiled Moscow-based investment firm and developer Alur has announced plans to build a €280 million technopark and €33.6 million residential complex in the town of Kropotkin, Krasnodar region. Under plans, the firm is to rent a 2-hectare site for the residential complex and 200-hectare site next to railway junction to build the technopark, the firm said. The firm hope to attract investors to build light industry and food processing companies in the technopark. The 50,000-square-meter residential complex would mainly feature economyclass apartment blocks. Both projects are scheduled to be implemented by 2010.

FIRST ARAB EXHIBITION IN MOSCOW “ARABIA–EXPO” Moscow, “Crocus Expo” Exhibition Center, October 22–24, 2008


ZUMK in race for $1bn Turkmen tender Perm region-based West-Urals Machine Engineering Company ZUMK is one of just two bidders for a €731 million Turkmenistan potassium deposit, according to the company. The other firm in the running is China’s Tamplan. Turkmenistan announced the tender to lure manufacturers to take advantage of its rich Garlyksky potassium deposit which could fetch €731 million. Under the project, the winning bidder is supposed to build a mining complex with an annual capacity of 4 million tons of potassium and a factory to annually process 1 million tons of potassium chloride and 200,000 tons of potassium sulfate.


Chelyabinsk Pipe’s €19 million flux expansion Chelyabinsk Pipe Factory has announced €19 million plans to launch new ceramic flux production lines, the firm reported today. A spokesperson for the company, which is a ChTPZ subsidiary, said the equipment would be supplied by a European company but declined to name the supplier. Under plans, the new line is to be put into operation in mid-2009 and produce 14,000 tons of flux a year.

“ARABIA– EXPO”: YOUR KEY TO THE RUSSIAN MARKETS! ● Unique opportunity for Arab and Russian companies ● Exhibition grounds of the “Crocus Expo”, one of the largest exhibition centers in Russia ● Production and Services of key Arab and Russian companies ● New projects for cooperation ● Establishment of contacts and opprtunities for interaction ● Substantial work and leisure program



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October 2008


INFRASTRUCTURE What is The Perm region? A region of the Russian Federation. It’s situated at the joint of eastern outskirts of East European Plain and western flanks of Ural mountains. Formed after integration of the Perm oblast and KomiPermyak Okrug on December, 1st 2005. Administrative town — Perm Area — 160 600 sq. m. Population — 2 730 892 people Federal district — Volga region Economic district — Urals Time zone MSK+2 (UTC+5; UTC+6 in summer)

Rivers Rivers of the Perm region are related to Kama river basin, the major left tributary of Volga river. There are more than 29 thousand rivers in the region, and their total length is more than 90 thousand kilometers. Kama river (1805 km) and its left tributary Chusovaya river (592 km) are the only two rivers, accounted as big rivers (e.g. longer than 500 km).

hematite, peat, limestone, precious, semi-precious and cap stones, building materials are mined in the region.

Minerals The Perm region is rich with various minerals. Oil, gas, coal, mineral salts, gold, diamonds, chromites and brown

Fauna There are 62 species of mammals (more than 30 of them are marketable ones), more than 270 birds species, 39 fish

Flora The dominant vegetation in the Perm region is coniferous forest. They cover 71% of the region territory. The prevalent breeds of trees are spruce and silver fir. Quantity of deciduous trees increases to the south.

species, 6 vermigrade species and 9 amphibian species. Predator animals are represented with common marten and wolves, widely spread all over the region territory. Also there are ermine and weasel; there are badger and otter in the southern regions and wolverine – in the northern regions. There are bears and lynxes in small number. The most diffuse cloven-hoofed mammal in the region is moose deer. Currently the region is conducting works at acclimatization and breeding fur-bearing animals such as beaver, raccoon dog, musk beaver, arctic fox, burrow.

PERM IS TO BECOME A LARGE MODERN LOGISTIC CENTER As statistics and the authorities’ plan for the construction of the first Perm logistic center indicate


ccording to the economic planning department of the city administration, the indices for the first half of 2008 show a pronounced increase in freight carriage undertaken by both large and medium motor-service enterprises. This data proves that Perm considerably exceeds other cities of the Volga federal district. The turn-over of freight for large and medium enterprises has also increased; today it proves to be higher than in other cities of the federal district. Such indices clearly indicate that Perm has already become a large transportation and logistic center. Professionals say that Perm krai has

Freight, thousand tons in January – June 2008 Perm

4 978


3 750


3 295

Nizhny Novgorod


Izhevsk outstanding conditions for logistical development. Firstly, it has a favorable geographic position on the border of Europe and Asia: it stands at the intersection of transcontinental railroad, motorway and air lines plus a waterway to Northern and Southern Europe. Secondly, Perm krai boasts a well-developed infrastructure providing freight transfer by means of various transportation modes and powerful freight traffic. Finally krai is demon-

817,3 strating a fast pace of economic development and a favorable investment climate. In the middle of September it was reported that RusPromDevelopment Ltd. (Yekaterinburg) is set to build the first large trans-regional logistic center in Perm krai. The company’s representatives have chosen a site of 50 square hectares in the village of Zvezdny. According to the plan, Zvezdny is to become a construction site for an A-type logistics center

with building expenses of The turn-over of freight for large and medium enterprises has also increased; today it proves to be higher than in other cities of the federal district. Such indices clearly indicate that Perm has already become a large transportation and logistic center. Today the Perm krai Ministry of Commerce has already received offers from eight logistic companies including Russia’s largest operators: Avalon, the Limited Society RusPromDevelopment and Eurasia-Logistic Coproration. Thirty one potential investors of krai, federal and international level have shown a strong financial interest in the project.

Auction in Chaykovsky Failed

The auction for the sale of the leasehold estate in Chaykovsky is seen as aborted. Because he was unable to pay the sum demanded, the only applicant did not attend. The initial cost of the lot amounted to €360 thousand. The Chaykovsky council was going to let 5.8 hectares of land for three years and later pass it into the ownership of the tenant on the expiry of the term. The auction required the land to be used only for the construction of shopping centres and stores. The piece of land is going to be tendered once again at a lower price.

