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Dedicated to my family and Friends

I swear it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. All it was a mere coincidence, an accident. If only I would have listened to my mom,or even the radio, if I did, then I wouldn’t have been here in the beginning. But first, let me start at the beginning, when I got in trouble for doing something that I considered being very stupid, visiting my cousin. Ok, maybe my mom had a point to ground me for sneaking out when I should have been doing homework, but I certainly wasn’t going to sit in my room looking at my homework wondering what I was supposed to do, especially when my cousin was right next door. I just came over to talk, since my cousin is one of my best friends that seem to understand me, even though she is 2 years younger. My mom kept on telling me that I would visit her after I finished my homework, but for the first 20 minutes, I just sat on my canopy bed with the news on and not giving the slightest ounce of my attention to my homework. “Today there is a 70 percent of rain, with a 30 percent of sunshine, so get your rain coats ready!” The meteorologist chirped in his fake, happy voice.And to know, that this would have been very important to pay attention instead of thinking of myself. But no, I just sat there. Being bored, I sat up and looked around my room for some sort of entertainment. My room was in the attic so there weren't too many windows. There was my big canopy bed with its teal blue blanket covering half of the bed, big oak desk with my computer wide open, and a huge book shelf covered with books and junk that I almost never used. I stared at my bookshelf wondering if I should do it. See, my room was designed that if anything were to happen, like a robbery or a fire, I could have just moved the book shelf there was a little space where I could hide, there also were all the emergency appliances like a ladder, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc. Those supplies were to be only used in an emergency, and this was, in my opinion, an emergency. Something must have taken over me, because the next thing I knew, I was inching toward my book self and had both of my palms flat down on the side of the wooden bookcase, pushing it to the side. At first nothing moved, but as I pushed harder and harder the bookshelf inched closer and closer to the bed. Once there was enough room for me to put my hand in, I reached in for the ladder. I couldn't see inside since there was only enough space to my put my hand in, so my senses took over. My hands reached for something rough but smooth but it was attached to something smoother, but knotted. I grabbed the ladder and ran to the window, attaching it to my window ledge and step by step, slowly moving closer to freedom. The sole of my foot touched ground; I jumped off and ran like a cheetah to the unstable, spiked fence, which separated me from my dear cousin. My foot slid from one slot to the next, like on a rock wall. As my hand reached to

the smooth edge of the spike, I heard someone clearing their throat. I got caught. Unfortunately my mom just happened to be mending in the garden while I was “doing my homework”. As you guessed, I got grounded with what in my opinion was eternally torture and completely unfair. And my punishment, you may ask was that I wasn't allowed to see my cousin for whole month, no computer, and worst of all, having to be there for my sister’s birthday. I had to be there and celebrate with her and all her little friends. I couldn’t lock myself in my room like I did last year, nor could I go to friend’s house. This in my opinion was the worst punishment I could have every imagined, especially from what happened 2 years ago. And knowing my mom, she knew this too. As of having lots of free time on my hands, I was planning, planning on how to get around my punishment. Whenever I get grounded, I never sat around and just thought about random stuff, oh no, I thought of which plan to use to get around my punishment. Plans were buzzing through my head like a beehive. That's what I did whenever I wasn’t talking or working, I was planning. But as I was planning I didn’t realize that time had gone by so quickly. My fatal punishment had arrived. My sister’s 8th birthday party.The problem? My mom couldn’t see the evil side of my sister. Like 2 weeks ago, when we were waiting in the car... “Turn on the radio Jessie, please, please, please, please, pleeeeease!” “OK, I will stop pleading me” I shouted, interrupting her sea of pleads. I turned on the radio, and my favorite song just came on. I knew ever lyric to this song inside and out. I started to sing along to it, like any normal teenager would do. Unfortunately this was the one moment my sister decides to open her big yap. “Stop it Jessie, my eardrums will explode to that treacherous noise that is called your voice. Can’t you just do the world a favor and stop singing? There might be less deaf people if you did. You could also score some friends by doing that.” My sister screamed at me. “Using some big words there Angie, but could they be kinder words? I guess not, since you can’t go 2 minutes without insulting me. This is my favorite song, can’t I just sing to it in peace? I never say anything like that to you, no matter how much I wish I could.” Right after I told my sister that I felt a slight pain in my back. “Stop it, Jessie. You really don’t have any talent! You’re a talentless frog,” my sister screeched while simultaneously kicking me. She looked to the side and continued “No wonder why you don’t have a boyfriend. Nobody wants to have a talentless frog as a girlfriend.” That was the last straw. I couldn’t bear my sister talking like this to me. “Why you little....” I turned around and went straight for my sister, just as I heard a click of a door. “Jessie, what are you doing to your sister?”

