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APRIL 2013

Realizing the value of (waste) water

New Management , Vision and Mission Nijhuis Sales and Service Centers International

Partner Meeting


Service Innovations Nijhuis Water Technology sponsors the Lettinga Award Activity Calendar Recent


valuable raw materials from waste water. Growing the global coverage with more Sales and Service Centers and certified partners and expanding the technological program are integral part of the future of Nijhuis with focus on the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Textile, Pharma, Oil & Gas and Agricultural industries. This newsletter will inform you on the strategy, developments, new technologies and projects and references of Nijhuis Water Technology around the globe.

Realizing the value of (waste) water

Rental Fleet


The Nijhuis Water Technology service department is developing a rental fleet containing filter, flocculation, flotation systems with capacities of 4-100 m3 /hr. Units can be used as a test installation or temporary solution. For actual availability please contact our service department.

With the growth of Nijhuis Water Technology the service organization is being expanded to a global level by Nijhuis Water Technology Sales and Service Centers and as well by local certified service partners. To secure optimal performance of your Nijhuis Water Technology system a complete new service program has been be introduced during the international partner meeting in April 2013. Preventive maintenance and training of plant operators are key to minimize the total costs of ownership of the system. Service and support contracts are available in different levels and will be tailored to our costumers needs.


Temporary DAF solution for Envitec Our rental unit number 7, a flocculation & flotation system with a capacity of 20 m3 /hr, is rented for at least one month to remove phosphorus from digestate. Rental plant efficiency: 90% Phosphorus removal.


The Nijhuis Water Technology service department is also offering a rental fleet containing flocculation-flotation systems with capacities of 4 / 15 / 70 and 100 m3/hr. Units can be used as a test installation, temporary solution or rental for a long term period. For actual availability please contact our service department at


Recent Project

Recent Project

In December 2012 Menno Holterman and Ronald Ruijtenberg were appointed as our new management to continue and accelerate the growth of Nijhuis Water Technology. The new vision and company mission ‘Realizing the value of (waste) water’ underlines Nijhuis’ determination to fulfill the market’s need for innovative, sustainable solutions at the lowest possible operational cost. Nijhuis Water Technology is the bridge between waste water treatment and creation of value from waste products by conversion to green gas or energy and the extraction of


Recent Project

New Management, Vision and Mission


Service contract for Unilever Tula Our Sales and Service Center in Russia will undertake the maintenance of the Unilever Tula plant for the coming 3 years by a standing order for service, 24/7 technical support combined with spare parts delivery.

Service contract for cocoa butter plant Delfi A two year service contract for was awarded to Nijhuis Water Technolgy as part of the purchase of the waste water treatment plant. Technical helpdesk support and preventive maintenance visits with on site mechanical and process technical support of the Nijhuis service engineer.


Nijhuis Water Technology is active worldwide and has over 2400 references in more than 50 countries with focus on the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Textile, Pharma, Oil, Gas and

Large biogas plant for Mironovski The digester plant ordered by Mironovski has now reached its commissioning stage. In the beginning of March 2013 the gas engine produced it’s first electricity. The biogas plant includes substrate storage, pretreatment and feeding system, 10 heated digester tanks, biogas optimisation system. The created biogas will be converted via three CHP units into heat and energy. At full output this plant will create 5 MW green energy.


Containerised Digestate treatment Nijhuis Ammonia Stipper The Technology department has designed an innovative Ammonia Stripping (NAS) process and the first installation readyassembled in a container was transported to HRPL (Holton Renewable Power Limited) who are building an AD plant / AS system at Bernard Matthew’s Holton turkey processing site. Together with our local partner H2OK the plant will be installed and commissioned during this spring.



Waste to Valuable

Waste to Valuable

Agricultural industries.


WWTP for poultry slaughterhouse & meat processing plant




Skid mounted installation for dairy plant

Nijhuis Water Polska will be installing a new WWTP at a mixed poultry slaughterhouse during Spring 2013. The system is based on a filter, flocculation and flotation system. The new developed internally fed rotary drum screen (NTF) forms part of the offered solution.

For a yoghurt production facility in the USA a complete, pre-assembled and pre-wired screen, flocculation/flotation system is being built in the NWT workshop, as a ‘plug and play’ solution. With a minimum of works required on site the system will be up and running soon.


K a z ac hs ta n

New WWTP for Sibur Chemprom in Perm Nijhuis Water Technology has signed a 6.2 million USD contract for a state-of-theart wastewater treatment plant for Sibur Chemprom in Perm - Russia. The process is a combination of screening, flocculation & flotation, biological treatment with clarifier, polishing and reversed osmosis and can treat up to 9120 m3 /day of heavily polluted wastewater. The plant is scheduled to be operational by May 2014.

Oil & Gas


Recent Projects

TCO The Oil & Gas division of Nijhuis Water Technology is executing a Waste Water Treatment Plant for TCO, a consortium of Chevron, KazMunaiGas, ExxonMobil and LukArco, located in Kazachstan. The package will include a DAF and Decanter centrifuge system and all specifications and procedures are in accordance with the stringent norms and regulations applicable to the oil & gas industry.



Extension WWTP Austral Following the supply of a flotation plant to remove fats and solids from fishunloading water at various Austral plants, the systems were recently upgraded with a flocculation & flotation system to comply with the newest regulations set by the local government.


For more reference information

cocoa butter removal plant - Delfi

and project pictures you are

The city of Baltimore is installing two large high rate Nijhuis Water Technology flotation units to remove suspended solids from backwash water from Biological Aerated Filters (BAF). A second set of two even larger DAF units are in production in the USA at the moment.

