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10 Facts That Should Note While Watching Mystery Files: The Da Vinci Code

‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown…This novel became the subject of a famous motion picture that featured Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. This mystery-thriller unshielded many a religious fact that literally created a hullabaloo. So, here are ten facts that one should definitely note while watching this thriller movie. 1. Priory of Sion: The movie claims that Priory of Sion is a ‘real organization’ and factually this is the central part of the story of The Da Vinci Code. Also, a major portion of the synopsis of this secret society has been discussed in the movie. It basically embraces the hate and fear filled mindset of religious fanatics. And the central theme is the recurring struggle for the control of the church which one will get to know by watching the movie.

2. The Last Supper: According to the popular beliefs, the figure indicated below has been identified as John the Evangelist. But the movie claims that it’s actually Mary Magdalene. It also reveals the truth behind the Holy Grail where the grail is actually the hidden ‘M’ that the image forms i.e. ‘sacred feminine’.

3. The theme of the movie: Brown's story centers on the theory that Jesus married his follower Mary Magdalene, had a child with her, and that the descendants of that marriage live today.

4. The story of Leonardo Da Vinci: Another important fact is that the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci is actually the member of the Sion and he has planted all sorts of codes and symbols in his work (particularly The Last Supper) that unveils the mystery of Jesus’ descendants.

Hope you enjoyed the facts about movie and notice them while watching movie and for more facts visit us @

10 Facts That Should Note While Watching Mystery Files : The Da Vinci Code  

Dan Brown literally created a hullabaloo when he came out with his book 'The Da Vinci Code'. The book was made into a movie that garnered qu...

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