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About eFiction India

The country's first and only publication devoted to the art of fiction and writing, eFiction India occupies a singular position among Indian magazines. Our stories present a unique mix of editorial essays, narrative fiction, and vivid writing, and a commitment to the art of storytelling whether the subject is politics, culture, travel or art. Far from publishing the typical sort of pieces that fill the pages of daily newspapers and weekly magazines rushing to chase yesterday's headlines, eFiction India showcases artfully constructed stories whose subjects go far beyond the daily chatter. Our stories are crafted into dramatic narratives that employ pace, colour, character and style to keep the reader hooked from start to finish—combining the excitement and immediacy of great literature with real characters, real plots and real consequences. Drawing on the journalistic tradition established by international magazines like The New Yorker, Caravan, Granta, eFiction India presents a rich and nuanced picture of contemporary India in all its complexity. Since its launch in October 2012, the magazine has earned a reputation as one of the country's most sophisticated publications: a showcase for the region's finest writers and a distinctive blend of masterful storytelling, critical essays on publishing and commentary, unique themes every month, and gripping new film scripts, plays and interviews. eFiction India fills a niche in the Indian media that has remained vacant for far too long, one for the intellectually curious and aesthetically refined reader, who seeks a magazine of exceptional quality rather than the proliferating quantity of publications now crowding stands. It is a new kind of magazine for a new kind of reader, one who demands both style and substance and is a little sensitive than the rest.

Editorial and Essays

Narrative essays and features is at the heart of every issue of eFiction India and nowhere more than in the three major reported pieces and essays published each month. The product of months of reporting, research, writing and editing, our cover stories and long features provide unparalleled insight into the key issues of the present and the forgotten dramas of the past while eschewing the dry recitation of facts and figures. Written with style and verve and narrated with pace and tension, these stories go beyond the headlines and boldfaced names to bring the reader face-to-face with the characters and conflicts that define Indian art and writing in the global horizon. Beyond masala and bhangra to explore the diverse cultural landscape across India and the region, delving into topics, trends and issues that other mainstream magazines have routinely ignored: Afghanistan's biggest movie star, the fate of indigenous theatre in Kashmir, and the dying art of hand-shadowgraphy. In carefully structured narratives and insightful works of criticism, we work to widen the scope of appreciation and challenge the existing standards of Indian writing on art and culture. Every month eFiction India brings readers the stories that matter.

Stories and Poems

The art of creative writing is far from dead, at least in the pages of eFiction India. Each month our contributors send back vivid stories from the four corners of the globe, from Tajikistan toTimbuktu.

Themes and Prompts

eFiction India's commitment to creative art of extends from words into pictures: we were one of the only magazine in the subcontinent to devote substantial space to visual prompts, be it photo essays or photo fiction by some of the finest photographers and illustratorsincluding Sebastian Nabel, Bijay Biswaal and the team of A PICTURES, New Delhi. Our prompts are great pieces of reporting in their own right, taking readers to places where they would never dream of setting foot.

Film and Book Reviews Book Review


eFiction India’s books pages take a radically different approach to every other Indian magazine: no other publication of this kind devotes as much space to books. While review coverage in other magazines now crams smaller reviews into ever-fewer pages, eFiction India publishes two to three substantial review-essays each month, giving deep and serious attention to works of particular merit and distinction to bring readers new insight into today's most important books.

Interviews Interviews

In Conversation with Andy Paula The strikingly beautiful and poised Anindita Sarkar, who writes under the pseudonym of Andy Paula, is a voracious reader, an ardent thinker and an avid blogger. A corporate trainer by profession, her power and passion for gambling with words drove her to write ‘Love’s Labor’. With her enamouring looks and exemplary intelligence, she is a perfect combination of beauty with brains.