After succesful pilot tests, Nijhuis proved that dissolved air flotation without use of any chemicals is the best solution to treat the recycling water stream of the cocoa butter process at the Delfi factory in Germany - part of Petra Foods in Singapore.



Nuttwell WTW Sedimentation Two sedimentation systems were supplied, including reaction tanks, to clean dirty backwash water from Ferric and Manganese filters at the Nutwell water treatment works, part of Yorkshire Water. The system is operating successfully and is located at an unmanned site.



Treatment of backwash water



Nijhuis Water Technology will supply a flocculation & DAF system with a capacity of 250 m3 /hr to Nirosoft Industries, based in Colombia, as part of our scope of supply for a project for the treatment of produced water in an oil field located in Puerto Gaitan.

United Kingdom



Oil & Gas Food


Oil Field Puerto Gaitan

United Kingdom

UASB for Sharps Brewery In order to expand production capacity, and reduce the impact on the environment, Sharps Brewery, part of Molson Coors, invested in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) waste water treatment plant during 2012; thus becoming the very first brewery in the South West of the United Kingdom to use this innovative technology. This project is a blueprint for the successful cooperation with H2OK, our partner in the United Kingdom.

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Nijhuis Global Sales and Service Centers Nijhuis Water Technology sponsors the Lettinga Award Nijhuis Water Technology is supporting the fifth Lettinga Award. The Lettinga award was initiated in 2001 by three Dutch environmental technology suppliers to stimulate the development and implementation of anaerobic treatment technology worldwide. The focus of the 2013 programme is ‘Breakthrough Innovation in Anaerobic Technology’. Projects can be submitted by sending a completed proposal form before May 1st 2013. During the Anaerobic Digestion Congress 13, to be held in Santiago de Compostella in Spain the prize winning submission will be announced.




Nijhuis Water Technology Latin America our new office is

Nijhuis Water Technology Egypt has

Nijhuis Water Technology Asia Pacific

installed 40 plants in Egypt over the last 35 years and is expecting new opportunities in Egypt and its neighbouring countries.

is located in Jakarta Indonesia. Local engineering and sourcing is handled by the office in Jakarta. Industry is expanding rapidly in the Asia Pacific Region. Oil & Gas projects are equipped with Nijhuis DAF technology and CPI systems. Multinational food clients in this region are also using our technologies.





Nijhuis Water Polska

Nijhuis Water Technology Russia is

Nijhuis Water Technology USA

International Partner Meeting

being established in Bogota Colombia. The first order from Colombia in the oil & gas industry is already under construction in our factory.

was the first SSC of Nijhuis Water Technology and has installed more than 110 references in Poland. Nijhuis Water Polska is the partner of choice to guide the Polish clients through environmental and planning permissions by preparing a complete technological file according Polish legislations. Our Polish SSC will obtain all required permissions as well as taking care of the mechanical and electrical installation. Civil works can be included on request.


located in Moscow and serves the complete CIS region, supported in the region from local offices in Novosibirsk and Ukraine. Large projects are executed in the food processing and poultry industry, as well as in Chemical and Oil & Gas industry.


has recently moved our new North American Headquarters from Toronto, Ontario, to the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago, Illinois. Not only is Chicago a transportation hub of North America, but it’s rich in Culture, History, and full of relevant business opportunities. Of course our Sales & Service Centre delivers our equipment according to imperial and USA standard and with local project management and service.

In early April 2013 Nijhuis Water Technology agents and partners assembled for the annual International Partner Meeting. New strategies, a new vision & mission, commercial and technological developments were presented during the 3 day trainings course. Well trained and certified local partners are the backbone of Nijhuis its global activities and with 45 dedicated partners and colleagues of our global sales & service centers this international partner meeting is already a great success before started. 5

Innovations The technology department of Nijhuis Water Technology is continuously working on improvements, new developments and innovations. A short summary of recent developments with more detail will be published in our upcoming Newsletters. Advanced Oxidation Process is a process which can be integrated into a conventional biological treatment plant to remove nonbiodegradable components. To break the bio-recalcitrant components H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is dosed and via exposure to ultra violet light (UV)

| April

hydroxyl radicals are formed. The radicals attack and break down the bio-recalcitrant components, thus making them biodegradable so that they can be recycled to the biological treatment. The NTF rotary drum screen is a new filter system. This internally fed rotary drum screen is driven by a chain. The inlet arrangement is a unique and innovative NWT design for which a patent application is pending.

Smartphone or Tablet. Easy operation of your Nijhuis Water Technology plant on distance using the newest electronic applications. A consortium of GEA, Nijhuis Water Technology and A3 successfully executed a research project at to treat pig manure by separating a fertilizer and cleaning the water fraction to surface water standards. This innovative manure treatment concept ‘Geniaal’ will be launched soon.

Our electrical engineers designed a remote control system using a

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4 - 9 May 2013 Germany IFFA Frankfurt exhibition

15 - 17 May 2013 Kazachstan SU Arnasy exhibition

25 June 2013 the Netherlands Ondernemen in de Waterindustrie 2013 lecture

3 - 5 July 2013 Indonesia Indowater Jakarta exhibition

16 - 18 April 2013 United Kingdom Sustainability Live(former IWEX) Birmingham exhibition

13 - 14 May 2013 the Netherlands Bluetech Forum sponsor

22 - 24 May 2013 Russia VIV Moscow exhibition

25 - 28 June 2013 Anaerobic Digestion Congres Lettinga award sponsor

3 - 4 July 2013 United Kingdom UK AD Biogas Birmingham exhibition

15 - 16 May 2013 the Netherlands Foodtech Rosmalen exhibition

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Activity Calendar

8 - 10 April 2013 the Netherlands International Partner Meeting conference

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