Perm scientists equip the International Space Station

Last month the cargo spacecraft, Progress, was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome and received a Dakon-M (modernized transducer of convection) device to the International Space Station. Specialists in the general Physics Department at the Perm State University produced the device. Work with the device began on 22 September after the spacecraft docked. The device is intended for research into the science of space materials, the physics of liquids in zero gravity and gravitational conditions at the ISS. Physicists of the Perm State University are the key people pursuing these researches. It should be mentioned that the scientists continue research conducted previously at the Mir orbital station.



he Perm krai Property fund puts up to auction 12.05% of the Closed JSC Uralgazservice and 25.01% of the Limited Society Permregiongaz shares that belong to the krai administration. The administration’s share in Permregiongaz is planned to be sold at an open-bid auction scheduled for October 28. The shareholding reserve

price amounts to €8.6 million. The minimum incremental increase is set to reach 5% or €428 thousand. Bids will be admitted from 19 September to 22 October. In September the Perm krai Agency for the Management of Federal Property notified the Limited Society Mezhregiongaz of their intention to sell 25.01% of the company’s shares. Mezhregiongaz holds

74.01% thus it enjoys a preferential redemption option. However, the Permregiongaz rates the Administration’s share at €3 million. Uralgazservice shares are to be sold through a public offering with downward prices adjustment. Tenders will be organized from 30 October to 16 December. The shareholding reserve price is expected to reach

€2.8 million. Every three business days if no customer appears the price will be lowered by €141 thousand. The minimal shareholding price should arrive at €1.4 million. In October last year JSC Gazpromregiongaz (Open JSC Gazprom’s subsidiary distribution company) that holds 75% of Uralgazservice shares refused to redeem Perm krai’s 12.05% for €2.8 million.

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Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008


industry Production Indexes of Perm Krai Enterprises in January-August 2008


Over the set period enterprises specialized in construction materials production augmented the output of major production types: industrial lime, gypsum, walling materials, construction bricks, heavy wall components, light wall components of foam mortar, plain concrete articles, and aggregates. Production of construction lime (62% in comparison with January-August 2007 indices), cement (96.9%), precast structures (98.7%), ready-mix concrete (87%) and mortar (81.6%) has been reduced. Textile, clothing and footwear manufacture demonstrated growth in production of knitwear (15.6%) and garment (18%). Meanwhile production release of staple artificial fiber yarn decreased approximately by one third, silk fabrics – of 11.6%, hosiery – of 7.7%, and footwear – of 29.2%. In January-August 2008 turnover volume of overall business activity accounted to: 1. Mining operations – 77869,4 million rubles (€21 821.9981) 2. Manufacturing enterprises – 380429,6 million rubles (€10 661 099 263.2532) 3. Energy production and distribution – 76944,1 million rubles (€2 156 269 353.9663) 4. Gas production and distribution – 367149,8 million rubles (€10 288 948 237.1602) 5. Water production and distribution – 69848,5 million rubles (€1 957 423 375. 8081) Enterprises turnover volume reflects their commercial activity. It includes cost of the shipped goods produced by the enterprise, services and operations performed using enterprises’ own resources, and sales revenues from purchased goods (net of VAT, excise tax and other similar commitments). Production output in kind for January-August 2008 is the following: Major Production Types Release JanuaryAugust 2008

August 2008 % in respect of July 2008

% in respect of JanuAugust ary2007 August 2007

Mining Operations Oil Extraction (including gas 7813,6 101,1 105,2 103,9 condensate), thousand tons Combustible natural gas, million 633,0 105,7 95,2 97,9 cubic meters Gas from gas and gas condensate fields (natural), 220,8 128,1 89,9 94,5 million cubic meters Oil well gas, mil412,2 98,7 97,5 99,8 lion cubic meters Woodworking and Wood Articles Production Wood sawing and molding, wood treatment Lumber, thousand 801,4 75,4 152,4 182,1 cubic meters Scale wood, plywood, board, and panel board production Overlaid plywood, thousand 132,0 112,9 116,8 107,2 cubic meters Fiberboard, thousand conventional 10172,9 108,8 101,1 105,7 square meters Particle board, thousand con173,8 126,6 136,4 119,9 ventional cubic meters

Paper and Pulp Industry Paper pulp (at by pulp cooking), 52933 101,8 factor tons of 3,3 Paper, tons 374151 113,1 91,9 Mill board, tons 127801 102,9 108,5 Carton boxes, thousand square 75707,0 105,1 107,7 meters Coke, Petrochemical and Nuclear Materials Production Petrochemical materials production Crude oil processing, thou8376,8 100,0 103,9 sand tons Motor gasoline, 1070,0 100,3 126,5 thousand tons Diesel fuel, 2541,2 101,3 105,6 thousand tons Residual oil, 1184,4 91,6 117,2 thousand tons Mineral lubricating oil, thousand 287,9 93,4 102,8 tons Coke including 6% moisture con356,4 95,7 107,7 tent, thousand tons Chemical Industry Synthetic ammonia, thousand 937,4 188,2 112,5 tons Hydrochloric 21,8 91,8 65,7 acid, Caustic ash, 333,8 100,5 103,8 thousand tons Sodium hydrate, 16,2 68,0 100,0 thousand tons Mineral fertilizers, total, thou- 5171,3 100,6 104,4 sand tons Including Nitric fertilizers 673,1 171,6 121,9 Potassium fertil4498,2 95,7 102,5 izers Synthetic resin and plastic ma19,4 92,6 22,3 terials, thousand tons Lacquer and paint production Lacquer and paint materials, 2072 62,9 71,3 tons Pharmaceutical Production Blood substitutes and other volume ex1635,0 150,0 0,6 panders, thousand ampoules Analgesic, febrifuge and antiphlogistic 51104,0 100,0 19,4 agents, thousand packs Rubber and Plastic Production Plastic articles Plastic sheets, 986 74,8 77,6 tons Other plastic 1083 105,4 109,8 articles, tons Constructional plastic facilities Reinforced by plastic win206,0 119,0 factor dows, thousand of 2,1 square meters Solid Nonmetallic Mineral Products Manufacture Construction brick, million 118,6 98,2 114,6 conventional bricks

98,6 96,0 117,6 106,4

109,1 115,0 106,4 117,2 107,6


105,1 91,4 107,3 82,7 106,4

135,1 103,1 86,4




103,7 112,1



Cement, lime and gypsum production Cement, thou1219,6 74,7 56,9 96,9 sand tons Constructional lime, thousand 39,4 100,0 72,6 62,0 tons Gypsum, thou124,8 95,6 136,5 109,2 sand tons Ready-mix concrete Concrete mix (salable produc129,8 106,2 75,4 87,0 tion), thousand cubic meters Concrete, gypsum and cement facilities production Heavy wall components (including basement concrete 6,7 90,9 125,0 142,6 components), million conventional bricks Light wall components of foam mortar, million 88,3 93,1 105,6 113,4 conventional bricks Assembled reinforced concrete constructions 389,2 93,1 80,1 98,7 and spares thousand cubic meters Metallurgy and Metalware Production Metallurgy Steel, thousand 545,5 97,1 95,3 102,3 tons Including Electric steel 201,6 93,7 102,7 99,7 Rolled iron, 427,0 97,6 91,1 102,8 thousand tons Including profiled 348,2 98,4 91,0 103,4 sheet 78,8 94,8 91,5 100,2 Steel pipes, tons 2911 115,4 100,3 112,3 Rolled steel strip, 27,6 99,2 131,9 110,7 thousand tons Machinery and Equipment Production Hydraulic and propeller engines, downhole 1456 141,5 100,0 81,3 motors and naturally aspirated engines Centrifugal steam and power 5955 80,6 118,3 130,5 driven pumps, items Pipeline control valves, thousand 52,2 67,7 33,6 53,0 items Electrical Accessory, Electronic and Optical Equipment Production by Gas turbo power в 2,2 320,0 factor 127,7 plant, thousand kW р. of 3,2 Steam, combustion, and hydraulic turbine 92,0 — — 23,0 generators, thousand kW Heavy electric 1000 126,4 82,2 79,7 machines, items Low-power elec5,2 189,1 22,7 33,2 tric motors, items Armored cable, 13696 53,5 44,5 84,3 km Magnet and enameled wire, 4033 77,4 70,0 88,1 tons