“She started it mommy.” Angie lied as fake tears rolled down her cheeks. My mom couldn’t fall for this. She’s way too smart to fall for such an unoriginal, completely fake act like that. My face turned redder and redder as my sister kept on making up lies about how I started it and how it was my fault. “Jessie, I can’t believe you did this! You’re the older one and you should be the responsible one to, but I guess not. No friends for a month” “A WHOLE MONTH? Mom, but I,” “No buts, I heard enough. You’re grounded, no discussion” “But moooooooooom” “I said no discussion, now but your seatbelts on, and we got to go to school.” my mom said. We rode off with not a single word. But I could see my sister in the side view mirror, smiling in triumph. “Jessie, Jessie, Stop day dreaming! Jessie.” My mom screamed, while shaking me trying to snap out of my daydream. “Sorry mom.” “Jessie, I know you have problems with concentrating, but can’t you pay attention for just one minute? I need you to try this dress on.” “But moooom, do I really have to wear this? It’s already bad enough that I have to be there, but also wear this?” “Yes, you do. You look like a young woman in that. You have to look nice in front of all her friends, just for this one day.” “This one day? Um I’m not sure if you have noticed, but this is my sister’s birthday. I have regretted this day for the past 8 years! Please mom, can’t I go to grandmas or something? Anything but this, please. I’ll even clean the house, take the dog for a walk, anything!” This is the conversation that I have yearly with my mom. My mom telling me to wear a dress and me pleading not to and giving an idea of how badly I dont want to go. My mom always makes me wear a white dress with pink flowers, just to extend the punishment, knowing that I would rather go to church for three hours instead of wearing a dress. And, unfortunately, to extend the punishment she knows that all of her friends seem to LOVE hanging out with me, which aka means torturing me and seeing me squeal in pain. I was like their favorite doll, except I was much bigger and actually alive. For me, this was just a big game of hide n’ seek, except that there was only one person hiding and the rest was looking.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, hmmm places to hide, Maybe behind that bush? No, to easy, Hmmm think Jessie think of what to do, Were to hide were to hide.Uh, why did I have to be caught?It’s enough that I have to live with her and my brother, but her friends. Thinking of ways to hide, Well they just cross the line. You must be wondering why I hadn't just locked myself up in my room in the morning. Well there are 2 reasons. a.) my mom has a spare key and my key which I forgot about and b.) They were serving cake. I could have lived without the cake but not from hiding from them. Mostly when mom’s say “go outside honey, the