Love’s Labour Andy Paula Indireads $3.49

Ananya Dhawan: From being a literature I quit my corporate job when an onsite professor to a corporate trainer and now opportunity took us to London. The initial also a writer-how has the journey been? euphoria soon gave way to the frustrating feeling that I was a ‘dependant’, my only Andy Paula: Very eventful! From an identity being my husband’s wife. Like all exceptionally early age I knew I would independent women, I detested the tag. teach. When others played dolls, I But initially, did nothing about it. After prepared separate ‘class-work’, and months of UK tour, I took to blogging with ‘home-work’ assignments for the persistent online-nagging by my mother in neighborhood kids. At all those crucial India. Yes, only mothers can wield such stages in life- Class 12, Grads final year power over you! Love’s Labor happened etc- when my friends puzzled over what when I had gotten used to the discipline of subjects to choose, which entrance exams writing. to take, which jobs to apply for, I was unruffled and wondered why did the AD: In your debut novella ‘Love’s Labor’ to others not know what they wanted, why what extent do you relate yourself to the should their parents/grandparents/bade character of ‘Piali Roy’? bhaiya decide things for them. I still fail to understand such dependence! For me it AP: To the extent that both of us are had to be English Literature, it had to be certain about what we want to do in life, teaching. both are Literature lovers and have a mind not easily swayed by public opinion. I taught for over nine years and when I In many ways, the professional part of was undergoing training in St. George’s Piali reflects the professional side of me College, Mussoorie, my last academic but somewhere down the narrative, she profile, I thought this is what I want to now becomes her own person and I have no do. I’ve taught 18years and under, I now control over want to train 20 years and above. The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx facilitator, Alu Tata, may have no idea that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx she had planted a dream in one of her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx participants’ mind (or heart, depending on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where one plants dreams)! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

eFiction India| 117 | September 2013

AD: Tell us a little about the cover art and who has designed it? What does the image on the cover depict? AP: Isn’t it a beautiful cover? Naila Ahmed has designed it and done a wonderful job of it. That’s Piali Roy waiting for her love and you can see Sathya with his backpack trudging up the hill to meet the beloved he had lost. (I wish they’d given him a beard though!)The grayish bluish mountains create an evocative backdrop.

eFiction India| 117 | September 2013

Conversations between some of the most creative minds from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment. Here, you hear the real voices of the people making it happen - the stars, the directors, the musicians, artists and writers who change the world every day. Unlike most magazines that send questions and get prepared answers, eFiction India hosts a video conference and has an informal chat with our guests, which then is reproduced as text in the magazine.

Praises for eFiction India eFiction India Magazine is one of the boldest and most unique literary e-mags out there, and truly an inspiration to a new generation of e-ziners. All hail to their staff and editors. This mag is 21st century in-your-face.

Barkha Dutt, New Delhi •

via email

“For those with an interest in India‘s contemporary literary talents, it has become an absolute must-read. –The Times of India

Praises for eFiction India The quality of the writing is high. But the remarkable thing is that this is a new concept in e-zines: it is a sort of global franchise, a literary franchise. The parent eFiction magazine farms out submissions to it member/editors in different parts of the world.

• •

Murli Melwani

From Plano, TX, United States

Praises for eFiction India

"A refreshing combination of the old and the new. The best literary magazine I've read in ages!“….. “The website is a razor and a balm--what a literary journal website should be. Looking forward for more ”

Salman Rushdie Email via Wylie Agency

Miracle Magazine lauds eFiction India

Other Accolades

Over the past months, articles in eFiction India have regularly been featured in various websites such as campus caperz, communique, Times of India, Thump Print, Hackwriters etc eFiction India’s content have also been consistently recommended by popular media personalities and literate such as Salman Rushdie and Barkha Dutt

The Core Team NIKHIL SHARDA Chief Nikhil, is a writer/filmmaker based at the moment in Delhi. Nikhil is a graduate from University of Sunderland (UK) with Film Studies as his major. Nikhil has written many articles for various online journals and periodicals not to mention a book called Sans Destination. And in his career Nikhil has made over 20 short films most of which have featured in National and International Film Festivals. RICHAMEHTA ProductionManager Richa is a writer-editor and enjoys treading the tricky path between the two. She has several years of writing and editing experience, supplemented by a master's degree in publishing from the University of Sydney. She is also a compulsive reader and a self-appointed grammar custodian. When she is not spinning stories or sweeping typos away, she can be found enjoying the peaceful bliss that is country living. . NAMITHA VARMA Copy Editor Namitha Varma is a media professional and a self-proclaimed narcissist based in Mangalore. She has been writing poetry since she can remember. Being a part of three different cultures – Malayali, Gujarati and Kannada – constantly broadens her outlook of arts, life and humanity.