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008



Perm furniture market looks promising for investors

xperts agree that the furniture market in Perm is still in the process of development. There is neither any differentiation of companies according to market segments nor gradation into leaders or outsiders. According to one of the competitors, “our

performance of 8% is not very impressive compared to 28-30% of annual growth in other regions”. On the other hand the rapidly growing market is highly advantageous for investors, unlike the one in Moscow that is already saturated. The Perm region is rich in the resources

needed for furniture manufacturing, i.e. the production of Perm woodworking, wood-chemical and oil refining industries. Experts claim that “our producers are in a favorable situation: their expenses on raw and other materials are much lower than in many other Russian regions. We have all


the necessary factors to encourage the development of our furniture industry”. The situation can be changed when the Russian Federation enters the WTO. The market will be opened for foreign producers with whom only the largest trade networks will manage to compete.

The Banque Societe Generale Vostok has financed a fuel & energy complex in the Urals


branch of the Societe Generale Vostok Bank in Ekaterinburg contracted for an open-ended credit amounting to €19.5 million with the Open Joint Stock Company Territorial Generating Company #9 (TGC-9).

The GM of the Societe Generale Vostok Bank branch Aleksey Pavin: — The Societe Generale Vostok Bank always invests in the fuel & energy complex of Russia, which is just being reformed and developed. The bank issued loans to Open JSC Volga Territorial Generation Company and Open JSC Territorial Generating Company #10 (Chelyabinsk region). The disbursement of so large amount in one tranche clearly shows the steadiness of the bank’s liquidity despite the world economic crisis.

The contract had

been made for a term of one year: the credit transaction was granted fully in September though. Open JSC TGC-9 has received all the financing so far. Money resources have been put into the replenishment of circulating assets and into capital expenditure financing.


ast month the SCANIARUS Concern representatives invited Perm carriers to the SCANIA-Piter factory to introduce the production process of one of the most durable and sound buses in the world that meets Euro-4 ecological requirements.

position among other industrial cities that experience considerable demand for SCANIA products. The region has an economically advantageous location. It is situated on the border of Europe and Asia thus Perm carriers can easily supply goods to both Siberia and Central Russia at low transportation costs. The regional infrastructure is rapidly developing. Perm krai is an essential road junction that has a high freight turnover. It is crossed by the TransSiberian line and a major federal motorway.

The company informed their guests of possible business prospects in the Perm region. Apart from passenger transportation the region takes an interest in the concern’s activity because Perm occupies a central


he new plant manufacturing large-format plywood and curved glued products is starting its operations in Gremyachinsk at the end of 2008. Perm region has already received the first advance orders for its production. Potential customers include both factories from Russia and enterprises from abroad, namely in Slovenia. Rosplit Ltd has invested in the plywood mill construction plant. The timber factory is going to be built at the industrial site of the former machinery works.

Every year the plant is expected to manufacture 18 thousand square metres of curved glued products and 60 thousand square metres of plywood. Birch log is going to serve as the raw material for production. The project is expected to be implemented in two stages. The first stage will involve the organization of curved glued products manufacture. In four months it is planned to start up production and then achieve the expected capacity in 2009. The second stage starting in the March of 2009 is going to entail the producing of plywood.


Slovenia Companies Interested in Plywood Mill Production

MOTOVILIKHA WORKS INTRODUCES COMPOUND COMPUTER-BASED DESIGN-FOR MANUFACTURING SYSTEM. It is a software system, automating engineering tasks and intended to reduce the period of product development and pilot production. The system includes licensed software for engineering (Inventor) and technological (TechnologiCS) paperwork management, electronic repository and document circulation, articles, materials and equipment databases. It allows for creating a single information environment within a holding. Over 15 thousand product net contents and drafts, information of seven thousand materials, 2.7 thousand equipment stock units and 1100 technical processes have already been entered into the system. LYSVA METALLURGIC WORKS SETS A GAS-STOVE PRODUCTION SUBSIDIARY. The Open JSC Lysva Metallurgic Works turned a gas-stove production workshop into an independent legal entity – Limited Society LPZ-PP. It provided the new manufacturing unit with authorized capital of 39.2 million rubles (1.6 million dollars). Thus 100% of capital share belongs to the parental enterprise. Perm plywood manufacturing plant Ltd. plans to redouble the production of laminated wood chipboard (150 thousand cubic meters per year) and increase the output of laminated veneer threefold (130 thousand cubic meters a year). About €39.8 million is to be invested in the project. Now the second stage of the plant’s reconstruction is under way. According to the GM of the factory, Roman Ostrozjnikov, the plant has the potential to become a major factory of its type in Europe after it reaches the programmed output. Gubakhas’ coke Corporation (part of the United Metallurgic Company – OMK) has increased the output volume of gross coke by 23% over the first eight months of 2008 so the production reached 356.9 thousand tonnes. In August alone the plant produced 45.1 thousand tonnes of gross coke. Berezniki soda factory Corporation (BSF, Berezniki, Perm Krai) will begin to produce heavy soda ash in 2009. The enterprise is carrying out investment programmes to expand the production of light (type A) and heavy (type B) soda. There are only two businesses producing soda ash – the plants in Sterlitakamsk and Berezniki. After new capacity is put into operation, BSF plans to come to the fore in the Russian market. Uralkaly Corporation (Berezniki, Perm krai) has concluded several contracts with Mining Technology SIMAG (Switzerland) and plans to invest over €54 million to modernize mine hoists. It is expected that five hoists will be replaced. German SIEMAG will manufacture mechanical parts for the new machines; Siemens is to make wiring systems for the hoists. Chaikovsky Brick Factory Close Corporation plans to launch the second line of production; it be able to ramp up production from 1.5 to 5 million units per month. It will be able to supply the needs of Perm Krai for these building materials. The Perspectiva Corporation has started up the plant Nascor, producing low-rise buildings in Perm krai. The factory is supposed to build about 100 thousand sq. m. of living area a year. The houses have a solid and at the same time a light structure, trimmed by chipboards on the outside and by gypsum plasterboards on the inside. The Motovilikha Works Corporation has begun the installation of the Italian forging complex Danieli. The basic work is to finish by the end of this year; the complex will be launched in 2009. The forging accuracy after putting the complex into operation is expected to increase 20 times; the working efficiency is expected to double. The Danieli Complex of three thousand tonnes capacity can process forging weighting up to 15 tonnes. Kamsky Kabel (Kamkabel, Kama cable) Ltd. has instigated the production of cables for medium and high voltage with cross-linked polyethylene. At present, the production of such cables for high voltage (up to 220 kilovolt) is produced only by Kamsky kabel in Russia. The Scientific Production Association Vulcan Ltd. Corporation (Osa City, Perm Krai) has launched the production of continuous basalt fiber. According to the proposal, it is planned to organize an up-to-date industrial production of basalt fiber and its primary materials. Over €1.8 million has been invested in the enterprise so far. Several supply contracts have been already signed with businesses in Russia and Kazakhstan; it is expected to arrange deliveries to other countries subsequently.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008



