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By Nikita Mahajan IAD A

Index • Project brief •Current house analysis • Case study •Project brief •Design brief •Space quality and proximity chart •Bubble diagram •Schematic zoning •Design development •Final plan •Sun path analysis •Outer façade •Paper model •Sketch up process sheet •Plans and labelling •Concept sheet

Client profile

Name: Mr Umesh Kumar Profession : Civil Engineer He is a simple person, very organized and likes minimalism. He also likes to sit with his family and spend quality time with them.

Name: Mrs Veenu Mahajan Profession : Home maker She is a devoted homemaker who likes to keeper house in order at all times. She is religious and loves to spend quality time with her family.

Name: Nikhil Mahajan Profession: Student He stays in London and visits India twice a year. Whenever he’s at home he likes to stay in his room away from the commotion of the day to day work going at home.

Name: Jr Mahajan Profession ; retired He loves to entertain guests and likes to sit amongst family though he also likes his daily rest but too much of peace and he finds it boring.

Name : Shiv Sai Niwas Area : 300 sq yr

Name : Lata Mahajan Profession: Home maker She too likes to entertain guests and chit chat with everyone . She also likes to cook and hence its difficult for her to leave the kitchen.

Type : full floor apartment

Current house analysis Public and private

There is an overall progression from public space to private space in the house.


Since my brother and grandparent’s visit us very rarely their rooms as well as the rooms adjoining them remain unused a lot of the time.

Form and space


There is lack of space between the corner tables and the cupboards as well as the circulation around the centre table in the lounge is also restricted. In the kitchen the corner cabinets cannot be opened at the same time

Point of emphasis because of lack of furniture

Chair affects flow


Overall proportion



The main entrance is too far for comfort and so is the balcony however the kitchen is conveniently placed .

Quality of space

The main door and the balcony are far off but parent’s room ad kitchen are conveniently placed.

The kitchen is conveniently placed near the main bedrooms and the dining area however is too far off from the formal drawing room.

Project: The Magic Faraway Tree Location: Bangalore Builder: Total Environment pvt ltd. Type: 3 BHK duplex apartments Area: 3,554 sq .ft .area






The project located in the picturesque hillocks of south Bangalore basically follows the principle ‘connecting with nature’ , but at the same time the design of the space incorporates clean and modern lines promoting a luxurious and indulgent space in the lap of nature.








There is a clear division of public, private and semi private spaces. The private areas are segregated by the semi private region between them thus creating a sense of privacy and encouraging interaction at the same time.

Public space

Axis and space There are two main axis running through the house. They act as guiding paths.



Lower floor

Upper floor



13 11




Private space

Semi private

Clearance in operational furniture and circulation The two way door adjacent to the washing machine poses a clearance problem , otherwise it’s a very properly planned space with no clearance problem. The circulation of the space is axial i.e. the circulation is governed by the axis and is properly planned.


Materials used


Structural Grid


Wall Structure

Hardwood floors

Kota stone

Wire cut bricks

Wooden panels

Italian marble

The use of material has been minimal. The type and the way the material has been used is very contemporary and modern but at the same time warm and homely.


Load bearing walls

Load bearing columns


The kitchen, dining and the living area have an open layout which creates oneness of space.

These kitchen is further very conveniently connected to the dry utility area creating a very compact service area.

Special Elements


Wooden blinds

Italian marble Warmth inducing materials Dark wood

Black granite

The placement of the kitchen and dining downstairs and bedrooms upstairs may prove to be of inconvenience to its frequent users.

Form, Space and Volume Study

Day Lighting

The space is a very clear cube from which areas have been scooped out making it a subtractive form.



S The two way axis in kid’s bedroom

Harmony and balance It’s a harmonious space however the south side much heavier making it an imbalanced space.




The deck courtyard

The windows in the north and north - west provide ample natural light but not too much heat while the south side remains warm which is ideal considering the climatic conditions of the hills where the plot is located.




Kota mosaic wall in the living room

Highlighted wall in kitchen

An interesting element in the given space is that the entrances have been planned in a way that there is a buffer space we do not directly enter into the main space.

