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A brief reflection on graphic design history

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueler’s Day Off

In the beginning...

Not the only one who was feeling nostalgic

Which is contemporary?

History repeats itself

The need for Post-Nostalgia: —We are defining ourselves by recycled styles —There is nothing authentically unique about today’s graphic design —The longer we admire the past, the longer it will take to get out of this rut

Original Mission Statement To create a distinct visual identity that is not dependant on the past.

Updated Mission Statement To illustrate the complexities of the present. Illustrating the complexities of the present exploits the over-usage of nostalgia, and stresses the need for a new style. Long-term goal: To develop a new visual identity

Favorite Precedents James Bridle, The New Aesthetic Started with a tumblr that gathered images hinting at the new digital identity. (Not design specific)

Favorite Precedents James Bridle, Where the F**K was I

First Things First & 2000 Manifesto Design Theory, Ken Garland and AdBusters

Made my own manifesto

Creating an Identity - Phase 1

Creating an Identity - Phase 2 Make something really ugly Po tNo algia postnost algia. com

postnost algia. com


Po tNo algia

postnost algia. com

Making Digital Age Icons Nostalgic

Next Steps -Continue developing an identity -Nostalgia-ize more digital age icons -Develop website, make interaction with comparisons -Call for submission: Try to get designers to make something without referencing the past -Something that has to do with fear of future/ possible explanations for why we are stuck

Final Product A collection of different attempts to illustrate the complexity of the present in digital and book format

Thanks for viewing @nikasimovich

Nika Simovich - Thesis 1 - 03  

thesis fall 2012

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