For the first time in Perm — the special offer for non-locals Four-room apartment in the wellknown Governor’s house

We draw to your attention our special autumn offer – a magnificent apartment in the well-known Governor’s house. The site: it is at an intersection of the 25 October, Sibirskaya and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets. The most well known governors of Perm krai lived in this house - Gennady Igumnov and Jury Trutnev. On the third floor of the ten-storied house you are surrounded by the whole epoch of the Post-Soviet period. Hundred twenty three square metres. A cosy courtyard, good neighbors and never-ending nostalgia for Russia’ Post-Soviet epoch.

The area – 123 sq. m, including a habitable 83 sq.m. 3rd floor. Protected territory, parking, furniture, quality furnishings, three loggias and two bathing areas.

Phone contact the seller: +7 922 64 64 644

The largest Russian IT Company, IBS, and the Administration of the City of Perm signed a memorandum to establish an IT resource center IBS and the Perm authorities signed a partnership agreement that stipulates all the stages of their networking till 2011. “We still have to complete several technological procedures and sign an agreement. We’ll be done by the end of September”, said the Head of the City


n November the Uralkaly Corporatio will begins negotiations with importers of fertilizer to China. It is expected that contracts will be made in 2009 at a price of €578 per tonne.

Country, city

Russia, Perm

Seller, country

Agent, Russia

Purpose, variants of development

Area of low-rise blocks of flats Main permitted kinds of development the territory: - Single family-houses of 1-4 floors with a parcel; - Blocks of two-flat houses of 1-4 floors with and without a parcel. - Block of flats not higher than 4 floors with and without a parcel. - Offices and bureaus for organizations, companies. - Petrol stations Service: gas, electricity


25 ha


• 15 minutes from the city center • It is planned to build a shopping center nearby.


1 000 000 Euro



one of the Perm universities. The total volume of investments is expected to reach €2.8 million. At the present moment IBS representatives are negotiating about the center’s future location. The IBS office center is likely to be built in Iva, one of the new residential areas.

Besides, Uralkaly has reached its new export price maximum. The

price for the delivery of muriate amounts to €795 per tonne. It

confirms that there is a shortfall in a segment of the market for potash manures which has counteracted the current unfavorable state of the raw material market. Extra profits, made as a result of the price increase in fertilizers, can be used to buy assets within the bounds of the investment plan. Otherwise, money will be sent for the redemption of stock or for the distribution of dividends.

Federal experts talk over plans for oil field development in Perm krai

For sale A parcel, Sverdlovsky district, Uyzhny mini-district

tems in Russia. The company is planning a considerable extension to the center by the end of 2008. In five years the IBS subsidiary programming center in Perm is supposed to become the basic company structure. The project assumes the introduction of a Master’s degree program in

Uralkaly raises rates

Experts expect that China’s position will weaken because of a redistribution of deliveries to the home market which will provoke a reduction of supplies.

Building, place

Administration Senior Deputy, Anatoly Makhovikov. Back in August 2007 IBS had already declared its intention of setting up an educational and manufacturing center The project’s major objective is to attract regional professionals to develop information management sys-


he Central Commission in Mining Development considered the development projects of 28 oil deposits, situated in Perm Krai. Shortly the oil companies LUKOIL-Perm Ltd., UralOil Ltd. and KamaOil Close Corp. will be able to imple-


The GM of LUKOIL-Perm Ltd Alexander Leyfrid: — Those deposits, which we used to reckon economically and technically ineffective and unprofitable, are getting back to life now. New methods are coming into service and making it possible to extend the output of reservoirs.

ment new methods of oil extraction, as recommended by scientists. The research conducted by oil institutes show that oil resources in the

region are not depleted so far. The commission is working for the third time in Perm Krai, whereas usually the consideration of such

projects is held in Moscow, excluding both Perm Krai and the Tyumen region. Undoubtedly, it says a lot about the special attention the Mining Federal Agency is paying towards the region where oil production has been ongoing for over 80 years.


ew director general of the Open JSC VSMPOAvisma Corporation has declared that personnel transfer wouldn’t bring any revolutionary changes to the company. Yevgeniy Romanov succeeded Vladislav Tetyukhin who became the corporation president. According to Romanov, in the near future specialists in investment processes would proceed to business.

Today the company’s personnel deficit exceeds two thousand employees. “The redistribution of the company’s human resources seems quite possible. Here we should take into account two of our basic concepts: stockholders’ interests and the material incentives of the company’s employees”, said Mr. Romanov. Incidentally in the beginning of September the Closed JSC

VSMPO-Avisma Corporation and its subsidiaries concluded an insurance contract for grounding liabilities with the Limited Society Renaissance Insurance Group. Apart from cover for the directing agency the insurance also covers its subsidiary enterprises: Tirus International SA (Switzerland), VSMPO Tirus Ltd. (UK), VSMPO Tirus GmbH (Germany), and NF&M International (USA). The

contract’s currency extends to August 2009 and includes risks re-insurance in the international insurance market. The benefit payments ceiling amounts to €367 million ($500 million). The contract makes provision for all the losses that VSMPO-Avisma and its subsidiaries might incur in case of aircraft damage or flight cancellation imposed by the administrative authorities of a country.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008






“Возможность познакомиться с многообразием взглядов и реальным опытом в вопросах инвестирования в российские регионы”, Сергей Саликов, АНКОР

The 2 nd Annual Russian Regional Investment Summit

Adam Smith Conferences (London) is delighted to announce that preparations have begun for the 2nd Annual Russian Regional Investment Summit, which will take place on 11 th—13 th November 2008 in the Marriott Grand Hotel in Moscow. Both Russian and multinational companies are rapidly expanding into regions to ensure future growth and competitive advantage. Although cities with the population

of 1 million people and over still remain the hottest destinations, regional towns with the populations half that size and less are seeing rapid change. This conference will focus not only on the commercial opportunities that exist in many regional cities in Russia; it will also cover the current business environment, including tax and legal; relationship with the local governments; local populations in specific regions and whether

their purchasing power can support growing businesses. To address all these and many other issues, we’ve included many interesting topics and incorporated exciting new formats into this year’s programme. Please download the current draft agenda from this page now and do give us your views on it!

