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FAT ceramics designed by


FAT ceramics designed by


Piet Hein Eek Collection: Fair Trade Original and Piet Hein work closely together on striking fair trade products, cooperation that has now resulted in two inspiring product ranges: FAT ceramics and vases. The products, alongside Piet Hein Eek’s modern touch, also clearly reveal the craftsmanship, original materials and methods of the producers in Thailand and Vietnam. Piet Hein Eek: “Working with the Thai and Vietnamese craftsman is a great experience. I also like designing products that require a lot of handwork.”

FAT ceramics from Thailand: Thin is in fashion, and that includes the porcelain and ceramics world. The mould makers and potters at Thailand’s Sang Arun ceramics factory respond to this trend by making every effort to produce the thinnest possible cups and plates for the Western market – which is anything but easy. However, Piet Hein Eek has a different idea: ‘Do what you do well – keep them thick.’ He and Sang Arun produced this range of crockery: FAT ceramics, which has a simple, plain design – and is thick.

Ceramics from Vietnam: Working together with potters in Vietnam, Piet Hein Eek designed vases combining a modern shape with traditional

Vietnamese colours and motifs. The glazers have been decorating their ceramics in the same way for centuries. Piet Hein Eek asked them to simply apply the crane, blossom and bamboo motifs a little differently. This immediately makes the decoration both surprisingly graphic and modern at the same time. The vases are available in two sizes: small and medium.

204125 Expresso cup - 6cm high

204130 Candle holder - 4.3cm high

204131 Jug - 22cm high

204126 Plate small O=22cm

204124 Coffee cup - 8cm high

204127 Plate O=26cm

205466 Bowl O=11cm

‘FAT’ Piet Hein Eek grey

204123 Mug - 10cm high

204128 Soup plate O=22cm

205467 Bowl O=13cm

204129 Egg-holder - 5cm high

204134 Expresso cup - 6cm high

204139 Candle holder - 4.3cm high

204140 Jug - 22cm high

204135 Plate small O=22cm

204133 Coffee cup - 8cm high

204136 Plate O=26cm

205448 Bowl O=11cm

‘FAT’ Piet Hein Eek cream

204132 Mug - 10cm high

204137 Soup plate O=22cm

205449 Bowl O=13cm

204138 Egg-holder - 5cm high

204143 Expresso cup - 6cm high

204148 Candle holder - 4.3cm high

204149 Jug - 22cm high

204142 Coffee cup - 8cm high

204145 Plate O=26cm

204144 Plate small O=22cm

205463 Bowl O=11cm

‘FAT’ Piet Hein Eek blue

204141 Mug - 10cm high

204146 Soup plate O=22cm

205465 Bowl O=13cm

204147 Egg-holder - 5cm high

203124 Vase ceram. M blue 34cm high

203125 Vase ceram. M bamboo 34cm high

203126 Vase ceram. M crane 34cm high

203118 Vase ceram. S glazed red 20cm high

203119 Vase ceram. S glazed bamboo 20cm high

203120 Vase ceram. S glazed crane 20cm high

‘FAT’ Piet Hein Eek vases


FAT ceramics designed by

Contact: Pad Home Ltd - Tel: 0207 987 7341 or 0207 093 1459 - Fax: 0207 510 0084 - Mail: or Address: Studio 12 - Container City 1 - Trinity Buoy Wharf - London - E14 0JW

Fat ceramics catalogue  

Fat Ceramics Catalogue

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