weather is beautiful.” and they make you go outside, they tell you to play. Well not my mom. My mom idea of “playing outside” is spending “quality time” with my sibling’s .is running away while they chased me water guns and my mom’s brightest lipstick they could find. I had to plan were to hide, and fast, before Satan’s friends come. I hid from place to place. Fortunately my mom loved big gardens with lots of gigantic plants and a little gazebo to top it off. Also we had a huge, wooden play set and it had lots of little places to hide. It was the perfect place to play hide n’ seek. I hid on the slide, my body lying still like a board and I tried to breathe as lightly as I could. I heard those angels of darkness plotting against me. I heard their squeals when they thought they found me, giving me a chance to escape into another hiding spot. Uh those pests were so very annoying. “Hannah, have you found Jessie yet?” my little sister screamed to her best friend. “I think I found her, she hiding in the slide!”Answered Hannah. I had about three seconds before they had the whole perimeter covered. I tried climbing up but I kept on sliding. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, I’m dead. They’re going to get me. Quick Jessie quick, before they catch you. Right then, god answered my prayers and miracle happened. “Cake” my mom screamed through the crowed of little devils. All of them stopped in their tracks of hunting me down and ran to their second target. The cake. I pitied the cake as if it were real person. But it was because they were getting it. Run Jessie, run. This might be your only chance. After the cake they’ll go back to hunting you down, and you don't want the same thing to happen when they caught you last time. I guess you guys would like to know what I mean by “caught me last time. Well it happened about 2 years ago, when I was 11 and my sister was 5. I didn’t think of them as being such a big threat so I didn’t hide. I mean would you suspect cute, little 5 year old doing any harm to an 11 year old? Neither did I. Sitting in the warm sun texting to a few of my friends, there were about 18 or 20 little kids around me, surrounding me. I shrugged and thought it was no big deal. I went back to texting

“Get her” My sister yelled, and like robots her friends obeyed her command. 3 kids grabbed a leg while another 3 went for my arms, leaving 4 of them. My sister was one of them. She had a bright pink box, covered in cute little animals. *Click. She opened the box and all of the other girls took some sort of utensil. One took out some lip stick, while the other took out a whole pallet with different types of eye shadows. I felt like a painting painted by a 2 year old. “Stop moving, you don’t want to look like Rudolf do you?” my sister screamed I fidgeted around, moving some lipstick onto my nose. I kicked and screamed and wiggled but nothing worked. My mom was too busy inside talking to some of her friends to realize that her eldest daughter was being tortured by the devil, herself. I took me about a week to shake out all the glitter out of my hair. People called me glitter girl for a month. The sound of thunder interrupted my thoughts and I went back to what was important, getting out of there. I shuddered off the rest of that horrendous memory. Slowly, cautiously, carefully, I started to walk, but walk as if I were in land mine. Walking turned into jogging, and jogging turned into running. My heart started to pump as I was only a few inches away from the fence. I ran to a halt and I looked up and gulped. Here it goes. The sole of my shoe slipped through first hole. Standing and balancing on my foot. I looked around making sure that none of my sisters little friends had found me. Since if they were, I only had a few minutes before they caught up to me. I quickly climbed to the top, or at least as fast you can while wearing a dress and con’s. Sitting there, at the top of the fence and slowly turned my head, checking ever inch. No kids. It surprised me, but I shrugged and went back to climbing, except I couldn't. I tried again and I didn’t budge, I looked around and saw that my dress was stuck to the fence. I tried to reach it but it was a little too far out of my reach. Great, just great. “HELP!” I shrieked. I looked around and didn’t see anything. I kept on screaming until I heard a loud crackle. I looked out and saw a bolt of lightning dash into the field. My head started to rise, just to see dark clouds swirling around me. I started to scream louder and louder, but the sound of thunder overpowered my tiny voice. I tried tugging my dress, but that didn’t work. I tugged and pulled, but the dress I was wearing must have been made from some strong materiel since it didn’t move a single bit. I sat on that on fence thinking of how to get off and run back to the house. When suddenly the I felt as if I were moving. Then I hear a wobbly noise. Followed by a crack and the next thing you know gravity start’s pulling the fence down. Right. With. Me. BAM! Was the only noise that the fence made, with a crack following it? My foot was in throbbing pain and I couldn’t open my eye’s. All I did was lie there in so much pain; I couldn't even force the words

out of my mouth. I looked to the side and saw my sisters face through the glass window. We made eye contact and I mouthed the words But all she did was stare. She turned around as I heard her friends singing happy birthday, but I just lay there in shock. In shock of my sister abandoning me in my greatest needs, abandoning me when I needed her most.

And thats when the fence came in  

a facinating story

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