MAIN TOPICS: • Plans and initiatives of the new Russian government in relation to regional development • Comparative analysis of regions – business development perspective • Key factors behind spectacular growth of specific regions and regional cities • Comparative landscape of legislation and tax schemes • Krasnodar region and Sochi 2014 • Implementing a cost-effective regional expansion • Addressing HR issues • Regional expansion in retail; real estate&construction; IT & telecommunications; retail banking and other sectors

…and SPECIAL FEATURES in 2008: • ELECTRONIC POLLING • Special Focus on Krasnodar region and SOCHI 2014 Olympic Games • CFO PANEL • HR DIRECTORS PANEL • PARALLEL INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SESSIONS • 30 MINUTES WITH one of the renowned corporate leaders • REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS interactive discussion • CHAMPAGNE ROUND TABLES with representatives of regional governments and regional investment agencies

London: +44 20 7017 7444, Moscow: +7 495 232 40 60,

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008


BUSINESS Real Estate Expert opinion

By Sergey Bugalevich The topic: Some means to save capital during the building crisis. The world economic crisis has quite adversely affected the building market and provoked the decline in prices. It has happened not only owing to the decrease in mortgage credits given out by banks but also because the market players, who used to boost house prices are now more cautious. Those who planned to buy a flat have not abandoned their plans, but some complications have materialised for them. Player’s portrait In the first place, market stagnation hit those companies, which came into being specifically to make money in the fast-growing market. Secondly, companies oriented only to building up their business have experienced repercussions because their profits depend solely on house selling. Because today sales have virtually stopped such companies are experiencing difficulties with getting financing, credit repayment and as a result they are forced to slow down the building of some units. The third group of developers is the companies carrying on a diversified business. They are steady enough and therefore can afford to keep prices corresponding to the real value of a house. Economic-segment Today a redistribution of values is going on as developers are forced to vary their needs and cut house prices down to real values. It is easy to forecast what is going to happen next: the realty of the economic sector will most likely be running low in price, more or less depending on the demand for houses, its disposition and a seller’s financial circumstances. Meanwhile, people may only gain by buying not very expensive flats because there is a federal programme controlling high houses prices in the country. Elite resource. As far as elite dwellings and business-class houses are concerned, we have to take into account the special features of Perm’s development. It turned out that in Leninsky and Sverdlovsky city’s districts, where dwellings are the most expensive, houses of different classes are being built now. The quantity of new buildings is limited though. The price difference in these houses used to be smooth because of the fantastic growth of house prices until recently, so all developers began to declare their buildings to be elite. At present, the market situation for business-class dwellings is going to depend on the stability of developers. I suppose the following things will be happening: There are few houses which really achieve a high standard of living, and a high level of comfort and consumption. They will remain expensive even if developers hold prices at a certain level but for a short period. In fact, there are not many such houses and it is most likely that they will not build anymore. The prices of these houses are not going to change appreciably so if a man hopes to save his money then at all times and all over the word the best way is to buy expensive accommodation. Such objects, like luxuries, never fall in price but only increase in value. Naturally, it is good to consult with a professional before a purchase is made, as it will save you your time and nervous wear and tear.

614077, 65, Gagarina blvd., Perm, Russia Phone +7 (342) 262-58-58,

Waterpark Construction in Kungur Region The group of companies, Stalagmit, is going to invest €11.2 million in the construction of the waterpark near Kungur ice cave


ow Stalagmit is working at the involving economic resources. The business plan of the project is already elaborated and the construction permit is obtained. Once the borrowed funds are received, the construction will begin. The project is planned to take one

Rinat Abdulov, the Stalagmit director: — Before undertaking the project we analyzed the tourism market in the Perm region. The waterpark will be the first entertainment of its kind, that’s why it will definitely attract both visitors from our region and guests from other cities.

year. The capital expenses amount to €11.2 million, being both the Stalagmit assets and outside funds. Now the GC is cooperating with several banks.

The water-entertainment centre is going to be built in Philipovka village near Kungur ice cave. Apart from the waterpark entertainment visitors will

have a chance to enjoy other recreational facilities, i.e. a coffee bar, a fitness centre, a sauna, a massage room and a beauty parlor. The project owners view their centre not as an additional recreation site for the ice cave tourists but as an independent attraction that is worth for visiting.

Auction for Perinatal Centre Construction is held in October


he state unitary enterprise, Capital Construction Management of Perm Region, is inviting bids for a government contract — the

building of the new perinatal centre. The government order amounts to €42 million at most. The settled bid increment

is €2.1 million. The auction will take place on the 16th of October and the contract with the winner is expected to be signed between the 27th of October

and the 5th of November. The perinatal centre, provided to deliver 130 babies, is going to be built in the Kamskaya Dolina quarter.

EDITOR’S NOTE All your questions and requests concerning Investor Searching information posted in THE PERM DAYS please send by e-mail HALENA@YANDE.RU or ask by phone +79226464644 or skype ALJONA.MOUSE

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008


investment The local authorities seek for an investor for production of mineral water


he Ministry of Industry, Innovation and Science in Perm krai announced that it is looking for investors prepared to bring into being a project for the

production of mineral water. It is thought that a factory will be situated on a plot at the Verkhnaya Syriya ground water depos-

it. It is eight kilometers from Perm near Froly settlement. Among the advantages of the project there is a chance that the Investment Fund of Russia will

undertake the task of financing the infrastructure of the factory. At present, the local officials intend to involve international big business.



he Perm krai Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources resumed its search for investment sites intended for the construction of two factories specializing in container and float glass manufacturing. Today the authorities are considering several locations in the Perm, Krasnokamsk, and Dobryanka areas, including the Closed Territorial Administrative Facility of Zvezdny. Perm

officials don’t exclude the possibility of an industrial siting in Kizel. One year ago the owner of the Russian Soda Company, Valery Zakoptelov, submitted the project plan to the regional authorities: he intended to build the works in the village of Stroitel in Kizel municipal area. The investor was giving €200 million to boost the industry. However once the project was handed over to the

Regional Fuel Association, the entrepreneurs declared that the previously assigned site didn’t meet all the necessary requirements. At the moment krai officials are inclined to find new investment sites and to attract other investors to assist in the project’s realization. The construction of the glass works in the region is truly an indispensable undertaking for the country is experiencing a sig-

nificant deficit in glass production and Perm krai has a suitable raw materials base for starting up.the industry “Glass transportation over a distance of 600 kilometers is not cost effective. The furthest viable transportation distance is 200 kilometers. Thus the factories situated in the central parts of the country cannot efficiently supply Perm krai and the North-Eastern territories”, reports the Perm krai Government presscenter.