Project brief Project : Mahajan house Location : New Delhi Builder : Nikita Mahajan Type : Two storied bungalow

The project required us to analyse and assess our current homes, detect the problems and come up with their solutions and redesign our a given plot keeping in mind all that we had had analysed and processed Areas to be provided:



Sun path analysis

Green area


The sun path diagram shows the movement of the sun along the plot which will help us to understand the area and accordingly plan the space.

Design brief The drawing room has windows which are heavily grilled and leads to the balcony blocked by the sofa so what is required is a more efficient placement of furniture and openings. Also I would like for the drawing room to retain it’s formal quality and look spacious and open

The opening of window in the shaft and unplanned placement of the puja require for a better placement for the window and probably a separate puja room. I would also like for them to have a room with lesser furniture and more circulation so they don’t have any problem while movement.

The placement of a TV cabinet that remains unused and blocks the circulation as well requires for minimal furniture however the a study is required for when my brother has to study. I would like for my brother to have a more boyish and young room and with a study and would want it to have ample privacy The doorway leading to the utility in the bedroom affects the privacy so the bedroom needs to be a kept a private space also a separate dressing is required as the dressing area is not sufficient . Also since both my parents like natural light I would like for them to have a deck and want their room to be a bit more fresh and modern.

There is lack of natural light in the kitchen because of the window opening into a shaft hence proper openings are required along with a more organized storage. I would also like for the kitchen to have a modern look and be more comfortable to use.

The privacy of the family lounge is affected by the main door in the same space hence a separate lounge area is required from where the entrance is visible but not intrusive. The family lounge should have a cosy yet spacious vibe . It should be near all the main rooms.

Space quality and proximity chart

Bubble diagrams Option 2

Option 1

Pros: • • •


• Well planned All required areas together Separation of private and public area Green

Option 3

Pros: •

Family lounge far from master bedroom and den


Den and master bedroom nearby Puja room near grandparent's room

No division of private and public area Family lounge far off from all main rooms


Master bedroom


Grandparent’ s room Utility

Powder room


Family lounge Entrance + buffer Dining + Drawing room

• •

Den and master bedroom nearby Puja room near grandparent's room Family lounge near all rooms

Cons: • •

No division of private and public area Kitchen far off from master bedroom

Stairs Sibling room Lounge + lobby Guest room


Terrac e

Stair s




Final plan The final bubble diagram was selected as such because it met all of the requirements and criteria I had . The public and private spaces have been separated according to requirement. Proximity needs are also being fulfilled with my room next to parent’s and lounge near the entrance and drawing and dining near the kitchen and the kitchen being adjacent to the utility. The placement of the spaces on the two floors also have been done in a manner which is both practical and useful.

Schematic zoning Puja

Grandparent’s room




Grand parent’s


Master bedroom


Lounge Kitchen

Master bedroom


Master bedroom



Lounge Utility

Bathroom Utility

Powder room


Puja Kitchen


Drawing room

Sibling room



Grand parent’s room

Drawing and dining


Guest room




Stairs Lounge




• • • •

Den and master bedroom are placed near by The kitchen is near master bedroom Kitchen next to drawing and dining Lounge in the centre Guest room given enough privacy

• • •

Not enough space for dining and drawing No space for powder room Entrance directly in to lounge Kitchen away from grandparent’s room Puja room in a corner

Sibling room

Sibling room


Guest room



• •

Bifurcation point

Lounge + green area

Guest room

Kitchen near lounge Utility next to kitchen Kitchen near bedroom

Drawing and dining

• • • •

Entrance into lounge Grand parent’s room near entrance Wastage of space upstairs Utility in open Not enough space for dining and

Pros: • • • • • •





• All private spaces together Kitchen and drawing dining adjacent to each other Lounge in the centre of the pvt spaces Upper floor more efficiently organized All service areas together Clear demarcation of public and private spaces with al public spaces being together

Kitchen not very close to master bedroom

Schematic zoning

The family lounge and all the private spaces surrounding it was the basic concept behind the design

The family lounge was taken as the central point with the bedrooms, kitchen and entrance surrounding it as it remains one of the most used part of our house.

