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Mr. Kapetanis M.D. Math/Technology Teacher

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Course Description, Policies, Procedures and Supply List 6th Grade Middle Division Math 2008-2009 School Year Course Description: Our middle school program is designed to lay the foundation for you to have a successful high school mathematics experience. This means that we will be preparing you for numerical, proportional, and algebraic reasoning.

POLICIES, PROCEDURES, STUDENT ORGANIZATION, and SUPPLIES The following is an overview of some of the more important policies, procedures, and expectations for Middle School classes conducted by Mr. Kapetanis. Other classroom procedures will be introduced during the course of the year. Please review the information on this form carefully. When you have done so, please sign one copy, have a parent/guardian sign it, and return that copy to me. Keep one copy for your binder.

We will use a ½ inch spiral notebook and a pocket folder to organize and maintain other important course materials. Please keep your notebook complete and neat. It will be a very helpful study aid AND will be a part of your grade!


Mechanical pencils are recommended (3 at all times). o Regular pencils: if regular pencils are chosen, please bring a hand-held pencil sharpener with a cap to catch the pencil fillings.


Erasers: a high-quality eraser is recommended.


Highlighters: two colors, yellow preferred for one of the colors. 1


Headings: All work MUST have your name, date, the lesson number, and the topic clearly marked atop each assignment (including class notes).


Calculations and Work: All work must include the original question and work done to answer the question. Oh, bother… “I did it all in my head” isn’t acceptable. Work that is not legible will not receive full credit or may have to be redone by you.


Work not done due to absence will be treated as a zero grade until the work is completed and turned in.


For each day you are absent, you have two weekdays to make up missing work.


Late work: in order to promote responsibility, late work is graded on the following basis:

# of School Days Late 1 2 3-10 11 +

Maximum Grade 90% 80% 60% No credit


Homework Late Passes: each quarter, you are allowed to use up to two late passes for no penalty on homework. Sorry, these passes are not transferable nor are they replaceable if they are lost.


“A” Requirements for Homework Assignments: the assignment is completed and turned in on time; it is neat and written legibly; and it shows effort and an understanding of the material.


CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR It is very important that you participate and contribute to the learning process for this course. You are expected to be prepared to discuss each day’s material and to work with your fellow students actively on any group activities. Please bring your textbook, notebook, folder, and writing materials to each class.

Class Rules: 1) Come to class on time and be prepared to work. 2) Follow directions the first time they are given. 3) Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 4) Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. 5) Raise your hand to be acknowledged before speaking. Behaviors that violate these rules do not create a positive learning environment. Negative Consequences (oh my!): Inappropriate classroom behaviors will result in the following escalating sequence of consequences: 1st 2nd

Verbal Warning Writing Assignment and/or seat change

3rd 4th

Phone call home Detention and/or parent conference

Positive Consequence (yeah!): We will have a biweekly drawing for some really good munchies. Tickets for the drawing can be earned by completing homework on time and for appropriate behavior!


TESTS AND QUIZZES You will have advance notice of the dates for each test and for most quizzes in the weekly assignment sheet. Please keep the tests (and study guides) in your folder; you will need them for the semester exams.

GRADING Middle School Grading Scale: 90 - 100 A 80 - 89 B 70 - 79 C 60 - 69 D 0 - 59 F Incomplete I Quarter Grades are calculated as follows: Student Class work Homework Tests Quizzes Participation/Notebook

20% 20% 30% 10% 20%

Semester Grades are calculated as follows: Quarter Grades Semester Exam

40% each 20%

If you – or your parent/guardian – have any questions about these policies and procedures, please contact me as soon as possible.



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Math Policies and Procedures  

Math Class Policies and Procedures