Foreign companies will advance tourist projects


oreign investors have found good prospects for the development of tourism in the Perm region. The international commercial agency Touck de Booke and the French consulting company Deloitte Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure are going to support tourism projects in the Perm region. Their representatives visited our region at the beginning of October.

Marat Bimatov, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce: — An evaluation by such reputable companies in the field will be very interesting and helpful for us. It will enable us to have a look at the level of tourism development in the region from outside and see which is the best way for moving things forwards.

The settlement was arranged within the Seventh International Investment Forum, Sochi-2008, where Perm deputies had a meeting with Guil-

pants of the meeting discussed opportunities for the attraction of experts on tourism to Perm Krai.

laume le Berre, the director of Touck de Booke, and Oliver Petite, the representative of Deloitte Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure. The partici-

The international commercial agency Touck de Booke has already been working in countries of Western Europe, CIS and the Baltic States for 15 years. It joins and coordinates the latest technologies for the development of tourist projects. Besides, it is a member of the Professional Association of Business Brokers. The other company Deloitte Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure is a leader in consulting services in the tourism field.

ELECTRIC SUBSTATION “BEREG” IS LAUNCHED IN PERM On 24 September, the Perm branch of the Open JSC International Distributing Grid Company of the Urals (IDGC of the Urals) completed the construction of substation Bereg. The substation’s estimated capacity was considerably increased in the course of the construction works. Primarily Bereg was intended to be fitted with two boosters with the capacity of 16 megavolt-amperes. However while the demand in electric power was increasing at an extremely fast pace, development engineers made a decision to install 40 megavoltamperes boosters. Thus the substation’s true power is 2.5 times bigger than was initially designed. According to expert analysis, the substation’s total cost amounts to €20.24 million. Arkadiy Kaz, Head of the City Administration, stated: — The substation will allow investors to realize projects that are worth billions of rubles. These are investments that will provide the city with new houses, stores and social institutions. Thus the project is tremendously important for the people of Perm city.

Igor Shtenik, the Head of Kizel municipal region

Concept of the multi-seasonal health resort & tourist center, Parma The conception of the Parma center suggests developing new sites in five steps; each step is of two-three years’ duration. The area includes a mountain zone and an area for infrastructure development. In the first stage, the focus is on providing for 4.5 thousand people and includes two public centers, 30-35 cottages, 10-14 mini-hotels, restaurants, pubs with game machines, a sport center with a pool and an aquapark and also car parks. It is meant also for winter areas: for children, for sleighing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing and for many other kinds of winter sport. There is to be a skating-rink, a curling field and you can ride snowmobiles. As far as summer sports are concerned there are an amusement park, carting tracks, horse rides, hang glider flights, mountain bikes, golf, fishing, rock climbing and rafting. The volume of investment totals € 528 million and € 106-140 million at the first stage. For any information regarding the investment support you can call +7 922 64 64 644

PERM INTERMEDIA GROUP, LTD. PRESENTS International Interpreting& Translating Service (IITS) for people who do not speak Russian and live/work/visit Perm and Perm region

IITS has more than several years of experience in the interpreting industry, and has access to over more than one hundred contracted interpreters across Perm region, speaking more than 5 languages. IITS is available 24 hours a day for any person or organization in Perm and Perm region requiring interpreting&translating services. OUR SERVICE:

˜ Simultaneous interpreting, ˜ Consecutive interpreting, ˜ Escort interpreting, ˜ Telephone interpreting service, ˜ Studying of Russian language. Let’s write short letter to us or just call +7 922-64-64-644 E-mail:, skype: aljona.mouse ISQ: 403-174-057

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008


CULTURE advertisment


Diorama Becomes Communism Museum



The Perm Regional Museum is gradually phasing in the Communism Museum Project which presents the various epochs of Soviet government. One of the first stages of the project will be the Perm Kulibins exhibition which opened in the Diorama museum on the 27th of September. The exhibition displays 255 show-pieces: machinery drawings, manufactures and instruments that belonged to Perm’s self-taught inventors of previous eras. Among the heroes of the exhibition are G. Kobyak, who discovered medical electrolytic water, and K. Beresnev, a photographer who introduced a new technology of photographic paper production at the time of the Great Patriotic War. Among other honorable inventors it is worth mentioning V. Polyakov, the engineer, creator of small-scale aircraft engines; G. Kryukov, the inventor of the unique turn-bench for clock repair; and A. Petrov, the electrical-fitter of the locomotive depot, who at the same time was an amateur painter, sculptor and medalist.


rapeze artists from the City Center of Arts and Sports Yulia Khorkova and Vadim Krasnoborov were invited to take part in the Second World Delphic Games. Their coach Raisa Mershina developed a technically elaborated aerial act “The Art of Flight” set to the music of famous Russian composer Nikolai Petrov. This time the performance was devoted to spationautics and included a live transmission from space. Boris Radostev, director of the City Center of Arts and Sports: —World Delphic Games is a unique event that takes place in Russia for the second time. The first games were held in Moscow, this time organizers have chosen Saratov where Yuri Gagarin made his first steps in space navigation. World Delphic Games were prepared

by the International Delphic Committee under the patronage of UNESCO and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis. It was already acknowledged in June that UNESCO Di-

rector-General Koichiro Matsuura gave sanction to holding Delphic Games in Saratov. The games welcomed over 1000 contestants from 40 countries of the world, 120 judges and honored guests. Artistic

contests were held in various concert halls of the city. Young artists displayed their talents in 14 categories: violin, piano, visual arts, vocal, choreography, photography, circus and others. We can be proud that representatives of Perm krai performed in the solemn opening ceremony of the Second Delphic Games in the ice arena Crystal. According to the results of the Second World Delphic Games winners should take part in the final gala concert organized by UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The show will be directed by Igor Shapovalov, People’s Artist of Russia. He staged numerous theatrical events in the Red Square in Moscow. Delphic games were a spectacular show with colorful scenery, light effects, plentiful of artists and spectators. The closing ceremony was held in Saratov Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

Russian Poor Exhibition I

n the Perm riverside station the art exhibition, Russian Poor, has started its work. It became the first part of a project started by the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. The project was launched on the initiative of Sergey Gordeev, the Senate Parliamentary representative from the Perm region. At his invitation Marat Gelman, the resource man, brought painters together to pursue the idea that is expected to mark a new movement in Russian Art of the 21st century. According to Sergey Gordeev, “This project owes its birth to the fact that Perm lacks a museum of contemporary art. We studied museums in other cities and decided to create something new and unusual. The start-

ing point became the Perm wooden sculpture. The Russian Poor exhibition is an

experiment intended to see whether Perm citizens respond with interest to the event”.