Finally a design was arrived at with the given requirement and a skylight further highlighting the family lounge space

The second plan was decided upon based on the use of the area upstairs the plan with a sky light on top of the lounge was selected as it provided an added aesthetic quality and showed a more efficient use of space. Even the placement of furniture in the grandparent’s bedroom was more practical and better in terms of principles of designs in the second plan.

The final plan

Final plan

Terrace Master bedroom

Family lounge Sibling room Grand parent’s bedroom

Pantry and lounge

Powder room

Utility Drawing and dining Kitchen

Guest room Pantry and lounge

Sun path analysis

Outer facade

Family lounge and drawing room have been placed here because of the beautiful play of light of the setting sun. Overhangs and louvers have been given in the west façade owing to the wall length windows

On the north there is an overhang leading on to the porch .

Roa d

Double heighted skylight which opens into the family lounge.


ee Gr n e ar a


The master bedroom has been placed in the south owing to entrance to the backyard as well as the ample amount of natural light it will get, The overhang and trellis on the south side ensure controlled amount of sunlight and heat


The grandparent’s room and the kitchen is on this façade which will provide warmth as well light of the morning sun without getting these rooms getting too hot. On the east side louvers are present to control the morning sun

Paper model West facade

Ground floor

South facade

First floor North facade

East facade

Process sheet

Plans and labelling

Grandparent’s bedroom Kitchen Drawing and dining

It is a modular kitchen with an adjoining utility

in the east the bedroom is a combination of yellow and white with a console table and side closets.

Guest bedroom The guest room has windows overlooking north and west and is done up in shades of grey and white

Sibling room The sibling rooms is done up in shades of red and white with a circular wall dĂŠcor being the highlight

The stone wall is the highlight of the drawing and dining along with the wall to wall windows

Family lounge


the family lounge is separated from the main entrance with wooden partitions

The pantry and the lounge are clubbed together red id the highlight added to the other neutrally coloured pantry

Bathroom and walk in This the master bathroom and walk in which is done in shades of whites, greys and blacks

Master bedroom The master bedroom opens into the deck on south side and is done up in shades of blue


The terrace is a peaceful area with ample plants and a lounging area

Skylight The double heighted skylight opens into the family lounge

Symmetry Harmony

Drawing and dining The drawing cum dining room has been provided with large windows as it is on the west faรงade and highlighter stone wall has been added to the otherwise neutral room. The furniture adds to the formal quality of the space.

Stone wall

Beige minimal sofa Marble

Dark wood

Coffee table

Nickel round mirror

Harmony Emphasis

Master bedroom The master bedroom has been done up in shades of blue and whites adding coolness to this south facing room also interesting mirror elements have been added to it.

Dark wood

Grey Laminate


Dark wood console

Water droplet mirror Modern minimalistic bed



Grandparent’s room Grandparent’s room is kept minimal with the console and the mirror adding an interesting element to it. The yellow highlighter wall adds warmth

Wooden laminate

Dark wood laminate

Dark wood

Black acrylic Modern poster bed

Sleek black closet

Decorative mirror

Asymmetrical Emphasis

Brother’s bedroom The look given to this bedroom is modern and apt form my brother's age a walk in has also been provided

Red, grey and black laminates and acrylic sheets

Hanging lights Modern study table

Platform bed

Symmetry Harmony

Pantry The pantry is a given a vibrant and fun highlight of red in its neutral colour palette a lounging area has also been added.

White acrylic

Dark wood

Red acrylic sheet

Black leather Lounging chair Open kitchen

Bar stool

Symmetry Balance

Kitchen The kitchen is in monochromatic colour a symmetrical pattern has been given on the cabinets. It is efficient as well as practical to use.

White acrylic

Black acrylic Modular kitchen

Double door fridge




Black granite


The terrace is a beautiful lounging space provided with a trellis for the south sun . It also is provided with lounging wicker furniture.

Rough stone flooring

Wicker furniture

Trellis with planter

Harmony Rhythm

Family lounge and puja The family lounge is one of the most important area acting as a bifurcation space. A puja has also been incorporated as this is where my mother likes to sit when she prays. The furniture is minimal with a partition provided between the main entrance and the lounge.

Textured sofa cloth

Black acrylic sheet

White acrylic

Cherry wood L shaped sofa

Coffee table


Final portfolio  
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