ANANYA DHAWAN Feature Editor Ananya, is an avid reader and writes poetry and stories in her spare time, which reflects her deep fascination for Literature. She has a cheerful disposition, believes in living each moment to the fullest and shows keen interest in the sensitive side of life.

The Core Team SHIFFANI REFFAI Story Editor Shifani is a 23 year old undergrad who has a penchant for sticking her fingers in a lot of pies: architecture, photography, journalism, illustration, literature, film, and lately, playing the tabla. Clearly this is because she has the attention span of a goldfish. The love of her life is however, writing. She is inspired by travel and everyday incidents

ANANYA GUHA Poetry Editor Ananya S Guha, lives in Shillong in North East India. He holds a Phd in Modern Fiction. His poems in English have been published world wide both in print and electronic magazines

KHUSHBOO BELWANI Public Relations Khushboo is the founder of Literati Communications, Mumbai. She is a dreamer, a reader, a serial sitcom watcher, a dog lover and an Entrepreneur.

SAKSHI TANDON Accounts & Finance Sakshi is based in Delhi and has a firm business sense coupled with skills in IT. An MBA from Symbiosis, she hopes to change business models around the world and develop something unique and yet add value to humanity globally.

Editorial Mix Art 7%

Others 3% Prose 27%

Essay 19%

Review 9%

Interview 8%

Poetry 27%

Who Reads eFiction India

Banking and Finance 8%

Students 7%

Others 5%

Senior and Corporate Professioanls 17%

Maketing and Advertising 11%

International Organizations/D iplomats 8% Lawyers 9%

Government 11%

Artists (Theatre, Films and Fine Arts) 8%

Journalists and Writers 16%

Web Presence

Rapidly Increasing Online Viewership

October 2012

October 2013

Quick Facts

Additions •

Literary forums, discussions and conversations that are organized across the international space bringing together the intellectually curious and aesthetically inclined, in an appreciation of arts, culture, literature and publishing.

A platform that brings together the most respected writers, thinkers, academicians and literature and art connoisseurs from India and around SouthAsia.

A podium to exchange ideas virtually across borders, offering feedback to budding writers, helping writers over blocks and ends, building their story and walking with them.

A powerhouse of innovative leaders building a cross-media platform transforming text to music and film, where a poet’s journey leads to being a lyricist and a writer for prose becomes a writer of film scripts.

A product for all abelled with the launch of an Audio Magazine for special schools for the blind.

Flashback February 21, 2013 | New Delhi

Home and Away: SAVING INDIAN POETRY (Ghazals) Naad Mandir| Glaciers | Disha Bodh

Flashback February 11, 2013 | Google+

Ananya Dhawan hangs out with Preeti Shenoy

L i v e

Flashback April 2, 2013 | New Delhi

Poetry to Song? Poet to a Lyricist? Deevesh| Nikhil| Sammy| Sashank| Sandeep

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About eFiction Publishing

eFiction Publishing is a periodical production company that delivers the best in short fiction in monthly fiction magazines. While there are many hundreds of short fiction magazines on the internet, eFiction has set itself apart as a leader in innovation of the art in both content and form factor. eFiction publishes genre-specific magazines in more genres than any other company. It also is leading the pack in digital delivery with each magazine available in all formats on the date of publication (iOS / Android apps in development). The company focuses on community power to keep the magazines running. The eFiction community of writers and readers volunteer their time and energy to produce the magazines each month. Instead of locking down the production and selection of stories to a chosen few editors, eFiction has flipped magazine publishing on its head. The company allows readers to volunteer to read story submissions and vote on them. The highest voted stories are selected, edited, and then put into the issue.

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