The exhibition comprises pieces of art made with “poor” materials, for instance foam plastic, cardboard, unburnt clay or scrap iron. Thirtysix painters have exhibited their artistic creations. They are Nicolay Polissky, Olga and Alexander Florensky, Valery Koshlyakov, Dmitry Gutov, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Alexander Brodsky, Petr Beliy, Vladimir Arhipov and others. Many artists created their works specially for the event. All those anxious to do so are welcome to visit the exhibition which will run until the end of October. Later it will go to the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, then to Italy and the USA. And further on, in a year and a half, it will come back to Perm, to the newly reconstructed riverside station.

Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008



reciept from chIef-cook

Perm Gardens P

Russian Beef Stew

erm citizens have always appreciated their gardens as the best places for a promenade. At the very beginning when planning the city, designers paid special attention to the gardens. In the 19th century the first parks appeared. Since then they have changed and got different names but we can still enjoy their green shelter.

• • • • • • • • •

river while walking in it. In the 1860s it was named the Public Bagration Garden after the general who brought to the town the news about the abolishment of bondage in 1861. However this name didn’t become very popular and Perm citizens preferred to call it the Goat Corral because goats were very common visitors here nibbling the grass. At the beginning of the 20th century the garden featured the graceful wooden building of the Stock Exchange, a fountain and a flowerbed with flowers composing an anchor. At that time Quay Garden became the town’s favorite attraction. People liked to watch the ice drift and the first steamboats chugging from this place. It brought the desired animation to their monotonous lives. In the 1930-40s the youth enjoyed dancing to the brass band in the garden newly named after the writer F.M. Reshetnikov. In 1985 the garden got another honour - a monument in memory of the Civil War heroes. Perm owes many of its gardens to the governor A.K. Anastasiev (1882 - 1885) who organized the construction of the Theatre garden and the planting of trees in the city streets. On his initiative in 1884

a garden was laid out in front of the town’s prison. It was meant for children’s strolls and plays. However not many parents were eager to take their children there and it was popularly called the Prison Garden. In 1925 on the 100th anniversary of the Decembrist Revolt it was renamed the Decembrist Park. Perm is proud of many other gardens and their history is worth uncovering. In the 19th century almost every house in the town was surrounded by a garden. Tree lines were planted along the central streets, for instance the famous alley along Komsomolsky Avenue. The view of the town encouraged a contemporary to write about the numerous Perm gardens a hundred years ago. Today the green color of vegetation still predominates in the city’s palette which makes it especially fascinating.

Address: 614000 Perm, 15 Sibirskaya str., Tel: 8(342)212-56-57, 212-54-46 The museum web-site:

• Sour cream – ½ of glassful • Potatoes – 4-6 pieces • Salt, • Peppercorn, • Laurel leaves, • Greens.

Cut a piece of haunch or shoulder meat in broad slices, salt it, roll in flour and fry on all sides till crackling appears. Take a big bowl and mix onion, carrot and celeriac chopped in straws, rye bread cut in little cubes, laurel leaves, peppercorn and salt. Cover the bottom of a frying pan or a clay pot with thin pieces of fat. Put the slices of fried meat over them, then add a layer of mixed vegetables and again put the meat followed by vegetables. Pour the bouillon into the frying pan so that it covers the second layer of the meat. Put the pan on fire, wait till the bouillon boils and place it in a preheated oven. If you cook in pots then only the oven may suite. Saute the meat during 2 - 2.5 hours. When 20 or 25 minutes is left add half a glassful of sour cream. If you stewed the meat in pots, then serve it in them as well. The dish is usually served together with boiled potatoes.


garden was enclosed by a wooden openwork fencing and visitors had to pay at the gate. At the same time a new street appeared – Garden (today’s Revolution) Street. At the end of the 19th century Perm was flooded by bicycles. At that time the authorities created a society of cyclists and a cycling ground near the garden, now known as Yunost stadium. In 1926 the park was renamed Red Garden and later got the name of Gorky Park. The Garden of Public Meeting has been open for visitors since the middle of May. In spring Perm citizens enjoyed the Theatre Garden, which was considered most picturesque. It had been planted in 1883 and surrounded the Opera theatre in the centre of Perm. A hundred years ago its creators planted lindens, maples, birches, cedars and silver-firs here and arranged plenty of comfortable benches with backrests. Besides, visitors could rejoice at a fountain, a stone grotto with electrical lighting, flowerbeds and a brass band playing on holidays. The bank of the Kama-River featured another recreation site – Quay Garden. One could admire the wonderful view on the

Beef 600-800 g. Onions – 3 pieces Carrot – 1 piece Celeriac – 1 piece Sour rye bread – 2 slices Fat – 150 g. Flour – ½ of glassful Run butter – 50 g. Bouillon – 2 glassfuls


In summer the Public Meeting Out-of-Town Garden (today’s Gorky Park) was the centre of attraction. The majority of people from the district of Motovilikha and the suburbs enjoyed spending summer evenings there. At the time of folk festivities on Whitsunday, Elijah’s Day and St.Peter’s Day the garden attracted up to several thousand people. Its history dates back to 1804 when the boulevard between the Siberian and the Kazan tracts was planted. It was comprised of four lines of birches and a wide road for cabs passing between them. The tributary lanes were intended for pedestrians. The arrival in the town of the Russian emperor Alexander I marked the next stage of its history. At that time, in 1824, the famous I.I.Sviyazev’s rotunda was built in the centre of the future park that nowadays has become one of the symbols of Perm. Some decades later the boulevard turned into a real garden. From the summer of 1882 an orchestra played here and prizes-for-all lotteries were held. Behind the rotunda the grand wooden building of a summer club was constructed. It housed premises for a theatre where the artists from other cities performed, a snack bar, billiards, a room for card players and a bowling alley. The


Pe r m r e g i o n a l n e w s p a p e r

October 2008


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German Youths Take Path to Success in Perm

he meeting of the German-Russian Youth Parliament took place in Perm. During one week 50 young people from Germany and Russia were discussing such areas of political policy as the economy, civil society, the mass-media and ecology. At the final meeting the young parliamentarians presented seven projects and in the course of the voting three most

crucial ones were chosen. However all of the projects have to be perfected: only after that might they receive financial support. The winning entry was the project “Small Company – Great Success that aims to integrate Russian and German youth in business. It is supposed to be carried on in three stages. The first stage will see a competition for young entrepreneurs to test business ideas.

Theatre The P. I. Tchaikovsky Perm Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre 25a Kommunisticheskaya Str., Tel.: 212-30-87, working hours 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tickets cost from 80 roubles. The Concert of Symphonic Music Date: the 1st of October, 7 p.m.

In a unique event for all jazz-lovers between November 26-28, 2008 Perm is hosting a “Jazz Fever” Festival dedicated to the famous Perm composer, “father” of Soviet jazz, Heinrich Terpilovsky (1908-1988). Today the list of festival guests is still to be decided; however, among the honored guests the organizers are expecting to see a jazz-band from Lower Saxony, jazzmen from Louisville (USA) as well as musicians from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Perm bands will perform in The Crystal Lion club (Youth Center), as well as in concert halls in Krasnokamsk and Osa. In connection with the Centenary of Heinrich Terpilovsky’s birth, a photo exhibition as well as a gala concert of the festival’s participants will take place in the Soldatov Cultural Center. Although the dates and the guest lists aren’t determined yet, the festival organizers are quite ambitious. According to Alexander Protasevich, the Festival’s coordinator, the main objective of the event is to search and develop creative liaisons with leading jazz performers and producers in Russia and abroad. Creative teams may send application forms marked “Jazz Fever” to

e-mail: (for programm Perm Krai is the Territory of Culture)

EDITOR’S NOTE If you are interested in the additional information about the materials posted in the newspaper and you can’t find it – feel free to send a request via the e-mail We will try to find everything you need.

“Iolanta” by P. Tchaikovsky. Opera in two acts. Date: the 2nd and the 11th of October, 7 p.m. First night. “Le Corsaire” by A. Adam. Ballet in three acts. Date: the 3rd of October, 7 p.m. “The Maid of Orleans” by P. Tchaikovsky. Heroic opera in three acts. Date: the 4th of October, 7 p.m. “Swan Lake” by P. Tchaikovsky. Ballet in three acts Date: the 5th and the 31st of October, 7 p.m. “Anyuta” by V. Gavrilin. Ballet in two acts Date: the 8th of October, 7 p.m. “Queen of Spades” by P. Tchaikovsky. Opera in three acts Date: the 9th of October, 7 p.m. “The Nutcracker” by P. Tchaikovsky. Fairy-tale ballet in two acts. Date: the 12th of October, 12 a.m. “Eugene Onegin” by P. Tchaikovsky. Lyrical scenes in three acts Date: the 12th of October. 7 p.m. “The Sleeping Beauty” by P. Tchaikovsky. Fairy-tale ballet in three acts. Date: the 15th of October, 7 p.m. “The Fountain of Bakhchisaray” by B. Asafiev. Ballet in two acts with a prologue and an epilogue. Date: the 17th of October, 7 p.m. “Serenade”. Classical ballet in four acts set on the music of “Serenade for a String Band” by P. Tchaikovsky. “Somnabulist” by V. Rietty. Ballet in 1 act. Date: the 19th of October, 7 p.m. “The marriage of Figaro” by Mozart. Comic opera in four acts. Date: the 21st of October, 7 p.m. “La Sylphide” by C. Loewenshoeld. Romantic ballet in two acts Date: the 22nd of October, 7 p.m.

At the next stage participants will have to meet the challenges of survival in business and get over all the difficulties. And at the final stage two winners from Russia and Germany will get the financial support to implement their projects. The peculiarity of the competition is that participants will describe their experience on web blogs so that people all around the world will be able to read their live stories of success.

First night. “La Traviata” by G. Verdi. Opera in four acts. Date: the 23rd of October, 7 p.m. “Sinderella or the tale about Zolushka” G. Massne. Fairy-tale opera in three acts. Date: the 25th of October, 7 p.m. “Attabalda” by B. Kravchenko. Comic opera for children in two acts, based on the fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin «The Tale of the Priest and his Worker Balda» Date: the 26th of October, 12 a.m. “Don Quixote” by L. Minkus. Ballet in three acts with a prologue Date: the 26th of October, 7 p.m. “Aida” G. Verdi. Opera in four acts Date: the 28th of October, 7 p.m “Adventures in Opera Land” by M. Minkov. Merry musical spectacle in two acts. Date: the 29th of October, 11 a.m “Zolushka” by S. Prokofiev. ballet in three acts Date: the 29th of October, 7 p.m

Exhibitions Memorials of Prikamye The hours of service: every day 11am – 18.30pm, Saturday: 11.00am - 16.00pm, Sunday – day off. The house of an artist, (27, Gorkogo st., Perm) The personal exhibition of Zurab Tcereteli Date: The exhibition closes on the 22nd of October Perm Gallaery of Art (10 Komsomolskiy avenue, Phone: (+7342) 212-22-50) The Russkoe bednoe (Russian Poor exhibition) A major exhibition of modern Russian art. Date: The exhibition works till October, 20. The river port (2 Ordzhonikidze st., Phone: +7-919-468-64-39 «And the street is changing look» exhibition The exhibition tells about the history of Pokrovskaya street (now Lenina st.) Diorama museum in Motovilikha. Phone: (+7342) 267-55-82, 267-59-67 «The history of Perm cannon plants» exhibition The show is about Motovilikha settlement in the 19th and 20th centuries, about the first Russian revolution of 1905. Diorama museum in Motovilikha. Phone: (+7342) 267-55-82, 267-59-67

According to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs other projects deserve the same interest and are worth being realized as well. Young specialists will coordinate their projects on the Internet and only after that apply for the International Exchange Fund headed by Andrey Nechaev. Soon we will know about the projects that are going to be sponsored and implemented in both countries.

Concerts The evening of jazz music «In jazz style and not only…» Vocalist Stephanie Nakazyan (USA) and the trio of Valery Grokhovsky (Russia – USA) Date: 12th of October. 19.00 Organ Concert Hall (51b Lenina st., Perm). Phone: (+7342) 231-51-00 The evening of choral music «Spiritual music of Russia» Première! Nikolay Cherepnin presents the «Liturgy». The performer – Ural State chamber choir. Date: 13th of October. 19.00 Organ Concert Hall (51b Lenina st., Perm). Phone: (+7342) 231-51-00 The evening of guitar music «Guitar is my island» The performer – the laureate of international contests Dmitry Illarionov (Moscow) Date: 16th of October. 19.00 Organ Concert Hall (51b Lenina st., Perm). Phone: (+7342) 231-51-00 Glen Hughes from Staffordshire (Great Britain) Date: 18th of October. 19:00, 22:00. The Big Hall of Perm krai Philharmonic society (14 Kuybisheva st., Perm) The «Balalaikas, domras, tambourines, psaltery and accordions» concert A journey through the world of Russian music instruments. 18th of October Organ Concert Hall (51b Lenina st., Perm). Phone: (+7342) 231-51-00 The evening of choral music The academic choir «Mlada» Date: the 24th of October. Organ Concert Hall (51b Lenina st., Perm). Phone: (+7342) 231-51-00

Evening parties European club session: Berlin The special guest: Mister Twister (beRliN, Germany) Date: 10th of October. The night club Veter. Phone: (+7342) 2-433-483, 276-77-94, 298-20-05 European club session: London The special guest: DJ KeviN O’LeaRy (London, UK) Date: 17th of October. The night club Veter. Phone: (+7342) 2-433-483, 276-77-94, 298-20-05 European club session: Moscow The special guest: Dj Smash (PermMoscow,RuSSland) Date: 24th of October. The night club Veter. Phone: (+7342) 2-433-483, 276-77-94, 298-20-05